Pontifex Maximus – The Bridge Builders of Humanity

I was sure I had already posted the following post here long ago but I can’t find it. This is a copy of the original post I made on the Project Avalon Forum in 2013. Not many people understood my analogy at the time. I no longer feel that Ken Wilbur and several of the other people I mentioned have the same capacity that I once believed. And I am very, very sceptical of many of the world’s think tanks. Thank god we change !


* * *


I’ve been healing well these last few months but this week have fallen off the perch with a bad bout of Bronchitis – which has kept me up throughout the night. The upside of all this is that I started revisiting some writers that I read more than 20 years ago. Today I began re-reading Aldous Huxley’s The Human Situation – which had a profound impact on me when I first read it in 1989. The mention of Huxley is enough to elicit all kinds of reactions from one end of the emotional continuum to the other. Now there are of course many who believe that Huxley was the father of MK Ultra and a close friend in the know believes that he was heavily involved in influencing what I have called the lower arms of The Architecture – particularly in regard to their population control policies. This may or may not be true but either way Huxley always struck me as a thinker with a heart, a man driven by ethics in the face of intellect. He spent much of his life trying to understand the human condition and he willingly grappled with the biggest problems facing our species. He was honest about the population problem and I agree with many of his conclusions and recommendations.

His ideas are very powerful and despite his strong personality, I believe he could have easily been convinced by those in power that the application of his ideas (or more precisely his predictive fears) were a way out of the worst of our human crisis.
Whatever the case I like Huxley and think his writings should be required reading for any wanting to be educated person !

The Human Situation was a compendium of a series of lectures that Huxley gave between February and December 1959 at the University of California, Santa Barbara. It is a series of lectures in which we most clearly see how Huxley interpreted the external world and the inner world of the human condition.

At the beginning of The Human Situation Huxley speaks about the flaws of modern education and suggests that we need Bridge Builders who can communicate across disciplines with heart and mind. Here is his explanation of the Pontifex Maximus :

“We have an interesting word, pontifex, or bridge builder. It is the Latin name for a member of the college of priests in Rome, the head of which was called pontifex maximus. (Actually the accepted etymology of pontifex is probably a false etymology. I am almost certain that the original word was not pontifex but puntifax, which is an old pre-Latin language, the Oscan language, means the maker of propitiatory sacrifices. The Romans translated this into their own language as pontifex, the maker of bridges.) In a religious context pontifex means builder of a bridge between Earth and Heaven, between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. The whole idea of pontifex, the bridge builder, is a very profitable one, and we can meditate upon and make use of it in a very productive way.

The function of the literary man in the present context, then, is precisely to build bridges between art and science, between objectively observed facts and immediate experience, between morals and scientific appraisals. There are all kinds of bridges to be built …”

Huxley argues that the root problem of education is specialisation (which narrows our view of reality and separates the mind from the heart and body) but suggests that somehow we need to an integral education that blends deep specialisation with shallow generalisation – in much the same way as many of the ancients did. Huxley is however critical of many of the ancient Greeks, who spent too much time in their heads, ignorant of observable facts and inner experiences.

I think Huxley identified the only possible pathway out of the current crisis facing our species. And for this reason I think he ear marked by those in power as a kind of Pontifex Maximus himself – even though he suggested he was nothing of the sort.
After exploring the idea more I began thinking about all the cross disciplinary studies that have grown since I was a boy in the 70’s and I wondered what these Puntifex Maximus kinds of characters and institutions might look like. My suspicion is that many of the worlds think tanks (including the infamous Tavistock Institute) represent the idea of bridge building but there are few if any leading lights of humanity who stand out as today’s Puntifex Maximus.

If we are to take Huxley’s idea one step further we could say that the Pontifex Maximus can be found at 3 different levels : Individuals, disciplines, institutions. Bridge builders serve the role of communicating across or between domains :
– between the spiritual and material
– between the human and divine
– between Earth and the cosmos
– between the mind and the body
– between the individual and the species
– etc.

In thinking about who might be some good examples of Puntifex Maximus, I found it much harder. Such individuals are a rare breed. One’s that came readily to mind included Buddha, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell/Eric Arthur Blair, Alfred North Whitehead, Buckminster Fuller, Ken Wilbur, Joan of Arc, Mark Twain/Sam Clemens, HG Wells, Shakespeare, Charles Darwin, Francis Bacon, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, JR Tolkein, Adolf Hitler, John Forbes Nash Jr, Alexander the Great, Alan Turing, Steven J Gould, Howard Gardner, Ramana Maharshi, WH Hudson, Laozi, Boudica, Rudolph Steiner, Carl Jung, William Wordsworth, John Paul 2 and Fritz Perls. Of course there are many, many more and this is but a biased sampling. Many of these bridge builders worked within narrow confines, while some worked as widely as possible. Most of them have been catalysts for the development of new ideas, relationships and systems (not all of them good !) and almost all of them have come up against the great wall of frustration that arises from the limited and myopic views of the majority and specialists who live mostly in the mind – beyond the reach of empirical data and the subjective and physical experience that is a real part of the human experience. Many of those on this list embraced a more holistic view of life and were for the most part tolerant of diversity. They acknowledged the light and dark, the best and worst of our species. While working and living in times that were sometimes oppressive and far from conducive to the enjoyment of free will.

Among them Ken Wilbur and Howard Gardner are contemporaries who have the potential to transform how we function as a species. Ken Wilbur’s Integral Spirituality has the potential to transform our species – when it’s time comes – from a deeply spiritual perspective. Ken Wilbur is not an entirely grounded thinker (grounded in the heart) but his ideas (like those of Huxley) have the potential to revolutionise how we see human life. Howard Gardner’s ideas about multiple intelligences are rapidly expanding what we understand as human intelligence and human potential.

On a lesser level we might also add the likes of William Glassner (Choice Theory and Reality Therapy) and Victor Vernon Wolf (Holodynamics). We could also add many in the so called channelling field to the list of potential candidates – particularly Jane Robert’s and Seth. Why one idea has the potential to revolutionise the species, while another falls by the wayside is largely beyond me. But I think every idea has a time when it’s ready to be understood and every potential Puntifex Maximus has their own developmental stages during which they give birth to some form of magnum opus that may or may not be recognised by the masses or those that need to see.

I can think of none among them who truly represents a Puntifex Maximus who has utterly transformed humanity. All of them have however played extremely critical roles in the evolution of mankind.

It seems to me that the individual Puntifex Maximus’s will be the ones who lead by example, the expansion of human consciousness. They will be equally represented by men and women and perhaps even children. Most important but hardly recognised will be those Puntifex Maximus’s who build bridges between Earth and Space – in every sense of the word but above all those who build spiritual relationships between the human species and species from other worlds.

But what about the maker of propitiatory sacrifices in Huxley’s original definition ? This designation of the Pontifex is but one of the duties of the role. Wikipedia explains the Pontifex Maximus additional duties in the following way :

“The immense authority of the sacred college of pontiffs was centered on the Pontifex Maximus, the other pontifices forming his consilium or advising body. His functions were partly sacrificial or ritualistic, but these were the least important. His real power lay in the administration of jus divinum or divine law; the information collected by the pontifices related to the Roman religious tradition was bound in a corpus which summarized dogma and other concepts. The chief departments of jus divinum may be described as follows:
1. The regulation of all expiatory ceremonials needed as a result of pestilence, lightning, etc.
2. The consecration of all temples and other sacred places and objects dedicated to the gods.
3. The regulation of the calendar; both astronomically and in detailed application to the public life of the state.
4. The administration of the law relating to burials and burying-places, and the worship of the Manes or dead ancestors.
5. The superintendence of all marriages by conferratio, i.e. originally of all legal patrician marriages.
6. The administration of the law of adoption and of testamentary succession.
7. The regulation of the public morals, and fining and punishing offending parties.
The pontifices had many relevant and prestigious functions such as being in charge of caring for the state archives, the keeping the official minutes of elected magistrates (see Fasti) and list of magistrates, and they kept the records of their own decisions (commentarii) and of the chief events of each year, the so-called “public diaries”, the Annales maximi.”

Expanding our definition of Puntifex Maximus outwards in this way, may help us to recognise the role that hybrid disciplines and wide spanning institutions have in guiding humanity to a place of minimal suffering and greatest consciousness. A place where humans live in harmony with Earth and the Kosmos. It also helps us to recognise the importance of wisdom that arises from the hybridisation of east and west, modern and traditional, the known and the sacred. I can think of no other institution that fulfils this role, other than the group of 90 I have mentioned in my big picture post (which I learnt about via the Creator Races in my many encounters with them). The group who has been chosen by the ET’s to represent humanities best interests above and beyond the greed, stupidity and ignorance of the lower arms of The Architecture (powers that be) and the rest of the human race (myself included !). But of course this is a group who’s identity will never be known.

I sometimes wonder if Huxley was one of the 90 and if his ideas created a template for their future activities ? We will never know !

You can learn more about some of these subjects via wikipedia (with discretion) or here :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tavistock_Institute .

I am curious to know which individuals, disciplines and institutions others see as Puntifex Maximus at this point in human time ? And what is it that they offer – what bridges are they building and what impact might they have ?

May you all be well !

Brighticus Maximus Garlicus.



Which Aspect ?

Thanks to Frédéric here’s a little range of self revelations that I don’t usually make. Here are some preferences but sometimes I also like both. It’s interesting that some of these preferences have changed as I age. And your preferences ?

  • Bowie or Neil Young ? Neil Young.
  • Pink Floyd or Queen ? Queen.
  • Tori Amos or Kate Bush ? Can’t choose.
  • Bette Midler or Shirley Bassey ? Midler.
  • Metallica or Megadeth ? Metallica.
  • Fear factory of Biohazard ? Fear Factory.
  • Joy Division or The Cure ? The Cure.
  • Vivaldi or Bach ? Can’t choose.
  • Black Sabbath or The Doors ? The Doors.
  • The Rolling Stones or The Beatles ? The Beatles.
  • The Clash or Siouxsie Sioux & The Banshees. Siouxsie.
  • Brian Eno or Karl Stockhausen ? Eno.
  • Hawkwind or The Who ? Hawkwind.
  • Motorhead or Nirvana ? Nirvana.
  • Guns n Roses or Motley Crue ? Guns N Roses
  • Manowar or Candlemass ? Manowar.
  • Queensryche or Dream Theatre ? Queensryche.
  • Mahler of Beethoven ? Beethoven.
  • Ornette Coleman or Charlie Parker ? Coleman.
  • Terry Riley or Phillip Glass ? Riley.
  • Ancient Chinese classical music or Ancient Indian classical music? Chinese.
  • William Burroughs or Allen Ginsberg ? Burroughs.
  • Nietzsche or Aldous Huxley ? Huxley.
  • Mark Twain or Nathaniel Hawthorn ? Mark Twain.
  • Victor Hugo or Leo Tolstoy ? Hugo.
  • Einstein or Tesla ? Einstein.
  • Mysticism or Shamanism ? Shamanism, sometimes.
  • John Keats or Emily Dickinson ? Dickinson.
  • Christina Rosettti or Lizzie Siddal ? Siddal.
  • Political Poetry or Humanist Poetry ? Humanist.
  • Rumi or Tagore ? Togore.
  • Mahayana Buddhism or Theravada Buddhism ? Theravada.
  • Guru or Anti-Guru ? Anti-Guru.
  • J. Krishnamurti or U. Krishnamurti ? Can’t choose.
  • Gilligan or The Professor ? Gilligan.
  • Performance Poetry or Written Poetry ? Written.
  • Sartre or Camus ? Sartre.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber or Stephen Sondheim ? Can’t choose.
  • Brunettes or Blondes ? Brunettes.
  • Jeans or Trousers ? Jeans.
  • Tie or Bow Tie ? Can’t choose.
  • Ascension or Descension. Descension.
  • Light room or Dark Room ? Light Room. Kill all curtains !
  • Andy Warhol or Vincent van Gogh ? van Gogh.
  • Ken Wilbur or Mother Theresa ? Mother Theresa.
  • Incense or Oil ? Oil.
  • Failure or success ? Can’t choose. Failure teaches more.
  • Ear Rings or Nose Rings ? Ear Rings.
  • Neville Longbottom of Harry Potter. Longbottom.
  • Abduction or Experience ? Experience.
  • Mandarins or Oranges ? Mandarins.
  • Oaks or Elms ? Oaks.
  • Eucalypts or Pine Trees ? Eucalypts.
  • Eating McDonald’s or Eating Dirt ? Dirt.
  • The Future or The Present ? The Present.
  • Unexpected Death or Anticipated Death ? Can’t choose.
  • Lingerie or Skin ? Skin.
  • City or Remote ? Remote.
  • A million Dollars or A Wish ? A wish.
  • Finland or America ? Finland.
  • Hungary or Romania ? Hungary.
  • Sweden or Norway ? Can’t choose.
  • Holden or Ford ? Mitsubishi !

Children With Parents Who Have ET Contact

I was talking briefly this afternoon with a lovely lady reader in Sweden who has also had ET contact. She had previously made a passing comment about being asked by her children not to talk about aliens because of their friends and family and it prompted more of an awareness of something, which has been gnawing away at my heart for years. So much so, that recently I had thought that I would soon make a TSM with my son and explore the issue.

So if I understood this person correctly, she was implying that her children impose a heavy insistence on her keeping her own contact experiences and interest in aliens under lock and key, out of the public domain ! What she said immediately resonated with me because it’s something that my own son (and his mum) have made very clear to me. Just as a small side note. My son tried very hard (against my suggestion) to gain popularity and pocket money through Youtube gaming videos and the lack of attention only reinforced his sense of loneliness. Dude had suggested that if he spoke about his own ET and Yowie experiences and apparent experiences with people who have died, he would gain the interest that he seeks. But Toa being Toa, he withdrew from Youtube entirely and has been too afraid to speak of his own experiences for fear of ridicule. In all fairness, he’s seen what I’ve had to endure and it bothers the hell out of him that he could be on the receiving end of similar judgement, ridicule and threats.

The incredible irony in this subject is that most of the children of parents having ET contact, are also having ET contact but they are either unaware of it, uncomfortable with talking about it or unwilling to admit to it ! My son fits into all three categories. But mostly I think, children who have parents who are having ET contact and/or who are having contact themselves, are absolutely terrified of how their peers will judge them. Talking about ETs as a child or a teen, is worse than coming out about being gay or admitting that you’re a virgin or that you don’t have a mobile phone or a game console !

I wonder also if the fear of a parent speaking publicly about this subject arises from the child’s perception that the parent is obsessed by the subject and speaks about it with such enthusiasm, that they forget that others don’t share the same enthusiasm ? I’ve always said to my son and his mum that I don’t care what others think of me but they do seem to care what others think of them. And in all fairness my son has had a hard enough time at school (today he finished high school at last !), without having to be the kid with the dad who’s an alien nutcase ! I wonder also if perhaps our children are afraid to be associated with an apparent wacko because they too might be tarred with the same brush ? Judged in the same way ?

I try really hard to protect my sons privacy and don’t talk openly about the ET subject at all with anyone within an hour of here. But no matter what I do or do not do, my son has this terrible fear that his dad will say the wrong thing in the wrong place and nothing I can say or do will lessen his fear. I recently shared the link to this blog with one of his former friends because she is a very intelligent person going through a hard time, who I feel may find something of comfort in something I’ve said. But god knows if my son found out, he’d kill me !

So if our children are so terrified of us speaking about the subject or being associated with the subject, what does that say about us and our society ? What does it say about how judgemental we are as human beings ? What does it say about our readiness for this absurd idea called disclosure ? And what impact is this having on all those authentic people who are having contact, who need to feel 100 % supported and accepted by their families – even when and especially when they speak about the subject publicly ?

I’ve lived with contact for a very long time and I’ve spoken openly to my son about many of my experiences. Have I worn him out or put too much responsibility on his shoulders ? Maybe ! Would he prefer a dad like every one elses ? Maybe ! Have I focused too much on helping him to keep an open heart and an open mind, at the expense of supposed normality ? Maybe ! But I don’t know how else to be !

I don’t place the responsibility for this discord or problem on our children. I place it on the human race. Our children are merely a mirror for what we as a species have allowed ourselves to become. Something that is afraid of ‘the other’. The other in us, elsewhere on Earth and out there ! How do we get past this ? How can we help our children to overcome this ? And what are we as parents doing wrong ?

As I said in my conversation this afternoon with the lady in Sweden, I would love to speak to large numbers of children and to discover just how many of them are having ET contact. Because I suspect, there are many of them who do and don’t know they are having contact. And some of them will become adults who also have children who have ET contact. The ETs know how it will pan out for the children. They know who needs full awareness and who needs to remember and when things should unfold for individual people. But it’s much harder for us individually and as a species. We don’t know when a child needs support or when an adult needs support. We don’t know how children interpret their own experiences and how fear prevents them acknowledging or coming out about their own experiences. Subsequently, I believe that we need more knowledge about these issues, so that as a society we create healthy human beings who feel free to talk openly about their experiences with the other.

Perhaps this subject is up there with genital warts, period pads, vaginal mucous, penile secretions, fellatio, incontinence in younger and older people, euthanasia, addictive behaviours, death, Bill Clinton getting sucked off in the Oval Office and going onto be a worthy good samaritan, mother in-laws (who are processed cheaply at our local butchers !), the joy of ageing, dementia as a valid human experience, the validity of mandatory autopsies (goodbye human rights !), transpersonal experiences and all kinds of other taboo subjects ??? Perhaps it’s just one of those things that is way too confronting or seemingly ridiculous for the majority of human beings ?

I don’t know this for sure, that it will actually happen but it’s my wish that one day my son speaks openly about his experiences and stands up against the stupidity that surrounds this subject, as I have done. I would however understand if he shies away from it completely. Exactly as his mum has done.

I’m curious to hear from you what you make of this whole topic. Whether you are a parent in the same boat as me or someone who hasn’t experienced ETs yet. Am I missing something here ? Have I been so absorbed in this subject for so long, that I’ve lost any sense of what this subject is like from the outside or what the world is like for children ?


All That You Can be

I dedicate this brief post to Isobella, Frédéric, Sandor, Jacqui, Nick, Catharine, Darci and my son. Beautiful people on a journey into the great unknown !


Yesterday I turned 48. That doesn’t really mean much, except that it means that I’m still here. My sister would have been 47 on November 24th but she died in February. The reminder of how fortunate I am, is always very close to my awareness. Every day brings whatever it brings and with it I suffer and I experience freedom and everything in between. The ‘I’ longs and yearns for so much, endures so much, creates so much, deludes with so much, imagines so much and desires so much. Yet it is only one aspect of the totality of our being.

There is so much more to who and what we are, if we only allow ourselves to open up to a self that is beyond identity.

But I don’t want to suggest that we should ignore the I aspect of our entity. In fact I want to suggest that you embrace your I. So how the hell do we do that ? By acknowledging and feeling everything. See the ugliness of your life and feel it. See the fear in your life and feel it. See the beauty in your life and feel it. See the anxiety in your life and feel it. See the physical and emotional pain in your life and feel it. See the desire in your life and feel it – letting it take you where it wants and learn from what it creates. See the aspirations and dreams of your life and feel what is at their core and what you experience as you chase them. See your relationships exactly as they are and feel everything that comes with them. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

You are this being experiencing the I and all the drama that comes with it. So don’t deny it, run away from it or suppress it. Let it live.

One way to understand the I of your existence is to reflect on it through exploration. Ask yourself questions. Feel and hear the answers. What is the tone of your life right now ? Positive or negative or both ?What are the dominant emotions that are at play in your life on a regular basis ? What themes dominate your life or describe what your experiencing now ? And why do they seem to be playing out right now ?

Sometimes its worth stepping back and seeing your life like a work of art – a novel say. Look at it like a giant story full of smaller stories. Full of dramas, plots, themes, archetypes, people, places, situations/events, tragedies, comedies, births, deaths, sacrifices, initiations and rebirths. Don’t judge, just look. See, recognise, learn and accept. This is the journey of your I and everything has value. Value now and value later. Value to you and value to others. Value to everything that will ever be.


The Extraordinary Intelligence of Plants & Fungi

Many of you know that I have had a long love affair with plants and fungi and over the last decade have had many experiences connecting with trees and sharing energy and memories. My interest in the subject began with my early love of nature, thanks to the inspirational adventures of the Australian conservationist Harry Butler and the book The Secret Life of Plants. My earlier scientific training gave me a solid grounding in the physiology and biochemistry of plants and fungi but I always felt there was something more to plants. And whenever I pushed my professors on the subject of plant awareness and consciousness and the book The Secret Life of Plants, they dismissed my interest as pseudoscience with no scientific evidence to back it up. After five years around botanists, physiologists, biochemists, microbiologists etc. at university, I learned nothing about true nature of plants and fungi. It wasn’t until I my guide Kanatek began teaching me how to connect with the life force in plants and rocks, that I really understood the extraordinary intelligence that is all around us. And it’s only been since Dude has been teaching me and showing me how he connects with life, that I have truly understood that all matter and all life has its own intelligence.

There’s so much preoccupation at the moment with Mushrooms and Terrence McKenna’s view of Fungi as extraterrestrial catalysts, that it seems to me that many people are missing some critical points about our relationship with other life forms. One being that all entheogens were taken as part of a wider cultural context in which there was training, initiation, rights of passage, mentoring and purpose for the individual who took the entheogens. Another being that there is more to plants and fungi than just exotic biochemicals. They merely represent one small aspect of a plant’s or fungi’s existence. It’s a bit like if we were to consume human blood to trance out and experience other dimensions. That’s just plain dumb. We get to know fellow humans, we get to connect with their hearts and minds and bodies, we get to digest their words and ideas, we get to work with them to build relationships and groups and civilisations. We don’t just drink their blood. And of course few of us do ! (I gave up my blood drinking days after I sucked my girlfriends arm when I was 19 !) This is where the consumption of entheogens and plant extracts and medicines is so myopic. It misses the wider possibilities for connecting with other entities. We don’t have to hurt them, kill them and consume them. Merely connect with them.

The human future has many amazing possibilities. One of them is the development of more harmonious and adventurous relationships with plants and fungi. Where we consider them as equals, rather than seeing them as providers of products for our consumption and transcendence ! And of course such a relationship should be complemented with a massive effort to reduce land clearing, protect old growth vegetation and revegetate areas where native vegetation has been decimated.

As I grow and repair the forest and grasslands here – slowly, year by year; I feel a deepening connection to all plant and animal life in this place and I sense the deepening bonds between plants, fungi, microbes, insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, rocks and soil. They instruct me in what needs to be done and help me to heal my own body. But listening and understanding takes time, patience and a willingness to step outside of the known and brave the unknown. I encourage all of you to drop your preconceptions about plants and fungi and to open up to a wonderful and extraordinary intelligence that is as alien to most of us, as anything beyond this world. If you truly want to know ETs, begin by trying to understand the life forms on this planet. Then your heart and your mind will be truly open to the extraordinary diversity and possibilities of intelligence in the cosmos.

We depend utterly on plants for our very survival. And I feel that we owe it to them to look after them and to build harmonious relationships with them, where we allow them to become our teachers. Then and only then, will we treat them as equals and gain an insight into the extraordinary intelligence and wisdom that they carry !

Relevant reading :




And some new agers, with some valid perspectives (ignore the new age references !) :


Maybe He Wanna Kick Some Butt !

To all my friends, who seek contact with little green men and women !

This song by Steve Vai is a joke and a lot of fun but in many ways, so close to the truth (except for the bit about wanting to mate with you, kick your butt and reign supreme ) !

I always find this song to be a bit of a pick me up. It puts a smile on my face no matter how I’m feeling !


TSM152 : Friends From Far Away

This TSM is very short by my normal standards and really speaks for itself. This TSM is a kind of intro for the next one about friendship.



Welcome to The Architecture – 1

Introducing one of the most hidden (yet visible) and influential members of the lower arms of The Architecture. Straight from Dude. My first introduction to a key player 6 years ago. No joke. You have no idea how insidious this man and his seemingly simple ideas are. Including halophytes (salt tolerant plants – not for the reasons he suggests). A true psychopath. a man who should be at the top of the tyrant list. More in years to come. The less I say right now, the better. But I feel a strong need to say something.

The man who most wants humanity in space, will never be allowed in space himself. The ETs will stop many of his ideas coming to fruition because they are a threat to the entire human race and other life forms.



The Haunted Sheep Shed

Last Saturday I went for a 20 km mountain bike ride through the bush and on my way out, I popped in to visit a local farmer/friend. While there John let me visit the old sheep shed and record the following audio as I walked through. The power ran out on my iPod, so what you get is what you get ! I thought of posting this as a TSM but it was pretty windy inside the shed and so parts of this turned out pretty dodgy ! I have a whole bunch of audio from my travels and TSMs that I’ve scraped, that would otherwise end up in my shit heap, never to be heard. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this was worthy of hearing or better off in the shit heap !


PS. I have been thinking that next year I might begin a small podcast called The Something Dialogues 😉 . As part of the podcast, I’d like to include a series of interviews with Aboriginal people I’ve worked with in various communities across the state. The aim of the podcast would be to meet with and interview cutting edge thinkers and people with fascinating personal stories. For now it’s just an idea. Gotta see how I can juggle  my time.

Robot Xenophobia

I’ve talked before about the xenophobia towards aliens and have conveyed Dude’s opinion that humans are more of a threat to AI, than AI is a threat to humans. I’ve been watching some videos recently (see post below) and more interestingly, reading the comments on these videos. It’s incredible to see the strong xenophobia that has already developed, before the widespread development of androids/robots in mainstream life. In much the same way as many people have developed an alien xenophobia, we are now witnessing the rise of robot xenophobia, which I believe will manifest in actual physical and electronic violence towards androids/robots in the coming decades and centuries. Not because androids/robots will be an actual threat to us but because humanity has always been ignorant and divided internally and externally by the concept of us and them.

Beware, the rise of robot xenophobia ! Racism on a completely different level !

PS. Notice the ignorance of the interviewers in  the first video.


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living this circus life, what else would I be doing but juggling?

Vonj Productions

Bringing you love through spirit!

Power Plant Men

True Power Plant Stories

A Buick in the Land of Lexus

fresh hell trumps stale heaven

A Writer's Path

Sharing writing tips, information, and advice.

mulatto diaries

creating a bye-racial world


A lot of rambling about a lot of things

Musical Nourishment

Cultivating great musical taste

Beyond the Weatherzone................

What are they doing to our weather? Is it HAARP? The NWC transmitter?Or just a software glitch?

Anomalous Inquisition

Exploring Existence Through Science, Philosophy, Art and Beyond.

The World as we Know it.

Nature, Media, Adventure, and the politics of Self-Mastery

Sparrow's Ramblings

Life how I see it from my nest on the High Plains

Alien Dolls

Handmade alien dolls, and alien hybrid dolls