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Greer and I Concur

Here’s an interview in which Steven Greer basically says the same things that I also say on the subject of the nature of ETs.



Space Marbles, Bigger on the Inside & Little People

I’ve just returned a few hours ago from having minor toe surgery (my right ingrown toe nail incised at the back – much easier than the last surgery – having the whole nail removed), so what follows might be a little delirious due to my exhaustion (before surgery I was working on the roof in the hot sun) and feeling a little out of it (I’ve had a couple of pain killers so the pain doesn’t prevent me from sleeping tonight). Anyway, here goes.

I always found the Men in Black films to be highly entertaining and insightful. There are several lines in all 3 movies (particularly number 1) that are very close to the truth of how things are – like someone in the know influenced the writers of the film. But one of my favourite things is how they play around with scale – like when the little furry guys are living in the railway station locker or the aliens are playing marbles with galaxies, at the end of the film.



Perhaps the hardest thing that I have had trouble with in relation to the entire ET subject is the sense of scale and the relationships of scale to dimensionality, perception, perspective and reality.

I posted these videos on scalarity and dimensionality 6 years ago (check out the baggy eyes after a long night with little sleep) and much of what I said still holds true but…



There are some things that I still find difficult to understand, let alone discuss with other people. These include how ETs rearrange the structure and size of space and how they change the way that the life force manifests and how they effect how others perceive reality.

One of the things that I discovered a long time ago was that if you change how your senses work, you change perception; if you change your conditioning, you change perception; if you change your food, energy, light and sound, you change perception; and that there are cycles throughout the day when perception and awareness change without any effort. In addition I discovered that if you change perspective – how you look at an object, the angle you look at an object and the distance away that you look at an object; your perception changes. I also became aware that there are internal perceptions (mental constructs like thinking, somatic and emotional feeling and visualisation) and external perceptions (biological constructs like what comes through the 5 senses or the neurological structures of the brain) and that all of these perceptions can be altered by internal and external factors. With these insights and realisations it became apparent to me that reality is a construct of experience and mind.

As I have grown older I have been confronted by more and more unusual experiences with ETs and other life forms that were difficult to understand. They could only be understood when I realised that reality is a construct of experience and mind. Sometimes however the understanding that I have is still inadequate to fully comprehend what is going on.

So let me give you some examples, which I will say more about in time, as I gain greater understanding of them.

Most of you have heard the infamous Doctor Who comment regarding the Tardis, that it’s bigger on the inside !



Well the same is true for many ET craft. However, this is not entirely true. In fact, to say that an ET craft is bigger on the inside, is way too much of a generalisation. It isn’t that black and white. In my experience there are several anomalous features here that need to be unpacked.

In regards to space :

  • There are some ET craft that are exactly the same size inside as outside.
  • There are some ET craft where there is a uniform spatial dilation inside (in other words it is uniformally bigger on the inside).
  • There are some ET craft where certain regions of the craft are bigger on the inside.
  • There are some ET craft where there the entire craft is bigger on the inside but some regions are significantly bigger on the inside (e.g. on a specific Teal’hia craft I was on, there was a region that contained rooms where there were spaces that were larger than several galaxies – Greg Bear’s book Eon touches on a similar theme
  • There are some ET craft where at one time it is bigger on the inside and at other times the inside is proportionate to the outside.

While in regard to time :

  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time is identical on the inside.
  • There are some ET craft where the sense of time on the inside matches specific races on board.
  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time is compressed or dilated.
  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time corresponds with the specific space (or space dilation).

Remember that there is only space and time is a product of the mind. When you alter space it is possible to alter time. But both space and time can also be altered by altering perception. This is one reason why many people have a hard time making sense of what they see and experience and remember on board an ET craft.

Another example that I’d like to talk about is interacting with small ETs. In terms of the concept of scalarity (see video above), there are ETs of many different sizes on many different relative scales. There are more than one group of very small ETs (under 12 inches). I mentioned previously about having encounters with the Chenntrame, who are between 3-6 inches in height and that Preston Dennett has interviewed people who have also had encounters with small beings. Preston says that these people claim to have been shrunk down to the same size as the ETs. That is not true. It doesn’t ever happen. So let me try to explain why, bearing in mind that this is not easy to convey.

I have seen these beings here on my farm near other much taller beings and they looked tiny. I have seen them on other ETs craft and they looked tiny. But I have also been on their craft and they looked my size. I once had a dream about seeing a ball of light that changed size  (see Dream 5 here : Through this dream I began to understand that the life force can manifest itself on whatever scale it wishes to and yet it is still fundamentally the same. Similarly when you interact with the Chenntrame or other small ETs, they alter your perception and hence alter your perception of reality such that you experience reality differently. I have also heard it said by ETs that different beings may see each other the size that they need to.

Some of you will realise that in making internal ET contact (which I’ve spoken about extensively here), the same thing happens. You meet each other in a shared world, taking on the form that you wish and that you perceive others how they wish you to perceive them. From an absolute perspective there really is no inner and outer – just one reality. So the same thing happens during external contact as internal contact. Others consciously effect your perception and their energy inadvertently effects your energy and your perception. Our perception is literally altered by contact with ‘the other’. And as a result what and how we experience reality are also altered.

I don’t know if that makes any sense at all ! It’s very difficult to put into words !

ETs don’t shrink us with some sort of shrinkydink gun or put us in some kind of mind altering Holodeck. They alter how we experience reality ! That is why so much ET contact feels dream like. It’s something that is largely foreign to our conscious way of experiencing reality.

The Chenntrame are very comfortable on their world. Plants and animals or their equivalent are in proportion to the Chenntrame in a similar way that they are for us. They are not tiny creatures on their own world. That is not to say that there are not space faring ETs who are not tiny on their own worlds. But somehow they consciously and/or inadvertently alter the perception and experience of other beings who come in contact with them (in certain circumstances) or who visit their world. I don’t have a better understanding of what takes place than this.

So let me leave you with a kind of koan, a kind of conundrum, that reflects what I have learned to be true.

Space can occupy any space that it wishes. The life force can occupy any space that it wishes and remain completely unchanged. 

Steven Greer on the Atacama Coverup

As many of you know I have mixed feelings about Steven Greer’s disclosure efforts but I admire his perseverance and dedication to the cause (especially in view of his wife been sick with tumours at one point). He is one of the few people who has accurately identified how the lower arms of The Architecture directs how the ET subject is handled. And he is one of a handful of people who see right through the To The Stars Academy group. His early articles on the subject of manipulation and deception are an excellent introduction to the subject

I don’t know whether the so called Atacama alien (or Aleshenka / Kyshtym beings) are extraterrestrial or not but I can see how certain groups have been involved in the manipulation of the scientific data that Steven and his team have produced on the being found in Chile. As some of you will recall, I have had contact with a very small humanoid ET small race who call themselves Chenntrame (who are called the Shentriaem by The Architecture – who incidentally have a file on them). They range from about 3-6 inches in height and do look similar to the beings that have been found deceased and seen alive in many places around the world.

Preston Dennett has interviewed a number of people, who like myself, have also claimed to have had contact with very small beings.

In time I hope to say more about the Chenntrame and my interactions with them. The last of which took place in 2014. These beings are incidentally, highly developed technologically and spiritually.

I have no idea how this will all play out with Steven’s group but no doubt it will continue to be steam rolled by the well manipulated media and scientists.


TSM162 : Inside an ET Craft – Muajra : Part 1B

Dude Prep 2016 © Rachel Bree 2016.In tonight’s at home monologue I continue describing the inside of Dude’s craft, discussing such issues as craft levels, types of rooms, atmospheric variables, windows, onboard map projections, viewing loved ones, other projections, surfaces, visitor well being, opening and closing doors and communicating with the craft. I trust that by the end of this audio, you will understand that Dude’s craft is more than just a smart machine or an advanced form of AI and see that it is a living caring being !

Forgive me for sounding a little tired. I had a long day outside in the sun rebuilding a shed !

Enjoy !

Brighty. 😉

The Oldest ETs in this Universe (Twinkletastic)

I don’t know if I have said anything about what Dude and Anamika have told me about the oldest ETs in this universe, so here is a brief post on that subject.

Now the numbers I am going to give you are completely at odds with everything that is widely accepted by our scientists about the age of the universe. And I’ll be talking about this universe and not the wider cosmos but please don’t see this just as our universe as we understand it. An ET definition of our universe is very different to our own and I won’t be providing you with that for now but perhaps I can do that at a later stage.

I’d like to start by giving you some basic numbers. I often talk about 4 races in particular and they are probably the ones that I am closest to. The Teal’hia, Sar’Won’Dee, Muajra and Sarpalxn. These are their approximate ages according to Dude :

  • Sarpalxn : 3.610 Billion years old
  • Sar’Won’Dee 12.350 Billion years old
  • Muajra : 14.548 Billion years old
  • Teal’hia : 15.451 Billion years old.

So of the ETs that I have regular contact with, the Teal’hia are the oldest.

I have been told by Dude and Anamika, that there are races who predate this universe and some of them are several trillions of years old.

I’d have to dig in my notes to find the exact figures Dude gave me but he once told me that there were something like 13-14 % of ET races who were older than his own race. Many of them are much older. He recently told me about one race that is approximately 27.5 billion years old and another that is approximately 40 billion years old. Now even though there are races who are trillions of years old, those two that he mentioned are considered very old. You have to remember that there are billions of space faring ET races, if not more. It might only be a handful that are trillions of years old.

Dude has given me the impression that there are few if any of these 20 plus billion year old races visiting, residing (or originating from our galaxy) because for the most part they are in a more restful phase of existence. So let me say something about that.

Apparently the really old races are very simple in form and function and are protected by younger races. To give you two examples. The two races that I just mentioned that are 27.5 and 40 billion years old, now reside in distant and quiet regions of this universe and are relatively planet bound. They are capable of being space faring but they choose to lead relatively dormant lives. They do not need space craft to travel but if they need to travel, they only travel as far as neighbouring planets to visit their own kind. They have no desire or interest to travel interstellar, intragalactic or intergalactic distances. During it’s development, the younger race chose to explore every possible way of functioning from simple space travel to becoming a Creator Race and creating universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, life and souls etc.. They took this as far as they could go before going beyond this. What that means I have no idea. And then they stepped away from those abilities and activities. Whereas during its development, the older race went as far as becoming a Creator Race and no further. Before they too stepped away from these abilities and activities. Dude explained to me that there were significant spiritual differences between these two races and that in their retirement (so to speak), the elder race chose to accept whatever fate lay in wait for them. They resided on a planet where there were beings who may have been dangerous to them and where there were celestial events that could have been threatening. They did not wish to be protected. And yet younger Creator Races chose to protect them. When I asked Dude about this he explained that there has been significant disagreement about this kind of intervention but that this is what has always been done. The elder races are always protected from harm, whether they want protection or not. Now the younger race were different in that they accepted protection. They didn’t ask for it but they readily accepted it. The difference in attitude seems to relate to differences in spiritual beliefs.

There is a race that appears to be a shape shifting race that can travel anywhere in the cosmos by simply folding in on itself (at least that’s what it looks like). This race resides on Earth as a simple gastropod and from what I have been told, appears to have a relatively peaceful existence. It also interacts with people in certain covert projects. Why ? I am not sure. It cannot be controlled and means us no harm. I do not know if it is an elder race or simply a shape shifter who prefers simple forms. I suspect the later but I am not absolutely certain.

Sometimes when I talk to my ET friends it is very confronting. As many of you know, Dude is over 8,000 years old and that seems so damned ancient to me. And yet the ET/human ET I refer to as Number 1 is significantly older, Anamika is much older as well and Dude has told me about some of his people who are way older than he is. There are beings I’ve been told about who are half a million years old. So whenever you hear the term Ancient Aliens, you can be pretty sure, that it probably only means Young Aliens.

I’ve never actually asked how old the oldest individual beings in this universe are. I might be in for a big shock when I ask that question ! But it is on my list of questions for Dude.

Sometimes I think to myself, if my friend Dude can know as much as he does and he’s a spring chicken compared to many of the older ETs, imagine what they must know about anything and everything ! It’s absolutely daunting to imagine how much they know compared to us and I guess in a way it’s like comparing what we know to a mosquito that lives 3-5 days. By human standards, an 80 year old person lives 5,840-9,733 times as long as a mosquito. And by way of comparison those half a million year old ETs live approximately 6,250 times longer than us.

So whenever you hear someone who claims to have figured everything out boasting about what they’ve figured out and that they know the answer to everything, think about how little they must know compared to a being who makes their life seem like that of a mosquito !


How to Categorise ET Civilisations

I’ve always felt that the well known approaches to categorising ET civilisations are arrogant, naive and myopic. I have my own model which one day I’ll include in my book of essays on Alienology, which goes well beyond the well known models. So why do I think so poorly of models like the Kardashev Scale and Michio Kaku civilisation types ? Essentially it gets down to their limited assessment of a civilisation based on technological development. Assessing an ET civilisation based on their technological development, does a couple of things :

  1. It projects our understanding of reality on the ETs.
  2. It projects our understanding of potential technologies and energy sources on the ETs.
  3. It structures our perception of ETs around technology and ignores spiritual development, social organisation, cultural development etc.

There are so many ways to model, categorise and compare civilisations. Why would we limit ourselves to our own limitations and to one aspect of a civilisation ? I don’t get that ! Nor do I get why we leave such things to scientists ? If we must categorise ET civilisations as we seem to want to do with everything we encounter : sense, perceive, group/class/classify/categorise, judge, react; then surely we can do it collaboratively with the input of people from all kinds of disciplines, who bring with them many different perspectives and aspects for us to assess, evaluate and understand !

And why would we place technological development above spiritual development ? That makes no fucking sense to me ! Except that it’s done by people who have spent so much time with their heads up their arses thinking about science and technology that they’ve forgotten to explore what it means to be alive and to grow as human beings. Spiritual development has to be a critical aspect of any categorisation of ET civilisations ! Making an assessment like this will teach us so much about ourselves, about how we project what we know about ourselves onto ETs and about ET spirituality. We’ll have to decide to abandon the notion of comparative levels and to recognise both difference and similarity for what it is. Not better than or worse than ! If we truly embrace spiritual development as a critical signature of how we might understand an ET civilisation, then we might actually be forced to understand the process of growth, change and evolution (and if evolution even exists !). And we might also be forced to ask hard questions of ourselves, like :

  • How do we want to be as a species ?
  • How do we want to grow as a species ?
  • What are a critical faults, strengths, weaknesses and potentials as a species ?
  • How might we get from here to there in our development  ?
  • What obstacles and challenges must we face and overcome if we are to grow spiritually as a species ?

There are of course many dangers of focusing too much on spiritual development or on emphasising spiritual development out of context. We might for example fall into a Ken Wilbur’ish form of self grandiosity at having seen all possibilities when we have actually seen nothing. Or more likely, we’ll develop spiritual development categories that like the Wilbur models, establish a kind of elitism towards which only certain humans can aspire and through which we can put the ETs in their place ! Any focus on spirituality has to be done through a lens like comparative religion, in which things are seen as they are and not categorised into levels – which ultimately depend on judgement and opinion. Factors which change all the time. For example, temperament and personality are ideas that are always in flux. What is popular today will be dead in a hundred years ! So any ideas that we create about categorising, must be flexible and open to change.  

There is so much more we can do with how we look at and approach this entire concept of categorising civilisations. And up to this point, all we have is a handful of stuck up scientists telling us how it should be done and the rest of the human race watching from the sidelines like children at a circus !

If we are to truly develop a discipline like Alienology (and that’s just one possible, albeit lame name for such a discipline – I can’t stand Exopolitics and the like) in order to devote serious time, money, thinking and feeling towards understanding extraterrestrial life; then we must get past this science and technology driven way of approaching the subject !

Ultimately it’s science and technology that created so many of our human problems and that is pushing us towards the exploitation and weaponization of space. But it will be spirituality that helps us to grow enough to be truly ready to become space faring. We humans are kept non space faring because like certain men who think and acts with their dicks, we act with our heads and our technology and not with our hearts and our spirituality. Growing up is about learning to harmonise all aspects of our humanity. Right now it isn’t dick driven scientists and greedy fucking business men and politicians that make contact with ETs ! It’s people who know how to genuinely feel and who have a heart felt connection to the world around them. For whom separation, comparison and competition are irrelevant !

How would you look at an ET civilisation ? And how would you want them to look at us ?


A Space Reticulum – The Teal’hia on Reality

Some of you may recall that I had originally intended on interviewing my Teal’hia friend who I publicly call Anamika. It is my wish that when the Dude Books are complete I move onto replicating the process with Anamika. Meanwhile I talk with Anamika now and then about a range of subjects. Recently I asked her if the Teal’hia have an equivalent understanding of Dude’s explanation of reality as Conjoined Space and she responded that her people do have their own understanding. She fully understood Dude’s explanation (without my having to say anything about it to her) and understood his use of metaphors to help me/us understand the nature of reality. But instead of Conjoined Space, she describes reality as A Space Reticulum (ASR). When she said that my mind automatically flew back to my biology training and I thought of the endoplasmic reticulum – the organelle that is found in all Eukaryote cells ( Those of you who are interested in small things will know that folded structures like the ER increase the surface area and processing capacity of a system.



To begin I’d like to start with a couple of human definitions of the word reticulum. According to wiktionary (, reticulum is defined as follows : “Etymology – From Latin rēticulum (“net”). Noun – reticulum (plural reticula or reticulums). A network.  A pattern of interconnected objects.” And Oxford Dictionaries online ( defines reticulum as “A fine network or netlike structure.” Now some of you will be looking at the images of the ER above and thinking that if reality can be described as ASR, it looks like a Brane ( / I can see why you might think that but what she was describing has nothing to do with Quantum Mechanics or mathematics.



Now rather than give you a detailed explanation of ASR, I’ll give you an extract from our first conversation on the subject.

“All space contains more space. There is no end to space. All space contains space that is known and unknown.

Some of the space you have concluded occurs externally and contains bodies and some of the space occurs internally within a body. And it also occurs within the experience of the brain and the mind. Think of these (external and internal) as two distinct entities and each of these entities contains many different types. In other words, there are many different variations of external and internal space. So Bright, when I describe a space reticulum, I am talking about the interaction between many different types of external and internal space. The reticulum is the movement between the two, the passage between the two. Now as I said there maybe many different types. And as I described there maybe space within a body, space within a brain, space within a mind but all of it exists inside of the larger external space. So Bright, it is connected and hence Dude’s word, conjoined. But this Conjoined Space isn’t merely space that is connected between bodies and the body’s internal spaces. It is also space that is connected to each of the types of space within them. When we say A Space Reticulum, we are saying that there is connection, movement, passage, joining, a conjoining as Dude would say. We are also saying that there is an interweaving of spaces. We used the word reticulum because reticulum as you would know it means weaving, moving in and out; means a compression of this moving in and out, sideways, left and right, in a passage if you like, following a particular movement. Think of it as perhaps a better, easier way for you to understand space. But it isn’t necessarily the only way. There are many different ways to understand. What Dude has explained to you as Conjoined Space is accurate and he has been working with you through metaphors and what I am saying to you is also accurate and I will also work with you through metaphors and eventually both Dude and I will try to explain things to you as they actually are. However it is useful for you to hear the two different perspectives. They do not necessarily disagree – they agree on many different things but they explain things differently; give a different perspective on how to understand things. And that will be useful to you and to the human race, when you eventually publish your work.”

The following diagrams are a kind of summary of what I believe that Anamika is suggesting. I’m not very good at making digital pictures but I think they convey the essence of what she said.


Space Map

So there is both external and internal space and many different types of each space. Some are perhaps limited in their existence and dimensions and some are perhaps unlimited in their existence and dimensions. Some external spaces are enclosed and some are un-enclosed. When we die mind opens up a new space that we can think of as internal, within the greater external space but not necessarily this universe. When you imagine something or use the Internal Worlds practice I’ve been teaching, you open up internal space. Every body contains a different type of internal space that is similar but different to the external space.

I guess you might be thinking that this all sounds very fractal’ish and I wouldn’t say categorically that it isn’t. But I think reticulated is a better term because fractal implies self similarity (the same pattern on different scales) and not all objects in external or internal space or space itself appear to be the same on different scales. Those of you who by now are thinking that this sounds very much like Hyperstructure or higher dimensions might be right. I think we’re on the right track with Hyperstructure to some degree but it misses the entire Internal Space aspect and it’s too artificial and is therefore limited as a concept that describes reality. Similarly I think ideas like Hilbert Space, Topology and Manifolds touch on elements of truth but all miss Internal Space.



I think the implications of reality as A Space Reticulum are profound. On the one hand imagine what that implies for cybernetic or other types of artificial worlds in which you could create spaces within spaces (e.g. Learning from simulations created inside Second Life, which itself has been created inside cyberspace, which has been created inside a silicon chip, which has been created inside external space). Or imagine what it means for neural-AI/computer interfaces and for how we will create and exist in virtual worlds. Or imagine what it means for exploring Internal Worlds as I and the PK Fellowship do ? Or imagine what it means for the afterlife, when mind is free to create anything – physical or nonphysical ? And then if you’re really brave, imagine what it means for space travel and so called “propulsion systems”. Most of the advanced ETs don’t use propulsion systems. They use the life force and consciousness. What does that imply for how they understand reality ?

Remember what I said earlier about how the ER increases the surface area and processing capacity of a system – in that case the protein system in the Eukaryote cell. Well the same feature is prominent in all animals brains and in many parts of the human body – such as the villi in the small intestine. It exists on the larger scale and it exists on the cellular scale. If this kind of feature is prominent in biological systems, then it must be because it enhances how things function. Surely then the same principles applied to technology will improve the efficiency of many technological systems. Reticulum Chips or Quantum Reticulum Chips any one ?

Once we understand the fundamental nature of space, I believe we will have the capacity to shape space. And what is shaping space ? Changing the way it reticulates on many different scales. And when we cans shape space, space becomes far more accessible without the need for propulsion driven technologies. Alas, such wild ruminations are fun but the reality of such applications is aeons away in human time !

One final thing. Last year when I had contact with the Tearhom, I watched one of the beings as he searched through a projection of space with his hands and fingers and spoke to me about what he was doing. He kept moving and opening specific regions until he found what he was looking for. In a way, it looked he was opening up a book and fingering it’s pages. Almost like he was playing with ripples of space within space. A Space Reticulum seems to be a good way to describe what I saw.

My Friend Dude

I thought some of you might like to see a very raw sketch of Dude that Rachel did of him in 2016. It’s only about 60 % accurate / complete but it captures his essence. Dude’s image in one form or another will be on the front cover of the books.

All copyright © Rachel Bree 2016. Please do not post this image anywhere else, as it will piss Rachel off and end the ET Art Project before it’s completed !

Fuck the so called grays, he looks nothing like them ! Add a little green, a cheeky smile and shake and there you have him. A reminder his eyes are green with orange/gold flecks through out. None of this big bad black eye crap !

Say hi to my friend Dude !

Dude Prep 2016 © Rachel Bree 2016.

The Little Green Man Exposed !

Before I take the blog down again I thought I’d give you a snap shot of some profiles on Dude that I’m putting into the interview book. One of the profiles is a physical profile. The following details will be included in the profile :

  • Element life form : Silicon based.
  • Skin colour : Creamy lime green.
  • Skin appearance : Spongy rubber.
  • Height : Up to my nipples (I think that’s 135 cm / 4.4 ft – I have to remeasure that).
  • Weight : 18 kg (adult Muajra range from 17-25 kg).
  • Number of digits on hand : 4 (the longest one being the second last one but the fingers are almost the same length / the thumb is longer than ours).
  • Number of hearts : 3 (2 in his chest and one near the base of his neck).
  • Body temperature : Dude’s body operates at 25 degrees C & can be altered to heat up or cool down, depending on external conditions.
  • Reproduction : Internal fertilisation and internal and external gestation.
  • Genitals : Yes but not as big as Brights. ( 😉 Dude’s words not mine !)
  • Gravity tolerance : Dude adjusts his body to differences in gravity.
  • Apparent anomalies : Dude has no anus.
  • Primary energy sources : Food 45-50 %, sunlight 30 % (pigments in skin and eyes transform sunlight into usable energy but the process is not at all like photosynthesis), absorption of surrounding energy 20-25 %.

And here’s some bonus factoids. Dude loves to dance – shaking his arms legs, hands and feet like crazy ! I think Dude influenced the writers of the movie Paul because, as I’ve said before there are so many similarities between he and Paul. He pretends to smoke, loves blowing smoke rings and can even blow smoke out of his arse – even though he lacks an arse hole ! Like Paul, Dude loves Resus Pieces. And he loves Rollo chocolate lollies. He’ll hang out with a humanoid ET I know and eat pizza, whenever he visits that part of Australia (the other ETs favourite food is KFC !). He can quote word for word from any religious book. Dude loves scary movies and alien movies. Dude’s favourite character is Predator and he loves mimicking him (like Paul) and he sometimes dresses as a Predator at Comicon and similar events (see the previous post/pic with my son). He has this weird thing with sugar in his coffee. To work out how many teaspoons of sugar he should have, he adds the day and the month  The least he’ll have is 2 (January 1st – 1 + 1). The most he’ll have is 43 (December 31st – 12 + 31). So today for example January 23rd, he’d have 24 teaspoons of sugar ! I don’t know how much coffee he has ! He loves to collect plants and has now collected over 14 % of all Earth’s plants in his second Earth plant collection. Dude loves taking expeditions to parks, private homes with lovely gardens (whether he knows the owner or not) and areas that are isolated from humans. Dude and 3 of his people recently visited some islands off the coast of Antarctica, where they discovered thousands of new plants, animal, fungi and microbe species (including a land crab that spends most of its time living under a bird and a small bird that abandons is newborn for 10 days returning to care for it, only if it survives – incidentally Antarctica, her islands and waters have some of the richest biodiversity on the planet and is of great interest to many ET races !). Dude often wears a human form because of the work he does with The Architecture and others. It isn’t a suit of some sort. He creates it using the life force to alter his form. Dude often has an ET minder at certain public events, to watch out for him. Dude has an assistant in France, who helps organise his meetings, make notes etc. Dude has multiple residences on Earth (mostly in Europe) that he uses as a kind of home away from home and for convenience. Dude visits his family at home every day. Dude’s galaxy of origin, has not yet been photographed by any human technology and will not be photographed for a further 360 years. Therefor it is not possible to refer to it by any name that makes sense to us. It’s location can however be broadly described in the night sky. Dude can talk with ants. Dude has a potty mouth when he needs to. Dude is infinitely patient and considerate with those he cares about and can terrify those he abhors (as he did with a certain bigoted US senator and Alfred Nobel). Dude sometimes where’s a small grey-silver bracelet on one of his wrists. It has many functions will only operate with his biological signature. And finally, Dude can’t put a flower behind his ear !

See ya’ll in a week or so !

Brighty. 😉


Hello, ET Touch Down and Goodbye !

Hey folks, how’s life been ? Just to let you know I will be continuing my break for a few more weeks, as I still have much to catch up on and because I’ve really been enjoying disconnecting ! So I may not be back until the end of January.

Since I’ve been away my son received his final year results and was offered an early place to study IT at uni, I’ve had a week of flu (which sux in the middle of summer), had to cancel my visits to my oncologist, my toe is still healing so I have been unable to resume my long walks and make any TSMs, found more termites in the stumps of my house, enjoyed Christmas with my son (Both of us were surprised when Dude put $100 in his stocking ! We can find no evidence to suggest it came by any other means ! So it seems Santa is green !), the area around us was ravaged by a storm  with 100 + km/h winds (much of which moved across the entire continent) which brought down more than a dozen trees and dozens of large branches (I asked Dude to keep us safe and I swear it was like a bubble was over our house !) – although we sustained damage to our property/shed, the house was safe.

In addition I have had the privilege of having 3 face to face ET contacts, including the two I had previously indicated I had been told were coming. The 3rd, unexpected encounter, took place on the 9th December when Rachel was visiting our son and began with a strange white falcon and a sighting of a pyramid like shaped ET craft. It involved an on board experience of some 4.5 hours with the Tearhom (a race I have previously referred to as Insectoids). During this encounter I experienced many things, including seeing other unconscious humans, several long dialogues with different entities, a health check, watching Rachel have a kind of light surgery and discussions about how the Tearhom navigate space, the nature of their two different eyes (one is like ours in shape and one is round and both have a white pupil and black iris), how all irises (including the human iris) perceive different electromagnetic waves and was given an exercise to alter my conscious awareness of how my own eyes function.

I hope at some point in the next month to make a video about the experience and a video about my experience with Dude going to the Boab Tree in western Kenya and then being moved backwards and forwards in what we think of as time. They will likely be my last videos ever on my contact experiences. I really have little interest in making videos any more. It just isn’t worth my time. I will however make those two videos because I believe it is worth sharing several ideas which may challenge our narrow conceptions about the nature of reality and the nature of ETs.

I’ve been told that I have an encounter coming with the Beloved Carers (see my experience from January 2016) in early January 2018 and an encounter coming with a different group in February 2018. I’m not sure why so much is happening at this time. Perhaps its because I’ve been more relaxed and had more time to focus on more enjoyable activities ? Who knows why ?

The Dude book continues and I’ve realised that I have to bring it to an end because it has the potential to get too big. I now have so many questions – especially about Conjoined Space, that I potentially have enough conversation and future conversation for at least another book ! The more I ask Dude to explain things, the more I feel completely and utterly transformed by his view of the nature of reality. That single explanation – Conjoined Space, has completely rearranged all of my thinking about the nature of reality and caused me a great deal of discomfort. I know that the discomfort will pass in time because it is just an intermediate state. But at the moment I see no way out. The whole concept is just too confronting ! I sometimes wonder, ‘If it’s confronting for me, how will other people feel about it when they read the book ?’. I suspect that many people will just say, ‘This is crap, I don’t believe it !’ and other people will be daunted by it. I’m optimistic that at some point I will be able to wrap my head around it and really understand it and if I can do that, then I can help others to really understand it.

You might not believe me but my desire was always to become a novelist. I always wanted to write great stories that would effect people, move people, and that would change people. I never had any intention of writing non fiction, let alone anything about ETs. But right now, so much of my life is occupied with this subject. And I feel I have little choice but to document some of what I’m experiencing and what I’ve learned, so that people can know how it really is with ETs. As I’ve said before, I feel like I need to offer an antidote to all the crap that’s been said about ETs and ET contact. I feel like if I die tomorrow, the confusion that surrounds the subject will linger with the human race for a long, long time. But that perhaps what I have to contribute will have some positive benefit on shifting how we see ETs and ET contact, for a small enough number of people, that in time, others will also begin to see how things really are. I don’t feel I have any kind of mission at all. I utterly reject that idea ! But I do feel incredibly driven to challenge what’s false and to offer others a means to discover the truth for themselves.

While I’ve been away I’ve been re-examining my whole life, including everything I do online. And, as has happened before when I’ve disconnected, I’ve toyed with the idea of completely withdrawing from the internet and sharing anything at all about my life. One morning I woke up and I thought, ‘That’s it, today I’m killing off my blog, taking down all my videos and TSMs and going back to a simpler life. Bright Garlick doesn’t exist.’. And it took several days for those thoughts to subside. I can’t promise that I won’t follow up on such thoughts one day. That all this will just disappear unexpectedly ! And as I’ve said before, this whole venture has a time limit. And I don’t know when that day will come. It might be when I finish all the books I want to write on the subject (which is somewhere between 5-7 books), it might be if my tumours get worse, it might be if one of my ET friends says ‘Stop now !’ or it might be that one day I just get sick and tired of the whole thing and unlike has happened on previous occasions, I just can’t find the desire to keep going. I just don’t know when. But if I have my way I’ll finish the books and keep writing my fiction (under another name) and Bright Garlick will disappear.

There’s something about getting away from the online world and reconnecting with all that’s around you that’s incredibly liberating. I truly empathise with people like the Amish, who live a simpler life. Mark Twain and I have had this incredible obsession with all that the world can offer but truly love and need only the simple things.

Now may I contradict myself, with a concern for something more complex and less local ? Please stay aware of events in the Korean Peninsula and in the Middle East (where Hezbollah is the key) and the activity of the sun. I have been unable to free myself of the concern I felt after being shown future events on January 19th, 2011 and several times since. I feel very strongly that the major conflicts and solar event are still within this particular conjoined space (timeline). As I said in the video I took down, Tehran will be the ultimate target for an Israeli nuclear strike and any ICBM’s sent from N Korea to the US will be brought down by ET craft (and not US defenses (the US will be unable to defend itself from such an attack, despite it’s egotistic rhetoric)). If things do unfold as I was shown, we will witness two very bloody conflicts in the northern hemisphere, that will utterly change the fate of human civilisation. But these wars will be contained from developing into a global conflict by a more significant natural event.

But as I’ve said before, this is my concern, not necessarily yours. Better to just get on with life and enjoy all the wonderful things that fill your life and bring you contentment and joy. I could be wrong or could have misunderstood the purpose of seeing these events (it wasn’t any kind of test as others have suggested). Perhaps it will hold true in another conjoined space (parallel life) and not this one. Just as I was told that there were several conjoined spaces in which Hillary Clinton became president and another candidate became president who did not run in this space. Dude continues to reassure me and encourage me to put the whole thing aside.

I wish to send a big thank you to my friends Nick, Sandor and Frédéric for your generous donations. I appreciate them very much ! It means a great deal to me that there are people who support the work that I’m doing and who are helping to alleviate the burden of illness. Your donations helped make my son’s Christmas pretty damned special ! We are fat on Turkey and his Lego Kingdom grows as we speak ! Muchas gracias ! Without the three of you, my life would be diminished. Thank you for enriching it in ways you cannot understand !

I wish those of you currently experiencing Christmas a joyful and festive day and everyone a very wonderful transition into 2018. May it be a year in which you make many beautiful discoveries and come to know how blessed you are to be alive.

Life is good. It is always good, no matter how much we suffer !

Take care friends,

Bright. 😉


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