Chew on This Power Freaks – The Great Self of Dude

After the event of yesterday that I just posted, I got thinking about all the weird stuff that Dude and the Muajra (and probably the Teal’hia and Sar’Won’Dee) can do, that defies human logic or understanding. So what follows is a summary of what I have learnt about their abilities. If you think we humans have any so called psychic abilities or super powers, see what you make of what I am about to tell you because our abilities in comparison are primitive, selfish, diminutive and insignificant. And to those in the lower arms of The Architecture who I know are aware of this blog and my relationship with Dude – if you think you have power and control and that you can control any ET, you have no fucking idea what you’re dealing with !

So here’s a summary of the things that I know that Dude and his people can do. I don’t know what to call these abilities, so I’ll describe them as simply as I can. They can :

  1. Move backwards or forwards through what we think of as time and interact physically with anything in that time period.
  2. Manifest to differing degrees in any reality. In this reality I think of it as the degree to which they are in phase with our reality – 10 degrees, 50 degrees, 90 degrees etc.
  3. Take an object from anywhere in time and or space (actually it’s all just space) and move it to any other place in time or space. They can do this by creating a new space or by maintaining the original space (in which two of the same objects exist in the same space).
  4. Allow their bodies to radiate outwards to include the body of anything, such that they have a total physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic and spiritual experience of the things within on all scales – from the microscopic to the macroscopic. So for example Dude knows everything that is happening within me at any time.
  5. See any time and/or place.
  6. See almost all of their other lives. This includes what we would think of as past or future lives and conjoined spaces (parallel lives).
  7. See all the other lives (conjoined spaces) of almost all other living beings. As of yesterday Dude informed me that I have 568 conjoined spaces/lives currently in existence, down approximately a 100 spaces more 6 months ago.
  8. Visit anywhere in the cosmos without a space craft. They use a space craft because it allows them to interact with many other races, to carry out their work and to assist lesser developed races to do their work. Dude resides on Earth 6 days a week but will often go home for quick visits and sometimes goes home every day before or after he starts work.
  9. Communicate with any living being on any scale.
  10. Create universes, any celestial body, souls and life. But they always do this in collaboration with other Creator Races.
  11. Directly influence the thinking and actions of any human or creature on Earth. They do however choose not to do this but to nudge us along slowly.
  12. Visit what we think of as the afterlife and communicate with beings who reside there and materialize anything created in the afterlife or vice versa.
  13. Communicate with beings who have a formless existence.
  14. Manifest other conjoined spaces in physical reality or non physical reality (the afterlife and other formless types of existence).
  15. Manifest anything they wish in physical reality – including such things as fire and water.
  16. Appear as pure energy in the form of light or take on any body that they wish.
  17. Manifest multiple bodies in the same space – which may be close to one another or far apart or manifest multiple bodies in different conjoined spaces.
  18. Alter the perception and experience of gravity. In once such instance I was aware that he made my ex wife experience gravity from the ceiling of a craft and she spent the entire time upside down – so that he could teach her a particular point.
  19. Communicate with any being anywhere in time/space, whilst simultaneously carrying out any other activity. This is done non consciously or consciously through a higher aspect.
  20. Know anything that has been written. Dude often speaks about his familiarity with all of our sacred religious texts.
  21. Discern and know the entire history of any living being or group of beings through touching them, feeling their life force, or coming in contact with the air, ground or water in that place. I have seen Dude do this and also the Teal’hia and Sar’Won’Dee, who walked slowly around my house touching the ground and the trees.
  22. Be visible or invisible to any living being they wish.
  23. Take any living being (such as yours truly) to any place in time or space – independent of how hostile that environment with all of it’s planetary idiosyncrasies might be.
  24. Look after the welfare of other living beings whilst in space – via their sentient craft or personally.

That’s my list so far. There’s probably a bunch of other stuff that I’ve either forgotten or I have no awareness of.

So how are Dude and his people able to do all this ? By knowing the true nature of the self. What we would think of as the small self and the greater self. They know both what they are as physical beings and as beings that are all. You might say that they know their local self and their god self.

You may wonder why I mention all of this and think that I’m trying to turn Dude and his people into some kind of super heroes who are so much better than us. But that is far from the truth. I am doing this for three reasons. I want people to know what the ETs are really like (there is no such thing as a poor little grey who can’t help himself !). I also want to remind those who perceive that they have all the power and control that they don’t fucking having anything. Just a handful of delusions about what they can and can’t do ! And I want to encourage the entire human race, to see that we can grow so much ! If the Muajra who were once a primitive, barbaric and brutal people found a way to overcome their sense of separation, divisiveness and selfishness to become space faring and ultimately to become a Creator Race; then so too can humanity. Although it is a long time until we too become space faring and several more thousands of years after that until we become real space explorers, it is, I was going to say destiny but I don’t believe in that concept; it is our right and responsibility and within our potential, to transcend all of our limitations and one day become something so much more than what we are now. What that means I don’t know. Will we ever become a Creator Race ? I have no idea. But I do know that we have 1600 years before we travel beyond the confines of our own solar system and enjoy a freedom to explore what is beyond and become truly space faring. Within that time, so much can happen. We can choose to destroy ourselves; we can choose to enslave ourselves with political and/or corporate tyrants or technological addictions; we can choose to go chasing more pie in the sky political utopias; we can choose to loose ourselves in perpetual fantasies; we can create hell on Earth; we can destroy all life on Earth except us; or we can begin to take personal and collective responsibility for who we are and how we live and discover our true nature and begin to recognize the unique and same ESSENCE that exists inside all life and actually begin to care about the other Earthlings and each other.

I am continuously in awe at what I learn about Dude and his people in particular. Dude doesn’t think it’s a big deal and he acts so nonchalantly about how is is that it’s almost comical. It must be quite humorous for someone like him to see how we are. Still bickering over the most trivial things. Still fighting over our differences. Still so unaware of our true nature and our own capacities. Still acting like we’re top cock and we can do whatever we want to our planet. So often I have to remind myself, “He’s seen this all before.”. Not so much in terms of the human race but he’s seen countless other hostile planet bound / non space faring races, who are still struggling to get their shit together. When I remember that I understand why he has so much patience with us. But sometimes I also remember that some of the other races he has told me about have destroyed themselves and not all those that are primitive like us become space faring. It bothers me sometimes to remember that nothing is certain and that there is no guarantee that humanity will become space faring. But Dude’s continuing presence on Earth provides me with a faith that we’re slowly heading in the right direction. I know that he believes that we will likely overcome our limitations a long way down the track. And that fills me with what I can only suggest feels like hope – which is a strange thing for a person who doesn’t believe in or practice hope. Perhaps that is his greatest ability. To inspire a feeling which is like hope but not hope, in a person for whom hope means nothing but a waste of human emotion.

When I was a young man I despaired that no one cares for us and that we are all alone. I felt totally at odds with humanity and wondered how I could find a place where I could feel I belong. I no longer despair because I know that there are many others who care for us. Dead people, formless beings, ETs, to mention but a few. And the presence of ETs in my life makes me feel inspired to be a better human being. I don’t feel inspired to go on about all the super abilities they’ve given me – if any at all. I feel inspired to say, “This is what unconditional love looks like ! See ET and see who we are. See ET and see the face of God looking back at it’s own face !”.


Holy Fuck Dude !

Yesterday I had a very unusual experience with Dude. I had lost a pair of cheap Chinese black fake leather gloves when I went to visit my oncologist about 6 weeks ago. I had no idea where I had lost them but assumed that I lost them somewhere in the hotel or hotel car park. 2 days ago I asked Dude if he could help me to figure out where they were. I just wanted to know because it was agitating me. I had previously turned the car inside out on several occasions looking for them because even though they were cheap and tacky, they were incredibly warm and I could afford to be rough on them and I was very fond of them. Dude said he would look into it and I promptly forgot about it. Then yesterday I went to get the mail and lo and behold the gloves were sitting in the back window right next to where I usually put my son’s L plates when he goes driving. What struck me as incredible was not just that they had re-appeared (because I’ve had things reappear before, thanks to the interventions of my guides) but that they appeared exactly as they did when I lost them. I had only worn them once and so they had that new look and just out of the packet smell about them. Given that they are made out of some sort of cheap vinyl-acrylic, they ought to have aged a little and probably begun to crack on the outer surface.

So anyway, I asked Dude about it and here’s what he explained. My gloves dropped out of my car as I was loading up some goodies into the backseat in the Peter Mac Cancer Hospital car park, just before I was about to leave. They fell down to the right and I didn’t hear or see them. I then drove off and later that day someone else found them and claimed ownership of them. So knowing how I felt about the gloves and that I probably wouldn’t want them if I’d known that someone else had been wearing them every day, Dude went back to the time just before I returned to the car park, took the gloves (though he wasn’t physically there) and then willed them into matter here. I had a lot of issues with this when he first explained it to me, thinking it must have created confusion for the other person or caused some sort of division in the time line (a new conjoined space) and so I threw a barrage of questions at him until I understood what he meant. I initially thought that he meant, he went back and grabbed the gloves from the car and created a new space (conjoined space), in which I could have my gloves and the other person could have their gloves. But that wasn’t what he did. And nor did he do anything that would cause any other type of divergence (conjoined space). What he literally did was went back to a time when the gloves existed in the back of the car, dematerialized them and rematerialized them here, exactly as they were; whilst simultaneously allowing them to exist with their new owner. Both sets of gloves exist in this same space.

I’m afraid I cannot explain it any better than that and nor do I understand it any better than that, suffice to say that all of reality arises in the mind. So in Dude’s mind there is 2 sets of gloves from the original set. And now in my mind I have the original set of gloves. But if I were to find the owner of the other pair, I would discover that those gloves also exist – however they would now appear to have aged and worn.

So what this implies is that Dude can go backwards or forwards through space (in what we think of as time), take anything and bring it to any other space (time) and simultaneously leave that thing (if that’s what he wishes to do) in the original space (time) it existed. In so doing he duplicates the object without actually making a copy of it because it is the same object.

The way that Dude did this (and the way that his people function), is that there is no temporal paradox (, grandfather paradox (, or causal loop ( And in this case, neither did he create a new conjoined space or kill off another conjoined space (parallel world). What he actually did is still really beyond my comprehension.

TSM167 : Symbols of Self Discovery – Part 1

This monologue was squeezed in while waiting for my son in the car.

In today’s monologue I introduce the idea of symbols of self discovery and begin by discussing a transformative dream I had about picking up an object like an Aboriginal sacred stone (Tjurunga). Sometimes dreams like this are purely symbolic but sometimes they also appear to be bringing information and/or energy from somewhere or someone else.

The symbols that occur in dreams like this can occur in waking and sleeping life. They can come with or without warning and have the potential to act as catalysts opening us up to the journey of self discovery.

Relevant links :

In part 2 I’ll talk about how self reflection and self discovery are a critical part of our growth, the types of universal and idiosyncratic symbols that can facilitate self discovery and how these symbols permeate our psyche and human expressions such as personal and collective art.

Enjoy !

Bright. 😉

TSM166 : Psychoses I Have Known

It’s been quite a while since I have posted a TSM because I’ve just been too busy to find time to edit them. But I have made quite a few and had to scrap a good number of them due to the wind. Winter is a real problem for making TSMs because we have wind almost every day. This whole making and scrapping TSMs is really pissing me off but I have no way to minimize the effects of the wind with my iPod. I was going to scrap this TSM because of the wind but decided that given it’s length and the subject matter, fuck it, it’s staying. So there is a little wind here, the sound of a zipper flapping and there and the last 5 minutes is full of wind.

So, in this TSM I explore some psychoses I have known in people that I have previously worked with and other people that I have known and talk a little about what I think psychoses might mean. All names have been changed and even though I make some judgments of the people I discuss, I had respect for all but 2 of them – who I felt were a danger to society. I am afraid that I do not have compassion for everyone and some of the sickest people that I have met or worked with, were also some of the most selfish and dangerous. If you are a person with some form of psychoses, I encourage you to explore how it came to be what it is and what it might mean. Psychosis fulfills a function in the human psyche and in human life. It isn’t a random event, even if the brain is damaged or under the influence of substances.

My favourite person in this reminiscence was the very sweet but unwell Worm Girl.

May you enjoy the weirdness and the uniqueness that is human psychoses.

Brighty. 😉

An Assumption of Non-Hostility

Here’s a nice extract I received in my emails today from one of Steven Greer’s books on maintaining a purity in our consciousness and an assumption of non hostility :

Flying Cars

Flying cars – I can’t imagine anything worse for safety or for sky pollution but heck, what a fun idea ! Who the hell wouldn’t want to fly in a car ? 😉 I first saw a supposed flying car in a car collection in 1981 (4 years before Back to the Future showed what was possible) from the 1950’s and I thought it was so cool. I don’t know if it ever flew but when I sat in it I could easily imagine it. I guess the definition of a flying car has to refer to something that can be flown and driven on a road. But who knows, maybe one day we’ll have flying car subs that go anywhere. Or space vehicles that go absolutely anywhere. While ever we have human imagination, money and plenty of stupidity, anything is possible !


The Having of Wisdom and ET Contact

I recently posted this and this Two people responded with such profound comments that I thought I should post them here because they basically sum up everything I have tried to convey about ET contact and the desire for contact.

Thanks Darci and thanks Ethan for making ET and I feel worthwhile for me and for really understanding the essence of what I have been trying to convey for the last decade. Your wisdom provides a beacon for others who also yearn to have contact but know that something is missing in their understanding.

It’s comments like these that make me feel like, “Holy shit someone gets it ! I have done something good after all !”.

For both Darci and Ethan face to face contact is merely a matter of time and patience. You already have all the qualities that you need.


What would I ask an ET if I had the chance? I have pondered that question for hours and everything seems ridiculous and shallow compared to the presence of an ET revealing itself to me. I have tried to really zero in on what my most important need to know is. I do have many questions but my biggest need is to experience a true ET encounter. I think once I have had that experience, (that I can remember), I will not need to know anything else. What that would symbolize to me is wide open possibilities, the true experience of “something more” and the complete and absolute destruction of any residual subconscious ties to religiosity, which in turn will free me of fear. I have imagined so many times turning around and seeing an ET standing there. I have tried to feel what that would be like. I feel soooo ready. I can remain calm, I can manage the threat and fear response, I can be myself…. so I think. Obviously that is not true or I would have had it already. I’m working on me. Trying to be honest. Trying to be real. Trying to prepare myself by allowing myself to feel. But knowing is NOT knowing. Contact is the only true knowing. That is ALL that I need. Everything else, all questions, are secondary.
Love as always,
This is so perfectly articulated and encapsulates exactly what I myself have been feeling for months about this subject. I am fortunate enough that I am given the privilege by our cosmic friends of being visited fairly routinely in all manner of subtle ways through the manifestation of energy forms, sonic frequencies, and rarely, physically manifested craft. However like you, I have never had a direct interactive experience with another ET being (at least none that I remember). And I am aware as you so aptly explained, that all of these brilliant experiences would still utterly pale in comparison to a direct interaction with such a being. But what struck me so deeply, was how you were able to perfectly capture the quintessential dilemma of our experience as it relates to direct contact. Which is that feeling of desperately wanting to have a direct contact experience, thinking you are ready for direct contact, thinking that you can manage the threat and fear responses, that you can resist the impulse to fall back upon all of the foolish and embarrassing stereotypes and prejudices that inform our daily human experience in the world, and then realizing that you are the farthest thing from that and that if you were actually able to manage those things, you would have probably already had such an experience. Then I consider Dude’s maxims and how fear is really just a product of expectation and a desire for control. And that because of the uncertainty and fragility of human existence, it is so challenging to actually let go of those expectations, and that desire for control of our life circumstances. I know that I would feel so ashamed of myself if I were ever to have such a contact experience and I were to allow myself to focus on something superfluous like the physiology or appearance of the being, or the way that they might present themselves to me. But precisely for that reason among many others, I know I am not ready and I have to assume they know this too. As you also articulated so well, such an experience would put every other human experience, and indeed every other human conception into perspective. And it would open wide the human world of experience to the true breadth of possibility that exists in all that there is. And finally just as you have, I always seem to arrive at the same conclusion that I must continue to work on me, to find ways to engage with both the natural world and all human beings in a way that is respectful, compassionate, sensitive, and open. And hopefully one day I will be able to reach a level of spiritual and emotional maturity that makes me worthy of such an interaction. But even if that day will never arrive, I resolve to not lose faith in the process of self betterment and outward love and connection with the world and all of the incredible beings and creatures within it. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak about your personal experience regarding this subject. It was very touching and helped me greatly to better understand and relate my own experiences.
P.S. Sorry for commandeering your post to speak to someone else Bright, as always you and your writing are a beacon of hope and encouragement to all of us that the world is not as absurd or indifferent as it so often seems and that magic is real if you know where to look 🙂
With fondness,



Ships Ahoy !

Take a guess at the environmental and climactic impact of the worlds ocean traffic. Images from ( Wanna guess what’s happening to the natural flow of the world’s ocean currents and gyres and what impact that is having on global climate ?

MAN MADE CLIMATE EFFECTS, NOT CO2 DRIVEN CLIMATE CHANGE. More to follow in the next few months. 😉


Ships Ahoy ! 2Ships Ahoy !


For those of you who like me were there at the beginning with monochrome green and later with the first social media tool – Open Diary. Blog On !


A Teal’hia’s Reflections on Purpose

Last night I was listening to an old recording I made of  conversation with my Teal’hia friend Anamika, whose race is probably often mistaken for the mythological grey. In this particular conversation we were talking about how she saw the purpose of her existence and I asked her what brings her greatest joy. She said that her greatest joy comes from experiencing the diversity of life through the cosmos and awakening individual beings to their own divine nature. You may remember that when I asked the Teal’hia who they are during my January 19th, 2011 encounter, they responded “We are God incarnate.” Over the years I have had many conversations with them about what this means and how they see reality and I have come to understand that this means that they know that they are both an individual entity experiencing physical and non physical life and they are also the totality of everything and the light from which everything arises. And I think when Anamika made her comments about awakening individual beings to their own divine nature, this is what she was suggesting. When she nurtures a being for it’s entire existence from the creation of that soul to it’s returning to the light, she experiences so many wonderful moments of witnessing the growth of that individual and seeing it come to understand what it really is – as both an individual entity, the totality and the light – God incarnate.

Sometimes I have some sense of what that must feel like. For years I’ve been planting trees and when I plant a tree I often see barren ground transform into a place that is teeming with life – insects, birds, reptiles, echidnas etc. One tree can bring so much life and a forest utterly transforms a place. I get very attached to the life I have helped create and there is no greater joy for me than watching new life enjoy it’s existence in a place that was once barren. Imagine how it must feel to create a soul and watch it grow through life and life after life !

Every caring mother and father knows how it feels to participate in their child’s life and what it’s like to see them grow up and go out into the world. Nothing else in life arouses so much emotion from all ends of the spectrum and nothing else arouses so much love and joy. Every person who has ever raised a plant or a pet knows what it feels like to see them grow up and come in contact with the world. There is so much joy in seeing a young animal encounter things for the first time. And how we both love and detest our pets and grieve when they die !

I have this sense that when Anamika and the other Teal’hia go about interacting with life, it’s as if they are encountering life for the very first time. And yet they have encountered countless life forms. But they do so with so much reverence for life, that each life becomes precious. In one way, the way that they are is like a fully mature God encountering something in which the germ of God has just been born and is barely discernible. They see all that is and all that will be – both, the divine in action; God, in all stages of being.

Sometimes I feel it is a great loss and a great tragedy that when we look at each other and when we look at other life forms we see difference and feel judgement, when beings like the Teal’hia see the infinite expressions of God and feel boundless unconditional love.

Anamika once said to me that there is no greater work for her people than to bring love into the universe. And I can think of no argument against this. For in the face of unconditional love, all resistance melts away. Imagine how we could be as a people if we aspired to the same thing !


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