Rocks n Trees

I dedicate this post to my friends Frédéric, Sandor, Nick and Darci.

If any of you need to heal, go to the mountain that calls your spirit. Walk, sit, feel, engage your senses and be healed. And leave your video camera at home. Do that next trip.

Everyone needs a mountain to call home.

Heal well People of Earth. 😉



War Profiteers

No surprises here but a good report. I don’t believe protests will have any impact but more open dialogue is a good start. This is just the tip of the iceberg of lower arms of The Architecture and The Diamond Complex. Whilst some women lead the rise of military intelligence and military arms profiteering, others are leading the way pushing back against the system.

Connecting With ? The Light

Well folks, I’ve just done something I swore I would never do. I was having a break from chainsawing some wood and I visited Project Avalon Forum to follow up on something one of my readers mentioned and before I could find it (I gave up looking), I discovered someone who plans on writing a book about other people’s contact with paranormal entities (nothing is paranormal, but I understand the label) – which I think is a fascinating subject, depending on how it’s written.

I’ve talked before about the subject of The Light discovering The Light in all it’s forms , , and since then my desire and interest in making contact with all manner of beings has expanded significantly. If I had the time I would like to teach others what I have learned but as it is I am struggling to find the time to do things I need to do. So, the best that I can do is to share a little now and then and where possible help others to overcome their misconceptions and fears and make their own discoveries.

The real purpose of this post then, is to ask you what the person in the PA post asked. Have you had contact with non human entities or non Earth creatures ? And as a follow up :

  • What was the context of your experiences ?
  • What did you learn about how to connect with them ?
  • What did you learn about yourself ?
  • What did you gain from the experience ?
  • What advice would you give to others who wish to make similar contact ?

This is a subject that I think is worthwhile exploring. Of course when it comes to reflecting on these experiences, people will be divided between those who see the entities in hostile/evil terms and those who see them in benevolent/good terms and those who see them as they are. Some religious folks will think that learning how to contact such entities is an abomination and they will tell delusional stories about how Satan and his hoards are influencing anyone who would want to talk about such things. But a time is coming in the human future, when thousands, if not millions of people start devoting large portions of their life to making contact with such entities. And among them there will be a small handful like myself, who are interested in a much more panoramic view of contact, who remain grounded in knowing their true nature and the nature of all phenomena. Such people will not be swayed by the trappings of ego or fear, nor have an interest in somebodiness or establishing any form of group devotion or cult. They will be motivated by love and a deep curiosity about the nature of existence in all it’s forms.

Our human destiny as a species is to remember what we are and to connect with the many different forms of existence that have arisen from The Light. At the root of creation, there is only The Light. there is no opposing darkness, only the darkness of fear and ignorance.

* * *

I dedicate this post to my childhood friend Darren ! Fellow nature lover with a calm heart and an adventurous spirit ! Darren if you’re reading this, flick me a comment and we’ll get in touch. 😉


Human Segregation – Finish This Post !

Humans are segregated in so many ways and I guarantee that not one of you lives in a non segregated way. ETs are not like us in this way at all.

I dare you to finish this post before I say more !

😉 Mr Bright Garlick,

48 year old heterosexual circumcised male, tertiary educated, white Victorian Australian from the planet Earth, currently residing at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum.

Thought Experiments – A Primer

I have long been fascinated by Thought Experiments and Paradoxes. Here is a series of small game based primers on Thought Experiments. Think of this as a pre-introduction to the subject of Thought Experiments. I have a stroppy bad tempered wallaby on my lap, so this will be, by virtue of my current distraction, simple and brief.

  • PARABLE OF THE POLYGONS (this one is interesting if we apply the same thinking to our us vs them attitude with ETs and in how the different attitudes towards ETs arise i.e. why some people see good and some people see evil ETs).

From Zeno :

If everything when it occupies an equal space is at rest, and if that which is in locomotion is always occupying such a space at any moment, the flying arrow is therefore motionless.[14]

More Thought Experiments here :


The Hot Sheets !

There’s a fantastic scene in Men in Black where Agent K takes Agent J to town to check out the Hot Sheets – which are the local tabloids. Agent K says that the Hot Sheets have “the best investigative reporting on the planet”and that The New York Times “get lucky sometimes”. The whole scene is pretty amusing and I sometimes wondered if there was an element of truth in it.

Whichever the case I have always felt that there are individuals and groups who get lucky sometimes regarding the ET subject and host of other so called alternative subjects. But they do not have the best investigative reporting on the planet. In my head I’ve turned Agent K’s idea around and it’s these people that I think of as the Hot Sheets. I  don’t regularly read the Hot Sheets but I do have some Google alerts set to collect subjects that interest me and I have subscribed to the newsletters of some of these Hot Sheets. I have an entire email account that I rarely use, that just collects crap and if I want to see any of that sort of stuff, I troll through that account. It is unfortunately something that I set up a long time ago and I haven’t bothered to get rid of it. Given how much crap it’s collected and how poor some of the quality of the material is, it’s probably getting close to the end of it’s life !

Once upon a time I thought it better not to ever publicly ridicule another person on the internet but I no longer really give a fuck and quite frankly I’m sick of all the rubbish and deception (known and unknown) that these particular people and groups dish out. Some of these Hot Sheets are very influential and when it comes to creating a negative influence over how people see ETs, that’s where I draw the line. We have a responsibility to understand how we influence others and I find it very irritating that these people don’t seem to care how they influence others.

Some Hot Sheets do have merit and do from time to time have interesting and truthful content but so much of what the majority of them put out is utter rubbish or sensationalized. In my opinion, many of them are no better than tabloid newspapers and would be better off back in Mark Twain’s Nevada of the 1860’s where sensationalism was the norm and sensationalism was fun !

Those that do try and pass what they do off as investigative reporting are often manipulated from a distance and up close by being fed material that they believe is true and by being introduced to individuals who are not what they appear to be and who tell stories that sway the reporter’s judgment. I am very wary of many of these so called investigative reporters. It doesn’t matter how many awards they have received and who they know and how popular they are ! The bigger their ego, the easier they are to manipulate by external players and the more likely they are to fall for a manufactured version of reality !

So in no particular order here are my Hot Sheets :

Let me know if you have any to add !

I make no apologies for expressing my feelings about any of the individuals or groups represented on my list.

Michael Talbot – Holographic Dead Man

I first read Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe when it came out in 1991, at a time when I was gobbling up science books and in the 3rd year of my applied science degree. I then read it again in the following decade when my son was still in primary school. When I first read it I desperately wanted to talk to other people about it but no one I knew had read it. I found Michael’s ideas very interesting but they didn’t really do much for me. And even now, with more time to understand what he was saying, I still don’t really find that his ideas provide me with the understanding of the nature of reality that that answers everything. I am not convinced as other people are that The Holographic Universe is a God send and cure all for human knowledge. But it was a very well written book for a young man. I find it very irritating that people are so conditioned (a seemingly unacknowledged influence) by the The Matrix book(s) and movies and The Holographic Universe. Together, I think they have lead people down the wrong track.

These days it is popular to place Telsa and Talbot at the top of some sort of pinnacle of intellectual achievement but I just can’t do that. I still find Jung and Einstein far more interesting as individuals and feel that they had far more to contribute in terms of their ideas. Some of you might recall that as part of my Life After Life Project, I have been working with Albert, who first made contact with my ex wife in 1995, when she was having trouble washing some stains out of my socks. He is one of those individuals who is interested in life, even in death and he has a strong interest in helping to bridge the gap between  life and death. I think Carl Jung might also be an interesting ally, as he too had an openness to the greater mysteries of life.

Coming back to Mr Talbot. I like Michael and I think he was a very interesting person. I’d like to connect with him and see how his ideas have changed since dying. I find it very interesting that he claimed to have received information about his Holographic Principle from ETs (he apparently confided in Whitley Streiber) and it’s a shame that we don’t know more about his personal life and the unusual things that he experienced in his life.

Whilst I think his ideas have been given way too much importance among the pantheon of modern ideas, he was a person worth listening to.

More intellectual writers here :


That’s Interesting : MH370 ?

Tech expert Ian Wilson (c/o the has found an interesting image in Google Earth of a plane that has apparently crashed in the Cambodian jungle (south of the town of Bamnak in a valley within a crater like mountain range) (see : 12.08611N 104.1513889E . The image certainly is interesting and appears to show a crashed plane surrounded by a circular patch of burnt jungle. The image might have been doctored in but it might not. Of course its connection with the Daily Star makes it a potential deception and paper seller ! Many people have already assumed that it’s the missing MAS flight MH370 but it could be another aircraft. I measure it’s dimensions as 73-77.9 m long, 51 m wide (wing tip to wing tip) and fuselage width 10 m. According to wiki the Bong 777 200ER has dimensions of 63.73 m long, 60.93 m (wingspan) and fuselage width 6.20 m. A discrepancy in dimensions could be due to the plane being broken apart and spread out or that Google Earth is not accurate at that height or that it’s a different type of plane altogether. No doubt someone will want to rush into the jungle and claim the treasure hunters bounty and if it turns out to be MH370, others will ask, “what about the wreckage that washed ashore and the black box pings that were picked up ?”. It might turn out that the final MH370 report was falsified. And if so by who and why ? And if it turns out to be another plane, others will no doubt ask, “what plane is this and why didn’t we hear about this plane falling out of the sky?”. And if turns out that neither comes to light, the Daily Star will be laughing all the way to the bank !

Myself, I had always felt the crash was in the southern Indian Ocean. I tried to look at it at one point but I can’t recall what I saw. It will be in my journals somewhere. My former step mother was the lady who trained all the cabin crew who died on that flight and my Malaysian sister claimed that she had planned to be on that flight but had cancelled. I don’t know if this is true. But despite knowing people who were connected to the flight, I found the crash intriguing and there certainly seems to be some form of cover up going on at some level. My father (an ex flight engineer and flying school trainer) said on the first day it hit the news, that once the plane hit a certain altitude, everyone on board would have fallen unconscious and then the plane would have followed it’s programmed trajectory but if it over corrected, it may have required manual override to return it to it’s planned course. I don’t know much about these things, so I don’t know.

Despite all the conspiracy theories and possibilities, it would be good if someone found the plane to give the families some sort of anchor for their grief and some sort of resolution.

Challenges to Human Space Travel – Challenge 1 : How to Avoid Hitting Things

What follows will be a series of very brief posts mapping out what I believe are the most significant challenges to human space travel.


In the future we humans may have manned space craft or unmanned drone space craft (Space Drones). They may travel at slow speeds, fast speeds close to the speed of light or very fast speeds – faster than light (ET craft can move many times the speed of light and for others this way of thinking is irrelevant). Which ever speed they travel, there will always be the risk of hitting things. Things such as dust clouds, gamma ray bursts, x ray bursts, coronal mass ejections, meteorites, asteroids, planetary debris, other forms of debris, planetoids and planets. Although the likelihood of hitting planets is very small, it could happen if we use any kind of  faster than light travel or wormhole creating technology (if such things are possible) (see here for some sense of the vastness of our own solar system And it isn’t just travelling space craft that will face the risk of hitting things, it’s also orbiting space craft – whether in planetary orbit, solar orbit, moon orbit or spinning in the depths of space.

Because of this risk and this risk alone, there is little chance that humans will travel very far in the near future. If as Albert Einstein predicted with general relativity, objects are seen differently at different times by observers in different places; then it’s highly likely that predicting where objects will be (particularly over longer journeys) and plotting courses will be very difficult. It maybe that as Dude predicted we develop Diffusion Technologies : ( and we can build these into our space craft and zap our way through space. But such technologies are likely to create many secondary problems and may not be able to be deployed quickly enough. We might also use some sort of Deflection Shield, like the folks in many sci fi novels. Or, perhaps more useful in the long run, we find a way to alter the local electromagnetic field around the craft and shift the resonance of the craft, so that it resonates out of sync with the local space. I really have no idea what we might do because I’m not technically minded and don’t understand the technicalities of human space flight or the true nature of space.

What I can see however is that once we get to the point where we start moving out of our comfort zone and away from the relative safety of our nearest neighbors Mars, Venus and Mercury; things will begin to get more and more challenging. Particularly when we start to move out towards the Oort Cloud. Even if we move away from the horizontal orbit of those objects (which might be a delusion on our part). It is thought that Voyager 1 will reach the Oort Cloud in 300 years and take about 30,000 years to pass through it ( You can only imagine how long it will take us to get through in the future. Should we make it that far (and journeys to get beyond the Oort Cloud might be a whole space travel saga for humanity (Bearing in mind that Dude has suggested that we will leave our solar system in 1600 years)), we will then have the greater challenges of interstellar space and eventually the real deep space of intergalactic space.

Car crashes kill and maim more people than any other human invention, apart from war. God knows how many people will die in space travel ! We can fantasize all we want about colonizing other worlds and travelling in deep space and building Star Gates bla, bla, bla but until we start imagining Crash Test Dummies in space and figuring at how the hell we can avoid colliding with other objects out there, human space travel is stuffed ! Our journeys will be short and dangerous. Limited to the relatively benign closeness of our nearest neighbors

In terms of conjecture, here is my suggestion for how we will eventually travel through space relatively safely : .

What are your thoughts on how we find our way through this particular fruity challenge ?


I’ve posted this before but it’s worth posting again.


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