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2 Arms, 2 Legs, Without Doctrine

Bruce Lee is very popular today and I find the whole obsession with him quite absurd because I don’t think that many people really understand the implications of what he had to teach. His notion that style is irrelevant because we only have 2 arms and 2 legs is profound. And the fact that he saw the doctrine that comes with each style as equally unnecessary, suggests to me that he understood how conditioning had effected the so called martial arts for thousands of years. Like Bruce, I now no longer see much value in particular styles or schools or traditions of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga or martial arts. Just because something is an ancient tradition, doesn’t mean that what it believes and teaches is true. I studied Shaolin Kung Fu many years ago and later various forms of Qi Gong and came to the conclusion a number of years ago that what they all have in common is dogma and conditioning. That isn’t necessarily based on what is true but more on what is believed. Who dares challenge established authority ?

In developing what I have called Elemental Movement, I have had to throw out everything and ask the only two questions worth asking : What do I want out of this ? and How does my body work ? I think Bruce would have understood where I was coming from and he may well have had some interesting things to say about it.

Bruce Lee was only 32 when he died and during his life he did what many young men do – he challenged authority. But unlike most young men, he did it after he had explored what was on offer and turned inwards to discover what was true for him.

If you’re someone who believes in the Indian or Chinese system of human health and energy and/or you practice some form of body movement, you may want to question the basic assumptions and dogma of the system you’re inheriting and discover if what you believe is true ! Chances are, that you’re just the next domino to fall in a long line of people who have never questioned their conditioning !

See more in the online exhibit at the bottom of this page :


TSM175 : Opening Your Perception and Experience of Reality

Today’s walkalogue is all about how to open your perception and experience of reality. I find people who talk about expanding consciousness and expanding your reality to be a bit of a wank because they never explain what that actually means or how to do it. So in this walkalogue I talk a little about what this might mean and break down some steps to help you to learn how to do it for yourself. Consider this a primer on the subject, rather than a more detailed expose on the subject.

I start by giving you an exercise to help you see how narrow your perception and experience of reality is and motivate you to see how you could open yourself more consciously. I then look at how full sensory immersion, your gross conditioning & subtle sensory conditioning and memory can effect your perception and experience of reality and how we might use these to our advantage to go beyond what we know and open our perception and experience of reality.

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The study referred to about musical preferences can be found here : I am also sure that there have been many other studies like it.

I didn’t use my new wind protector for this recording but I think it was relatively wind free.

Enjoy 😉


PS. This will be my last TSM until after I return from my month break.

PPS. I dedicate my Scotch Finger Emission to Nick “Poopin on the Stupa” Marros !

Dude’s 9 Lessons (9) for a Healthy, Long, Abundant, Satisfying & Content Life for Introverts

Here’s Dude’s ninth lesson for life (from the second Dude book). You can read all the lessons here : Enjoy The God Machine’s “Scenes From the Second Story” – a masterpiece from one of the best rock bands of the 90s !


I think this one you’ll find to be challenging but also something that will be important to you when you have a full understanding of it. So Bright please understand that for your average human being, trying to make sense of life is beyond them, trying to choose the life that they want is beyond them, trying to better their life is beyond them, trying to be satisfied with life is beyond them. Many people try to have these things but they come up short. And why is that ? Because for the most part human beings do not take the time to understand themselves, to understand the human mind, to understand the human body, to understand relationship, to understand reality. So when you take time to understand things, you can gain wisdom, you can gain understanding, you can gain insight and integrate these things into how you live. In other words, you can make changes that help you. And by helping yourself, you help others. And when you help other people, you in turn feel satisfied. So understand Bright, a conscious choice in how to choose to live is something that most human beings do not make ! They do not choose how to live ! They do not see how they can live ! They roll along, pulled along by every whim, every desire, every mental piece of flotsam and jetsam, every little distraction, every little reaction, everything they feel they have to do ! But rarely, very rarely, do they make a conscious choice in how they want to live, for their entire life ! Let alone, just one day ! When you choose how to live for one day, it gets easier every other day ! When you choose to live every day a particular way, you live your whole life that way. But people don’t do that. Human beings don’t do that. They pull up their socks every now and then but then they let them slip down again and then they make the same mistakes that kept them dragging in the mud before.

So I want to give you something that I feel will help you significantly. And it’s very, very simple.

Yes Dude.

Let me start by saying this. For every life that exists in the entire cosmos, there are ways to live that are good for that life and ways to live that are bad for that life. And no two lives are the same, although they are similar in some ways and different in others. But no two lives are the same. So when it comes to human beings, you have a choice – a very simple choice. You have a choice, you can choose to embrace what enters your life and to take it, whatever it is and be satisfied with whatever it is. Or you have a choice to say ”No I don’t like this.” and put up with it and feel miserable. Or to say “I’m going to do something about it. I’m going to make a change because I don’t like this.” and so you make that change, however you need to do it. Now here’s the problem with human beings. You say you want choices, you say you want to make changes but you don’t like choices and you don’t like making changes. And whenever you’re confronted with something really painful, something that puts you in a position where you have a really painful choice to make and it isn’t clear which way you should go, you let all kinds of things tear you apart. And you focus on all of your failures and all of the bad feelings from the past. You let your imagination take over for worse, instead of taking over for better. And I’m not saying you should be foolhardy and pick up anchor and coast along as if they’ll never be anything that will go against you. I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying that you should make choices that you feel are good for you and be aware of what those choices lead to. But here’s the thing – you have to be willing to do that. To see that you have choices. To be willing to make a choice. To be willing to take a risk. And then depending on what choice you make, you have to be willing to accept where you’ve gone or to do something about it and not just complain about it. And that’s the problem, many people just complain about those things.

So I’m going to give you a very simple exercise. One that relates to something that I said earlier but one I think that might surprise you.

Yes Dude.

So I want you to consider this. On a day to day basis you are faced with countless choices. Perhaps dozens, perhaps hundreds. Now depending on your environment and whatever situations you’re in, it can vary widely, from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close your eyes at night. Many many choices. And you tally up those choices, every year you make many, many, many choices – thousands of choices and most of them you make without giving much thought ! Many of them are made unconsciously. Many of them are made with only the briefest of thought and most of them are made without any consideration of how you feel – how you feel emotionally or how your body feels. So consider Bright that when you make choices, you do so in a number of ways. You can do so unconsciously – you just go with the thing, almost moving over the fact that you had a choice because the choice has been made for you. Or you can think about a choice. Put yourself in a position where you think about something. You can approach that in many different ways. Or you might imagine something. Or in so doing, think about it. Or you might feel something emotionally. Feel either choice and see how you feel emotionally. Or where you might imagine either choice or see how your body feels. So you have all these different ways of making choices. And for the most part human beings make them unconsciously or by thinking about them a little. They very rarely connect with how they’re feeling emotionally and really pay attention to that or how they’re feeling in their bodies. Now sometimes when you make a choice, you make it very quickly. You’re reacting directly to an emotion but you may not be thinking about it. You maybe imagining but not thinking. At the same time you’re not paying attention to your body. So the danger for a human being often, is to choose one way or another of making choices. Rather than approaching them using all of these ways of choosing, integrating all of them. Now that’s not something that you do easily. You make hasty choices all the time and you’ve trained yourself to do that. And as I said, many choices are unconscious. You haven’t even made the time to bring it into consciousness. You do them automatically. So that’s not very useful either. And so whenever you have a choice, inside of a choice about something, is a choice about how to make that choice and if you can be aware of that, you can make a choice that is actually good for you, that actually takes you to where you want to go – to where your body wants you to go, to where your spirit wants you to go !A choice that is good for all of you !

So I’m going to give you a simple exercise. It is one that you can modify however you like, one that you can use in any particular experience, any particular situation, when it comes to making choices. And I think you’ll find that once you’ve integrated it, your ability to approach life and to take on choices becomes far easier and far more rewarding, far more satisfying, without feelings of “I should have made this choice or that choice or what if I’d have done that or maybe it’s too late to do this.”. All these different types of regret. You wont have that. It will disappear from your existence. And with it you will feel greater fulfillment.

So this is the exercise. Start small and work your way up. And as I said you can vary it how you like, personalize it however you like, change it from occasion to occasion. Right, the exercise goes like this. During the day, twice a day, I want you to pick a situation in which you have to make a choice. It can be a simple choice, it can be a hard choice. Start with the simpler choices first and then work your way up, so that down the track you’re doing it with your harder choices. But you can start with your simple choices. Look at your choices before you make them. Create the mental space to look at them before you choose them. And now, ask your body, “Where in my body is this choice being felt ?” and take note of the parts of your body that are experiencing this choice. And just sit with that feeling for a minute. And when you’ve done that, I want you to consider your choices. What are the choices you have in making that choice ? And I want you to see if you make one choice, where does that choice feel in your body ? And just take note. And if you make another choice, where does that choice feel in your body ? And just take note. And keep going, depending on how many choices you have. And what you’ll find is this – different choices create a certain energy in different parts of your body and overall in your body. Sometimes the energy is weak and sometimes it’s stronger and sometimes it’s very strong. And what you’ll notice is a particular sensation, when you ask the right choice. The choice that is best for you to make. It will have a strong sensation and it will be a pleasant sensation. And if there are other choices that aren’t too bad, they maybe pleasant but they wont be strong. And other choices that are not good for you, they maybe strong but they wont be pleasant. It will be very clear the distinction. And of course they’ll be some that aren’t so bad, that won’t be so strong but they’ll be unpleasant. Now this distinction will happen very clearly for you. Now I said at the beginning, you will feel where the choice is inside of you. Now that feeling will occur in a certain part of your body. Now the feeling of the best choice may occur in the same part of your body or in a different part of your body. It doesn’t matter. They’re answering different things.

I’m a bit confused Dude. You said I could personalize this how I want. I’m not seeing the personalized bit at the moment.

Keep listening Bright, you will.

Alright, please continue.

OK, so once you’ve done this – felt what each choice is like in your body, I want you to see what happens if you imagine that choice, the right choice, inside the part of the body that had to make the choice. Now you can see it moving if you want, you can feel it moving. It doesn’t matter. Now when that happens you’ll feel a particular feeling arise. It will be a feeling of goodness, of wellness, of satisfaction, of fulfillment, of knowing it’s right. Now if that doesn’t happen, do that exercise again because something is wrong or you need to consider other choices. Now here’s where it comes into personalizing. When you’ve done that I want you to try this. Now that you have the feeling of what’s right, I want you to imagine that particular choice. See what it will involve, see what it will look like. You can do that however you want. It’s very personal. What I might do is very different to what you might do. And as you’re watching that image and as you’re seeing those images unfold, just notice the emotions that arise inside of you. What kind of flavour do they have ? Are they positive, are they negative ? Are they comfortable ? If they’re comfortable that’s good. If they’re not comfortable that’s not so good. It means you need to revisit the whole thing. And so that’s the exercise. You can personalize any part of it that you want but what I was trying to emphasize is that whatever you choose to see regarding that choice, is up to you. You may see one thing one day and another thing another day. You may see different elements of an experience – the choice at different time intervals. Personalize it how you want, play with it how you want. And it will vary from person to person, depending on who was in the situation. So explore that and always come back to the feeling that it creates. Emotionally and physically it will have a very distinctive feeling. It is very comfortable or uncomfortable. And so that gives you certainty on your choices. There are several different ways of getting to it. You’re not just relying on one thing.

Dude I’m a bit confused. Why did you mention another thing to do with choice making later, rather than earlier ?

Well. because I felt it connected to what came previous and I think Bright you’ll find if you work through these – initially when you work through them that the ones prior help with the ones that come after. The first one is the easiest to work with. But once you are familiar with all of them, you can apply any of them at any time. That will take practice and it’s the practice that will make the difference. You can’t just do something once and expect your life to change over night. It will only change when you practice things. When you allow yourself to feel what you need to feel because it’s the feeling that’s going to change everything.

Sorry I interrupted you. Feel free to go back to it.

Yes, well I just wanted to say one thing about that. In your experiences of making choices, it’s OK to make unconscious choices. Sometimes that’s useful, it’s necessary, it helps. It is the best way to make a choice. But sometimes when it comes to making significant choices or difficult choices, it’s better to get out of unconscious mode and to make better choices. Choices that integrate all of your being, instead of choices that are made one way or the other. If you have this integrated approach, you’ll find that all of you is informing that choice, rather than just your mind, rather than just your impulses, your normal habitual reactions. So when you train yourself this way, it gets easier with time. Yes it will be challenging at first but you’ll find with time it gets easier and because it gets easier, it becomes habit. It becomes something that you know how to do without having to think about it. You do it naturally and because of that, it’s integrated into your life. It doesn’t feel like a chore, it doesn’t feel like something that you have to be aware of; you know how to do it and you do it by matter of habit. And because it’s habit, you make habitually better choices than you did before when you were not aware of how you were choosing. You were just choosing without consciously being aware of how you were making the choice and how you could have made the choice. This way you will do so in an informed way, a way that considers all of your needs, a way that connects you to what is best for you. And by doing that, you’ll make choices that are better for you, choices that are more fulfilling, choices that leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and no feeling of regret. And because of that your life will feel better. You’ll be healthier, you’ll be functioning better in every way.

It is often Bright, the fact that humans make choices that they were uncomfortable with, that they didn’t like afterwards, that they felt regret for afterwards, that had made them sick, that shortens their life, that makes their lives miserable. The ability to make choices in the right way changes everything for you human beings. And you need to understand that. You need to understand that if you’re going to go out into the cosmos. If you’re going to be space faring. If you’re going to be ordinary human beings that want to live a long, healthy life. So does that make sense ?

Yeah, it does. It turned out to be very long all of this. But I have a sense that there was a great deal here in understanding just two things – our emotions and our ability to make choices.

Yes that’s true and if you explore that you will see that it’s true.


How to Make ET Contact

Hey folks, just to let you know that I have updated the How to Make ET Contact section under the ET Contact tab and added a few more relevant posts. 

Happy contact ! 

Brighty. 😉


Potential Courses

Hey folks, just to let you know where I am at with the courses I have talked about. I know it’s been 4 years since I first began talking about the How to Make ET Contact course but so much has happened in that time, I just haven’t had the time or energy to get things finalized. The last two years have been very turbulent regarding last years unforeseen dark crisis and with my son. In recent months my son has been in a relationship with someone I felt was dangerous to his health and that relationship may now be coming to an end and the dramas that have been exhausting me for the last 6 months, might at last come to an end. It’s also been over 6 months since I finished my treatment and there have been some periods where I was very sick with my tumours and other periods where I felt pretty damned good. At this stage it is likely that towards the end of the year I’ll be taking steps to access the treatment in Sydney (which is really my last chance). Dude has told me that there is a treatment in development in the US (currently known by a number) that would be ideal but it will be some years until they have clinical trials available and I don’t have that long to wait. As I have said previously, I’ve been reluctant to consider treatment after almost 12 years since my diagnosis because I wanted to attend to all the root causes of my illness and to heal myself. But I’m no fool and I know that if I don’t get help, I might die. If I can access help that shrinks my tumours just a little, that will buy me time to make the changes I need to make and to shift how I perceive moment by moment. It’s been a long slow learning curve and I’m tired. But alas I’m still confident that I am/will be healed.

So at the start of the year I had mapped out several courses in full and I would have recorded them but for the fact that I have had so much work to deal with on the farm, dramas to deal with with my son, illness to deal with, wildlife to care for and other projects – like the Dude books. In recent months I have put everything on hold just so I can finish the farm work I have to do before the fire season arrives. In a couple of weeks I should be finished and will try to come back to designing and creating these courses before the end of the year.

In the next two years (provided my health stays good), there’s a range of audio and video courses I’d like to create. The following is a list of potential courses and I’d be curious to know if any of these sound interesting to you :

  • How to make ET contact
  • Life after life contact
  • Discovering other lives
  • Exploration, interpretation and analysis of dreams
  • How to enhance neural density and connectivity and brain functioning
  • Creative exercises for artists, writers and musicians
  • Cultivating awareness through awareness potentials (understanding the spectrum of awareness)
  • Elemental Movement
  • Learning emotional literacy and expanding your emotions
  • Tools for creative thinking and ideation
  • Complete relaxation (mind and body)
  • Formal and active meditation
  • Journaling for pleasure, insight and creativity
  • Positive and negative aspects of transgenerational loss, grief and trauma
  • Understanding the true nature of self
  • Enhancing and expanding perception
  • Finding meaning and purpose in life (this may challenge some people !)
  • Tools for client assessment and personal therapy
  • Finding and creating your life’s work
  • Recognizing and working with addictive behaviours
  • Systems thinking, interdependence and working with systems
  • An introduction to family systems and working with family systems
  • Life review – a process for understanding where you’ve been, what you’ve experienced and where you’re going.

I will not of course be making all of these courses but will choose the ones that most resonate with and interest me. I am however interested to hear your opinions, even though many of these subjects will be aimed at a different target audience !

There are also a range of others subjects that I am interested in teaching but I don’t yet know whether I prefer to teach them through books or through courses. These includes : Aspects of self, Working with internal symbols and Creating and working with internal worlds, among others.

Feel free to share your opinion or make other suggestions !

Be well folks,

Bright. 😉


ETs and Work (Look Down, Look Up)

I dedicate this post to Frédéric, who asked me long ago to ask Anamika what the Teal’hia do for work and how they go about taking on new roles and managing their work. I still haven’t asked her that question yet but will do so in the next year or so because it is such a fascinating subject ! Thanks for being curious Frédéric !

* * *



I recently asked my readers, “Do ETs Work ?” and Enishi9000 and Ethan provided some interesting comments – I’d like to encourage you all to read Enishi’s and Ethan’s replies to my question because they are profound and reflect how things actually are. Ethan in particular, has given this subject some considerable thought.

Now you might ask, “Well why ask that question in the first place ?”. I asked that question because thinking about what the question means and what the answer could be and learning about how things actually are, can teach us a great deal about ourselves and about the nature of ETs. Let me first say that I have spoken briefly about this subject with several different races of ETs and it’s a subject that is becoming increasingly more interesting to me as I get older. No doubt it is something I will explore further with my ET friends as the years go by. In fact, I will be asking Dude more about the subject, so that I might include a small chapter on it in the conversations book and I’ll probably ask Anamika and The Beloved Carers (8 ETs from 5 races) about their opinions on the subject.

In his answer Ethan began with the question of definitions and he’s absolutely right to start with that point. The two primary definitions relate to “work” and “ETs”. What do we mean by these things ? Ethan said :

“Firstly, what do we mean when we say “work”? Are we specifically talking about the utilization of a particular being or species’ labour within a particular economic system? or are we speaking more broadly about how a particular being or species would go about directing their labour toward a specific goal or end, independent of a particular economic system?

I would say that in addition to what Ethan said, that any answer we give will refer to some other term which in turn refers to some other term ad infinitum. In Ethan’s answer work refers to utilization or labour and these terms can also be said to refer to something else. So there is no escaping the ongoing referencing of something else but so long as we have some agreement on what we mean, it isn’t really an issue. But rather than utilization or labour, I would suggest that work means activity. Although both utilization and labour are also accurate. The difficulty is how each of us interprets a single word. Now we might agree that work, utilization, labour, activity, all mean something that we understand and can basically agree on but an ET might see each of these words or their meanings completely differently. But we cannot know how differently they might see things without asking them. The key point is that individuals are involved in some sort of activity that may or may not be part of some economic system and it may or may not be aimed towards a specific goal. (More on work here :

Now from everything that I have learned, this way of functioning is common among all non space faring races. There is great diversity in how this plays out, with some races having economic systems and other races being free of economic systems. Work occurs across the spectrum. There are also other sentient beings who do not work in the traditional sense of the word but work towards basic survival – which is still something which requires effort.

Ethan also said :

“And secondly, are we differentiating between species that are like us (i.e. they are burdened by ego and the desire for self acquisition and self aggrandizement), and species that are not like us (i.e. they are unburdened by ego and are able to co-exist and develop civilizations without the need for a medium of exchange or an economic system based on competition)?”

This is a critical point because such differences do exist – particularly between non space faring races and space faring races but also within some non space faring races. What I would like to do is to focus on space faring races because in some sense even though there is great diversity between them, there is greater diversity between non space faring races. I know very little about either but what I do know, is generally how space faring races are and I think I can speak about that because in a general sense they are all very similar.

Enishi said :

“In terms of needing to work for money in tandem with resource scarcity (real and artificial), I would say no, at least not for space faring ones.

There’s projects they pour themselves into, some as a main focus, some as a necessity (like how I like cooking but need to do dishes after even though I don’t prefer it). It’s not forced however.”

And Ethan said :

“Now with specific regard to space faring ET’s I think Enishi is correct in saying that no space faring ET needs to “work”, at least not as defined by the former definition of work I outlined above. In other words they do not need to utilize their labour within a defined economic system in order to earn a living to acquire the necessary resources to survive. By the time an ET species becomes fully space faring and has permission to traverse the cosmos freely, they are almost certainly not burdened by any kind of scarcity and nor are they limited in any way by any arbitrary economic system. In such cases the work they are engaged in would fall into the latter definition of work outlined above and would likely pertain to areas of personal interest to the particular species or members of said species, issues of political or diplomatic importance, the pursuit of intellectual or scientific/spiritual discovery, or the nurturing and raising of less developed species.”

Both Enishi and Ethan have touched on the critical difference between non space faring and space faring races – that these races are not burdened by resource scarcity and the need to work. And the reason for that is three fold. First, they have developed spiritually to the point where they know that they are all interconnected and must look after other living beings. Second, they have access to Matter Creation Technologies (MCTs) which allow them to create materials and foods. And third, they have access to all the support they need – from living beings and beings who have died and who were never in the body. Imagine if we were more developed spiritually, MCTs where available to every human being on Earth and we had all the support we need ! There would be no more us and them, no more war, no more conflict and no more unequal distribution of wealth. But we are hundreds of thousands of years away from that point because we are still so immature. If we grew up and demonstrated that to the Creator Races, MCTs would be ours tomorrow and we would receive all the support that we need !

So space faring ETs have no need to work, in the way that we have a need to work but many of them do work ! Both Enishi and Ethan are right ! No space faring ET is forced to work by necessity or by a system that controls them. Yet they work out of necessity for the greater good, for personal interest and out of the interest of that particular race.

Let me give you some examples. The Teal’hia are well known for creating sentient craft for other races. As I’ve said before, these craft are grown in particular environments. Now I’m not sure if they are grown and maintained by other sentient craft or technologies but throughout their gestation, different ETs interact with them. There are Teal’hia who oversee the development of the craft and Teal’hia who interact with the craft sharing all that they know and all that they have experienced. This takes time and effort and is a work of love, as much as it is a work driven by personal and collective interest and caring for the greater good. Creator Races like the Teal’hia, Sar’Won’Dee, Sarpalxn and Naelsa also create entire celestial bodies – universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, moons, planetoids etc. Some of them create everything and some of them only create worlds. The creation of these bodies, is a kind of work that is done through the cooperation of individuals of the same race and individuals of many different races. This is a work that arises out of a necessity to serve the greater good. But in doing so, it creates further work that must be done for the greater good and work that also allows individuals to pursue a personal interest and individual races to do what they like to do. Now for those races that are involved in the creation of souls and/or the creation of life, it is also necessary to commit to individual and collective work to help in the nurturing and maintenance of the individual life forms and the worlds that they live upon. And I guess the reasoning behind what they do is probably pretty simple…“Don’t start something unless you can commit to being around for the long run !”. Which is really a bit like parenthood ! Better not to have sex and make a baby, if you aren’t willing to change the nappies or pay for your kids to get an education ! Now when these Creator Races begin a particular large scale activity, they know that what they are doing is work that will create eons of work on large, medium and small scales. And so it isn’t something that they embark upon lightly. I know that Dude is involved in work now that is the end result of work that his people did on Earth billions of years ago. And in another billion years, some his descendants may well be involved in other work on Earth. (Unless he’s an old fart and he’s still hanging around like a bad smell !).

So for us, the idea of work is usually about some kind of labour that is a means to an end. If I work for 40 or 50 years it puts food on the table, clothes on my back, a roof over my head and generates superannuation, so that I have enough money to live on when I retire. I have to do it because if I don’t I won’t survive and if I have a family, neither will they !  Or I/we will have to survive on welfare and I/we won’t enjoy not having much money. So work is almost always equated with a set of assumptions and expectations and the fear that if you don’t work, certain bad things will happen to you and your family ! Work is rarely about, “How can I find something joyful to do with my time ?”. But for the space faring ETs, work is rarely a means to an end. It can be but that is not what drives the work. An ET might have to help sort out a diplomatic mes,s so that two races don’t kill each other but even though that’s a means to an end in the short term, it’s part of the much longer commitment to nurture those races and those planets and all the life forms on those planets. The means to an end work is done, as part of a grander commitment to care for other worlds and the living beings who reside on them.

So now let me give you some specific examples of work that some space faring races I’m in touch with do.

Anamika is a Teal’hia female who is very old. Her people have created everything that we can imagine, including souls. She is fascinated by life itself and by the development of individual life forms and individuals. As far as I can tell, she divides her work time as follows. She provides support for some 450 individuals (70 odd different races) from the creation of their souls, everything in between, until they merge back into the light : ( . Sometimes we are aware of her support and sometimes we are not. She will visit us and assess our health and make any necessary changes to our bodies and minds. She will talk to us and give us tours around the craft. She will implant information into us when we are conscious or unconscious. She will do everything necessary to help us during contact. She will influence us during consciousness states and unconscious states. She will monitor our health and well being from a distance. Now in addition to this Anamika spends a great deal of time helping other races in the finding, identification and nurturing of other life forms. She loves nothing more than to travel on the surface of a planet, looking for particular life forms and helping the ETs on that planet to understand those life forms. She also spends a great deal of time figuring out how particular sentient life forms perceive reality (through their various senses and internally) and what particular needs they have. This information can then be used to help the Creator Races and other space faring races to figure out what they need to do to help address the needs of these races. So her great love, is life itself ! And her work is a living devotion to the love of life !

Dude is a Naelsa male who is about 8,600 years old (which is much younger than Anamika). Like Anamika, Dude does lots of different types of work. He is currently collecting a leaf, flower and seed from every single type of plant on Earth for his own pleasure. This is his second collection. He has many similar collections from other worlds. His collection of Earth plants is also being used to provide information to the various different collectives and the various different races who may have an interest in plants on Earth. As is the data and information he has collated from the enormous number of visits he has made to different places on our planet. Dude also likes to travel to remote places on Earth and often when he goes on his journeys he is involved in monitoring various geophysical aspects (and anomalies) and finding and monitoring different life forms. Like Anamika, Dude is fascinated by life (except cats – he hates cats !) ! Dude also has a particular gift for getting inside people’s skins and understanding them from the inside and because of this he has established himself as a well respected diplomat. So most of his working life is committed to the work of diplomacy. At this time he spends most of his time on Earth working with various individuals and groups, trying to change one player at a time (as you’ve heard him say before) to create a better future for humanity and for all life forms on Earth. But on a number of different occasions he has told me that he has been called away to help with some or other diplomatic situation where two or more different groups were on a knife edge and ready to kill each other. Dude seems to be a real peace maker and has a way of diffusing even the most dire of predicaments. I think he relishes the challenge of helping different races to get their shit together !

Earlier this year I spent time with the insectoid race I’ve mentioned before, who call themselves the Ttaearooumm (said : Tearhom). Whilst I was on board their craft, I spoke with at least 6 individuals that I can remember. One individual-  a male called Aeromuete (said : Aramut), was primarily involved in overseeing the medical examinations that were taking place and the medical interventions that were being carried out. He also looked after me when I was on board the craft and escorted me to various different places. While he was engaged in what he was doing, a female was engaged in assessing our bodies and later she performed a kind of surgery on Rachel’s back. Whilst that was happening, 3 other individuals were sitting down against the walls of the craft, interfacing with their hands and fingers, with what looked like a small body of light. Later on one of them explained that he was searching through what we think of as space, looking for places and individuals that they needed to visit. It looked for all the world like he was moving through a book made of light and I had the distinct impression that moving through space for them, is like opening a book and pointing to a letter or a word. His role was essentially that of a pilot, a navigator, a researcher and a facilitator. A little while later I sat down and was involved in a long conversation with three individuals and during our conversation I actually asked them about the work that they do. They explained to me that among their people, no individual has fixed long term work. Instead individuals move through a long series of roles, trying out many different things, becoming good (or not so good) at many different things, contributing to many different things. They said that the reason they did this was that trying many different roles helped them in their spiritual development. And it seemed to me as I watched them, that they took their work very serious indeed. They seemed to love their work and did it with complete and utter devotion. I also had a sense that they were not driven by individual desires but a desire to help the greater good. I mean the work that they were doing at that particular time on that particular day, involved assessing and monitoring the health of a small number of human beings (we two were the only ones who were conscious among them). And the sense that I had, was that they were doing what they did because they genuinely care about the well being and the lives of those individuals. I also know that this particular race love visiting my former home – the Grampians Mountains in Victoria. Where they frequently access remote high ground via a doorway in the mountains. They visit the mountains because they enjoy the scenery and the life forms and because they like monitoring the health of the various different life forms that reside there. Just as they have done for tens of thousands of years !

So that’s just three examples of the work that space faring ETs do. I have this sense that from a certain perspective some ETs do work that we might see as a generalization (master of all trades unlike our jack of all trades, master of none or perhaps jack of all trades, master of some) or as a specialization. But mostly they are engaged in many different types of work and have many different roles and this is a choice that is entirely theirs ! They seem to be able to take on any different role that is required. One moment they want or need to do one kind of work, the next moment another kind of work; one day they want or need to do one kind of work, the next day another kind of work. It varies depending on their own needs and wants and what they and/or the collective feel is necessary for the greater good. There is work that must be done for themselves or for their own family or for their own race. Not everything is about serving the greater good. Some things, like Enishi said about doing the dishes, have to be done. And while much of the work of space faring ETs is done by what we would think of as sentient AI, there are still things that can only be done by an entity itself. Dude’s sentient craft is living being and it can do things that to us would appear to be magic. But it is Dude who comes down to work as a diplomat on Earth and not his craft. It is Dude who talks to Bright when he’s having a hard day and not his craft (though we have spoken a number of times !). It is Dude who coordinates the investigation into a newly discovered planet from another Conjoined Space and not his craft. It is Dude who acts as an emissary to a race on the verge of becoming space faring and not some android. There is work that has to be done and the only way to do it is with a personal touch !

So most ETs do have work. But it depends on what we mean by work and what we mean by ETs. There is incredible diversity among the various different types of work that non space faring and space faring ETs do. In general, we might say that the non space faring ETs are motivated by personal survival and personal desires for them selves. Where as the space faring ETs are motivated by planetary survival and collective desires for the greater good. But, that doesn’t mean to say that individual space faring ETs do not have personal desires for themselves because they do (just as many individuals among non space faring races like ourselves care about the greater good). It’s just that more often than not, they place the well being of others and the sanctity of life above their own well being. That is why some ETs will sacrifice their own life in the bringing down of a craft (as the craft also does), knowing that that they and the craft will enhance the course of development for a particular race. Or they will allow themselves to be captured and or killed, if they know it will benefit the development of a particular race.

Sometimes the space faring ETs see work as a labour and sometimes they don’t. I know that Dude feels it is often laborious and tedious having to put up with many of the bigots that he has to work with but he does it (although sometimes he makes smoke rings out of his non existent arse hole or does something else to speed things along !) for the greater good ! Most days when Dude goes to work on Earth, it provides him with an opportunity to meet interesting people, to visit interesting places and to enjoy plants and animals. In addition it also gives him the opportunity to enjoy adding to his plant collection and to savior his favourite foods – like Reese’s Pieces, popcorn and ice cream ! So for ETs, work also creates other opportunities. And without work, those opportunities would not exist. So like us, work fulfills many functions, bringing meaning and purpose and enjoyment and opportunity into the lives of those who no longer have to focus on working to meet their basic needs. I don’t think many space faring ETs get out of bed in the morning and think, “Fuck, I wish I could go back to bed !”. Instead, work is an essential part of life that they accept and enjoy ! And without work, the universe would come to a grinding halt and self destruct !

Praise be to the ETs who have transcended the need for 9-5 ! Dolly Parton would be proud !


An ET Path to Healing (Soothing the Self Immolation)

Many of you know that I’m nearing my 12th year post tumour diagnosis and that life with tumours has proved at times to be very challenging. As I have said many times before I have tried constantly to address the root causes of this disease and to make the adjustments to the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours that I feel will remove the need for my body to produce tumours. That being said I am now revisiting Minicell treatment in Sydney (1000 km away), with the desire to see my tumours shrink, such that I have time to make all the necessary changes. From another perspective healing is also about knowing the entirety of your being and that there is an aspect of the self that is already healed. All that is required is a shift in perspective. A lifetime of bad habits continues to get in the way of maintaining this shift and making all the necessary changes. In a sense it is like this. There is the small self that is sick and divided and the greater self that is everything, well and whole. It is possible to integrate the greater self into day to day functioning, only when the small self steps out of the way and what keeps it in the way is bad habits.

One of the things that has consistently affected me is other people’s behaviour towards each other and human hostility towards the planet. I have periods when I am able to cope with people’s ignorance and other periods when I am not. I am especially sensitive to seeing the effects of human cruelty, the haves and have nots and the loss of biodiversity. The sense of injustice at the ignorance and selfishness of humanity burns strongly in me !

Some years ago when I realized that my tumours had grown back, my ET friend Dude spoke to me about this particular weakness and I frequently remind myself of his harsh but affirming wisdom. Some of you may also find his words to be beneficial. Just bear in mind that these words were meant for me alone and not meant for public consumption. Those of you who have read some of Dude’s comments previously, will understand his attitude.

“You need to come to the conclusion that humans are selfish pricks and that they’re all out there running around in their selfish worlds, doing what they think is necessary in their selfish little lives. And you will see it, you will experience it, you will know about it, it will be pushed down your throat and you need to just let it wash over you, like the ocean does. Don’t let yourself be affected by other people’s behaviours and things you see in your environment. Because your body doesn’t care. Your mentality does. But your mentality is making your body suffer.”

Two nights ago I came home in the early evening after a long day grocery shopping and just after I sat down, the sound of shot guns began blasting from a couple of hundred meters away in our dry creek. I went outside, only to see a large mob of kangaroos go flying past in a panic and hundreds of birds flying in all directions very upset. For the next 15 minutes I listened as a volley of about 100 shots went off and then I walked down to the creek to confront whoever it was. The 3 men (two of whom were wielding shot guns) saw me and then turned back towards the house about 700 meters from our place. I then walked home and the firing began again as I approached our house. For 90 minutes the firing continued. Meantime I contacted the local police, who were out, then spoke to police an hour away and they contacted our local police man. I spoke to him and he promised to go and investigate. He called me back an hour later and it turned out that the young guy renting at the back (the property was sold again after we moved back) had some friends over (who had since gone home) and they claimed they went clay target shooting – which was bullshit because I saw them shooting at kangaroos and cockatoos. Anyway the policeman warned them and things went back to being quiet. In the morning the policeman contacted me again to say that a young man had come in to say he had been shooting in the creek but was unaware that there was a house nearby and he sorry he had upset us.

Anyway, the moral of that particular story is : Fuck em ! Do whatever you have to do to change people’s behaviour ! In the 25 years that I have been on this property, there has never been anyone shooting right behind the property or so close to our house. And I refuse to allow that kind of behaviour to disturb any life form that lives here !

Now although I had to contact the police to change that particular behaviour, I also had to do what Dude had said and practice letting things wash over me. And believe me with the sound of shot guns going off for 90 minutes and wondering what they had killed, that was no easy task. But that’s exactly what I did, so that I could feel a sense of peace. I contacted the police to prevent the shooters from continuing to shoot, so that I could save the life of whatever they were trying to shoot and so that the peace and tranquility of this environment would be restored for myself and my son and all the plants and animals.

Sometimes the things we need to practice most are difficult and the times when we need to really practice them is in the middle of a crisis.

The hardest crises for me to deal with all involve my 19 year old son and his behviour. I can deal with everything else. But my son’s behaviour is also the thing that has the greatest impact on my health. So I need to continue to remember Dude’s advice every single day. And this year has been exceptionally challenging in this regard ! The hardest thing as an adult and as a parent is when you know what you need to do to be well and you do otherwise.

I am unable to always let my son’s behaviour wash over me. There are times when I’ve had enough ! But I am no longer bothered by all the assholes of the world, by the ongoing environmental and population crises that threaten global biodiversity or by human selfishness or cruelty, the way that I used to be. While ever humans exist, human ignorance and selfishness will exist and I refuse to be overwhelmed by them !

I know that a good many of you are like me. You’re sensitive to the world ! So many things about human behaviour bother you, upset you and make you sick ! I can’t offer you any suggestions about dealing with electronics addicted children (young ones yes, older ones no) because that may well be the greatest social crisis of our time (one that effects many people under 50) ! But I can suggest that you remember that humans have been the way that we are for thousands of years and that we’re not going to change any time soon. So for the rest of your life, it may do you well to let all that human shit wash over you, like the ocean does ! Your alternative is to let every little piece of shit fill you to the brim until you can’t take it anymore ! Why suffer when you don’t have to ? We do not have to be like the monks who set themselves on fire to protest the suffering caused by government persecution or the Vietnam War. Self immolation is a choice !

Illegitimi non carborundum – Don’t let the bastards grind you down !


Space Faring Humanity

The following is an extract from Dude’s very long answer (80 pages plus) to question 18 of the Interview with An ET book. You can download a copy of this, along with all the other answers and the original questions here : : All typos, bad grammar and mistakes are my own. Transcribing while Dude is talking to me is not always an easy process. This extract has not yet been fully edited but I think it’s reasonably free of errors. Dude and I are currently working on the last question in the book – question 19, which was Dude’s favourite question. The book is currently at 454 pages.

I suppose much of Dude’s answer is common sense really but because there is no such thing as common sense, you can see how far away from becoming space faring we humans actually are. In my view Dude’s answer is a template for a better human civilization. One that is well beyond who we are now but not beyond the capacities of humans in the distant future.

Enjoy this little extract ! 😉


So you asked about some general principles for how a species or a group can evolve. How a particular species or civilization evolves. So let’s look at this from the point of view of a species evolving with all of their differences. I’m going to give you some simple principles for how this can be done. Let’s give you six to start with but we could add more later if you wish. Alright let’s number this. Go for it.


1. Whenever there is the perception of difference, it is important for any individual who experiences this to ask themselves, “How am I different to the other and how am I similar to the other ?”. Every individual should ask that.

2. Whenever a particular difference between any two individuals rises to the point of either a potential conflict or an actual conflict, either individual, should ask themselves, “What is it that I wish to achieve through this conflict and why is it that I am unable to find some common ground with this other person ?”.

3. If there have been hostilities between any two or more people, each individual should consider the following, “Have my actions been congruent with what is important for me in terms of honouring the needs of my own spirit ? And if this is so, what is it that my spirit was seeking from the harm that I have caused the other ? And through causing harm, did I achieve what it was that I sought to achieve ? And regardless of the answer, am I content to live with the consequences of my actions – both the harm that I have caused to the other and the harm that I have caused to others who were either directly or indirectly involved in the situation ?”. So they should ask these questions.

4. Whenever a leader encourages his people – the people that they claim to lead or represent, to undertake activities that will cause further pain, harm or discomfort to another group, it is important that he considers one of three things. Only one – which ever one most resonates with his actions. “Did I do all that I could do to encourage the people I support, lead or represent to find a harmonious way of achieving what they require from a particular situation ? When I encouraged them to take direct action, did I consider the many different people, animals and plants that will be hurt indirectly by my actions ? In doing what I did am I content to live with the situation as it is or will I likely find myself tortured or bothered by some degree of doubt or discomfort ?”. Now the person answers these questions – which ever one most resonates with their actual actions. And then he asks himself this, “What was it that I actually gained for those I try to stand up for and is this going to be worth the effort and the consequences in the long run – when I am dead and gone ?”.

5. Now this is for any particular group of people. It doesn’t matter if it is a family, a religious group, a political group, a society, a club, a friends group, any kind of interest group. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. So long as there is more than 2 people in the group. More than a pair. For each member of that group it is important for them to consider that they exist in their particular group as a relationship with others. Others who are both in their group and others who are not in their group. Now when they see that they are in relationship, they must recognise also that all sense of belonging and importance that they have, arise from their sense of membership of that particular group and the particular relationships that they have with their group and with groups or individuals outside of their group. They do not have this without those relationships. And so it is important that each person asks themselves this, “What is it that I gain from being part of this group, that I do not gain when I am outside and do not belong to this group ?”. And finally, “Within this group is a number of individuals who are like me and others who are not like me. Whenever I encounter these others who are not like me, what is it that I feel and why do I feel what I feel ?”. Be honest about this. For when you see that even in a group of so called like minded individuals or individuals who share a similar value or intention, there is difference and sometimes this difference can play out in the way that these relationships unfold. So every person who belongs to some kind of group has the opportunity to see what it is that makes them comfortable and what it is that makes them uncomfortable. So when they let go of their perception that they belong to a particular group and that there are others outside of that group who are not like them and see the reality that even inside of a group that they feel a belonging to there is difference, they will recognize that difference or the perception of difference exists everywhere. And then they have the opportunity to look past differences, even with others who they believe are very different to themselves.

6. There are moments in every individual’s life, when it is impossible to look past something hurtful that another has done to them. These moments can become something more than moments. They build in numbers, they coalesce, they become a feeling that there is me and the world. That there is a distinction between all that I am and all that the world is. That I am not the world and the world is not me. That I am not like the world and the world is not like me. Some people use this perception to lift themselves above others and some people use it to lower themselves below others. Whatever choice they make, they base it – the behaviour, on a flaw in their fundamental perception of how things are. One who has committed an injurious act against us, has done so out of ignorance of who they are and we are. And so the perpetuation of such acts rests on a foundation of ignorance about our true nature – about the fundamental nature of what each of us is – both in terms of our relationship to each other and in terms of our fundamental condition as a living being with a spirit. So whenever a person injures us, causes harm, hurts or does something for which we can find no forgiveness, it is necessary to ask ourselves something very simple, “Whenever I am hurt, what is actually hurt ?”. Try to understand what is actually hurt. When you understand what is actually hurt, you see that almost all hurt has been created by the person themselves, who has added additional layers of self created hurt to the original hurt – which was brief, which was momentary. They have turned a moment into something with it’s own life span. And as a result it has coloured and distorted all of their perception. See the way that hurt works. See the way that the judgement of other works. And when you understand how it is that what you see as “hurt” works and the way that what you see as “other” works, then you will understand how the relationships that you have become painful, how it is that you are so easily hurt by the human world. And then it will become self evident how you can move through life, invincible to all hurts. Knowing that hurt only exists in the moment and the moment is fleeting. Hurt has no weight at all. Only the weight that you give it.

That is all.

Dude that was pretty weighty for some simple, some general principles. Lots of extra fat attached there. Are you offended by my saying that ?

No Bright, I’m not offended by that. You asked for principles, you got principles. They’re in there with extras to help you understand. Simplify it if you wish.

So Dude, how about some general principles for how a civilization evolves from cave man to space man ?

Alright. This time I want you to number 8 things.


1. Every individual must take responsibility for who they are. What does this mean ? It means they must take responsibility for their own actions.2. Every group that claims to represent a group of individuals must attend to the particular needs of the individuals that it believes it can support. And if it cannot, it ought to where possible identify other groups that can help the individual to attend to their needs.

3. Every group who has the potential to come in conflict with another group, must explore how it is possible to find common ground and to bring these ideas to fruition in terms of action and build upon this action with as many as possible other opportunities for finding and developing common ground.

4. Every leader – whether it is a leader of a community group, a business, a government or whatever must take responsibility for representing the needs of those individuals who come to that group to fulfill a particular purpose. That is, it is imperative that they identify the goals or objectives of each individual in being part of that group and take actions to make sure that those needs are addressed, wherever possible. In addition they must only allow themselves to serve that group when they have been given that role through a kind of process that allowed every individual to cast some sort of vote, some sort of nomination. The rights of every individual in that group must be acknowledged with an equals value. The abuse of power that occurs in all human institutions is a result of individual ignorance and the placing of an individuals needs above the needs of others. So every leader needs to find how it is possible to address their own needs while respecting the needs of very individual in that group. They start with identifying their needs, what needs can be addressed and addressing those needs. No leader should take it upon themselves to decide what the needs of the individual members of that group are. That is them forcing their own ideals on the needs of others. That is unfair. Only fairness should be allowed.

5. Where there is a desire for one group of people to do something – whether it is to have something, to develop something, to acquire something, to take something that is not readily available to others, they need to consider 3 things :
What will be the impact of our having this thing, in terms of it’s impact on the individuals in our group and other individuals who are not in our group ?
What is the impact of our having this thing, in terms of it’s impact on other living things and on the natural health of the planet ?
When we make these choices have we considered the impact of our choices on the well-being of humans and other living things in the immediate time period and in time periods to follow ? That is, can we see how our actions will cause things to change and effect the well being of other living things throughout time. Whether it is in recent time or in distant time ?

6. When you consider yourself as an individual, always remember that no individual can exist as an individual without something from others. An individual only exists as an individual because there something much larger than themselves. “What is it then that will help me as an individual to fulfill my own needs, while at the same time fulfilling the needs of the larger whole ?”. In other words, whenever a person acts in the world, they need to recognise that there actions do not occur in isolation. How is it then that they can act in a way that honours and respects that they have a right to fulfill their needs and the whole has a right to honour and respect it’s needs. If every person considers that they are this totality in every moment of their lives, they will see that to act just as an individual is unreasonable. It hurts themselves and it hurts others. They are connected and at one with the totality. They must respect the totality. They must consider the totality as a guiding structure in the actions that flow through their life. But at the same time try not to ignore their own needs. Just do so in a way that is considerate of something else. Something that goes beyond just me. Think about this and you will understand.

7. Whenever there is the possibility of escalating conflict whether it is between two individuals or a group of individuals – be it a sports team or a nation – whatever, each individual must remember that in striking out against the other, he strikes out against himself. What he puts out will come back to him. Maybe not immediately or not even any time soon. But eventually in some way, what he has given out will come back to him. Every person must consider what is the safest possible way to deal with a particular conflict to try to minimise the harm that arises and goes out into the world. For harm, once it has been created does not just disappear. It goes from a person’s actions into their own being and then flows through new actions into the being of others. It foes on and on and on, out into the world, infecting the well being of other living things, causing new harm and new possibilities for further conflict and harm to arise. It is not possible for conflict that has turned into something significant to simply disappear from existence. Harm creates a feeling and this feeling creates more feeling. It creates feeling that multiplies, that replicates and creates new actions and some of these new actions create new conflict and new harm and so on. The cycle continues, spiraling through space in all directions. Whenever a person is in a situation when it looks like things can get worse, they can ask themselves this and be honest with what they unearth, “I am here now hurting for some reason that I do not understand. I am upset about something that I do not fully understand. If I allow myself to become angry and to become more outraged and I engage in causing greater harm, will I make the situation better or worse ? Will I solve the problem ? Will I find a way to be at peace with how things are by causing harm ? Will harm bring me what I need? If they do this with great honesty they will recognise that the desire to fulfill this rage, this anger this desire for an outburst that causes more harm will do nothing but fulfill a short term satisfaction that I got what I wanted. In the long run it will solve nothing. When they see this, they recognise this to be true, they can choose a path in which there is less desire for conflict and path in which the outcome is less hurt for all involved. And then when a situation has been diffused, there is always a way to find some common ground. And when there is common ground, there is a way to move forward and a way to overcome the sense of other and conquering.

8. Humanity (in this particular case) is capable of great good in the cosmos. It is capable of creating amazing discovery and using that discovery to do things that he has only dreamed about. his dreams are just the beginning of what is possible. There are things that lay in the human future that man has not even dreamed about. Things that are beyond his imagination. Man must use that power of imagination to see what is good inside himself and do everything to bring what is good outside and into the world. Because whatever he wants will only come to him when acts from a place a great good and great kindness. It will not come about through great or selfishness or the desire to hurt others or have what he wants at any expanse. Man has countless opportunities to do good in his individual life and in the life of his civilization. But he loses sight of this caught up in all his selfish desires for moving beyond something that he thinks is not good enough. man must see that what he has – his Earth and all the life on his Earth is plenty good enough, is more than good enough, more than he deserves and start to show that he appreciates what he has. Show that to himself and show that to the other living beings of his planet – who deserve his respect. When man can show that to his own planet, can bring that degree of goodness, that degree of kindness and love to his own world, then and only then can he move from being stuck on Earth or near Earth space to being a truly space faring civilization. If he does not make such changes he will cause endless pain for himself and for the other living beings on his world. There are those of us that help you as a species, as a civilization, as individuals to find what is good inside of you. You do not need our help. You can make mistakes. We help you because we care. And if we do not help you, you will cause so much suffering for your world. Listen and learn how we have overcome our obstacles and let us help you to help yourselves. Every race in every place who has ever become space faring, has had the help of another who has gone before in some way. We all help each other. There is a totality and we honour and respect that totality. You are part of that, we are part of that. We will help you no matter what you do. It is not conditional. But you must begin to help yourselves. Do so and help will arrive from many different places. Help that you did not see coming. Help that you did not know existed. When you open yourselves to what is good inside you and you use your feelings in the right way to guide your actions, you will see an immediate benefit and as a result others who exist on your world will feel an immediate benefit. Because of this you will send out a kind of energetic signal that you are ready. Ready for contact, ready to take responsibility for who you are, ready to go out and and explore the depths of space, ready to become someone who is capable of moving through the cosmos with consideration and with care. That is how you will become space faring. Without this – without allowing what is good inside you to come forth, you will be stuck here or in near Earth space, unable to do anything, without our watching you. Simple. Be good.


© Bright Garlick, 2018.


TSM168 : People Make Mistakes

I’m still catching up on some TSMs that have been waiting to be edited. This one and the next one are the last in the queue and then it’s onto something more recent.

I dedicate this TSM to Mr. Anonymous, Frédéric and Darci for having the courage to go on, despite life turning out different to what you might have imagined it would be. And to Sandor, Nick, Frédéric and Darci for your ongoing kindness, friendship and support.

Life is not easy. This monologue is in part aimed at all of you who work hard to make life work but find that life has other plans for you. Trust in life. For everything leads to now.

In today’s monologue I explore what it means to make mistakes, starting with 8 mistakes that I’ve made. Some of these mistakes were small and seemingly insignificant and some of them were much larger and were far more significant in their impact. After giving you some candid examples from my own life, I talk about what we mean by mistakes and the impact that our mistakes can have on our own lives and the lives of others. I explore the value of our mistakes and the role that our mistakes play in our own development and in the development of our lives. And then speculate on how our mistakes can open up a completely different panorama of possibilities, suggesting that our mistakes can even act as a kind of spiritual manure, helping us to grow in ways that we had never anticipated. I offer you an exercise in self reflection for exploring your own mistakes. Then pushing past the idea of our mistakes being necessary for our growth, I explore the value of fully experiencing our mistakes.

Enjoy ! 😉

PS. People of Earth, Honour Your Mistakes !

PPS. This one is wind free but not tired cold exhausted man free !


TSM167 : Symbols of Self Discovery – Part 1

This monologue was squeezed in while waiting for my son in the car.

In today’s monologue I introduce the idea of symbols of self discovery and begin by discussing a transformative dream I had about picking up an object like an Aboriginal sacred stone (Tjurunga). Sometimes dreams like this are purely symbolic but sometimes they also appear to be bringing information and/or energy from somewhere or someone else.

The symbols that occur in dreams like this can occur in waking and sleeping life. They can come with or without warning and have the potential to act as catalysts opening us up to the journey of self discovery.

Relevant links :

In part 2 I’ll talk about how self reflection and self discovery are a critical part of our growth, the types of universal and idiosyncratic symbols that can facilitate self discovery and how these symbols permeate our psyche and human expressions such as personal and collective art.

Enjoy !

Bright. 😉

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