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The Powerful Play Goes On : Chin Up, Arse Up, Boobs Out, Willy Out – Just Keep Going !

Here’s some sagely words from a few funny people that most of you know (whether in their own words or someone elses).



Hitting the J-Spot

Ladies, many of you have heard of the mythical G-Spot and you may have wondered, ‘Just how do I get my partner to hit the right place ?’ And gents, you may also have heard of the mythical G-Spot and wondered the same thing. Or perhaps some of you know the G-Spot intimately well and have mastered the art of super orgasms. Like many of you, I too wondered about the mythical G-Spot. But I’m afraid this post isn’t about the G-Spot. If you’d like to know more about G-Spot and other wonders of female sexuality, try reading Derek Llewellyn-Jones book Everywoman ( and Emily Nagoski’s book Come as You Are ( Transform/dp/1476762090  /

I’d like to talk briefly about the J-Spot – the Joy Spot and how to hit it more often. What is a Joy Spot ? Well, I just made it up ! But we might say, the Joy Spot is that sweet thing that almost always brings you joy. So how do you hit the J-Spot. You make time for it. You re-arrange your life so that you have regular time for the things that bring you joy. One possibility is that you make make time to have 15 minutes a day doing something that brings you joy. I love walking and it brings me immense joy. So every day I walk for at least an hour. I also love sitting in the sun and listening to the birds, so I take time whenever I can to have breaks and sit in the sun and listen to the birds.

People have all kinds of excuses why they can’t find time. And at the end of the day the only solution is to prioritise how you use your time. If work is taking up too much time, work less, say no to your boss or your business, set boundaries on your time. Everyone is expendable and can be replaced ! If kids are taking up too much of your time, set boundaries on your kids and ask for help. If study is taking up too much of your time, drop a subject, study less, get help, have midnight oil days and lighter days. In every situation the desire to do whatever it takes to create a healthier life is what will create a healthier life. The idea to create change can’t just be stuck in your head. You have to acknowledge that you want it and to feel the desire. And if you can’t feel the desire, feel the pain and suffering and your body trying to say, “NO !”.

Every carer knows what it’s like to feel invisible. Every worker knows what it feels like to feel ignored. Every partner and every parent knows what it feels like to feel unimportant. The only way that anything changes is when you say “NO !” to how things are and begin to take action towards how you would like things to be. But first you have to see how things really are and feel how things really are. Let your body speak to you. Let it tell you that it feels like shit ! And listen ! Listen deeply ! And let your body guide you !

So here are a couple of steps on a potential path to changing your life and hitting the J-Spot.

  1. Make a list of 10 things you love doing.
  2. Prioritise them into things that take longer than a day, between 1-24 hours and less than an hour.
  3. Decide how often you’d like to do each one.
  4. Figure out what needs to change in order to have time for 1 thing in each category to be realised.
  5. Identify the obstacles to change for each of those things.
  6. Make a choice to tackle each obstacle systematically.
  7. Talk to people who are relevant to your life about the changes you wish to make and ask for their support.
  8. Every morning ask your body, “What do I need to do today to feel joy ?” and listen for an answer.
  9. Follow your body’s advice.

Throw away your vibrator, your bong, your phone and let yourself experience the things that bring you greatest joy. If you need your vibrator, your bong and your phone, you better not throw them out, in case someone else grabs them. No point giving up your Joy Toys if you really need them ! But more than likely the things that bring you greatest joy are very simple.

This post is about as New Age as I plan on sounding.

I’m trying to make a point here. People suffer needlessly for so long, postponing the things they most wish they had in their lives, until the time is perfect. I used to see that every day in a Radiotherapy unit. People who had postponed living fully and enjoying life, until they could retire. And within weeks of retirement, their bodies turned around and said, “Fuck you, you’ve been an arse hole to me for decades. Here’s a bunch of tumours !”. And often it was too late and they ran out of chances ! They didn’t get it, being so focused on the golden nest egg and the accolades of a glorious life of work, money and somebodyness ! Many of them ran out of time and no amount of chemotherapy or radiotherapy was enough to stop the resistance of their tumours to a life that was being squandered !

We must all seize the day without excuse ! Because no matter how many of our excuses are valid, every minute of your day you spend filling your life with activities that don’t fill you with joy or provide you with fulfilment, is making you sick ! And I know that’s easy to say and hard to do (Take it from someone who has been there !). If you’re a grandmother who takes care of your own father who has dementia, your husband who drinks too much and your grand children because your kids work too much; that’s going to sound like wishful thinking. If you’re a tradie who works from 7am-7pm 6 days a week for himself and you have a $700, 000 mortgage; that’s going to sound ridiculous. And if you’re a young doctor working in an Emergency Department 70 hours a week and you’re wife is looking after your 3 kids and she’s cranky with you; that’s going to sound like Ju Ju ! But you have that choice. If your life is not what you want it to be, you have a choice how to rearrange it and how to use your time. There are always solutions, if you are willing to make choices, make sacrifices and change how you see a situation and how to see the possibilities. But it may mean that you have to walk away from a particular situation, a particular lifestyle or certain relationships that are unhealthy for you.

Great change can only come from great awareness and a deep desire to honour who you really are ! 

So why not start by making a little time every day to hit your J-Spot ? 5 minutes a day is all it takes to change a life time !


Coffin Club – There is Beauty in Death

Perhaps I can arouse a few of you with free time up your sleeves, to start your own coffin club ! For anyone who has ever seen the value of community driven collaboration, the Kiwi Coffin Club is a truly powerful and life affirming group, who has found the ultimate way to stick it to the man !


ET Conversations 3 – Forget About Karma and Live

Please note BEING – this post is especially relevant to you and your conditioning through Falun Gong. It is also relevant to ALL SEEKERS, who have forgotten to trust their own instincts.

Some of you may recall that there was a point some years ago when I thought and felt very strongly that I ought to relinquish all my desires, attachments and aversions. Now, as a human being, this is a very hard thing to do. And in fact I don’t know any living human beings who have ever been able to do this. It’s almost impossible ! I know that there are people who have said they’ve done it but upon closer examination it’s clear they haven’t. But I was very, very serious. My tumours had returned and I felt that I might not survive my illness. The main motivator for this desire that I had, was that I wanted this life to be my last and I felt I needed to take action sooner, rather than later. The Buddhists among you may see this as a desire for liberation or nirvana. But I wasn’t motivated by that. I was motivated by an aversion. An aversion of the suffering of life. Some of you may recognise that attachment and aversion are the very things that the mythical Buddha identified as some of the root causes of suffering. So here was I, driven by a great aversion to cut off desire, attachment and aversion, so that I could be free of the suffering of living again.

Some of you may also recognise the paradox of seeking to end desire, attachment or aversion. In order to do so, you must hold at least one of those states. For example, you cannot be free of desire without the desire to do so. The Buddha identified this as one of the last things that must be let go. So desire remains a core ingredient in human experience, even up to so called liberation.

So what the hell has happened since ? I realised, quite unexpectedly but also I think I had always known at some level, that my conceptions were completely wrong and the ideas that I had ‘thought to be true’ from my studies of Buddhism, Neo Advaita, Dadaji, Ram Thakur and Ramana Maharshi, and my own practices, were a form of conditioning that had I had failed to see for what they are.

At one point I took the issue up with several of my ET friends, including Dude. The following extract from a conversation with Dude, highlights the flaw in my ideation and inheriting what others believe is true. This conversation took place well before I had learned from Dude that time does not exists and that there is only space and well before I had learned about Conjoined Space and the other lives that arise in them. I encourage you to examine whether you think and feel that Dude’s claims are true or false and whether the spiritual beliefs you have inherited have tainted the truth !


“Bright : I’m not sure how to articulate this, so I’ll try my best. I’ve been reading Dadaji as you know and Ram Thakur, who was a precursor to Dadaji and Ramana Maharshi and they all talk about doing away with the individual I, to know liberation – the true self. And they talk about being free from attachments, desires, aversions, this sort of thing. So it sort of echoes Buddhism. They talk about this and everything is God’s will – get out of the way, so God can let things happen. They say God isn’t the ego’s actions and I have a problem with that because I believe that God is everything. And we’ve talked before about desire and so on. And they talk about these ideas in the sense that it drives Samsara – the wheel of life and death and perpetual reincarnation. So I wanna ask you a question first of all about other lives. And I wanna ask you a question about this whole concept of God, the true self and all this sort of stuff because I know you’ll put it into context and I also know you’ll see it different to the Teal’hia. So I’m very interested in your perspective because it doesn’t feel right to me. So are you happy to go with that ? I don’t know how much time we’ll have.

Dude : Yes Bright, I’ll do my best. OK Bright, so you’ve asked something interesting. You turn to these other people for ideas about life, about who you are, about how to live, about the meaning of life and God. And they’re telling you forget life, forget your identity, forget your self, forget your I. Get out of the way and let God come through. Because it’s all false. It’s all illusion. Is that correct ?

B : Yep, that’s probably a good way to put it !

D : OK Bright, I wanna say something that might surprise you. It’s all crap ! It’s all rubbish, complete rubbish ! Human rubbish ! Another one of your (meaning human races’), wonderful ideas. You think that by killing off this sense of I that you can know something greater, that you can know God. And that God isn’t everything. Including your own ego expressing itself, through the body in separateness. But it is everything else. That’s hypocrisy and its rubbish ! So let me explain things to you as best as I can.

B : Can I just say something Dude ? The big issue for me, is like, what’s the point of coming to life ? Even for these people – they came to life, into life. What’s the point of it, if its just to get out of the way ? And not to have attachment, or desire, aversions and experience separateness as well ?

D : Yes Bright, that’s a good point. Let me explain it to you this way. [I stop and connect with a large tor].

B : Please continue Dude.

D : So these people have this idea and you’re wondering if it’s true. You’re wondering if you should live that way. And if you don’t, if you’re going to suffer and come back to another life. And that bothers you right ?

B : Yeah. I don’t like the idea, the traditional idea of you know, linear sort of reincarnation. That’s why I’m asking you to explain things differently.

D : OK Bright, let me simplify it for you. You don’t experience reincarnation in the way that you’ve been taught. All these lives that you experience are happening simultaneously, are happening at the same time – as you would perceive it. That’s the key Bright – perception ! As you understand perception. They appear to be happening all at once. All of them following their own linear sequence of time. So do you understand that ?

B : Yes I don’t have a problem with that. That I already know or believe, anyway. But I want to hear it from you. Please continue.

D : OK Bright, now the second part. These lives that you are experiencing all at once, they’re a part of a greater life. A larger life – if you will, that is timeless. That doesn’t exist in time. It unfolds itself through these other lives.

B : Is this what we call the soul Dude or the spirit ?

D : Yes and no Bright. Well, it depends on your definitions. But lets just stick with soul for now.

Each of your individual lives experiences what you would call the soul and has a conscious experience of being. And sometimes it is unconscious but it is still being. There is something moving through this perception of time. You can call that the soul if you like. But it itself is part of something greater. This greater life, if you will. So this greater life experiences itself unfolding through linear time. At least perceived linear time.

B : Is it…is there just one greater, um, greater life ?

D : Yes Bright. There is only one. One for each of you. And that greater life itself is part of the whole. What you would say is God. As is each of the individual lives that you experience. So Bright, when I say that there’s no such thing as reincarnation, what I mean to say is that there’s no such thing as a linear sequence of one life following another life and following another life and so on ad infinitum, until such time that you’re liberated from Samsara. That’s rubbish, complete rubbish ! It doesn’t work like that ! Instead Bright, each life – each individual life, is an expression of that greater life. Each person has their own life unfold within the life of the greater life. Each unfoldment is happening all the time. To the greater life there is no linear sequence ! It is perpetual, it is eternal ! It is always unfolding ! Your own perception defines what is occurring. Which life is experiencing what. But to the greater life everything is happening all at once. That’s why for me Bright, time doesn’t exist ! I see that it’s a creation of the mind. A creation of the greater life, if you will. It doesn’t plague me the way that it plagues you !

So you have all these stupid ideas about attachment, about desire, about getting out of the way, about not living life fully cause if you do, you’ll be blocking God. And they’re rubbish Bright ! Let me tell you why. When each life unfolds, it is here to unfold any way it wants, any way it wishes ! With whatever desires it has, whatever attachments it has. The idea that if you’re attached to something, it’s going to effect your final karma, it will shape what happens to you when you die, what will happen to you next life, is rubbish ! It doesn’t work like that ! Each life is an individual expression of it’s own ! Part of the greater life. There is no dependence on each individual life. No dependence on the karma. No dependence on how your desires have shaped you. You don’t carry this mental baggage into each life. They’re all expressions of their own Bright. So you don’t have to worry how you live your life in that way.


You can read more ET conversations or extracts from the Dude book here :


All Systems Go…And Some ET Speculations

Hey folks, ET and I is now back on line. Thanks for your patience these past few months, while I have had time off the internet/blog and carried out my little experiment (investigating surveillance). The blog will remain up for the remainder of 2018 but I won’t be posting as often as previously.

I’ve recently been exploring some of our celestial neighbours as part of a much wider project under the guidance of my ET friend Dude. I’m trying to accurately identify where some of the ETs I have had contact with come from and I’m trying to become familiar with what our scientists know about the local celestial neighbourhood – both in terms of stars and planets.

You might be interested to know that 56 stellar systems have been identified within 16.3 light years of our solar system and that only 6 planetary systems have been confirmed within 20 light years of our solar system. That doesn’t sound like much but scientists have only been looking properly since 1996. As of January 1st 2018, some 3,276 exoplanets have been identified (some confirmed, some unconfirmed), orbiting 2,792 stars. Of these stars, 1,400 are located within 50 light years of us.

Within the stars and planets that have been catalogued, there appears to be a great deal of diversity. There are giant suns and small suns, brown dwarfs, red dwarfs and white dwarfs. There are planets that are gas giants, rocky Earth like planets, super Earths, Neptune size planets, planets much bigger than Jupiter and planets smaller than Mercury. There are planets with regular orbits and planets with eccentric orbits, planets that orbit each other and clusters of planets that orbit each other. There are many silicate based planets like our own and its even thought that there are Carbon and Iron based planets. There are planets that orbit far from their sun and others that are almost kissing. There are even planets that are thought to be rogues, that exist beyond a solar system. It is possible that some of these exoplanets are terrestrial planets like Earth, some are water planets, some have no atmosphere, some have thick atmospheres, some are gaseous planets, some are  lava planets, some are desert planets, some are ice planets and some are newly emerging protoplanets (planetary embryos). There are also likely to be vast numbers of moons and planetoids (dwarf planets, asteroids, centaurs, trojans etc.) – as evidenced by the 746,412 planetoids in our own solar system.

After 22 years of close examination of exoplanets, our scientists are just beginning to scratch the surface of our local galactic neighbourhood and what they’re discovering is astonishing, to say the least ! As technology improves and our ideas and conceptions change, we are likely to discover so much more ! Soon the development of AI will accelerate our ability to make new discoveries and assess and catalogue them and I dare say that by the time we reach the end of our lives, our local galactic neighbourhood (and the cosmos at large) will look infinitely spectacular !

What fascinates me the most, is the diversity of life forms that are likely to exist on the many different worlds that we have discovered and those we have yet to discover. If we have found 8 planets and 746,412 planetoids in our own solar system, imagine how many actually exist and how many harbour life in some form or another ! Then imagine how many planets and planetoids and possible life forms might exist in our local galactic neighbourhood ! And of these, imagine how many are space faring ETs.

From my own experiences, I have learned that ETs are visiting Earth from neighbouring solar systems, other regions of the galaxy, neighbouring galaxies and like Dude, from distant, as yet unobserved galaxies. Can you imagine the diversity of life that must exist on the 365 worlds where our visitors are coming from, let alone the diversity of life that must exist on all the worlds between here and the furthest of our visitors worlds ! I can tell you that the universe is teeming with life and it’s only a matter of time, technology and changing conceptions, before we discover that this is true.

Every part of our world is covered in life, on every possible scale ! Can you imagine what our space faring descendants will learn about life in the cosmos and how our view of the cosmos will be viewed as a kind of belonging to the dark ages compared to their own !

What an exciting time to be alive ! Here on the cusp of so much mind boggling and incredible discovery ! From the oceans and subterranean layers of Earth, to space and the space within ! Blessed are we who breathe !

You can read more here :

All figures about stars, planets and planetoids are quoted from the wiki links above.


TSM155 : Creating and Exploring Life with Causal Trees

Well I lied. I couldn’t help making one more TSM before I head off for a month. Today I’m housebound, resting up after toe surgery.

In this windless monologue 😉 I push further into the idea of causality (without going into the various definitions and philosophical interpretations), by looking at how causes and effects create causal chains and eventually causal trees and how we can create and explore life using this principle !

For those of you interested in the idea of karma (V pay attention here !), Causal Trees offer us the opportunity to choose the best possible karma, while accepting how things are and making healthier choices.

I think of the use of Causal Trees as a much better alternative to goal setting, using The Law of Attraction or any of the other waffle over emphasised by this or that channeler, The Secret or What the Bleep and their ilk.

I’ve tried to keep this discussion simple and I’ve used examples from my own life to illustrate how a Causal Tree can unfold within the possible future. I haven’t however discussed the impact of Causal Trees on the development of Conjoined Spaces. I’ll save that for another monologue.

Your thoughts are as usual, always welcome !

Enjoy ! 😉

Relevant Links :



Despite everything that every teacher, every guru, every sage, every wanna be somebody ever says, there is only one solution to all of life’s problems…To breathe and keep on breathing. Because right now you live and when you stop breathing you die. Breath is all that separates us from death. So breathe and let yourself be. Slowly, feeling everything that is breath and everything that arises because of it. Don’t ever, ever, take your breath for granted, while others are fighting for it to stay alive !


Which Aspect ?

Thanks to Frédéric here’s a little range of self revelations that I don’t usually make. Here are some preferences but sometimes I also like both. It’s interesting that some of these preferences have changed as I age. And your preferences ?

  • Bowie or Neil Young ? Neil Young.
  • Pink Floyd or Queen ? Queen.
  • Tori Amos or Kate Bush ? Can’t choose.
  • Bette Midler or Shirley Bassey ? Midler.
  • Metallica or Megadeth ? Metallica.
  • Fear factory of Biohazard ? Fear Factory.
  • Joy Division or The Cure ? The Cure.
  • Vivaldi or Bach ? Can’t choose.
  • Black Sabbath or The Doors ? The Doors.
  • The Rolling Stones or The Beatles ? The Beatles.
  • The Clash or Siouxsie Sioux & The Banshees. Siouxsie.
  • Brian Eno or Karl Stockhausen ? Eno.
  • Hawkwind or The Who ? Hawkwind.
  • Motorhead or Nirvana ? Nirvana.
  • Guns n Roses or Motley Crue ? Guns N Roses
  • Manowar or Candlemass ? Manowar.
  • Queensryche or Dream Theatre ? Queensryche.
  • Mahler of Beethoven ? Beethoven.
  • Ornette Coleman or Charlie Parker ? Coleman.
  • Terry Riley or Phillip Glass ? Riley.
  • Ancient Chinese classical music or Ancient Indian classical music? Chinese.
  • William Burroughs or Allen Ginsberg ? Burroughs.
  • Nietzsche or Aldous Huxley ? Huxley.
  • Mark Twain or Nathaniel Hawthorn ? Mark Twain.
  • Victor Hugo or Leo Tolstoy ? Hugo.
  • Einstein or Tesla ? Einstein.
  • Mysticism or Shamanism ? Shamanism, sometimes.
  • John Keats or Emily Dickinson ? Dickinson.
  • Christina Rosettti or Lizzie Siddal ? Siddal.
  • Political Poetry or Humanist Poetry ? Humanist.
  • Rumi or Tagore ? Togore.
  • Mahayana Buddhism or Theravada Buddhism ? Theravada.
  • Guru or Anti-Guru ? Anti-Guru.
  • J. Krishnamurti or U. Krishnamurti ? Can’t choose.
  • Gilligan or The Professor ? Gilligan.
  • Performance Poetry or Written Poetry ? Written.
  • Sartre or Camus ? Sartre.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber or Stephen Sondheim ? Can’t choose.
  • Brunettes or Blondes ? Brunettes.
  • Jeans or Trousers ? Jeans.
  • Tie or Bow Tie ? Can’t choose.
  • Ascension or Descension. Descension.
  • Light room or Dark Room ? Light Room. Kill all curtains !
  • Andy Warhol or Vincent van Gogh ? van Gogh.
  • Ken Wilbur or Mother Theresa ? Mother Theresa.
  • Incense or Oil ? Oil.
  • Failure or success ? Can’t choose. Failure teaches more.
  • Ear Rings or Nose Rings ? Ear Rings.
  • Neville Longbottom of Harry Potter. Longbottom.
  • Abduction or Experience ? Experience.
  • Mandarins or Oranges ? Mandarins.
  • Oaks or Elms ? Oaks.
  • Eucalypts or Pine Trees ? Eucalypts.
  • Eating McDonald’s or Eating Dirt ? Dirt.
  • The Future or The Present ? The Present.
  • Unexpected Death or Anticipated Death ? Can’t choose.
  • Lingerie or Skin ? Skin.
  • City or Remote ? Remote.
  • A million Dollars or A Wish ? A wish.
  • Finland or America ? Finland.
  • Hungary or Romania ? Hungary.
  • Sweden or Norway ? Can’t choose.
  • Holden or Ford ? Mitsubishi !

All That You Can be

I dedicate this brief post to Isobella, Frédéric, Sandor, Jacqui, Nick, Catharine, Darci and my son. Beautiful people on a journey into the great unknown !


Yesterday I turned 48. That doesn’t really mean much, except that it means that I’m still here. My sister would have been 47 on November 24th but she died in February. The reminder of how fortunate I am, is always very close to my awareness. Every day brings whatever it brings and with it I suffer and I experience freedom and everything in between. The ‘I’ longs and yearns for so much, endures so much, creates so much, deludes with so much, imagines so much and desires so much. Yet it is only one aspect of the totality of our being.

There is so much more to who and what we are, if we only allow ourselves to open up to a self that is beyond identity.

But I don’t want to suggest that we should ignore the I aspect of our entity. In fact I want to suggest that you embrace your I. So how the hell do we do that ? By acknowledging and feeling everything. See the ugliness of your life and feel it. See the fear in your life and feel it. See the beauty in your life and feel it. See the anxiety in your life and feel it. See the physical and emotional pain in your life and feel it. See the desire in your life and feel it – letting it take you where it wants and learn from what it creates. See the aspirations and dreams of your life and feel what is at their core and what you experience as you chase them. See your relationships exactly as they are and feel everything that comes with them. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

You are this being experiencing the I and all the drama that comes with it. So don’t deny it, run away from it or suppress it. Let it live.

One way to understand the I of your existence is to reflect on it through exploration. Ask yourself questions. Feel and hear the answers. What is the tone of your life right now ? Positive or negative or both ?What are the dominant emotions that are at play in your life on a regular basis ? What themes dominate your life or describe what your experiencing now ? And why do they seem to be playing out right now ?

Sometimes its worth stepping back and seeing your life like a work of art – a novel say. Look at it like a giant story full of smaller stories. Full of dramas, plots, themes, archetypes, people, places, situations/events, tragedies, comedies, births, deaths, sacrifices, initiations and rebirths. Don’t judge, just look. See, recognise, learn and accept. This is the journey of your I and everything has value. Value now and value later. Value to you and value to others. Value to everything that will ever be.


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