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Enjoying My Codpiece !

Hey folks, just to let you know that I’ve been feeling pretty shit after my last injection but am better than I was ! I’m having a short break while I focus on the Dude book (who the hell is Dude ? See the tab !). I’m slowly trolling back through some of the conversations I’ve had with him, to see what else I can add to the book.

On another note, Some of you will remember that one of the questions for the Dude interview was about Jesus. I’ve been very reluctant to include the answer to this in the book because of the impact that could have on my life and how it may impact on others, to whom Jesus and The Resurrection are important. But after much deliberation, I’ve decided that I will keep it in. It’s one of the longest answers in the book and includes information about The Crucifixion and the life of Jesus after Crucifixion.

Meanwhile, here’s a little heads up. Jesus died in his 70’s (76 if I recall correctly ?) of a weak heart one morning while he was sitting on his bed. Not with a bang but a whimper ! What Dude has to say about Jesus may not please Christians but it doesn’t take away from the importance the man or his legacy. It just demystifies the idea of the sacrificial Lamb of God. The real sacrifice was made by his apostle John, who is apparently still alive today (see my comments about Rachel’s experience with him, Ben Abba’s book on the subject and JJ Deweys books on the subject, among others.).

Keeping me company as I write the Dude book, has been the majestic and infamous trio of SILENCE, WIND and BIRDSONG and the music of  U2 and my favourite codpiece band, Manowar ! Another writers insight brought to you by Lord of the Monkey Mind !!!

Thanks to Frédéric for your ongoing support ! I dedicate the Agony and the Ecstasy of writing this book to you my friend, as you plough through the streets of Barcelona on the way to and from work and fly backwards and forwards over Europe working hard – providing for those you love ! When you’re next in Istanbul, have a beer or an ice cream for me ! Thanks, for everything ! 😉

PS. Has anyone ever worn a Codpiece ?



The Dude Interview in the Raw

Frédéric has bought it to my attention that not everyone knows that I have already shared some of the Dude interview here on the blog. For those who do not know, the links below are the raw unedited chapters I posted previously. They represent 40-50 % of the book. All work is copyrighted. Please feel free to read and share but don’t post the links on any other site. These links will only be up for a few more weeks.

Enjoy !

Bright. 😉

PS. If you’d like to support my work and help me financially while I heal from my illness, you can do so by making a donation via the tab on the top right hand side of the page. Thanks to all those people who have already supported me with donations and kind words. The final copy of this book and all contact materials will be available free to all those who have donated more than $50. You know who you are and I have a list of all my wonderful supporters ! Thanks again ! 😉

PSS. I am still taking questions for the Anamika interview and have yet to choose the final ones. You may post them here if you like !

An Extract From the Dude Interview and Conversation Book

Hey folks, how are y’all ? I’ve been a little out of sorts since having my 7th tumour treatment injection earlier in the week. Lots of hypoglycemia (glucose down as low as 2 some days !), severe stomach cramps, twitches, palpitations and diarrhoea. But I am otherwise well ! Things are usually worse around injection time but as the drug dissolves through the month, the side effects lighten up a little ! Here’s the needle that gets jabbed in my arse every month (below) ! Apparenty it’s worth $2,500 a shot ! Thank God most of it is subsidised ! Tell me that isn’t Big Pharma pulling a conjob ! I now have 7, 3 cm nodules from my jabs, that don’t seem to be going away ! One more year to see if it makes any real difference to my tumours ! Till then, you can call me Mr Lumpy Bum !


I’ve been working feverishly on trying to complete the Dude book. I’ve just about completed my 400 page poetry book – 1 poem to rewrite and then I can put all my energy into the Dude book ! You might recall that I decided to add some conversations to the original interview. I have had so many with Dude, that I didn’t know where to start. So for now I’ve narrowed it down to a small group of conversations. I may add more later. The problem with the conversations is that I have to transcribe them from my recordings and then type them up. So it takes a long time. I have 1 more question to complete the interview and then it’s complete. I’ve also added a section on Dude’s Maxims, Dude’s discovery of a strange world where perception influences reality in a very strange way, Dude’s leaf collection and lessons on the nature of the self . You can see the  draft contents page here : This will probably be re-arranged a little but it’s mostly how the book will look.

You can read the section on How ETs Interact Through Internal Spaces here : and see a basic diagram that goes with this section here : There maybe some errors in dates and so on. I have to check a bunch of stuff against my journals. I’ve also found some typos I haven’t had the chance to fix. This is just a draft, so please don’t post it anywhere else. It may change a little but this is the raw first draft.

For each of the conversations, I’ve included a small section on the context of each conversation. The context of this particular conversation may come across a little ‘me-ish’, a little ‘self centered’ and that was not my intention. But I don’t think the conversation would make much sense unless I explained the history of how I came to be interested in this subject and working with internal spaces and internal contact.

The conversations are literally the conversations I had with Dude. They follow a simple conversational style, much like a Platonic/Socratic Dialogue style in simple form ( / When ever I talk with Dude I often ask things I think I understand, just so that I am completely sure of what Dude is saying. Conversely Dude often checks in to make sure I understand him.

If you read the final book, you may notice that some of the things that Dude says in later conversations are slightly different to what he has said in earlier conversations. And that’s because he constantly adjusts his language and ideas to where I’m at. We also tend to mirror each others language, as happens with many people in conversations. You’ll remember from the interview that Dude modifies his language to every person he speaks with. There are times when I’ve seen him speak very formally and politely to other people and then he acts like a complete scallywag when he speaks with me ! That’s just how he is. He’s a master of adaptation ! Which is one of the reasons he’s considered a great diplomat among his people and why he has the role he has working with humans on Earth !

When I started with this idea of interviewing Dude, I never envisioned a book. But then I quickly I realised it’s significance. It was only after I had finished 3/4 of the interview, that it occurred to me that some of the conversations that we’d had might make a useful addition. For a while I thought maybe I should put them in a separate book but I then realised that they actually complement many of the things that were raised in the interview.

I think the book will be about 200 pages in size 11 font. I’ll be using a similar format when I write-up the Anamika (Teal’hia) book.

This particular extract will go well with the things I’ve said about internal world contact and conjoined space. If you haven’t read or heard any of this information, this conversation may not make much sense.

I’m curious to see what you make of it !

I’ve yet to decide on how to publish the book. Whether I go solo or try to find a publisher. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. But if you know of any good publishing houses that cover this subject, feel free to let me know. I’m going to be very fastidious about who I publish it with, if I go down that path. No one that’s published anything on abduction or archons – that kind of crap !

PS. I have been wondering if I should change Dude’s public name. I have reasons I don’t want to use his real name that I can’t reveal (in too much detail). I’ve stuck with Dude because it was the first thing to pop into my head and because it’s convenient. It seems that perhaps some people think that the whole thing is a deliberate joke. Which of course it’s not ! I don’t know if anyone will take a book about an ET called Dude seriously. So what are your thoughts ? Dude or someone else ? In the novel I’m writing Dude assumes the name of Frank. As many of you know, I also use the name Anamika for my Teal’hia friend, as a cover name for her real name. But in writing about all the other ETs, I have and will in future, be using their real names. I have a soft spot for these two people and want to keep a little privacy for myself !


How Many ET Races are Visiting Earth ?

I dedicate this post to Sandor from the UK/Hungary (?) and Frédéric from Spain/Switzerland, for your ongoing support, encouragement and kindness ! It is my wish that I give you something of value in return ! Thanks for reaching out as often as you do and making my life a little more comfortable and for making the world a better place !

* **

Many of you have heard different people talk about how many ET races are visiting Earth and you’ve seen so-called alien encyclopedias – none of which I have seen have anything to do with reality ! You may have heard Clifford Stone suggest that when he was working in covert projects, they had documented 57 ET races and I’ve indicated that Rachel has told me that in the late 80’s that figure was up to 63 ET races.

I’ve spoken many times to Dude about other ETs and life on his planet. He has a kind of cosmic encyclopedia of an absolutely huge number of life forms. It’s kind of like a book in what we would think of as holographic form but it also includes thousands of drawings that he’s done during his travels (you maybe surprised to hear that Dude is a very competent artist !). He can access it from anywhere at any time and now and then he shows it to a human. His book can also be accessed via his sentient craft and that’s how I first came to see it. Dude has allowed certain people in the lower arms of The Architecture to look at parts of the book. Dude often presents these same groups with a file he has prepared on a new race. Because humans only get to know what the ETs want them to know.

So, it might seem a bit strange to you, to know that I have never asked Dude exactly how many ET races are visiting Earth. I’ve asked him how many individual ETs are visiting Earth but not how many races are visiting Earth. This morning when I was out on my walk I did just that. Dude is in Paris today meeting a bunch of people and then he has a trip planned to visit a particular botanical region that he hasn’t visited in 400 years. Whenever I speak to him, this is a typical response I get – that he’s doing this or that work, has this or that meeting with humans or ETs, is going home for a little while and has some recreation planned when his work is done.

Dude was very happy to provide me with an answer and surprised that I didn’t remember asking him the question previously ! So what follows is a summary of what was a very brief conversation on the subject.

Currently there are 365 individual ET races visiting Earth. That number changes frequently. A year ago, there were 347. Some in the lower arms of The Architecture know of the 365 but have only documented 112. 112 is the number humans have documented !  That’s more than double the figure from about 30 years ago ! Dude suggests that they will never document more than 150 races and the reason is because the other races do not want humans to know about their presence. The reasons for that are :

  • They do not want human interference in their activities.
  • They want to go about their work quietly without human interaction.
  • They do not wish to have to justify or explain what they are doing.
  • Some of them are here only for a short time. Not long enough to attract any attention. Maybe for a day, maybe for a year.

Their desire for privacy has nothing to do with invading our perceived sovereignty or having insidious intentions or agendas. We humans make a mess of nearly everything ! It makes perfect sense to me for them to go about their business without us getting in the way or us being effected. Remembering that many ETs can manifest as anything, see everything and move around us out of phase and/or invisible, We could have a dozen races profiling a family or a community or a township, without us having a single clue that they’re there. If they want to remain unknown they can do so in an instant. So perhaps sometimes that’s what individual races need to do. It doesn’t mean we should imply from that, that they are up to know good ! You don’t tell you’re friends of family when you’re masturbating or what you write in your journal and you don’t tell your boss of your colleagues about every little thing that you do as part of your work. It’s difficult to make a comparison here but hopefully you see my point. We have to be careful what we project onto the ETs. They have a desire for privacy for perfectly valid reasons. If they were up to know good – A. They wouldn’t be allowed off their own planet and B. They wouldn’t be allowed to roam free and do what they’re doing on our planet !

When I asked Dude about the variation in the number of ET visitors, he suggested at one point that the largest number of ET races to have ever visited, was about 3 million years ago, when there were 1,646 ET races visiting Earth. He explained that the number was significantly higher because many of them were interacting with a previous, more developed human race. The race I suspect who is associated with Number 1 (

So that’s what I’ve been told about how many ET races are visiting Earth. It’s up to you to decide what you think.

Where’s the Cat At ? An Update and More on Conjoined Space.

11892083_1489166314727423_1367369840135170138_nHey folks, just to let you know – I haven’t fallen off my perch yet ! Life has been very busy these past few weeks and I’ve not been well !

My tumour treatment has been causing significant side effects this last month and severe hypoglycemia has been making my life very uncomfortable. In 2 months I have my first impact scan, to see if my tumours have stopped growing. Although the treatment has been a pain in the ass (literally as well) and I’ve had 10 days of testing in hospital, I’m confident that the treatment and the changes in how I function that I’ve been trying to integrate, will have made an impact. Dude has encouraged me to continue treatment for 18 months, to give everything time for my tumours to shrink. So, despite my reluctance to have treatment, I’ll continue with it. For the last 2 years, I’ve been encouraged to consider that my attitude to treatment is what makes the greatest difference and not the treatment itself !

At 2 am last Saturday, our hot water system burst and water went everywhere. I discovered that it was 31 years old (they usually only last 10 years) and had been leaking into the floor boards and the underside of the house had rotted so bad that it was ready to collapse – which means I have to restump several areas and put some new floor boards in, which is a mammoth job I loath doing !  We couldn’t see the leak because it was hidden against a wall. So, after a day of hocking off a few personal items, I raked up $1,200 and as of tonight we have a new hot water system installed. The electrician will be here tomorrow to connect the electrical side of things. I can do it myself but it’s one of those things you need a pro to do – just in case you stuff it up or you need to make a warranty claim ! So after 6 days of stinkiness, we’re both hanging out for a good bath !

Last week my laptop died, for a reason that is beyond me ! It doesn’t seem to be the battery and I think it was some sort of attack. So I’m currently using my iPad – which I’ll be stuck with, unless my son can fix my lap top – which seems doubtful. I have a 10 year old lap top that I maybe able to crank up. But alas, shit happens !

As a result of my lap top’s premature death, I haven’t had the ability to edit any TSMs and little opportunity to write. I have a few more TSMs to post when I get them edited and am likely to make a couple more next week.

IMG_4594On the up side, yesterday I celebrated Falcon Who Soars Day (which is the 10th anniversary since I had surgery to remove my left kidney and my primary tumour – 2 months after my diagnosis). My son and a friend and I burnt a giant horned effigy of yours truly ! And it was fucking awesome ! Falcon Who Soars is a Native American name that was given to me after my initial diagnosis and it’s a name I’ve honoured in lots of different ways. Burning an 8 foot effigy of yourself, saying prayers and giving thanks to all those who have helped you to stay alive, is a wonderful life affirming ritual, that I thoroughly enjoyed ! Next month I’ll be doing the same thing for my son – who is affectionately known as Storm Boy (after he was born in a wild lightning storm and I saw lightning enter his body the night before heart surgery when he was 3 days old) !


This week my son is playing the role of the Mad Hatter in a school musical production ofAlice in Wonderland. He previously had to decline a role as the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera,  in a local youth theatre group production (because we live too far away). So he is very excited about going crazy as the Mad Hatter ! He’s had a really bad cough for the last 6 weeks and I’m a little concerned about how well he’ll be on opening night (given he has 3 shows that day !). But like most parents, I am very proud of him and can’t wait to see the show !

Over the course of the last month, I’ve had several more conversations with Dude about Conjoined Space ( and I’ve had a dozen or so Conjoined Space (multiverse/parallel lives) experiences that have at the time, really fucked with my head. It’s getting to the point where I’m experiencing at least one event per week. Dude has warned me that I have another 12 months or so of this ahead of me. He’s introduced me to a concept he calls Emotional Recharge. This occurs when significant emotion from one life, creates a certain level of energy that then pushes into a Conjoined Space, opening awareness in that other life of the first life. Apparently there are events unfolding in at least one of these other lives, that are effecting several lives. Most of these events are good in nature but I am unsure if they are global or personal. And truthfully, I have no idea why I’ve been experiencing so many of them since about September last year. These events have also been effecting two other people I’m close to, so it’s not like they’re just happening in my head ! I just happen to be the only one who has taken the time to investigate and document what’s been happening. But I can admit that if it wasn’t for Dude, I would have no idea what’s going on ! It really has been that confronting ! Everything I have come to believe about reality has been turned on its head !

The truth is, back in January-February, prior to my sister dying, this nearly pushed me over the edge. But now that I have some understanding of what has been happening (some ?), I feel much less threatened by the extreme high strangeness !

Imagine, for example, how you would cope if you saw two versions of reality opening up in front of you ! That’s what I experienced a few days ago, when two events occurred. One in my dreams that later manifested in waking life and one in waking life, in which I literally saw two copies of the same vehicle with my son and his mother moving in two different places; while ironically I was walking in the paddock talking to Dude about some of the weirder aspects of Conjoined Space, from what I later realised was Dude in a different Conjoined Space.

It’s as if awareness has the ability to see into many lives at once. All of reality arising in the self.

As far as I can tell, this phenomenon I’ve been experiencing, began in 1995 or 1996, when I witnessed the first of 6 animals come back to life (what I later referred to as the Lazarus Effect). Perhaps it didn’t really begin then but I began to become aware of it then. It seems that the sorts of things I’ve been experiencing recently, have come into my awareness on and off for the last decade or so but I’ve wondered if maybe they’ve always been there, I just didn’t notice them. Imagine in one Conjoined Space there are 5 cups and in another 6 cups in a dinner set. One day you have 5 and the next you have 6 ! Unless you were paying attention, you’d probably miss it ! It’s that easy to miss such subtle differences. Differences that may represent different Conjoined Spaces.

One thing that occurred to me a while back was this. If there are a finite number of Conjoined Spaces (parallel lives) (Dude suggests that the average person has about           1, 200), then it’s possible that there are other yous living in ways that maybe more appealing to the you that is living in this conjoined space. Think about that for a minute !

There maybe another you free of the problems that are part of this conjoined space ! Another you that has fully realised what is within ! Another you that didn’t fuck up your last relationship ! Another you that didn’t lose a child at birth ! Another you that is only slightly different to you here now ! Another you that chose the left hand path (the road less taken) !  Think for one minute about the implications of such possibilities ! The implications are truly profound !

Some of you may remember Dude’s discovery of a world like no other (  / I had previously been told that “they  found a planet that was not previously known to exist in a particular region of space”/  “they cannot however figure out how the solar system has appeared, where once there was nothing” / “that somewhere in the vast records of the great collective, there must be a record of the ancient race that created this world and its people.” At a certain point Dude informed me that the collective did have knowledge of a particular ancient Creator Race that was likely to have created this race but he himself was unsure as to its exact origins because he could find anything that had been left behind. But he and his people were able to go back and actually trace/relive its origins. What perplexed me at first was Dude’s claim “that it was not previously known to exist in a particular region of space” and now I think I understand what he was getting at. What he meant was that this planet and its solar system did not exist in a particular space – a particular conjoined space. But somehow it has moved from another conjoined space into this one. One way to think about this is to imagine that there are a 100 bubbles in a field. And each one has 9 bubbles behind it. You know who lives in each of the 1000 bubbles but suddenly a new bubble appears on the scene and you have no idea who lives in it. And appearing slowly behind the bubble is another 9 bubbles, about which you know nothing of their inhabitants. This world seems to have arisen in a conjoined space that was not known to exist (at least by the Muajra).

I really feel like I am on the first page of a very long book about the nature of reality. Conjoined Space is just one of Dude’s explanations for how things are. And I have no idea just how much weirder his or any of the other ETs explanations of reality are going to get. Nor the experiences that seem to be occurring in my life. It’s almost as if Dude is introducing me to new explanations about the nature of reality, as different experiences begin to develop in my life. Like the two of them go together ! Here’s the theory and now here’s an example !

Some days I truly wish I could go back to knowing the little that I knew in the late 80s’. But life continues. And I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have had the life that I’ve had ! Life is truly amazing !

What’s My Purpose ?

For those of you who are struggling to find your purpose, this is what Dude said when I asked him one of your questions a few years ago. You can read the remainder of his answer here :

Does every one, every living being, whether that be a person, plant, animal, thing with asoul, have a purpose in the life that they’re currently in ?

The purpose of any living thing is to live and to experience the life force in any way that it chooses to manifest itself. These ideas that humans have that there is some sort of divine purpose, they are mere fictions created by you, to help make sense of life. There is no need for a purpose. You did not come into life to full fill any kind of purpose and yet all your major religions talk of some sort of purpose. It isn’t true that there is a purpose that drives your existence – whether it is your life in your physical form or your life outside of the physical form. Everyone who speaks of purpose is speaking of something else, other than what your life is. You are what you are. Your life is what it is. It doesn’t need to fulfil any kind of becoming, any kind of unstated or known or unconscious purpose. These things that you say are purpose, they are things that help you to feel better about all the uncertainties that life throws up to you. When you have a sense of some grand purpose for your life, it is much easier to endure the hardship and the meaningless of existence. Once again, expectation ! You see life as something that should have an outcome. Your outcomes drive your desires and what you desire more than anything is to believe that this life that you are living is driven by some ultimate goal, some other thing, other than merely existing. You cannot grasp, that life isn’t a thing that is driven by an outcome, it is the outcome – whatever arises. And so it needs no purpose. If you say it has purpose, this is merely a projection of your own weaknesses because you don’t like to see that life is what you make it, regardless of whatever the driving force for your existence in the body. There is no grand purpose to your existing in this life or in any other, other than your one and true aim – which is to experience being what you are. You may not see that but it is true.

An Introduction to Conjoined Space – An ETs Radical Perspective on Reality

I dedicate this post to Sandor and Frédéric for your continued support of an ordinary man, on the other side of the world ! Your kindness means worlds to me ! Thank you ! 😉


I’ve mentioned the concept of Conjoined Space a number of times now but haven’t actually had the time to explain what it is. So this post is a basic introduction to the concept.

Conjoined Space is a term that was introduced to me by the ET I publicly refer to as Dude. My discussion with Dude about this subject came about as a result of several conversations that we had about the human idea of parallel universes and parallel lives. A more detailed exploration of this subject happened after January 19th this year, when I experienced a set of events that brought about the darkest period of my life (While my sister was dying of brain tumours. These events overshadowed her death the following month). Dude and I have now had about 20 hours of conversation about this subject and I have found every single conversation to be both exhilarating and deeply confronting. This will be the first time I’ve spoken in any detail about the subject and I am unsure if have the capacity to translate and summarise all that I’ve learned. You may find the subject very confusing and equally confronting. But you may not. Particularly if I can convey the essence of what I have been taught. Be warned, this concept is completely at odds with anything you or I are probably familiar with and contradicts many spiritual traditions. It is also far more complex than anything man has created. (Though of course mathematicians would disagree with this !)

Before I begin let me suggest that after you read this post, you listen this TSM (, this TSM (

and read this post (, for a more detailed understanding of the nature of the self and the nature of space. It’s also important that you understand that while I’ll be talking about what I think of as a concept – a set of ideas; this is reality as Dude and his people the Muajra have come to understand it. Such an understanding of reality is shared by many other Creator Races (with their own individual variations) but may not be something that is completely accessible – in terms of understanding and applications, by other races that are less developed. Many of the human like ETs may understand this concept but have little ability to apply it, as the Creator Races do.

I’m going to keep this as simple as I can.

Conjoined Space…Conjoined Space (CS) is the space that is connected to an original space. In the case of a human being, one life creates other lives – what we ordinarily think of as parallel lives existing in parallel universes. A new life is created by strong emotion and may emerge as a new life having just been conceived in utero, or more often as an older life at the same age. In the case where a new life is created that splits off at the exact same age, everything in that conjoined space is an exact copy, except for a small number of variations. For each copy of a copy, there is greater variation from the original, such that the later copies bear little resemblance to the original life. It might seem logical that there is an infinite number of CS’s and new lives but they are actually finite. Dude tells me that on average a person might experience about 1200 other lives. Now please note, I am not talking about new incarnations (as in reincarnations), I am talking about 1200 other lives splitting off an original life. There may be many incarnations, each with 1200 other lives splitting off. One implication of this is that when an original life dies, some other lives die. Or when other lives dies, some lives still continue. Such that the greater you of that single incarnation, can be both living and dead at the same time.

Let me give introduce a few metaphors to help you understand. Primarily because the way that this actually is, may be impossible for us to comprehend. Dude taught me through metaphors and it’s the only way I can get my head around it. So it seems natural that I should convey things in the same way.

Take a circle which represents the original life which exists in space. Now add a circle slightly off centre, which represents a new life. Now add another circle slightly off centre, which represents another new life and so on. The total space of all the circles is the total of all of the lives added together. Each life shares a CS but only a portion of it – lets call that CSX1, CSX2, CSX3 etc. Alternatively imagine all of the circles in 3D as a vertical spring, where each section of the spring represents a new life. If you look at them from above, now matter how distorted, they are all connected to the section at the bottom. Now a final metaphor. My son plays the game Minecraft, in which he is able to use pixel bricks to build a world. Minecraft has seed worlds that generate random worlds. A player can enter a basic seed world and then create what they want and collect chickens and pigs, be hunted by bad guys and play with fellow players. If the player wants, he can clone a seed world and everything in that world is copied, except for what he has gained since it was created. Imagine then that a seed world is an original life. That life can be cloned at any point after it has begun developing, copying everything. In this instance it also copies what was gained by game play. When the player enters that new world, he enters it as it is but does not experience it’s history. In other words he experiences that world as it is, complete with his perception of it’s history but it’s history did not actually exist – it did not take place for that player. The world simply formed from what was. It was cloned from something previously that experienced it’s own history. So, in this metaphor each new world builds on the conjoined space of the previous world. Follow ?

The idea then that there are parallel universes and parallel lives, is a misnomer. Because that implies that that universe has some overlapping history that goes all the way back to the beginning. Dude is suggesting that it isn’t like that. Reality begins at a point when the new space copied is almost but not quite, similar to the old space but without any direct history.

What I am still confused about is what happens when a new life/conjoined space begins that represents a younger age. I’ll have to leave explaining that aspect till a later date.

Remember Dude’s Fourth Maxim : Time does not exist. There is only space. So it appears that space replicates itself endlessly. Slices of space are all connected, in what we perceive of as time. CS represents a kind of variation in how space ordinarily replicates and as a result, how we perceive time.

So at this point, you might be wondering a number of things. Am I experiencing my original life or a conjoined life ? How do each of my incarnations connect to one another and to each other’s Conjoined Spaces ? Can I consciously create another life or another CS in which I can create something ? Can I be aware of the other lives that are connected to this one ? Among other questions. Dude has told me that it is almost impossible for humans to be aware of these other lives because of the limitations of our perceptions. But he’s been teaching me how to experience some degree of awareness. Total awareness of all our other lives is impossible. I sense that if we were aware of these other lives, it maybe almost impossible to function because of the direct interruption to our almost seamless, linear sense of reality. Remember my comments about how CS may not be completely accessible to lesser developed ETs. It’s an understanding of reality, that I sense represents the highest levels of development and the fact that these highly developed races are able to create all manner of spaces, souls and life forms (see my videos/posts about my encounters with the Teal’hia); may reflect their deep understanding of Conjoined Spaces.

You may remember Dude’s earlier comment :

“If as you believe when you die you create things with your mind, what is this mind that creates ? Does it occupy it’s own space or does it occupy another space – a larger space or a smaller space and where does that space reside ?”

In this comment I think Dude was prodding me to remember that mind is ultimately unconstrained. In view of our conversations about CS, I think he was suggesting that mind is the creator of space (but I suspect his definition of mind is different to ours) and that mind creates endless space in life and in death. For example, the afterlife doesn’t exist as a space that is separate from the space we experience in life, it is just another form or experience of space. The apparent separation is merely an illusion. I believe then that Dude is in agreement with the mythical Buddha – that the mind creates the world. Which of course goes against modern physics and all a priori / causation philosophies, which suggest the world has to exist first for mind to arise.

I believe that CS presents us with a way of understanding all manner of so called metaphysical phenomenon – including : parallel lives, some parallel worlds, Déjà vu (, Jamais vu, Presque vu, Déjà entendu, Déjà vécu, some experiences of bi and multilocation and many forms of intuition. And a way of ultimately understanding the cosmos and life itself.

The hardest thing for Dude and many of the ETs is to translate what they know into something that makes sense to us. As I’ve often said before, it’s almost as if Dude has to dumb things down for me (and the other humans he interacts with), so that things are accessible. Sometimes that means he has to shave details off an insight, so that I get the essence of what he’s talking about. It may well be that the entirety of a thing is beyond my comprehension. So he has to understand what I am able to understand and the implications of sharing things with me. I suspect he shared the concept of CS with me for at least three reasons. First, he wanted to give me a way of understanding this unfathomable event that happened on January 19th. Second, he wanted me to share some of what I learn, so that others could begin thinking about reality in a completely different way. In time I will try to write more extensively about the subject and plan on including it in the first ET interview book. Third, he wanted me to heal my tumours and create a long healthy life, whether it’s the same life or another one.

My understanding of CS is as yet very poor. I see a lot of connections between this view of reality, concepts like Holodynamics, Process Philosophy and Process Psychology and the teachings of Jane Robert’s Seth.

Dude is trying to teach me through theory and experience about the nature of reality and how live fully immersed in a greater experience of reality.

Today is the 10th anniversery of my diagnosis with a Renal Carcinoid Tumour. It’s been a long, exhausting and life affirming journey with tumours. But I’m still here. I believe that Dude is trying to help me to stay alive and to see beyond the limitations I have imposed on myself and the limitations that human belief systems have imposed on all of us.

Dude’s Best Maxims – Be Wild Don’t Wipe !

Hey folks, I’m still too lazy on day 2 of 2017, to write something original, so the following is a summary of what I think are Dude’s best maxims. Yeah sure, it’s a bit absurd saying that one is better than another. Can one maxim really be better than another, when they are all simply statements ? Probably not ! But there are some I like better than others, that I feel have more of an emotional punch and really resonate with me !

I dedicate this post to Sandor and Darci for their ongoing financial support ! Thank you so much for caring ! Each of your donations, helps lighten the load more than you can know !

If you’d like to support ET and I, you can support my current fundraiser here : Just to let you know, I ought to find out my latest PET scan results tomorrow or the next day and visit my new oncologst to plan treatment next week !

Here’s my list of Dude’s best maxims :


“When will humans stop using fear as an excuse ? There is only expectation and control.”

“You fucking humans, it’s always fear isn’t it ? You’re wrong – it’s expectation and control ! Your cave men had fear and they conquered all ! Expectation of what might happen and control of others. No fucking fear !”

“Understanding expectation and control, dropping fear bullshit will help you to have contact with the ETs…”

“Humans are ignorant course fools, who will always pride themselves on using the word “fear” and arguing its existence because it explains away their faults !”


“Humans have this fixation with time. Time does not exist. There is only space.”


“The true self is not what you think it is. It can be something more. That something more is contained by favourable conditions. But it also exists outside favourable conditions.”

“Favourable conditions are important here (in the forest where we were walking) and change with every step.”

“Favourable conditions expand the sense of self and unfavourable conditions contract the sense of self.”


“The sense of self changes whether something is alive or dead.”

“An object that is part of some greater object (say a leaf on a tree), has various different perspectives of self or senses of self, depending on the scale and how it wishes to see itself. That sense of perspective follows it even when it has died and it may change or part of it may change.”


“Be you ! No fulfilling anyone else’s perceptions of you !”


“When a person isn’t acknowledged for their feelings, their thoughts, their wisdom, their very being; their life force is not expressed – it’s destroyed, hidden. It has an effect, a cumulative effect on you and your bodies/lives you have elsewhere – everything that makes up you. Until there’s an acknowledgement of your existence and your worth, there is neglect and unfulfilment of one’s self, favouring someone elses fulfilment and that needs to be addressed, otherwise the negativity of one’s life force will suffer. There can be nothing that you can do, that can change how you feel or things about you. It has to be changed at the very source of what things are and what things are is your existence. Simple – your beliefs, your thoughts, your happenings, your feelings – all of it. Everything can be cured of a person’s negativity instantly by them existing. By them believing in themselves. Kanatek is right, doubt is OK but you need to believe your thoughts and feelings are important and you need to express that to whoever is causing the grief. And it’s those things that will make the difference – as instant as instant can be.”






Maxim 20  : We ETs don’t talk about consciousness the way humans talk about it. We talk about energy and life force.

“We ETs don’t talk about consciousness the way that humans talk about it. We talk about energy and life force – because that describes sensations we experience, not just in what appears to be our brain or mind but not just in our body either. Because we experience what is around us. We experience others life force, others energy. The life force and the energy is not just this consciousness. It tells a story; it is constantly in flux and change. Where as consciousness, you have to have an awareness of it. With life force and energy, you don’t. Because consciousness and unconsciousness in any form, is still based on awareness models. Where as life force and energy are based on not being aware but experiencing things. Energy and life force is about experiences. The other – consciousness or unconsciousness, is about awareness.

The life force is the same as energy, it’s just a different word. It’s something that is given out by everything – that is given out as knowledge and experience. Everybody’s body has natural receptors to this. They learn by themselves – naturally feeling, learning and taking in. Where as consciousness has to have learned responses. It has to have processes to make it aware to do things. Even when it isn’t conscious of it.

…what’coming off your body, what’s around you, what’s good at perfecting awareness. Consciousness cannot perfect that. It dictates it. It’s merely a process. This is why we (the Muajra) can experience and know anything everywhere. We feel, hear (sense with all 5 senses) and know everything, based on energy and life force.”

Maxim 26 : Be wild, don’t wipe !

“The wildness is the willingness to just turn things on it’s head and go topsy turvy and to live on the edge, to live dangerously and to experience life. Go wild – you know the kids movie ! Be wild, don’t wipe !”

Maxim 30 : There is no waking up en masse, only the repetition of the same mistakes.

“There is no waking up en masse, only the repetition of the same mistakes.So we are here to ensure that your world is safe from you and to help some of you to take greater responsibility for your own spiritual development and for caring for your Earth.”

Maxim 32 : We understand how humans are. We accept this but we also recognize the needs of other species on your world.

“We understand how humans are. We accept this but we also recognize the needs of other species on your world. And so we work as well on behalf of helping to address their needs. And so that is what we mean by becoming more mature. You are what you are but if we can nudge you towards being a little more mature, than that is a good for the rest of your world. Ultimately it’s up to you all to make your own choices but you must recognize that you sometimes make choices that effect other species and cause their detriment and destruction. We’re here in part, to ensure that human behaviour is modified, so that some of these other species have the opportunity to survive and to flourish.”

Maxim 33 : You are given opportunities to grow and if you do not embrace them, you have no right to think you deserve to become space faring and go and transform another world and destroy it. 

“You are given opportunities to grow and if you do not embrace them, you have no right to think you deserve to become space faring and go and transform another world and destroy it. You have to get you shit together here first before you will be allowed to occupy any other planet anywhere ! Period ! It isn’t going to happen until you can demonstrate that you can do it here first ! Make sure people know that. They hear it loud and clear. You fuck up one planet and you can’t fuck up a second one !”

Maxim 34 : You fuck up one planet and you can’t fuck up a second one !  

Maxim 35 : It seems to me that humans for all their intelligence, still do not understand anything about the idea of acceptance. You seem to want to be something more, something else, something other than what you are.

I found that you were capable of great progress but with great progress came an equal movement backwards. It seems to me that humans for all their intelligence, still do not understand anything about the idea of acceptance. You seem to want to be something more, something else,something other than what you are. I came to recognize that you were one of those races who were embellished with a capacity for great self importance and yet here on your own planet you could so easily overlook the needs of other species around you – as if you were the only species on your planet. This has continued to amaze me and to disappoint me.There has been no real so called progress, that seems to encompass growth in this way.

Maxim 36 : I find that I quite enjoy being a bit human at times. It isn’t necessary for me to be this way among others, but sometimes I find a little bit of my humanity covering up who I am among others and coming through – kind of like a dog scent that has been left on a street corner lamp. You can’t see the dog but you know it’s been there.

I find that by being like you, I have been able to take on new levels of understanding about your character and the traits that make up and define your species. I was not able to have this understanding prior to choosing to be this way. Now that I am able to do so with ease, I find that I quite enjoy being a bit human at times. It isn’t necessary for me to be this way among others, but sometimes I find a little bit of my humanity covering up who I am among others and coming through – kind of like a dog scent that has been left on a street corner lamp. You can’t see the dog but you know it’s been there.

Maxim 37 : That’s what I like most – your history – the history of every different species that has ever lived, is here inside your world and you don’t even know it ! Inside every breath of air, every grain or dirt or sand, every drop of water. I can feel it, I can sense it, I can know it; feel your history – it’s alive in me as it is in a book or a movie for you.

That’s what I like most – your history – the history of every different species that has ever lived, is here inside your world and you don’t even know it ! Inside every breath of air, every grain or dirt or sand, every drop of water. I can feel it, I can sense it, I can know it; feel your history – it’s alive in me as it is in a book or a movie for you. That is what I enjoy most about my work. Constant learning. Constant experience. Here, now,there, everywhere.


Maxim 38 : So you have this idea that all these sweet things are bad for you – you just don’t see what really happens – you do these other things that stifle your mind and your heart and you die of suffocation of the spirit, not from too much ice cream !

So you have this idea that all these sweet things are bad for you – you just don’t see what really happens – you do these other things that stifle your mind and your heart and you die of suffocation of the spirit, not from too much ice cream ! So we can eat what we want because we know how to enjoy life !

Maxim 41 : You forget that your ancestors were learning things about reality without the help of science. You’ve forgotten that. You could be doing the same thing but you don’t. You sit around waiting for science to light the path before you, waiting for others to lead the way to discovery. Your ancestors were trail blazers by comparison – always taking risks and exploring themselves and the world around them.

I’m interested in people and what makes humans tick and how you perceive reality.You see things very different to most other beings. You’re very stuck on your own view being the only right way to see things and you have this thing that your science leads the way and tells you all you need to know. You forget that your ancestors were learning things about reality without the help of science. You’ve forgotten that. You could be doing the same thing but you don’t. You sit around waiting for science to light the path before you, waiting for others to lead the way to discovery. Your ancestors were trail blazers by comparison – always taking risks and exploring themselves and the world around them.They saw no place for fear – they just did it and yet look what has become of them, a species who fears the very next breath.

Maxim 43 : Nature lives in the now, without too much expectation and sense of control. Every moment has possibilities in the wild.

Maxim 44 : We find places that we love and people that we care about and what you would define as time periods within which we find something beautiful or magnetic and it’s there that we devote our energy, our caring, our love and it is there in those worlds – whether in particular places or as you would see it – times – that we see and recognize that there is, as yet, the unexplored, the domain that has our name written all over it – where we can bring good and freedom and help with love and kindness and understanding.

We see what is below – underfoot and around, we see what is within, we know how we create our reality choosing to be this or that or by taking risks and exploring the within. We find places that we love and people that we care about and what you would define as time periods within which we find something beautiful or magnetic and it’s there that we devote our energy, our caring, our love and it is there in those worlds – whether in particular places or as you would see it – times – that we see and recognize that there is, as yet, the unexplored, the domain that has our name written all over it – where we can bring good and freedom and help with love and kindness and understanding. Do you know what I mean ?

Maxim 46 : Do you need to seek ? Stop seeking ! It’s the wound in the belly of humans – rotting away inside you. Stop seeking ! Discover, explore, be – just enter into the unknown without expectation! Stop it, drop it ! Just do it !

Maxim 48 : You still see yourselves as the most important species on your world and are living, at the sacrifice of other species, for your own benefit. This idea that humans have of being Earthlings, does not encompass the idea that all other species here, are also Earthlings.

You still see yourselves as the most important species on your world and are living, at the sacrifice of other species, for your own benefit. This idea that humans have of being Earthlings, does not encompass the idea that all other species here, are also Earthlings. You are very selfish in this way and it has been a part of your psyche, since you first rose out of the swamps.

Maxim 51 : All such so called misfortunes, always create opportunities for change and for learning and for transformation.

A collection of Dude’s Maxims can be found here : I update Dude’s Maxims whenever he gives me something new ! May Dude’s Maxims give you a good kick in the backside and help you to see things a little differently !


Grant Cameron, UFOs on Wikileaks & Podesta on Wikileaks and Dude and Number One

Here’s Grant Cameron’s take on the current round of Wikileaks John Podesta email releases. As you listen to this just remember one thing. The ETs control disclosure (for our benefit). And who is that ? Number One, Dude (Number Two) and the 15 humans who work with Number 1 and the 90 humans who represent the 45 countries. It isn’t one person like Grant thinks. Barack Obama knows what the ETs want to happen (because Dude and Number 1 have told him) and he does what he’s told. Don’t think Hillary is going to bring about a miracle. Only what we are allowed to know and what she is allowed to know. Unless of course human manipulation gets the upper hand. But that will be temporary and permissible. Look at the bigger picture behind what comes up in this interview.

Grant seems to be spot on about Tom DeLong’s beliefs. Tom may be a key player on the outside but he needs to be educated to understand the subject more accurately.

While Julian Assange has been very quiet on the UFO/ET subject for years, he knows a lot more than he lets on. He’s been looking at this subject and the subject of American secrecy for a long time. Expect more unguided revelation to follow.

Why ETs Interact with Children

This will just be a brief post, as I have to limit my time on here, since my tumours have been giving me hell all week and I don’t want to make things any worse !

I thought I’d just introduce a topic I have been thinking about for many years – ET interactions with children. Let me start by saying that I’m not going to say anything about hybrids or hybrid children – now or ever because it’s all rubbish ! I’ve spoken about that before so that’s all I’ll say for now !

Lots of children on Earth are being visited by our ET friends. The reasons for these visits and their subsequent interactions are many and varied. So I thought that rather than going into the details of all the possible reasons I’d focus on a small selection of reasons and how such interactions might unfold. The primary reasons I believe that the ETs interact with children are :

  • They are continuing relationships that have been developed in other lives.
  • They are following through with things that were discussed with individuals, in what we would consider our afterlife.
  • They are working with children who have the capacity to influence the greater good (see Dude’s response to questions 7 & 9 in the Dude Interview).
  • They wish to help certain children to develop certain skill sets, abilities, temperaments, interests, ideas, ideologies and ways of functioning, that they will carry into adulthood. Such developments can then be used to help the greater good.
  • Children have less conditioning than adults and are more open to contact and building relationships with ETs.
  • They value life long friendships with humans.

The kinds of things that you might consider to be part of a picture that represents the ‘greater good’, include – relationships with ETs, caring for the Earth, caring for other species, caring for fellow humans, interspecies communication, harmonious ideologies and technologies, harmonious relationships with humans, other species and Earth itself, justice and equality for all beings, improved health and longevity and greater awareness and experiential knowledge of one’s true nature. Pretty simple stuff really but all the things that we humans have failed to achieve collectively !

So you might wonder what ET interactions with children look like ! To answer that, it’s probably best that I use myself as an example. My situation may not be typical in some ways but in other ways it is very typical. First I should tell you that my knowledge of my childhood contact comes from several sources. First, from my recollections of strange events. Second, from going back into my memories, using a deep form of relaxation and working with the body. This method has some similarity to hypnosis but is not the same. I’ll share this method in the ET Contact Audio Series. Third, by correlating certain things I remember with what my parents remember (my mother in particular). Fourth, through discussions with various ETs as an adult (including Dude and Anamika). Fifth, by having my ex wife use her bilocation skills and go back and verify things for me. Of course none of that means anything to you and you’re welcome to think it’s all crap ! But its my own truth !

My first contact occured when I was inutero and of course I have no memory of that. The next contact occured when I was 4 months old and I remember seeing several Teal’hia (including Anamika) standing around my cot and talking to me and looking into my eyes. Then on 18th June 1973, when I was 3 years and 8 months old, I had a visit from 3 ETs – including a female Muajra (Dude’s race), a male Nalpnto (Hoofy Foot) and Anamika (Teal’hia). They met me in my bedroom on a cold winters night. They asked me to put my slippers on and then they took me on board a craft, where I was given a health check and taken into a circular room and shown a series of projections related to the future (these included my sisters illness and how it would unfold, my own illness, the birth of my son and my son’s life, my friendship with Dude and some of the journeys he was to take me on, my life as a writer and some of the things I would write about. Dude told me recently that he was working with the female and she knew that he had a relationship with the woman who would become my partner (now ex). They were working together to ensure that we met one another and would have a relationship, among other things. He also told me that he went back to the this contact event, to understand what I was shown and how I reacted.

There were other interactions after that and several took place when I was 10/11 years old and my sister and I lived with our grandparents in western NSW (near the town of Meadow Flat) in a remote location. I would regularly go out on long walks collecting snakes and lizards and often be out longer than I thought I was. Sometimes the ETs would also visit me when we were asleep at night. On at least one occasion I believe I was taken off a 747 while travelling with my sister back to Hong Kong to visit our father. Fast forward to 1989, I was 20 and had my first conscious encounter with a being from the Zeta Reticuli star system.

Rather than going into the nitty gritty of every single experience, I’d like to focus on the third experience because I think it will give you a good sense of what takes place when ETs interact with children and why certain things happen.

Often when the ETs come, no matter what age you are, they give you a health check. This will usually involve lying on a table of some sort and having the table examine you and the ETs examine you with their hands and/or head (one race I know literally puts their head just above your body and seem to scan you energetically) or an instrument. During this particular visit on the night on 18th June 1973, I only had a brief check up. On this night I was introduced to two new races – The Nalpnto and the Muajra. From that point onwards I would regularly meet these two races and along with the Teal’hia, they seem to have played a significant role in monitoring and influencing my emotional, physical and spiritual well being. During the remainder of my visit onboard, I spent the majority of my time watching a projection about my own future and the future of people who would be part of my life. By now you maybe wondering what I wondered for many years, “Why the hell would you show a 3 1/2 year old his own future and some things, which are down right terrible ?”. Well, the reason is simple and not so simple !

My first memories of that night began to come through in my early twenties, when I began to feel protective about my little sister in a way that I hadn’t before. This sense of needing to protect here continued in different forms, very strongly up until 19th January 2011, when for the second time I was shown what would happen to my sister. Then they continued in a different form, up until 20th September 2014, when Dude took me to my sisters actual future. Meanwhile my memories of that 3rd visit continued to come back in dribs and drabs – in relation to certain things that were happening in my life. It wasn’t until my son was born that the contact event of 18th June 1973 started to make more sense but I still didn’t understand it.

So coming back to why. I kind of worked out the reasons why I was shown the things that would happen, by piecing together what had happened up until the point when my sister was diagnosed with her brain tumours last February. I understood somethings but not everything. Now I think I understand everything but I am not totally sure. I had my own ideas but I wanted to know more and so I asked Dude. When I asked him “Why show a little boy ?”, he said, “Remember we can take things away – the awareness of each event, so that it’s like receiving something new, each event.”. By that he meant this. The ETs showed the little boy a good event, explained it, then took it away from conscious awareness; then they showed him a bad event, explained it, then took it away from conscious awareness; until such time as each event had been shown, explained and then taken away and then the entire visit erased from conscious memory. But some part of the little boy’s psyche remembered everything and over time little things trickled into conscious memory or influenced certain choices. So the little boy who learned about his little sisters looming terminal illness and his own potentially fatal illness, was shown what would come, had it explained by 3 very loving caring beings and had the memory of tha entire event taken away until it needed to be remembered or some aspect of it remembered. In that way he was able to go on with his life without being immobilized or traumatized. And that is how the ETs mostly work with our memories. Often, as I’ve said countless times, we get sick and lose consciousness in the presence of the ETs. For some reason the ETs allowed me to remain conscious throughout the entire experience that night. Perhaps it was so they could show me the events of my future but perhaps it was so that one day I would remember everything they showed me. I don’t know for sure. But maybe it was both !

In relation to what they showed me. Dude said that the reason they showed me was because they wanted me to be prepared in every possible way for what was to come. The visit was a catalyst for my preparation. Why they wanted to prepare me and not other people, I can’t say. I have some ideas about that but I’d rather keep them to myself.

After the visit, I wouldn’t consciously remember what I’d seen because it would be too painful and I wouldn’t understand it. Regarding my sister, I developed a sense that she would be in big trouble if she didn’t make good choices and later I saw how her monkey mind was causing more trouble. I tried very hard to influence her choices but to no avail ! Because at an unconscious level I knew about my own looming illness, I became fascinated by cancer, tumour development and disease. I studied science and spent a good part of my free time exploring hypothetical cures for cancer. Later I was fascinated with a broader holistic view of health and disease, in particular how relationships and emotions effect the development of illnesses. It was as if I knew what was coming. Since the age of about 12 I was also fascinated by sickness and death. I could see that sickness and death were everywhere. I knew that people die and I was curious about what happens to the body and to the spirit after death. Sure, these are natural preoccupations for many people but for me they were obsessive and driven by a deep urge to understand. Almost as if by understanding I could be better prepared.

So when I look at the night of 18th June 1973 now and when I understand that some ETs have had relationship with me that spans my entire existence (such as the Teal’hia nd Sar’Won’Dee – see my Merging with the Light experience); it seems clear to me that preparing me for what was to come, the ETs were helping me to develop all the skills and abilities that I needed to pass through the difficulties in my life and most importantly, to be who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. If it wasn’t for the visit that night – this blog would probably not exist; I would never have attempted to initiate ET contact; I would have no awareness of Dude or have developed a relationship with him; I may not have endured all the difficulties that surrounded my son’s birth when he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease; I would be devastated by my sisters illness (while I’m upset, I’m not devastated); and I probably would never have picked up a pen and started writing as I sat listening to U2’s Joshua Tree in 1987 – a choice that has changed my entire life !

So the ETs interact with children because they care. By choosing to make contact with them and interact with them over the course of childhood, they help children to develop in ways that they otherwise would not develop and they prepare them for many of the challenges that lay ahead in life. By doing so, they also form invaluable friendships that mean as much to the ETs as they do humans. You may remember that Dude taught Rachel to bilocate and that profoundly influenced certain future human events but it also bonded their relationship, as they zipped in and out of places all around the globe, spanning several centuries. You may also remember the friendships that Dude had with the lady in western Sweden long ago and the man from the island near Mauritius many centuries ago – both of whom he first visited as children. Or the friendship he had with Ascanio Sobrero in Italy ! Dude also had many other relationships with human children that have come and gone over the millennia that he has been here.

I think there are certain patterns in how ETs interact with children. If  could simplify things, I’d say the following things are typical :

  • ETs influence the development of children inutero.
  • ETs have ongoing relationships with children that span other lives.
  • ETs work with children to influence who they become as adults for the great good.
  • ETs form friendships with children, that are sometimes forgotten when the children grow older.
  • ETs visit children regularly and check up on their health and development.
  • ETs foster the development of certain kinds of people.
  • Children will be visited at least 2-3 times as children and sometimes much more frequently. Some children will have ET visits that are daily for long periods of time but these kinds of visits will diminish markedly over time.
  • Children who are taken on board craft, are routinely given a health check, taught certain things unconsciously and occasionally consciously, given tours of the craft and introduced to other beings and shown Earth from space.

I think children are shown their own futures very occasionally because most children don’t need to be shown.

So think of this as a primer on why ETs interact with children. perhaps I’ll write a follow up, after I have discussed the issue at greater length with several of my ET friends !

If you know of a child who maybe having ET contact, please don’t hesitate to talk to them openly about their experiences and listen as much as you can without judgement.

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Cultivating great musical taste

Beyond the Weatherzone................

What are they doing to our weather? Is it HAARP? The NWC transmitter?Or just a software glitch?

Anomalous Inquisition

Exploring Existence Through Science, Philosophy, Art and Beyond.

The World as we Know it.

Nature, Media, Adventure, and the politics of Self-Mastery

Sparrow's Ramblings

Life how I see it from my nest on the High Plains

Alien Dolls

Handmade alien dolls, and alien hybrid dolls