Where’s the Cat At ? An Update and More on Conjoined Space.

11892083_1489166314727423_1367369840135170138_nHey folks, just to let you know – I haven’t fallen off my perch yet ! Life has been very busy these past few weeks and I’ve not been well !

My tumour treatment has been causing significant side effects this last month and severe hypoglycemia has been making my life very uncomfortable. In 2 months I have my first impact scan, to see if my tumours have stopped growing. Although the treatment has been a pain in the ass (literally as well) and I’ve had 10 days of testing in hospital, I’m confident that the treatment and the changes in how I function that I’ve been trying to integrate, will have made an impact. Dude has encouraged me to continue treatment for 18 months, to give everything time for my tumours to shrink. So, despite my reluctance to have treatment, I’ll continue with it. For the last 2 years, I’ve been encouraged to consider that my attitude to treatment is what makes the greatest difference and not the treatment itself !

At 2 am last Saturday, our hot water system burst and water went everywhere. I discovered that it was 31 years old (they usually only last 10 years) and had been leaking into the floor boards and the underside of the house had rotted so bad that it was ready to collapse – which means I have to restump several areas and put some new floor boards in, which is a mammoth job I loath doing !  We couldn’t see the leak because it was hidden against a wall. So, after a day of hocking off a few personal items, I raked up $1,200 and as of tonight we have a new hot water system installed. The electrician will be here tomorrow to connect the electrical side of things. I can do it myself but it’s one of those things you need a pro to do – just in case you stuff it up or you need to make a warranty claim ! So after 6 days of stinkiness, we’re both hanging out for a good bath !

Last week my laptop died, for a reason that is beyond me ! It doesn’t seem to be the battery and I think it was some sort of attack. So I’m currently using my iPad – which I’ll be stuck with, unless my son can fix my lap top – which seems doubtful. I have a 10 year old lap top that I maybe able to crank up. But alas, shit happens !

As a result of my lap top’s premature death, I haven’t had the ability to edit any TSMs and little opportunity to write. I have a few more TSMs to post when I get them edited and am likely to make a couple more next week.

IMG_4594On the up side, yesterday I celebrated Falcon Who Soars Day (which is the 10th anniversary since I had surgery to remove my left kidney and my primary tumour – 2 months after my diagnosis). My son and a friend and I burnt a giant horned effigy of yours truly ! And it was fucking awesome ! Falcon Who Soars is a Native American name that was given to me after my initial diagnosis and it’s a name I’ve honoured in lots of different ways. Burning an 8 foot effigy of yourself, saying prayers and giving thanks to all those who have helped you to stay alive, is a wonderful life affirming ritual, that I thoroughly enjoyed ! Next month I’ll be doing the same thing for my son – who is affectionately known as Storm Boy (after he was born in a wild lightning storm and I saw lightning enter his body the night before heart surgery when he was 3 days old) !


This week my son is playing the role of the Mad Hatter in a school musical production ofAlice in Wonderland. He previously had to decline a role as the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera,  in a local youth theatre group production (because we live too far away). So he is very excited about going crazy as the Mad Hatter ! He’s had a really bad cough for the last 6 weeks and I’m a little concerned about how well he’ll be on opening night (given he has 3 shows that day !). But like most parents, I am very proud of him and can’t wait to see the show !

Over the course of the last month, I’ve had several more conversations with Dude about Conjoined Space (https://etandi.wordpress.com/2017/06/21/an-introduction-to-conjoined-space-an-ets-radical-perspective-on-reality/) and I’ve had a dozen or so Conjoined Space (multiverse/parallel lives) experiences that have at the time, really fucked with my head. It’s getting to the point where I’m experiencing at least one event per week. Dude has warned me that I have another 12 months or so of this ahead of me. He’s introduced me to a concept he calls Emotional Recharge. This occurs when significant emotion from one life, creates a certain level of energy that then pushes into a Conjoined Space, opening awareness in that other life of the first life. Apparently there are events unfolding in at least one of these other lives, that are effecting several lives. Most of these events are good in nature but I am unsure if they are global or personal. And truthfully, I have no idea why I’ve been experiencing so many of them since about September last year. These events have also been effecting two other people I’m close to, so it’s not like they’re just happening in my head ! I just happen to be the only one who has taken the time to investigate and document what’s been happening. But I can admit that if it wasn’t for Dude, I would have no idea what’s going on ! It really has been that confronting ! Everything I have come to believe about reality has been turned on its head !

The truth is, back in January-February, prior to my sister dying, this nearly pushed me over the edge. But now that I have some understanding of what has been happening (some ?), I feel much less threatened by the extreme high strangeness !

Imagine, for example, how you would cope if you saw two versions of reality opening up in front of you ! That’s what I experienced a few days ago, when two events occurred. One in my dreams that later manifested in waking life and one in waking life, in which I literally saw two copies of the same vehicle with my son and his mother moving in two different places; while ironically I was walking in the paddock talking to Dude about some of the weirder aspects of Conjoined Space, from what I later realised was Dude in a different Conjoined Space.

It’s as if awareness has the ability to see into many lives at once. All of reality arising in the self.

As far as I can tell, this phenomenon I’ve been experiencing, began in 1995 or 1996, when I witnessed the first of 6 animals come back to life (what I later referred to as the Lazarus Effect). Perhaps it didn’t really begin then but I began to become aware of it then. It seems that the sorts of things I’ve been experiencing recently, have come into my awareness on and off for the last decade or so but I’ve wondered if maybe they’ve always been there, I just didn’t notice them. Imagine in one Conjoined Space there are 5 cups and in another 6 cups in a dinner set. One day you have 5 and the next you have 6 ! Unless you were paying attention, you’d probably miss it ! It’s that easy to miss such subtle differences. Differences that may represent different Conjoined Spaces.

One thing that occurred to me a while back was this. If there are a finite number of Conjoined Spaces (parallel lives) (Dude suggests that the average person has about           1, 200), then it’s possible that there are other yous living in ways that maybe more appealing to the you that is living in this conjoined space. Think about that for a minute !

There maybe another you free of the problems that are part of this conjoined space ! Another you that has fully realised what is within ! Another you that didn’t fuck up your last relationship ! Another you that didn’t lose a child at birth ! Another you that is only slightly different to you here now ! Another you that chose the left hand path (the road less taken) !  Think for one minute about the implications of such possibilities ! The implications are truly profound !

Some of you may remember Dude’s discovery of a world like no other (https://etandi.wordpress.com/2015/04/24/dudes-discovery-of-a-world-like-no-other/  / https://etandi.wordpress.com/2015/11/21/dudes-discovery-of-a-world-like-no-other-update-1/). I had previously been told that “they  found a planet that was not previously known to exist in a particular region of space”/  “they cannot however figure out how the solar system has appeared, where once there was nothing” / “that somewhere in the vast records of the great collective, there must be a record of the ancient race that created this world and its people.” At a certain point Dude informed me that the collective did have knowledge of a particular ancient Creator Race that was likely to have created this race but he himself was unsure as to its exact origins because he could find anything that had been left behind. But he and his people were able to go back and actually trace/relive its origins. What perplexed me at first was Dude’s claim “that it was not previously known to exist in a particular region of space” and now I think I understand what he was getting at. What he meant was that this planet and its solar system did not exist in a particular space – a particular conjoined space. But somehow it has moved from another conjoined space into this one. One way to think about this is to imagine that there are a 100 bubbles in a field. And each one has 9 bubbles behind it. You know who lives in each of the 1000 bubbles but suddenly a new bubble appears on the scene and you have no idea who lives in it. And appearing slowly behind the bubble is another 9 bubbles, about which you know nothing of their inhabitants. This world seems to have arisen in a conjoined space that was not known to exist (at least by the Muajra).

I really feel like I am on the first page of a very long book about the nature of reality. Conjoined Space is just one of Dude’s explanations for how things are. And I have no idea just how much weirder his or any of the other ETs explanations of reality are going to get. Nor the experiences that seem to be occurring in my life. It’s almost as if Dude is introducing me to new explanations about the nature of reality, as different experiences begin to develop in my life. Like the two of them go together ! Here’s the theory and now here’s an example !

Some days I truly wish I could go back to knowing the little that I knew in the late 80s’. But life continues. And I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have had the life that I’ve had ! Life is truly amazing !

David Jacobs is Right But He’s Wrong

Over the years many people have thrown the research of David Jacobs at me to ponder because they feel that I’m wrong about the ETs and that they are abducting us to fulfill some seedy agenda. I stand by my argument that the notion of abduction represents the perception of one’s experiences at the lower end of the developmental spectrum (https://etandi.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/how-the-perception-of-et-contact-changes-humans/) and not what is actually happening.

I’ve read several of David’s books and listened to many of his interviews. He has done a lot of good work, although I can say little about how he does his regression work or the people that he has worked with.

As far as I can tell he is one of those researchers who sees the small picture – how ETs appear to be to the person who feels powerless. His belief that ETs are infiltrating the planet, is at best naive and myopic and at worst just downright stupid and dangerous. Because David doesn’t seem to have had any contact experiences himself (and no history of contact experiences), he lacks the insight to truly understand the nature of these experiences. While he is right about a great deal of ET contact being clandestine (or subversive), he is completely wrong in his conclusions about what this means and why the ETs function the way that they do.

To play into his conclusions (and the conclusions of others like him), logically leads us to conclude that we live in a dystopian universe where living beings are caught in a battle between the forces of evil and good. Which, based on my own experiences with ETs, is a faulty and unhealthy way of thinking.

I suggest that those who are interested in the subject of ET contact (by whatever name you call it), examine cautiously the claims of people who believe that ETs have a dark agenda and are a threat to us. To take such claims at face value, is to play into ignorance and to lose sight of the larger picture of how different ET races interact with one another and how sentient life has evolved.



How Regression Therapy has Distorted Reality in Possible ET Contact Experiences

For some reason WordPress published this on the date I originally started it : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/how-regression-therapy-has-distorted-reality/.

The Great Dreamer and His Net of Jewels


Net of Indra :

Piloting an ET Craft – Part One

I dedicate this post to Frédéric and Sandor for your significant regular donations these past couple of years. It’s not every day that someone donates $100 or $200 to you but these two people donate this much on a regular basis, helping me to both survive financially and to continue ET and I and the The Something Monologues. Thank you my friends for caring enough to show your appreciation in such a meaningful way ! It is very much appreciated.

I also dedicate this post to my good friend Astrid, who has remained a great friend, despite our differences and throughout both of our life altering illnesses. Despite great adversity and significant physical suffering, she has continued to be an inspiration to all those who know her ! Astrid has also made significant donations to me at critical periods over the last few years and that has made a world of difference ! Thank you my friend for being exactly who you are ! May the eyes of companionship continue to lead you and your good friend to worlds beyond !

I began the following post about a year ago and forgot to finish it. I’ll try my best to pick up from where I left off…


* * *


In the following post, I use the word Pilot lightly, in the sense that it means to direct but not in the sense of being a qualified person who can operate and control a craft. No human can ever be qualified to operate and control an ET craft because most craft are living sentient beings and because the craft and/or ETs have complete control over every aspect of its operation.

Thus said, now let me tell you about one experience of piloting ET craft. The following posts will also be relevant to this post : https://etandi.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/what-et-contact-feels-like/https://etandi.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/sentient-et-craft/ & https://etandi.wordpress.com/2015/12/05/inside-an-et-craft-part-one/.

Over the years I have had several experiences of piloting an ET craft (off world and on Earth) and most of these have taken place on Teal’hia craft. I think the reasons that the Teal’hia allow me and sometimes other humans to pilot their craft are pretty simple. First they trust us and want to establish trust with us and what better way to do it, than to hand over the direction of the craft. They also know that some things have the potential to be special to us, so they give us things that feel special. Is trust special (think of the first time you had a toffee apple or when you secured your driver’s licence. In a way, piloting a craft is kind of like a rights of passage experience, in which you bond completely with a craft.

In some Teal’hia craft, the pilot sits back in a kind of long seat with their hands connected to an area next to their legs, while on other craft, the pilot sits in a normal seat with their hands touching the console in front of them. The pilot doesn’t have a special ‘bridge’ or ‘window’ in the craft and the craft do not need pilots. I believe that some craft have pilots because the pilot and the craft merge their consciousness/life force in a way that allows for complete merging of all that the they wish to share with one another. For example, the craft may know where it is going but may not know the intimate details associated with particular individuals on a planet and the pilot may know about the work that needs to be done but not the exact nature of the space that needs to be traversed. It seems that the presence of a pilot allows a complete sharing of all information. The pilot also acts as an intermediary between the craft and the crew. However, all crew are capable of interacting with the craft in the same way. But because they all have work to do and sometimes have specific roles, they do not all merge with the craft the way that the pilot does. And then there are craft that have no pilots. They may have a similar number of crew but for whatever reason they do not require a pilot. I think that pilots are necessary only for certain occasions. (It’s interesting to note that Dude’s craft never needs a pilot but it can be piloted if he wishes it to be.)

On July 29th 2012, I had an encounter with my Teal’hia friends, who came to check on my health, introduce me to some other humans, show me aspects of my own and the human future. They also gave me a tour of their craft and let me pilot the craft. (I had a similar encounter on the 20th October 2013 on a smaller craft).

At a particular point in the encounter I was asked if I would like to pilot the craft. Naturally I said ‘Yes’ and was taken to a small room where numerous crew were at work. I was led to the side of room, where I was encouraged to sit down and place my hands on the side of the craft. At that point I felt a surge of energy rise up through my arms and into my body. I instantly felt connected to the craft and it asked me where I wanted to go. The Teal’hia who was with me, instructed me to visualize where I wanted to go and to feel what it would be like to be there. There were two places that I imagined. Both of them were well known places in Australia. The reason I chose the second place, was because I’d recently seen a documentary on this general area and had always wanted to go there. Within a few seconds I felt the energy in my body change and I could see the landscape below, not from within the craft but from within my mind. I understood that the craft was sharing it’s experience with me. We moved very quickly to the first location (which I’ll talk about on another occasion) and from here to the second location. As we approached the second location a small window formed in the body of the craft in front of where I was sitting. We were now moving slowly above Kakadu National Park https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kakadu_National_Park and I could see that we were approaching the mouth of a large river, which I later learned was the South Alligator River https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alligator_Rivers.  From within my mind I could see the craft approaching the mouth of the river and I could see it through the window.

(Late night, must get to bed, will finish soon).


TSM139 : The Importance of Human Drama

All spiritual traditons emphasize the importance of freeing ourselves from drama because drama causes suffering. I beg to differ. Drama helps us to grow and suffering is OK. In today’s walky, I explore the importance of human drama and how drama reshapes our entire identity and experience of being human. 😉



TSM138 : The Shadow of My Ancestors

We all have ancestors alive and dead, who loom over us like long dark shadows that arouse something unfathomable deep inside of us. In this trek down the dirt road, I introduce you to 4 of my dead ancestors and share a little of who they were and what they meant to me.

We are all experts in one thing and one thing only – ourselves. It’s my wish that by sharing intimate things about my own life, I strike a chord that resonates in you. And in so doing we remember our common humanity and that we are all dealing with the same fundamental issues in life.

😉 Bright Someone

Grand child of a Steel Worker, Great grand child of a 100 year old Roman Catholic.


TSM137 : Entanglement, Human Identity, Aspects of Self, Channeling and Spiritual Development

How do we know what we know ? Part of how we know is by knowing what we are. In today’s walk and wonder, I explore the idea that we can know things beyond ourselves because we are more than we think we are. Not everything appears to follow causality (cause and effect), as entanglement and spooky action at a distance would suggest. Or is causality always present – visible from many different perpectives ? When we embrace a wider perspective about what we are (through such ideas as Aspects of Self and Channeling and by deepening the well of experience), we can know much more than we would normally think is possible. What is in the way of such knowledge and experience, is our ignorance and our desire to remain comfortable in our identities.

Enjoy ! 😉

TSM 136 : Your House Your Home

Hey folks, how are you all ? Life has been pretty full these last few weeks, so I really haven’t had time to write. I have however made a number of TSMs but haven’t had the time to render them ! This is the first.

In today’s walk and talk I explore the idea that the house we live in isn’t necessarily a home and speculate on what makes a home. This is a very personal monologue, in which I take you on a tour through 37 years of someof my own houses and the one place that has always felt like home.

Happy home to you ! 😉


We Didn’t Start the Fire

For those younguns who think the world is pretty fucked right now – I want to assure you that its no worse than it’s ever been. We just didn’t know about it growing up and you do !

What matters most is how you choose to react to it !

My suggestion to those who want to feel better – disconnect from your social media, go outside and enjoy the world. See the sun, forget about the chemtrails (most of which are contrails that have increased due to increased population), the dreadful depressing news of the world, starvation, animal abuse, bioversity loss, the looming war in the middle east and Korean Peninusula and Mr Thanks for all the Entertainment Trump !

Chill out and enjoy life because if you don’t you won’t ! We are allways going to have problems ! The best way to overcome them is to start by transforming your view of life ! So, get outside and make it fucking awesome and celebrate being alive !


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