Bubble Baths, Spiral Galaxies & The Groovy Spiral Dance of Reindeer

Everything I learned about the physical aspects of cosmology I learned from bubble baths! No seriously, for years I have studied the movement of bubbles whenever I have a bubble bath and it’s taught me a great deal about how spirals move, how currents move and how patterns form. If you want to understand how the bar at the centre of a spiral galaxy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral_galaxy) forms, watch a bubble bath spiral slow down and then you’ll understand. Of course it depends on whether, its a true spiral or a circular spiral, the type of spiral (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_spirals) and whether it has a logarithmic or non logarithmic component to it. The bar is the point that slows down first where bubbles start to accumulate. The centre is the fastest turning point but as it slows down it sets in motion a collection of bubbles that eventually slow down the entire spiral. Barred spiral galaxies are simply older spiral galaxies, where the centre has started to coalesce.

Spiral topology and dynamics have a lot to teach us about movement and growth and also incidentally how reindeer call Santa Claus.

Robot Bands – Metal Machine Music

We are at the beginning of the robot music age. Can you imagine what this will develop into? It brings a new meaning to names like Metallic-a and AC/DC.

A Handful of The Something Monologues

Hey folks, I was recently looking at my original TSM host Podbean and some of the sites that rebroadcast the TSMs and was surprised to find a handful of TSMs (139-167) still up and accessible on anchor : https://anchor.fm/etandi/, which is beyond me as to why that is possible, given I terminated my Podbean account. Anyway it’s there if it interests you. If you’ve not heard of The Something Monologues, it’s a small podcast (walkalogue) that I made a while back (and will likely continue one day) and you can download all of them here : https://app.box.com/s/wlnscvi613b3e6oug6si, and find descriptions for each episode on the blog if you search for the TSM with it’s number. There are also a few on Youtube. I’ll be posting a new TSM hopefully next week on The Emerging Space Empires and Dude’s response to the subject in a follow up TSM.

Inflection Point : An ET Warning About a Potential Global War – 2

Hey folks, this is a brief follow up to the post/audio I released last August regarding China and Taiwan, the US and Australia and a potential global conflict – https://etandi.wordpress.com/2020/08/05/inflection-point-an-et-warning-about-a-potential-global-war/ / https://etandi.wordpress.com/2020/08/07/yes-to-diplomacy/. I posted the previous post because I know that there are certain covert groups who monitor my communications and who sometimes take note of what I have to share – or at least file it away somewhere or pass it on up the line.

I’ve been talking to Dude about global geopolitics for a long time now and in the last decade we’ve discussed the potential conflict between Israel-Iran and the US-North Korea and a potential conflict between the US and its allies and China and how things could play out versus more peaceful outcomes. At different times the probability of potential outcomes has shifted and anyone who has heard me touch on the subject of Conjoined Space, will understand that is because such events become more probable that they occur in certain spaces but not others. Some events of course may disappear entirely from any potential future from this and any other Conjoined Space.

My original concerns were about the Israel-Iran/Hezbollah and US-North Korea initiated conflicts, as I was shown these events by the Teal’hia on January 19th, 2011. I was told that those events have occurred in numerous spaces and may still be on the cards in this space but are less likely to occur now than back then, so I’m no longer as concerned, even though the risk still exists. Since then however things between the US and China have seriously deteriorated, especially since Covid-19 landed. And as I previously indicated a year ago, certain countries, particularly Australia, the UK and the US have played a key in stirring up tensions between China and western nations (https://etandi.wordpress.com/2020/04/27/the-great-covid-19-world-war/).

I’ve said numerous times that China has acted unfairly and unreasonably regarding its Belt and Road Initiative (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belt_and_Road_Initiative / https://www.lowyinstitute.org/publications/understanding-belt-and-road-initiative) and its supposed reclamation of former lands with its Nine Dash Line demarcation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nine-dash_line / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Territorial_disputes_in_the_South_China_Sea). However two things are worth noting. China has been clever enough under its current dictator to create a number of key long term plans to dominate the global economy, reduce domestic poverty and look after the motherland. And this has been very clever thinking, which makes the US and her allies look like a bunch of adolescent schoolboys who still can’t pick a team and get their shit together! This level of very well thought out long term strategic planning has however set off the death knell for many countries, particularly those who have been entrapped by debt and those who depend on China as a trade partner (which is nearly every nation)! So China is no angel by any standards. It is however a survivor and it has survived for 5,000 years because of innovation and foresight!

So the Chinese have a range of very clever strategies to reclaim their perceived territories and I’ll talk about them in a future audio. Suffice to say Dude informs me that they are speedily moving in a very well thought out strategic direction towards the full reclamation of Taiwan within the next 4-12 months. From everything that Dude has seen this is a highly probable event across many Conjoined Spaces. But here’s the clincher. If the US and her allies attempt to remove the Chinese by force or attack China directly, it will ignite a global war (starting in the Pacific and then in Europe and the Middle East), in which the US and her allies – especially Australia and the UK, will come out losers. It will be an asymmetrical conflict, in which China has the upper hand and in which there are millions of casualties, particularly in the US, UK, Australia and India. Australia will lose all it’s major military and surveillance sites (goodbye Pinegap and the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation’s sites etc. and the US’s major military and surveillance sites in the Pacific and the US).

So Dude’s clear message is that if China invades Taiwan, the US, the UK and Australia need to butt the hell out and let them have Taiwan, for the sake of everyone! The best thing that the US and its allies can do is to take direct financial action/sanctions against China and to work through the UN, to bring about a compromise. Now of course the big wigs and the war mongers and all those who have something to gain financially from a war with China, will not to hear this but his message is clear. They will pay dearly because no matter what they try to do, China will have the upper hand! He made it absolutely transparent to me that the US, the UK, Australia, India, Canada and France must tone down their rhetoric and stop fanning the flames of war! Especially the US, UK and Australia!

Meanwhile Russia threatens to invade the Ukraine proper and I have no idea how that could play out but Dude suggested that Mr Putin should get back into his shell and be a good boy, unless he wants to be assassinated by a player that he did not see coming! Russia has no right taking more of the Ukraine!

I was naive enough to think that getting rid of Trump Wumpy would be enough to cool things down with China but apparently it is not because the US is still stuck on the idea of pulling China into line and the UK is still playing dirty games behind the scenes (as it has always done!). Dude has continually re-iterated for the last 18 months that the only way out of this mess is through diplomacy! So, leaders of the world, get your big boy pants on, stop the crap and start talking and finding common ground! You’re stupidity endangers all of us!

I don’t personally have an opinion on the sovereignty of Taiwan, except to say that the Chinese who settled Taiwan originally wiped out most of the indigenous Taiwanese (who now number 2.38 % of the population – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwanese_indigenous_peoples). I don’t think it would be right to see Taiwan invaded because it’s done a good job of forging it’s own unique society but sometimes you have to weigh up the lesser of two evils. The potential loss of one sovereign nation versus the loss of millions of lives. I suspect that the only way that the US will allow Taiwan to fall is if it throws away its hegemonic role as global policeman (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_policeman) (a role it inherited from the UK with Pax Brittanica – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pax_Britannica). At some point America will have to accept that its empire has crumbled and India and China are the only real empires. A status that is inline with the 5,000 year age of their people. But of course with the emerging global space empires (a subject that I’ll explore in a TSM soon), that is highly unlikely to happen.

Will reason and concern for the welfare of all mankind come to the fore or will it be business (and I literally mean business) as usual? Whatever the case, as usual, take everything that I have to say with a grain of salt and get on with the business of enjoying life! What will be, will be!

Avatar and The Pandoran Research Foundation

We humans have an immense capacity for imagination and fantasy in particular. Sometimes we go to great lengths to imagine stunning new worlds, at the expense of this one. I enjoyed the Avatar movie very much and will likely enjoy the next few movies in the series but the making and watching of Avatar (and countless other movies) comes at a great expense to Earth and her creatures. More of the world of Avatar and Pandora here : https://www.avatar.com/. The narrative that plays out in Avatar is the same narrative that is playing out on Earth and Fox Studios is playing it’s own role in such a narrative. You may recall me saying years ago that when I ran a large Landcare network, 20th Century Fox argued over the price of trees with the lead Landcare body for the Home Tree Project that they attached their name to. They promoted the fictional idea of an indigenous race on a new world that had precious trees and other life forms whilst trying to cheapskate it’s way out of it’s real world funding commitment. Anyway, they make the occasional good film and Avatar was one of their best.

Listening and Reading List No.2

Here’s what I’ve been listening to and reading in the last week or two.

Listening to :

  • Silence, wind, birdsong
  • My son’s budgie Mando
  • My Dying Bride : Macabre Cabaret
  • U2 : Everything, especially The Acoustic Sessions from Songs of Innocence (*highly recommended)
  • Manowar : The Triumph of Steel (*highly recommended) Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts is one of my all time favourite metal songs and probably one of the longest at 28 minutes.
  • Blaze Bayley & Thomas Zwigsen : December Wind (*highly recommended)
  • Nihls Frahm : Graz (*highly recommended)
  • Kraftwerk : The Man Machine (2009 remastered version) – Man Kraftwerk were good!
  • Wulfin Lieske & William Barton : Dream Time
  • Ancient : Heart of Oak
  • Winterfylleth : The Hallowing of Heirdom (*highly recommended) – These guys usually sing black metal but this album is a folk classic!
  • Diana Krall (Thanks to Ethan!)
  • Jamie Cullum : Taller (Thanks to Ethan!) (*highly recommended)
  • The Bridges of Madison County Soundtrack (Thanks to Ethan!) (*highly recommended)
  • Parov Stelar (Thanks to Frédéric)
  • Philosophize This podcast (*highly recommended).

Reading :

  • Christopher Berry-Dee : Talking With Serial Killers. The Most Evil People in the World Tell Their Own Stories (Vol 1/2) – research for my current novel in which I discuss the phenomenon of man’s darkness and violence
  • Panrazm by Carl Panram (Story of a Serial Killer) – research for my current novel
  • CIA and FBI UFO files from The Black Vault : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2021/01/25/cia-fbi-ufo-fluff-bombs/
  • Evan S. Connel : Notes From a Bottle Found at the Beach at Carmel
  • Mulberry Jane : Librum Poetica
  • Raymond Evans : The Merry Dance
  • Franc Milburn : The Pentagon’s UAP Task Force
  • World Economic Forum – Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret : The Great Reset
  • World Economic Forum – Global Risks Report 2021

I’m reading a lot of poetry at the moment as I embark on a new autobiographical book of poetry and I’m reading a lot about serial killers as I plunge headlong into human darkness as part of an exploration I take on in my current novel. I’m also reading a lot of reports about the current state of human and natural affairs. It’s not a pretty picture but I want to understand just how bad things are. The poetry that I’m reading is a real departure from the kind of poetry that I normally read and I’ve been particularly drawn to autobiographical poetry that speaks about the intimacies of human experience. I’ve also been reading about sexual abuse and the links between male hegemony in boarding schools and their links to male dominated power structures. Given my own sexual abuse experiences in boarding school and how much I loathe authority, it’s a subject I’m trying hard to understand, so I can write about it in my novel and so that I can make sense of the current political climate that has arisen in many countries – not least of which here in Australia, where the presence of male aggression and male power seems to be squeezing the life out of any real democracy. There seems to be a real dominance of aggressive masculinity in both politics and movies at the moment, where even female protagonists are more masculine than male characters. Gone are the truly feminine role models that we so desperately need and the balanced masculine role models that recognize the importance of self control and empathy.

So what’s been on your listening and reading list?

More here : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2021/02/15/listening-and-reading-list-no-1/.

Cultural Appropriation/Misappropriation

The idea of cultural appropriation/misappropriation is a subject in which I prefer to reserve my opinion. I will however say that for the most part I can’t understand the subject, given the impact that globalization has had on humanity for the last 500 years. Where do we draw the line?

The Warlpiri Aboriginal Experience of UFOs

Eirik Saethre is an American anthropologist who in 2007 (while doing his PhD on Aboriginal anthropology) discovered by accident the presence of UFO beliefs and sightings among the Warlpiri Aboriginal people in a remote community in the Tamani Desert in the Northern Territory (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warlpiri_people). The Walpiri narrative on UFOs is unusual when compared to common western narratives on the subject. Absent are notions are fear, abduction, invasion, takeover, hybrids, reptilians and ET hostility. Despite having access to mainstream television and movies, the Warlpiri appear to see the UFOs and their occupants as long term visitors, who appear to be interested in local water sources – for what reason they’re unsure. The Warlpiri seem to share a belief in the Rainbow Spirit’s presence at water sources and the dangers of getting to close to the Rainbow Spirit. Is there a connection between the Rainbow Spirit and ETs here? I’m not sure. Interestingly the Walpiri people only described very brief sightings of UFOs and no prolonged contact with them and no contact at all with the ETs. Whether that is the absolute truth is a matter of conjecture. It maybe or they may have chosen only to say certain things to an outsider.

So this is really interesting to me. How is it that in a remote Aboriginal community, where there are poor opportunities for employment, significant health issues, a lack of educational opportunities, strong ties to country and family and exposure to western beliefs about UFOs and ETs; there is a completely different view of the phenomenon? You can read more of Eirik’s research here : https://www.academia.edu/13510249/Close_encounters_UFO_beliefs_in_a_remote_Australian_Aboriginal_community / https://www.academia.edu/13510245/UFOs_Otherness_and_Belonging_Identity_in_Remote_Aboriginal_Australia. I may at some point try to interview Eirik and I’ll also see what else I can dig up about the UFO experiences of first nations people in remote Australia.

I’ve spoken to a number of Aboriginal people about UFOs and ETs and most of them were quite willing to talk about the subject. One person from out past Mildura in the north of our state of Victoria, described to me how further out in the a desert community where they grew up, they would frequently have encounters with the little people / little brown people, who they did not think of as extraterrestrials but entities akin to fairies. I often wondered if she was referring to what I once referred to as the Brownies (the Teal’hia), who under certain light conditions when they are only partly phased into our reality, have a sort of brown appearance.

I think it would be fascinating to visit Aboriginal communities across Australia – especially the remote communities and discover what Aboriginal people have experienced in regard to UFOs and ETs and what they believe about UFOs and ETs. I’m not aware that anyone has yet done that but it certainly make for an adventurous and fulfilling PhD or book! (Hint hint you young go getters!) With all the ridiculous western beliefs about Wandjina Spirits in Aboriginal rock art being ETs (an idea which goes against what local Aboriginal Lawmen say on the issue), it would be nice to see some empirical evidence for what Aboriginal people have experienced and what they actually believe!

I think we need to be very carefully not to tar all indigenous people with the same brush regarding their UFO/ET experiences and beliefs!

Some of you may recall that I have discovered many UFO related carvings at our nearby mountain Burra Burra and that I have been told about numerous experiences that the Aboriginal people who lived there had interacting with what today we would think of as ETs. There is even a set of doorways there and on nearby Burra Wau that the Teal’hia used to visit them.

Here’s a recent interview with Eirik, in which he discusses the many different aspects of his life as an anthropologist.

Tomi Ungerer on the Importance of Telling Children Stories and Life With Challenge

Tomi Ungerer (1931-2019) was a french illustrator/writer who wrote children’s stories, erotica and a diverse range of often controversial adult books, who lived what today might be considered an adventurous life. His view on the importance of telling children what things actually are and not holding back on the truth is profound and sadly missed by many writers of children’s stories, who prefer the softly cautious approach that assumes children won’t understand or will be easily upset (and that that’s a bad thing). Tomi and his wife once left New York for a remote region in Nova Scotia and that kind of willingness to turn your back on a life of comfort for a life of adventure makes for a well lived and interesting life. It’s something that too few people are willing to do, preferring instead to hold onto a life of security and certainty. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! The world needs more adventurous souls like Tomi!

More about Tomi here : https://www.tomiungerer.com/ / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomi_Ungerer / https://www.amazon.com/Far-Out-Isnt-Enough-Beyond/dp/0714860778.

The Global Risks Report

The World Economic Forum (the people who bought you the very interesting The Great Reset report) have now released The Global Risks Report – https://www.weforum.org/reports/the-global-risks-report-2021 / http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_The_Global_Risks_Report_2021.pdf, which I must say is very interesting reading. There’s a lot of interesting opinion and data in this report and the diagrams in particular make it very accessible. Read this if you want to know how well connected, well educated, well conditioned people see the state of the world in 2021. I could write a parallel report that would highlight other issues but I think this is a document that maps out a lot of critical issues. Take out the climate change hoo ha and diverse range of environmental issues and I think it’s a pretty comprehensive document. My version would take more of a shot at global militarization, global corporatisation, the human population crisis and the building of space empires. But heck who am I to complain about what I see that others don’t see!


Brighty. 😉

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