Human Fascination with ETs

Here below is my latest Clustrmaps for this my second blog, from 5th October 2015-23rd July 2019. This is a relatively obscure blog and it receives only a small number of visitors, compared to many other blogs. The dots below represent 113, 166 visits from 140 countries. What amazes is not that people have visited from so many countries but that so many people around the world appear to be interested in the subject of extraterrestrials ! Where ever people appear to have free access to the internet and even in some countries where access is more restricted, people seem to be seeking out information about ETs and ET contact. What is it in our nature that so desires to know more about ETs and our place in the cosmos ?


It is my wish to gradually teach anyone on our beautiful planet how to initiate contact with our cosmic family. And to eventually share more about my experiences with ETs and what I have learned about who they are, how they function and where they come from.

The little dots on this page mean something very important to me and it is this –

We human beings deeply yearn connection with the Other. For in the other we find our selves and know what we truly are for the first time. And in knowing what we truly are for the first time, we discover our true home. A home that is permanent and can never be extinguished. A home from which everything arises.

Now maybe only a fraction of the people who visit this blog will ever get what I’ve just said but that is what awaits anyone who truly seeks to connect with our cosmic family.

Spore to ET, Come In !

I don’t play computer games at all but I used to be an avid fan of EA Games “Spore” – especially the Creator aspect. Spore was a game that came with the potential to create a diverse range of creatures, vehicles and buildings; which you then integrated into the game. I found the game boring but I loved Creator and saw enormous potential in this particular model of “form development”. Like Bryce, Daz and Terragen before it, Spore has the potential to bring life to the imagination but it’s one great limitation is that it is based on cartoonish style of form, which is wonderful for gaming but holds back the full realization of our imaginations. What I would truly love is to see a realistic Spore like WYSIWYG approach to form design – particularly body design. I would love to be able to show the ETs that I have encountered by playing with a designer that could do that. Please tell me if you know of such a tool ! No doubt such a program is only around the corner, if it doesn’t already exist.

Here’s a video I threw together of a few of the many creatures I made in Spore about a decade ago and some videos of other people’s more recent creations. Some of things that people have created with Spore are truly amazing !


Project Symbol Episode 2 – Call for Your Questions and Dreams

If you would like to participate in my second Project Symbol : Working With Internal Symbols episode, please send me a NON PERSONAL QUESTION, related to something that seems global or cosmic in significance or send me a dream that seems global or cosmic in significance. If you could keep your questions to one question of no more than 5 lines and just one dream. I’ll pick the questions and dreams that most appeal to me in the next few weeks. To learn more about Project Symbol go here : / I’ll try and get onto doing this in the next month.

I think I’ll do this 2-3 times a year because it”s actually good for me to work with a diverse group of people from around the world and because sometimes it’s genuinely fun to to provide answers, interpretations or guidance in this way ! If you think this subject would appeal to you as an online course please let me know and tell me why ! If there is enough interest here, I may offer it as an online course at some point.


Bright. 😉

Joseph Campbell on the Shadow and Owls as Messengers from the Unconscious

Here is a nice summary by Joseph Campbell (in the first video) on Freud’s and Jung’s ideas about the unconscious and dreams. He provides a fascinating insight into the general nature of owls in dreams. Note that this is a wonderful example of looking at dream symbols from a mythological perspective and this particular explanation shows significant cultural bias. Comparing this to the stories of owls in waking and sleeping consciousness in ET folklore, we can see that our desire to create connections and interpretations which are related to ETs do not necessarily stem from actual encounters with ETs. Seeing lots of owls in a dream or while awake does not imply contact with ETs, nor does it imply some special meaning. That is human desire to see more than is present in our waking consciousness. We draw meaning from our interactions with internal symbols and external objects. And we see connections between things when often they do not exist because we are for some reason inclined to notice certain things, while excluding others (like noticing 11:11 and not 11:12. I have had countless owl experiences in sleeping and waking consciousness but I believe that few if any (and I really emphasize the any) bear any relation to owls. I have in the past suppressed my urge to say much about owls and ETs because of many people’s tendency to jump on this connection.

There are many ways to explore any symbol, including owls – whether it is a symbol in sleeping consciousness or an object symbol in waking consciousness. Owls and ETs do not necessarily go together as many people believe. And please note that some ETs can take on any form that they wish. Maybe we humans ought to own up to the fact that we have so many unconscious desires and unresolved issues, such that we can see more clearly what is rather than what we would prefer to be.

On a related note, many people have shared ET and UFO dreams with me over the years and almost all of these people believed that they had an actual interaction with an ET or a UFO. First and foremost when it comes to understanding dreams, we have to understand that almost all objects in dreams are symbols and that every symbol has a context. And an ET or a UFO as a symbol, can represent and mean many different things. There can be no definitive meaning for ANY symbol in any dream. Everything depends on context and context depends on many factors including physical, mental, social and cultural influences and a broad range of conditioning forces. Looking for the meaning of a symbol is like trying to find a lost object in a room with infinite dimensions. It’s absurd !

If you would like to know more about working with, exploring and analyzing dreams, stay tuned for the links to my upcoming Udemy course on the subject.

A Beautiful Day

Hey folks, I have just returned from 3 days visiting Yowie country in Gariwerd mountain range and am resting up today enjoying a little world music, after 25 km of walking. May you also enjoy ! More music here :


The Secrets of Silicon Valley (Sort Of)

Here’s nice report on Silicon Valley by James Corbett.  The only thing that I would add to this is that Dude had a direct influence on the discovery of Silicon and the development of insight into Silicon and it’s early applications (Don’t forget that Dude’s people the Naelsa are a Silicon based life form !), in much the same way that he influenced the discovery of Nitroglycerin and it’s medical uses (which he tells me have as yet been untapped) ( / Dude continues to influence our future in many ways, including in the development of Electron Displacement Computing (which I hinted at here : James Corbett is very thorough in this report as usual. But you can’t expect him to know about ET influences !

It maybe worth thinking about how this report links into my post on The Diamond Complex ( My investigations into Silicon Valley and the history of Integrated Circuits influenced a great deal of what I learned about TDC. Everything is connected people, everything !

More reading here :


Mike Clelland’s Hidden Experience Book

Mike Clelland has just published a new ebook based on his blog Hidden Experience and from what I can see it is a very well written book : I don’t agree with all Mike’s belief’s about ETs and ET contact and do not share his belief in the relationship between ETs and owls (some ETs can take any form they want). However I respect Mike as a writer, a blogger and a human being who has a deep curiosity about what he has been experiencing. I also enjoy reading Mike’s blog and listening to his occasional interview. Mike is a good writer and a good interviewer ! I admire the way that Mike has committed himself to his ongoing exploration of the subject and his writing projects. I know as a writer, how much of your life a book can consume ! (Years ago I thought about doing something similar but I prefer to write a separate book about my experiences and a separate memoir about my life.) I also admire Mike for his integrity, passion and honesty about his own vulnerability !

Whether we agree or disagree with people who write about subjects we care about, I believe that we owe it to each other to do the best that we can to support each other wherever possible because we are all human beings living through the same sorts of tribulations, dramas and challenges. I don’t always agree with Mike but I admire his willingness to embrace the unknown ! Sometimes I wish I could share some of my own contact experiences with him first hand to help take away his uncertainty and his doubt ! But naturally Mike must get to that point himself ! Hidden Experience is in a way a map of his journey from uncertainty to somewhere ! Well done Mike on establishing yourself as a well respected author !

Space Filling, Space Dreaming

There is but one and within the one the many – all indivisible, seemingly separate but one cohesive whole. Outer space and inner space are not separate. All bodies arise within outer space and all bodies contain outer and inner spaces. Because of this there is the possibility of an infinite cosmos. There is the space of the body and the space of the mind. Neither is contained, neither has a boundary, although they both appear otherwise. All of reality arises inside of you. And in order for you to understand this you must ask – What Am I ? When you come to an answer, keep going for you are not there yet. All religious traditions who have understood man’s true nature have encouraged people to lose their identity and find a new identity (re-identify). Some teachings get stuck half way and only see the whole, not the individual expressions of life. Go all the way and see and know both the whole and the separate. For that is what YOU are.

At some point it is worth asking – In what body does this body arise and in what mind does this mind arise ? If there is but one and I sense the many, which self am I ?

All bodies fill space. What does that mean ? What does it mean in the deepest possible way ? But bodies also dream space. What does that mean ? What does that mean in the deepest possible way ? And if what this relative I perceives as a separate dreamer, dreaming space, then could not another body be dreaming other spaces – some spaces so large as to contain all of what this relative I perceives as reality ? What then am I from an absolute perspective ? And who is the real dreamer ?

A simple experiment : Close your eyes and imagine a black and white cat surfing big waves in Hawaii, complete with pink surf booties and long black nails. Now imagine a cat surfing contest and 20 different coloured cats all surfing the big waves simultaneously. Then suddenly in the midst of it all, a giant rat emerges from the surf and begins eating the surfing cats and as it does so it turns into a rat troll who stomps down so hard as to create a giant tsunami that crashes on the beach and washes away all of the cats.

Open your eyes. You have just created space, complete with everything you imagined in it. Where does this space exist ? And where did this event of the imagination take place in outer space ? Penetrate as far as you can go. These spaces are connected. Both are as real as each other. Inner space can come into existence and disappear from existence and so can outer space. You can easily understand the transitory nature of inner space but how is that possible for outer space ? Come back to the I ? What is the I ? And where does reality arise ?

You want to meet ET ? And something is preventing you from having successful contact in the outer world. Go inwards. Create together. Look up Internal Contact Worlds on this page.

Inwards outwards, artificial constructs, all one, indivisible whole, space in all directions for ever. Always was, always will be. The Space Reticulum knows no end within or without. Find your relative place in The Space Reticulum and understand what you really are and what is possible !

What is Space, What is Reality ?

If you really want to understand the nature of reality, you have to answer only one question : What is Space ? If you can answer that it will lead you to the whole and everything within the whole. So People of Earth, what is space ? Let us begin with a metaphorical space.

Swan Dive











Fill in the gaps. The gaps of what ?

Erich Fromm on Healing Separation

I was renovating today and as I did so and my back and neck ached and my hands cramped, I thought about love and what it has come to mean to me after almost 50 years of life.

The first psychology book I ever read was Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving (The Art of Love) when I was about 15. At that age I found the book utterly engaging but I didn’t really get it because I had not yet experienced love outside of my own family. Later after I had experienced other forms of love, the book made much more sense. It is a book that I have come back to time and time again, finding something new each time I read it. I feel that some of the ideas in The Art of Loving are dated and ill conceived or over simplistic and there is too much focus on Christianity but it is a grand overview of the nature of love. I agree with much of what Erich has to say. His criticisms are Freud are spot on and his  insights into love and being are profound and more relevant today than ever ! Read at your own peril ! It may well change how you function !


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