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Some Predictions 1

Here are some small predictions without time frames (most will events will unfold within the next 100 years) :

  • Some one well known in the crop circle community will die soon.
  • The US will have a female African American president in the next decade.
  • NASA will develop stellar craft that are launched from orbiting circular platforms.
  • Solar gels will be created. Solar gels will contain solar charging materials in a flexible form. They will be span small to very large scales.
  • New forms of energy systems will be created based on Kinetic Energy Systems (KESs) – including systems that draw from kinetic energy of vehicles on roads and humans walking on paths, roads, streets and in houses.
  • Governments in the west will introduce paid Euthanasia to help reduce the population (see the video about what was shared with my ex and I by the Teal’hia).
  • There is a looming Chrononaut Movement (see my posts on this) which will also include rogue Chrononat elements, who will be engaged in religious wars to attempt to change the human future (I don’t believe they can do it).
  • Scientists will discover several non carbon life forms on Earth.
  • Scientists will first speculate about non carbon life forms (beyond current speculations) and find non carbon life forms in our own solar system.
  • There is a global movement to set up a new control system that will span 160 years. It is based on certain catalytic R & D groups (who draw upon venture capital) that have recently been established and soon to be established in many countries. The leading groups will be in the US, UK, Australia, Russia, Germany, India & China. If you explore this now, you will find several such groups. The development of this new control system will be based on creating technology dependence. Running parallel to this will be the development of tools to create transparency. Eventually the push towards transparency and the tools to create transparency will overcome this control system.
  • All humans will have access to Biological Nanobot Technologies  (BNTs) – some of which monitor health and others which perform maintenance and repair.
  • We will be a threat to the development of mature Artificial Intelligence, driven by the fear of what AI can do and the supposed Technological Singularity.
  • AI will offer many solutions to the problems of isolation & loneliness.
  • AI humanoids will be used for exploration of the solar system.
  • Spacecraft with AI Humanoids will be launched into the atmospheres of the Sun and many of our planets.
  • In 2070 Australia’s human population will peak at 55 million.
  • Earth’s human population will stabilise in 2120 to about 2320 at about 6 billion (unless there is a solar catastrophe prior to this time period).
  • Earth will have 3 billion human beings for at least 1,000 years, starting after the 24th century.
  • All humans will have access to Family Archives and Collective Archives by 2100. Each archive will have different levels of security and authority, depending on who you are and your relationship with relevant people.
  • Different forms of computing will be developed and run simultaneously – including Biocomputers (which use natural microbes, altered microbes and artificial microbes), Optical Computers based on room temperature semiconductors, optical computers based on Germanium and Micro Magnetic Computers – which will use microscopic magnets (Nano Magnetic Particles (NMPs)) to transmit pulses and data. Some computers will be grown, not made.
  • Universal access to Matter Creation Technologies (MCTs) will transform everything about human civilisation and eliminate the need for money and all poverty and social inequality.
  • A universal Humanoid/Android rights bill will be drafted between 2100-2125, recognising the rights of all Humanoid/Android AIs.

PS. This is a kind of entertainment for me ! 😉 Acronyms are fun !


Dear Dave… A Question of the Writer’s Desire and the Reader’s Need

Hey folks, how’s life ?

Some of you have read my comments about the difficulties of sharing ET contact a little while ago ( and some of my long-term readers will have heard me complain about these things on several occasions.

On September 6th, 2017 I received a series of comments from one Dave Gross, who seems to feel that I am a fraud and that ET contact is impossible. I did not publish Dave’s initial comments and then published a few of them and some of you were kind enough to leap to my defence. I then marked the last few comments from Dave as spam and they and any comments since have automatically been deleted, such that I can’t see them even if I want to.

I’d like say something about Dave’s comments because I think they are worth addressing but perhaps not in the way that you might think. Dave is not the first person to express such comments to me and he won’t be the last. I am now at the point in my life (and I should have been a decade ago !) where I must choose carefully whether it’s worth my effort to respond to any given person. I know instantly if connecting to a certain person is bad for my well-being and yet, as stubborn and as stupid as I am, I have chosen on occasion to engage with such people. But it isn’t always the Dave’s of the world who are a problem. It’s often the people who express high levels of dependence. So please read carefully what I am about to say and think over my words, if you are one of these people. Most of my readers are not but a small number are.

Here are most of Dave’s messages but not all of them (I have edited the paragraphs into neat lines but not changed the content) :

I’m willing to give you $5000 in cash. The catch is that 1 of your ET friends has to come & take the cash from my house or any other location desired by the ET, and bring it to you. Of course I don’t have to see the ET & there will be no cameras or any other recording devices. This is strictly for my confirmation of ET’s existence. Should be very simple IF the ET’s exist. Are you up for the challenge Sir?
Greetings Dave

My real e-mail is xxx if you want to keep this between us.

I’m offering you $5000. One of your ET friends have to come & fetch it for you. I don’t need to see him. No recording, video or similar. I can even leave them outside somewhere. Without any proof that ET’s exist, I can’t just send them to you. If you don’t want to do it then we both know you’re either lying or imagining everything. You’ve got my mail.

I don’t want you to show me contact with ET’s, because u can’t. Not even Mr Bright can, because there is none here who had contact! If I’m saying I have contact with giants & trolls on earth, but I won’t show you any proof, just my words, will you believe me?
You’re literately begging people for money without providing any proof of ET existence! I gave you an opportunity & you didn’t take it because you know it’s impossible. You’re telling ferry-tales, It’s really that simple. You None of your readers have made ET contact. And they are all here to find comfort from the harsh reality that they can’t handle, the reality of every day life. They fall for your words, but they are words only & nothing else. What you see is what you get, not what you believe! You can’t proof shit!

For all I know Dave is a stooge who is employed to discredit me but I think he’s an ordinary guy with nothing better to do than spend his life criticising people. I’ve met plenty of people like him and they’re a burden on everyone around them – constantly whingeing and escaping into criticism.

I am not going to defend myself against Dave’s criticism anymore. I already done a little of that over the course of a week when I was really sick with tumour pain, hypoclyemia and struggling to sleep. I just wasn’t in the mood and I regret letting Dave bother me as he did for those few days while I was sick.

There will always be critics for whom seeing is believing. And nothing that any of us say or do can change that. And besides, do we need to bother justifying and prooving our experiences ? Neither I nor my ET friends need Dave’s money or to prove anything to him.

But Dave is right about a couple of things. We should all be sceptical about extraordinary claims because there are many people who are deluded and there are many charlatans. I can tell you that I am not a charlatan and that I am not deluded but I can never prove either one to you. You must determine that for yourself ! I cannot prove anything to anyone and nor do I want to. All I can do is tell you about my experiences and teach you what I’ve learned, so that when you’re ready, you can have your own experiences. AND THEN YOU WILL KNOW AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE DOUBT ABOUT WHETHER ETS EXIST BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE YOUR OWN PROOF. As to anything that I share with you regarding my experiences with any phenomenon, you must be your own judge. Take or leave anything that I say. Test what you can, if you need to ! I’m not here to deceive anyone. That would be a complete waste of my life !

In one of Dave’s comments he said : You None of your readers have made ET contact. And they are all here to find comfort from the harsh reality that they can’t handle, the reality of every day life. They fall for your words, but they are words only & nothing else. What you see is what you get, not what you believe! None of us can know if another person has made or had ET contact. It may have happened without your knowledge or you may have initiated contact. We weren’t there. How can we know what you experienced, let alone if how you interpret it is correct ? Contact is both an objective and a subjective experience. I would never say that a person who seemed of sound mind did not have contact but I may question their understanding of the experience.

It is also true what you see is what you get AND what you believe. Belief shapes physical and psychological perception. It’s a kind of filter that influences how we see things. And just because leprechaun’s or trolls or giants may not exist, doesn’t mean that ETs don’t ! Belief is all-powerful and we have to hold it with respect and with caution. Belief causes war but belief also heals the planet ! I believe ETs exist but that doesn’t mean I believe that Reptilians exist ! In a reductionist materialist world what you see is what you get (and here Dave is implying we see nothing) and seeing is believing. There is nothing that can be said to a reductionist materialist because in their view everything can be reduced to logical phenomenon and everything can be known. Well, I don’t always function that way. I remain open to mystery and the unknowable that exists as part of a greater reality. I think openness in the heart and in the head, is a sign of maturity and an acceptance of reality. Of how things really are ! Why close your heart and your mind, if you only experience a small part of the greater reality ?

Now to what I feel is Dave’s one redeeming comment : And they are all here to find comfort from the harsh reality that they can’t handle, the reality of every day life. They fall for your words, but they are words only & nothing else. Yes Dave, they are here to find comfort from the harsh reality that they can’t handle, the reality of everyday life. Because life is hard and life is struggle and life is uncertain and all life ends in the death of our bodies ! Why shouldn’t a person find or seek comfort ? Isn’t that what we’re here for Dave – to share, to learn, to love, to make life a little easier for  others – be they our loved ones or strangers ? Why do you live Dave ? I live to enjoy my life and to experience everything fully. And part of my experience involves caring and sharing my time, my energy and the things I’ve learned – so that at the end of my days I can look back and KNOW, I left the world a little better than when I came in and I gave of the things that were given to me. I don’t want to go out a miser Dave ! How about you ? I want to live fully ! So if others come here looking for something I have to offer, so be it. I’d like to think they’ll find some small kernel of truth that they can apply to their own lives or something of interest that sparks a curiosity about the greater reality that connects us all.

Yes Dave, maybe some people fall for my words. Whatever that means ! But words build civilisations, words change lives, words reshape the planet, words heal the biosphere, words set a path for our collective future, words bring suffering and freedom, sadness and joy. Words are everything to the small self !  This post would not exist if words did not have greater power than the sword !

So perhaps Dave, in your view my words are shallow, are empty. I tell fairy tales and nothing else. Nothing I can do will educate people like you to open you heart and your mind ! So perhaps I ought to tell sweet fairy tales that liberate us all from the suffering created by the harsh words that hurt all of humanity !

People have always looked for answers. We as a species have always been seekers. And some of my readers will know that I have spoken about the need for us to move beyond seeking. That seeking is in itself an obstacle to true freedom. Seeking is just part of our game, part of our adventure, part of our discovery of the self, part of our growth as human beings. So what if some people seek something through my words or if some people seek connection with ETs ? Fuck I read heaps. Many of my heroes are poets and song writers and great teachers in whom I found some small thing that turned my life around. We’re all riding on the backs of turtles riding on turtles (yes I bastardised that old adage !) going God knows where ! Sometimes, it’s difficult to trust ourselves, so we trust the turtle underneath us or the one 222 turtles down !

It is my wish that some of my readers begin to trust themselves and stop seeking answers from me or from anyone else. There are a couple of you who really need to think about this and feel that it’s true ! In this sense Dave is spot on ! There is a kind of dependence or co-dependence that has developed between you and I. And it’s critical to your own development that you START TRUSTING YOURSELF and PUT ASIDE YOUR FEARS ! There is nothing and no one in control of the choices made by your mind, your heart or your soul. YOU ARE IN FULL CONTROL OF YOUR CHOICES, WHETHER YOU CHOOSE TO SEE IT OR NOT ! So please, by all means enjoy reading this blog and interacting with us but GET A LIFE and start living fearlessly ! ARISE AND LIVE BECAUSE YOU ARE ALREADY FREE !

So, in a sense Dave has done a real service to myself and to this blog. He’s thickened my skin a little more and honed in on something very important ! It’s important that all of us connect with other human beings. But we must use our own discernment to figure out what we truly believe for ourselves. No one can do that for us !

When it comes to our place on this Earth, all we have is our bodies, our words and our actions. I trust that my words mean something of value to some of you and that my words and my actions bring a little good into the world. You must do the same. Use your words and your actions and your time wisely ! So that you too can look back from death’s door and say ‘I lived well and left this world a little better than when I came in !’.

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TSM151 : Life Force ET Contact and An Introduction to the Trialtar People

I’m putting TSM151 in front of the TSM150, as I accidentally deleted something from the final render of TSM151 and have to edit it again.


Those of you who are familiar with my blog or the TSMs will know that I rarely give you a direct and full explanation of how to make ET contact. Instead I sketch out the many different aspects of self awareness that will help you make contact. (I’ll give full descriptions in future contact audio and in the contact book).

In today’s night time monologue (which was made during a light contact session – that is, one at the end of a long tiring day), I give you a simple overview of another way of making contact using the life force. Some people will get this and some people won’t !

In addition I share a little about what I learned about a new race via a telempathic contact session I had the night before (which also included seeing a series of blinkers).

Perhaps in a later TSM I can detail exactly how I came to develop this method of interacting and the steps I went through to prove to myself that it was real.

It’s my wish to continue interacting with this race and at some point perhaps I’ll be fortunate enough to have face to face contact with them. I’ll keep you posted regarding anything else I learn about them !

This particular race, apparently come from a world that orbits a blue star – which I assume is what we call a Blue Giant ( Blue Giants are some of the hottest stars that we know and are thought by most people to have lifeless planets. Perhaps however, we are wrong about this and habitable planets may exist in a region that is a long way out from the star. I don’t know. All I know is that I was very surprised by what I was told ! I guess it’s a question for Dude ! 😉

The key for me, to all of these interactions, is not to judge whether they are definitively real or not but to write everything down and to compile my experiences for myself. So that over time I can check information against information and come to a final conclusion if and when I have a face to face contact with them, or others meet them and make similar comments about who they are. Sometimes these experiences are very powerful emotionally and continue after seeing lights in the sky !

Enjoy ! 😉

You are Dead !

Hey folks, been having a shit few days due to tumour meds, so I’m off to bed early ! ‘Tis my wish you’re all well !

Thanks to Astrid, Sandor and Frédéric for being wonderful and supportive human beings and to Being, Ben and Marcus for your show of support in view of Dave’s ignorance !!! He caught me on a day when I had 3 nasty dickheads to deal with on social media, troubles with low blood glucose and had little sleep ! Any future comments from Dave will be automatically deleted as spam and I will no longer engage with such wankers !

Just something for you to contemplate. Many of you know that I have experimented with many things and investigated many things, these past 30 years. I am particularly interested in a model I have named “Aspects of Self”, which transcends our perceptions of time, about the nature of the self. While building up this model over many years, I realised and then demonstrated to myself, that I could connect with any me, anywhere, anytime.

So here’s the thing I want to leave you…You have the capacity to connect with that part of you that has died at the end of this life or any life !

Having said that, Dude’s explanation of reality as “Conjoined Space” in which the average human has about 1,200 conjoined lives attached to each original life (in each of what we would think of as an incarnation), adds a greater level of complexity to any understanding of what this you is that exists at the end of life.

I’ve been exploring this now for quite a while and spent a long time in dialogue with this other aspect. It has been a deeply rewarding pursuit and one that challenged all my preconceptions about life and death !

Anyway, I’m buggered ! This is just a quick post to spice up your day ! I haven’t yet written about the idea of being able to contact your self in the afterlife of this life but perhaps I will make a TSM on the subject in the next few months. I understand it maybe challenging for those of you with a linear view of reality or who don’t believe in life after life !

I’m curious to know, what would you ask your self, who had already lived this life ?

You can learn more about Aspects of Self or Conjoined Space or After Death Communication (with others), here on the blog or on The Something Monologues.

“Personal Experiences with the Multiverse” Book

Some of you will know that in January 2016 I had set of unusual experiences that I could not explain by any other means, other than to conclude they represented parallel lives. My first experiences of this nature occurred in 1995-1996 but I was unable at that time to come to a conclusion. Since the events of January I have (thanks to the help my ET friend Dude) come to the conclusion that these events represent examples of Conjoined Space (parallel lives/multiverse lives). I am as yet unable to discuss the experiences of January in any great detail, due to their intensely personal nature. I can however say something about the earlier events.

After debating the issue for nearly 8 months, I am now looking to see if there are others who have experienced what they believe represent parallel lives and/or the multiverse, for publication in a book on the subject. My feeling is that what I experienced represents something of a greater reality that remains hidden from ordinary awareness. And I’m keen to discover whether others have experiences that may provide additional evidence for it’s existence. Not so much for myself (though that will add support to my belief that Conjoined Space is real) but because I feel that it maybe useful for others to know that there really is a greater reality and that we occupy this greater reality in many different ways.

This is a 3-5 year project because my health is my number one priority, my son needs my attention and because I am engaged in numerous other writing projects. If I can complete this project earlier, I will !

I cannot afford to pay you for your contribution but will be happy to send all contributors a copy of the ebook.

All contributions will be read and where possible I will get back to you within 6 months (or sooner) to let you know if your contribution will be included in the book. I consider myself the initiator of this project and the editor and as such reserve the right to edit all submissions.

Examples of the sorts of things that may be experiences of Conjoined Space / parallel lives / the multiverse are – experiences with people or animals who have come back from the dead, the appearance of people or places who were not there before, changes in personal or collective history, unexplained movement from one place to another (that doesn’t appear ET related), to name but a few. I am not really sure what other kinds of experiences people may have had with Conjoined Space. I have some general categories in my head and will be using numerous categories to structure the book.

If you wish to contribute a story or stories of your own, you can send it to . Please write CS Book in the subject line.

I’ll be looking to post this invite on numerous forums (not a preferred option but perhaps necessary) to try and find people who maybe interested. Feel free to let others know about the project.

Wishing you all a wonderful day of human life,

BG. 😉


Comparison of ET Models

Hey folks, I have been busy with making fire breaks around the house, cutting out trees under power line and dealing with severe hypoglycemia. I’m heading back to my oncologist tomorrow to map out the next year of treatment.

I have been working every now and then on some tables and diagrams for one of my ET related books. Here’s a table which shows a comparison between my model about ETs and popular models (which of course doesn’t mean every other one – just what’s popular). This is a work in progress and copyright – so if you wish to share it, please share a link to this page. The final table will probably be much more detailed.

Much of what I’ve said is at odds with what many people believe, including so called abductees and experiencers. But I stand by everything I’ve said !

A big thanks to my friend Sandor for your ongoing support ! Your kindness is immeasurable ! 😉

Wishing you all well !

Brighticus !

An Extract from the Dude Interview Regarding Other Races

Sometimes I’ve had conversations with Dude that I completely forgot about. Here’s another one that I dug up and have transcribed for the Dude book.

I’m realising as I’m going through all these conversations, trying to decide what should go in the book, that there are all these things I would like Dude to clarify, that I’d like to understand in greater detail. A while back I thought maybe I’d have a separate book based on my own questions for Dude. But I’ve canned that idea and will be trying to integrate my own conversations into the one book. It’s worth noting that initially I had no plans of writing a book like this. So our conversations were very personal, had in the way that two people, two friends would normally talk to one another. Later, after I had decided on a book, our conversations remained the same. And so it seems to me, where I understand what Dude is often saying, others may not. And I don’t know if I need to do anything about that. As I write each conversation I’m structuring it like this – Context, Conversation, Reflections. This little extract is just the raw conversation.

You can find more on the ETs referred to here on the blog. The shape shifter race I mentioned in the footnote, is not one of the races that Dude refers to.

Enjoy ! 😉

Enjoying My Codpiece !

Hey folks, just to let you know that I’ve been feeling pretty shit after my last injection but am better than I was ! I’m having a short break while I focus on the Dude book (who the hell is Dude ? See the tab !). I’m slowly trolling back through some of the conversations I’ve had with him, to see what else I can add to the book.

On another note, Some of you will remember that one of the questions for the Dude interview was about Jesus. I’ve been very reluctant to include the answer to this in the book because of the impact that could have on my life and how it may impact on others, to whom Jesus and The Resurrection are important. But after much deliberation, I’ve decided that I will keep it in. It’s one of the longest answers in the book and includes information about The Crucifixion and the life of Jesus after Crucifixion.

Meanwhile, here’s a little heads up. Jesus died in his 70’s (76 if I recall correctly ?) of a weak heart one morning while he was sitting on his bed. Not with a bang but a whimper ! What Dude has to say about Jesus may not please Christians but it doesn’t take away from the importance the man or his legacy. It just demystifies the idea of the sacrificial Lamb of God. The real sacrifice was made by his apostle John, who is apparently still alive today (see my comments about Rachel’s experience with him, Ben Abba’s book on the subject and JJ Deweys books on the subject, among others.).

Keeping me company as I write the Dude book, has been the majestic and infamous trio of SILENCE, WIND and BIRDSONG and the music of  U2 and my favourite codpiece band, Manowar ! Another writers insight brought to you by Lord of the Monkey Mind !!!

Thanks to Frédéric for your ongoing support ! I dedicate the Agony and the Ecstasy of writing this book to you my friend, as you plough through the streets of Barcelona on the way to and from work and fly backwards and forwards over Europe working hard – providing for those you love ! When you’re next in Istanbul, have a beer or an ice cream for me ! Thanks, for everything ! 😉

PS. Has anyone ever worn a Codpiece ?


Literature that Challenges – 1

Many of you will know that I don’t often talk about literature and books – one of my great loves but my life is filled with reading ! I’ll read anything, from any culture and any time ! If I didn’t have this blog, I’d probably have a serious music blog or a literature blog. Alas I have this and my lame arse music blog Silentium Musicorum !

One of the great pleasures about reading is that we get to enjoy someone elses imagination or interpretation or record and that helps us to learn and to grow. Then at different times in our life, we have the opportunity to share what we’ve read. Right now my son is preparing for his final year exams for for his final year of high school and as a result I’ve been reading all the books he studied in English and in Literature, so that he’d have someone to talk to about them. It’s been fun sharing and exploring the same stories !

I’ve probably sold, given away or lost (in floods) more books than I currently own. But I am fortunate enough to have a small library, that provides me with great joy and stimulation. I thought every now and then I might mention some of the books in my library that I’ve found challenging in one way or another. Challenging books are usually the books I have found most rewarding. And I guess it’s my wish that whatever books I write are also challenging to readers. After all a book that challenges us, pushes us out of our comfort zone, out of familiarity and helps us to see a different perspective and in so doing expands our own perspective and perception of reality. Dull books to me are those that paint a mundane world of mediocrity in which there is no struggle, a perfect status quo and nothing to make me want more ! And believe me I’ve read plenty of dull books !

I guess like everyone else, when it comes to fiction, I love a good story, whether I can relate to it or not. I often think of the Shitometer or Lifeline that I would create with my former therapy clients when we looked back at their lives and how great stories thrash the hell out of the Lifeline and give the main characters a harder time than God gave Job ! Like Kurt Vonnegut, I believe in taking a character on a journey of updedowny ! Whenever I start a short story or map out a novel or a play, I literally map out a Lifeline and see how I can thrash the hell out of my characters !



So every now and then I’ll put together a list of challenging books that I recommend. I won’t be writing any exhaustive expose of each book. Just a brief outline. It’s up to you to follow up on anything that interest you ! Most of these books will be easy reading. None of them will be too radical. No Marquis de Sade or heavy James Joyce or weird modernists. Not that I haven’t read many of those books but they’re usually very boring. More show than substance !

So here goes.


Fiction :

Mark Twain – The Mysterious Stranger : Mark Twain’s final unfinishable story about the great question of suffering, in which 3 boys are guided by Satan through the suffering of local townsfolk. This story had so much potential and was written after Samuel Clemens had suffered so much loss and grief. It is a remarkable story that demonstrates how much he both loathed and loved the human race and struggled with suffering ! I resonate so much with the feelings expressed in this story.

Tim Winton – Cloudstreet : An iconic story of 2 families living in Western Australia from about 1920-1960. Written in a way that only Tim Winton can write. Breaking all the rules of mainstream fiction. A fantastic book that deserves all the accolades it has received !

Victor Hugo – Toilers of the Sea : Set in the island of Guernsey, Toilers tells the story of Gilliatt – an outcast who seeks redemption through the hand of marriage to Déruchette. But in order to win her hand, he endures countless tribulations, trying to save a shipwrecked steamer. What makes this story remarkable (like all of Hugo’s other books), is the attention to detail and the endless descriptions of the ocean, the toils, the people, the feelings, the suffering and the objects. No one describes like Hugo describes ! This book has a ‘are we there yet’ feel about it. But it’s a remarkable feat of the imagination !

Joseph Conrad – Heart of Darkness : While anchored in the mouth of the Thames River, Charles Marlow tells the story of his journey as a Steamboat Captain, into the Congo, where he comes in contact with the local people and the crazed and self absorbed Kurtz. Like Hugo, Conrad’s descriptive power is formidable and he paints a compelling image of the heart of darkness that dwells in the heart of men. If you read Heart of Darkness, you’ll have some insight into one aspect of the development of the British Empire and a sense of how the lower arms of The Architecture was driven by early industrialists, who spread their tentacles into the worlds resource rich continents.

David Garnet – Lady Into Fox/A Man in the Zoo : Two brilliant short novels by a brilliant cartographer of the human heart ! Lady into Fox tells the tragic love story of a man bereft by the loss of his darling wife (who like Kafka’s good man in Metamorphosis), has been transformed into a fox. A Man in the Zoo tells the story of what happens when a man volunteers to be a zoo exhibit.

Beowulf : An old English epic poem which tells the story of Beowulf, who coming to the aid of the great Dane King Hrothgar, tracks down and slays the dragon Grendel. A wonderfully told story that was no doubt a significant influence on JRR Tolkien !

Winston Groom – Forrest Gump / Gump & Co : If you loved Forrest Gump the movie, you’re in for a big shock if you read these two. Groom’s Gump is crazier, wilder, more outrageous and stupider than stupid is as stupid does. But this is a great story, told in perfect iconic Gump speak.

Reif Larsen – T.S. Spivet : The bizarre story of a young genius who travels from his family ranch in Montana (leaving behind his cowboy father and PhD entomologist mother) to receive a prize from the Smithsonian Institute for his bug drawings. This novel is full of strange, interesting and amusing maps and drawings and side notes, that add countless hours of reading time ! It really is a fun read !

Milan Kundera – Life is Elsewhere : A story about a young poet, his overly loving mother and his fantasies and love affairs. “His whole life had been a period of waiting in an abandoned phone booth, listening to a dead receiver. There was only one solution : to get out of the abandoned booth, as quickly as possible !”. In the late 80s-mid 90’s, Kundera was a one of a kind !

Zhang Xianliang – Getting Used to Dying : Before China was a capitalist communist country filled to the brim with riches and pollution, it was a tyrannical communist country ruled by the iron fist of Mao Zedong (1949-1976). This book tells the potent and tragic story of a Chinese writers life in Mao’s China, under the brutal regime of work, party obedience, loyalty to the the motherland, isolation, torture, separation and murder. After reading this you walk a way with a sense that the life of an intellectual in China was hell. But thank god such people survived to tell what they witnessed and experienced !

Victor Kelleher – The Beast of Heaven : The story of the Beast of Heaven as it wanders a post apocalyptic Earth, along with the gentle Gatherers, the spirits of the dead and an unfinished computer debate who may cast the final judgement. This is a story that raises questions about human responsibility and how to move forward after catastrophe.

James Joyce – A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man : Like most of Joyce’s work, this is an irritating but fascinating story about what goes on in one person’s head as they move through the world. It tells the story of Stephen Dedalus as he grows up, passing through hedonism, religiousness and atheism.

William Burroughs – Naked Lunch : Burroughs was the ultimate junky and distorted thinking man, who had a lot to say about the art of writing and living. Although I think he was better at writing, then living ! Naked Lunch is a wild hallucinogenic ride through the life of a junky, as he goes here there and everywhere. The style follows a non linear narrative and accurately portrays the inner workings of a hard core drug user. You never quite know what is plot and what is in his head !

George Orwell – Down and Out in Paris and London : The supposedly true story of Eric Blair’s life in Paris and London. This was Orwell’s first book and it is deeply confronting ! After starting with an education from Eton and life as a policeman, Blair ventured out to see Europe and become a writer. In so doing he encountered great poverty and the suffering of the human race. The seeds of 1984 begin with the experiences that Orwell maps out in this book. It is a deeply honest book that portrays squalor, filth and poverty with dignity and respect !

Robert Beck – The Naked Soul of Iceberg Slim : Like Burroughs, Beck portrayed the inner and outer life of a troubled soul. But in this case he wrote about the life of the pimp. Beck writes about life as an African American (the Black back then) in white America, where healthy opportunity is rare beast. This book is an honest portrayal of the life of a huckster/pimpster, the desperation of sex and drugs and money and the never ending fear and search for something more !

Clive Barker – Books of Blood/The Great and Secret Show/Imajica : Back in my darker days I couldn’t get enough of Barker but these days I think he’s a bit of a lost selfish pussy ! Books of Blood is 2 part collection of horror short stories, oozing with blood and terror. I think it’s the best collection of horror stories I’ve ever read ! Thinking mans horror ! The Great and Secret Show is the first book in The Art trilogy and tells the story of a seedy magical underworld where different players from both the light and dark, practice the ancient art. I really can’t remember the plot, so I’m not even going to try. The story is well told, explicit and engaging. Like all of Barkers stories, it makes you wonder if this sort of reality, really does exist (of course it doesn’t but the suspension of disbelief is helpful here !). Imajica is in my opinion, Barkers best work and really set the standard for real world style fantasy. It tells the story of a reconciliation between the 5 dominions of which Earth is one which was separated long ago. It covers a diverse range of subjects including God, sex, love, death, life and identity. It’s full of weird characters, strange places, androgyny and mixed identity. Many years ago my ex told me that there was something in this story that relates to how things are in reality. Through her travels and covert work she moved through 7 doorways to other parallel worlds. And now that I know about conjoined space I see some similarities between what she has identified and what Barker has tried to convey in this story. Whatever the case, this is a great story for those who like Earth based fantasy, that portrays a reality just out of sight.

Louis de Bernieres – The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman : This story is set in an imaginary Latin American country with resemblances to Chile, Columbia and Uraguay. It tells the story of the extravagant Cardinal Guzman and his life in the palace as he attempts to rise above the townsfolk, while navigating his way through the corrupt military and drug trade. It’s in a style of magic realism that is both entertaining, humorous, outrageous, cynical and pushes lots of buttons !

Henry Bachau – Oedipus on the Road :   This book tells the story of Oedipus as he travels from Thebes to Colonus, from exile to redemption. This is a beautiful surreal story about man and his vulnerable nature. Like Kerouac, Bachau lets the outer journey mirror the inner journey, as Oedipus searches desperately to regain his place in the world.

Christoph Ransmayr : The Last World :   This is a surreal story about Cotta who goes in search of the poet Naso in Tomi on the coast of Romania. The story borrows characters and plot from Ovid’s Metamorphoses to tell a truly beautiful story. I loved this book when I read it in the early 90’s and it helped me to learn how to write in simple surreal language.

Patrick Suskind – Perfume : This is a story about scent. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille’s obsession with the sense of smell, his intoxication with one woman, his loathing of humanity and murder. This story was and is still unique ! It’s one of the only novels in which scent becomes the primary focus. The descriptions are fantastic, the plot tight, the characters fascinating and the message of obsession and alienation – loud and clear !

Gregory David Roberts – Shantaram : Gregory Roberts was a young heroin addicted thief who fled maximum security prison and the country, to find his way to Bombay India. This book tells his story among the poorest of the poor, as a counterfeiter, smuggler, gun runner and soldier in the Bombay mafia. This is a giant book that journeys through all the great issues of human life. It’s a book that’s funny, tragic, wise, ridiculous, sad and fascinating. It tells the story of the India you didn’t know existed, with warmth, humanity and honesty.

Christopher Hope – My Chocolate Redeemer : A chocolate addicted heavy metal loving white girl and black man who has had enough of white brutality. This book presents a strange combination of values and beliefs, wrapped in surreal imagery. Like all of Hope’s books, it tells a powerful story about race, trust, struggle and reconciliation.

John Banville – Mefisto : Banville is the master of Irish literature and a true inheritor of all that’s rebellious and imaginative in Irish story telling. I can’t remember the plot of this story, suffice to say that it’s wild and unpredictable. It exposes the deep vulnerabilities of the human condition and the absurdness of the modern human being.

Greg Bear – Eon : Eon tells the story of the appearance of a large hollow asteroid, ‘the Stone’, as it heads towards the Earth and the Moon. The Stone is actually a large spacecraft built by humans of the future, who had escaped a nuclear holocaust. These humans live beyond the edges of the end of the asteroid, in an ongoing singularity, that at one end is being attacked by vicious aliens. This is a fun, entertaining and thinking mans ‘you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t !’ scifi story.

Nick Bantock – Griffin and Sabine :  This is the first book in a trilogy that was unlike anything before it. Griffin lives in London and Sabine lives on a tropical island. This book tells the story of their love affair through postcards and letters. The art and format of in this book are unique ! Bantock really pioneered a new genre with this book. He wasn’t the first to write a book like this but he was the first to do it well !

Gao Xingjian – Soul Mountain  : This is the story of a writer who flees Beijing after a health scare and travels into the remote mountains and forests in the south west and east coast of China. This is a very human story that tackles all the great issues of human life in a unique style of narrative (You, not I first/second person). It uses all kinds of story telling and literature to tell the story and breaks the mold on how literature should be !

Louisa May Alcott – The Chase :  The author of Little Women, tells the story of a passionate independent unhappy maiden Rosamond Vivien, as she is mercilessly pursued by the selfish and cruel Phillip Tempest. The chase ends when Rosamond is saved by the courageous Father Ignatius. I loved this story when I first read it and gave my son the name Tempest for a middle name, to remember how much I enjoyed this story and Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The characters in this book are well crafted and illustrate the twin aspects of each person’s heart. The unexpected hero of this book is Father Ignatius, who demonstrates that men of the cloth can have moral integrity and great love.

Osamu Tezuka – Buddha : The father of modern manga and the creator of Astro Boy wrote this wonderful 8 part series about the life of the Buddha. It is by far and a way the most accessible story about the mythical Buddha’s life. The writing is simple, enjoyable and insightful and the illustration is fantastic. This series is my favourite manga story ! There are parts of this series where Astro Boy seems to make a come back ! 😉


Travel :

Mark Twain – Life on the Mississippi/The Innocents Abroad/A Tramp Abroad/More Tramps Abroad/Following the Equator : Mark Twain is more relevant today than ever. Few people realise that he made his start in writing as a newspaper man who liked to travel and who later entertained thousands of people from the stage, where he retold his travel exploits (an act that he came to hate and resent but a necessary evil to remove himself from debt). These series tell the story of Samuel Clemens travels around the world, by himself, with fellow tourists and with his family. His writing in this series is honest, confabulated, exaggerated, amusing, witty, insightful, compassionate, wise and ever entertaining ! They tell of a world that is now long gone and a time of simple pleasures (smoking a pipe and enjoying a river, principle among them !). Clemens was the ultimate noticer and the man who saw through everything – including his own stupidity ! Twain is the writers writer, just as Clemens was the consummate human being. He acknowledged his own short comings just as readily as he acknowledged the short comings of his fellow human beings and every other creature ! If you were to read one author in your life and one only, it should be Mark Twain ! Ironically for me, Clemens travelled no more than 30 km from where I write these words and visited two of my favourite places on a whim ! One day perhaps I will talk more about my connection to the great humanist.

William Least Heat Moon – Blue Highways : William Least Heat Moon jumped in his van with Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, Neihardt’s Black Elk Speaks, a few supplies and set out to discover the lesser known parts of America. This book is magnificent ! Honest and brutal, descriptive and reflective. I can think of few other American travel books that paint a more interesting picture of America !

Walt Whitman – Specimen Days : This book is my favourite Whitman ! It tells the story of his travels through a country torn by civil war. It’s filled with visits to hospitals where Whitman sat by the beds of injured and dying young men, fell in love with dozens of them and offered countless young men a light in the darkness. It’s a book that’s full of human warmth ! His reflections on humanity and the innocence that is transformed by war are profound ! Read this book and you will never feel the same way about war again.


Journal : 

Anne Frank – Diary of a Young Girl : This the most infamous of diaries, tells the story of a young Jewish girl Anne Frank, as she and her family hide out in hidden a set of concealed rooms at the back of a house, trying to avoid the Nazi’s, as they round up Jews, kill them and send them to concentration camps. The book is raw and honest and conveys Anne’s thoughts and feelings about her experience of being trapped with her own family and others they have taken in. There has been much debate about the authenticity of the book and if it was co-written or reassembled from bits and pieces of Anne’s diaries.


Non Fiction :

Robert Jay Lifton – Death in Life : This book completely changed my view of war and atomic war when I read it in the late 80’s. It’s an investigative book about the survivors of Hiroshima and it is truly moving. Every general and president and national leader should be made to read this book, to understand the suffering that atomic/nuclear war/war causes and to remind them that even the perceived enemy has feelings just like them ! Mr Trump should be reading this book right now !

Erik Bruum and Jay Crosby – The American Experience : This is the quintessential book about America’s post Columbus white history and culture. Full of first hand accounts, famous words, speeches, articles, documents, records, poems and songs that represent a nation evolving. Fantastic historical reading and a wonderful resource to help you understand how America has become what it is today !

Nessa Carey – Junk DNA : So you think Junk DNA is for activating 12 stranded DNA or some other new age bullshit, forget it ! This book demonstrates how science is unravelling the mysteries of so called Junk DNA, which is obviously not so junky after all !

Ed Yong – I Contain Multitudes : This is one of the best books on Microbiomes (the biomes of microbes). This book goes beyond most books on the subject of Microbiomes – that are fixated on the human microbiome (bacteria in particular) and explores how microbes interact with humans and other ecosystems.

Stephen Patterson – The Lost Way : This book tells the story of the earliest gospels about Jesus, the lost gospel known as Q and the gospel of Thomas. This book tells how these gospels convey a very different Jesus to the one conveyed by the 4 gospels of the St James Bible. A Jesus who is more human, who advocates every human to find the way to god within themselves ! The story of Jesus in these gospels is close to the story of Jesus that Dude has told me in our interview.

So that’s it for now !

My only criticism about the fictional stories that we humans tell in book form, is that they’re so self absorbed. They’re all about human beings. I can think of few books that attempt to tell a story from the perspective of something non human, without anthropomorphising it. Empire of the Ants by Bernard Werber (part of The Trilogy of the Ants) is the only one that comes to mind right now that I’ve actually read. It’s my wish that more of this non human perspective enters modern story telling. !


The Dude Interview in the Raw

Frédéric has bought it to my attention that not everyone knows that I have already shared some of the Dude interview here on the blog. For those who do not know, the links below are the raw unedited chapters I posted previously. They represent 40-50 % of the book. All work is copyrighted. Please feel free to read and share but don’t post the links on any other site. These links will only be up for a few more weeks.

Enjoy !

Bright. 😉

PS. If you’d like to support my work and help me financially while I heal from my illness, you can do so by making a donation via the tab on the top right hand side of the page. Thanks to all those people who have already supported me with donations and kind words. The final copy of this book and all contact materials will be available free to all those who have donated more than $50. You know who you are and I have a list of all my wonderful supporters ! Thanks again ! 😉

PSS. I am still taking questions for the Anamika interview and have yet to choose the final ones. You may post them here if you like !

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