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TSM138 : The Shadow of My Ancestors

We all have ancestors alive and dead, who loom over us like long dark shadows that arouse something unfathomable deep inside of us. In this trek down the dirt road, I introduce you to 4 of my dead ancestors and share a little of who they were and what they meant to me.

We are all experts in one thing and one thing only – ourselves. It’s my wish that by sharing intimate things about my own life, I strike a chord that resonates in you. And in so doing we remember our common humanity and that we are all dealing with the same fundamental issues in life.

😉 Bright Someone

Grand child of a Steel Worker, Great grand child of a 100 year old Roman Catholic.


More of What’s Coming

Here’s John Pilger reflecting a few years back on the role of media in facilitating war (some one else has added video to this talk). In this talk, he highlights recent US presidential roles in facilitating the bloodiest wars of the last 50 years and the potential for the infringement of domestic human rights. Mark my words, we can expect more of the same under Hillary, only more subversive in nature. Forget hope and freedom, because hope and freedom are tools of propaganda. Instead, we should see how things are and take action, considering the impact of our actions for generations to come. And we should forget wankathons like the Occupy movement and the large scale misled Anonymous movement and develop strategic multi pronged approaches that attack the systems of control at all levels, offering not just criticism but real world solutions.


The Empire

Here’s a great interview with former Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson.



Here’s another great interview with Noam Chomsky on the American Empire.



And finally, here’s a great talk on a Imperial Capitalism at play in the 21st century by Thomas Piketty ( / /



Think of these videos as primers for the second part of my story about Ascanio Sobrero and how ETs engineer the human future.

A Personal and Global Mythology of 911

Hey folks, here’s another of my earlier Project Avalon Forum articles.


* * *


Back in the early 80’s I had the opportunity to interview my great grandmother about what life was like for her at various intervals in history. She was born in 1896 and died just over 100 years later in 1996. It was an incredible experience to hear first hand what the depression was like, what the rabbit plagues of the 30’s were like, about how my great grandfather got his licence (apparently he was number 4 in Australia), about what travelling across the country was like when they were still clearing parts of the bush, about world war 1 and 2 and Vietnam, what it was like to support the war effort as a 20 something and a 40 something year old woman, about the hippies and how people responded to the soldiers who came back from Vietnam, about the growth of Sydney, about Don Bradman and the day he got a duck his last game, what it was like raising 3 kids during the war, what it was like when she used to travel in a buggy and how she crashed the first time her hubby let her drive (she never drove again) and so on. Nan was an endless stream of stories and I spent so much time just listening to her. Whenever I looked at her soft frail body, I found it hard to believe she had experienced so much. And yet now, here I am in my mid forties and I have this same sense of being witness to history that others will never know.

911 is one such event in human history.

Everyone here has some experience of 911. 911 or 119 or more accurately 129 (as we would have called it here in Oz) has made an indelible mark on human history and all of us have a living memory of some kind, of what it was like to experience 911.

911 has had a personal impact on us all – no matter how small or how large. And 911 has had an impact on how we perceive our shared human history. Since that day, generations are being born who will have no living memory of the event and what they learn of it will come to them second hand. We are in a way, in a privileged position in that we will be able so speak of such events to those who were not alive and to those who come looking for answers.

As perceived time moves on, we can see that 911 is developing it’s own mythology or mythologies. Every individual has their own way of integration 911 into their personal history and their own development as a human being and no single individual has the same sense of 911 as any one else. 911 has had a profound impact on the individual and collective psyche and our sense of what it means to be safe and secure. Many people have experienced a kind of deep seated grief when confronted with the images of 911 and the possibility that despite all of our apparent progress, the world is not a safe place. And as time goes on and we learn more about 911 and think more about what happened, we will find new interpretations and meanings in the events of 911. Just as many people continue to revisit world war 1 and 2, many people will continue to revisit 911, searching for understanding and meaning and reliving the feeling of 911. For some people 911 became a catalyst to bring them closer to their loved ones and to help them refocus their lives on what is really important. For some people 911 remains the turning point of their lives. Most of us at a distance were touched in some way by the profound and tragic loss of life and the ongoing suffering. But our experience of 911 is but a shadow, compared to those who were touched personally by the events of 911. But whether we were at a distance or close by, this was an event that reached out to us and continues to reach out to us, like no other event before or since. Through 911 we feel our common humanity. 911 has struck a chord in all of our human hearts – whether we choose to acknowledge what we feel, depends ultimately on whether we sense that we are connected or separate.

Beyond the personal experience of 911, a global mythology or set of mythologies is developing around 911 that presents us with a unique opportunity to see who we are as human beings. There are those who from day 1 and those who from later periods of time, have come to feel that 911 was an inside job. And within this there are many competing arguments for how and when the whole thing was orchestrated . Personally I think the explosives were built into the original structure of the twin towers and the hijackers were Islamic extremists who had been given a gentle passage to commit their acts of defiance. Beyond this I have little interest in the subject. For some, this act was another in an ongoing sequence of events which has helped to keep alive the lower arms of The Architecture (in particular the war machine and the millions of ordinary and elite folks that it sustains) and which will ultimately provide leeway and progression towards the weaponization of space. 911 has also provided a catalyst for many people to supposedly wake up – a concept I find highly amusing. Wake up is a relative term. 911 has at least woken many people up to the fact that the human world does not function as they have been led to believe. The 911 mythologies have also created opportunities for millions of people to ask “What is democracy ?”, “How are we to live ?”, “What is the role of government in human life ?” and “How can we live together ?”. There are also those who believe that 911 was solely an act of Islamic terrorists and for many of these folks, 911 has helped to solidify their bigotry and justifies the expansion of the American Empire and the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and equal numbers of men, women and children in Moslem countries. For many of these people, 911 justifies their hatred of any one who is different. Then there are others for whom 911 fulfils the prophecy of Revelations and marks the beginning of the return of Jesus. Many conservative Christians around the world, see 911 as the turning point in the war against Islam, just as many conservative Moslem’s see 911 as a turning point in the war against the Infidels. For many, 911 has strengthened the polarities that have always existed between religious groups – particularly Islam and Christianity. 911 now justifies whatever is required to cleanse the Earth of non believers. In time, future historians may mark 911 as the beginning of the New Crusades or The Great Religious Wars, in which humanity flung itself into another global conflict based purely on different interpretations of that famous 3 letter word : GOD.

Somewhere in the middle, there are other people who recognise that 911 is just another set of events that fall within the predictable patterns of human behaviour. Such people see that 911 marks a transition in collective awareness and that for some consciousness grows dimmer and for others consciousness grows brighter. These people might well have predicted something like 911 and can probably see other events on the horizon. They know that humans will never fundamentally change and will for the most part remain ignorant of their true nature and how to cultivate inner and outer peace. For them 911 was an opportunity to study individual and collective behaviour and to offer love and compassion whenever it was required. For such people 911 may well be a precursor event to many more significant events – as humans continue to act through ignorance and believe in separation. The folks in the middle don’t believe in the idea of collective progress and acknowledge that heaven and hell exist here, now, in any place on Earth. 911 is just another feast of human stupidity, that need not have happened. They see that it was not the first such feast and it will not be the last.

So, as I see it, there is this ongoing development of personal and global mythology (mythologies) around 911 that will shape humans in a myriad of ways for the next century at least and maybe even longer. Just as now we are taught about the civil war and read diaries written by mothers and soldiers who lived through it (Walt Whitman’s Specimen Days in America is perhaps the finest I know), our descendants will watch personal videos about the people jumping out of the twin towers and be taught the history of 911 from a multitude of perspectives. They’ll dig up archives of forums like this one and read blogs written on the day and since and search for the truth that best fits. They’ll debate what was real and what was not and sometimes they might even fight over the “truth”. They will wonder about what the world was like before 911 and how we let it get to that point. They will shrug their shoulders in disgust at how we let it happen and how we responded and some of them might even feel sorry for us and how we lived in a world that was ruled by lies and deception.

And one day some of these myths will become legend. By that time it will not matter what was true and what was not. Humans need legends because for most human beings, any time is better than now. If we are truly fortunate, one day in our distant future, 911 will be forgotten and we will have moved on to a place where history is unimportant.

But that day is a long way from now and what we have is a human world in which 911 did happen and in which 911 continues to cast it’s ripples outwards – affecting the entire human species in the most subtle and profound ways.

On September 11th, 2011, I was at home on my little farm in outback Victoria, Australia. I had a day off from Uni (where I was back doing my 3rd degree). I had just woken up and was about to watch the Teletubbies with my 2 year old son, when I discovered that the same thing was on all the TV channels. At first I thought that America had gone to war with Afghanistan and then I realised that America was under attack. I called my beloved and the 3 of us sat watching TV. But in the first hour things began to become very personal. My beloved had seen the dead since she was 4 years old and later her psychic skills l had been used by a specific government to do covert work – which included tracking down ET’s, killing some and saving others. I was no stranger to dead people in our house or strange things happening around us. For years, it had felt like she was a magnet to them – like a light at a cross roads. And as the morning began to roll on our room filled with dead people. At first there were 3 – a young black man, a middle aged white man and a young white woman. The white man was wearing a pilots uniform. All of them looked like they had been wounded. I went up to the pilot and touched his face. His head rolled back and Rachel freaked out. I gently rolled his head back in place. He looked at me – unmoving like he had been stunned. The 3 of them continued to watch the television with us – seemingly mesmerised by the events they were seeing. And then slowly the room began to fill with more dead people. Most of them looked in a very bad way. Even my son saw some of them. As the day moved on, we alternated between watching TV, watching the dead, talking to them and having breaks outside. By late afternoon Rachel was exhausted. She had spent much of her time, telling them that they were dead and that they needed to move on. Everyone who came into the room, stood silently watching our tiny television – as if they were discovering for the first time what had happened to them. Sometimes others who were dead came to help them. At one point later in the day, a very distinguished man who had not been amongst them – entered the lounge room,. He began speaking with Rachel and then after about 15 minutes she turned to me and told me it was Abraham Lincoln. I was shocked by what she told me.

I wrote the following little story the day after. At that stage there was speculation that some 5,000-7,000 people had been killed. Later the numbers came down but at that point no one really knew how many had died or where it would end. My story of what actually happened to Flight 93 is not nearly as romantic as the one people would prefer to believe.

What we experienced that day and what Rachel was told, have become part of my own personal 911 mythology. I can’t prove it to anyone else but I can tell you it was real enough for me. I wonder what personal mythologies have developed for you ???

America almost has it’s new ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER as it’s own physical testament to the mythology of 911 and the memory of all those who died. One wonders how the dead feel about it and what myths it will begin to create about the human experience of 911 ?


The Angel of 911 (the birth of freedom)

Abraham Lincoln suffered more in life than any other American President. He took the Northern States of the Union to a civil war, in which the vast majority of men, who cared nothing for slavery, came home broken in body and soul. And during that great bloody tug of war, he and his wife Mary lost their 11 year old son Willie to Typhoid Fever. Failure and loss plagued him at every corner of his life. But unlike other men, he did not give him self the liberty to grieve or wallow in self pity. He remained a compassionate man, who balanced the his intellect with heart and morality with fortitude. Even when the snarling dogs of war were tearing at his throat. And in the darkness that sometimes consumed him, it must have weighed heavily upon his conscience, the great loss of life that stemmed from his patriarchal responsibilities but none more so than the death of his favourite son, with whom he would often walk the gardens of the White House of an evening and talk about the greatness of god and the depths of human kindness. Yet despite such overwhelming darkness, Abe Lincoln is remembered above all for his gentle disposition and his tranquil smiling face. After which he is undoubtedly remembered for the abolition of slavery and the great Gettysburg Address – 2 minutes of oratory which will endure in the hearts men for an eternity. And even though he was assassinated only a few days after the end of the civil war, Abe Lincoln’s dream of freedom continues to inspire the dreams of martyrs throughout the western world. As a human being he believed that no man of virtue would retreat from fear. He became the first real martyr of the modern American dream and in martyrdom he is free.
The dead must have seen the attack on America coming but how powerless they were to prevent the catastrophe that unfolded.
When United Airlines flight 93 was hijacked early on the morning of September 11, 2001 the dream of American freedom turned to ashes. And Abe Lincoln could hardly sit and watch. The 757 that was headed from Newark to San Francisco was capable of carrying 244 people (including crew) but only 45 were aboard that morning. What none of the living on board flight 93 knew was that none of them were alone, the silent companionship of the dead at their side. But the living know nothing of how the dead intervene in our lives. And so when Thomas Burret Junior phoned his wife from on board flight 93, to tell her what had happened and that some of the men aboard would try to do something to salvage their situation, knowing they might well die, he planted a seed in the mind of the American public that would grow into legend. The same seed of heroism that has long since supplanted itself in the American dream. But despite their best efforts, Thomas Burret Junior and the other men failed to overwhelm their captors and died at the mercy of a gun. Abe Lincoln had great faith in the strength of men but there was little he or anyone else could do to stop the bullets that killed the heroes of flight 93. Fearing the ultimate desecration of all that he had lived for, Abraham Lincoln entered the cockpit of flight 93 and wrestled the controls away from the three men who were determined to crash into the White House. The infidel threw off the shackles of his oppressors and silently buried the talons of America into the heart of tyrants. His victory lay not only in controlling the fate of the plane as it headed towards that symbol of American Greatness but in taking action when few amongst the dead would dare. None of the hijacker’s training or simulated experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator, had prepared them for the wrath of a dead American hero.
No one survived when United Airlines flight 93 crashed into a field in Stony Creek, Pennsylvania. And no one survived when American Airlines Flight’s 11 & 77 and United Airlines flight 175 intercepted their targets. Yet despite the death of 6,000 men, women and children on that black day and the great wounds inflicted upon the body of America, her greatness remains alive in the spirit of hope that has arisen in those who are no longer slumbering.
No one will ever know about the heroic deeds of Abe Lincoln. Who remained a true American patriot, even in death. But having already endured his own death with a bullet in the back of the head, he had little to fear, where many other men dead like he, still feared the mirror of retribution. Payment for a tainted life, a life poorly lived. Abe Lincoln had known the seeds of human heartache all his life. He had lived with his own demons and seen them spawn in the lives of slaves and native Americans, as he watched the fist of conquest squeeze hope from their hearts. But as was his way, he gave hope, when hope was lacking. He knew the violent language of the oppressed and stood in harms way against the shadow of despair. Abe Lincoln’s life was not a life of cardboard cut outs painting shadows on the curtain of life. His life is the life of our species, at war with the demons within, in a struggle for inner peace at the edge of the moral frontier of what is right and what is wrong. In a world where the colours of good and evil, are blurred inside the grey. And Abe Lincoln knew that a man’s real calling in life, sometimes reached out beyond the doorway of life.
After 911, the mythology of modern man remains unchanged. We still need our heroes, we just don’t always know who they are.

Some might say that America got what it deserved. But the blood of innocence can’t be justified by Quid Pro Quo. And even though America is sadly lacking the dual substance of power and compassion, the symbol of her greatness remains enshrined in the statue of a man, who sits boldly at the entrance of a great Temple – the Lincoln Monument. And it is perhaps ironic that above the great Gettysburg Address inscribed on the south wall, there is a mural depicting an angel freeing the slaves. And one wonders, if Lincoln was the angel of 911, who were the slaves.

The Second American Civil War

Hey folks, here’s an old article I posted on Project Avalon Forum a few years ago. I thought it might resonate with some of you.


* * *


I want to share some thoughts with you about a subject which is very uncomfortable for many people to contemplate – especially those of you who live in the USA. I am by nature a very optimistic and compassionate person but I am also not afraid to see how the world really works and I tend to take notice of certain trends. So this subject is coming from that place – that part of me who is curious about the world at large.

I first began thinking about a second American Civil war in 1989 when I was studying science and I became friends with a Canadian exchange student, who spent a great deal of time talking about what was wrong with America’s Foreign Policy ( I hadn’t really thought much about it before then – except for the impact of a potential nuclear war (I was the guy who wrote an essay on it and did a class presentation in high school – scaring the crap out of all my class mates). Later in 1994 I spoke more about the issue of a civil war with my girl friend. At that stage she didn’t think it was likely to happen, on account of the preparations that had been made by the worlds power structures. Back then I knew little about what I would later come to know as The Architecture. So anyway, the issue has floated in and out of my head since then and in 2006 I began to consider that it might be a real possibility.

When I first began exploring the possibility of a major solar event more than a decade ago, I was also told by someone that back in the early 80’s, a new currency had been planned to replace the $US. I suspected that this was a way of steam rolling the escalating debt. I wondered what else was being orchestrated to fit with with a possible solar event.

In 2006 it became very clear to me that there were numerous possible events that might coalesce under one event. These being :

  • An unsustainable rise in population (and proportionate fall in biodiversity).
  • Covert planning for slow culling of the ageing population (think paid Euthanasia, back van weapons targeting those with heart disease etc.) and specific populations (think lower socio-economic groups and people with high health care needs).
  • The replacement of the $US.
  • Major race and religious riots and riots against government.
  • A major solar event and subsequent loss of the power grid and all infrastructure.

Of course we could take any one of these events and see them as catalysts for a major internal national event.

Now 8 years later I have a much better understanding of how The Architecture works and how the subtle structure of The Architecture is integrated into every aspect of modern life (particularly modern American life). There has been a definite coalescence of issues. And collectively they are acting to transform how humanity functions. The most significant issues may yet be on the horizon. What I see is this :

  • There are major plans to reduce the population in gross and subtle ways (personally I think it’s necessary but I don’t agree with the methods – I might well be a supporter of the Georgia Guide Stones !). There really is a major population issue. The key issue is the impact that human numbers are having on biodiversity and ecosystems and planetary health (non global warming related issues).
  • The American government has only a handful of ways out of it’s current debt :
    • Cull the population and specifically reduce the budren of Medicare (and those who create the greatest Medicare burden), which if not amended will totally collapse in 1-2 decades.
    • Print more money and risk hyper inflation.
    • Print more unaccountable money to support the lower arms of The Architecture and in so doing create lots of business and employment for the military industrial complex – which in turn will help keep the economy buoyant.
    • Prepare to replace the $US and completely transform financial systems beyond what is currently recognized as a democratic capitalist state.


  • Those who are really in power are laying the plans for a new social model, which emulates other social systems which were successful for those in power – such as the Indian Caste System, Stalinist Socialism, Mussolini’s National Fascism, Huxley’s Brave New World, Blair’s 1984 and so on. Just which system has been developed as a model is unclear but it has all the hallmarks of integrating the best and worst of every totalitarian/authoritarian system ( / ) known to man. It may well be much more subtle in some ways, than we can ever imagine – which giving the appearance of encouraging freedom and human rights.
  • The Architecture is well entrenched and the lower arms (the insidious part) will be almost impossible to dismantle, while ever it is linked to geopolitics, profit, employment and livelihood.
  • The lower arms of The Architecture is using a wide range of methods to shape internal US geopolitics and demographic politics.
  • Those in power know that a major external event is on the horizon. They know this because in the early to mid 80’s they used naturally gifted psychics to look into the future and create probable future profiles spanning many thousands of years (think recent references to FUTURE WARFARE which have been all to easily dismissed). Since then, I suspect they have used other psychics and remote viewers to double check the future. The most likely event (and the one that I was shown) is a catastrophic solar event. Those in power could have taken widespread preparations to fit the appropriate capacitors to vulnerable transformers or build standby transformers en masse but they haven’t. Why ? I suspect because a major solar event will :
    • Naturally cull the population.
    • Help shift geopolitics that would otherwise take decades.
    • Help those in power to reshape the social structure.
    • Facilitate the implementation of a new currency in the US and a restructure of financial infrastructures.
    • Help in the implementation of future population control policies.Catastrophic events are a natural part of Earth’s existence. The fact that such an event could result in the death of many, is an unfortunate side effect.


Anyway that’s a brief overview of what I see. Now to explain how that links to a new American Civil War.

First let me ask you a few questions. How do you define civil ? How do you define war ? How do you define civil war ? How do you define civil disobedience ? The answers to these questions underscore the possibility of a Second American Civil War. But consider this. Those in power have tried to answer these questions and as a result have more than likely developed strategic, operational and tactical plans ( / / / / ) to address how these answers relate to the maintenance of their current structure and addressing the their own key priorities. What the civilian population lacks overall, is a sense of the planning that has already been done regarding the threat of a civil war or civil disobedience. But what those in power lack is the unpredictability and uncertainty element of individual people, groups and systems in how they will respond to specific events and interventions.

But no doubt, those in power (in and out of the lower arms of The Architecture) are learning all the time. Movements like the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring, provided those in power with the perfect opportunity to study humans, systems and society and get a better handle on what was once considered ”a loose variable” – human unpredictability. In many ways Occupy came at the perfect time and provided those in power with the opportunity to tests the weaknesses of some of their plans. You know the adage “A plan is only as good as it’s weakest link.”.

So in addition to defining what these terms mean, it’s clear that those in power continue to update and create new plans to deal with future events. Such strategic, operational and tactical plans also include methods for shaping internal geopolitics, demo-politics, initiating events and shaping events . How for example would the American public know when a civil disobedience event was orchestrated and when it was genuine ? Such methods have been used for thousands of years. Is it little wonder that China produced The Art of War, given the methods it had been using since before the first dynasty ? And what if such an event was used as a single step in an unfolding strategic plan (with many steps) to catalyze the implementation of a new social system ? And how for example would the American public know if an internal event based on defending a basic human or constitutional right, was orchestrated or genuine ? America has already been hoodwinked by 911. And although many people get it now, few were in the know before 2001. What other attempts to defend human rights have concealed a hidden agenda ? The civil rights movement ? Feminism ? Pro abortion, pro choice ? The rights of refugees ? The protection of biodiversity ? Anything can be used to conceal an ulterior motive and very few people ever really see !

It is clear to me, that the shaping of the American mind (and the same is true of most nations in general), fits within a well planned, well orchestrated, well thought out strategy to redefine what it is to be an American citizen. The tools of those in power (in and out of The Architecture) span everything from religion, medicine, food, science, academia, education, healthcare, agriculture, pharmacology, mental health, financial management, work, sport, entertainment, the internet and a wide range of other systems and aspects of modern life. Americans are in the system whether they like it or not. But freedom is always just a heartbeat away !

So it is almost impossible for any American to know if what they see and experience is what it appears to be. The ability to distinguish between orchestrated and genuine events is widely diminished and conspiracy theorists from every variety add confusion and chaos to the healthy mind.

So it maybe impossible to say how or what a new American Civil War might look like before during or after. But we can speculate why it might happen. It might happen because :

  • Those in power orchestrate key events in key places.
  • The populace loses complete faith in it’s government.
  • The populous is conditioned to choose sides over the divisive issues of race, religion, foreign and domestic policies, constitutional or human rights.
  • The populace grows tired of a push for a one world government.
  • Conspiracy grows disproportionately to reality and becomes a catalyst for widespread dissension and civil disobedience across a range of issues in many different places.
  • A single profound truth or untruth grows like wildfire across the internet, invigorating widespread civil disobedience.
  • The man at the core of Anonymous reveals precious information about plans the lower arms of The Architecture are about to foist on the American public.
  • The rapid development of a novel Pandemic/Epidemic across the American continent.
  • The complete collapse of the financial sector and the flow on effects throughout the American nation – including the collapse of many systems and the food supply system.
  • The over extension of American Foreign Policy into one too many wars (e.g. another Gulf War) and the subsequent death of thousands of soldiers and civilians.
  • The continuation or development of widespread natural disasters (e.g. drought, colony collapse disorder etc.) that widely diminish food and/or water supplies or a sharp rise in prices of food, water and other essential commodities.
  • A major solar event which collapses the power grid and subsequent essential infrastructures.
  • A powerful EMP attack on America which also collapses the power grid.

Secession of one or several states from the union, as a result of federal or state bankruptcy or any number of the above.

No doubt there are many other reasons why a Second American Civil War might start. My money is on some kind of social contagion that is orchestrated at the beginning. I suspect that if it were to happen, the solar event will not be long in tow. But who knows, maybe neither will ever happen !

One thing is for sure, that if there is a Second American Civil War, it will not be south against north or fought just with guns. And unless some of the right wing ultra conservatives or neo Nazis gain power, it will have nothing to do with traditional slavery. It will however have everything to do with other interpretations of slavery ! So even though we can’t say what it might look like, we can speculate about who might be engaged in such a war. Here are some possibilities :

  • Everyone or anyone against each other.
  • Christians vs non Christians.
  • The people vs the government (ain’t the people the guv’n’ment ?).
  • States vs state or State vs state.
  • Crazy people vs less crazy people.
  • The people vs the military.
  • Alex Jones vs the guv’n’men.
  • Alex Jones vs The Reptilians.
  • The haves vs the have nots.
  • Children vs parents (I like this one).
  • The government vs the government.
  • The government and the people vs the government.
  • Veterans vs whoever they feel like.
  • Bikies against whoever they feel like.

I mean honestly, is it at all possible to accurate forecast who will fight who ? How can we possibly decide who will be at war and define who is the enemy ? If you fight and beat the government, you still need a government later on to help run the country. And for every evil man you replace, there are 10,000 who would like to take his place.

So perhaps now more than ever, a new civil war is on the cards but I’ll be damned if I can understand the logic of any of it. My sense is that what we are seeing is an unfolding a very old pattern in the development of human societies. The occasional outburst of turbulence (war and civil disobedience) is logically inevitable, when the populace lacks self awareness and when mankind overall is driven by fear and emptiness and an attachment to things that are impermanent. A new civil war may well be on the cards for the making of a new America. But if it does happen, what could this new America look like ?

Will it be a $USA Inc. 2.0 with more pretense of what appears to be democracy ? Or will it be $USA Inc. 1.0, where every citizen complies and behaves under the watchful eye of a Robocop like system of authority ? Or will it be $USA Inc. 1.0, where every citizen is given the illusion of democracy, while being shaped and molded (a softer version of the previous but closer to a soft version of Huxley’s Brave New World or Blairs’ 1984). Will it be a fairer America that continues to expand democratically, pull it’s foreign policy head in and begins to create a more just and loving society ? Or will it be an America that returns to an agrarian age or a type of Agrarian Socialism because that’s how it will support the elite or because it sees it as a better option ?

America is such a diverse country with an incredible history, that almost anything is possible ! But my suspicion is that the future of the American experiment has been planned. What remains to be seen is whether or not a Second American Civil War is part of that plan or if the unpredictable element will alter those plans.

Thank god I live in Australia !

Those in power long ago, thanks to their psychic profilers, recognized that Australia offered many unique opportunities for a new kind of social experiment. The key difference is that we do not have the right to bear arms. As a social experiment of the British, we began as a penal colony by dispossessing our first people of their land. We were on the whole, more of a dumping ground, than many countries. And that has surprisingly made all the difference to the long term development of the democratic model. But Australia is not Scott free of problems. We too have huge social and environmental problems. But unlike America, our constitution (despite it’s lack of address towards human rights) does not recognize the right to bear arms. The right to bear arms is in many ways the Achilles Heal of American democracy – a thorn to both government and citizens. In addition we have a small population relative to our land mass and are close to Asia – both of which have completely altered our experiment with democracy.

America is both a wonderful model for the human social experiment and a model for how not to do things. The retaliation and hostility from many non Christian nations is sometimes morally justified. What is lacking is human compassion for the ordinary citizens of America.

There is no perfect model for how human societies should function and there never has been. Bhutan has a pretty good model but it is an isolated country that has done a good job of keeping tight boundaries. And it has many challenges ahead of it.

America remains both the crossroads of the human social experiment and the greatest prophet for the collective human future. However America’s future plays out, it will effect all of us in many different ways.

Whatever happens, all is good. This is ”the best of all possible worlds” to quote a certain well known French man ! All that happens in the American future has it’s place and will ultimately help our descendants to be a happier, healthier species and lay the foundation for humans to be fully embraced by our cosmic family.

All civil wars are a really just a revolution of sorts. The greatest American Revolution is the revolution of the heart. The revolution that will never end.




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