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Names of Some ETs I’m in Contact With

I’ve spoken before about how ET races are named and how we identify and name different ETs ( / but I don’t think I’ve mentioned much about the actual names of some of the ETs I’m in contact with. As I’ve said before, whenever I meet an ET (whether face to face or at a distance) I ask them how they say their name (until I fully understand it) and an approximate spelling. It’s not always possible for them to translate their name and some ETs, such as those of Dude’s race, don’t readily pass on their names because the sharing of a name is an experience that has particular effects on the body/life force/spirit – so it’s a kind of sacred experience that is only shared among friends. Most ETs I/others meet will usually be able to translate or approximate their name in some way.

Please remember, I’m not a linguist and I’m not bi/polylingual, so I don’t know the specifics of translating words or names. Most space faring ETs seem to be able to understand human languages – either by some form of direct mental translation or technological translation. I don’t know if they have any comprehension of our grammar, semantics and the nuances of our languages but they usually have little trouble understanding or communicating with us. So I never have trouble talking to an ET or asking their name. It’s obviously a common practice for two beings from different worlds to exchange some sort of greeting, which includes some sort of reference to the self. However, when you interact with an ET, you soon realise that names are merely reference points. You can know a another being by its essence without knowing its name. But a name certainly does help us to anchor relationships in our memories.

I thought today, just briefly, I’d share some names of some of the ETs I’ve had contact with. I mention the names of some of my ET contacts/friends because I want to personalise them and make them real for you. I don’t like it when people think of nasty impersonal greys and bizarre mantids and that kind of crap. That’s just not real. That’s our fear and ignorance projected all over another living being, turning it into nameless and unfeeling things. I want to share some of their names with you, so that you can know that these beings are unique individuals just like you and I. You may have heard me mention some of them before but I think there are others that I’ve never mentioned. What follows then is a list of names as they would sound spoken in Australian English. The names of the race is given first, as it would be said, followed by the name of the individual as it would be said and their gender (yes there are genderless races as well). There are many races I’ve met, whose names I either didn’t learn or I forgot or their names are buried somewhere in one of my journals. So these are the names that were easy to find in my records or my memories.

In no particular order,

Tealhealria :

  • Tamoosh (M)
  • Laheel (M)
  • Puk’da (M)
  • Pal’den (M)

Sar’Won’Dee :

  • Gay’rah (M)
  • Tee’heesh (M)

Sarlen :

  • Shum’pa (M)
  • Quay’lend (F)
  • Tar’ham (F)

Kimajio :

  • El’are (F)
  • Renar (F)

Hudtja :

  • Chapined (?)
  • Tuchja (?)
  • Cidor (?)

Targy :

  • Sont’war (F)

Urrsha :

  • Tarfu (M)

Tryaltar :

  • Kaifoosh

Shalarian :

  • Elwah (F)
  • Meeno (F)
  • Toowas (M)
  • Toopee (M)
  • Ulkar (M)
  • Asoo (F)
  • Pootam (M)
  • Huhlar (M).

You might think these names are fictional because lets face it, there are plenty of fictional names on the internet and in science fiction. But these are real names as I know them. My rendering of how these names sound might be a little inaccurate but I transcribed them as best as I could.


Dude on Reality and Space

Here’s a set of extracts from the Dude book on reality and space. Some of you will remember some of this from a few months ago. I haven’t yet edited this, so there may be some typos. These two extracts represent an early part of my discussions with Dude on these subjects. In later discussions we explored these subjects in greater detail and that led onto discussions about the nature of energy and conjoined space.

I think you’ll get a sense from these extracts, that Dude is a very good and patient teacher. We start simply, I ask basic questions and he answers back, trying his best to lift me to a point of understanding. My general attitude to this Socratic style conversation/discussion is, start with dumb questions, so that I’m absolutely sure of what Dude means by the end of the conversation.

There are two things that you should remember as you read any of these extracts. First, these conversations were intended for me and not for a wider audience, even though I decided this year I would share some of my future conversations. It’s still a conversation between two people. Dude is my friend and I like talking to him ! I’m not thinking as we talk, “How do I make this accessible to others ?”. I’m asking questions for myself. The fact that I can share them later, is a secondary thing. So nothing in any of these conversations is intended to be intellectually challenging or something that can knock over the best intellectual minds. They were intended for me and where I’m at intellectually. And second, these conversations usually take place while I’m out walking. I’m often focused on what’s happening around me and on looking out for snakes or obstacles. I often get distracted by interesting things and so our conversation has lots of stops and starts (just like the TSMs !). I’ve edited out most of these distractions from the book. This particular conversation took place while I was walking in the creek bed at the bottom of my property. I kept stopping to look at the water holes and Dude kept commenting on the things I was looking at. He even pointed out some fish I didn’t know were in a water hole. Later I came back and rescued them ! But as I said, all of that is edited out.

The Dude interview/conversation book is now about 200 pages long and I’m trying to decide what other conversations I should include. There are a lot of follow up questions I would like to ask Dude from the interview and our conversations. That could potentially create another book but as yet I’m not thinking about doing that. I don’t really want to turn this into a series – although in one of my flights of fancy, I mapped out another potential 4 books on the subject. Whooh there boy, I said to myself. One book at a time ! As many of you know I’m more interested in getting back to writing poetry and fiction and this is just one of those annoying things I feel I have to finish.

I think you can say that my willingness to commit to a book like this, is clear evidence that A. I’m insane and B. Life never unfolds as you would like it to ! Thank god I abandoned setting goals and plans a long time ago and I’m willing to accept all of life’s detours ! 😉

Anyway, it is my wish that these extracts challenge you a little and wet your appetite for more – as happens whenever I speak to the little green man ! (Yes, for those who don’t know, he is a creamy lime green colour !). I think some of Dude’s perceptions of reality and space are truly confronting and definitely something that our academics would have a hard time accepting. See what you make of Dude’s question near the end !!! I’d be curious to hear your answers !

Enjoy !


TSM151 : Life Force ET Contact and An Introduction to the Trialtar People

I’m putting TSM151 in front of the TSM150, as I accidentally deleted something from the final render of TSM151 and have to edit it again.


Those of you who are familiar with my blog or the TSMs will know that I rarely give you a direct and full explanation of how to make ET contact. Instead I sketch out the many different aspects of self awareness that will help you make contact. (I’ll give full descriptions in future contact audio and in the contact book).

In today’s night time monologue (which was made during a light contact session – that is, one at the end of a long tiring day), I give you a simple overview of another way of making contact using the life force. Some people will get this and some people won’t !

In addition I share a little about what I learned about a new race via a telempathic contact session I had the night before (which also included seeing a series of blinkers).

Perhaps in a later TSM I can detail exactly how I came to develop this method of interacting and the steps I went through to prove to myself that it was real.

It’s my wish to continue interacting with this race and at some point perhaps I’ll be fortunate enough to have face to face contact with them. I’ll keep you posted regarding anything else I learn about them !

This particular race, apparently come from a world that orbits a blue star – which I assume is what we call a Blue Giant ( Blue Giants are some of the hottest stars that we know and are thought by most people to have lifeless planets. Perhaps however, we are wrong about this and habitable planets may exist in a region that is a long way out from the star. I don’t know. All I know is that I was very surprised by what I was told ! I guess it’s a question for Dude ! 😉

The key for me, to all of these interactions, is not to judge whether they are definitively real or not but to write everything down and to compile my experiences for myself. So that over time I can check information against information and come to a final conclusion if and when I have a face to face contact with them, or others meet them and make similar comments about who they are. Sometimes these experiences are very powerful emotionally and continue after seeing lights in the sky !

Enjoy ! 😉

An Extract from the Dude Interview Regarding Other Races

Sometimes I’ve had conversations with Dude that I completely forgot about. Here’s another one that I dug up and have transcribed for the Dude book.

I’m realising as I’m going through all these conversations, trying to decide what should go in the book, that there are all these things I would like Dude to clarify, that I’d like to understand in greater detail. A while back I thought maybe I’d have a separate book based on my own questions for Dude. But I’ve canned that idea and will be trying to integrate my own conversations into the one book. It’s worth noting that initially I had no plans of writing a book like this. So our conversations were very personal, had in the way that two people, two friends would normally talk to one another. Later, after I had decided on a book, our conversations remained the same. And so it seems to me, where I understand what Dude is often saying, others may not. And I don’t know if I need to do anything about that. As I write each conversation I’m structuring it like this – Context, Conversation, Reflections. This little extract is just the raw conversation.

You can find more on the ETs referred to here on the blog. The shape shifter race I mentioned in the footnote, is not one of the races that Dude refers to.

Enjoy ! 😉

An Extract From the Dude Interview and Conversation Book

Hey folks, how are y’all ? I’ve been a little out of sorts since having my 7th tumour treatment injection earlier in the week. Lots of hypoglycemia (glucose down as low as 2 some days !), severe stomach cramps, twitches, palpitations and diarrhoea. But I am otherwise well ! Things are usually worse around injection time but as the drug dissolves through the month, the side effects lighten up a little ! Here’s the needle that gets jabbed in my arse every month (below) ! Apparenty it’s worth $2,500 a shot ! Thank God most of it is subsidised ! Tell me that isn’t Big Pharma pulling a conjob ! I now have 7, 3 cm nodules from my jabs, that don’t seem to be going away ! One more year to see if it makes any real difference to my tumours ! Till then, you can call me Mr Lumpy Bum !


I’ve been working feverishly on trying to complete the Dude book. I’ve just about completed my 400 page poetry book – 1 poem to rewrite and then I can put all my energy into the Dude book ! You might recall that I decided to add some conversations to the original interview. I have had so many with Dude, that I didn’t know where to start. So for now I’ve narrowed it down to a small group of conversations. I may add more later. The problem with the conversations is that I have to transcribe them from my recordings and then type them up. So it takes a long time. I have 1 more question to complete the interview and then it’s complete. I’ve also added a section on Dude’s Maxims, Dude’s discovery of a strange world where perception influences reality in a very strange way, Dude’s leaf collection and lessons on the nature of the self . You can see the  draft contents page here : This will probably be re-arranged a little but it’s mostly how the book will look.

You can read the section on How ETs Interact Through Internal Spaces here : and see a basic diagram that goes with this section here : There maybe some errors in dates and so on. I have to check a bunch of stuff against my journals. I’ve also found some typos I haven’t had the chance to fix. This is just a draft, so please don’t post it anywhere else. It may change a little but this is the raw first draft.

For each of the conversations, I’ve included a small section on the context of each conversation. The context of this particular conversation may come across a little ‘me-ish’, a little ‘self centered’ and that was not my intention. But I don’t think the conversation would make much sense unless I explained the history of how I came to be interested in this subject and working with internal spaces and internal contact.

The conversations are literally the conversations I had with Dude. They follow a simple conversational style, much like a Platonic/Socratic Dialogue style in simple form ( / When ever I talk with Dude I often ask things I think I understand, just so that I am completely sure of what Dude is saying. Conversely Dude often checks in to make sure I understand him.

If you read the final book, you may notice that some of the things that Dude says in later conversations are slightly different to what he has said in earlier conversations. And that’s because he constantly adjusts his language and ideas to where I’m at. We also tend to mirror each others language, as happens with many people in conversations. You’ll remember from the interview that Dude modifies his language to every person he speaks with. There are times when I’ve seen him speak very formally and politely to other people and then he acts like a complete scallywag when he speaks with me ! That’s just how he is. He’s a master of adaptation ! Which is one of the reasons he’s considered a great diplomat among his people and why he has the role he has working with humans on Earth !

When I started with this idea of interviewing Dude, I never envisioned a book. But then I quickly I realised it’s significance. It was only after I had finished 3/4 of the interview, that it occurred to me that some of the conversations that we’d had might make a useful addition. For a while I thought maybe I should put them in a separate book but I then realised that they actually complement many of the things that were raised in the interview.

I think the book will be about 200 pages in size 11 font. I’ll be using a similar format when I write-up the Anamika (Teal’hia) book.

This particular extract will go well with the things I’ve said about internal world contact and conjoined space. If you haven’t read or heard any of this information, this conversation may not make much sense.

I’m curious to see what you make of it !

I’ve yet to decide on how to publish the book. Whether I go solo or try to find a publisher. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. But if you know of any good publishing houses that cover this subject, feel free to let me know. I’m going to be very fastidious about who I publish it with, if I go down that path. No one that’s published anything on abduction or archons – that kind of crap !

PS. I have been wondering if I should change Dude’s public name. I have reasons I don’t want to use his real name that I can’t reveal (in too much detail). I’ve stuck with Dude because it was the first thing to pop into my head and because it’s convenient. It seems that perhaps some people think that the whole thing is a deliberate joke. Which of course it’s not ! I don’t know if anyone will take a book about an ET called Dude seriously. So what are your thoughts ? Dude or someone else ? In the novel I’m writing Dude assumes the name of Frank. As many of you know, I also use the name Anamika for my Teal’hia friend, as a cover name for her real name. But in writing about all the other ETs, I have and will in future, be using their real names. I have a soft spot for these two people and want to keep a little privacy for myself !


Whistleblower Aversion : Why ET Whistleblowers are Rarer Than You Think

Some of you will recall that me saying that my ex wife Rachel worked for a covert group based in England, with Earth based ETs, profiling different groups of people and carrying out specific interventions. Rachel had a much higher clearance than CS and worked with him on numerous assignments. Like him, her work put her in direct contact with ETs in crash sites but it also put her in contact with ETs in specific projects and in the field.

We were talking recently about why she will never come forward to discuss her former work and that prompted me to ask about other people she knew in the field and how they might see the issue of whistleblowing ( That discussion helped me to see a much wider perspective that I hadn’t fully understood before. What follows is a partial exploration of what we talked about.

Rachel said that for starters, she signed a 100 year legal agreement that forbids her breaching her security oath. That agreement is trans-national and if she breaks it there would be significant consequences. Rachel pointed out that her greatest concern, is not for herself of her family but actually for the people that she worked with and for the ETs. She knows what these people are capable of and she doesn’t want to see anyone she was friends with, hurt. She’s seen people erased and seen their histories erased and she knows how that can bring people directly effected and those around them to the brink of madness, desperation and suicide.

I don’t want to say much about Rachel because she has no interest in sharing anything and is planning on taking everything to the grave. Years of trying to encourage her to come forward, only damaged our relationship ! And truly, people have no idea what secrecy does to relationships !

So let me define three types of whistleblowers :

Public Whistleblowers : These people work within groups and projects that are known to the public. Karen Silkwood is a well known example

Classified Whistleblowers : These people work within groups and projects that are unknown to the public and classified by governments. Edward Snowden is a good example

Covert Whistleblowers : These people work within groups and projects that are unknown to the public and classified by groups that work independent of government oversight (even though they may work within government projects). They may work within government or corporate entities but they are accountable to those in the lower arms of The Architecture. The senior employees who oversee such projects are not considered to be temporary employees (like the US President of the English Prime Minister).

Some whistleblowers are fortunate enough to have legal protection but many do not. According to Wikipedia, in the US ( :

There are certain limitations and exemptions to the legal protections for whistleblowers in the U.S. With regard to federal legislation, the broadest law is the Whistleblower Protection Act. However, its protections only apply to federal employees. Both public and private employees may be protected under topic-specific federal laws, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act, but such laws cover only a narrow, specific area of unlawful activity. Private sector employees are not protected by federal whistleblower protection statutes if they report either violations of federal laws with no whistleblower protection provisions or violations of state laws, although they may have some protection under local laws.[36] In 2009, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a report stating that employees who reported illegal activities did not receive enough protection from retaliation by their employers. Based on data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, only 21% of the 1800 whistleblower cases reviewed by the agency in 2007 had “a favorable outcome” for the whistleblower. The GAO found that the key issues were lack of resources for investigating employees’ claims and the legal complexity of whistleblower protection regulations.[37]

In the United States, union officials are exempted from whistleblower laws. There are currently no legal protections for employees of labor unions who report union corruption, and such employees can be dismissed from employment should they raise any allegations of financial impropriety.[38] The Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, which legislates against union corruption, includes protections for whistleblowers, however the Supreme Court has ruled that these protections only apply to union members and not to employees of labor unions.[39]

So if you’re in the US and you want to blow the whistle as a Public or Classified Whistleblower, chances are you will be vilified, caught up in a legal nightmare and put in a position where you lack the resources to support what your doing financially, socially or psychologically. In short – it’s fucking near impossible ! So why take the risk ?

But what if you’re you want to come forward as  Covert Whistleblower in say the US, UK, Australia, NZ or Canada ? Well chances are that several things will happen :

  • You’ll be ignored and ridiculed.
  • You’ll be arrested (and court marshalled ( if it’s under military jurisdiction).
  • Your case will go to a public court or a military court – where you will be assumed to be guilty.
  • The courts will be stacked with all military personnel or a majority of military personnel.
  • You can appeal your case, at your own expense.
  • All pay, superannuation and other perks will be suspended and cancelled, unless you’re proven innocent.

And while you are going through the whole process and if you’re found guilty, the following might happen :

  • You may experience implied threats to yourself, your friends, your family or your spouse.
  • You will be monitored.
  • Their maybe accidents effecting yourself, friends, family or spouse.
  • You might experience financial insecurities – such as problems with your insurance or banking.
  • You, your friends, family  or spouses maybe stalked.
  • Your relationships will be targeted and pressure placed on weaknesses.
  • Your financial and social credibility maybe attacked.
  • You will be manipulated emotionally until you crack or back down. This can be done face to face, with email, letters or phone calls. It can also be done by manipulating you very subtly by doing things that make you feel like you’re losing your sanity !
  • You may be jailed for a very long time of sentenced to death and placed in death row.

What about whistleblower protections ? In short whisleblower legislation is useless for Covert Whisleblowers. It protects those people who are propped up as stooges but if you’re going to reveal a genuine secret, your’re fucked ! No matter how unconstitutional or how illegal these Covert Projects might be from a public perspective, the law protects secrecy !

So you might be wondering then how on Earth they keep secrecy ? It isn’t difficult. The first thing to remember is that LAW is used to create the appearance of righteousness and to create abiding documents that bind individuals. These groups have access to the best legal minds on the planet. And they do that with money and security ! They have legal representatives who can write documents which leave no loop holes ! You can’t fart in one of these projects without there being a legal document that controls your behaviour ! 😉 Next to the law, fear is used to create compliant behaviour ! Individuals who join these projects are mostly targeted and then when they are recruited they are manipulated by a sense of righteous (doing the right thing for the greater good) and by fear. Fear is orchestrated by :

  • The use of strongly worded legal documents for people with high clearances. Agreements that last from 100-1,000 years. Such that you won’t talk in your life time !
  • Compartmentalisation and “Need to Know” create a sense of obligation and complaiance.
  • Implied threats during recruitment, training and discharge.
  • Emotional manipulation, that makes you concerned about your own safety and the safety of your friends, family and spouse.
  • Threats of :
    • Accidents
    • Financial insecurity
    • Erasure
    • Violence at the hands of thugs and assassins
    • Lack of post contract employment opportunities
    • Undermining your financial and social credibility
    • Undermining your relationships with friends, family or spouses
    • Undermining your emotional security and your sanity
    • Undermining the emotional security and sanity of friends, family and spouses.

So what happens if they choose to erase you ? Several things can happen. They can kill you and your loved one’s. They can erase specific records from your past. They can erase all evidence of who you were  – birth certificates, education records from primary school to university, drivers records, social security numbers, employment history etc. Anything they want to erase, they can erase ! If they erase your past, they erase all evidence that you were ever involved in a covert project and can potentially push you and those who love you, to the point of going mad and taking your own life. This way they often successfully destroy relationships and take out major threats to their secrecy !

So these are the kinds of employer related risks that prevent real Covert Whisleblowers with significant clearances from coming forward. I recently watched Steven Greer’s Unacknowledged and even though some of his witnesses did previously work in covert projects, not one of them had high clearances and the one person that had say a mid level clearance who revealed things of genuine interest (Richard C. Doty) had little to say about anything really. I suspect because he was saying what he was allowed to say. Such that the public would know who’s still in charge ! If he were to talk about the ET related projects, he would have a short life !



For people who have worked in covert projects with high clearances and people who have erased other people in these projects who have opened their mouths, the only way out is to disappear, to fake your death and/or to get a face lift and to literally take on a new physical and social identity. Because even those who do the monitoring and surveillance are monitored. And when you’re out of that environment, you shut your mouth, because you know you are being watched. Or you die and come back as someone else !

Every now and then I waste my time and check out some of the so called insiders that the hot shots in the alternative media have found. Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan and Alex Jones are the three that I’m constantly bemused by ! Recently Kerry revealed this joke of an interview with one Robert Steele I honestly thought that after more than a decade of talking to so called whistleblowers, that she would have seen through this kind of bullshit but she’s still falling for the whole Lizard People Taking Over Earth and Evil AI Crap ! So a couple of points about this kind of stupidity :

So up to this point, I’ve only spoken about the work associated reasons that genuine Covert Whistleblowers  rarely come forward. I’ve said nothing about their personal feelings about coming forward. So let me use Rachel as an example of what many Covert Whistleblowers may feel. Rachel is no longer interested in sharing anything (I’ve tried hard to convince her but she’s stubborn as a rock and with good reason !). Under my suggestion, she’s has watched numerous disclosure witnesses associated with both sides of the alternative media. Recently she said to me and I quote :

“99.9 % of it is garbage and an insult to my intelligence and the public’s intelligence ! They’re not saying anything true or important that isn’t already in the public domain. Saying you were a somebody, doesn’t mean anything ! Documents mean nothing ! The people in charge can make anything or erase anything ! Proving that you were a sergeant or a general in whatever program means nothing. Everything can be fabricated ! People who really worked in projects have nothing that can prove what they did. Nothing ! When you sign up to these projects, you don’t exist ! You don’t exist anymore ! Everything to do with the project comes to you through your number. You have a number and that is all that is on record. They know who you are but you become a number, so that nothing can be traced. You don’t exist anymore ! Men in Black is closer to the truth about how they erase your identity than anything else – including The Disclosure Project or Unacknowledged.”  

Rachel has given me six distinct reasons why she will never come forward, unrelated to the work itself or potential consequences :

  • The people who claim to be Covert Whistleblowers are a joke and the last people she’d want to associate with.
  • The personalities presenting so called Covert Whistleblowers are a joke and the last people she’s want to be associated with.
  • There is nothing that she would gain from telling the truth, only ridicule and suffering for herself and others.
  • The truth will never change most people’s minds – because they want to believe in good aliens vs bad aliens and agendas and Reptilians.
  • Half the people interested in this subject are crazy, egomaniacs, religious nuts or all three.
  • She has more important causes to care about.

Now I use Rachel as an example because I know her very well and I can speak for her integrity and because she knows a whole bunch of people who were in these kinds of projects or still are in these kinds of projects and not one of them has come forward. (CS has come forward but he had a lower clearance.) I suspect they haven’t come forward for similar reasons – both the work associated reasons and the personal reasons/feelings that Rachel has expressed.

Having said that, we are both certain that there are people who do want the truth to come out ! But the last thing they’ll do is to come out as a whistleblower because at this level whisleblowing doesn’t work. The only kind of whistleblowing that is effective at this level, is low key whistleblowing – that is whistleblowing that doesn’t reveal details, doesn’t name names or places and doesn’t describe the details of how something works. The only people who have done this so far, had low level clearances who are getting older, sicker or close to death. If you think Classified/Above Top Secret/Cosmic Clearance are high level, think again. The people who really know, are keeping quiet because they have nothing to gain and everything to lose !

But who knows how the situation will play out in the next 30-40 years as these people get close to the end of their lives !

More reading here :

PS. I admire Steven Greer for his efforts to draw Whistleblowers out of the woodwork with Unacknowledged, at great personal expense – especially his wife’s life threatening illness. But, this is a monumental task and no amount of desire for the truth, yearning for a better world or public recognition, will change the minds of those who have families and spouses that they love and wish to protect, and who like them, can all be erased from existence.

More on my feelings on the subject of Disclosure here :

The Future of ETology and How I’m Trying to Influence What We Understand

I’ve been observing the world since I was a little boy. I’ve always paid attention to the things that other people didn’t seem to notice or care about and that same trait has stayed with me into adulthood.

I notice certain trends now (as I have for the last 30 years), about where we’re heading as species, that I don’t like but am largely powerless doing anything about. I do however, have some power, to influence human perception and understanding of the ET subject, in some small way, that sends ripples throughout the human perception of time.

I was always impressed by the Iroquois proverb about thinking about the impact of what we do on the next 7 generations – the people, the plants, the animals and the Earth (which supposedly came from The Great Law of Peace of the Longhouse People – upon which the United Nations and US Constitutions were apparently framed What I like about this reasoning is that it forces you to consider that everything is connected. Throughout my life I’ve tried very hard to live with a principle like this in mind. But if I’m honest, I can barely see the impact of how I live on one generation, let alone seven generations.

A few years ago, one particular ET race asked me to consider how the books I will write about my own ET contact and how to make ET contact, will impact on other humans for the next 10, 50 and 500 years. It was a monumental task but I sat down for several days and thought it through. How one thing connects to another. And I realised, that even if one other person fully understands what I have to share, the impact will be significant. What I hadn’t anticipated were the negative impacts. And by generating an awareness of them, I have been able to choose more carefully how to engage with the world. Remember when Dude told me not to post the 1 minute video on how to make contact ? That was an example that would have had profound negative impacts for me, in ways you can’t comprehend.

Everything in life has a positive and negative aspect and everything we do in life, can manifest both positive and negative aspects. So it’s important to choose carefully what we say and what we do. I have some novel ideas about bio-terrorism (remember my initial training was as a biologist) that could cripple any country but just because I can think of it, doesn’t mean that I should talk about it or share my ideas with another living soul. I’m even reluctant to discuss such ideas in fiction. My son and I have joked about one idea and he truly gets it but he also readily acknowledges that it’s a very dangerous idea. So we all make choices and what’s important is that we make healthy choices that consider a wider perspective that goes beyond our own life and our own time. We are after all constantly laying the foundations for the future and for the lives of all those as yet unborn. The history of humanity as a space faring race, is being shaped now by every idea, every conflict and every struggle for a better world. And the future of all life on this planet, is being influenced right now by our willingness to feel connected to Earth and to make choices that respect the needs of other life forms that share our world.

As I’ve said before, I can’t write about the ET subject every day because quite frankly it bores the hell out of me and because I’m interested in everything, in all of life and not just one tiny little aspect ! If you’re here for that reason now, you should fuck off and find a blog about UFOs or abductees because this isn’t the place for you ! But the rest of you will understand that this blog has always been about ET and I – about other life forms from elsewhere, my relationships with them and about my experience of the human condition. And quite frankly, you can’t have one without the other.  I can’t explain to you anything about my relationships with ETs without telling you something about who I am and how I function. And that’s the reality of all relationships. We are defined by each other – we are in relationship to one another, no matter how you label it.

I’m often frustrated when I read about UFOs and ETs and experiencers (more often than not – aliens and abductees) because there’s so much crap ! So much stuff that just isn’t true and so much supposedly about the other and so little about the self. Who are these people having experiences and how does who they are influence their experience and why the fuck is that missing out of the narrative ?  I don’t agree with how Mike Clelland sees the ET phenomenon but I really admire the honesty and candour with which he portrays himself – Here is my human experience and here is how I’m dealing with this other experience. Take it or leave it ! That’s what I like about Mike ( / ! So few people in this entire field have such an openness to reflecting on the human experience. The don’tknowness of what I’m experiencing.

There are a lot of people with a lot of opinions about ET contact and the nature of ETs and it’s always been the case that the squeaky wheel gets the most attention (the same is true in all aspects of human life). And because people like me are largely very quiet, compared to others who profess ET contact, it’s much harder and takes a great deal more effort to reach a wider audience. But as I’ve said before, I’m not interested in popularity. Which is why you won’t find me at a UFO/Contactee conference or any other such wankathon ! I am however interested in creating a positive influence and to do so I must have faith that A. The things I am doing are worth doing (and sometimes I’ve had serious doubts about that) and B. That what I am trying to convey will be noticed in the fullness of time. And that’s what really compels me to come back and blog and to slog away at the books I’m writing (when I’d rather be writing a novel or a play !). Because it isn’t all about me ! It’s about all of us and it’s about us and them as one. I  trust that some core truth that I share will be noticed by someone, somewhere in the future, if not now. And who knows how that person will influence others and how someone in turn may help in the development of human-ET relationships ? If I convey things well, things will be understood well and if I convey them poorly, they will be understood poorly. So I know that I have to think very carefully about what I say, which is why I can say somethings when I feel like saying them and other things must wait. I’ve made many mistakes regarding things I’ve said (for all manner of reasons) and I need to try to make fewer mistakes, so that things I say are truly understood.

There is a great deal of information about the ET subject that is downright wrong. I think we can safely say it’s wrong for the following reasons :

  • It’s poorly informed
  • It’s accidental or engineered disinformation or misinformation
  • It’s based on cultural or psychic artefacts
  • Its created by people with poor self-awareness
  • It’s popular because of somebodyness
  • It’s shaped by cultural memes
  • Any or all of the above.

What bothers me most is that so many things become fact, without any prior examination or understanding. And I guess part of the real difficulty is that you can’t analyse the ET subject the way you can say an ant colony or a supermarket or a murder scene. It’s so otherworldly and confronting to human consciousness, that all we can do is look at the artefacts that it creates. And the most common artefacts are in the domain of human experience. And human experience is of course a subjective experience as much as it is an objective experience. Therein lay a deep conundrum for this entire subject, that will never be resolved.

What I foresee and what troubles me and compels me to speak out, is that what is taken to be fact today and what commands the most attention today, tomorrow is unquestionable and lays the foundation for all that follows. I don’t want to be part of history that is building itself on hollow ground !

I don’t have any real answers about how we can go forward, except to say that you should judge any information about an ET or an ET contact experience, by way of examination of the person conveying the experience. How do they come across ? Do they have any self-awareness or understanding about how their own mental state and ways of perceiving may have influenced the experience or their memories of the experience ? What do they have to gain by what they share and is it reasonable ? Are they being honest about who they are and what ET contact means to them ? Are they driven by fear, unaware ego or a need to be noticed ? What is their modus operandi in sharing the information ? What impact has what they have shared had on them and on others ? Who are the people around this person ? What have tehey sacrificed to open themselves up to the world so publically ?

You can examine a person in any number of ways and I suggest that if someone shares something about this subject that you really want to believe, you examine the person as thoroughly as possible. Just as you ought to when it comes to adapting a spiritual belief (examine everything first !). You can’t always know the truth by simply believing it but you can feel the truth if you truly know how to feel ! There have been many times someone has pointed me to some supposed abductee/experiencer, I’ve listened to them for a minute or looked at their picture and I can feel their lies. You can all learn to do the same thing, if you don’t already. There are honest people in this field but it takes discernment to sense them.

There are very few ideas about ETs that I believe are right and I’m trying to provide an antidote to that, in one of three ways. First, by suggesting to everyone that the only true way to know ET is to know yourself. Know thyself and know life. Second, by sharing my experiences of ET contact with 30 plus races. I’m trying to convey the diversity of that life to open people’s minds and hearts to difference and sameness. And third, by sharing my intimate relationships with several ETs – beings such as Anamika and Dude and at a later time, the group I call The Beloved Carers. Such that people come to know these extraterrestrials, as living beings with their own unique personalities. I’m not going to sensationalize my contact with any ET as something that makes me special or above any one else but I am going to speak out vehemently from time to time about the complete and utter bullshit that passes for truth ! And it will be up to you to decide if what I have to say is worth listening to.

Having lived now for over a decade with tumours since my diagnosis, has pushed me way past giving a shit about what anyone thinks of me and encouraged me to consider very carefully any kind of legacy I wish to leave behind. I certainly do wish to leave a legacy behind, most of which no one else will know about because it’s the stuff that I hold dearest and the stuff I keep to myself. But the subject of ETs and ET contact is something in which I feel a need to leave some kind of legacy that others do know about. And why is that ? I don’t believe it’s for egotistic reasons. I believe it’s because I give a damn and because of the burning need I have for justice and understanding. I’m happy to be the 1 person in a million who says Reptilians and Hybrid Children are bullshit, even if people hate me because of it. I can’t support what I know is false because I know where falsity leads. It leads to ignorance and greater suffering. And that’s why I am consciously trying to transmit certain messages, that go against what the majority of people interested in this field believe. Not because I like disagreeing but because I know otherwise !

So, here are the key things I wish to convey through all my work on this subject (this list may grow in time) :

  • The self is boundless and limited only to our perceptions and desires.
  • The soul exist in form and formlessness and is not a static entity. It is continually changing.
  • All of reality is conjoined space.
  • We exist in 5 types of conjoined space – waking life (think parallel lives), dream life, deep sleep, altered states and life after death. Some conjoined spaces are more subtle than others.
  • There exist all manner of Creator Races – who seed, create and nurture universes, life, souls and matter. The most developed Creator Races understand the true nature of reality and the self and create entire realities.
  • All space faring ETs are benevolent in nature and abide by shared agreements. Hostile (immature) races are planet bound (or solar system bound).
  • Early space faring races are monitored and controlled such that they can do no harm unto other non terrestrial species.
  • Any space faring ET race that needs help, can ask for it and will recieve the help that they require from any one of the collectives. (No race will, for example, face extinction because of their genetic material running dry or be bereft of materials to support themselves).
  • Space faring ETs have no agendas. That is our projection onto them. They are merely doing what they do. The idea of an agenda is a dangerous projection that distorts the truth and will damage human-ET relationships.
  • There is no great battle between good and evil. The greater good is always served because that is the natural direction of growth.
  • There is no grand agenda for the ET presence on this Earth at this time. They are merely continuing work that they have done for a very long time.
  • Space faring ETs have aeons of experience in first contact, nurturing different life forms and the difficulties that face emerging species and the difficulties that arise in relationships between different species. We should trust in their experience and patience.It is in all of our vested interests to do so. (This flies against the comort of most human beings and refelects our insecurity and unwillingness to let go and drop expectations of how things should be).
  • Approximately 5,500 years ago the ETs established a kind of structure on Earth to guide in the development of modern humans. This structure which I call The Architecture, was created with inbuilt secrecy to protect humans from themselves and was bastardised by humans seeking control. It was known that this would happen, right from the beginning and allowed to happen, as this is the only way to guide humanity towards the best possible distant future, in which we would survive and become a space faring race. The upper arms of The Architecture are ET and the lower arms of The Architecture are human. The ETs control the flow of information, in which ever way they wish. The current structure of TA is headed by 9 ETs from different races – 3 of which are Creator Races. An Earth born human from a previous human civilisation who is part of this group, has the final say on the welfare of Earth and all key issues related to her welfare. He is the current representative that leads a much larger collective. The ET I refer to as Dude (of the Muajra people) is in the position of what we would think of as second in charge. He resides on Earth 6 days a week attending to a broad range of issues related to now and Earth in the future.
  • Some ETs can know anything anywhere at any time and materialise as anything anywhere that they wish. Nothing can be hidden from them. Nothing !
  • Anyone can have ET contact. The key ingredients are : self-awareness, pure intention free from self-deception and greed, a deep understanding of why you want contact, a willingness to surrender control and drop all expectation, patience and openness.
  • You can have contact with ETs externally in the outer world or internally in the inner world. There is no separation between inner and outer worlds, only the illusion that it is so. Both forms of contact require that you have self-awareness.
  • The key to understanding ETs and ET contact is not consciousness, it’s the life force. Understand the life force and you will never feel separated from ETs for a moment.
  • Humans can never alter the past. Even though many in the future will believe that they can. (Later I’ll write about the coming Chrononaut Movement and the Religious Chrononauts who believe they can change religious development and re-engineer the human future).



Alien Bodies in Peru ?

Thanks to Colin Andrews for sharing this.

A good friend suggests that the body in the first video is not what it appears to be. I reserve my judgment, despite the involvement of forensic experts and apparent authenticity. I can say however that I am very dubious about and their apparent insights regarding disclosure. The Gaia empire has grown way to quick and greedy for my like and my trust.


Who Controls the Discourse on ETs ?

A quick question for you. It appears to me that white men are the one’s who write most of the books/make most of the podcasts on ETs/Aliens/UFOs. And a very specific age bracket in that group. Why is that ? Why this bracket of the human population ? I think there are very good reasons. What’s your guess ? PS. Last I checked I was white ! 😉

Robbie Graham – A Breath of Fresh Air !

There are very few people I believe have something of great value to contribute to the whole discourse of UFOs and ETs ! Robbie Graham is one of them ! In the following talks Robbie uses his voice of reason to lift the discourse on UFOs and ETs to a more mature and realistic level. In his talks and books, Robbie tackles the vast plethora of disinformation that has been engineered into the UFO/ET field, takes a shot at the recent preoccupation with Alien Disclosure and counters many of the cultural misunderstandings and delusions that people have about the subject. Robbie seems like a genuinely nice guy, with plenty of balls and common sense !

Good on ya Robbie !


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