How to Make ET Contact Audio Course Outline

Hey folks, just to let you know that I have finished designing the How to Make ET Contact audio course and that you can download the course outline here on the other blog : or here on BOX : I decided to cull much of what I had planned for the course and will include everything (about twice as much) in the How to Make ET Contact book that I intend on writing.

Thus far the course is likely to be in 7 parts and will include about 10-12 audio tracks.

I’d be curious to hear your feedback.

Happy trails,

Brightus Garlicus. 😉



An Update on Where the Cat’s At !

Hey folks, just a quick update to let you know where I’m at.

I’m due to see a new oncologist (my 4th) in 2 weeks to discuss my situation and to have her approval for a new Gatate scan to find out what impact my Lanreotide LAR treatments have had, if any. I’m now off all medication and it will probably take 6-9 months for most of it to be out of my system. My blood sugar swings wildly everyday between hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic. I’m optimistic that it will settle down to sort of hypoglycemic and manageable. I suppose the feeling is like what my former clients have told me it’s like to come off anti depressants. I feel a bit spaced out and my memory is still a bit jaded. I still have lots of abdominal swelling and am dealing with the daily effects of hypoglycemia in particular and what seems to be a decrease in bone density. I still have regular tumour pain but much less than when I had extreme abdominal swelling. Other than that I am feeling fantastic !

I had my second big toe nail fixed (just a partial resection) and today I took my first hour long walk. I was back walking after 5 days and took a few 1 km strolls but today was the first serious walk. It’s only been 15 days, so I’m really happy with the result.

We’re deep into Autumn here and after a promising couple of days of rain, things have gone dry again – with the Autumnal rains very slow to arrive. It’s still very dry and even though it’s getting cold, it’s still not safe to have an outdoor fire, with plenty of dry grass on the ground that could catch fire. I’ve been chainsawing fire wood a couple of times a week to build up our stockpile for Winter and it’s been lovely to have the wood heater inside going !

Most of my time the last few weeks has been spent recovering from LAR related issues and healing from my toe surgery. I’ve also had plenty of work to do on the farm – including getting the vegy garden ready for replanting and pulling down fences that were destroyed by floods of the last few years. When you live on the land, there is no end to the work that you have to do ! I enjoy the work but sometimes I find as I am getting older and dealing with tumours, that it’s very tiring. Some days I come inside after a days work or a partial days work and I’m absolutely exhausted. Too tired for anything !

I haven’t spoken to Dude much in the last fortnight but I have returned to working on the second Dude book (Conversations with an ET) – transcribing more conversations that we had about Conjoined Space. A subject which has turned out to be extremely confronting and I imagine it will be very difficult for other people to understand it. Suffice to say that the idea of parallel worlds is tame by comparison ! I will try later in the week to get back to finishing the last question in the first Dude book (Interview with an ET). The book is frustrating close to having the first draft completed. After that, I need to finish proof reading it and it will be ready to go ! I’ve also mapped out the entire How to Make ET Contact audio series and will try to continue recording later in the week. The new blog that I’ve already told you about, will be ready to go, once the audio is completed. I have a few commitments with my son that I need to attend to first but I’m optimistic I’ll have time for the recording.

Unfortunately TSM Plus just hasn’t happened. Fortunately no one has taken out a TSM Plus account, so there’s probably no harm done in being a bit over optimistic about what I can do. Once I’ve seen my onco and had my next scan, I ought to have a clearer sense of how the year will unfold and the kinds of commitments I can make. It’s been about 3 weeks since I made a TSM and I’d like to get back to making a regular TSM, now that I can walk. The biggest problem is that it’s been bad weather for recording, with strong southerly winds. Perhaps I can make a few indoors ?

Apologies to any of you who are waiting to hear back from me. Life has just been very busy !

A big thanks to Marcel and Sandor for making monthly donations ! Monthly donations mean regular support and help keep ET and I and The Something Monologues up and running ! Thanks Marcel and thanks Sandor !

Here’s some music and scenery to brighten your day ! Best to mute the volume on the second video and enjoy a little Bach as you watch Earth create new Earth.

May you all enjoy another day of human life !

Brighty. 😉


ET Conversations 5 – The ET Push Towards Greater Complexity & Greater Sentience

What follows is an extract from the interview with Dude. This was a part of his response to question 7 (Could you please talk a little more about the relationship that ET races have with human kind ?). You can read the entire answer to that question here : and find links to the parts of the Interview with an ET (Dude) book that I have shared here : And for those who are wondering, I still have one question to ask Dude to complete the interview book but I’ve been so busy with life, my health issues, doing farm stuff and supporting my son; that I haven’t had time to get back to it ! It will happen eventually ! Until the book is published, you can download all the extracts. I haven’t corrected the book proofs yet, so there may still be some typos in this extract.

The subject of ET intervention on Earth was an interesting subject for me to discuss with Dude and since the interview we have had several additional conversations on the subject. I always wondered why life on Earth diversified so much and why there are so many complex life forms. In this extract Dude talks a little about that subject and the importance of sentience. It maybe interesting to note that after my bedroom interaction with the Teal’hia in 1997, I wrote a short story about the event called Sentience, Why Doest Thou Gaze ?. After this conversation with Dude, I fully understood that particular mystery !

Wikipedia defines Sentience as “the capacity to feel, perceive or experience subjectively”. and I think Dude was referring to it in a similar way.

Enjoy ! 😉



Bright : Doesn’t all life matter anyway ? I am not sure I understand the emphasis on greater sentience !

Dude : OK let me explain it to you this way. All life matters and is considered significant by us and most space faring races. All those in the higher collectives value life per se for what it is, not how intelligent or how sentient it is. But there is a natural tendency throughout the cosmos for certain life forms to continue development in certain ways. Sentience allows or provides the opportunity for the development of further sentience. Consciousness facilitates consciousness. So when we say that we facilitate the growth and development of complex life forms, we are saying that we foster the development of sentience. The development of this higher sentience, provides the possibility for us to further accelerate the development of the species and to develop the responsibilities of that particular species. When highly developed life forms develop high levels of sentience, they also develop greater levels of responsibility and when they become more responsible, they help in the development of diversity and in the development of well being for the entire planet. Highly developed organisms – complex organisms with highly developed sentience, have responsibilities to the other species on their planet. They become like custodians. They develop an awareness of the needs of others and of the whole and they work towards these ends.

B : So Dude, why not just keep simple life forms and not have to deal with the hassle that arises with complex life forms ?

D : OK, so that’s a good question. You must understand, that it isn’t black and white. Sometimes a planet will remain developed at a certain level and as far as anyone can tell, it always remains at that level. These kinds of planets or life sustaining structures are rare. But they exist. Mostly however, planets are developed in such a way, that there is a gradual increase in the complexity of the life forms and an increase in the development of sentience. It is done because the benefits of developing complexity in this way provide far great opportunities for life to express itself. Sure, there are places where it’s kept simple. And usually these places are very beautiful and serene but there is very little happening there on a macroscopic level and these planets in general, cannot be involved in greater responsibility, as would other planets and their species. They remain a kind of way point for people to visit – for other species to enjoy and to investigate but they do not develop any greater involvement in the larger collective of life. And that’s OK but that is, as I said, a rarer kind of thing. Mostly, so far as the planets that I understand have been seeded, what happens is that there is a clear plan about how life will be gradually developed, so that it facilitates the development of beings who can be responsible and partake in the larger collectives. These races, when they develop successfully, are then able to become life makers themselves and participate in the responsibility of raising life and monitoring it’s evolution and growth.

So that is our race. That was our primary focus early on. We are still involved in helping you to evolve emotionally and spiritually. We are educating those in power about the nature of the cosmos that they wish to inherit. But we are doing so slowly and as we see fit. They don’t get to know anything we do not want them to know. Things happen slowly as they are required….

Ya wanna keep going or next question ?

B : Anything else you want to add here ? I’m pretty tired now.

D : I’ll give you one more thing about our relationship. I’ll keep it brief ! There are lots of us right – lots of different races. And most of us are doing similar work in one way or another but some of us are doing something a little bit different. Each race has their own interest in you or your planet. But most of us work in a similar way. We’re here to help the planet and to help humanity to slowly, emphasise slowly, evolve ! We’re patient ! Even though sometimes, I might not be !

So along the way, we have these experiences with you. These individual experiences. Like the ones I told you about. We meet people we like and we feel some attachment to them and we stay involved in their lives as long as we can. We’re there for them. Sometimes we help and sometimes we just observe. But we consider them beings we care about. Sometimes friends and sometimes they don’t know we exist. We’re just there in the background.

As you grow as a species, each one of you has the opportunity to interact with us personally. But very few humans ever take that opportunity serious. Only a handful of humans are ever doing that at any given time. So these humans have the opportunity to develop a relationship with us. And through this relationship we both grow, we both learn and we both have something else which brings us joy and sometimes sadness. Consider this : These humans, like you and like Rachel, who have developed personal relationships with us, you have opened yourselves up to a level of development and a level of interaction with something that is way beyond what most people know in their day to day existence. And because you have done this, you have given yourself something, which will help you to grow and to mature spiritually, to prepare you for the many different challenges which will enter your life and the life of your species and your planet. This in itself is helping in the development of your species. It is helping to enhance the sentience of WHO YOU ARE – both individually and collectively. All be it that it is happening slowly at the collective level – it is none the less, still happening.

That’s all for now. Do you get it, what I am telling you ?

B : Yes Dude !

D : OK then, how about we continue tomorrow ?

B : Good idea. I’m buggered !…


We Will Not Pass This Way Again

Impermanence is all around us and fills our lives and our bodies. Impermanence is the way of the cosmos. Everything comes into physical being, lives a little and then passes beyond the body. But life itself, is eternal ! From the one mind to the differentiated mind back unto the one mind again. It does us all good to remember that every moment is fleeting and that we will not pass this way again.


How to Make ET Contact blog

Hey folks, just to let you know I have been working on a new blog “How to Make ET Contact” – which is where you’ll be able to find the How to Make ET Contact audio course.

The surveillance dudes and dudettes have been watching it since day one – which is really very funny !

I still have some work to do on the site and of course audio content to finish creating. As some of you will recall, I’ve been pretty lousy on sticking to a deadline on getting the course completed. So all I can say for now is that I am working towards having it done soon. Life is pretty busy at the moment and I have some other very important priorities taking up much of my time, so I am doing my best.

Please remember that those of you who have supported me with $50 or more donations will have free access to all the content.

Now because I don’t visit any of my blogs the way that you do, I forget that WordPress puts advertising on each blog, so if it would be useful to me if you could tell me how much advertising and what type of advertising appears on each of my blogs. The How to Make ET Contact blog will probably be a business blog that will have no advertising but for now it’s a free blog and likely to have advertising on it. I hate advertising but I guess that’s how we creators get things for free !

If you have any feedback on the blog please consider sharing it here on this page and I’ll take it into account in the final remake.

Be well People of Earth !

Over and out,

Brighticus. 😉

PS. The new blog is dedicated to :

Sandor N, Nick M, Mr Anonymous of Melbourne, Frédéric H, Catharine C, Darci A, Gabriele S, Janet G, Oliver L, Marcel H, Radek W, Maria R and Derek R for all your encouragement and financial support.

Frédéric H, Sandor N and Nick M for the friendship and for allowing me the privilege of Project Kingdom !

Sandor N and Jacqui B for travelling to the other side of the world to say hi and thank you !

Rachel Bree for our beautiful son Toa, for putting up with countless hours of ET talk, for showing me the way and introducing me to our ET friend Dude. And for giving up years of your life working in secrecy with ETs in covert projects, for the well being of Earth.

Toa Garlick for putting up with countless hours of ET talk and losing your dad to endless days and nights of ET contact. And for putting up with not having a normal dad.

All the wonderful people who believe in what I am doing and who have found value in what I have to share.


ET and I Changes

Hey folks, just to let you know that I have simplified the blog by reducing the number of pages at the top of the page and creating a series of drop down menus. I’ve been meaning to tidy up the blog for ages but after nearly 10 years with WordPress I’ve grown frustrated at trying to move pages around since the way of changing attributes is not logical. That is, until my little bastard of a 19 year old son who doesn’t know WordPress from a bar of soap said, “Der dad, that’s easy, you just create a menu and move the pages where you want !”. Said bastard (below) was right and dadah, a new look ! My son really was a bastard but I love him to death ! I only wish I could get him to write about his own unusual experiences but he’s too self conscious and busy with the dark side of the force to give a damn !

I have a few more changes planned but today’s change is the first of them.


The Other Alien Interview

I’ve talked before about Canadian film director Aristomenis Tsirbas, his production company Meni Things ( and their Alien Interview films. The series has continued with part 3 and there seems to be at least one more in the pipeline. Stupid people are still arguing about whether it’s real or fake and the threat that aliens pose to us. Bla bla bla ! Aristomenis must be laughing himself stupid that the films have generated so much interest, controversy and debate. In part 3 there is a hint that a greater threat awaits humanity and I wonder if the next film(s) might suggest that hostile ETs are a threat to humanity in the not too distant future. It would suck big time if the whole thing went down that path because then it would just play into the whole To The Stars Academy / weaponizing space mentality – even though it’s a fiction. But things might go in a completely different and unanticipated direction and that would be truly interesting. I really look forward to seeing where Aristomenis and his tea take these films !

I like these films because the interrogator in them is a complete moron (and lots of people in the world are like that – I would hope that someone in the military was a little more intelligent than this) and the alien in them is wise and considerate. I really like what the alien has to say about religious and political dogma and that’s really the crunch of human conflict. Much of what the alien says is on par with what real ETs might feel about us. It really is a great piece of script writing !It’s just a shame that the alien in the film is treated so badly but then that has happened in real life as well.

It would be interesting to see if Meni Things produce any full length feature films about non hostile space faring ETs because they would probably do a very good job ! Very few production companies or directors are game enough to go against the grain and show ETs as they really are. Peaceful and benevolent ETs don’t sell well and make it hard to create an endlessly profitable series ! Personally I reckon Hollywood is missing out ! There are so many more stories to be heard by breaking the mould !



Here’s some of Aristomenis’s other work.


Crash Webber Young Moondog !

Here’s some new music on my other blog Silentium et Musicorum :

Some of you may or may not appreciate diverse musics. This blog is for those who do !

Greer and I Concur

Here’s an interview in which Steven Greer basically says the same things that I also say on the subject of the nature of ETs.


Space Marbles, Bigger on the Inside & Little People

I’ve just returned a few hours ago from having minor toe surgery (my right ingrown toe nail incised at the back – much easier than the last surgery – having the whole nail removed), so what follows might be a little delirious due to my exhaustion (before surgery I was working on the roof in the hot sun) and feeling a little out of it (I’ve had a couple of pain killers so the pain doesn’t prevent me from sleeping tonight). Anyway, here goes.

I always found the Men in Black films to be highly entertaining and insightful. There are several lines in all 3 movies (particularly number 1) that are very close to the truth of how things are – like someone in the know influenced the writers of the film. But one of my favourite things is how they play around with scale – like when the little furry guys are living in the railway station locker or the aliens are playing marbles with galaxies, at the end of the film.



Perhaps the hardest thing that I have had trouble with in relation to the entire ET subject is the sense of scale and the relationships of scale to dimensionality, perception, perspective and reality.

I posted these videos on scalarity and dimensionality 6 years ago (check out the baggy eyes after a long night with little sleep) and much of what I said still holds true but…



There are some things that I still find difficult to understand, let alone discuss with other people. These include how ETs rearrange the structure and size of space and how they change the way that the life force manifests and how they effect how others perceive reality.

One of the things that I discovered a long time ago was that if you change how your senses work, you change perception; if you change your conditioning, you change perception; if you change your food, energy, light and sound, you change perception; and that there are cycles throughout the day when perception and awareness change without any effort. In addition I discovered that if you change perspective – how you look at an object, the angle you look at an object and the distance away that you look at an object; your perception changes. I also became aware that there are internal perceptions (mental constructs like thinking, somatic and emotional feeling and visualisation) and external perceptions (biological constructs like what comes through the 5 senses or the neurological structures of the brain) and that all of these perceptions can be altered by internal and external factors. With these insights and realisations it became apparent to me that reality is a construct of experience and mind.

As I have grown older I have been confronted by more and more unusual experiences with ETs and other life forms that were difficult to understand. They could only be understood when I realised that reality is a construct of experience and mind. Sometimes however the understanding that I have is still inadequate to fully comprehend what is going on.

So let me give you some examples, which I will say more about in time, as I gain greater understanding of them.

Most of you have heard the infamous Doctor Who comment regarding the Tardis, that it’s bigger on the inside !



Well the same is true for many ET craft. However, this is not entirely true. In fact, to say that an ET craft is bigger on the inside, is way too much of a generalisation. It isn’t that black and white. In my experience there are several anomalous features here that need to be unpacked.

In regards to space :

  • There are some ET craft that are exactly the same size inside as outside.
  • There are some ET craft where there is a uniform spatial dilation inside (in other words it is uniformally bigger on the inside).
  • There are some ET craft where certain regions of the craft are bigger on the inside.
  • There are some ET craft where there the entire craft is bigger on the inside but some regions are significantly bigger on the inside (e.g. on a specific Teal’hia craft I was on, there was a region that contained rooms where there were spaces that were larger than several galaxies – Greg Bear’s book Eon touches on a similar theme
  • There are some ET craft where at one time it is bigger on the inside and at other times the inside is proportionate to the outside.

While in regard to time :

  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time is identical on the inside.
  • There are some ET craft where the sense of time on the inside matches specific races on board.
  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time is compressed or dilated.
  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time corresponds with the specific space (or space dilation).

Remember that there is only space and time is a product of the mind. When you alter space it is possible to alter time. But both space and time can also be altered by altering perception. This is one reason why many people have a hard time making sense of what they see and experience and remember on board an ET craft.

Another example that I’d like to talk about is interacting with small ETs. In terms of the concept of scalarity (see video above), there are ETs of many different sizes on many different relative scales. There are more than one group of very small ETs (under 12 inches). I mentioned previously about having encounters with the Chenntrame, who are between 3-6 inches in height and that Preston Dennett has interviewed people who have also had encounters with small beings. Preston says that these people claim to have been shrunk down to the same size as the ETs. That is not true. It doesn’t ever happen. So let me try to explain why, bearing in mind that this is not easy to convey.

I have seen these beings here on my farm near other much taller beings and they looked tiny. I have seen them on other ETs craft and they looked tiny. But I have also been on their craft and they looked my size. I once had a dream about seeing a ball of light that changed size  (see Dream 5 here : Through this dream I began to understand that the life force can manifest itself on whatever scale it wishes to and yet it is still fundamentally the same. Similarly when you interact with the Chenntrame or other small ETs, they alter your perception and hence alter your perception of reality such that you experience reality differently. I have also heard it said by ETs that different beings may see each other the size that they need to.

Some of you will realise that in making internal ET contact (which I’ve spoken about extensively here), the same thing happens. You meet each other in a shared world, taking on the form that you wish and that you perceive others how they wish you to perceive them. From an absolute perspective there really is no inner and outer – just one reality. So the same thing happens during external contact as internal contact. Others consciously effect your perception and their energy inadvertently effects your energy and your perception. Our perception is literally altered by contact with ‘the other’. And as a result what and how we experience reality are also altered.

I don’t know if that makes any sense at all ! It’s very difficult to put into words !

ETs don’t shrink us with some sort of shrinkydink gun or put us in some kind of mind altering Holodeck. They alter how we experience reality ! That is why so much ET contact feels dream like. It’s something that is largely foreign to our conscious way of experiencing reality.

The Chenntrame are very comfortable on their world. Plants and animals or their equivalent are in proportion to the Chenntrame in a similar way that they are for us. They are not tiny creatures on their own world. That is not to say that there are not space faring ETs who are not tiny on their own worlds. But somehow they consciously and/or inadvertently alter the perception and experience of other beings who come in contact with them (in certain circumstances) or who visit their world. I don’t have a better understanding of what takes place than this.

So let me leave you with a kind of koan, a kind of conundrum, that reflects what I have learned to be true.

Space can occupy any space that it wishes. The life force can occupy any space that it wishes and remain completely unchanged. 

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