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The Social Animal

Here’s a book about human beings and human lives that I enjoyed a few years ago.

David Brook’s The Social Animal is part novel part non fiction. It’s a bit awkward and leaves you wanting to know more about the research that’s cited but it’s a good effort to explore the psychosocial forces that create a western human being. I recommend The Social Animal for anyone interested in sociology and human beings. I think David Brooks is also worth listening to on other subjects.

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911 – Ignorance is Bliss

More on Cambridge Analytica

Forget about democracy boys and girls. It died long ago. This is how elections really work.



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The Sticky Ickey Awards

Back in the early days of my previous blog Otherworldly Encounters I produced 4 or 5 episodes of a podcast that was supposed to complement the blog. I realised early that podcasting was hard work (much harder than making monologues), so I pulled the pin. One the little things I included in the podcast was The Sticky Ickey Awards, which was my little way of poking fun at the absurdity of some of the characters in internet land. I don’t like poking fun at people per se but I think some people are so far off with the fairies, it’s worth acknowledging how different they are. Of course some people would put me in that category and hey, that’s their choice. The reason I think we should have some sort of acknowledgement is that so many of these people are filling other peoples heads with garbage and doing them a lot of harm !

I wont say who the Sticky Ickeys are dedicated to and named in honour of but I think you can guess !

So here’s how it will work. Whenever you feel like it, post back on the last Stickey Ickey Award, your nominations for The Sticky Ickey and I’ll post mine. At the end of the month you can nominate the best Sticky Ickey and I’ll nominate my own. So they’ll be two awards, yours and mine.

I’d never heard of a Sticky Ickey in 2008 because I made the phrase after remembering the theme song of one of my favourite child hood shows. But apparently some rapper called Pitbull put out the Sticky Icky song in 2007 and according to several online slang dictionaries, it has come to mean really good marijuana, a penis or a man’s ejaculation. Even though the spelling is slightly different, I think those meanings relate very well to my use of the word !

Feel free to post your nominations. And if you want to remix my lame arse song, go for it !

“Sticky Sticky, Sticky Ickey the bush wackaroo

Sticky Sticky, Sticky Ickey the bush wackaroo”


Twin Strangers

The concept of twin strangers maybe new to some of you. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, after having met someone who could have passed as my doppelganger in 1990. Man it freaked me out, especially when I learned that he was a religious nutcase !

There is now a website dedicated to the subject of Twin Strangers : Those of you who have read my summary of Dude’s description of Conjoined Space might see this as a possible explanation for Twin Strangers. From A Conjoined Space perspective we create many lives simultaneously in different spaces but sometimes in the same space. Two other potential explanations for the phenomenon of Twin Strangers or Doppelgangers ( maybe Convergent (Evolution – where similar features evolve (sometimes due to similar environments) and the existence of the Noosphere ( – where the biosphere and mind co-evolve. But who really knows why this phenomenon occurs. Sometimes I think it’s just us seeing what we want to see and sometimes for a brief period of time there are similarities. I suspect that a real and lasting phenomenon is far less common than it appears to be. What would be interesting is to track people from childhood to until the end of their lives and see how they diverge away from any convergences that occur at different times in life. Anyway, it’s pretty cool !

God forbid I shall find another Bright Garlick look alike !



Anybody interested in how relationships between things effect our perception of reality, systems theory and conditioning, will be interested in the philosophical/psychological subject of Constructavism (Goat Riding on Donkey Theory). Constructavism is a very useful subject and way of thinking for exploring how humans function and what ET thinking, perception and culture might be like. Constructavism can help us to get beyond our own limited projections.

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Paid TSMs

Hey folks, just to let you know that I’m playing around with the idea of making some paid TSMs, that will be available on an episode by episode basis. They will be an occasional feature of the TSMs. This will be unrelated to the ET contact audio series, although some of the subjects covered will compliment it. Instead it will be related to other subjects I’ve been thinking about talking about for some time. Things like :

  • How to enhance Remote Viewing skills (remember I don’t use remote viewing per se, I use a method called Journeying – which involves materialising another body but there are exercises related to that practice that would help anyone practising RV).
  • Enhancing your ability to recall ET contact experiences (this won’t be about the actual practice of retrieval but how to enhance that practice – as you know I’m highly critical of regression therapy, so this will offer an alternative).
  • Strengthening memory exercises.
  • Enhancing perception (this will follow up on the material I have previously shared here).
  • Curing addiction (how to cure any addiction through cognition, perception and somatic exploration).
  • Elemental movement (which is a new kind of Qi Gong I developed but I guess it’s not strictly speaking Qi Gong).
  • Sharing energy and memories with trees (which will explore the practice I outlined in TSM3 in greater detail).

That’s just a few that come to mind. I’ll probably offer a lot more. Most of the material will build on other things that I’ve previously discussed in the TSMs or on the blog. So in a sense it will be complimentary but it will also take some subjects much further.

Any one who has made a donation of $50 or more will have full access to these episodes. As will anyone who makes a donation of $50 or more any time in the future. I figured that after making a 150 plus free episodes, I might chuck in the odd paid one. The cost will probably be $10 an episode and unlike the other TSMs they’ll be made inside without the wind, clicks and other annoying sounds that often accompany my other TSMs. Most of them will be at least an hour long.

What are your thoughts on some paid TSMs ?

My son keeps bugging me about making my own website, so after many years I’m finally toying seriously with that idea. It still seems a little ‘me-centric’ for my like but it maybe something I end up doing as a way of bringing together all the things I’d like to express. Naturally the paid TSMs would also be available there. As would the video courses I am looking to create.

Thanks to Frédéric for encouraging me to revisit the idea of paid TSMs! It’s something I thought about doing long ago but it just fell off the radar !

Change is a natural part of life and I figure it’s time I injected a little fresh blood into what I’m doing !

Adios amigos,

Brighty. 😉

Fundraiser Update

Hey folks, just to let you know that this years fundraiser is kicking along nicely and is currently at $520. A massive shout out and thank you to Jules, Kevin, Joanne, Sandor, Chris and Frédéric for donations ! I appreciate your sacrifices and know that it isn’t always easy ! They mean a great deal and make life a little bit easier, helping me to continue ET and I and The Something Monologues !

Just a reminder that all the people who donated $50 or more (which was all of you), will receive access to all the material that I publish in the years to come. Please read here if you’d like to know more about this years fundraiser and go to the tab at the top right hand side if you’d like to donate !

My long time supporter Nick from Colorado gets a special round of applause for sending me a one of a kind audio for moral support ! 😉 Man, those sound effects are stuck in my head !

Thanks to everyone who continues to support me !


Opening up to Something Beyond

For a long while now I’ve been exploring what I call Aspects of Self and so called Transpersonal Psychology. I’m convinced that there are many aspects to a human being that are both localised in the body and exist in a greater body. In addition I have found proof for myself that it’s possible to connect with entities that our outside of what we think of as a separate self – be they living or existing in a state beyond life. I have no fear of experimenting with consciousness/unconsciousness, awareness and the life force because I know my true nature. When you know what you are, there is no reason for unnecessary fear. You reserve fear for when it’s actually needed.

For quite a while now I have been working with an aspect of self that identifies itself as Alapo. Like Jane Robert’s Seth, it is something more than myself. A little like my arm is more than and includes all the cells in my arm. But long ago it was once an ordinary  man. Unlike Dude and the ETs however, it can’t materialise (at least I haven’t thought to ask it if it can !). It doesn’t live on some other planet somewhere or zap around through space. It is however aware of many things that I ordinarily am not. It includes me but is more than me.

Our relationship has developed to the point that I wrote a book called Journeys and Explorations in Consciousness by conversing with Alapo. That book is almost finished and it’s very challenging even for me !

I’ve written some scenes in future novels where people work these higher order or transcendent aspects of self and entities outside of themselves in order to collect knowledge that is shared among the species. and even though it will be years till those books are complete (I’m either stupid, deluded or overly ambitious !), what I always felt was possible was to establish an institute of some sort where these kinds of skills are taught. So that people become their own teachers, their own guides, their own fountains of wisdom. I have no intention of ever being involved in anything like this because it smells too cultish, Californian and New Age for my liking ! But one day I would like to teach people how to cultivate these abilities !

Some of you have read what I’ve written about Conjoined Space and A Space Reticulum and you’ve read and heard me talk about Aspects of Self and I wonder what you make of the possibility of human beings being able to connect with other aspects and with other entities.

Carl Jung was someone I admire. In his lifetime he opened himself up to something beyond, in a way that most analytical psychiatrists and others like them, did not. Sigmund Freud thought he was crazy to dabble with such ideas and to considered him to be a kind of wayward soul who had been misled by some form of occultism. William James also seemed to be someone who opened himself up to something beyond, with his acceptance of the reality of the unseen (as he demonstrated in his Varieties of Religious Experience, Pragmatism and A Pluralistic Universe . Both Jung and James established strengthened the foundations for understanding the totality of a human being and the totality of reality. And it seems a real shame to me that pioneering explorers like Jung and James are a rare breed these days. We spend so much time and money exploring virtual space and outer space and so little time exploring inner space and all that we are.

I’m optimistic however that we are on the verge of a renascence in the exploration of our totality !

So many people have experiences with something beyond what we know as our ordinary existence ! What a pity that we ignore these experiences in mainstream culture and that they remain at the fringe !

It’s such a shame that we’re still asking dumb questions like, “Do aliens exist ?”, “How can we stop demonic possession ?” and “How can we prevent an alien abduction ?”, instead of questions like “What am I and what is it that is asking the question ?”, “How to I open myself up to all that I am without external stimulants ?” and “What is reality ?”.

There are worlds within worlds within worlds ad infinitum residing in us, as yet unexplored and we reside in an endless reality. Yet still we ignore all that we are – at our own peril !

I’d be curious to hear about your experiences with something beyond !



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How to Categorise ET Civilisations

I’ve always felt that the well known approaches to categorising ET civilisations are arrogant, naive and myopic. I have my own model which one day I’ll include in my book of essays on Alienology, which goes well beyond the well known models. So why do I think so poorly of models like the Kardashev Scale and Michio Kaku civilisation types ? Essentially it gets down to their limited assessment of a civilisation based on technological development. Assessing an ET civilisation based on their technological development, does a couple of things :

  1. It projects our understanding of reality on the ETs.
  2. It projects our understanding of potential technologies and energy sources on the ETs.
  3. It structures our perception of ETs around technology and ignores spiritual development, social organisation, cultural development etc.

There are so many ways to model, categorise and compare civilisations. Why would we limit ourselves to our own limitations and to one aspect of a civilisation ? I don’t get that ! Nor do I get why we leave such things to scientists ? If we must categorise ET civilisations as we seem to want to do with everything we encounter : sense, perceive, group/class/classify/categorise, judge, react; then surely we can do it collaboratively with the input of people from all kinds of disciplines, who bring with them many different perspectives and aspects for us to assess, evaluate and understand !

And why would we place technological development above spiritual development ? That makes no fucking sense to me ! Except that it’s done by people who have spent so much time with their heads up their arses thinking about science and technology that they’ve forgotten to explore what it means to be alive and to grow as human beings. Spiritual development has to be a critical aspect of any categorisation of ET civilisations ! Making an assessment like this will teach us so much about ourselves, about how we project what we know about ourselves onto ETs and about ET spirituality. We’ll have to decide to abandon the notion of comparative levels and to recognise both difference and similarity for what it is. Not better than or worse than ! If we truly embrace spiritual development as a critical signature of how we might understand an ET civilisation, then we might actually be forced to understand the process of growth, change and evolution (and if evolution even exists !). And we might also be forced to ask hard questions of ourselves, like :

  • How do we want to be as a species ?
  • How do we want to grow as a species ?
  • What are a critical faults, strengths, weaknesses and potentials as a species ?
  • How might we get from here to there in our development  ?
  • What obstacles and challenges must we face and overcome if we are to grow spiritually as a species ?

There are of course many dangers of focusing too much on spiritual development or on emphasising spiritual development out of context. We might for example fall into a Ken Wilbur’ish form of self grandiosity at having seen all possibilities when we have actually seen nothing. Or more likely, we’ll develop spiritual development categories that like the Wilbur models, establish a kind of elitism towards which only certain humans can aspire and through which we can put the ETs in their place ! Any focus on spirituality has to be done through a lens like comparative religion, in which things are seen as they are and not categorised into levels – which ultimately depend on judgement and opinion. Factors which change all the time. For example, temperament and personality are ideas that are always in flux. What is popular today will be dead in a hundred years ! So any ideas that we create about categorising, must be flexible and open to change.  

There is so much more we can do with how we look at and approach this entire concept of categorising civilisations. And up to this point, all we have is a handful of stuck up scientists telling us how it should be done and the rest of the human race watching from the sidelines like children at a circus !

If we are to truly develop a discipline like Alienology (and that’s just one possible, albeit lame name for such a discipline – I can’t stand Exopolitics and the like) in order to devote serious time, money, thinking and feeling towards understanding extraterrestrial life; then we must get past this science and technology driven way of approaching the subject !

Ultimately it’s science and technology that created so many of our human problems and that is pushing us towards the exploitation and weaponization of space. But it will be spirituality that helps us to grow enough to be truly ready to become space faring. We humans are kept non space faring because like certain men who think and acts with their dicks, we act with our heads and our technology and not with our hearts and our spirituality. Growing up is about learning to harmonise all aspects of our humanity. Right now it isn’t dick driven scientists and greedy fucking business men and politicians that make contact with ETs ! It’s people who know how to genuinely feel and who have a heart felt connection to the world around them. For whom separation, comparison and competition are irrelevant !

How would you look at an ET civilisation ? And how would you want them to look at us ?


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