ET Factoids

ET Factoids

Since I dropped GETCRN and had my butt kicked by others who know better than I do, I’ve decided that I am going to try to write about things that are important to me. But from time to time I am going to give my self the liberty of writing things I enjoy writing about, for what I consider, the greater good. So from today onwards, I’m going to post short articles on what I call ET Factoids – things that I know to be true about ETs, based on my experiences with them and with one other who has been close to them. Sure, it might be better to call them Bright’s Subjective Opinions About ET’s but fuck it, I think it’s important to call things I know to be true – facts. Some people won’t like that but I don’t care. I’m trying to be honest and create a healthy understanding of the true nature of the ETs. If others disagree with me, that’s their issue, not mine. So you won’t see any political correctness here !

Therefor I will be posting ET Factoids whenever the mood comes upon me. I have made some modifications to the tabs on this blog and all ETF’s will be archived under the ETFs tab.

I think if I am honest I have sometimes spent too much time trying to pass what I know about the ETs onto others and way too much time getting caught up in diatribe and debate and justifying my opinion. And so now I’ll try to create a collection of ET Facts, that give you a snap shot of what the ETs really like. Rather than getting caught up in justifying what I know, or debating what others know or explaining what I know. I’ll just state the facts and if you want to make a comment that’s fine but I probably won’t be responding.

I am not really sure what I am trying to achieve by doing this but I think I am like the man who drops a small pebble into a pond and enjoys watching the ripples cast outwards. I’ve done a lot of that in my life – literally and figuratively. I’ve dropped rocks and pebbles into ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks, the bath tub and the ocean – just so I could watch the ripples that cast outwards. There’s something about watching the movement of energy that intoxicates me. Sometimes I dropped many objects at once or over a period of time, just to see how they interacted with one another and what happened to their original form.  A single ripple always dissolves into its body of water. The energy that created it, somehow transforming and fading away. Multiple ripples reshape each other and keep going outwards, until they too eventually dissolve into their body of water. Maybe that’s all I have ever tried to do with my life –  to cast a little ripple of good and kindness here and there. But because I never hang around long enough to see, I never know about the consequences of my ripples.

Eventually though, like all of YOU, everything I do as a human being and even my very existence and my memory, will eventually dissolve and fade away. And it will be as if I never ever even existed. Which is perfectly fine with me. That si after all, where we are all headed – back to where we came from.

So this is just another little idea, whose primary function is to cast a gentle ripple into the space within. I don’t honestly know if it will have any value at all. But I trust that in some small way it will create something good that matters to someone somewhere. And if I can lift the veil of ignorance on one person, then I have done something that matters.

ET Factoid 1

ETs have emotions.

Many of the space faring ETs have emotions that are much more developed than our own. Our emotions are fleeting, unstable and erratic. Their emotions are very stable. They see things as they are without distorted perceptions or distorted emotions. The ETs are very stable emotionally and centered in the present moment. Not preoccupied with past and future. And they live fully in each moment, denying, suppressing and avoiding nothing in their experience.

Some of the ETs have the ability to perceive the emotions of vast numbers of living things, because their sense of self is not limited. They can also communicate telepathically with emotion. I call it TELEMPATHY or TELEMPATHIC COMMUNICATION.

ET Factoid 2

By the mid to late 1980’s a covert group in the UK had documented 63 ET races. Two thirds of these were considered humanoid (2 arms, 2 legs, a torso and a head). All were known to be benevolent in nature and most had a long historical presence on Earth.

ET Factoid 3

Reptilians do not exist. They are a product of the human mind.

ET Factoid 4

Human-ET Hybrids do not exist. They are a product of the human mind and an idea based on biological life forms created by the lower arms of The Architecture.

ET Factoid 5

The Grey alien does not exist. It is an amalgam of myth, disinformation and misunderstanding. There are beings that have some features of the so called Grey Alien. The classification of Grey Alien has been used to describe what appears to be more than a dozen separate and distinct ET races.

Certain behaviours of the so called Grey Alien, are exaggerated by certain groups in the lower arms of The Architecture to create confusion and to arouse a dislike, hatred and distrust – such that humans can readily be turned against ETs, that are otherwise harmless.

Certain behaviours of the so called Grey Alien are also exaggerated by people who have low levels of self awareness or had difficulty in moving through the ET contact developmental continuum. Such people are stuck in a place of fear and have high levels of expectation and a strong desire for control.

ET Factoid 6

Extraterrestrial life is composed of many different elements. Humans are Carbon based life forms, who are also composed primarily of Hydrogen,Oxygen and Nitrogen. There are other humanoid life forms and amorphous life forms that are composed of different elements. Many are composed of Silicon.

Life forms are best able to communicate with other life forms, elsewhere in the Universe, that share the same elemental structure. For example, Carbon life forms connect best with other Carbon life forms and Silicon life Forms connect best with other Silicon life forms.

ET Factoid 7

There is an assumption that ETs use antigravity devices to travel through space. Antigravity is considered by many ETs to be a basic form of technology.

Many ETs have sentient craft that alter the fabric of space with consciousness. To these ETs and their sentient craft, gravity is a product of perception. So there is no need to use any kind of anti-force devices. All that is required is to alter consciousness

ET Factoid 8

There is great variation between space faring ETs. There are some, such as the Muajra who indulge in all their desires and live lives of great opulence, going where they want, doing what they want and collecting what they want. While there are others, like the Teal’hia, who live with very few desires and live lives with great minimalism, attending to only the basic necessities of life. While each these 2 groups seem to value their own way of living, they also recognize and accept the others way of living and points of view. But there are of course differences in how other ETs see one another and what they can accept, to varying degrees. The ETs that I know do not tell other groups how they should live or make harsh value judgments about how other groups live or should live. There is great tolerance of differences between ETs. For tolerance is the only way to peace.

ET Factoid 9

People who have had ET contact and who have developed intimate relationships with a particular individual over the course of a life time (in Rachel’s case it’s Dude and in my case it’s Anamika), appear to develop intimate relationships with ET races and individual ETs, that most closely match their own personality. For example, Dude is very much like Rachel and Anamika is very much like me. It seems that these particular relationships are deliberately tailored to create matches that most benefit the individuals at the center of the relationship (I suspect both human and ET). Often in human couples who have a life time of contact, each partner will have an intimate relationship with an ET from a different race and this seems to bring different influences and elements to the human relationship.

The intimate relationship between the human and the ET, seems to facilitate the spiritual development of that particular human. But it also provides friendship and a kind of confidant, which allows the human to share their life experience and receive guidance and support.

Each human-ET relationship seems to have specific characteristics which make it unique. Some of these relate to how the relationship develops, some relate to the role the ET plays in the human life and some relate to what the ET teaches and gives the human. Each relationship helps the human to develop specific kinds of knowledge and wisdom, that are unique to that individual.

ET Factoid 10

Many ETs develop unique relationships with humans, that last an entire life time or beyond. Those ETs who develop these kinds of relationships, also develop relationships with many other planet bound ETs elsewhere in the Cosmos. Some ETs develop a large number of relationships (for example, Anamika has relationships with approximately 450 other individuals throughout the Cosmos) and some develop only a small number of relationships. The purpose of these relationships is to assist in the individuals mental, emotional and spiritual development and to provide friendship and support. During the course of these relationships with humans, some individuals will become consciously aware of these relationships and have conscious memories of them, while others will not – despite having had the relationship. For whatever reason, certain individuals will lose the memories of their intimate relationships with the specific ET or have the memories taken away or dampened. Their memories of the relationship may trickle back when they are ready or remain suppressed. Sometimes the ETs will prevent memories being formed, so that no awareness of the relationship comes through.

Those ETs who have these kinds of intimate relationships with humans, often have the capacity to know everything about us during the waking ours, our dreams and deep sleep. They may choose to trigger certain memories at any time or trigger certain knowledge at any time, in any one of the 3 states of consciousness.

These relationships sometimes have secondary purposes and these maybe related to shaping the movement and direction of a particular group of people, a society or a civilization, by influencing the thoughts, feelings or actions of a specific individual or groups of individuals.

Through these intimate relationships, the ETs also learn a great deal about each individuals experience of life and the individuals races experience of life. This assist individual races and collectives to understand each individuals and race from many different points of view. And ultimately it helps them to determine what each individual and each race requires for it’s development and what kinds of relationships will benefit health and well being of each planet or planetary system.

ET Factoid 11

Throughout the Cosmos, there is no great battle between good and evil. This is a human idea. There is only varying degrees of awareness and ignorance.

I call the most highly evolved ETs Creator Races. The Creator Races assist in the maturation of individual life forms, such that no life form is allowed to become space faring or part of any of the greater collectives, until it has learned to treat other life forms and it’s own planet with respect.

Such ideas about good vs evil, would see Cosmos teeming with an epic dystopian nightmare, where evil ultimately wipes out life everywhere. Such ideas are merely the product of an over active human imagination and humans projecting their own ideas onto the Cosmos. Such ideas lack perspective and a grounding in reality. “”As above, so below” (or more correctly “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.”).  doesn’t apply to everything, the way that humans apply this reasoning.


Copyright © 2009-2016 by Bright Garlick.
All Rights Reserved.

  1. Gday Bright, would like to thank you for putting up this sort of information, have been looking for as much knowledge on ET’s and contact as I can… I’m not quite sure why but I’ve had the feeling for a while now that its significantly important for me to… haven’t had success from what I can tell but then again there was expectation involved, will keep trying any advice would be much appreciated thank you

  2. How do you know all of this?
    The reason for asking is the absence of evidence in the ET/UFO community.
    I firmly believe in witness testimony but else there is nothing…

  3. If the ETs are so kind, why did Dude use such strong language and curse words. Was he frustrated or was that to get his point across? Just curious, I’m not use to such words. Does he Express feelings when speaking.

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