Off World Update

Hey folks, I can now confirm that I will not be going through the doorway with Dude to visit the Shalumb people. There were many reasons behind declining Dude’s offer. I can tell you however that he gave me 4 other options and I have chosen to visit his world NaelsI35. I will be gone for up to a year but it will only be about 10 days Earth time. It will be that long because I’ll come home a number of times. It may also be much shorter. I am not absolutely clear about the details yet. The choice to go to Dude’s home world means that I will be safer and less likely to suffer significant health problems.

At this stage it is still unclear as to whether I will be able to share anything of my experience. I may return and end this blog or return and continue or return and share a little of my experience.

As a precursor to going away, a few nights ago I was given a stunning display of 60 craft (though I only saw 41 of them). During this display a perfect line if equidistantly spaced craft filled the sky as they headed towards the top of the Orion constellation, where most of them disappeared. The event is very similar to what I have been seeing in my dreams the last decade and Dude tells me that this is just the beginning.

If you want similar contact, you do not need to do anything special. Just be kind and cultivate a good heart and the ETs will know. Kindness radiates like a beacon in the darkness.

ETs & Quantum Bullshit

I dedicate this post to Ethan, Sandor, Nick and Frederic. Four sharp minds in a bucket full of dull nails!

* * *

Here’s a little example of why I feel that so much that passes as a human understanding of reality is false.

Some time ago I was studying the famous Wave Function of Quantum Physics and I had this dream about presenting the negative component of wave functions to a bunch of mathematicians and physicists and telling them that the problem with the Quantum Mechanics approach is that it ignores the full implications of Einsteins speed of light (take E=mc^2 and move the equations around and c (the speed of light) is = +/-. I was trying to emphasize that the negative speed of light changes everything and alters everything about how we perceive reality. Anyway I revisited this dream again one day, trying to figure out exactly what it might have been getting at. During my research into Schrondinger’s equations and the Wave Function I found myself getting frustrated that they seemed to have based so much on so many simple assumptions – like being able to describe reality with man made mathematics (base 10 maths in particular), like assuming that the speed of light is constant, like focusing on 3 dimensions, like assuming that the human mind-body can view any electron (or group of electrons) as a wave function independent from itself, like the validity of the electron or sub atomic particle concept etc. The whole edifice of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory seems to be built on slippery glue that is holding together balls of fluff! And lets face it, how can we ever figure out reality when we’re stuck on one planet and have a limited perspective?

Dude has often told me that human ideas about reality are rubbish and I have always believed that but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t tried to understand how we humans see things!

So this one day after a great deal of frustration, I went outside to take a pee in the darkness late at night (I live in the middle of nowhere so we do that to save water!) and I’m standing there holding my willy looking up at the Orion constellation and I think to myself – “All this stuff that our scientists and mathematicians believe about reality is crap isn’t it? Everything they believe about Quantum Mechanics is false! They’re heading down the wrong path! If what I am saying is true my friends, please signal me!” And the instant I finished thinking the last word, a craft blinked brightly from above Orion and then two more craft blinked strongly nearby – and they continued doing this, for a total of 14 flashes. So I had a little grin to myself, finished peeing, said “Thank you my friends!”, put my hand to my chest and bowed.

This sort of thing happens often when I find myself bashing my head against the brick wall of misinformed human thoughts and ideas. Sometimes I take the time out to talk to the ETs and they provide me with further detail and clarification. But at other times all I need is a confirmation of what I feel to be true.  I suppose I can concede that Quantum entanglement or entanglement of some sort is real.

As I see it there are two paths to figuring out reality – through our own discovery and with the help of ETs. There are almost 8 billion people on the planet and how many of them ask ETs for help to understand something? I do it often because I see great limitations with the human mind. And more importantly because I recognise that we are all connected and sometimes I need a little help from someone more experienced and more knowledgeable then myself.

There are plenty of examples of things we have wrong. Let me give you just one. Most ETs don’t have anti gravity craft or propulsion. They have living sentient craft that change the fabric of space using the life force. As long as we’re fixated with anti gravity and propulsion systems and wasting time and money on those things, we won’t be going anywhere far in the near or distant future. A better focus for the Aerospace industry would be on understanding the life force – the primordial energy of the universe, which gives rise to countless secondary energies and on figuring out how mind and energy realty to one another and how to build conscious biological technologies. And if humans can’t devote mental energy to these subjects, maybe we could enlist artificial intelligence to think things through for us! Despite these suggestions, one thing must happen first. We must develop spiritually! Without it, the ETs will keep us in check and all our dreams of being truly space faring will be nothing but dust in the wind. We have 1,600 years to go before (in certain Conjoined Spaces) we are out among the stars with ET. That’s a lot of human discovery, understanding and revision of what we thought was true, between now and then!


A Revelation About Katowa : An ET Investment of Faith

Some of you may recall me revealing a little more about Katowa here : / What I have never told you is this. My friend arrived here in 1253 BC (which you may already know) and his people have been here for billions of years. His father was here before him. He helped Ascanio Sobrero to discover Nitogylcerine ( / )and that led to Alfred Nobel and Dynamite and that led to the explosives and propellants that kick started the space race. He also influenced the early pioneers associated with the silicon chip and that led to the information age. He taught Rachel to biolocate and certain individuals in The Architecture used that to profile the next 9,000  years of the human future – which they then used as a means to shape the future. You may recall that he told me that humanity will become a full space faring race in about 1600 years (about 3617 AD). He will still be here then and he will remain here for some time after. He will also help guide us in our travels beyond the solar system and help us to establish many of our early relationships with other extraterrestrial races. Katowa made a choice to come to Earth to help us to grow up and to become a space faring race, so that we could become part of the larger cosmic family. He had faith in us! And despite all the shit that we throw at each other, our fellow species, our Earth, the ETs and him during his incognito work among us, he continues to have faith in us because that’s the kind of person he is. He cares about life and he makes many sacrifices to ensure that life thrives. You think Jesus made a big sacrifice, it ain’t nothing on what the little green man has sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice for us and for others! To give you but one example, Dude has a choice many thousands of years into the future, that on the one hand will lead to him having a very long life and on the other hand will shorten his life significantly and save the life of billions. He already knows which choice he will make and he has carried the awareness of this event and this choice in him for thousands of years. In every Conjoined Space he has looked at he made the same choice.

This is what real ETs are like. They don’t steal sperm and ova ( they can recreate the same light patterns if they need them or they do that with technology or steal our bed sheets and condoms or raid our fertility banks if they wants embryos), they don’t steal gold or other minerals from Earth, they don’t take people as slaves. they don’t want our planet, they don’t do guerilla warfare training in underground facilities or supermarket car parks, they don’t try to screw with our heads, they don’t mutilate people, they don’t do anal probing, they don’t make hybrids, they don’t  control our governments to fulfill some insidious plan (although they do influence certain governments and have an insiders view of certain governments), they don’t abduct us, they don’t make promises they can’t keep, they don’t plan on invading and conquering our planet, they don’t create strange sounds in our atmosphere that upset wildlife and people, they don’t implant technology in us to control our minds, they don’t hide under the skin of the British Royal Family or other famous celebrities (except Predator 😉 : etc. All that is our bullshit! That’s the sort of shit that we do, not ETs! We judge, we categorize, we persecute, we live driven by our base instincts, we do not understand our fear and sense of separation. The ETs who visit our world are not like this.

The only way that we will ever get to be a full space faring race and have the opportunity to travel freely in space and visit other worlds, is if we grow up and stop seeing us and them and stop persecuting those who are seemingly different to us. All the stuff above that people think ETs do is just our shit projected over them. We have turned what we don’t understand into the other and the other is to be feared.

If you want to understand what it means to love and to embrace differences, reflect on what my little green friend actually does so that we might exist and our distant descendants might have a future among the stars.

Thanks to Tarazat Films for making this little video from my words 5 years ago. It sums up my frustration with the entire Alien/ET/Disclosure movement and our general ignorance of how things really are.


Fire Evacuation

Hey folks, CODE RED day here. Getting ready to evacuate if fires get close. More here : We’ve lost power, so this is being done via my sons phone. Maybe 4 or 5 hours till we’re safe. Will keep you posted.

Bright. 👍😀

Update : Lightning is now heading our way so we may soon evacuate. 1:24 pm EST.

Update 2 : We have returned home and the worst of the risk has now passed and fortunately power has been restored – not so for 90,000 + people elsewhere on this side of the state. There is a hell of a dust cloud moving across the state and the lightning moving across the other half of the state may pose a significant fire risk! Ah life, some days easy and predictable, other days scarier and as unpredictable as a crayfish in your underpants! 😃

Visiting Another World

BG XHey folks, I’ve been a bit reluctant to say anything about a particular issue but given that some of you may have picked up on something small that I said recently, I thought I would inform you that I am preparing to visit a distant world with my friend Dude, who is taking me there via an Earth based doorway. At this stage I do not believe I will ever be able to talk about the event. I am telling you all this now because at some point this post from 4 years ago may become relevant (although some of the content is a bit dated and some events turned out differently):

I was due to leave today but have postponed leaving until I am more prepared. I will probably be leaving sometime in the next 6 weeks. I will be escorted by two other people who will accompany me to the doorway. The time that elapses on this side will be vastly different to the time that elapses on the other side.

I will continue to blog occasionally, make TSMs and DMs until I leave.

It doesn’t matter to me whether you believe what I am telling you or not. I am merely telling you because it’s possible that this blog may soon come to an end and you will no longer be hearing from me.

Thank you for supporting me the last decade or so!

Brighty. 😉

PS. See you next post!

TSM X : Life Lessons With Frédéric

Hey folks, here’s my friend Frédéric with his first monologue on a few simple life lessons that he has learned. A big thanks to Frédéric for his first contribution!


Brighty. 😉

PS. Here’s the chicken Dance that Frédéric mentions and a different kind of chicken dance – Zorba the Greek from the Chooky Dancers of Arnhem Land.




TSM X : Nick Smoky Cayenne – Part 1

Hey folks, here’s the first of what might be a new spin off from The Something Monologues. In this TSM X, my good friend Nick Smoky Cayenne gives us a short overview of his life working in the western US. Nick honours the monologue in true walkalogue style! I make no apologies for Nick’s wind (not that kind!) and actually I think windy TSM X’s might be more authentic and enjoyable than windless studio productions.

If you’d like to be part of this new spin off, make an audio as long as you’d like about some aspect of your life, your working life, your neighborhood or ET contact, upload it to cloud storage like, leave me a way of getting in contact with you and I’ll do all the rest. The more you can edit the easier it will be for me. But if it’s just a walkalogue, it should be fine as it is! You can add a few pics too if you like!

A big thanks to Nick and Frédéric (whose TSM X is up next) for your contributions and for getting this little pony cantering! 😉

Enjoy old man Smoky !

Brighty 😉



Morning UFOs

I woke at about 3:30 am and have been unable to get back to sleep due to tumour discomfort and leg joint pain. I was looking out the window about 4:50 am and had the pleasure of watching at least 6 lights go past over the treeline in formation. When I realised what I was looking at I thought ET Craft and then the last craft appeared to signal. I walked outside a hundred meters in my dressing gown but could see no more due to the cloud cover coming in from the North. I have had many dreams of seeing hundreds of craft in the sky and a few occasions like this. Has anyone else had dreams like this?

I often see craft when I go on early morning walks but seeing craft in formation from my bedroom is a less common occurance. At the time I had been thinking about the trees on the front road and reflecting on how I have looked at them longer than any other trees anywhere I have ever lived. And just as I felt a deep sense of contentment with the realization, I noticed the lights.

Dawn is now here and the morning chorus is in full swing. I’m now having a hot Milo and soon I will go back to sleep on the couch. Wishing you all a splendid day of life!


Infinity and Ramanujan

I dedicate this post to my friend Nick Marros – mathematician, cookie lover, Gamma Functionologist, nature lover, goat man, animal healer, human imaginarium, comedian and all round nice guy!

* * *

I was terrible at mathamatics when I was at uni but since leaving uni I have found myself thinking a lot about maths – which incidentally I believe is a human construct – a metaphorical kind of symbolism. Anyone who has some sort of serious interest in mathematics will eventually come across the infamous 32 year old Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, who may well have been the greatest mathematician of the last century. What I like most about Ramanujan is the uncertainty of how he derived his equations and the way that he believed they came to him via the family Godess Mahalakshmi. From one perspective you could argue that his insight was a kind of byproduct of some kind of transpersonal experience which was influenced as much by his wild spiritual surroundings as his fundamental beliefs. The one thing he in my mind that lifts him above many other great mathematicians was his ability to see the grand scope of numbers and the overarching patterns that fill the mathematical universe.

Ramanajun is the ultimate example that anyone can teach themselves something they really want to understand! Ramanujan may well be the future of human cosmology!



Dude’s Koans 30-39

Hey folks, it’s stinking hot here – 37 C and all the animals and I are feeling the heat! Lokey the wallaby has lured 7 of her night club buddies out of the bush by the dry creek up into the shade of her old pen and now they seem to be at a point where they trust me to bring them water. The little Willie Wag Tail that lives near the house is now nesting on the front verandah and she’s been coming up my window all afternoon, just to talk to me and tell me how hot she is. Earlier a young White Necked Honey Eater flew near her and she scared it towards my window. The bird crashed and I went out and picked it up, gave it some water and nursed it back to health. Everyone is struggling with the heat except the little cicadas who are chirping away ! Life is otherwise good!

Here are koans 30-39 and I think much of this batch qualifies best as parables. But I leave it up to you as to how to approach them and what to make of them. Just a reminder that you can find all the koans/parables under the An ET Called Dude tab :

May you enjoy the jig of life !

Brighty. 😉

PS. I haven’t abandoned the Dude’s Maxims podcast, just a little frustrated with Anchor and feeling too hot to make audio! It shall return!


Koan 30 : There are moments when certain creatures have to stop their interactions with other creatures because there is something after them. How do they know?

Koan 31 : In a land on the other side of the world there was a man who lived a very quiet secluded life. It wasn’t that he didn’t like company. It was that he preferred to stay away from the busy affairs of ordinary people because he had seen how people cause themselves so much strife and how they make themselves sick with worry and fear. And when he looked at people and the way that they lived, he pitied them and he felt for them. He felt their pain, he felt their suffering. And so once a year he would go to the town and he would visit the people that he knew and he would bring them gifts and he would tell them stories. One year he was very ill and unable to come to town. And so somebody he knew him came to visit him, bringing gifts on behalf of the others, bringing stories on behalf of the others. When the man arrived bearing his gifts he found the old man curled up in his bed and he asked the old man, “Is there anything I can do for you? Can I send for a doctor? Can I take you down to the hospital? Can I bring my family to come and care for you?”. To which the old man replied, “Now I am nearing the end of my life and to see that you have come to visit me bearing gifts and stories is enough for me to die at peace.”. At which the old man closed his eyes and let himself die. Now the younger man seeing this, was very distressed. He stayed with the old man, preparing his body for the funeral. And as he was doing so, he found himself crying. And in the the middle of his crying he heard a voice say to him, “Do not cry for me because I am happier than any man you know.”. At which he turned around and saw the ghost of the old man looking at him, smiling at him with joy in his eyes. Then the ghost of the old man said to him, “When you take my body, do with it what you wish. But take these gifts that have been given to me and the gifts that others have given to me previously and give them to those who need them. Do not tell them where the gifts came from. Just give them away. In doing this you will honour me.” And so hearing this the man gathered together all of the gifts and then returned to town with news of the old man’s death. But first of all he travelled to people who he felt needed the old man’s gifts. And with each gift he said to them, “Please accept this gift from one who knew love.”.

Koan 32 : There was a bird who could not fly very well. It had grown old and sick and when it tried to fly it found itself falling to the ground. The other birds looked at it and pitied it but none among them were willing to lift it with their own wings.

Koan 33 : There was once a cathedral and inside the cathedral there lived a monk and the monk attended to the cathedral as one who attended to the body of another that they love. One day a fire came to the cathedral and burnt it to the ground. And the parishioners came to the monk and said to him, “We are sorry for your loss. Where will you go now?”. And the monk turned to them and said, “I have lost nothing for the cathedral is inside of me. I shall remain here and continue God’s work.”.

Koan 34 : A small child was crying out in pain one day and a teacher came to the child and asked, “What is a matter with you?”. The child looked up at the teacher and said, “My mother has run away and my father is left alone”. Hearing this the teacher felt sorry for the child and decided to try and do something to help. And so she took the child to the local priest and explained the situation to him. The priest then looked at the child and held the child’s hands. And then he said to the child, “Do not fear my child, sometimes we lose a parent and gain something else in return.”. And so saying, he organised to take custody of the child and to help the child’s father, whom he provided work for and opportunities for him to heal the wound in his heart. And while the child was in his custody, he gave the child an opportunity to experience the love of both men and women. And then at a certain point the priest said to the child, “You must now return to your father. He is strong again and he will find another mother for you.”. He relinquished the child from his care and gave the child a gold crown to look after, so that if her father was ever to fall upon hard times again, she would have treasure to give to him to help him to lift himself out of his suffering.

Koan 35 : A star fell from the sky one day and as it was coming down an old woman looked out her window and saw it light up the sky. She exclaimed to herself, “The kingdom of heaven has fallen for me. Now is the time of my death.”. She lay back down, closed her eyes and died. The next morning a grandchild came to visit her and when she opened the door, she saw the old woman lying on the bed with a peaceful smile upon her face. When she walked over to the woman, she looked out the window and saw that the blue sky was full of rainbows.

Koan 36 : A carpenter was called by the mayor of a city to come and do some urgent work. When he arrived in the mayors office the mayor said to him, “I need you to go down to the school and repair a school building. The rain that has been falling is leaking through the roof and now the children are all getting wet.”. Then the carpenter looked at the mayor and said, “It is not my job to protect the children.”. And then he left the room closing the door firmly behind him.

Koan 37 : In a country where they did not speak a universal tongue, where everybody spoke a different language, there lived an old lady who acted as a mediator between all the people. She spoke all of their tongues. One day a man who was angry came to her and said, “Why is it that no body has learnt my language, except you?”. And she turned to him and quietly whispered back, “The only language that you need to learn is the one of patience.”. He was so stunned at hearing this that he left. Now a short while after he left an angry woman came to her and said, “Why is it that no body speaks my language except you?”. To which the old lady whispered, “There is no body who needs to know your language except you.”. Hearing this the woman left infuriated. A little while later another angry woman arrived to confront the old woman and she said to her, “Why has no body learnt my language, except you?”. This time the old woman stood up and yelled at the top of her lungs, “The only language that needs to be spoken is the language of love.”.

Koan 38 : There was a bicycle rider who was out on the road going very fast and then unexpectedly another bicycle rider passed him. When the bicycle rider passed him he yelled back, “There is no need for you to be the only person on the road!”.

Koan 39 : There was a little boy once who loved to look up at the stars. Every night he would go out and sit under an apple tree and look up at the stars. One night when he went out to look up at the stars, the constellations had changed. He went back inside and sought out his mother. When he found her he said to her, “Mother mother come quick, the constellations have changed, they are not what they were last night or the night before or on any night!”. His mother seemed alarmed, so she followed him outside. But when she looked up, the constellations were what they should be. But when the little boy looked up, they had changed. The mother looked at him and said, “Sometimes a little boy needs to see something different, in order to know where he should be looking.”.


Bright Garlick © Copyright 2019








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