DM9 & DM10 : How a Group of People or a Species Can Develop (Evolve) and From Cave Man to Space Man

DM 9 & DM 10 are dedicated to my dear friend Sandor for all his ongoing support and for his wonderful friendship. Thanks for everything Sandor !

In this weeks Dude’s Maxims podcast I read extracts from what I felt was one of the most important questions and chapters in the interview book.

In DM9 Dude provides 6 principles for how a group of people or a species can develop and in DM10 he provides 8 principles for how we humans as a species and a civilization can grow from Cave Man to Space Man and become a fully fledged space faring race. Just remember that this a point in human development that Dude has suggested is 1,600 years in front of us. So we still have a long way to go ! As you listen to his 8 principles, ask yourself how far away we are from acting in the way that he suggests we need to act, to be considered mature enough to be ready to travel through space without doing harm to others. Donald Trump and others like him, may think the little space force that they are mobilizing for near Earth space represents the future of human security. And To the Stars Academy and Elon Musk may also think that their long term goals of space exploration and resource acquisition are important to the future of the human race. But none of them have any idea how everything they do will be watched and controlled by the ETs. Unless we grow up, it will be a road full of setbacks.

It’s only by taking full responsibility for own development and following the same sorts of principles that Dude has outlined in DM 9 & 10, that previous human civilizations have become space faring and left Earth to colonize distant worlds in this solar system and beyond.

Enjoy People of Earth,

Brighty. 😉


Allan Kardec & The Afterlife

Last night after being shut out by my father (see post below), I watched the wonderful film Kardec (on Netflix) about the scholar and educator Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (Allan Kardec : who headed the French Spiritist movement. It’s been 27 or 28 years since I have last explored the Spiritist movement and the last thing I read on that kind of subject was The Scole Experiment book ( a few years ago. I do not remember reading any of Allan Kardec’s books but maybe I had at some point. I know that at some point in the last few years I had downloaded his most famous book The Spirits’ Book but I have yet to read it and only today have I begun exploring it.

What I like about Allan Kardec from what I can determine from the film and his books is that he was a rational man of science who did not come to this subject easily. But his desire to know the truth, guided him took him into a place that was completely unknown to which he had no answers. And when confronted with the inexplicable he was forced to except the reality of the phenomenon. I feel a strong kinship with Allan because this is how it has also been with my own experiences of connecting with people who have died and connecting with ETs. I was reluctant to believe that either experience was real and it was only through experience and rigorous testing that I discovered things that could not be anything but what they appeared to be. Like Allan, I too have felt on the margins of society and at the mercy of other people’s harsh judgments and hostility. And now after trying to reveal a small fragment of the truth to my father, I feel very much more so ! I can only imagine how much harsher he would have been if I had told him about my ET contact experiences.

The reason I don’t talk about talking to the dead very often is because of the same things that Allan Kardec and the mediums he worked with had to deal with. It’s exhausting, it ostracizes you, it leads to people being dependent upon you and it leads to certain people judging you in ways that you had not thought possible. I originally studied to be a scientist. I worked in human welfare and environmental work because I care about people and Earth. I carry out scientific experiments in my own free time because of the joy of discovery.

A willingness to entertain that there are things we do not understand and things that exist beyond our senses, is by no means a sign that people like myself or Allan Kardec or Rachel Bree have fallen for any kind of con or whimsical thinking. We have merely moved beyond excepted conventions and taken away the limitations that other people and the scientific establishment have placed upon themselves. One day ordinary healthy minded people will learn how to talk to the dead and learn how to connect with extraterrestrials and they will not need to wait for any one elses approval or vindication. They will just do it. And when that happens, it will expand our sense of who and what we are and we will wonder how we could ever have excepted the limitations that others placed upon us.

Sometimes I wonder if like Allan Kardec I am playing a role in trying to facilitate a greater understanding of our true nature – whether it is by talking about the ET subject or my as yet unfulfilled Life After Life Project. I don’t honestly know because right now I have bigger issues to deal with. But I wonder, can I plant seeds in others and when those seeds grow, will they bear fruit that in turn will become catalysts ? I don’t know and I don’t know if it matters. All I can tell you is that I feel a lot like the Allan Kardec portrayed in the film – like I am a crossroads, pointing in many directions but always pointing back to the self.

(You can find all of Allan Kardecs books at the bottom of the Wikipedia page above.)


4:27 am – The Biggest Arshole in My Life

Today I had a difficult day coping with tumour pain while I was out grocery shopping and then later when I arrived home I called my father. My father is by other people’s assessments a selfish arsehole but for years I have tolerated him, at great personal expense.

Right off the bat my father began complaining about the work that he was doing to his new house and ten minutes later in the middle of something I was saying he burst out, “What happened to your sisters ashes?”. And so I spent the next ten minutes telling him what I think may have happened to Susy’s ashes. When Susy was dying I stayed with my brother in law and avoided my father. Later he concluded that I had been absent when Susy needed me but I had merely been absent from his presence. Susy’s husband hated my father for how he ignored her when she needed him most.

After I explained what may have happened to her ashes I asked him for his email so I could send him the letters from Susy and some old photos of her that I have scanned. Rather than telling me his email, he asked me if I had received the 5 chapters of his biography that he had sent me. I had not because my old email belonged to a service provider that had long since shut down. I then began speaking to my father about how we choose to remember people and situations and made the comment that sometimes what seems good turns out to be bad and what seems bad turns out to be good. All of a sudden my father turned on me and abused me for supporting my brother in law. Thirty seconds later I told him to stop because I had not mentioned him and I didn’t need to deal with this after the painful day I’d had. He immediately went quiet and then soon after began complaining about something else. Clearly my father is unable to deal with his grief for my sister but he should not be unloading his crap on me. So for some peculiar reason I thought I would tell him something that I naively thought would assuage his grief and calm his heart. So I proceeded to tell him that for many years I have been able to communicate with those who have died. I then mentioned that I have been in contact with Susy and proceeded to tell him about her new life, her grief for her children and her regular visits to their home (where she frequently sees her son crying) and that she had a message for him. My father listened impatiently interrupting me occasonaly with a short comment. I told him how Susy had wanted him to work less (he retired a year ago), to take good care of his wife, that she forgives him for hurting her and she asked for his forgiveness for any hurt she had caused. These are all typical things people say to loved ones but they are especially typical of Susy. When I mentioned her forgiveness he suddenly flew off the handle and barely heard anything else I said, yelling, “I never did anything to hurt her!”. And yet I remember having many conversations with Susy where she poured out her heart in agony because of how he had treated she and her family. Yet he would not hear a thing. I said nothing of what I knew but was shocked at his ignorance. I recorded every conversation I had with Susy in the last 5 years because I knew categorically from what my ET friends had shown me, that she would die. And the hurt my father caused her is in almost every recording. We all hurt each other, how could my father be so blind?

My father then rambled on belittling everything that I had said, summing it up with a final thrust of venom in which he yelled, “I don’t believe any of it, it’s all crap!”, before hanging up abruptly. I sat at my desk shocked and apalled at his ignorance, his judgement and his hostility. I had prefaced my disclosure by saying, “This takes a lot of courage for me to do”, because I knew full well what he could be like. I was trying to ease his sorrow with a message of love from my sister and to share a side of myself that he has never known about.

My father has visited me 4 times in 28 years and in that time I have skirted the path to suicide many times (mostly since bwfore 2000), I have lived 12 years with tumours, I have been through long term unemployment, I have had a gravely ill child, I have been a father, a partner and been separated, I have endured drought, flood, fire, tornado and landslide, I have moved home 9 times, I have gone back to university, I have had 2 of my own businesses which both failed, I have lost my sister, I have helped countless people in various therapeutic/counselling practices, I have grown and planted thousands of trees, I have run major projects, I’ve been poor, I’ve had money and I’ve been poor again, I’ve written 7 unpublished books, I’ve had 2 blogs, opened up about my ET contact experiences, travelled much of southern Australia, healed myself of the abuses I endured in boarding school and while living with my pedophile uncle, written and spoken about subjects I care about and tried to live a good life. And all the while my father has had little interest in my life. He has never ever asked me, “So how are you feeling?” or “How can I help you?”. I feel invisible to his eyes, so little wonder he knows nothing about me and who I really am.

After he hung up on me I jumped in a hot bath. My tumours were hurting and I was tired. While I was in the bath Dude had a chat with me and gave me some advice. He said, “Accept that your father is an arsehole and that he will never change. And don’t talk to him until he apologies for judging you and hanging up on you.” As soon as my father hung up I realised how foolish I had been tolerating him for all these years, making myself sick. The feelings of rage and anger and hurt I had when I was in my early 20s were justified and I know now that I should never have ignored them. My father is an arsehole, who like his mother has spent his entire adult life walking over people, judging them and treating people like shit. He just moved house and spent 20 k moving his cars and 85 k renovating the new house and spent the last 3 calls whinging about it, oblivious to the fact that I had to get an extension to pay my last power bill. But he wouldn’t care anyway because rather than seeing how things are, he would rather believe that I am lazy. Totally ignorant of how hard I worked at university, at work, in my businesses, on our farm and how much I struggle to keep my little old house from falling down. All my life he has boasted about his money, talked about his money, spent money on other people and frivolous pursuits, oblivious of the needs of his own children when they were struggling. I don’t want my father’s money. I never have. I wanted his unconditional love and not to hear about his wealth and his constant complaining about how hard his life is. My life has been hard in ways he can’t even imagine but I make every day count and feel blessed to be alive!

Sometimes I genuinely wish I had family like those that some of my friends have. Families that notice and love unconditionally. Fathers that know their sons and accept their sons and want to spend time with their sons. Fathers that see how things really are. Fathers that care.

My father has spent a lifetime weaving fictions about specific people and events, so that he can come out victorious and feel like he was the good guy. When he dies one of two likely fates will befall him. Either he will learn how much pain he has caused others or he will live in a hell of his own creation.

It’s now 5.31 am and it’s cold and I am writing this on my smart phone (minus the sim card) and I don’t usually write on my phone and I never share anything that is really personal or painful. And what I have shared with you is both. I have no real explanation to myself as to why I have written this and revealed my own vulnerability with you. I guess some part of me needed to express my feelings in the best way that I know how and I am trying to connect with that part of you that knows how I feel. There is so much that I have not said and it is my wish that some of you can pick up on that and relate to that.

Soon I will be 50 and I have spent decades either living in my father’s shadow (as I did when I was younger) or tolerating his ignorance, arrogance and judgement (as I have the last 2 decades). If you are like me and you are living like this, stop now and stand up to whichever arsehole is doing this to you because it will kill you. It helped kill my sister and it has helped to kill me. But I not dead yet and I won’t die because of an arsehole like my father and neither will you if you take action. It is never too late! Stand up, get out, flee, crush them, forgive and go away or forgive and stop puting up with crap. Whatever you do, don’t do nothing, don’t suppress, deny, bury or endure.

I am going to cut my father out of my life, not because he doesn’t believe I communicate with the dead or because he hung up on me but because he is a poison that for too long has been circulating through my body and my mind and radiating outwards into those I love and care about.

To remember the greater self we must acknowledge all that is the small self, especially when the small self experiences pain and manifests suffering.

DM 7 & 8 : Dude on ET Relationships and Adaptation & Simplicity

Hey folks, here’s another couple of Dude’s Maxims or more accurately, extracts from the book with the maxims embedded within them.

Just ignore the numbering in brackets – it just refers to the segments of the audio I left in. And remember you can also hear Dude’s Maxims on the formats mentioned on the main page here : or see a running list part way down this page on the right hand side.

Anchor is a great way to create a podcast with little fuss but it’s really awkward the way you edit an audio, so after making way too many mistakes re-reading various texts, I have settled for their simplified editing and I’m not sure if you can sense the stop start quality in some of these but it’s a result of their editing tools and not my effort ! Let me know if things do or don’t flow smoothly for you. It may take me a few more weeks to get used to relinquishing full control like this and settling for something that’s not quite as I would like it.And sitting at my desk while I record is really difficult ! I would prefer to be walking !

Anyway, enjoy Dude’s Maxims ! Maximus Dudeus to the max ! 😉


DM 4, 5 & 6 : Dude on God

Hey folks, here’s the latest Dude’s Maxims audio. I’m still finding my way with this idea and I don’t entirely feel comfortable with reading at my desk yet (in a cold room), unlike the TSMs where I get to enjoy going on a walk and blabbing on as I walk ! But I guess I’ll figure it out eventually ! The hardest thing about doing this is having to get it right in one take because Anchor doesn’t have the capacity to do extensive editing. If I screw up I have to do the whole thing again, which is what happened in episode 6, which I did 6 times and even then fucked up th2 last take ! So, shit happens ! Let me know if you would like me to continue recording Dude’s Maxims as a podcast and if you have any feedback. The TSMs will continue when the weather improves and I have less work to do on the farm !

Enjoy !

Brighty. 😉

Dude’s Maxims Podcast

Hey People of Earth, I’ve just sat down this afternoon and re-made the intro to the Dude’s Maxims podcast and posted the first couple of episodes.

I was freezing in my room this afternoon but I think my voice sounds OK. I’m not sure if background music is necessary but it sounded OK to my ears. It was very hard to get the volume right and to edit what I recorded. But heck Anchor is free and it’s a simple to use tool, so I’m not complaining. I’m not aiming to create something slick and professional ! I just want to share a little of Dude’s wisdom in a format that might be more convenient for some people. Let me know if you think it works !

In future episodes I’ll try to read some longer extracts from both of the Dude books I’m working on and other conversations we’ve had.

If I can find the time, I’ll try and post an episode every week. Episodes will be anywhere from 5-30 minutes, depending on how well I can read without stuffing things up ! I’m aiming to spend as little time doing this as possible, so I can focus on my other projects and getting work done on the house and farm !

You’ll be able to find Dude’s Maxims on : Anchor, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker and RadioPublic. All episodes will remain free for the life of the podcast !

You can also find Dude’s Maxims audio on the right hand side of this page, 1 tab below the translate feature and at the bottom of the An ET Called Dude tab.

Happy Cowabunga to you,

Brighty. 😉

PS. The updates should follow on the other streaming sites in the next few days.

PPS. Nick, Sandor, Frédéric, Marcus and Darci – see if you can pick the secret hint in episode one but don’t let on to anyone here if you find it !



Front Up and Global Village

Two of my favourite TV shows of the last 30 years are Front Up (1994-2004) by Hungarian Australian Andrew L. Urban ( and Global Village (1998-2008, merged with Thalassa until 2015) by Silvio Rivier – both on SBS TV, Australia. These were both fantastic shows about ordinary people and the human condition. Andrew now has a new show called Moving Stories, which is equally enjoyable ! These kinds of shows capture people in particular periods of life and human history and play a critical role in documenting the human story !


Laugh Until Your Pants Fall Off !

The Maria Bamford Show !


More Great Story Telling

Last night after I’d written the last post, I recalled a couple more great podcasts and that led me onto a long search for new podcasts from around the world. I absolutely love great story telling and I believe it’s one of the great gifts that the human race brings to existence !

One of my favourite podcasts of the last year is Fitzroy Diaries by Lorin Clarke. Fitzroy Diaries tells the story of an ordinary mother’s walks around the streets of her home suburb Fitzroy. Fitzroy is a well known suburb in Melbourne that had a reputation for being full of migrants and people from the lower socio-economic end of society. I spent a lot of time in 1990-1994 in Fitzroy, following my then girlfriend on her many artistic tours and hanging out in pubs and clubs in Brunswick Street. My initial reaction to Fitzroy Diaries was “This sucks !” but I persevered and now can’t get enough of it ! This is a studio produced podcast that brings to life the voices and stories of ordinary people in Fitzroy. When you listen to Fitzroy Stories, it’s easy to imagine yourself walking down the street and seeing similar scenes played out in any city in the world.  I loathe cities but I am always curious about the stories that arise in them.

Some of you might recall me talking about Midnight Diner, Gourmet Samurai and Mr Sunshine. Midnight Diner – Tokyo Stories is about an eat what you want diner that opens at midnight. I love the authenticity and the ordinariness of these stories and the beauty and the flaws in each of the characters and the always neutral and wise chef. There’s a rawness in these human experiences that make humanity look truly beautiful !



Gourmet Samurai is a very funny Japanese show about a retiree who suddenly discovers the joy of food and spends his days sampling restaurant in Tokyo, while being haunted by something like guilt and desire in the form of a Samurai. I enjoyed this show because it was different and funny and I related to how the main character felt torn between conflicting emotions. I’m not really into food shows but this one made me hungry for Japanese food ! Wonderful Japanese film making !



Mr Sunshine is a beautiful 24 part series (thus far) about the struggle for independence by ordinary people and noble families in the Joseon Dynasty (Korea). The main character is Josean born American soldier who cares more about people than taking sides. Mr Sunshine has been magnificently filmed and scripted and it tells the story of the human struggle for love, equality and justice through a unique lens that endears you to so many of the characters ! I loved this series so much ! It’s a testament to the magnificence of the Korean film industry – which in many aspects leaves Hollywood way behind ! Netflix has a whole section of Korean films and series and many of them are truly outstanding !



Flowers is an English TV series about the dysfunctional Flowers family. It begins with the failed suicide of the father and ends with the suicide of resident Japanese artist Shun. Flowers is the genius of Japanese-English actor, writer and director Will Sharpe who also plays Shun. Flowers is absurd and visually unique and unusual ! The script reflects ordinary people struggling with ordinary issues in the most extraordinary of ways ! Flowers is a series about ordinary people trying to be who they really are and struggling with the many different aspects of the human experience along the way !



Finally, The Detectorists is a wonderful British comedy series about two guys who spend their free time detecting in the local fields. There are lots of ordinary dramas in Detectorists and the real gold that each of the main characters is seeking is the gold of human relationships. I loved the way that this series took a simple idea and made it interesting and eventful. The characters come across as deeply authentic and authentically flawed and are all memorable ! Do yourself a favour and make yourself at home in the Danebury Metal Detecting Club !



Apparently this blog is about ETs ! Fuck that ! So boring ! Lets do human drama for a little while !

My Favourite Podcasts Revisited

Some of you will remember me writing a brief post about my favourite podcasts back in 2014 ( I don’t listen to podcasts near as often as I used to, now that I am at home most of the time. The one thing I wish I could say was different, was that I listened to more podcasts from outside of America. I think that issue is partly as a result of US domination of the internet/podcast airwaves. But it might also be due to my inability to speak and understand another language and my lack of motivation to hunt down say a good English speaking Mongolian podcast or Russian podcast.

So anyway, here’s the new list of my favourite podcasts :

You’ll notice that there are no paranormal themed podcasts here because I really can’t stand them ! I’m more interested in stories – human stories and otherwise. Because it’s stories that really arouse me and educate me about the beauty and the ugliness of the world we share.

Feel free to add your favourites with a brief explanation of why.

Here are a few shows that I really enjoyed in the last couple of years :

Thoughts on Papyrus

Exploration of Literature, Cultures and Knowledge

A Fine Balance

All the linked posts under this blog are an outcome of my observations about the things that often go unnoticed and the things that are often taken for granted.

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Another Blog of Me in English

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human questions for extraterrestrials

Bright Garlick

Human Being

Explaining Science

Astronomy, space and space travel for the non scientist


Experimental Music

How to Make ET Contact

DIY ET Contact for All Human Beings

Perfect Chaos

God's Perfect Purpose in a Chaotic World

Candid Quasar

tryst with Life


Polar bear science - past and present

Portals of London

Towards a catalogue of London’s inter-dimensional gateways

All Bricks

Showing the world, the variety of different amazing Building Blocks, including LEGO and it’s Chinese Clones

Silentium et Musicorum

From silence to music and everything in between

Selected Essays and Squibs by Joseph Suglia

The Web log of Dr. Joseph Suglia


Undermining the Patriarchy Every Chance I Get. And I Get a Lot of Chances (Copyright Preserved)

roads bel travelled

Exploring open roads without breaking the bank

Macy Afterlife: The Beacon

Exploring our spiritual heritage, our ancient other-worldly roots, and our paradise destiny

Leonardo Boff

O site recolhe os artigos que escrevo semanalmente e de alguns outros que considero notáveis.Os temas são ética,ecologia,política e espiritualidade.

ventania solar


The Pagan Collective of Victoria

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Climate Change Sanity

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children's author


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