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TSM143 : The Shocking Reality of How Things Are & The Seasons of Life

Sometimes we try and turn away from the shocking reality of how things are. But how things are is how they are. Isness is a powerful ally !

In this walk and talk I explore how nature’s seasons and the cycles of nature, parallel the seasons of our life and how we all face the same seasons of life, as part of the seasons of the human clock – from the cradle to the grave.

I offer a tour of the seasons here on this land and suggest how facing the shocking reality of all that nature brings, helps us to face the shocking reality of how things are in our own life. I suggest that the seasons of nature and of human life are necessary to create awareness and to help us grow. Life is both predictable and unpredictable and if we have courage, we can stay open to anything that life might throw at us.

Relevant links (also relevant to TSM144) :



TSM140 : Types of Rituals & How to Create Rituals

I haven’t posted any TSMs for a while, as I’ve been sick and am still recovering. Unfortunately I had to scrap 4 TSMs because the wind was too strong. I should have some new TSMs up by the end of the week.

Thanks to Frédéric for your ongoing support ! It makes a world of difference. Frédéric lives in Barcelona and it was a relief to hear that he was safe during the recent terror attack !

In this walk and talk, I contemplate the different types of rituals that fill human life and how we might create our own rituals to enrich our life.

Enjoy ! 😉

TSM139 : The Importance of Human Drama

All spiritual traditons emphasize the importance of freeing ourselves from drama because drama causes suffering. I beg to differ. Drama helps us to grow and suffering is OK. In today’s walky, I explore the importance of human drama and how drama reshapes our entire identity and experience of being human. 😉



TSM127 : An Introduction to the Buddha’s Teachings and Why They Are No Longer as Important to Me

In today’s walk in the big paddock, I introduce the core ideas behind the mystical Buddha’s teachings and talk a little about how my ET friend Dude changed my view of Buddhism and my own efforts to eliminate desire from my life.

Don’t be offended if you are a Buddhist. This monologue is an effort to simply Buddhism and make it easy to understand. It isn’t a critical treatise on significant doctrines but a gentle overview of what the Buddha may have been trying to get at.

Happy trails ! 😉

Unvenerable Bright Garlick.

More on Buddhism here :

TSM36 : Sperm Stories

I’m a big fan of sperm. Little guys, who may well be the most powerful beings in the entire cosmos !

Sperm Stories for your listening pleasure (or not) !

Relevant links : 

Enjoy ! Brighticus Spermicus.


PS. My memory of the numbers of sperm per ejaculation is woefully inaccurate !

PSS. The epic story of sperm in video.

TSM27 : Toa’s seizures, a dying friend, mating kangaroos, Developmental Assetts and relationship styles

Here’s one of the monologues I made last year before my transfer software crashed. I still have another 25 to upload. Slowly slowly.

in this meandering monologue I reflect on Toa’s recent seizures, talk about my experience of being with my dying friend, stroll past lots of kangaroos and talk a little about relationship styles and the concept of developmental assets. 

Links relevant to this monologue include :

You can hear all the monologues here :

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TSM24 : Rainstorm

Those of you who listen to TSM will be pleased to know that I’ll be uploading a bunch of new TSMs in the next few days. The following is the first.

I was fortunate enough a few weeks ago to have caught an amazing rainstorm when I went out early in the morning. Most of the action takes place near the lake and then for some reason my recorder didn’t save the best part of the storm; so I resume recording back home.

Be warned there’s nothing in particular going on in this TSM. In the background at home, you can hear The 3rd and the Mortal, The Beatles (Rocky Racoon) and The Metal Falcons playing . I don’t know if noise plus fragments of known music is a breach of copyright ? Maybe ?

Anyway, enjoy !

My Favourite Podcasts

When I was working, I traveled long distances to get to work and then sometimes to visit my clients. It wasn’t unusual for me to travel 400 km some days. I tried to be as mindful as I could when I drove but sometimes I found myself getting tired and/or zoning out. So I started to listen to podcasts, to help me stay focused – irony of ironies ! These days I listen to podcasts when I go on long trips with my son but I don’t have a lot of time to listen to them at home.

Most of my favourite podcasts are about stories, because I love stories. Unfortunately they’re all about human stories and our friends the animals and plants of the world seem to have fallen off the radar. Maybe one day, people will make podcasts that tell stories about animals or plants, even perhaps from their imagined point of view. They are also all American, which skews my perception of the world a little. I mean, I am very fond of Americans and America but sometimes I wish I could find more international content. I’ve also included a couple of other podcasts from the field of consciousness and spirituality and the paranormal. Anyway, the following list is a selection of my favourite podcasts.

If you know of any other great podcasts – let us all know because I’m sure there are other people who are podcast hungry !

Happy listening !

Bright. 😉

TSM has a podcast home

Today I created a new home for The Something Monologues here : .

I don’t know if you would call it a real podcast but I thought that it might be good to make it available on a wider platform. It might take a few days to set up the page and a month to get it up to date. So in addition to finding it on BOX, you’ll be able to subscribe on iTunes.

Enjoy friends !

Brighticus. 😉

TSM 6 : Fishing Stories and Migrations

The Something Monologue No. 6 is a bit of a hasty reflection of things that I learned through fishing in 3 different countries and the nature of migration and what it taught me along the way. I think I might pick up both themes in another monologue. Feel free to share your own fishing, fish or fishy stories and some of your own migrations.

Thanks for all the encouragement and the support with this little spontaneous adventure. I’m enjoying this so much, I’ll keep going but I might slow down a little and from time to time, I might start thinking about what I’d like to talk about. Perhaps you have some suggestions ?

Enjoy !

PS. No. 7 has been recorded today but will have to wait to next week to be recorded !

PPS. The GETCRN is still in development and I haven’t forgotten to share more of my contact experiences or the contact audio series. I’m just enjoying something a bit different !

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