TSM177 : Sandor in the Mountains & Perceiving Energy Physically & Emotionally

Hey folks, this is my last TSM/post for quite a while.

In today’s walkalogue it is my pleasure to introduce my good friend Sandor and his beloved Jacqui, who came to visit me a week ago. Sandor (originally from Hungary) but now in England, came and spent 3 days with me in my former home – the Grampians mountains (Gariwerd) in the west of Victoria. Sandor and I had the pleasure of sharing an ET contact night and then spending a day in Yowie country where my friends Teathar, her partner Carchuma and Teartma live. The day that Sandor left I realized that our experiences together had taught me something significant about the nature of differences between individual perception. So in the later part of this monologue I talk a little about the differences that exist in how we perceive energy physically and emotionally and what we can do about it.

I dedicate today’s walky talky to Sandor and Jacqui and Ocean.

PS. Stay tuned for Sandor’s website, where you can see and buy his incredible realistic art work (see images here : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2019/02/18/cya-sandor-readers-from-far-away/) .

Enjoy !


Sandor and tribe in the contact/kangaroo area :


Sandor in Yowie country :

Julian Assange – The End of Freedom, The Beginning of The Transparency Revolution

Hey folks, just back for two quick posts. But after the next post I will be away till mid May. I will then be taking a further 3 months off the internet.

My son told me that Julian had been arrested and that didn’t surprise me, so I read a couple of articles and watched the video of his capture. I just wanted to say that I feel for Julian ! I really like him and agree with what Wikileaks have done, even though I do not agree with how they have done what they have done. I just wanted to remind you that whatever happens to Julian, his arrest marks the beginning of the transparency revolution. A revolution that Dude has informed me will take 160 years before it bears significant fruit. Things will get much worse before they get better ! There will be many martyrs for this movement and Julian is one of many whose names will go down in the archives of history. Resistance against the Global Panopticon must and will continue, despite the losses of freedom and human life !

You can read my thoughts on Wikileaks here :  https://etandi.wordpress.com/2016/08/20/whats-wrong-with-wikileaks-swoting-the-strangler/, hear an interview with Julian I recorded at the Bendigo Writers Festival in 2016 here : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2016/08/14/julian-assange-interview/ and read more related to Julian here : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2017/11/01/an-introduction-to-julian-assange-wikileaks/, https://etandi.wordpress.com/2016/11/07/assange-on-clinton/ and https://etandi.wordpress.com/2016/08/31/assange-update/.

More on Julian’s arrest here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indictment_and_arrest_of_Julian_Assange.

Where the Cats At !

Hey folks, here’s an update on where I’m at : https://app.box.com/s/s40e52nq1aepna20fbf5qiwb1w11qzfn (I managed to squeeze my son Toa into the later part of this update. A side note – he pays for all his own goodies !).

Here are some relevant links for those who may want something useful or interesting :


Brighty. 😉

TSM176 : Reticulum Manifolds and How ETs Travel Through Space

I dedicate today’s monologue to my good friend Sandor, for all your ongoing kindness, friendship and financial support ! Thanks buddy !


In today’s monologue I introduce you to Dude’s explanation of how ETs travel through space using Reticulum Manifolds. I’m at home for this monologue, sitting at my desk (making I guess, a sitalogue !).

Learning about Reticulum Manifolds came about through a discussion with Dude in which I asked him if there is really such a thing as Wormholes and how ETs travel vast differences so quickly.

This came after previous discussions with Anamika in which she explained reality as A Space Reticulum https://etandi.wordpress.com/2018/03/07/a-space-reticulum-the-tealhia-on-reality/ and previous discussions with Dude in which he explained reality as Conjoined Space https://etandi.wordpress.com/2017/06/21/an-introduction-to-conjoined-space-an-ets-radical-perspective-on-reality/.

Here are the diagrams I refer to.

Reticulum Manifolds

And here is more on the Belt of Orion doorway  / Reticulum Manifold : https://etandi.wordpress.com/?s=BOO+Belt+of+Orion.

This monologue was made after a long day, so I’m a little dopey now and then. But I think you’ll find what Dude has to share with us very stimulating and very confronting !

If you want to learn more about humanity as a space faring civilization read here : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2018/04/10/humanity-as-a-space-faring-civilization/.)

Or if you’re interested in hearing more about ETs in general, you may want to go here : https://etandi.wordpress.com/et-related-tsms/.

Enjoy !

Brighty. 😉

PS. Corrections – Neverness was before the Requiem for Homo Sapiens Trilogy (but laid the foundation for it) and Physicists (space doctors ?) and not Physicians !

Relevant reading here –

David Zindell :

Manifolds :

Manifold Related Space Travel :

And some relevant videos below :


Cya, Readers From Far Away & Sandor

Well folks, the next post will be my final post until the 19th of March. I’m taking a month off the internet to recharge my batteries and pursue some others things that have been put on hold. Feel free to interact here but I am afraid I will be unable to approve comments by new readers as I won’t be here. I also apologize to my regulars who have left comments for me, for whom I have yet to respond. I think I’m about 2 months behind and despite my best intentions I haven’t been able to catch up. But please know that I read all your comments and I appreciate what you have to say. I will try my best to respond to you when I get back but by that time you’ll probably have forgotten what you said ! Forgive me for being such a slack arse !

I have now posted 1107 articles on ET and I, yet this remains a relatively unknown blog with a small readership. But I appreciate the readers that I have and I am often astounded looking at the site’s clustmap (http://clustrmaps.com/), at where you come from ! I find it mind boggling and encouraging to know that my words and voice are read and heard in places that I will never visit and by people I will likely never meet. Every day this gives me a sense of our interconnectedness and makes me feel like I really do have something to offer that is of value to others. (I only wish I spoke and wrote Chinese or Indian and could reach the other half of the world !) It also reinforces my belief that human beings everywhere, are desperate to connect with our cosmic family. And so I will continue to help where I can to make that a reality for as many people as possible.

I’d like to acknowledge the individual(s) living on the Prince Edward Islands (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Edward_Islands) between South Africa and Antarctica. I don’t know if you’re researchers (biologists or physicists or some other form of scientists). But you seem to have an interest in what I have to say. I picture you there on Marion Island (Transvaal Cove) (http://www.sanap.ac.za//?s=Marion+Island), having come in after a long day in the wildness of the island looking at plants or animals that I will probably never see or setting up some experiment to test a hypothesis about the origin of the universe and then coming inside and checking out ET and I to see what Bright has to say today. And then later, going outside under the pretense that you’re just going to watch the stars for a little, when secretly you’re going outside to make contact with out cosmic family. But just maybe I have it all wrong and you’re carrying out surveillance as part of your well paid job to keep an eye on people of interest. Whatever the case, thanks for being part of ET and I ! (Image care of Google Earth)

TC - Marion Island

And thank you to everyone else wherever you are for taking the time to read and listen to what I have to say.

Finally my good friend Sandor Nep from Hungary (who lives in England) is an artist ! He is also my most prolific financial supporter ! By day he works hard in a supermarket but his great love is drawing ! Please let Sandor know what you think of his art because every little bit of encouragement will help him to honour his daimon (https://etandi.wordpress.com/2017/04/30/tsm121-the-agony-of-the-human-condition-part-3b-recognizing-and-honouring-the-needs-of-the-daimon/) and to have the courage to follow through on his great love and do what he does best ! Thanks Sandor for being the great artist that you are and for giving a damned about yours truly ! I wish you good fortune and great courage and joy in making this, the great transformation of your life !


2 Arms, 2 Legs, Without Doctrine

Bruce Lee is very popular today and I find the whole obsession with him quite absurd because I don’t think that many people really understand the implications of what he had to teach. His notion that style is irrelevant because we only have 2 arms and 2 legs is profound. And the fact that he saw the doctrine that comes with each style as equally unnecessary, suggests to me that he understood how conditioning had effected the so called martial arts for thousands of years. Like Bruce, I now no longer see much value in particular styles or schools or traditions of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga or martial arts. Just because something is an ancient tradition, doesn’t mean that what it believes and teaches is true. I studied Shaolin Kung Fu many years ago and later various forms of Qi Gong and came to the conclusion a number of years ago that what they all have in common is dogma and conditioning. That isn’t necessarily based on what is true but more on what is believed. Who dares challenge established authority ?

In developing what I have called Elemental Movement, I have had to throw out everything and ask the only two questions worth asking : What do I want out of this ? and How does my body work ? I think Bruce would have understood where I was coming from and he may well have had some interesting things to say about it.

Bruce Lee was only 32 when he died and during his life he did what many young men do – he challenged authority. But unlike most young men, he did it after he had explored what was on offer and turned inwards to discover what was true for him.

If you’re someone who believes in the Indian or Chinese system of human health and energy and/or you practice some form of body movement, you may want to question the basic assumptions and dogma of the system you’re inheriting and discover if what you believe is true ! Chances are, that you’re just the next domino to fall in a long line of people who have never questioned their conditioning !

See more in the online exhibit at the bottom of this page : https://bruceleefoundation.org/jeetkunedo/.


TSM175 : Opening Your Perception and Experience of Reality

Today’s walkalogue is all about how to open your perception and experience of reality. I find people who talk about expanding consciousness and expanding your reality to be a bit of a wank because they never explain what that actually means or how to do it. So in this walkalogue I talk a little about what this might mean and break down some steps to help you to learn how to do it for yourself. Consider this a primer on the subject, rather than a more detailed expose on the subject.

I start by giving you an exercise to help you see how narrow your perception and experience of reality is and motivate you to see how you could open yourself more consciously. I then look at how full sensory immersion, your gross conditioning & subtle sensory conditioning and memory can effect your perception and experience of reality and how we might use these to our advantage to go beyond what we know and open our perception and experience of reality.

Other relevant TSMs include : https://thesomethingmonologues.podbean.com/?s=senses, https://thesomethingmonologues.podbean.com/e/tsm165-the-relationship-between-perspective-perception/, https://thesomethingmonologues.podbean.com/e/tsm159-using-sound-to-anchor-ourselves-into-the-day-and-the-present-moment/, https://thesomethingmonologues.podbean.com/e/tsm135-what-is-the-self-the-5-aggregates-and-process-fields/, https://thesomethingmonologues.podbean.com/e/tsm-141-filters-through-which-humans-perceive-contact-with-the-other/, https://thesomethingmonologues.podbean.com/e/tsm134-deepening-the-well-of-experience/ and https://thesomethingmonologues.podbean.com/e/tsm108-expanding-consciousness-my-arse-deepening-the-well-of-experience/.

The study referred to about musical preferences can be found here : http://www.deezer-blog.com/suffer-musical-paralysis/. I am also sure that there have been many other studies like it.

I didn’t use my new wind protector for this recording but I think it was relatively wind free.

Enjoy 😉


PS. This will be my last TSM until after I return from my month break.

PPS. I dedicate my Scotch Finger Emission to Nick “Poopin on the Stupa” Marros !

Dude at the Roswell Incident

I recently asked my ET friend Dude if he had any involvement in the Corona (Roswell) crash (which like all ET crashes was allowed to happen). I hadn’t expected him to say that he had anything to do with Roswell because he’s from a different ET race and had other work to do. But much to my surprise he confirmed that he had actually been at the Roswell crash after it had happened. He explained that he went to the crash site in his human form (listen to some earlier TSMs or read more about Dude if you haven’t heard me explain how he can take on any body he wants) as part of the team who went in to investigate and process the event. He went in under the guise of being somebody significant who had been sent there to do something important. But he actually went there to study how the people who were involved in processing the event processed what they found, how they made sense of it, how they reacted to it and what the agencies who were involved in processing the crash did with the site, the bodies and the craft. When the retrieval was finished he continued to go back to meet with different people who had been involved and new people who were involved, to understand how people continued to react.

He and his people (and many other ETs) were interested in seeing how human beings react psychologically, emotionally and physically to living ETs, deceased ETs, ET craft and a crash site and how they respond to an event like this. They wanted to understand how individual humans react to something that is completely foreign to them and what actions they would take at the time and later in response to what they learned about the ETs and the craft. Dude has since been involved in doing similar work with another 7 so called crashes and will be involved in another one very soon.

Of the 6 beings who were directly involved in the Roswell event, 2 survived and went home eventually and 4 died (I think at the site). The crash was deliberate and had nothing to do with any human technology that was aimed at the craft. That’s just a story to make the military look more powerful than they really were. From what I recall being told, the earliest ET craft crash retrieval took place in the 1890s. Roswell was just another event in an ongoing series of sporadic crashes. But it happened to be the one that gained the most attention.

The impression that Dude has given me is that many of the ETs looked at the impact that the Roswell event would have on human development in the short and long run, prior to the decision to sacrifice the craft and crew. And from what I understand, the ETs look at the probable futures of all intended crashes. These crashes are are orchestrated to help us in our long term development, even though it may appear that they provides special opportunities for certain groups in the lower arms of The Architecture. These apparent opportunities will be short lived and will ultimately benefit all humans in the long term.

Dude is not the only ET who has been involved in studying the reactions and responses of humans first hand. There are others. And it’s worth noting as well, that many different groups of ETs study our reactions and responses to ET crashes from a distance. Both the reactions and responses of those associated with processing a crash and the reactions and responses of those who have heard stories about a crash. You can imagine then that the collective human reaction and response to the Roswell event, has provided many groups of ETs with a great deal of knowledge about how we humans function. We seem to have this naive opinion that if an ET craft crashes, we humans gain all the benefits. We totally ignore the fact that benefits also flow back to the ETs. And they in turn ultimately flow back to us.

Where Is It?

Have you ever heard, seen or felt things that were not there? Things that did not appear to be some sort of hallucination. You may have experienced it alone or in the presence of another. I have had many such experiences. Today for example while in the toilet, I heard a loud sound of some sort of moving machinery – a very loud vacuum cleaner or road work machinery on our front road. When I came out and asked my son, he had no idea what I was talking about, saying it had been completely silent. I have come to believe that some of these experiences represent the perception of a Conjoined Space, another life.

One of the reasons that I wanted to write a book on this subject, drawing from other people’s experiences, is because I believe that experiences of CS (the multiverse) are much more common than we realise. How many people have been down a road one day and it didn’t exist the next day or it had been transformed in some impossible way? There are many such possible examples.

I do also wonder, how many hullucinations may in fact be the perception of a CS.

Back Again & Catholic Abuses

Hey folks, I’m back again after our National Broadband box was replaced. The electrician who fixed it said it was totally cooked from the recent lightning strike in our backyard and that this was one of the major vulnerabilities of the National Broadband Network. Hopefully the new 5G network will soon overcome the need for a box and such vulnerabilities.

Since we lost internet I’ve been working through some old wounds that I thought I had long since put behind me. They had unexpectedly raised their ugly head when I was working through something else related to my tumours. So after 32 years I am at last going to talk candidly about the abuses I enduring while boarding at St Gregory’s Agricultural College (http://www.stgregs.nsw.edu.au/) between 1982-1987.

I’ve been teaching mindfulness practice and meditation in one form or another since 2002 and I try to practice living in the present moment. I thought that I had dealt with the pain and suffering of my years in boarding school but I realized that letting go was not enough. I needed to deal with the emotions that have locked themselves in my body and to express what I feel, to release what is still inside me. This is where practices like mindfulness and meditation are not enough. In order to completely heal we must ensure that we have felt everything that is buried within us – whether it’s conscious or unconscious. And I have done a pretty damned good job of glossing over what was still buried inside of me.

Some of you may have noticed that I absolutely abhor, loathe and hate authority (Yoda : And hate leads to suffering). The roots of these feelings lay in my experiences in boarding school. And while I don’t wish to change my feelings towards authority (I still distrust and hate you mother fuckers), I feel it is important to acknowledge where these feelings came from and to bring to public attention the kinds of abuses perpetuated within the walls of a catholic institution like St Gregory’s College.

Most of the abuses that I endured (including sexual abuse) came from my fellow boarders but I hold the Marist Brothers responsible for what happened. While I am having my month off the internet, I will be writing a long letter outlining what I endured and I will post it here for you to read if you wish. I will also be sending it to the Marist Brothers peak body and every one of the bullies and abusers that I can track down. I will also be naming every person who committed some form of abuse against me. I am still weighing up whether I want to approach the National Redress Scheme in order to take these issues further. I do not have the means to take this to court but I’m looking at all my options.

I am not interested in financial gain or inflicting punishment on anyone. I also do not forgive anyone and have no problems with that. I do not believe that not forgiving is doing me any harm. I do however wish to see people publicly shamed and encourage other people who like me endured abuses in Christian boarding schools at the hands of brothers, nuns and fellow students to come forward. I also loathe the boarding school system and how it breaks up the family unit and creates a competitive predator prey model of society, where the strongest or smartest survive. Unlike some of the people who were abused emotionally and physically and who later took their own lives, I am still here and will use all the power at my command to bring shame upon the Marist Brothers and the bullies and abusers that they protected.

In talking about trainee Catholic teachers, one pedophile Br Luke Saker from St Greg’s (who died before he faced court) said : “The majority of student teachers have lost, or never had, a living sense of the faith. They no longer consider themselves members of the church and they live a life far removed from Christ and his Gospel,” https://www.theage.com.au/national/catholic-teachings-irrelevant-20060109-ge1jm5.html. It’s exactly this kind of hypocrisy that has kept pedophiles protected by the brotherhood and provides them with a motivation to stay engaged with the brotherhood. How ironic that this man had the gall to judge others, when he himself acted very un-Christ like and sexually abused innocent children in his care. Another brother, indigenous Br Graeme Mundine, went to onto become a significant leader and advocate  for the support of the Stolen Generations. He fought for decades for justice in the face of ongoing transgenerational trauma, loss and grief that was suffered by Aboriginal people; after he himself had sexually abused children in his care, creating irreparable damage to the next few generations of those families.

Here is a short list of some of the convicted pedophiles who were at St Gregory’s College during the time that I was there. Two of them were my dorm masters (Mr Carl Stafford and Br Graeme).

I suspect that there were many more pedophiles hidden within the walls of St Gregory’s !

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