Small Big Talk with Dude (Bonking the Cosmos !)

I dedicate this post to Sandor, Nick and Frederic for your ongoing support and friendship ! Worlds are all we have ! Thank you !


One of the things I haven’t said much about in any real detail, is that every time I talk to Dude, he tells me what he’s currently doing and what he’s been up to in the last few days. Today for example he’s investigating two spatial anomalies – one that occurred within the Earth  Moon orbit and another that is still occurring about 15 degrees North of the orbit of Mars. He’s also investigating an unusual surge in some sort of energy that’s entering the Oort Cloud ( ). Dude loves to investigate things and he gets particularly excited by anomalies – even if, like these one’s they’ve been seen before or they’re understood in some way. A few days ago he was collecting plants 75 km SW of Barcelona, Spain. So one day he’s working on Earth, the next he’s collecting plants and later that day he’s zipping some where, anywhere and then a few days later he’s looking at an anomaly in our solar system.

One of my favourite things about talking to Dude is when he shares stories with me – which is something he does from time to time. He did a lot of it while I was working on the novel early last year. Today for example he told me about a female ET of some race (he didn’t mention which but I assume they were not space faring) who over several thousands of years attempted to mate with hundreds of beings from dozens of space faring races. She apparently believed that by having bodily contact and/or merging with their bodies and/or consuming their secretions, she could merge with the Cosmos and build a bridge between her people and the cosmic family. She became a kind of queen among her people and was revered for her actions and leadership. Part way through her courting with the universe she began to inspire others among her people, who started emulating her. She died long ago but the practice continues. Dude told me very sheepishly, that she had asked to mate with him but he nicely declined her offer telling her that he had a mate and put her in touch with others who did eventually take up her offer ! I don’t know about the rules that determine this kind of behaviour but maybe these ETs are much more benevolent in nature than we are and so inter-species bonking might be a goer ! How on Earth they do it with different morphologies, physiology and appendages is beyond me !

So I’ve been collecting all of these updates and anecdotal stories from Dude and in my brain there is this devious little compartment saying ‘Hmmm, they might make an interesting book one day !’. But who knows when ‘one day’ might be !



An ET Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

Our ET friend Dude once told Rachel in all serious, that the answer to everything is 2. Not 42 (sorry Douglas Adams !) but 2. I think I know what he was getting at but I’m not absolutely certain. Sometimes Dude is very enigmatic and you think he’s getting at one thing but he’s actually getting at another.

What does this answer mean to you ?


My ET Friends

Here are a few very raw sketches that my ex wife Rachel or I have done of ETs I have encountered. As I have said before, they are very rough but I think they capture the essence of these each of these beings. We’re currently working on the ET Art Project, with the aim of producing a book of the entities we or I have encountered. In the book, there will be portrait style sketches and some sketches of experiences that I had – like having the Teal’hia standing around me in a circle during my encounter on January 19th, 2011; talking with the a group of Sarpalxn in a cottage hotel room in late 2009; sitting with three Tearhom while I spoke to them, during our joint encounter with them in December 2017 etc. I’m hoping that sketches of our interactions will add depth to what the experiences felt like. The biggest issue at this point regarding the project, is staying in Rachel’s good books and getting her motivated enough to keep going ! Luckily Dude is also encouraging her to pursue the project !

All images below are copyrighted to myself or Rachel.

A page replicating this post and with any updated images will be kept here :



Dude Prep 2016 © Rachel Bree 2016.











Our Local Neighbourhood

Here’s a little of what we think we know about our neighbourhood .


My Friend Dude

I thought some of you might like to see a very raw sketch of Dude that Rachel did of him in 2016. It’s only about 60 % accurate / complete but it captures his essence. Dude’s image in one form or another will be on the front cover of the books.

All copyright © Rachel Bree 2016. Please do not post this image anywhere else, as it will piss Rachel off and end the ET Art Project before it’s completed !

Fuck the so called grays, he looks nothing like them ! Add a little green, a cheeky smile and shake and there you have him. A reminder his eyes are green with orange/gold flecks through out. None of this big bad black eye crap !

Say hi to my friend Dude !

Dude Prep 2016 © Rachel Bree 2016.

An Update on the Dude Book

Yes, it’s another update.! I’ve been typing away like mad and a little while back the book passed the 600 page mark, with no end in sight ! And so today after much indecision, I cut the book into 3 books – Interview with an Extraterrestrial, Conversations with an Extraterrestrial and Dude’s Maxims. The first two are easy because it’s what I have been working on. But the third one is much harder because I have to read through the first two books and pull out material to tag as maxims and I’m probably going to renumber them, so they maybe different to what I have posted here. I don’t know if it will be harder doing it this way but I figured that not many people would probably want to read a 700 page plus book on this subject.

I am so over this book ! It’s bloody hard work ! 😉

Messengers of the Moment

Sometimes the moment brings us something other than what we anticipate. Planning life can get in the way of so much !


TSM157 : Generating an Awareness of Stillness

Be warned – there is a lunatic at large in this monologue !

Today’s slightly psychotic talky, is an experiential exploration of the speed of thought and how to generate an awareness of stillness and its symptom – silence. This monologue was made at night outside, just before bed. Unfortunately my lunacy had to be contained because it was a perfectly still quiet night and I didn’t want to upset any animals or my son. So what you will hear is a muffled version, which was not nearly as fun to record as a full throated cookie monster yodel may have been ! But despite this, I think you’ll get my point.

For those of you who seek a calmer mind, this monologue may provide a little help.

Long live Cookie Monster !


Which Aspect ?

I’ve long had an interest in developmental psychology and the development and structure of the human psyche. My interest in this subject began with Freud and Jung, then later Hal and Sidra Stone’s Voice Dialogue and soon after Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind Big Heart process. I was originally a fan of Dennis and his Big Mind but after his ego grew too big and he was defrocked of his Zenhood for having extramarital affairs, I lost interest in his work. I’ve also had a long interest in sub personalities, channelling, shamanism and so called connecting with spirits and how both channelling and connecting with spirits work and in so called mental illness – particularly the development of some of the more extreme so called illnesses – such as Personality Disorders and Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder). As some of you will know I’ve been developing my own psychological model I call Aspects of Self. And it’s my belief that many of the things that pass for mental pathologies/illnesses, channelling or talking to spirits; are actually behaviours of different aspects of the self. Some of which are ordinary and time bound and some of which are transcendent and outside of what we think of as time and some of which are purely creations of the imagination.

You can read more here :

It is my wish that some of the videos below give you a good chuckle ! 😉 If you prefer real humour in preference to delusional functioning, check out Benny Hill in the previous post !

The videos about Multiple Personality Disorder are actually very insightful in regards to how the human psyche works and how we as human beings function. It seems to me that the first two women with MPD, have far greater insight into how they function than many of the so called chancellors (losers !). But of course not all people with so called MPD have such insights.

In order to truly understand how the human psyche and personality develops and functions, it’s necessary that we look at the entire continuum of human functioning. Then and only then can we say what consciousness is and see how consciousness and unconsciousness develop and function.

Who wants to be an Elf and channel cats with me ? There’s a shit load of money to make in that little caper ! 😉 People are so desperate for answers ! We can start with cats and then move onto lizards, dolphins, grass hoppers, ferrets, turtles and who knows, maybe cute little meercats !



Benny Hill

I loved comedy when I was a kid and one of my all time favourite comedians was Benny Hill. There will never be another person like him ! By all accounts he was a genuinely likeable and good human being, who cared about the well-being of others ! Fuck political correctness and gender etiquette ! I liked when TV was saucy !



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