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Adios Amigos !

Hey People of Earth, I just wanted to say adios amigos ! I’m having a month off the internet and will not be back until sometime between the 26th December and 1st January (depending on how I’m feeling).

I want to thank everyone who has made the effort to read ET and I or listen the The Something Monologues this year and all those wonderful people who have left kind and considerate comments on the blog, engaged in conversation with fellow readers and myself, sent donations, well wishes and encouraging comments.

Thanks especially to the PK Fellowship. You know who you are ! 😉

I want to wish those of you who celebrate Christmas a wonderful and joyous festive season and everyone a safe, enjoyable and prosperous transition into 2018 !

If you’d like to support all that I do, you can do so via the support tab on the right. Everyone who donates more than $50 will have free access to all future ET related books and recordings on how to make ET contact. ET and I will otherwise continue with more of the same next year ! With any luck you’ll get to see what Dude looks like in the new year, if Rachel finishes her drawings ! And the first Dude book should be finished early in the new year ! At fucking last !!!

I want to leave you with recommendations for my two favourute books of the last few years – AC Grayling’s The Good Book and David Zindell’s Splendor. Both life affirming books that really matter. If you want to know what the ancients said about how to live a good life, read The Good Book. If you want to understand the kind of conditioning factors that made one of the worlds best writers, read Splendor. If you like Science Fiction that’s like no other, I can’t recommend David’s SciFi books enough ! Deep spirituality, mathematics, science and imagination ! His ETs are nothing like real ETs but his worlds are absolutely fascinating !

Keep your pants on for next year because I think you’ll need them – at least for a little while !

Wishing you all a content and fulfilled life for the rest of 2017 !

Bright Garlick. 😉

AKA Brightus Garlicus, Brighty, Luminous Stinky, Brightus Windus Garlicus, Lord Garlicus (The Stinkyest Sith Lord in the Galaxy !), Brightless, BG, Falcon Who Soars.

PS. Remember the body’s where its at, groovy cats !


















TSM155 : Creating and Exploring Life with Causal Trees

Well I lied. I couldn’t help making one more TSM before I head off for a month. Today I’m housebound, resting up after toe surgery.

In this windless monologue 😉 I push further into the idea of causality (without going into the various definitions and philosophical interpretations), by looking at how causes and effects create causal chains and eventually causal trees and how we can create and explore life using this principle !

For those of you interested in the idea of karma (V pay attention here !), Causal Trees offer us the opportunity to choose the best possible karma, while accepting how things are and making healthier choices.

I think of the use of Causal Trees as a much better alternative to goal setting, using The Law of Attraction or any of the other waffle over emphasised by this or that channeler, The Secret or What the Bleep and their ilk.

I’ve tried to keep this discussion simple and I’ve used examples from my own life to illustrate how a Causal Tree can unfold within the possible future. I haven’t however discussed the impact of Causal Trees on the development of Conjoined Spaces. I’ll save that for another monologue.

Your thoughts are as usual, always welcome !

Enjoy ! 😉

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Oh No ! No Pooper, How Does He Crap ?

I just thought I’d leave you with something amusing and provocative about Dude that I don’t think I’ve mentioned before. Dude once told me, after I asked the question, that he does not have an anus, or any kind of digestive exit for waste products from his body.

Holy crap you say ! No poop hole ! How does he crap ?  😉

Nah, that isn’t how I’d like you to react ! Instead, think about this. What does it mean that Dude and his people, lack an anus and don’t crap. Just think about that for a minute. They’re a Silicon based life form, with a creamy green foam like skin and they don’t crap. What does that mean and what does that imply ? Think about it and see where it takes you !

Happy ruminating !

TSM154 : Remembering Susy

Today’s second monologue is a bit different because it’s intensely personal.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday and to honour her memory I offer this reading of a few of her letters, so that you might know a little of who she was.




TSM153 : A View of Two ET Worlds, Too Many Too Many and The Meaning of Peace

Be warned, the wind has ravaged me yet again on today’s walk and I tell you what, it’s really pissing me off ! I couldn’t tell how the wind was with this recording until I returned home. I was tempted to scrap it but given how long it took, I decided to keep it. I’m afraid you’ll just have to cope with the wind when it flares up, if you wish to listen to today’s monologue.

In today’s rambleathon I talk a little about the two ET worlds I’ve been taken to visit, the problem of what to do when there is too many living beings of one type type or another and the meaning of peace in our lives. I don’t offer any solutions to the issues of species numbers and peace but urge you to consider how we actually are with these things and how each one of us may come to a place of finding solutions to these things.

Friends from Worlds Far Away

I dedicate this post to Jacqui and Sandor, Nick, Frédéric, Lea and Poe, for your love of our other Earthly friends.


I’ve tried very hard to emphasise that the critical ingredients for ET contact are pure intentions and a lack of expectation. Most nights I go out under the stars just to enjoy them because I love the view and feel so connected to both the light and the darkness. Every now and then I ask for contact. Sometimes it’s very occasionally and sometimes its every night for a week. Occasionally no one shows up, no matter how long I wait and I have to learn to accept that. However, most nights at least one craft comes to visit. Mostly the craft are up high but occasionally they come closer or land and then I have a face to face encounter. Although that can happen without even seeing a craft.

What amazes me every single time I have contact, is that someone made the effort to travel all that way and say hi to a small human who lives in the middle of nowhere on a planet full of hostile aliens.

They don’t have to turn up but they do. No matter how busy the ETs are, no matter how far away, no matter how many beings are on-bored, no matter what the atmospheric conditions are like, no matter what they think of the human race, no matter where I am – someone makes the effort to say hi !



I’ve had a lot of time to think about this and this is why I think they turn up…

When I go for my daily walks, I talk to the birds, I talk to the ants (and sometimes feed them and interact with them), I talk to the spiders and the insects and the trees. When I go to town, I talk to the checkout dudes and dudettes, I say please and thank you and hold doors open whenever I can, I try to be caring and respectful, I take an active interest in other peoples lives, I listen to people’s stories, I drive courteously, I avoid swearing in public (but holy fuck a truck, I let it rip whenever I feel like it at other times !), I offer help when I see that someone needs help, I give money to strangers who need it (even when I’m struggling), I pay attention to the world around me and the world within. I do these things in nature and among people because I care and because I am a human being and human beings belong to the herd and that herd belongs to Earth. There can’t be a better world unless I play my small part and try to be a better human being.

I think the reason the ETs visit as often as they do, is because despite my hostilities and grievances with humanity (and I have plenty of them), I recognise that we are all Earthlings just trying our best to live. Every plant, animals, insect, fungi, bacteria, virus and human being. What right do I have to make another living beings life more difficult ? Sometimes I go out of my way to let arseholes know I think they’re arseholes and that their behaviour is unreasonable (Oi, corporate tyrants reading this !) because people also need to know how others feel. But for the most part, I believe that our behaviours create effects (causal trees) that come back to haunt us and reward us. And I trust that through the eyes of God, everything is as it should be. We can’t talk about peace and ignore practicisng it. We can’t critique the greedy power hungry elite and then practice greed and exploit people on a smaller scale. The world’s power structures are merely a reflection of our own ignorance.



It’s important to me to try to understand other living things. I can never understand another living being completely but I can get inside their skin a little and take a walk in their shoes and try to figure out what makes a them tick and why they are the way they are. Lets face it, among humans there are aggressive and non aggressive people, bullies and wusses (thanks Dude !), ignorant and less ignorant people, arseholes, weasels, fuck faces, cheese dicks, control freaks, power spewers, limp dicks, crazy cunts, dead shits, pricks, racists, mother fuckers and people who fit all the labels we create for them. (People who are thinking what I’ve just written but would never say it because they’re quiet and put up with the shit !) And then there is us, on the receiving end of all that judgement ! No one is just that the quality we perceive them to be. And we see only what we want to see. But that doesn’t mean we should tolerate people who raise themselves above others ! We are all equal !

So I am the kind of person who tries to see things as they really are. I’m not all love and light and watch me love all of humanity because of the beautiful oneness, crap kind of human being ! That’s just a wankathon ! I’m a realist. I understand that humans have different levels of ignorance and awareness and that some people are driven entirely by desire and others can see what’s happening within themselves. I try hard every day to recognise the burden that all human beings carry, of having a mind like our mind, of being torn by desire and attachment and aversion, of being pulled constantly in all directions. I see our suffering and I try to do my part to ease it just a little.

And that’s also how I see the natural world (except for this frog that’s keeping me awake machine gunning outside my bedroom night and day ! 😉 ). All creatures toil, all creatures struggle, all creatures suffer and all creatures are just trying their best to live. When I look at them, that’s what I see. Whether it’s the feral cats I have to euthanase, to stop native wildlife being eaten; the obese cat an acquaintance has, that is a reflection of it’s apathetic owner (cats need boundaries too you know !); my own cat struggling with the heat and the cold; the frogs spawning after heavy rains; the thousands of spiders that live on this land; the ants I save during the floods; the thousands of leafhoppers who have made the countless trees I’ve planted home; the thousands of puff balls and fungi growing on this land; the swallow couple raising young above my bedroom widow (who’s left a big pile of poop and crapped all over my white couch on the veranda); the dozens of species of birds that call this land home; the neighbours sheep and cattle that suffer in the cold and heat; the venomous snakes near and far; the Wedge Tail Eagles who ate my chickens last year. All of them are just trying their best to live. And if I can help ease their burden a little, it’s worth it.

When you have taken care of your people’s basic needs and the needs of other living being son your planet, through a deep spirituality and technologies like matter creation, you have far more time for exploration and developing relationships. So when the ETs look out into the cosmos and they see all manner of beings – they see hostile beings and benevolent beings, hateful beings and loving beings, agitated and nervous beings and calm and relaxed beings, ignorant and aware beings and everything in between. Put yourself in their shoes. Are you going to waste time connecting with and developing relationships with beings that are self centred and cause suffering to others or are you going to be drawn to those who have some degree of self awareness and care about the suffering of others ?

I have come to believe that I (and others) have frequent contact because I (we) truly care for other life forms. I don’t just say it, I feel it, I act it. And they see that, they feel that and they know that’s who I am.

Now I’m not saying any of this to hold myself up above anyone else because I dance in the filth and the muck, climb the trees of self righteousness and I-ness with the best of them and have plenty of my own ignorance to boot ! But if you’re one of those people who is desperate for ET contact and it’s not happening, chances are you’re too self centred, too judgemental, too ignorant, too busy, too fearful, too arrogant, too stupid, too anything that gets in the way of you caring for something beyond yourself or caring better for yourself !

The only way people from different worlds get along, is with trust, awareness and respect. And you can’t have that, if you don’t have that with at least some of the living beings on your own world first !

You have to see yourself honestly. Truly, deeply, without any bullshit, the good, the bad, the strange, the beautiful and the fucking ugly. Because when you see yourself honestly, your bullshit doesn’t get in the way of how you see others. Feral cats, frogs, ants, spiders, snakes, arseholes, tyrants, mother fuckers, black people, white people, people with so called disabilities, old people and beings from other worlds.

I’m no one special. I just care. I just notice. I see myself in all of creation.


A Systems View of Politics

Here’s some videos in which dynamic systems are used as models to explain how politics works. 911 and the 2016 US presidential campaign fit well into these models. Just add Twitter and the models are complete ! 😉


Names of Some ETs I’m in Contact With

I’ve spoken before about how ET races are named and how we identify and name different ETs ( / but I don’t think I’ve mentioned much about the actual names of some of the ETs I’m in contact with. As I’ve said before, whenever I meet an ET (whether face to face or at a distance) I ask them how they say their name (until I fully understand it) and an approximate spelling. It’s not always possible for them to translate their name and some ETs, such as those of Dude’s race, don’t readily pass on their names because the sharing of a name is an experience that has particular effects on the body/life force/spirit – so it’s a kind of sacred experience that is only shared among friends. Most ETs I/others meet will usually be able to translate or approximate their name in some way.

Please remember, I’m not a linguist and I’m not bi/polylingual, so I don’t know the specifics of translating words or names. Most space faring ETs seem to be able to understand human languages – either by some form of direct mental translation or technological translation. I don’t know if they have any comprehension of our grammar, semantics and the nuances of our languages but they usually have little trouble understanding or communicating with us. So I never have trouble talking to an ET or asking their name. It’s obviously a common practice for two beings from different worlds to exchange some sort of greeting, which includes some sort of reference to the self. However, when you interact with an ET, you soon realise that names are merely reference points. You can know a another being by its essence without knowing its name. But a name certainly does help us to anchor relationships in our memories.

I thought today, just briefly, I’d share some names of some of the ETs I’ve had contact with. I mention the names of some of my ET contacts/friends because I want to personalise them and make them real for you. I don’t like it when people think of nasty impersonal greys and bizarre mantids and that kind of crap. That’s just not real. That’s our fear and ignorance projected all over another living being, turning it into nameless and unfeeling things. I want to share some of their names with you, so that you can know that these beings are unique individuals just like you and I. You may have heard me mention some of them before but I think there are others that I’ve never mentioned. What follows then is a list of names as they would sound spoken in Australian English. The names of the race is given first, as it would be said, followed by the name of the individual as it would be said and their gender (yes there are genderless races as well). There are many races I’ve met, whose names I either didn’t learn or I forgot or their names are buried somewhere in one of my journals. So these are the names that were easy to find in my records or my memories.

In no particular order,

Tealhealria :

  • Tamoosh (M)
  • Laheel (M)
  • Puk’da (M)
  • Pal’den (M)

Sar’Won’Dee :

  • Gay’rah (M)
  • Tee’heesh (M)

Sarlen :

  • Shum’pa (M)
  • Quay’lend (F)
  • Tar’ham (F)

Kimajio :

  • El’are (F)
  • Renar (F)

Hudtja :

  • Chapined (?)
  • Tuchja (?)
  • Cidor (?)

Targy :

  • Sont’war (F)

Urrsha :

  • Tarfu (M)

Tryaltar :

  • Kaifoosh

Shalarian :

  • Elwah (F)
  • Meeno (F)
  • Toowas (M)
  • Toopee (M)
  • Ulkar (M)
  • Asoo (F)
  • Pootam (M)
  • Huhlar (M).

You might think these names are fictional because lets face it, there are plenty of fictional names on the internet and in science fiction. But these are real names as I know them. My rendering of how these names sound might be a little inaccurate but I transcribed them as best as I could.

The Dude Book

I’ve just set up a new folder for the Dude book, to help Daniel and anyone else who has had trouble accessing it. Please note that the remainder of the answers for the interview and some of my conversations with Dude will be available in the full book. A reminder that anyone who has donated more than $50 will all receive the ebook for free. You can also see the contents page in this folder.


Despite everything that every teacher, every guru, every sage, every wanna be somebody ever says, there is only one solution to all of life’s problems…To breathe and keep on breathing. Because right now you live and when you stop breathing you die. Breath is all that separates us from death. So breathe and let yourself be. Slowly, feeling everything that is breath and everything that arises because of it. Don’t ever, ever, take your breath for granted, while others are fighting for it to stay alive !


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