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An Introduction to Conjoined Space – An ETs Radical Perspective on Reality

I dedicate this post to Sandor and Frédéric for your continued support of an ordinary man, on the other side of the world ! Your kindness means worlds to me ! Thank you ! 😉


I’ve mentioned the concept of Conjoined Space a number of times now but haven’t actually had the time to explain what it is. So this post is a basic introduction to the concept.

Conjoined Space is a term that was introduced to me by the ET I publicly refer to as Dude. My discussion with Dude about this subject came about as a result of several conversations that we had about the human idea of parallel universes and parallel lives. A more detailed exploration of this subject happened after January 19th this year, when I experienced a set of events that brought about the darkest period of my life (While my sister was dying of brain tumours. These events overshadowed her death the following month). Dude and I have now had about 20 hours of conversation about this subject and I have found every single conversation to be both exhilarating and deeply confronting. This will be the first time I’ve spoken in any detail about the subject and I am unsure if have the capacity to translate and summarise all that I’ve learned. You may find the subject very confusing and equally confronting. But you may not. Particularly if I can convey the essence of what I have been taught. Be warned, this concept is completely at odds with anything you or I are probably familiar with and contradicts many spiritual traditions. It is also far more complex than anything man has created. (Though of course mathematicians would disagree with this !)

Before I begin let me suggest that after you read this post, you listen this TSM (, this TSM (

and read this post (, for a more detailed understanding of the nature of the self and the nature of space. It’s also important that you understand that while I’ll be talking about what I think of as a concept – a set of ideas; this is reality as Dude and his people the Muajra have come to understand it. Such an understanding of reality is shared by many other Creator Races (with their own individual variations) but may not be something that is completely accessible – in terms of understanding and applications, by other races that are less developed. Many of the human like ETs may understand this concept but have little ability to apply it, as the Creator Races do.

I’m going to keep this as simple as I can.

Conjoined Space…Conjoined Space (CS) is the space that is connected to an original space. In the case of a human being, one life creates other lives – what we ordinarily think of as parallel lives existing in parallel universes. A new life is created by strong emotion and may emerge as a new life having just been conceived in utero, or more often as an older life at the same age. In the case where a new life is created that splits off at the exact same age, everything in that conjoined space is an exact copy, except for a small number of variations. For each copy of a copy, there is greater variation from the original, such that the later copies bear little resemblance to the original life. It might seem logical that there is an infinite number of CS’s and new lives but they are actually finite. Dude tells me that on average a person might experience about 1200 other lives. Now please note, I am not talking about new incarnations (as in reincarnations), I am talking about 1200 other lives splitting off an original life. There may be many incarnations, each with 1200 other lives splitting off. One implication of this is that when an original life dies, some other lives die. Or when other lives dies, some lives still continue. Such that the greater you of that single incarnation, can be both living and dead at the same time.

Let me give introduce a few metaphors to help you understand. Primarily because the way that this actually is, may be impossible for us to comprehend. Dude taught me through metaphors and it’s the only way I can get my head around it. So it seems natural that I should convey things in the same way.

Take a circle which represents the original life which exists in space. Now add a circle slightly off centre, which represents a new life. Now add another circle slightly off centre, which represents another new life and so on. The total space of all the circles is the total of all of the lives added together. Each life shares a CS but only a portion of it – lets call that CSX1, CSX2, CSX3 etc. Alternatively imagine all of the circles in 3D as a vertical spring, where each section of the spring represents a new life. If you look at them from above, now matter how distorted, they are all connected to the section at the bottom. Now a final metaphor. My son plays the game Minecraft, in which he is able to use pixel bricks to build a world. Minecraft has seed worlds that generate random worlds. A player can enter a basic seed world and then create what they want and collect chickens and pigs, be hunted by bad guys and play with fellow players. If the player wants, he can clone a seed world and everything in that world is copied, except for what he has gained since it was created. Imagine then that a seed world is an original life. That life can be cloned at any point after it has begun developing, copying everything. In this instance it also copies what was gained by game play. When the player enters that new world, he enters it as it is but does not experience it’s history. In other words he experiences that world as it is, complete with his perception of it’s history but it’s history did not actually exist – it did not take place for that player. The world simply formed from what was. It was cloned from something previously that experienced it’s own history. So, in this metaphor each new world builds on the conjoined space of the previous world. Follow ?

The idea then that there are parallel universes and parallel lives, is a misnomer. Because that implies that that universe has some overlapping history that goes all the way back to the beginning. Dude is suggesting that it isn’t like that. Reality begins at a point when the new space copied is almost but not quite, similar to the old space but without any direct history.

What I am still confused about is what happens when a new life/conjoined space begins that represents a younger age. I’ll have to leave explaining that aspect till a later date.

Remember Dude’s Fourth Maxim : Time does not exist. There is only space. So it appears that space replicates itself endlessly. Slices of space are all connected, in what we perceive of as time. CS represents a kind of variation in how space ordinarily replicates and as a result, how we perceive time.

So at this point, you might be wondering a number of things. Am I experiencing my original life or a conjoined life ? How do each of my incarnations connect to one another and to each other’s Conjoined Spaces ? Can I consciously create another life or another CS in which I can create something ? Can I be aware of the other lives that are connected to this one ? Among other questions. Dude has told me that it is almost impossible for humans to be aware of these other lives because of the limitations of our perceptions. But he’s been teaching me how to experience some degree of awareness. Total awareness of all our other lives is impossible. I sense that if we were aware of these other lives, it maybe almost impossible to function because of the direct interruption to our almost seamless, linear sense of reality. Remember my comments about how CS may not be completely accessible to lesser developed ETs. It’s an understanding of reality, that I sense represents the highest levels of development and the fact that these highly developed races are able to create all manner of spaces, souls and life forms (see my videos/posts about my encounters with the Teal’hia); may reflect their deep understanding of Conjoined Spaces.

You may remember Dude’s earlier comment :

“If as you believe when you die you create things with your mind, what is this mind that creates ? Does it occupy it’s own space or does it occupy another space – a larger space or a smaller space and where does that space reside ?”

In this comment I think Dude was prodding me to remember that mind is ultimately unconstrained. In view of our conversations about CS, I think he was suggesting that mind is the creator of space (but I suspect his definition of mind is different to ours) and that mind creates endless space in life and in death. For example, the afterlife doesn’t exist as a space that is separate from the space we experience in life, it is just another form or experience of space. The apparent separation is merely an illusion. I believe then that Dude is in agreement with the mythical Buddha – that the mind creates the world. Which of course goes against modern physics and all a priori / causation philosophies, which suggest the world has to exist first for mind to arise.

I believe that CS presents us with a way of understanding all manner of so called metaphysical phenomenon – including : parallel lives, some parallel worlds, Déjà vu (, Jamais vu, Presque vu, Déjà entendu, Déjà vécu, some experiences of bi and multilocation and many forms of intuition. And a way of ultimately understanding the cosmos and life itself.

The hardest thing for Dude and many of the ETs is to translate what they know into something that makes sense to us. As I’ve often said before, it’s almost as if Dude has to dumb things down for me (and the other humans he interacts with), so that things are accessible. Sometimes that means he has to shave details off an insight, so that I get the essence of what he’s talking about. It may well be that the entirety of a thing is beyond my comprehension. So he has to understand what I am able to understand and the implications of sharing things with me. I suspect he shared the concept of CS with me for at least three reasons. First, he wanted to give me a way of understanding this unfathomable event that happened on January 19th. Second, he wanted me to share some of what I learn, so that others could begin thinking about reality in a completely different way. In time I will try to write more extensively about the subject and plan on including it in the first ET interview book. Third, he wanted me to heal my tumours and create a long healthy life, whether it’s the same life or another one.

My understanding of CS is as yet very poor. I see a lot of connections between this view of reality, concepts like Holodynamics, Process Philosophy and Process Psychology and the teachings of Jane Robert’s Seth.

Dude is trying to teach me through theory and experience about the nature of reality and how live fully immersed in a greater experience of reality.

Today is the 10th anniversery of my diagnosis with a Renal Carcinoid Tumour. It’s been a long, exhausting and life affirming journey with tumours. But I’m still here. I believe that Dude is trying to help me to stay alive and to see beyond the limitations I have imposed on myself and the limitations that human belief systems have imposed on all of us.

Who Controls the Discourse on ETs ?

A quick question for you. It appears to me that white men are the one’s who write most of the books/make most of the podcasts on ETs/Aliens/UFOs. And a very specific age bracket in that group. Why is that ? Why this bracket of the human population ? I think there are very good reasons. What’s your guess ? PS. Last I checked I was white ! 😉

Robbie Graham – A Breath of Fresh Air !

There are very few people I believe have something of great value to contribute to the whole discourse of UFOs and ETs ! Robbie Graham is one of them ! In the following talks Robbie uses his voice of reason to lift the discourse on UFOs and ETs to a more mature and realistic level. In his talks and books, Robbie tackles the vast plethora of disinformation that has been engineered into the UFO/ET field, takes a shot at the recent preoccupation with Alien Disclosure and counters many of the cultural misunderstandings and delusions that people have about the subject. Robbie seems like a genuinely nice guy, with plenty of balls and common sense !

Good on ya Robbie !


TSM132 : An ET View of Human Contact

In this early evening walk n talk, I step back and try and take an ET view of Human Contact. One of my great frustrations with the entire field of UFOology/ET contact is the myopic view that so many people have, in which they create a good ET vs bad ET dichotomy or a dystopian view of the cosmos. In this talk, I try and counter a little of that with common sense (which obviously ain’t so common !).

Enjoy !


Human-ET Contact Interactomes

A question for you !

An interactome is a concept that I am bastardizing from this concept in molecular biology ( to this : An interactome is any set of interactions that occur between two organism, in any given space of any size. So in the case of a Human-ET interactions, lets imagine that space to be something in which we humans can see an organism in the macroscale range. In other words between micro and very big. I am not talking about the interaction between your adrenal cells and a galaxy, I’m talking about the interaction between you, the body human you know and an ET and the body it knows.

So, describe the appearance of a potential Human-ET Interactome ?

If you can describe this in some way individually or collectively, then you’ll have figured out how to initiate ET contact and maintain a relationship with the ETs !

Good luck !

How Do We Know About ETs ?

Hey folks, have been very busy. Sorry about not responding to comments. Will do soon !

I thought I’d throw something at you for you to ponder. According to Wikipedia                 (,

“People have used many methods to try to gain knowledge.

  1. By participation.
  2. By acquisition.
  3. By reason and logic (perhaps in cooperation with others, using logical argument).
  4. By mathematical proof.
  5. By the scientific method.
  6. By the trial and error method.
  7. By applying an algorithm.
  8. By learning from experience.
  9. By intuition (getting them from the subconscious).
  10. By an argument from authority, which could be from religious, literary, political, philosophical or scientific authorities.
  11. By listening to the testimony of witnesses.
  12. By observing the world in its “natural state”; seeing how the world operates without performing any experiments.
  13. By acquiring knowledge that is embedded in one’s language, culture, or traditions.
  14. By dialogical enquiry (conversation). See Gadamer, Bohm, Habermas, Freire, on dialogue, learning and knowledge acquisition/negotiation:
  15. By some claimed form of enlightenment following a period of meditation. (For example, the Buddhist enlightenment known as bodhi)
  16. By some claimed form of divine illumination, prayer or revelation from a divine agency.
  17. By direct perception (examples: Gibson‘s theory of vision, Sufi theory of learning[1]). ” 

I wonder how we might use and have used these categories in our quest to know about ETs and what other as yet unused categories we might use to know about ETs ? If you think about it logically, we have a great deal to learn about ETs by looking at the many different ways that we as a species aquire knowledge and learn. At present we are nestled in a set of ways of knowing that are peculiar to our species. (Partly that’s because we have 5 primary senses that influence how we percieve reality.) We think they are the only ways of knowing and the ones that offer us the best opportunities to learn. But whilst that is true, they may well be our greatest limitations. Remember Dude’s comments about one of our greatest limitations being our acceptance of so called natural laws like gravity ! Perhaps the same is true for how we acquire knowledge and learn. And if that’s true, imagine then how little we actually know about reality and within that everything that is extraterrestrial.

I wonder how else we might aquire knowledge of the world without and the world within and how that might change how we might percieve beings from elsewhere.


What is Space ?

Over the years Dude has educated me on all manner of subjects. Some time ago we began speaking about the nature of space and more recently conjoined space (which I promise I’ll discuss soon).

Once during our discussion about space, I asked Dude to explain the fundamental nature of space and rather than explain it in a scientific kind of way (which he critiqued as a limited human way of understanding), he explained space to me this way :

“Space is whatever it is allowed to be. Whatever the life force allows it to be. Whatever the energy of a place or the mind allows it to be. Watever it desires its self to be.”

Later he asked me :

“If as you believe when you die you create things with your mind, what is this mind that creates ? Does it occupy it’s own space or does it occupy another space – a larger space or a smaller space and where does that space reside ?”

Rachel had once told me that when she was a teenager, Dude suggested to her :

“Space is the interior absolute, except when it’s programmed to be the exterior.”

I asked her about ‘programmed’ and she said she quizzed Dude about that and he explained that space changes how it does things when it needs to. Not that it is programmed by anyone. Remember this was in about 1980 when IT language was basic and uncommon. So it has nothing to do with us living in a hologram or giant computer program.

If you think about it, what Dude said to the two of us is very similar. Bearing in mind that Dude talks in a way that is most relevant to the person he’s commuicating with.

Some of you might remember me paraphrasing Ramana Maharshi’s comments about the Self, with the comment :

“What is it that is asking ‘what am I ?’ ?”

Those of you who have explored this will understand that the I, is not what you think it is and is something far mor expansive and less definable than you might have previously believed. If you reach a well explored intellectual understanding of this statement or the point of experiencing the felt perspective of the answer, you’ll see that the answer leads back to what Dude has hinted at.

So rather than saying any more about what Dude meant, let me suggest you reflect on what his words might mean. The only thing I would add, is it would be best to abandon ALL preconceptions about the nature of space. Especially ideas like quantum cosmology, string theory, fundamental particles, M-Branes, holograms etc. I believe that we humans are barking up the wrong tree.  It would also pay to remember Dude’s Maxim Number 4 “Time does not exist. There is only space.”.

When Shit Hits the Fan…Kaboom !

When I posted my retelling of my January 19th, 2011 encounter with the Teal’hia and the Sar’Won’Dee, I mentioned being shown a series of global events that will happen in our collective future. At the time I didn’t fully understand the context of what I was shown and I was never actually told, “this will happen on this date”. I was merely shown trigger events to watch for. I watched global events very carefully from that point onwards and at a certain point I thought events were falling into place and what I was shown was just around the corner.  The whole thing made me very uncomfortable and so I reluctantly posted the following video.



A few months later I took the video down because I realised that I was wrong and I felt like an idiot scaring people needlessly and putting my neck on the line for nothing. I was also ravaged by malicious people who seemed to take delight in criticising me. Several encounters later I gained more insight into what I was shown and have had my ass kicked gently by Dude, who encourage me to lighten up. I’m not as yet prepared to discuss what I learned and how what I learned changed how I understand events and what I was shown but what I can say is the following. It seems that in one paralell life (reality) (or part of conjoined pace) these events may yet have happened (as has my distant viewing of the election of Hillary Clinton, followed by a black female president). But in this paralell life (part of conjoined space) they have not yet happened.

I’m posting the video now, only for a limited time, so that you can take note of what I was shown, just in case things continue to unfold in the direction I was shown. I’m only concerned now because of the way that things are currently heating up in the middle east and between the US-North Korea.

Now, at the time I remembered what I was shown, I spoke to my ex Rachel (who you will recall was involved in profiling the human future using poly-location (think bi-location) for a covert group in the UK) and Rachel felt that I was wrong. We’ve talked about it many times and I have come to the conclusion that either I remembered wrongly (which seems unlikely to me but not impossible given the intensity of the experience I had with them) or that she visited a different set of timelines, in which these events did not occur. Rachel had told me on numerous occasions that in her own work she often went back to the same time period and encountered different sets of events and different histories. Which seems to indicate to me that she was visiting subtly different paralell lives/timelines/conjoined spaces.

So, despite cautions from two people I greatly respect, I can’t let this go. Whenever I have spoken to the Teal’hia they have confirmed that these events are still in our collective future. But just what that means, I’m not sure. Perhaps I’ll discuss what else was explained to me at a later date but I’m not comfortable with that now. Maybe my fixation with this reflects more of my own apocryphal disposition, as I’ve suggested previously here : (ignore the improper address on this post), than a realistic unfolding of our current time line. But I’m going to take a risk and leave the video up for a little while because I am concerned.

Listen to it at your own peril ! In the mean time, I suggest you put whatever I have to say behind you and go back to enjoying life ! I may well be wrong !

A Better SETI

I’m going to bed in the next hour, so this will be a very brief post.

I’ve been thinking about the so called Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (which incidentally I think ought to be called Search for Human Intelligence – do we have any ?) and I wondered why we seem to have limited it to the micro waves, radio waves, x-rays and gamma rays. Why aren’t we putting more effort into scanning for ultraviolet waves or the visible light spectrum for random and regular bursts of energy, brief or sustained bursts of energy ? If plants use visible light (and other forms of energy) and we need visible light to survive, why wouldn’t some ETs consider communicating in the least exotic form of electromagnetic energy ? The one that is most universal and fundamental to life (as we know it).  We may also find that the use of visible light as a transmission mechanism, may have allready been encoded (think about how DNA works) in pigments that are widely distrbuted in plants (and flowers), algae and fungi.

In addition to this I wonder why we aren’t scanning for sound waves in various frequencies and amplitudes, as discrete short sounds or more complex sounds like pulses and melodies. Think about killer whales, dolphins and whales and how they communicate across cast distances and bats and moths and dolphins that use echolocation to build pictures and maps of the world around them.

And of course any search for intelligence elsewhere in the cosmos is limited by our own perception of the nature of reality and our own sense of what exists. Perhaps there are waves at either end of the electromagnetic spectrum that we have not yet discovered or developed technology for, that harbour worlds of communication and conversation.

Finally, we have in recent years become intoxicated with holographic explanations of reality (in which any volume of space can accommodate any volume of matter that we want – think Dr Who’s TARDIS – bigger on the inside and ET craft – also, often bigger on the inside). Why aren’t we looking in some way for ultra-compressed or ultra-expanded forms of energy that may contain huge amounts or small amounts of information, in discrete units of energy or structures like melodies and minimalist like repetitions.  Such information might not simply provide content but actually be able to create and change reality for the recipiant or initiate the transformation of some structure or process. Perhaps such information is already encoded in our own sun and in all suns, or in space itself ? Or at the heart of black holes and white holes ?

At present SETI is primarily focussed on – on off, binary signals. Signals that show something turning on and off. I wonder what SETI would look like if scientists tried to tune into a continuous conversation between minds and hearts in the cosmos. Or if SETI scientists did what I and others like myself do and tried to send messages of their own out into the cosmos using thought, feeling and intention. When you practice SETI in this way you move beyond on off/binary communication and move into relationships. That then, is real intelligence !

More reading here :

A Tumour Called Freedom Update

Hey folks, how’s life ???

Last month I had my latest Gallium 68 PET scan to find out exactly how my tumours are going. I made the video below on the day of my scan ! You can see the results in the pics below. The glowing or dark images are mostly tumours. My tumours have increased in size by about 55 % over the last 5 years. and now reach from my left adrenal gland to just above the Aortic bifurication. There are no tumours in any organs and several tumours seem to have dissapeared. Which is a good result from my perspective. But I still have tumours and they have grown and are now causing me considerable discomfort and secondary problems as a result of the hormones they secrete. The pressure on my Aorta is causing all kinds of circulation problems and is really very uncomfortable. I have to admit that I am a little tired of my tumours after almost 10 years.

Last week I visited my oncologist to begin planning my radiopeptide treatment and she surprised me by saying ‘I think you should have surgery’. I immediately had the most powerful visceral reaction that I’ve ever had and I told her so ! I then explained that I raised the issue with my former oncologist 5 years ago, who had said, ‘I don’t know anyone who would risk it !’. I showed her an old report that showed that my largest tumour is half wrapped around my descending Aorta and said that I thought the risk was too great and that I just didn’t want to have more surgery (as I’ve had 3 major surgeries and 2 minor surgeries already) as it has significantly effected my flexibility, mobility and quality of life. Anyway, we belted it around for a while and then she dragged in the Renal Surgeon, who said, ‘Yeah we could probably do that but there are significant risks’. Tell me about it ! Risks like dying, like injuring circulation to my legs or lower organs, like nicking a nerve and fucking up an organ ! So my oncologist was all for it and I was cold on the whole thing. The surgical team is going to discuss it this week but I will be saying no and plan on going ahead with radioactive Lutate Therapy.

I meet next week with my oncologist and an endocrinologist, to make a final decision and will probably meet with the Nuclear Medicine Radiologists the following week for final planning. That should mean treatment starts by mid February ! I’ll be so happy to see a start date !

I am otherwise much better than I was and am looking forward to taking my son down the coast for his 18th birthday and swimming in the ocean and snorkelling in some deep aquifers !

If you’d like to help with the fundraiser, you can do so here or via the tab on the right (which has smaller fees).

Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far !

I have started recording the How to Make ET contact audio but how long it takes will depend on my appointments and when treatment starts. Most of my projects are moving along very slowly right now, pending feeling OK and the result of treatment.

For my part, it’s no expectation, whatever happens happens !

Take care friends,

Bright. 😉



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