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Hey folks, just to let you know I have been working on a new blog “How to Make ET Contact” – which is where you’ll be able to find the How to Make ET Contact audio course.

The surveillance dudes and dudettes have been watching it since day one – which is really very funny !

I still have some work to do on the site and of course audio content to finish creating. As some of you will recall, I’ve been pretty lousy on sticking to a deadline on getting the course completed. So all I can say for now is that I am working towards having it done soon. Life is pretty busy at the moment and I have some other very important priorities taking up much of my time, so I am doing my best.

Please remember that those of you who have supported me with $50 or more donations will have free access to all the content.

Now because I don’t visit any of my blogs the way that you do, I forget that WordPress puts advertising on each blog, so if it would be useful to me if you could tell me how much advertising and what type of advertising appears on each of my blogs. The How to Make ET Contact blog will probably be a business blog that will have no advertising but for now it’s a free blog and likely to have advertising on it. I hate advertising but I guess that’s how we creators get things for free !

If you have any feedback on the blog please consider sharing it here on this page and I’ll take it into account in the final remake.

Be well People of Earth !

Over and out,

Brighticus. 😉

PS. The new blog is dedicated to :

Sandor N, Nick M, Mr Anonymous of Melbourne, Frédéric H, Catharine C, Darci A, Gabriele S, Janet G, Oliver L, Marcel H, Radek W, Maria R and Derek R for all your encouragement and financial support.

Frédéric H, Sandor N and Nick M for the friendship and for allowing me the privilege of Project Kingdom !

Sandor N and Jacqui B for travelling to the other side of the world to say hi and thank you !

Rachel Bree for our beautiful son Toa, for putting up with countless hours of ET talk, for showing me the way and introducing me to our ET friend Dude. And for giving up years of your life working in secrecy with ETs in covert projects, for the well being of Earth.

Toa Garlick for putting up with countless hours of ET talk and losing your dad to endless days and nights of ET contact. And for putting up with not having a normal dad.

All the wonderful people who believe in what I am doing and who have found value in what I have to share.



Inside Your Skin

So many of us move through life unaware of how everything that we percieve is from just our perspective. We constantly batter others with our way of seeing things and forget that other people also have a valid way of seeing things – even if it’s objectively skewed.

Here’s a simple exercise in getting inside the skin of another and seeing the world from their point of view :

  1. Take any emotional event that involved you and another person.
  2. Go through the event as best as you can from your own point of view.
  3. Feel everything completely.
  4. Now rest a little and let everything go.
  5. Now imagine that you are the other person and see the event unfold as they might have seen it.
  6. Feel everything completely and suspend all judgement.
  7. Now imagine how it might feel for that person after the event and any feelings they might have as a result of the event and your reaction to it.
  8. Finally, imagine watching the event from an omniscient point of view in which you see it unfolding between two people and yet you understand how both of them are feeling.
  9. See that both people have a point of view and feelings that are unique and valid to them.
  10. Come back to being your self. Try to understand now what it was like to be the other person in that situation and see if you can take a little of that insight into your future interactions with them, being mindful of your reactivity towards them.

Notice if you can how perspective and perception are closely linked. Imagine then how ETs might try to understand us. Not by sending exotic signals through space or meeting our leaders but by getting inside our skins and by observing how we interact with each other.

Non-Bono (Sam) and Bono below both have their own unique experience of singing Running to Stand Still.


The Human Body, the Life Force and Psi Phenomenon (Consciousness isn’t Where It’s At)

This is just a brief post that I hope will make something clear to those of you who may not have considered the subject before.

The human body expresses the life force. The fundamental energy of the cosmos. The energy that is in everything and connects everything. When a human being experiences anything, the human body experiences it with or without our conscious awareness. That means that the body knows what we know and what we do not know. The body is continuously conveying what it knows to the brain. We might also say that every part of the body knows what every other part of the body knows because the life force exists throughout the body. The body is always sending out signals regarding what it is experiencing, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. When we pay attention to those signals, we can know what the body is trying to tell us. The human body is not separate from its environment and nor is it separate from the whole – the cosmos. Because of this the human body can know anything from any where in any time. A human being can shift her conscious awareness towards the signals that the body is emitting and communicate with the body, such that it is possible to know anything any where in any time. Similarly a rock in your garden knows what is being experienced by a rock that is buried by ice and snow in Antarctica.

When we human beings realise that it isn’t consciousness that is significant but the life force that is significant, we will experience a major shift in how we see reality and in the practice of external and internal perception.

One of the most significant flaws in contemporary thinking about psi phenomenon is that consciousness arises first and that consciousness effects what it is directed towards. I believe that the reality is that consciousness arises from the life force and that the life force effects reality through the creation, flux and destruction of secondary energies. Dude can materialise anywhere in the cosmos without a space craft, not because of his consciousness but because his body knows it is expressing the life force and feeling the life force that is everywhere. It can make changes without his conscious awareness.

In previous centuries we believed in black and white models of things, which has been expressed in things like duality and cartesian duality / thinking ( Many people now believe in holistic models of things, which has been expressed in things like non duality. What has been missed between these two forms of how to perceive reality, is an integrated way of seeing things that includes both, that for example integrates duality and non duality. Similarly, we think now that quantum entanglement and consciousness are the answer to everything. What those beliefs are missing is an integrated approach that brings together things like consciousness/unconsciousness, awareness/unawareness, the small scale/the large scale, the parts/the whole, the life force/secondary energies. We seem to be stuck in the this or that model, while claiming that we’re all inclusive.

Our exploration of many psi phenomenon seems to be very much focused on an analytical/thinking approach and misses the sensing/feeling approach. It looks at one and ignores the other and in so doing has nothing to integrate. Lets me give you an example. All the different forms of Remote Viewing have this in common :

  • They focus on rigid protocols, which is an example of an analytical/thinking approach.
  • They focus on what the mind perceives and largely ignore what the body perceives (I’m not talking about the 5 senses here).
  • They ignore the bodies connection to other bodies and its intrinsic wholeness.
  • They ask viewers to to exclude analytical overlay while still being subject to conditioning, influence and imagination.
  • They fail to integrate all possible information coming in via the brain and body.
  • They focus on the core principle of non local consciousness. This is a misnomer. If you have a physical body, you MUST use local consciousness to perceive non local information with the mind.
  • They base their core principles on contemporary science and lack insight into the full nature of reality and such things as Conjoined Space – in which other yous are experiencing different things and different pasts and futures exist. Because of this they are at a loss to explain inaccurate predictions, why things sometimes look different when revisited or why different viewers sometimes see the same event differently or completely different events in the same space or in relation to the same person.

We have much to learn about how to approach perceiving and interacting with reality. Remote Viewing is the new kid on the block, everyone’s favourite candy and the bees knees but it isn’t all it’s made out to be, even among the best remote viewers. As a practice, it’s a head game, not a body game and definitely not a head and body game. Remote viewers are prey to all kinds of conditioning and influences and a healthy dose of imagination. Remote Viewing as a technical discipline of the modern era, has mostly been developed by men and I think that is the reason it’s a head dominated game. But if you look at Remote Viewing like practices that were developed in ancient Europe, Siberia, India and China, you see that there were practices that were more bodily orientated and these were influenced in their development by men and women. In China for example, the practice of Qi Gong (with it’s 3,500 + individual approaches) gave birth to many psychic abilities – of which the ability to view at a distance (and sometimes to interact at a distance) arose in a practitioner, only after working with the body and developing the bodies experience of different physical environments and secondary energies. This approach in some schools of Qi Gong was much more integrated than something like the RV approach. And while for the most part it was more integrated, it didn’t draw heavily from the body’s perception. This aspect of the practice of viewing (and manifesting new bodies) is largely missing from human spiritual and energetic practices.

We are now in a privileged position where we are witnessing the convergence of many things, which will in time influence the development of a different way of seeing reality and perceiving and interacting with reality. These include but are not limited to :

  • Being able to gain access to more human knowledge than has ever been accessible before.
  • Being able to share more human knowledge than we have ever been able to share before.
  • Being able to look back of the development of ideas among all written communication cultures and some oral communication cultures.
  • The need to find solutions to many ancient and modern problems.
  • The mixing of genes and cultures.
  • The prevalence of existential threats that are both man made and natural – on Earth and from space.
  • ET contact with people on every continent.
  • A rising awareness of the presence of ETs visiting Earth and the sharing of non human knowledge and wisdom.
  • The resurrection of ancient knowledge.
  • A restructuring of human history and geological and biological history.
  • A desire for global and local change.
  • The ongoing suffering associated with war, famine, disease, poverty, natural disasters, injustice, socioeconomic disparity, over population, lack of opportunity and lack of imagination.
  • A loss of biodiversity.
  • A spiritual renaissance which is paralleled by spiritual diversification.
  • Cross disciplinary investigation into ET contact, the afterlife and a wide range of psi phenomenon.
  • Cross disciplinary investigation into the nature of consciousness, different consciousness states and the impact of altering consciousness.
  • Wide spread interest in altering consciousness, the use of drugs, entheogens and music to facilitate changes in consciousness.
  • Wide spread interest in dreaming and lucid dreaming.
  • Cross disciplinary investigation into the nature of systems and applications of systems theory.
  • A shift in scientific thinking away from ideas predating 1900. (We are still stuck on many ideas that arose between 1900-1950 !).
  • Corporate and military interest in cutting edge ideas and applications in regard to consciousness, the nature of reality, biology, chemistry and physics.

Jazz would not exist without the African slave trade and the African slave trade would not exist without the ship builders of Europe. Nor would it exist without blues or ragtime. Rock would not exist without Robert Johnson, Elvis, George Beauchamp inventing the first electrically amplified guitar or Les Paul inventing the first full bodied electric guitar. Heavy Metal would not exist without Rock. Slayer and all the bands that they have influenced, would not exist without something to make 4 young men angry. Space X and all of it’s journeys into near Earth space, would not be possible without Nitroglycerine or Ascanio Sobrero. More plants and animals would exist on Earth, if it were not for the existence of the British Empire. The nature of reality is such that everything is connected and everything is influencing everything else all the time.

So many people have this stupid idea that we humans need to get out of our bodies or change our bodies to experience reality. But they are greatly mistaken. Our bodies are reality. And until we recognise that all of our body is connected to all of reality, we will never shift our awareness of what is truly possible for a human being to experience. We need an understanding of duality and non duality. We need an understanding of mind and body. We need an understanding of mental activity and feeling. We need an understanding of the life force and the secondary energies that arise from it. We need an understanding of consciousness and unconsciousness. We need to know how to sense with the brain/mind and the body/mind (of course the brain is still part of the body and connected to all the  body). Without all of these things integrated into how we function, we will only ever experience limitation. While believing that we have figured it all out and experience our full potential.

Reality isn’t divided on the one hand and it is divided on the other hand. It is both at once. And there is no better place to meet reality than in the body.


TSM160 : The Inner Self

In today’s bloated (O man I feel full !) walkalogue, I explore the idea of the inner self / the inner life / the inner world or the internal self / internal life / internal world. I speculate on the nature of this strange separation between inner and outer, how inner and outer influence one another and some possible distinctions between the inner world of the body and the inner world of the mind. I ask how the conscious and unconscious aspects of our mind might exist and interact with one another and what the changing nature of the inner self means for our identity and our overall sense of self in life and death.

Enjoy ! 😉


Hitting the J-Spot

Ladies, many of you have heard of the mythical G-Spot and you may have wondered, ‘Just how do I get my partner to hit the right place ?’ And gents, you may also have heard of the mythical G-Spot and wondered the same thing. Or perhaps some of you know the G-Spot intimately well and have mastered the art of super orgasms. Like many of you, I too wondered about the mythical G-Spot. But I’m afraid this post isn’t about the G-Spot. If you’d like to know more about G-Spot and other wonders of female sexuality, try reading Derek Llewellyn-Jones book Everywoman ( and Emily Nagoski’s book Come as You Are ( Transform/dp/1476762090  /

I’d like to talk briefly about the J-Spot – the Joy Spot and how to hit it more often. What is a Joy Spot ? Well, I just made it up ! But we might say, the Joy Spot is that sweet thing that almost always brings you joy. So how do you hit the J-Spot. You make time for it. You re-arrange your life so that you have regular time for the things that bring you joy. One possibility is that you make make time to have 15 minutes a day doing something that brings you joy. I love walking and it brings me immense joy. So every day I walk for at least an hour. I also love sitting in the sun and listening to the birds, so I take time whenever I can to have breaks and sit in the sun and listen to the birds.

People have all kinds of excuses why they can’t find time. And at the end of the day the only solution is to prioritise how you use your time. If work is taking up too much time, work less, say no to your boss or your business, set boundaries on your time. Everyone is expendable and can be replaced ! If kids are taking up too much of your time, set boundaries on your kids and ask for help. If study is taking up too much of your time, drop a subject, study less, get help, have midnight oil days and lighter days. In every situation the desire to do whatever it takes to create a healthier life is what will create a healthier life. The idea to create change can’t just be stuck in your head. You have to acknowledge that you want it and to feel the desire. And if you can’t feel the desire, feel the pain and suffering and your body trying to say, “NO !”.

Every carer knows what it’s like to feel invisible. Every worker knows what it feels like to feel ignored. Every partner and every parent knows what it feels like to feel unimportant. The only way that anything changes is when you say “NO !” to how things are and begin to take action towards how you would like things to be. But first you have to see how things really are and feel how things really are. Let your body speak to you. Let it tell you that it feels like shit ! And listen ! Listen deeply ! And let your body guide you !

So here are a couple of steps on a potential path to changing your life and hitting the J-Spot.

  1. Make a list of 10 things you love doing.
  2. Prioritise them into things that take longer than a day, between 1-24 hours and less than an hour.
  3. Decide how often you’d like to do each one.
  4. Figure out what needs to change in order to have time for 1 thing in each category to be realised.
  5. Identify the obstacles to change for each of those things.
  6. Make a choice to tackle each obstacle systematically.
  7. Talk to people who are relevant to your life about the changes you wish to make and ask for their support.
  8. Every morning ask your body, “What do I need to do today to feel joy ?” and listen for an answer.
  9. Follow your body’s advice.

Throw away your vibrator, your bong, your phone and let yourself experience the things that bring you greatest joy. If you need your vibrator, your bong and your phone, you better not throw them out, in case someone else grabs them. No point giving up your Joy Toys if you really need them ! But more than likely the things that bring you greatest joy are very simple.

This post is about as New Age as I plan on sounding.

I’m trying to make a point here. People suffer needlessly for so long, postponing the things they most wish they had in their lives, until the time is perfect. I used to see that every day in a Radiotherapy unit. People who had postponed living fully and enjoying life, until they could retire. And within weeks of retirement, their bodies turned around and said, “Fuck you, you’ve been an arse hole to me for decades. Here’s a bunch of tumours !”. And often it was too late and they ran out of chances ! They didn’t get it, being so focused on the golden nest egg and the accolades of a glorious life of work, money and somebodyness ! Many of them ran out of time and no amount of chemotherapy or radiotherapy was enough to stop the resistance of their tumours to a life that was being squandered !

We must all seize the day without excuse ! Because no matter how many of our excuses are valid, every minute of your day you spend filling your life with activities that don’t fill you with joy or provide you with fulfilment, is making you sick ! And I know that’s easy to say and hard to do (Take it from someone who has been there !). If you’re a grandmother who takes care of your own father who has dementia, your husband who drinks too much and your grand children because your kids work too much; that’s going to sound like wishful thinking. If you’re a tradie who works from 7am-7pm 6 days a week for himself and you have a $700, 000 mortgage; that’s going to sound ridiculous. And if you’re a young doctor working in an Emergency Department 70 hours a week and you’re wife is looking after your 3 kids and she’s cranky with you; that’s going to sound like Ju Ju ! But you have that choice. If your life is not what you want it to be, you have a choice how to rearrange it and how to use your time. There are always solutions, if you are willing to make choices, make sacrifices and change how you see a situation and how to see the possibilities. But it may mean that you have to walk away from a particular situation, a particular lifestyle or certain relationships that are unhealthy for you.

Great change can only come from great awareness and a deep desire to honour who you really are ! 

So why not start by making a little time every day to hit your J-Spot ? 5 minutes a day is all it takes to change a life time !


TSM159 : Using Sound to Anchor Ourselves into the Day and the Present Moment

Into today’s walkalogue I talk about how we can use sound to anchor ourselves into the day, right from the beginning when we wake up and how we can use sound to fully engage with the present moment as we go through our day. This could have been a 1 minute monologue but as usual there are my observations of the world around me – including the sunrise, storm clouds, Boo ants, a snake skin and snake holes and the birdies. It is my intention that the many different sounds in this walkalogue provide you with a full immersion in the world of sound and an opportunity to start cultivating awareness !

Happy trails !

Brighty. 😉

The Social Animal

Here’s a book about human beings and human lives that I enjoyed a few years ago.

David Brook’s The Social Animal is part novel part non fiction. It’s a bit awkward and leaves you wanting to know more about the research that’s cited but it’s a good effort to explore the psychosocial forces that create a western human being. I recommend The Social Animal for anyone interested in sociology and human beings. I think David Brooks is also worth listening to on other subjects.

More here :


How to Categorise ET Civilisations

I’ve always felt that the well known approaches to categorising ET civilisations are arrogant, naive and myopic. I have my own model which one day I’ll include in my book of essays on Alienology, which goes well beyond the well known models. So why do I think so poorly of models like the Kardashev Scale and Michio Kaku civilisation types ? Essentially it gets down to their limited assessment of a civilisation based on technological development. Assessing an ET civilisation based on their technological development, does a couple of things :

  1. It projects our understanding of reality on the ETs.
  2. It projects our understanding of potential technologies and energy sources on the ETs.
  3. It structures our perception of ETs around technology and ignores spiritual development, social organisation, cultural development etc.

There are so many ways to model, categorise and compare civilisations. Why would we limit ourselves to our own limitations and to one aspect of a civilisation ? I don’t get that ! Nor do I get why we leave such things to scientists ? If we must categorise ET civilisations as we seem to want to do with everything we encounter : sense, perceive, group/class/classify/categorise, judge, react; then surely we can do it collaboratively with the input of people from all kinds of disciplines, who bring with them many different perspectives and aspects for us to assess, evaluate and understand !

And why would we place technological development above spiritual development ? That makes no fucking sense to me ! Except that it’s done by people who have spent so much time with their heads up their arses thinking about science and technology that they’ve forgotten to explore what it means to be alive and to grow as human beings. Spiritual development has to be a critical aspect of any categorisation of ET civilisations ! Making an assessment like this will teach us so much about ourselves, about how we project what we know about ourselves onto ETs and about ET spirituality. We’ll have to decide to abandon the notion of comparative levels and to recognise both difference and similarity for what it is. Not better than or worse than ! If we truly embrace spiritual development as a critical signature of how we might understand an ET civilisation, then we might actually be forced to understand the process of growth, change and evolution (and if evolution even exists !). And we might also be forced to ask hard questions of ourselves, like :

  • How do we want to be as a species ?
  • How do we want to grow as a species ?
  • What are a critical faults, strengths, weaknesses and potentials as a species ?
  • How might we get from here to there in our development  ?
  • What obstacles and challenges must we face and overcome if we are to grow spiritually as a species ?

There are of course many dangers of focusing too much on spiritual development or on emphasising spiritual development out of context. We might for example fall into a Ken Wilbur’ish form of self grandiosity at having seen all possibilities when we have actually seen nothing. Or more likely, we’ll develop spiritual development categories that like the Wilbur models, establish a kind of elitism towards which only certain humans can aspire and through which we can put the ETs in their place ! Any focus on spirituality has to be done through a lens like comparative religion, in which things are seen as they are and not categorised into levels – which ultimately depend on judgement and opinion. Factors which change all the time. For example, temperament and personality are ideas that are always in flux. What is popular today will be dead in a hundred years ! So any ideas that we create about categorising, must be flexible and open to change.  

There is so much more we can do with how we look at and approach this entire concept of categorising civilisations. And up to this point, all we have is a handful of stuck up scientists telling us how it should be done and the rest of the human race watching from the sidelines like children at a circus !

If we are to truly develop a discipline like Alienology (and that’s just one possible, albeit lame name for such a discipline – I can’t stand Exopolitics and the like) in order to devote serious time, money, thinking and feeling towards understanding extraterrestrial life; then we must get past this science and technology driven way of approaching the subject !

Ultimately it’s science and technology that created so many of our human problems and that is pushing us towards the exploitation and weaponization of space. But it will be spirituality that helps us to grow enough to be truly ready to become space faring. We humans are kept non space faring because like certain men who think and acts with their dicks, we act with our heads and our technology and not with our hearts and our spirituality. Growing up is about learning to harmonise all aspects of our humanity. Right now it isn’t dick driven scientists and greedy fucking business men and politicians that make contact with ETs ! It’s people who know how to genuinely feel and who have a heart felt connection to the world around them. For whom separation, comparison and competition are irrelevant !

How would you look at an ET civilisation ? And how would you want them to look at us ?


TSM157 : Generating an Awareness of Stillness

Be warned – there is a lunatic at large in this monologue !

Today’s slightly psychotic talky, is an experiential exploration of the speed of thought and how to generate an awareness of stillness and its symptom – silence. This monologue was made at night outside, just before bed. Unfortunately my lunacy had to be contained because it was a perfectly still quiet night and I didn’t want to upset any animals or my son. So what you will hear is a muffled version, which was not nearly as fun to record as a full throated cookie monster yodel may have been ! But despite this, I think you’ll get my point.

For those of you who seek a calmer mind, this monologue may provide a little help.

Long live Cookie Monster !


ET Conversations 3 – Forget About Karma and Live

Please note BEING – this post is especially relevant to you and your conditioning through Falun Gong. It is also relevant to ALL SEEKERS, who have forgotten to trust their own instincts.

Some of you may recall that there was a point some years ago when I thought and felt very strongly that I ought to relinquish all my desires, attachments and aversions. Now, as a human being, this is a very hard thing to do. And in fact I don’t know any living human beings who have ever been able to do this. It’s almost impossible ! I know that there are people who have said they’ve done it but upon closer examination it’s clear they haven’t. But I was very, very serious. My tumours had returned and I felt that I might not survive my illness. The main motivator for this desire that I had, was that I wanted this life to be my last and I felt I needed to take action sooner, rather than later. The Buddhists among you may see this as a desire for liberation or nirvana. But I wasn’t motivated by that. I was motivated by an aversion. An aversion of the suffering of life. Some of you may recognise that attachment and aversion are the very things that the mythical Buddha identified as some of the root causes of suffering. So here was I, driven by a great aversion to cut off desire, attachment and aversion, so that I could be free of the suffering of living again.

Some of you may also recognise the paradox of seeking to end desire, attachment or aversion. In order to do so, you must hold at least one of those states. For example, you cannot be free of desire without the desire to do so. The Buddha identified this as one of the last things that must be let go. So desire remains a core ingredient in human experience, even up to so called liberation.

So what the hell has happened since ? I realised, quite unexpectedly but also I think I had always known at some level, that my conceptions were completely wrong and the ideas that I had ‘thought to be true’ from my studies of Buddhism, Neo Advaita, Dadaji, Ram Thakur and Ramana Maharshi, and my own practices, were a form of conditioning that had I had failed to see for what they are.

At one point I took the issue up with several of my ET friends, including Dude. The following extract from a conversation with Dude, highlights the flaw in my ideation and inheriting what others believe is true. This conversation took place well before I had learned from Dude that time does not exists and that there is only space and well before I had learned about Conjoined Space and the other lives that arise in them. I encourage you to examine whether you think and feel that Dude’s claims are true or false and whether the spiritual beliefs you have inherited have tainted the truth !


“Bright : I’m not sure how to articulate this, so I’ll try my best. I’ve been reading Dadaji as you know and Ram Thakur, who was a precursor to Dadaji and Ramana Maharshi and they all talk about doing away with the individual I, to know liberation – the true self. And they talk about being free from attachments, desires, aversions, this sort of thing. So it sort of echoes Buddhism. They talk about this and everything is God’s will – get out of the way, so God can let things happen. They say God isn’t the ego’s actions and I have a problem with that because I believe that God is everything. And we’ve talked before about desire and so on. And they talk about these ideas in the sense that it drives Samsara – the wheel of life and death and perpetual reincarnation. So I wanna ask you a question first of all about other lives. And I wanna ask you a question about this whole concept of God, the true self and all this sort of stuff because I know you’ll put it into context and I also know you’ll see it different to the Teal’hia. So I’m very interested in your perspective because it doesn’t feel right to me. So are you happy to go with that ? I don’t know how much time we’ll have.

Dude : Yes Bright, I’ll do my best. OK Bright, so you’ve asked something interesting. You turn to these other people for ideas about life, about who you are, about how to live, about the meaning of life and God. And they’re telling you forget life, forget your identity, forget your self, forget your I. Get out of the way and let God come through. Because it’s all false. It’s all illusion. Is that correct ?

B : Yep, that’s probably a good way to put it !

D : OK Bright, I wanna say something that might surprise you. It’s all crap ! It’s all rubbish, complete rubbish ! Human rubbish ! Another one of your (meaning human races’), wonderful ideas. You think that by killing off this sense of I that you can know something greater, that you can know God. And that God isn’t everything. Including your own ego expressing itself, through the body in separateness. But it is everything else. That’s hypocrisy and its rubbish ! So let me explain things to you as best as I can.

B : Can I just say something Dude ? The big issue for me, is like, what’s the point of coming to life ? Even for these people – they came to life, into life. What’s the point of it, if its just to get out of the way ? And not to have attachment, or desire, aversions and experience separateness as well ?

D : Yes Bright, that’s a good point. Let me explain it to you this way. [I stop and connect with a large tor].

B : Please continue Dude.

D : So these people have this idea and you’re wondering if it’s true. You’re wondering if you should live that way. And if you don’t, if you’re going to suffer and come back to another life. And that bothers you right ?

B : Yeah. I don’t like the idea, the traditional idea of you know, linear sort of reincarnation. That’s why I’m asking you to explain things differently.

D : OK Bright, let me simplify it for you. You don’t experience reincarnation in the way that you’ve been taught. All these lives that you experience are happening simultaneously, are happening at the same time – as you would perceive it. That’s the key Bright – perception ! As you understand perception. They appear to be happening all at once. All of them following their own linear sequence of time. So do you understand that ?

B : Yes I don’t have a problem with that. That I already know or believe, anyway. But I want to hear it from you. Please continue.

D : OK Bright, now the second part. These lives that you are experiencing all at once, they’re a part of a greater life. A larger life – if you will, that is timeless. That doesn’t exist in time. It unfolds itself through these other lives.

B : Is this what we call the soul Dude or the spirit ?

D : Yes and no Bright. Well, it depends on your definitions. But lets just stick with soul for now.

Each of your individual lives experiences what you would call the soul and has a conscious experience of being. And sometimes it is unconscious but it is still being. There is something moving through this perception of time. You can call that the soul if you like. But it itself is part of something greater. This greater life, if you will. So this greater life experiences itself unfolding through linear time. At least perceived linear time.

B : Is it…is there just one greater, um, greater life ?

D : Yes Bright. There is only one. One for each of you. And that greater life itself is part of the whole. What you would say is God. As is each of the individual lives that you experience. So Bright, when I say that there’s no such thing as reincarnation, what I mean to say is that there’s no such thing as a linear sequence of one life following another life and following another life and so on ad infinitum, until such time that you’re liberated from Samsara. That’s rubbish, complete rubbish ! It doesn’t work like that ! Instead Bright, each life – each individual life, is an expression of that greater life. Each person has their own life unfold within the life of the greater life. Each unfoldment is happening all the time. To the greater life there is no linear sequence ! It is perpetual, it is eternal ! It is always unfolding ! Your own perception defines what is occurring. Which life is experiencing what. But to the greater life everything is happening all at once. That’s why for me Bright, time doesn’t exist ! I see that it’s a creation of the mind. A creation of the greater life, if you will. It doesn’t plague me the way that it plagues you !

So you have all these stupid ideas about attachment, about desire, about getting out of the way, about not living life fully cause if you do, you’ll be blocking God. And they’re rubbish Bright ! Let me tell you why. When each life unfolds, it is here to unfold any way it wants, any way it wishes ! With whatever desires it has, whatever attachments it has. The idea that if you’re attached to something, it’s going to effect your final karma, it will shape what happens to you when you die, what will happen to you next life, is rubbish ! It doesn’t work like that ! Each life is an individual expression of it’s own ! Part of the greater life. There is no dependence on each individual life. No dependence on the karma. No dependence on how your desires have shaped you. You don’t carry this mental baggage into each life. They’re all expressions of their own Bright. So you don’t have to worry how you live your life in that way.


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