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TSM161 : Inside an ET Craft – Muajra : Part 1A

Today’s walky talky is the beginning of a small series of monologues in which I will try to describe the inside of a number of ET craft. In tonight’s monologue I describe the inside of Dude’s craft, which you will recall is a living sentient craft and was created or grown for Dude to assist him in his diplomatic work.

Enjoy !

Brighty. 😉


How to Make ET Contact…Again

Here’s another set of hints regarding how to make ET contact. First go right, in order to go left. Keep going right as often as you need to and eventually you’ll go left !

So how the hell can you make contact with beings from far far away ? In no particular order :

  1. Show as much love as you can to your partner and your children. Do things for them without any expectation of anything in return.
  2. Value your friends.
  3. Show kindness to strangers because it matters.
  4. Take an avid interest in the world around you. The human world and the natural world.
  5. Get to know the natural world intimately. Take an interest in connecting with the plants, birds, mammals or insects in your neck of the woods. Get to know at least one alien on Earth. For me, it’s ants and birds. For you, it maybe something right in front of you that you’ve spent a lifetime ignoring or taking for granted.
  6. Moderate your fear, hostility and desire for control. Try to understand them.
  7. See your sense of separation and see how connected you are to every thing.
  8. Notice how much you react to things. Do you really have any free will ? Try to create a sense of space inside you as often as possible, so that your reactivity subsides. It ain’t easy to be free of reactivity but all of us can do better.
  9. Learn to love and enjoy novelty. It’s easy to become entrenched in old habits and a comfort zone. See what happens when you stay open to the new.
  10. Pay attention to what makes your heart feel good and what makes your heart feel bad. What kinds of sensations do you experience ?
  11. Pay attention to how your body reacts to different people, relationships and experiences. What sensations do you experience when something is good and something is bad ?
  12. Find joy in the simple things – like breathing, listening to bird song, enjoying the sun’s rays, listening to powerful music, spending time with people who matter, eating good food, walking, moving your body, touching and being touched.
  13. See if you can get through an entire day without judging others. Whether on television, online or in real life. And then see if you can work with that in ordinary life.

Each of these hints has some quality within them, which will change how you function and make you more appealing to ETs. No one like’s an arrogant SOB, an ego maniac or a perpetually wounded birdy. When you are like this, there is less reason to form a relationship with you. Separation breeds hostility ! But when you unction in a healthy way and feel your connection to all life, you literally radiate “Pick me, pick me !”, your whole being acts like a beacon and contact comes naturally as a consequence of who you are.

ET contact came naturally to me because I am naturally kind and caring. I have an interest in the world around me and the wider world – both the human and the natural world. I take responsibility for who I am and how I function. Even when I’m an arsehole ! I am able to understand many different perspectives, even though I may not agree with them. And I am open to novelty and my heart and my mind are open to new experiences. I do try hard to live without fear, expectation or a desire for control but these are ongoing challenges, as I think they are for all human beings. Who I am is who I am. The ETs recognise my weaknesses and I radiate out human frailty but in another way I radiate strength, love and integrity. When I approach ET contact I do so without any bullshit ! I need absolute honesty or they will see right through me and I will lose all possibility of connecting with them. So in a sense, deep and honest self reflection is absolutely critical. As I keep saying, know thyself ! Know thyself and you will know the cosmos ! It ain’t rocket science ! And you don’t need a set of special protocols ! Just you, as fully aware as you can be.


Clifford Stone

Here’s a new interview with Clifford Stone. I don’t agree with everything Clifford has to say about ETs and ET craft but I do think he has a lot to say that is worth listening to and he has integrity – which is rarer than hen’s teeth ! Clifford of course is of course getting older and has been sharing for a long time now, although he has done very few interviews. Those with an interest in his FOI work, should hunt for his collection on the net somewhere. It’s 6 GB in size. I have a copy but do not have the legal right to share it. Perhaps you can ask Clifford directly via Facebook. It’s well worth reading and has many documents on so called Advanced Propulsion Systems and UFOs Reports.

Humans have this fixation with anti-gravity technologies and wormholes and I think this is the wrong approach for us. It is of course the direction that the military are following. Everything that I have learned suggests to me, that life force and consciousness based interfaces and craft are the critical aspects of most space faring civilisations. THEY DO NOT HAVE PROPULSION SYSTEMS ! And most space faring civilisations have sentient craft – which are living beings that are grown, not constructed from technologies.

As Clifford suggests, by way of comparison (which may not be possible) some ETs are billions of years beyond us. The use of Advanced Propulsion Systems will be slow and keep us at a primitive stage of development. Which is exactly where we are spiritually. I can’t help chuckle that the military think this is the way to go. Stuck on 19th and 20th century ideas and scientific principles. Reality isn’t based on quantum mechanics or string theory. And while ever our scientists think it is, humanity will be caught in a web of self deception, in which everything the ETs do, looks like magic and we know sweet fuck all !



More on Traversable Worm holes and Advanced Human Propulsion :

A Space Reticulum – The Teal’hia on Reality

Some of you may recall that I had originally intended on interviewing my Teal’hia friend who I publicly call Anamika. It is my wish that when the Dude Books are complete I move onto replicating the process with Anamika. Meanwhile I talk with Anamika now and then about a range of subjects. Recently I asked her if the Teal’hia have an equivalent understanding of Dude’s explanation of reality as Conjoined Space and she responded that her people do have their own understanding. She fully understood Dude’s explanation (without my having to say anything about it to her) and understood his use of metaphors to help me/us understand the nature of reality. But instead of Conjoined Space, she describes reality as A Space Reticulum (ASR). When she said that my mind automatically flew back to my biology training and I thought of the endoplasmic reticulum – the organelle that is found in all Eukaryote cells ( Those of you who are interested in small things will know that folded structures like the ER increase the surface area and processing capacity of a system.



To begin I’d like to start with a couple of human definitions of the word reticulum. According to wiktionary (, reticulum is defined as follows : “Etymology – From Latin rēticulum (“net”). Noun – reticulum (plural reticula or reticulums). A network.  A pattern of interconnected objects.” And Oxford Dictionaries online ( defines reticulum as “A fine network or netlike structure.” Now some of you will be looking at the images of the ER above and thinking that if reality can be described as ASR, it looks like a Brane ( / I can see why you might think that but what she was describing has nothing to do with Quantum Mechanics or mathematics.



Now rather than give you a detailed explanation of ASR, I’ll give you an extract from our first conversation on the subject.

“All space contains more space. There is no end to space. All space contains space that is known and unknown.

Some of the space you have concluded occurs externally and contains bodies and some of the space occurs internally within a body. And it also occurs within the experience of the brain and the mind. Think of these (external and internal) as two distinct entities and each of these entities contains many different types. In other words, there are many different variations of external and internal space. So Bright, when I describe a space reticulum, I am talking about the interaction between many different types of external and internal space. The reticulum is the movement between the two, the passage between the two. Now as I said there maybe many different types. And as I described there maybe space within a body, space within a brain, space within a mind but all of it exists inside of the larger external space. So Bright, it is connected and hence Dude’s word, conjoined. But this Conjoined Space isn’t merely space that is connected between bodies and the body’s internal spaces. It is also space that is connected to each of the types of space within them. When we say A Space Reticulum, we are saying that there is connection, movement, passage, joining, a conjoining as Dude would say. We are also saying that there is an interweaving of spaces. We used the word reticulum because reticulum as you would know it means weaving, moving in and out; means a compression of this moving in and out, sideways, left and right, in a passage if you like, following a particular movement. Think of it as perhaps a better, easier way for you to understand space. But it isn’t necessarily the only way. There are many different ways to understand. What Dude has explained to you as Conjoined Space is accurate and he has been working with you through metaphors and what I am saying to you is also accurate and I will also work with you through metaphors and eventually both Dude and I will try to explain things to you as they actually are. However it is useful for you to hear the two different perspectives. They do not necessarily disagree – they agree on many different things but they explain things differently; give a different perspective on how to understand things. And that will be useful to you and to the human race, when you eventually publish your work.”

The following diagrams are a kind of summary of what I believe that Anamika is suggesting. I’m not very good at making digital pictures but I think they convey the essence of what she said.


Space Map

So there is both external and internal space and many different types of each space. Some are perhaps limited in their existence and dimensions and some are perhaps unlimited in their existence and dimensions. Some external spaces are enclosed and some are un-enclosed. When we die mind opens up a new space that we can think of as internal, within the greater external space but not necessarily this universe. When you imagine something or use the Internal Worlds practice I’ve been teaching, you open up internal space. Every body contains a different type of internal space that is similar but different to the external space.

I guess you might be thinking that this all sounds very fractal’ish and I wouldn’t say categorically that it isn’t. But I think reticulated is a better term because fractal implies self similarity (the same pattern on different scales) and not all objects in external or internal space or space itself appear to be the same on different scales. Those of you who by now are thinking that this sounds very much like Hyperstructure or higher dimensions might be right. I think we’re on the right track with Hyperstructure to some degree but it misses the entire Internal Space aspect and it’s too artificial and is therefore limited as a concept that describes reality. Similarly I think ideas like Hilbert Space, Topology and Manifolds touch on elements of truth but all miss Internal Space.



I think the implications of reality as A Space Reticulum are profound. On the one hand imagine what that implies for cybernetic or other types of artificial worlds in which you could create spaces within spaces (e.g. Learning from simulations created inside Second Life, which itself has been created inside cyberspace, which has been created inside a silicon chip, which has been created inside external space). Or imagine what it means for neural-AI/computer interfaces and for how we will create and exist in virtual worlds. Or imagine what it means for exploring Internal Worlds as I and the PK Fellowship do ? Or imagine what it means for the afterlife, when mind is free to create anything – physical or nonphysical ? And then if you’re really brave, imagine what it means for space travel and so called “propulsion systems”. Most of the advanced ETs don’t use propulsion systems. They use the life force and consciousness. What does that imply for how they understand reality ?

Remember what I said earlier about how the ER increases the surface area and processing capacity of a system – in that case the protein system in the Eukaryote cell. Well the same feature is prominent in all animals brains and in many parts of the human body – such as the villi in the small intestine. It exists on the larger scale and it exists on the cellular scale. If this kind of feature is prominent in biological systems, then it must be because it enhances how things function. Surely then the same principles applied to technology will improve the efficiency of many technological systems. Reticulum Chips or Quantum Reticulum Chips any one ?

Once we understand the fundamental nature of space, I believe we will have the capacity to shape space. And what is shaping space ? Changing the way it reticulates on many different scales. And when we cans shape space, space becomes far more accessible without the need for propulsion driven technologies. Alas, such wild ruminations are fun but the reality of such applications is aeons away in human time !

One final thing. Last year when I had contact with the Tearhom, I watched one of the beings as he searched through a projection of space with his hands and fingers and spoke to me about what he was doing. He kept moving and opening specific regions until he found what he was looking for. In a way, it looked he was opening up a book and fingering it’s pages. Almost like he was playing with ripples of space within space. A Space Reticulum seems to be a good way to describe what I saw.

An Update on the Dude Book

Hey folks, here’s an update on the Dude book.

Yesterday I translated the book from A4 format into a standard book format (23 * 15 cm) and was surprised that it came in at 378 pages ! I had thought I would have the book finished by last month but it just keeps getting away on me ! It might take another 3-4 months ! Most of what I have to do is transcribe some of the conversations that we’ve had. Sometimes I have written down conversations by hand or taken hand written transcripts when I needed to give my body a break from the computer, so I still have a lot of pages to type up. I also want to ask Dude 25 more questions about Conjoined Space because it turned out to be such a complex and unusual subject. And I am currently talking to him about large scale structures of the cosmos and this particular universe. At this rate, the book is likely to come in between 500-600 pages, which is way bigger than I had originally envisaged ! I’m still uncertain if perhaps I should split it into 2 books. One based on the interview and one based on the conversations/maxims. I just don’t know. I like the idea of it all being in one book but I understand that a book that size might be a bit daunting to some people. I will probably offer it both as a hard copy and an ebook. I’d be happy to hear any of your advice on publishing !

Unfortunately many of the conversations we had were never recorded and I just have notes of those conversations, so they’ll go in under the title of partial notes and conversations.

You can see a sketch of the contents page here : and what I’ve shared of the book so far here :

The front cover will have the drawing that Rachel has done of Dude and there will be a couple of drawings of him in the book. There will also be diagrams of some of the concepts he has explained.

There is also an explanation in the book of why he’s called Dude and some comments about his real name but I am afrid I can’t disclose his real name ever !

I think as a book, this crosses many boundaries. It’s part cosmology, part spirituality, part personal development and part story telling – in a way that only Dude can do. I don’t know if it’s a good book but it’s an honest book and a book that has already changed my life in many unforeseen ways !

Some of the subjects that Dude talks about are so confronting, that even I am still trying to make sense of them. The subject of Conjoined Space has turned out to be so complex and unusual that I felt I needed to explore it as far as I can. It’s an insight that makes the Multiverse/parallel lives concept look like learning the ABC ! In addition to that, as I’ve been writing the book I’ve been having my own experiences with Conjoined Space that have been deeply troubling and have helped to confirm the reality of what Dude has been conveying.

I’m quite sure that once the book is published there will be a critics who dismiss the whole thing as my delusion or nit pick it to pieces. But it is my wish that there will be other people who believe that it is what it claims to be and for whom reading the book will be a life changing experience ! The truth is that Dude didn’t have to participate in creating this book with me and in fact, he initially declined my request. But for some reason he changed his mind.

Writing the book has bought Dude and I closer together and given me a great deal more respect for him. In one sense the book is a display of his love and compassion towards the human race and a real show of faith in who we are and who we might become ! Even though he claims that ETs don’t feel compassion because they see things how they are and act accordingly.

I am still planning on doing a similar book with Anamika. The two ET books will provide people with two dramatic contrasts between two very different ancient ET races. But I swear by all the fluffy fuck asses (Dude’s name for cats) in the world, that after that I will never do this again ! It has been the most exhausting writing that I have ever done ! I truly pity the stenographers of the world ! Such courageous souls !

I don’t yet know how to price the book but I’ll try and make the ebook as accessible as possible.

Apart from finishing the bloody thing, my only real wish at this point is that I could have the book translated it into some other languages – Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Russian and Indian (Hindi), to start with. But that might be a bit hard since I’ll be self publishing ! Maybe it’s something to aim for down the track !

So that’s where it’s at ! I’ll let you know when it’s ready to be published !

If you’d like to support the work I’m doing or help me get through life with tumours, you can donate via the button at the top of the right hand side of this page ! Anyone who donates more than $50 will have access to all materials I produce.



“God is a constraining idea. This divine force if you will, or whatever you wish to call it, is not limited by my conception or the conception of any other living being in this reality or in any other reality. It exists because it exists and does not have any need to express itself in any particular way. It expresses itself as it will, wherever expression is needed. It includes and consumes everything. Everything that you will know in your existence arises from this force and it will eventually give birth to all things that will ever exist in your reality and other realities.” 

“This thing that you have felt to be God, that you have experienced as God and I am talking about you personally Bright. This thing that you have taken to be God is an entity, a force, a void, a light – whatever that you wish to call it, that permeates every reality in every possible way. You may experience it as one thing but that doesn’t mean to say that is all that it is. You experience it in a way that is most meaningful to you. In a way that strikes a chord of truth and resonates through the depths of your soul. If you were raised somewhere else in the universe with different ideas and experiences and different ideas about the nature of love and being; you would experience this presence, this entity in a completely different way…Something that would have manifested what you needed for the deepest possible experience of being. Instead, in this reality, you experienced light. But you knew that this thing, this God that you experienced, that you became, was more than just light…In other places, in other lives, in different circumstances and within different cultures, you would have experienced this completely differently. “

“So when we say that we facilitate the growth and development of complex life forms, we are saying that we foster the development of sentience. The development of this higher sentience, provides the possibility for us to further accelerate the development of the species and to develop the responsibilities of that particular species. When highly developed life forms develop high levels of sentience, they also develop greater levels of responsibility and when they become more responsible, they help in the development of diversity and in the development of well being for the entire planet. Highly developed organisms – complex organisms with highly developed sentience, have responsibilities to other species on their planet. They become like custodians. They develop an awareness of the needs of others and of the whole and they work towards these ends.” 

Dude, Interview with an ET.








Friends from Worlds Far Away

I dedicate this post to Jacqui and Sandor, Nick, Frédéric, Lea and Poe, for your love of our other Earthly friends.


I’ve tried very hard to emphasise that the critical ingredients for ET contact are pure intentions and a lack of expectation. Most nights I go out under the stars just to enjoy them because I love the view and feel so connected to both the light and the darkness. Every now and then I ask for contact. Sometimes it’s very occasionally and sometimes its every night for a week. Occasionally no one shows up, no matter how long I wait and I have to learn to accept that. However, most nights at least one craft comes to visit. Mostly the craft are up high but occasionally they come closer or land and then I have a face to face encounter. Although that can happen without even seeing a craft.

What amazes me every single time I have contact, is that someone made the effort to travel all that way and say hi to a small human who lives in the middle of nowhere on a planet full of hostile aliens.

They don’t have to turn up but they do. No matter how busy the ETs are, no matter how far away, no matter how many beings are on-bored, no matter what the atmospheric conditions are like, no matter what they think of the human race, no matter where I am – someone makes the effort to say hi !



I’ve had a lot of time to think about this and this is why I think they turn up…

When I go for my daily walks, I talk to the birds, I talk to the ants (and sometimes feed them and interact with them), I talk to the spiders and the insects and the trees. When I go to town, I talk to the checkout dudes and dudettes, I say please and thank you and hold doors open whenever I can, I try to be caring and respectful, I take an active interest in other peoples lives, I listen to people’s stories, I drive courteously, I avoid swearing in public (but holy fuck a truck, I let it rip whenever I feel like it at other times !), I offer help when I see that someone needs help, I give money to strangers who need it (even when I’m struggling), I pay attention to the world around me and the world within. I do these things in nature and among people because I care and because I am a human being and human beings belong to the herd and that herd belongs to Earth. There can’t be a better world unless I play my small part and try to be a better human being.

I think the reason the ETs visit as often as they do, is because despite my hostilities and grievances with humanity (and I have plenty of them), I recognise that we are all Earthlings just trying our best to live. Every plant, animals, insect, fungi, bacteria, virus and human being. What right do I have to make another living beings life more difficult ? Sometimes I go out of my way to let arseholes know I think they’re arseholes and that their behaviour is unreasonable (Oi, corporate tyrants reading this !) because people also need to know how others feel. But for the most part, I believe that our behaviours create effects (causal trees) that come back to haunt us and reward us. And I trust that through the eyes of God, everything is as it should be. We can’t talk about peace and ignore practicisng it. We can’t critique the greedy power hungry elite and then practice greed and exploit people on a smaller scale. The world’s power structures are merely a reflection of our own ignorance.



It’s important to me to try to understand other living things. I can never understand another living being completely but I can get inside their skin a little and take a walk in their shoes and try to figure out what makes a them tick and why they are the way they are. Lets face it, among humans there are aggressive and non aggressive people, bullies and wusses (thanks Dude !), ignorant and less ignorant people, arseholes, weasels, fuck faces, cheese dicks, control freaks, power spewers, limp dicks, crazy cunts, dead shits, pricks, racists, mother fuckers and people who fit all the labels we create for them. (People who are thinking what I’ve just written but would never say it because they’re quiet and put up with the shit !) And then there is us, on the receiving end of all that judgement ! No one is just that the quality we perceive them to be. And we see only what we want to see. But that doesn’t mean we should tolerate people who raise themselves above others ! We are all equal !

So I am the kind of person who tries to see things as they really are. I’m not all love and light and watch me love all of humanity because of the beautiful oneness, crap kind of human being ! That’s just a wankathon ! I’m a realist. I understand that humans have different levels of ignorance and awareness and that some people are driven entirely by desire and others can see what’s happening within themselves. I try hard every day to recognise the burden that all human beings carry, of having a mind like our mind, of being torn by desire and attachment and aversion, of being pulled constantly in all directions. I see our suffering and I try to do my part to ease it just a little.

And that’s also how I see the natural world (except for this frog that’s keeping me awake machine gunning outside my bedroom night and day ! 😉 ). All creatures toil, all creatures struggle, all creatures suffer and all creatures are just trying their best to live. When I look at them, that’s what I see. Whether it’s the feral cats I have to euthanase, to stop native wildlife being eaten; the obese cat an acquaintance has, that is a reflection of it’s apathetic owner (cats need boundaries too you know !); my own cat struggling with the heat and the cold; the frogs spawning after heavy rains; the thousands of spiders that live on this land; the ants I save during the floods; the thousands of leafhoppers who have made the countless trees I’ve planted home; the thousands of puff balls and fungi growing on this land; the swallow couple raising young above my bedroom widow (who’s left a big pile of poop and crapped all over my white couch on the veranda); the dozens of species of birds that call this land home; the neighbours sheep and cattle that suffer in the cold and heat; the venomous snakes near and far; the Wedge Tail Eagles who ate my chickens last year. All of them are just trying their best to live. And if I can help ease their burden a little, it’s worth it.

When you have taken care of your people’s basic needs and the needs of other living being son your planet, through a deep spirituality and technologies like matter creation, you have far more time for exploration and developing relationships. So when the ETs look out into the cosmos and they see all manner of beings – they see hostile beings and benevolent beings, hateful beings and loving beings, agitated and nervous beings and calm and relaxed beings, ignorant and aware beings and everything in between. Put yourself in their shoes. Are you going to waste time connecting with and developing relationships with beings that are self centred and cause suffering to others or are you going to be drawn to those who have some degree of self awareness and care about the suffering of others ?

I have come to believe that I (and others) have frequent contact because I (we) truly care for other life forms. I don’t just say it, I feel it, I act it. And they see that, they feel that and they know that’s who I am.

Now I’m not saying any of this to hold myself up above anyone else because I dance in the filth and the muck, climb the trees of self righteousness and I-ness with the best of them and have plenty of my own ignorance to boot ! But if you’re one of those people who is desperate for ET contact and it’s not happening, chances are you’re too self centred, too judgemental, too ignorant, too busy, too fearful, too arrogant, too stupid, too anything that gets in the way of you caring for something beyond yourself or caring better for yourself !

The only way people from different worlds get along, is with trust, awareness and respect. And you can’t have that, if you don’t have that with at least some of the living beings on your own world first !

You have to see yourself honestly. Truly, deeply, without any bullshit, the good, the bad, the strange, the beautiful and the fucking ugly. Because when you see yourself honestly, your bullshit doesn’t get in the way of how you see others. Feral cats, frogs, ants, spiders, snakes, arseholes, tyrants, mother fuckers, black people, white people, people with so called disabilities, old people and beings from other worlds.

I’m no one special. I just care. I just notice. I see myself in all of creation.


Whistleblower Aversion : Why ET Whistleblowers are Rarer Than You Think

Some of you will recall that me saying that my ex wife Rachel worked for a covert group based in England, with Earth based ETs, profiling different groups of people and carrying out specific interventions. Rachel had a much higher clearance than CS and worked with him on numerous assignments. Like him, her work put her in direct contact with ETs in crash sites but it also put her in contact with ETs in specific projects and in the field.

We were talking recently about why she will never come forward to discuss her former work and that prompted me to ask about other people she knew in the field and how they might see the issue of whistleblowing ( That discussion helped me to see a much wider perspective that I hadn’t fully understood before. What follows is a partial exploration of what we talked about.

Rachel said that for starters, she signed a 100 year legal agreement that forbids her breaching her security oath. That agreement is trans-national and if she breaks it there would be significant consequences. Rachel pointed out that her greatest concern, is not for herself of her family but actually for the people that she worked with and for the ETs. She knows what these people are capable of and she doesn’t want to see anyone she was friends with, hurt. She’s seen people erased and seen their histories erased and she knows how that can bring people directly effected and those around them to the brink of madness, desperation and suicide.

I don’t want to say much about Rachel because she has no interest in sharing anything and is planning on taking everything to the grave. Years of trying to encourage her to come forward, only damaged our relationship ! And truly, people have no idea what secrecy does to relationships !

So let me define three types of whistleblowers :

Public Whistleblowers : These people work within groups and projects that are known to the public. Karen Silkwood is a well known example

Classified Whistleblowers : These people work within groups and projects that are unknown to the public and classified by governments. Edward Snowden is a good example

Covert Whistleblowers : These people work within groups and projects that are unknown to the public and classified by groups that work independent of government oversight (even though they may work within government projects). They may work within government or corporate entities but they are accountable to those in the lower arms of The Architecture. The senior employees who oversee such projects are not considered to be temporary employees (like the US President of the English Prime Minister).

Some whistleblowers are fortunate enough to have legal protection but many do not. According to Wikipedia, in the US ( :

There are certain limitations and exemptions to the legal protections for whistleblowers in the U.S. With regard to federal legislation, the broadest law is the Whistleblower Protection Act. However, its protections only apply to federal employees. Both public and private employees may be protected under topic-specific federal laws, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act, but such laws cover only a narrow, specific area of unlawful activity. Private sector employees are not protected by federal whistleblower protection statutes if they report either violations of federal laws with no whistleblower protection provisions or violations of state laws, although they may have some protection under local laws.[36] In 2009, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a report stating that employees who reported illegal activities did not receive enough protection from retaliation by their employers. Based on data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, only 21% of the 1800 whistleblower cases reviewed by the agency in 2007 had “a favorable outcome” for the whistleblower. The GAO found that the key issues were lack of resources for investigating employees’ claims and the legal complexity of whistleblower protection regulations.[37]

In the United States, union officials are exempted from whistleblower laws. There are currently no legal protections for employees of labor unions who report union corruption, and such employees can be dismissed from employment should they raise any allegations of financial impropriety.[38] The Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, which legislates against union corruption, includes protections for whistleblowers, however the Supreme Court has ruled that these protections only apply to union members and not to employees of labor unions.[39]

So if you’re in the US and you want to blow the whistle as a Public or Classified Whistleblower, chances are you will be vilified, caught up in a legal nightmare and put in a position where you lack the resources to support what your doing financially, socially or psychologically. In short – it’s fucking near impossible ! So why take the risk ?

But what if you’re you want to come forward as  Covert Whistleblower in say the US, UK, Australia, NZ or Canada ? Well chances are that several things will happen :

  • You’ll be ignored and ridiculed.
  • You’ll be arrested (and court marshalled ( if it’s under military jurisdiction).
  • Your case will go to a public court or a military court – where you will be assumed to be guilty.
  • The courts will be stacked with all military personnel or a majority of military personnel.
  • You can appeal your case, at your own expense.
  • All pay, superannuation and other perks will be suspended and cancelled, unless you’re proven innocent.

And while you are going through the whole process and if you’re found guilty, the following might happen :

  • You may experience implied threats to yourself, your friends, your family or your spouse.
  • You will be monitored.
  • Their maybe accidents effecting yourself, friends, family or spouse.
  • You might experience financial insecurities – such as problems with your insurance or banking.
  • You, your friends, family  or spouses maybe stalked.
  • Your relationships will be targeted and pressure placed on weaknesses.
  • Your financial and social credibility maybe attacked.
  • You will be manipulated emotionally until you crack or back down. This can be done face to face, with email, letters or phone calls. It can also be done by manipulating you very subtly by doing things that make you feel like you’re losing your sanity !
  • You may be jailed for a very long time of sentenced to death and placed in death row.

What about whistleblower protections ? In short whisleblower legislation is useless for Covert Whisleblowers. It protects those people who are propped up as stooges but if you’re going to reveal a genuine secret, your’re fucked ! No matter how unconstitutional or how illegal these Covert Projects might be from a public perspective, the law protects secrecy !

So you might be wondering then how on Earth they keep secrecy ? It isn’t difficult. The first thing to remember is that LAW is used to create the appearance of righteousness and to create abiding documents that bind individuals. These groups have access to the best legal minds on the planet. And they do that with money and security ! They have legal representatives who can write documents which leave no loop holes ! You can’t fart in one of these projects without there being a legal document that controls your behaviour ! 😉 Next to the law, fear is used to create compliant behaviour ! Individuals who join these projects are mostly targeted and then when they are recruited they are manipulated by a sense of righteous (doing the right thing for the greater good) and by fear. Fear is orchestrated by :

  • The use of strongly worded legal documents for people with high clearances. Agreements that last from 100-1,000 years. Such that you won’t talk in your life time !
  • Compartmentalisation and “Need to Know” create a sense of obligation and complaiance.
  • Implied threats during recruitment, training and discharge.
  • Emotional manipulation, that makes you concerned about your own safety and the safety of your friends, family and spouse.
  • Threats of :
    • Accidents
    • Financial insecurity
    • Erasure
    • Violence at the hands of thugs and assassins
    • Lack of post contract employment opportunities
    • Undermining your financial and social credibility
    • Undermining your relationships with friends, family or spouses
    • Undermining your emotional security and your sanity
    • Undermining the emotional security and sanity of friends, family and spouses.

So what happens if they choose to erase you ? Several things can happen. They can kill you and your loved one’s. They can erase specific records from your past. They can erase all evidence of who you were  – birth certificates, education records from primary school to university, drivers records, social security numbers, employment history etc. Anything they want to erase, they can erase ! If they erase your past, they erase all evidence that you were ever involved in a covert project and can potentially push you and those who love you, to the point of going mad and taking your own life. This way they often successfully destroy relationships and take out major threats to their secrecy !

So these are the kinds of employer related risks that prevent real Covert Whisleblowers with significant clearances from coming forward. I recently watched Steven Greer’s Unacknowledged and even though some of his witnesses did previously work in covert projects, not one of them had high clearances and the one person that had say a mid level clearance who revealed things of genuine interest (Richard C. Doty) had little to say about anything really. I suspect because he was saying what he was allowed to say. Such that the public would know who’s still in charge ! If he were to talk about the ET related projects, he would have a short life !



For people who have worked in covert projects with high clearances and people who have erased other people in these projects who have opened their mouths, the only way out is to disappear, to fake your death and/or to get a face lift and to literally take on a new physical and social identity. Because even those who do the monitoring and surveillance are monitored. And when you’re out of that environment, you shut your mouth, because you know you are being watched. Or you die and come back as someone else !

Every now and then I waste my time and check out some of the so called insiders that the hot shots in the alternative media have found. Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan and Alex Jones are the three that I’m constantly bemused by ! Recently Kerry revealed this joke of an interview with one Robert Steele I honestly thought that after more than a decade of talking to so called whistleblowers, that she would have seen through this kind of bullshit but she’s still falling for the whole Lizard People Taking Over Earth and Evil AI Crap ! So a couple of points about this kind of stupidity :

So up to this point, I’ve only spoken about the work associated reasons that genuine Covert Whistleblowers  rarely come forward. I’ve said nothing about their personal feelings about coming forward. So let me use Rachel as an example of what many Covert Whistleblowers may feel. Rachel is no longer interested in sharing anything (I’ve tried hard to convince her but she’s stubborn as a rock and with good reason !). Under my suggestion, she’s has watched numerous disclosure witnesses associated with both sides of the alternative media. Recently she said to me and I quote :

“99.9 % of it is garbage and an insult to my intelligence and the public’s intelligence ! They’re not saying anything true or important that isn’t already in the public domain. Saying you were a somebody, doesn’t mean anything ! Documents mean nothing ! The people in charge can make anything or erase anything ! Proving that you were a sergeant or a general in whatever program means nothing. Everything can be fabricated ! People who really worked in projects have nothing that can prove what they did. Nothing ! When you sign up to these projects, you don’t exist ! You don’t exist anymore ! Everything to do with the project comes to you through your number. You have a number and that is all that is on record. They know who you are but you become a number, so that nothing can be traced. You don’t exist anymore ! Men in Black is closer to the truth about how they erase your identity than anything else – including The Disclosure Project or Unacknowledged.”  

Rachel has given me six distinct reasons why she will never come forward, unrelated to the work itself or potential consequences :

  • The people who claim to be Covert Whistleblowers are a joke and the last people she’d want to associate with.
  • The personalities presenting so called Covert Whistleblowers are a joke and the last people she’s want to be associated with.
  • There is nothing that she would gain from telling the truth, only ridicule and suffering for herself and others.
  • The truth will never change most people’s minds – because they want to believe in good aliens vs bad aliens and agendas and Reptilians.
  • Half the people interested in this subject are crazy, egomaniacs, religious nuts or all three.
  • She has more important causes to care about.

Now I use Rachel as an example because I know her very well and I can speak for her integrity and because she knows a whole bunch of people who were in these kinds of projects or still are in these kinds of projects and not one of them has come forward. (CS has come forward but he had a lower clearance.) I suspect they haven’t come forward for similar reasons – both the work associated reasons and the personal reasons/feelings that Rachel has expressed.

Having said that, we are both certain that there are people who do want the truth to come out ! But the last thing they’ll do is to come out as a whistleblower because at this level whisleblowing doesn’t work. The only kind of whistleblowing that is effective at this level, is low key whistleblowing – that is whistleblowing that doesn’t reveal details, doesn’t name names or places and doesn’t describe the details of how something works. The only people who have done this so far, had low level clearances who are getting older, sicker or close to death. If you think Classified/Above Top Secret/Cosmic Clearance are high level, think again. The people who really know, are keeping quiet because they have nothing to gain and everything to lose !

But who knows how the situation will play out in the next 30-40 years as these people get close to the end of their lives !

More reading here :

PS. I admire Steven Greer for his efforts to draw Whistleblowers out of the woodwork with Unacknowledged, at great personal expense – especially his wife’s life threatening illness. But, this is a monumental task and no amount of desire for the truth, yearning for a better world or public recognition, will change the minds of those who have families and spouses that they love and wish to protect, and who like them, can all be erased from existence.

More on my feelings on the subject of Disclosure here :

TSM141 : Filters Through Which Humans Perceive Contact with the ‘Other’

I recently read Robbie Graham’s excellent book UFOs’ : Reframing the Debate and felt the need to explore the theme of how we perceive contact with the “other”, while out walking. When I listened to this monologue I realised it was so full of wind, that I’d have to can it (which is something I’ve done to about 20 monologues). But given it’s a long one (1:45:50) I decided to keep it. So please be warned, it’s full of wind in places and there was nothing I could do to prevent it or edit it out.

In this walk I take up the issue of how humans perceive and make sense of contact with the other. We could call the other ET but it’s not always clear at the time or after, that that’s exactly what it is. I ask how conditioning, belief, perception and self awareness determine how we make sense of an experience. I also suggest that these things change across the human life cycle (brain freeze – I couldn’t articulate this clearly at the time : and suggest that every human being having an experience sits at a certain point in the developmental cycle and as a result interprets the experience in a certain way

The point I try to emphasise is that how we perceive and the level of self awareness that we have, both determine how we see the world and how we interpret our experiences.

I suggest that contact with the other is leading us to a greater understanding of the self and reality. This understanding is helping us to grow in a way that helps us to engage more fully with the intelligence of the other.

Hang in there !

Bright. 😉



Robbie Graham – A Breath of Fresh Air !

There are very few people I believe have something of great value to contribute to the whole discourse of UFOs and ETs ! Robbie Graham is one of them ! In the following talks Robbie uses his voice of reason to lift the discourse on UFOs and ETs to a more mature and realistic level. In his talks and books, Robbie tackles the vast plethora of disinformation that has been engineered into the UFO/ET field, takes a shot at the recent preoccupation with Alien Disclosure and counters many of the cultural misunderstandings and delusions that people have about the subject. Robbie seems like a genuinely nice guy, with plenty of balls and common sense !

Good on ya Robbie !


Doug and Dave – Legends of the Crop

About a decade ago I came to the conclusion that most crop circles are man made and really lost interest in them in 2007 as an authentic otherworldly phenomenon. I’ve now made over a dozen for myself (and shared half of them publicly) and I know what can and can’t be made – even if I can’t make the best of them myself.

I’m convinced that the modern crop circle movement began when the now infamous Doug Bower and Dave Chorley began making circles in English crops in 1978. The inspiration for their activity began when Doug Bower’s heard about the Tully saucer nests in Queensland, Australia (which began in 1966 but also occurred later). The Tully saucer nests may well have been created by ET craft but they might also have been the result of as yet poorly understood meteorological phenomenon (not dissimilar to those proposed by Dr Terence Meaden).

People are very reluctant to let go of their convictions and this is especially true of ‘croppies’ who believe whole heartedly that crop circles are created by ETs. I once had the same attitude, so I understand their stubbornness. (You only have to look at people’s vindictive reactions to Colin Andrew’s 80-20 statement.) The only way out of that kind of ignorance is to listen to those who claim to be able to make them and/or to try and make them your self.

Many of the so called signs of an authentic circle can be found in man made circles. And I think what’s lacking is good knowledge about how plants are capable of changing under different influences.

There are obviously circles that predate 1978 but they are almost all very simple and may well have been created by ET craft, ETs, meteorological phenomenon or some other phenomenon. I do believe that certain simple circles have occured globally in ancient times at sites that later became sacred sites to traditional people and some of these sites may still experience the formation of simple circles.

It seems very clear to me, that 99 % of what passes as crop circles, is the work of exceptionaly gifted visual artists (except for most of the circles appearing in Holland – which are mediocre in appearance and being passed off by a certain fraudulent individual as otherworldly).

I encourage you to discover the truth for yourselves !

All you need to make a crop circle is a pen or pencil, some paper, a ruler, possibly some software like Geobra, a long tape measure, some thick string, a wooden board, some wire or rope and acces to a a field of grass or a crop. And preferably a farmers consent. Once you start, you’ll actually find it’s a whole lot of fun !

One of the best circle artists right now is the Italian Francesco Grassi ( You can see his latest work at Scalenghe Italy here :


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