Who Controls the Discourse on ETs ?

A quick question for you. It appears to me that white men are the one’s who write most of the books/make most of the podcasts on ETs/Aliens/UFOs. And a very specific age bracket in that group. Why is that ? Why this bracket of the human population ? I think there are very good reasons. What’s your guess ? PS. Last I checked I was white ! 😉

Robbie Graham – A Breath of Fresh Air !

There are very few people I believe have something of great value to contribute to the whole discourse of UFOs and ETs ! Robbie Graham is one of them ! In the following talks Robbie uses his voice of reason to lift the discourse on UFOs and ETs to a more mature and realistic level. In his talks and books, Robbie tackles the vast plethora of disinformation that has been engineered into the UFO/ET field, takes a shot at the recent preoccupation with Alien Disclosure and counters many of the cultural misunderstandings and delusions that people have about the subject. Robbie seems like a genuinely nice guy, with plenty of balls and common sense !

Good on ya Robbie !


ET Related Books I’m Reading and an Update on My ET Related Books

This post is dedicated to Lisa R. for her recent donation and her ongoing encouragment, Frédéric H. for his encouragement and wonderful insights, Janet G. for her incredible kindness and loving care and Nick M. for his wonderful friendship and brilliaant outlook on life ! It’s people like you that keep ET and I going and make all my efforts worth while ! 

Hey folks, how’s life ?

I don’t read a lot of ET/UFO/Paranormal related books but in the last 6 months I’ve started reading a small number because I wanted to know what other people are saying about the phenomenon before I start writing my own books on the subject. 5 Books that have grabbed my interest, that I find some value in, include the following :

I don’t agree with some of the content in these books but I think they all have significant enough value to make them worthy additions to any library. I’m not really into reviewing other people’s books because I recognise that writing a book takes a lot of effort and it’s not for me to pass public judgment on a book (unless it’s really shit and I think it’s having way too much negative influence on people’s attitudes!). The only cautionary note I would add is that 3 out of 5 of these books are written by white American’s, so you may end up with a very Americanized version of how things are. That aside, these are all good books for one reason of another ! Most of these books really challenge the preconceptions of how things are and willingly step beyond the typical stories we hear about ETs and UFOs.

My intention with own ET related books is to present a point of view that goes beyond some of these books – not because I’m arrogant who thinks he can do better (I don’t – fiction/poetry is what I’m most comfortable with) but because I feel very strongly about presenting a unique point of view that reflects the ETs and ET contact experience as I have learned about it first hand.

So where am I at ? Well, as many of you know I went through the darkest event of my life earlier in the year and there has been no resolution to that issue. My sister also died a month after that and I’m in the early part of having treatment for my tumours (ten years next month yeah baby !). The plans I had of knocking over 2-3 ET related books in 2017-2018 have been kicked aside, as I put my creative life on hold, trying to deal with this other stuff. Now at last I’m finally back into writing after a 4 month kick in the guts !

My first priority has been to finish a compendium of poetry I’ve been working on for a long time. I have about a month to go on that and have begun work on a second compendium.

The interview with Dude is almost complete and has been put into a book form. Last night I added a second section which will include the Dude Maxims and a range of conversations I have had with Dude on the nature of the self, reality, space, conjoined space/parallel worlds/parallel lives, consciousness and the life force. I was going to add these to a second book but then thought they would make a good addition to ths book. I may yet write a book based on questions I’ve asked Dude. I should have the Dude interview book finished by the end of the year. It take’s so long to sit and transcribe as he and I are talking, then to edit it and then to transcribe the other conversations I recorded on my iPod and edit them. I’m still not sure whether I should include the Jesus question that was asked.

I am also looking at writing a large book of ET related essays (based on many of the articles I’ve posted here). I’m currently compiling articles I’ve written here into a book format – so I can re-write them and add new articles. That book may take 2 years to write (2018-2019 ?).

The ET art book has stalled because it depends on my ex-wife Rachel Bree feeling up to it. She’s had a very hard time this year and is not up to doing the illustrating any time soon. I’m optimistic though, she will be willing to continue working on the project at some point in the next 18 months or so. It’s a really difficult project because I have to sit down and go through all of my experiences, remember as much as I can, sit with her for hours at a time and describe what I’ve seen (ETs and scenarios) and work together on getting the images right. Dude was the one who initially talked her into the project – so he thinks it’s important and she knows that. But she needs to feel up to working on it because it will be a huge endeavour for both of us !  She has however committed to finishing Dude’s image in the next month !

I had wanted to write a book about my ET contact experiences (with 30 plus ET races) later this year but I don’t know if I will have the time. It will be a big book and I need a lot of energy to work on it. Perhaps I’ll be able to start it in 2018.

Once the Dude interview book is completed, I hope to start working on the Anamika interview. I’ll call for more questions before I start and narrow them down to a final selection, as I did with the Dude questions. I’ll try to knock that interview over much quicker if I can. Ill also add a section based on conversations we’ve had.

If I could I’d also like to transcribe some of the monologues and put them into a book form but that’s hard work. I may have to slowly pay someone to do it for me !

Despite all of these intentions, it’s my fiction that is most important to me. I have a book of plays and a musical to type up and edit, a couple of plays to finish, a journal book to typeup and edit and 3 novels I want to complete. My non fiction plays second fiddle to the stuff I really want to write ! And of course everything depends on whether I enroll in the PhD I’ve spoken about next year or the year after and my health stabilizing ! If I’m dead in a year or two, it was all hot air !

So what’s the take away message ! I’m working hard to deliver on the projects I’ve talked about. It’s definetly a good idea to read other people’s books because mine are taking forever and there are some good ET related books out there ! If my health stays good, I’ll be trying to complete the following non fiction projects in the next 5 years :

  • Dude Interview – “An Interview and Conversations with An Extraterrestrial – Part One” (working title).
  • Anamika Interview – “An Interview and Conversations with An Extraterrestrial – Part Two” (working title).
  • “An Interview and Conversations with An Extraterrestrial – Part One & Two” (working title). Both books combined.
  • “Otherworldly Encounters : Contact with Non Human Entities” (working title).
  • The ET Art Project (working title).
  • Essays on Alienology (working title) – need a better word. ETs are not alien when you know who they are !

The ET contact audio will eventually get done ! The thought of doing it annoys the hell out of me ! So think of it as a one day, one day, one day, are we there yet……kinda project. And as promised a million times, it will all be free to those who have supported my work.

Thank you very much for all your ongoing support and encouragement ! If you’d like to support my work, you know how and if you don’t follow the Support the ET and I Project button on the top of the RHS of this page. I need to have a very expensive $1,500 specialist scan soon (to find out if another treatment has any chance of working) that Medicare doesn’t cover, among othere medical and other expenses. So, your donations will make a significant impact on keeping me going !

I’ll post book updates as things progress !

Be well,

Bright. 😉

Doug and Dave – Legends of the Crop

About a decade ago I came to the conclusion that most crop circles are man made and really lost interest in them in 2007 as an authentic otherworldly phenomenon. I’ve now made over a dozen for myself (and shared half of them publicly) and I know what can and can’t be made – even if I can’t make the best of them myself.

I’m convinced that the modern crop circle movement began when the now infamous Doug Bower and Dave Chorley began making circles in English crops in 1978. The inspiration for their activity began when Doug Bower’s heard about the Tully saucer nests in Queensland, Australia (which began in 1966 but also occurred later). The Tully saucer nests may well have been created by ET craft but they might also have been the result of as yet poorly understood meteorological phenomenon (not dissimilar to those proposed by Dr Terence Meaden).

People are very reluctant to let go of their convictions and this is especially true of ‘croppies’ who believe whole heartedly that crop circles are created by ETs. I once had the same attitude, so I understand their stubbornness. (You only have to look at people’s vindictive reactions to Colin Andrew’s 80-20 statement.) The only way out of that kind of ignorance is to listen to those who claim to be able to make them and/or to try and make them your self.

Many of the so called signs of an authentic circle can be found in man made circles. And I think what’s lacking is good knowledge about how plants are capable of changing under different influences.

There are obviously circles that predate 1978 but they are almost all very simple and may well have been created by ET craft, ETs, meteorological phenomenon or some other phenomenon. I do believe that certain simple circles have occured globally in ancient times at sites that later became sacred sites to traditional people and some of these sites may still experience the formation of simple circles.

It seems very clear to me, that 99 % of what passes as crop circles, is the work of exceptionaly gifted visual artists (except for most of the circles appearing in Holland – which are mediocre in appearance and being passed off by a certain fraudulent individual as otherworldly).

I encourage you to discover the truth for yourselves !

All you need to make a crop circle is a pen or pencil, some paper, a ruler, possibly some software like Geobra, a long tape measure, some thick string, a wooden board, some wire or rope and acces to a a field of grass or a crop. And preferably a farmers consent. Once you start, you’ll actually find it’s a whole lot of fun !

One of the best circle artists right now is the Italian Francesco Grassi (https://www.amazon.com/CROP-CIRCLES-Signs-Intelligence-Encounters-ebook/dp/B01NBN25CD/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8). You can see his latest work at Scalenghe Italy here : https://twitter.com/francescograssi/status/869502180579004418/photo/1?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=francescograssi&utm_content=869502180579004418.


TSM132 : An ET View of Human Contact

In this early evening walk n talk, I step back and try and take an ET view of Human Contact. One of my great frustrations with the entire field of UFOology/ET contact is the myopic view that so many people have, in which they create a good ET vs bad ET dichotomy or a dystopian view of the cosmos. In this talk, I try and counter a little of that with common sense (which obviously ain’t so common !).

Enjoy !


TSM131 : Memory, Uncertainty & Doubt in the ET Contact Experience

The things in this monologue were probably the hardest things I’ve ever spoken about publicly.

Today, I open up and share my thoughts about memory, uncertainty and doubt in the ET contact experience, looking at two of my own experiences 23 years apart. I explore how contact with beings from elsewhere shatters your experience of reality and talk about why I think most people who have contact, avoid talking about uncertainty and doubt and why these things are really critical to making sense of the experience. I post this monologue with some hesitation but do so because I belive that we need to be as honest and transparent as we can be, if we are to truly understand the experience of human-ET contact.

There is some repetitive noise in the early part of the recording due to my shoes squeaking and the squeaking on my iPod cover.

Enjoy ! 😉

Bibliomancy, Rhapsodomancy & Jon Klimo on Channeling

I’ve been meaning to write about the subject of channeling for a long time and somewhere in my draft folder I have an article I started a few years back.

Many years ago I carried out a large study of the channeling phenomenon for my own self interest. I had started working with material that I felt came from somewhere else in 1993, the same year I finished an honours degree in science with majors in neuroscience. I was fascinated by whatever the hell was going on in my brain and curious to know what was happening ! I didn’t then have much interest in channeling and in hindsight am unsure that what I was doing was channeling.

I came to this subject during a period of immense stress and later after my then girl friend left me in 1994, when one day I picked up a book and started putting words together in a kind of uncontrolled frenzy. I felt like I was being guided to the answers I needed. Later I learned that what I had stumbled across was a more complicated form of Bibliomancy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bibliomancy) or Rhapsodomancy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhapsodomancy). I had been working with Tarot but found it too vague and irritating. I’d also explored the I-Ching but didn’t have the patience or the nous to really figure it out. So when I found this method, something clicked and I felt like I had found the right tool to help me in my life. At first I mostly used it to write poetry but over time I began to trust the process and see that the information that was coming through had great value. Now when I look back at the sessions I transcribed, I can see that I was being provided with a map of my life and all the guidance I needed to navigate my life.



Around the same time I also began experimenting more with Stream of Consciousness writing, which I first picked up from William Burroughs cut up experiments and the writings of James Joyce and JG Ballard in 1989/90. (A very bad verbal example here : http://thesomethingmonologues.podbean.com/e/tsm126-stream-of-consciousness/). Stream of Consciousness writing was very different in that sense that it was an uncontrolled stream of thoughts/words that came out of me via my hand, where as the Bibliomancy writing came from a very strong guided urge to specific words in a book. Usually I would grab a pile of 10-15 books that felt right and sometimes I’d even grab a pile of random books. I’d experiment with introducing more and more diversity into my selected books, so that I could be sure that I could rule out certain themes arising because teh books were similar. And sure enough, it didn’t matter which books I picked, certain themes would always pop up !

Now that I’m older I think that I was experiencing two things. First and foremost, I think I was learning how to access other aspects of myself (a subject I’ll talk more about soon and link back to an early question I left for you) and to connect with disembodied humans. So in a sense part of what I was doing was, what by some definitions was channeling. But as far as I am concerned, I was channeling something from within my self. Within 2 years I would learn how to communicate with those who have died in a more direct way, so I didn’t really put much emphasis on those earlier sessions representing a flow of information from the other side. I also often wondered,if what I was doing was simply the product of chance and to this day, despite all the amazing synchronicities and predictions that did happen, I still wonder if some part of it wasn’t just an unfolding of chance.

in the last 15 years I’ve been developing an idea I call Aspects of Self, in which I have come to see that the human psyche/personality is a multifaceted composite or community of aspects that are both time bound and timeless. I’m trying to develop a model that goes beyond any model of subpersonalities that have been mapped out (see Psychosynthesis/Voice Dialogue/Big Mind for examples). One that is inclusive of all forms of perception and expression. One that includes normal functioning and so-called psy functioning (whether it’s remote viewing, telekinesis or omnilocation).

I don’t use my own form of Bibliomancy much any more. Mostly because I’ve learned to trust myself and make decisions I can live with. I have however experimented more with establishing communications with a wide variety of what I believe are beings from elsewhere – be they disembodied humans, beings of light, ETs, Yowies or formless beings (some of which I have spoken about here).

Despite my own experiments and deepening drive towards understanding the true nature of the self, I am very skeptical of many so-called channelers. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t channel. Most people who claim to channel, do what I call Californian Channeling (later I’ll talk about my disdain for California as the Califucked up Centre of the world that has had both a positive and negative influence on the entire planet !). The reason I’m skeptical is that most channeling usually follows the same format and people channel the same sorts of beings with the same sorts of New Age messages. I for one never want to be cooped up with that bunch of loonies ! But having said that, who knows how people judge and interpret me ?

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I discovered it myself and didn’t even know that other people did anything remotely like this. One day in 1994 after my girl friend had gone and slept with another guy, I was sitting in my small flat when my drug using neighbour walked past and saw me through the window in a frenzy working my books. Later when he asked me what I was doing, I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say, until he told me about the ghost living in his house – a ghost whose presence and sexual desire, I felt on a regular basis. When I told him, he seemed fascinated and asked if I could do it for him. I said no because I didn’t feel at all comfortable sharing something that I had trouble understanding myself. He didn’t care. He just wanted answers ! Today, I see all these people sharing something they don’t seem to understand. And charging money for it ! Doing big shows in front of huge audiences and playing around with other people’s lives ! Becoming somebodies in somebody land ! Honestly, it makes me sick when I see it !

This is something that anyone can learn, if they learn to trust themselves and the process.

Jon Klimo is an intelligent man, who has been exploring the chanelling phenomenon for a long time (http://www.jonklimo.com/) . Jon has an interest in researching and exploring consciousness and a diverse range of subjects in the paranormal field. In the following 14 part series Channeling Investigations On Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, Jon explores what he has learned about channeling. Be warned that this is extremely difficult listening. Jon lets himself channel as he’s talking and it can be unsettling. I have to admit myself that I’m not sure if Jon is quite all there but perhaps any bias I have arises because Jon completely gives himself to the process of letting anything come through. As Jon suggests and as I have found in my own experiments, the key to doing this kind of thing, is to get past the ego (those of you familiar with the Big Mind Big Heart process, might think of getting the Controller out-of-the-way). Once the ego subsides, there is no regulation and no censoring and thoughts/words are free to flow from whatever source, for whatever reason, to whatever destination. It is possible to request a source and to direct the flow but it’s also possible to completely surrender. Some of you will have heard the phrase, “Where the mad man (schizophrenic) is drowning, the mystic is swimming”. These videos will give you some sense of that. A truly aware master, will demonstrate that completely. Despite my reservations, Jon has a lot to offer on this subject and if you don’t like listening to him in action, you can read his articles or books.



TSM130 : The Environmental Crisis, Socially Inherited Contracts and the Free Snaker Movement

All my life I’ve tried to care about the natural world. In today’s walk n talk, I let you in on a little secret and why I made aparticular liberating choice; talk a little about socially inherited contracts and their impact on the natural world; and taunt the men of the world with the possibility of starting a new movement ! I don’t profess to be the only person in the world who has liberated themselves this way and for all I know there may allready be a Free Snaker Movement ! Hang low, hang hi, be proud !

Enjoy !

😉 Bright Snakey

Related reading :

TSM129 : The Last of the Pre-Digital Generations

My son made a comment a few days ago that triggered a long discussion about the differences between generations and the impact that technology has on how people behave. In today’s monologue I explore a little of the generational differences between people, the impact that electronic technology is having on human health (although I didn’t say anything about orthopedic problems like spinal and posture related issues) and how we have allready witnessed the last of the Pre-Digital Generations. I also posit that a time is coming in the not too distant future, when there will be no one left who remembers life without electronics and explore what that might mean for humanity.

Feel free to share your feelings about changing respect, generations, technology and the challenges we face with technology now and in the future.

More reading here :

Fantastic Filming of Land Art

Here’s a gorgeous new pair of man made crop circles (of that I have no doubt), filmed by Matthew Williams and friends using a UAV Drone Multicopter (Video 2 & 4 on the list). Matthew is now making what has to be some of the best crop circle film anywhere ! Absoultely outstanding images ! To me, Matthew’s work highlights the exceptional artistry and beauty of these man made crop circles. I’m almost jealous that I didn’t have a drone when I made my circles over the last few years (unlike the guys in Argentina who did have a drone who tried to copy one of my circles) ! Also check out the man with the big willey (which is not unlike Maree Man from a few years back, in outback South Australia) ! Drones really are breathing life into landscape art and how we see the world below !

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