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Space Faring Humanity

The following is an extract from Dude’s very long answer (80 pages plus) to question 18 of the Interview with An ET book. You can download a copy of this, along with all the other answers and the original questions here : : All typos, bad grammar and mistakes are my own. Transcribing while Dude is talking to me is not always an easy process. This extract has not yet been fully edited but I think it’s reasonably free of errors. Dude and I are currently working on the last question in the book – question 19, which was Dude’s favourite question. The book is currently at 454 pages.

I suppose much of Dude’s answer is common sense really but because there is no such thing as common sense, you can see how far away from becoming space faring we humans actually are. In my view Dude’s answer is a template for a better human civilization. One that is well beyond who we are now but not beyond the capacities of humans in the distant future.

Enjoy this little extract ! 😉


So you asked about some general principles for how a species or a group can evolve. How a particular species or civilization evolves. So let’s look at this from the point of view of a species evolving with all of their differences. I’m going to give you some simple principles for how this can be done. Let’s give you six to start with but we could add more later if you wish. Alright let’s number this. Go for it.


1. Whenever there is the perception of difference, it is important for any individual who experiences this to ask themselves, “How am I different to the other and how am I similar to the other ?”. Every individual should ask that.

2. Whenever a particular difference between any two individuals rises to the point of either a potential conflict or an actual conflict, either individual, should ask themselves, “What is it that I wish to achieve through this conflict and why is it that I am unable to find some common ground with this other person ?”.

3. If there have been hostilities between any two or more people, each individual should consider the following, “Have my actions been congruent with what is important for me in terms of honouring the needs of my own spirit ? And if this is so, what is it that my spirit was seeking from the harm that I have caused the other ? And through causing harm, did I achieve what it was that I sought to achieve ? And regardless of the answer, am I content to live with the consequences of my actions – both the harm that I have caused to the other and the harm that I have caused to others who were either directly or indirectly involved in the situation ?”. So they should ask these questions.

4. Whenever a leader encourages his people – the people that they claim to lead or represent, to undertake activities that will cause further pain, harm or discomfort to another group, it is important that he considers one of three things. Only one – which ever one most resonates with his actions. “Did I do all that I could do to encourage the people I support, lead or represent to find a harmonious way of achieving what they require from a particular situation ? When I encouraged them to take direct action, did I consider the many different people, animals and plants that will be hurt indirectly by my actions ? In doing what I did am I content to live with the situation as it is or will I likely find myself tortured or bothered by some degree of doubt or discomfort ?”. Now the person answers these questions – which ever one most resonates with their actual actions. And then he asks himself this, “What was it that I actually gained for those I try to stand up for and is this going to be worth the effort and the consequences in the long run – when I am dead and gone ?”.

5. Now this is for any particular group of people. It doesn’t matter if it is a family, a religious group, a political group, a society, a club, a friends group, any kind of interest group. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. So long as there is more than 2 people in the group. More than a pair. For each member of that group it is important for them to consider that they exist in their particular group as a relationship with others. Others who are both in their group and others who are not in their group. Now when they see that they are in relationship, they must recognise also that all sense of belonging and importance that they have, arise from their sense of membership of that particular group and the particular relationships that they have with their group and with groups or individuals outside of their group. They do not have this without those relationships. And so it is important that each person asks themselves this, “What is it that I gain from being part of this group, that I do not gain when I am outside and do not belong to this group ?”. And finally, “Within this group is a number of individuals who are like me and others who are not like me. Whenever I encounter these others who are not like me, what is it that I feel and why do I feel what I feel ?”. Be honest about this. For when you see that even in a group of so called like minded individuals or individuals who share a similar value or intention, there is difference and sometimes this difference can play out in the way that these relationships unfold. So every person who belongs to some kind of group has the opportunity to see what it is that makes them comfortable and what it is that makes them uncomfortable. So when they let go of their perception that they belong to a particular group and that there are others outside of that group who are not like them and see the reality that even inside of a group that they feel a belonging to there is difference, they will recognize that difference or the perception of difference exists everywhere. And then they have the opportunity to look past differences, even with others who they believe are very different to themselves.

6. There are moments in every individual’s life, when it is impossible to look past something hurtful that another has done to them. These moments can become something more than moments. They build in numbers, they coalesce, they become a feeling that there is me and the world. That there is a distinction between all that I am and all that the world is. That I am not the world and the world is not me. That I am not like the world and the world is not like me. Some people use this perception to lift themselves above others and some people use it to lower themselves below others. Whatever choice they make, they base it – the behaviour, on a flaw in their fundamental perception of how things are. One who has committed an injurious act against us, has done so out of ignorance of who they are and we are. And so the perpetuation of such acts rests on a foundation of ignorance about our true nature – about the fundamental nature of what each of us is – both in terms of our relationship to each other and in terms of our fundamental condition as a living being with a spirit. So whenever a person injures us, causes harm, hurts or does something for which we can find no forgiveness, it is necessary to ask ourselves something very simple, “Whenever I am hurt, what is actually hurt ?”. Try to understand what is actually hurt. When you understand what is actually hurt, you see that almost all hurt has been created by the person themselves, who has added additional layers of self created hurt to the original hurt – which was brief, which was momentary. They have turned a moment into something with it’s own life span. And as a result it has coloured and distorted all of their perception. See the way that hurt works. See the way that the judgement of other works. And when you understand how it is that what you see as “hurt” works and the way that what you see as “other” works, then you will understand how the relationships that you have become painful, how it is that you are so easily hurt by the human world. And then it will become self evident how you can move through life, invincible to all hurts. Knowing that hurt only exists in the moment and the moment is fleeting. Hurt has no weight at all. Only the weight that you give it.

That is all.

Dude that was pretty weighty for some simple, some general principles. Lots of extra fat attached there. Are you offended by my saying that ?

No Bright, I’m not offended by that. You asked for principles, you got principles. They’re in there with extras to help you understand. Simplify it if you wish.

So Dude, how about some general principles for how a civilization evolves from cave man to space man ?

Alright. This time I want you to number 8 things.


1. Every individual must take responsibility for who they are. What does this mean ? It means they must take responsibility for their own actions.2. Every group that claims to represent a group of individuals must attend to the particular needs of the individuals that it believes it can support. And if it cannot, it ought to where possible identify other groups that can help the individual to attend to their needs.

3. Every group who has the potential to come in conflict with another group, must explore how it is possible to find common ground and to bring these ideas to fruition in terms of action and build upon this action with as many as possible other opportunities for finding and developing common ground.

4. Every leader – whether it is a leader of a community group, a business, a government or whatever must take responsibility for representing the needs of those individuals who come to that group to fulfill a particular purpose. That is, it is imperative that they identify the goals or objectives of each individual in being part of that group and take actions to make sure that those needs are addressed, wherever possible. In addition they must only allow themselves to serve that group when they have been given that role through a kind of process that allowed every individual to cast some sort of vote, some sort of nomination. The rights of every individual in that group must be acknowledged with an equals value. The abuse of power that occurs in all human institutions is a result of individual ignorance and the placing of an individuals needs above the needs of others. So every leader needs to find how it is possible to address their own needs while respecting the needs of very individual in that group. They start with identifying their needs, what needs can be addressed and addressing those needs. No leader should take it upon themselves to decide what the needs of the individual members of that group are. That is them forcing their own ideals on the needs of others. That is unfair. Only fairness should be allowed.

5. Where there is a desire for one group of people to do something – whether it is to have something, to develop something, to acquire something, to take something that is not readily available to others, they need to consider 3 things :
What will be the impact of our having this thing, in terms of it’s impact on the individuals in our group and other individuals who are not in our group ?
What is the impact of our having this thing, in terms of it’s impact on other living things and on the natural health of the planet ?
When we make these choices have we considered the impact of our choices on the well-being of humans and other living things in the immediate time period and in time periods to follow ? That is, can we see how our actions will cause things to change and effect the well being of other living things throughout time. Whether it is in recent time or in distant time ?

6. When you consider yourself as an individual, always remember that no individual can exist as an individual without something from others. An individual only exists as an individual because there something much larger than themselves. “What is it then that will help me as an individual to fulfill my own needs, while at the same time fulfilling the needs of the larger whole ?”. In other words, whenever a person acts in the world, they need to recognise that there actions do not occur in isolation. How is it then that they can act in a way that honours and respects that they have a right to fulfill their needs and the whole has a right to honour and respect it’s needs. If every person considers that they are this totality in every moment of their lives, they will see that to act just as an individual is unreasonable. It hurts themselves and it hurts others. They are connected and at one with the totality. They must respect the totality. They must consider the totality as a guiding structure in the actions that flow through their life. But at the same time try not to ignore their own needs. Just do so in a way that is considerate of something else. Something that goes beyond just me. Think about this and you will understand.

7. Whenever there is the possibility of escalating conflict whether it is between two individuals or a group of individuals – be it a sports team or a nation – whatever, each individual must remember that in striking out against the other, he strikes out against himself. What he puts out will come back to him. Maybe not immediately or not even any time soon. But eventually in some way, what he has given out will come back to him. Every person must consider what is the safest possible way to deal with a particular conflict to try to minimise the harm that arises and goes out into the world. For harm, once it has been created does not just disappear. It goes from a person’s actions into their own being and then flows through new actions into the being of others. It foes on and on and on, out into the world, infecting the well being of other living things, causing new harm and new possibilities for further conflict and harm to arise. It is not possible for conflict that has turned into something significant to simply disappear from existence. Harm creates a feeling and this feeling creates more feeling. It creates feeling that multiplies, that replicates and creates new actions and some of these new actions create new conflict and new harm and so on. The cycle continues, spiraling through space in all directions. Whenever a person is in a situation when it looks like things can get worse, they can ask themselves this and be honest with what they unearth, “I am here now hurting for some reason that I do not understand. I am upset about something that I do not fully understand. If I allow myself to become angry and to become more outraged and I engage in causing greater harm, will I make the situation better or worse ? Will I solve the problem ? Will I find a way to be at peace with how things are by causing harm ? Will harm bring me what I need? If they do this with great honesty they will recognise that the desire to fulfill this rage, this anger this desire for an outburst that causes more harm will do nothing but fulfill a short term satisfaction that I got what I wanted. In the long run it will solve nothing. When they see this, they recognise this to be true, they can choose a path in which there is less desire for conflict and path in which the outcome is less hurt for all involved. And then when a situation has been diffused, there is always a way to find some common ground. And when there is common ground, there is a way to move forward and a way to overcome the sense of other and conquering.

8. Humanity (in this particular case) is capable of great good in the cosmos. It is capable of creating amazing discovery and using that discovery to do things that he has only dreamed about. his dreams are just the beginning of what is possible. There are things that lay in the human future that man has not even dreamed about. Things that are beyond his imagination. Man must use that power of imagination to see what is good inside himself and do everything to bring what is good outside and into the world. Because whatever he wants will only come to him when acts from a place a great good and great kindness. It will not come about through great or selfishness or the desire to hurt others or have what he wants at any expanse. Man has countless opportunities to do good in his individual life and in the life of his civilization. But he loses sight of this caught up in all his selfish desires for moving beyond something that he thinks is not good enough. man must see that what he has – his Earth and all the life on his Earth is plenty good enough, is more than good enough, more than he deserves and start to show that he appreciates what he has. Show that to himself and show that to the other living beings of his planet – who deserve his respect. When man can show that to his own planet, can bring that degree of goodness, that degree of kindness and love to his own world, then and only then can he move from being stuck on Earth or near Earth space to being a truly space faring civilization. If he does not make such changes he will cause endless pain for himself and for the other living beings on his world. There are those of us that help you as a species, as a civilization, as individuals to find what is good inside of you. You do not need our help. You can make mistakes. We help you because we care. And if we do not help you, you will cause so much suffering for your world. Listen and learn how we have overcome our obstacles and let us help you to help yourselves. Every race in every place who has ever become space faring, has had the help of another who has gone before in some way. We all help each other. There is a totality and we honour and respect that totality. You are part of that, we are part of that. We will help you no matter what you do. It is not conditional. But you must begin to help yourselves. Do so and help will arrive from many different places. Help that you did not see coming. Help that you did not know existed. When you open yourselves to what is good inside you and you use your feelings in the right way to guide your actions, you will see an immediate benefit and as a result others who exist on your world will feel an immediate benefit. Because of this you will send out a kind of energetic signal that you are ready. Ready for contact, ready to take responsibility for who you are, ready to go out and and explore the depths of space, ready to become someone who is capable of moving through the cosmos with consideration and with care. That is how you will become space faring. Without this – without allowing what is good inside you to come forth, you will be stuck here or in near Earth space, unable to do anything, without our watching you. Simple. Be good.


© Bright Garlick, 2018.



TSM168 : People Make Mistakes

I’m still catching up on some TSMs that have been waiting to be edited. This one and the next one are the last in the queue and then it’s onto something more recent.

I dedicate this TSM to Mr. Anonymous, Frédéric and Darci for having the courage to go on, despite life turning out different to what you might have imagined it would be. And to Sandor, Nick, Frédéric and Darci for your ongoing kindness, friendship and support.

Life is not easy. This monologue is in part aimed at all of you who work hard to make life work but find that life has other plans for you. Trust in life. For everything leads to now.

In today’s monologue I explore what it means to make mistakes, starting with 8 mistakes that I’ve made. Some of these mistakes were small and seemingly insignificant and some of them were much larger and were far more significant in their impact. After giving you some candid examples from my own life, I talk about what we mean by mistakes and the impact that our mistakes can have on our own lives and the lives of others. I explore the value of our mistakes and the role that our mistakes play in our own development and in the development of our lives. And then speculate on how our mistakes can open up a completely different panorama of possibilities, suggesting that our mistakes can even act as a kind of spiritual manure, helping us to grow in ways that we had never anticipated. I offer you an exercise in self reflection for exploring your own mistakes. Then pushing past the idea of our mistakes being necessary for our growth, I explore the value of fully experiencing our mistakes.

Enjoy ! 😉

PS. People of Earth, Honour Your Mistakes !

PPS. This one is wind free but not tired cold exhausted man free !


TSM167 : Symbols of Self Discovery – Part 1

This monologue was squeezed in while waiting for my son in the car.

In today’s monologue I introduce the idea of symbols of self discovery and begin by discussing a transformative dream I had about picking up an object like an Aboriginal sacred stone (Tjurunga). Sometimes dreams like this are purely symbolic but sometimes they also appear to be bringing information and/or energy from somewhere or someone else.

The symbols that occur in dreams like this can occur in waking and sleeping life. They can come with or without warning and have the potential to act as catalysts opening us up to the journey of self discovery.

Relevant links :

In part 2 I’ll talk about how self reflection and self discovery are a critical part of our growth, the types of universal and idiosyncratic symbols that can facilitate self discovery and how these symbols permeate our psyche and human expressions such as personal and collective art.

Enjoy !

Bright. 😉

The Having of Wisdom and ET Contact

I recently posted this and this Two people responded with such profound comments that I thought I should post them here because they basically sum up everything I have tried to convey about ET contact and the desire for contact.

Thanks Darci and thanks Ethan for making ET and I feel worthwhile for me and for really understanding the essence of what I have been trying to convey for the last decade. Your wisdom provides a beacon for others who also yearn to have contact but know that something is missing in their understanding.

It’s comments like these that make me feel like, “Holy shit someone gets it ! I have done something good after all !”.

For both Darci and Ethan face to face contact is merely a matter of time and patience. You already have all the qualities that you need.


What would I ask an ET if I had the chance? I have pondered that question for hours and everything seems ridiculous and shallow compared to the presence of an ET revealing itself to me. I have tried to really zero in on what my most important need to know is. I do have many questions but my biggest need is to experience a true ET encounter. I think once I have had that experience, (that I can remember), I will not need to know anything else. What that would symbolize to me is wide open possibilities, the true experience of “something more” and the complete and absolute destruction of any residual subconscious ties to religiosity, which in turn will free me of fear. I have imagined so many times turning around and seeing an ET standing there. I have tried to feel what that would be like. I feel soooo ready. I can remain calm, I can manage the threat and fear response, I can be myself…. so I think. Obviously that is not true or I would have had it already. I’m working on me. Trying to be honest. Trying to be real. Trying to prepare myself by allowing myself to feel. But knowing is NOT knowing. Contact is the only true knowing. That is ALL that I need. Everything else, all questions, are secondary.
Love as always,
This is so perfectly articulated and encapsulates exactly what I myself have been feeling for months about this subject. I am fortunate enough that I am given the privilege by our cosmic friends of being visited fairly routinely in all manner of subtle ways through the manifestation of energy forms, sonic frequencies, and rarely, physically manifested craft. However like you, I have never had a direct interactive experience with another ET being (at least none that I remember). And I am aware as you so aptly explained, that all of these brilliant experiences would still utterly pale in comparison to a direct interaction with such a being. But what struck me so deeply, was how you were able to perfectly capture the quintessential dilemma of our experience as it relates to direct contact. Which is that feeling of desperately wanting to have a direct contact experience, thinking you are ready for direct contact, thinking that you can manage the threat and fear responses, that you can resist the impulse to fall back upon all of the foolish and embarrassing stereotypes and prejudices that inform our daily human experience in the world, and then realizing that you are the farthest thing from that and that if you were actually able to manage those things, you would have probably already had such an experience. Then I consider Dude’s maxims and how fear is really just a product of expectation and a desire for control. And that because of the uncertainty and fragility of human existence, it is so challenging to actually let go of those expectations, and that desire for control of our life circumstances. I know that I would feel so ashamed of myself if I were ever to have such a contact experience and I were to allow myself to focus on something superfluous like the physiology or appearance of the being, or the way that they might present themselves to me. But precisely for that reason among many others, I know I am not ready and I have to assume they know this too. As you also articulated so well, such an experience would put every other human experience, and indeed every other human conception into perspective. And it would open wide the human world of experience to the true breadth of possibility that exists in all that there is. And finally just as you have, I always seem to arrive at the same conclusion that I must continue to work on me, to find ways to engage with both the natural world and all human beings in a way that is respectful, compassionate, sensitive, and open. And hopefully one day I will be able to reach a level of spiritual and emotional maturity that makes me worthy of such an interaction. But even if that day will never arrive, I resolve to not lose faith in the process of self betterment and outward love and connection with the world and all of the incredible beings and creatures within it. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak about your personal experience regarding this subject. It was very touching and helped me greatly to better understand and relate my own experiences.
P.S. Sorry for commandeering your post to speak to someone else Bright, as always you and your writing are a beacon of hope and encouragement to all of us that the world is not as absurd or indifferent as it so often seems and that magic is real if you know where to look 🙂
With fondness,



How to Make ET Contact blog

Hey folks, just to let you know I have been working on a new blog “How to Make ET Contact” – which is where you’ll be able to find the How to Make ET Contact audio course.

The surveillance dudes and dudettes have been watching it since day one – which is really very funny !

I still have some work to do on the site and of course audio content to finish creating. As some of you will recall, I’ve been pretty lousy on sticking to a deadline on getting the course completed. So all I can say for now is that I am working towards having it done soon. Life is pretty busy at the moment and I have some other very important priorities taking up much of my time, so I am doing my best.

Please remember that those of you who have supported me with $50 or more donations will have free access to all the content.

Now because I don’t visit any of my blogs the way that you do, I forget that WordPress puts advertising on each blog, so if it would be useful to me if you could tell me how much advertising and what type of advertising appears on each of my blogs. The How to Make ET Contact blog will probably be a business blog that will have no advertising but for now it’s a free blog and likely to have advertising on it. I hate advertising but I guess that’s how we creators get things for free !

If you have any feedback on the blog please consider sharing it here on this page and I’ll take it into account in the final remake.

Be well People of Earth !

Over and out,

Brighticus. 😉

PS. The new blog is dedicated to :

Sandor N, Nick M, Mr Anonymous of Melbourne, Frédéric H, Catharine C, Darci A, Gabriele S, Janet G, Oliver L, Marcel H, Radek W, Maria R and Derek R for all your encouragement and financial support.

Frédéric H, Sandor N and Nick M for the friendship and for allowing me the privilege of Project Kingdom !

Sandor N and Jacqui B for travelling to the other side of the world to say hi and thank you !

Rachel Bree for our beautiful son Toa, for putting up with countless hours of ET talk, for showing me the way and introducing me to our ET friend Dude. And for giving up years of your life working in secrecy with ETs in covert projects, for the well being of Earth.

Toa Garlick for putting up with countless hours of ET talk and losing your dad to endless days and nights of ET contact. And for putting up with not having a normal dad.

All the wonderful people who believe in what I am doing and who have found value in what I have to share.


Inside Your Skin

So many of us move through life unaware of how everything that we percieve is from just our perspective. We constantly batter others with our way of seeing things and forget that other people also have a valid way of seeing things – even if it’s objectively skewed.

Here’s a simple exercise in getting inside the skin of another and seeing the world from their point of view :

  1. Take any emotional event that involved you and another person.
  2. Go through the event as best as you can from your own point of view.
  3. Feel everything completely.
  4. Now rest a little and let everything go.
  5. Now imagine that you are the other person and see the event unfold as they might have seen it.
  6. Feel everything completely and suspend all judgement.
  7. Now imagine how it might feel for that person after the event and any feelings they might have as a result of the event and your reaction to it.
  8. Finally, imagine watching the event from an omniscient point of view in which you see it unfolding between two people and yet you understand how both of them are feeling.
  9. See that both people have a point of view and feelings that are unique and valid to them.
  10. Come back to being your self. Try to understand now what it was like to be the other person in that situation and see if you can take a little of that insight into your future interactions with them, being mindful of your reactivity towards them.

Notice if you can how perspective and perception are closely linked. Imagine then how ETs might try to understand us. Not by sending exotic signals through space or meeting our leaders but by getting inside our skins and by observing how we interact with each other.

Non-Bono (Sam) and Bono below both have their own unique experience of singing Running to Stand Still.


Paid TSMs

Hey folks, just to let you know that I’m playing around with the idea of making some paid TSMs, that will be available on an episode by episode basis. They will be an occasional feature of the TSMs. This will be unrelated to the ET contact audio series, although some of the subjects covered will compliment it. Instead it will be related to other subjects I’ve been thinking about talking about for some time. Things like :

  • How to enhance Remote Viewing skills (remember I don’t use remote viewing per se, I use a method called Journeying – which involves materialising another body but there are exercises related to that practice that would help anyone practising RV).
  • Enhancing your ability to recall ET contact experiences (this won’t be about the actual practice of retrieval but how to enhance that practice – as you know I’m highly critical of regression therapy, so this will offer an alternative).
  • Strengthening memory exercises.
  • Enhancing perception (this will follow up on the material I have previously shared here).
  • Curing addiction (how to cure any addiction through cognition, perception and somatic exploration).
  • Elemental movement (which is a new kind of Qi Gong I developed but I guess it’s not strictly speaking Qi Gong).
  • Sharing energy and memories with trees (which will explore the practice I outlined in TSM3 in greater detail).

That’s just a few that come to mind. I’ll probably offer a lot more. Most of the material will build on other things that I’ve previously discussed in the TSMs or on the blog. So in a sense it will be complimentary but it will also take some subjects much further.

Any one who has made a donation of $50 or more will have full access to these episodes. As will anyone who makes a donation of $50 or more any time in the future. I figured that after making a 150 plus free episodes, I might chuck in the odd paid one. The cost will probably be $10 an episode and unlike the other TSMs they’ll be made inside without the wind, clicks and other annoying sounds that often accompany my other TSMs. Most of them will be at least an hour long.

What are your thoughts on some paid TSMs ?

My son keeps bugging me about making my own website, so after many years I’m finally toying seriously with that idea. It still seems a little ‘me-centric’ for my like but it maybe something I end up doing as a way of bringing together all the things I’d like to express. Naturally the paid TSMs would also be available there. As would the video courses I am looking to create.

Thanks to Frédéric for encouraging me to revisit the idea of paid TSMs! It’s something I thought about doing long ago but it just fell off the radar !

Change is a natural part of life and I figure it’s time I injected a little fresh blood into what I’m doing !

Adios amigos,

Brighty. 😉

How to Categorise ET Civilisations

I’ve always felt that the well known approaches to categorising ET civilisations are arrogant, naive and myopic. I have my own model which one day I’ll include in my book of essays on Alienology, which goes well beyond the well known models. So why do I think so poorly of models like the Kardashev Scale and Michio Kaku civilisation types ? Essentially it gets down to their limited assessment of a civilisation based on technological development. Assessing an ET civilisation based on their technological development, does a couple of things :

  1. It projects our understanding of reality on the ETs.
  2. It projects our understanding of potential technologies and energy sources on the ETs.
  3. It structures our perception of ETs around technology and ignores spiritual development, social organisation, cultural development etc.

There are so many ways to model, categorise and compare civilisations. Why would we limit ourselves to our own limitations and to one aspect of a civilisation ? I don’t get that ! Nor do I get why we leave such things to scientists ? If we must categorise ET civilisations as we seem to want to do with everything we encounter : sense, perceive, group/class/classify/categorise, judge, react; then surely we can do it collaboratively with the input of people from all kinds of disciplines, who bring with them many different perspectives and aspects for us to assess, evaluate and understand !

And why would we place technological development above spiritual development ? That makes no fucking sense to me ! Except that it’s done by people who have spent so much time with their heads up their arses thinking about science and technology that they’ve forgotten to explore what it means to be alive and to grow as human beings. Spiritual development has to be a critical aspect of any categorisation of ET civilisations ! Making an assessment like this will teach us so much about ourselves, about how we project what we know about ourselves onto ETs and about ET spirituality. We’ll have to decide to abandon the notion of comparative levels and to recognise both difference and similarity for what it is. Not better than or worse than ! If we truly embrace spiritual development as a critical signature of how we might understand an ET civilisation, then we might actually be forced to understand the process of growth, change and evolution (and if evolution even exists !). And we might also be forced to ask hard questions of ourselves, like :

  • How do we want to be as a species ?
  • How do we want to grow as a species ?
  • What are a critical faults, strengths, weaknesses and potentials as a species ?
  • How might we get from here to there in our development  ?
  • What obstacles and challenges must we face and overcome if we are to grow spiritually as a species ?

There are of course many dangers of focusing too much on spiritual development or on emphasising spiritual development out of context. We might for example fall into a Ken Wilbur’ish form of self grandiosity at having seen all possibilities when we have actually seen nothing. Or more likely, we’ll develop spiritual development categories that like the Wilbur models, establish a kind of elitism towards which only certain humans can aspire and through which we can put the ETs in their place ! Any focus on spirituality has to be done through a lens like comparative religion, in which things are seen as they are and not categorised into levels – which ultimately depend on judgement and opinion. Factors which change all the time. For example, temperament and personality are ideas that are always in flux. What is popular today will be dead in a hundred years ! So any ideas that we create about categorising, must be flexible and open to change.  

There is so much more we can do with how we look at and approach this entire concept of categorising civilisations. And up to this point, all we have is a handful of stuck up scientists telling us how it should be done and the rest of the human race watching from the sidelines like children at a circus !

If we are to truly develop a discipline like Alienology (and that’s just one possible, albeit lame name for such a discipline – I can’t stand Exopolitics and the like) in order to devote serious time, money, thinking and feeling towards understanding extraterrestrial life; then we must get past this science and technology driven way of approaching the subject !

Ultimately it’s science and technology that created so many of our human problems and that is pushing us towards the exploitation and weaponization of space. But it will be spirituality that helps us to grow enough to be truly ready to become space faring. We humans are kept non space faring because like certain men who think and acts with their dicks, we act with our heads and our technology and not with our hearts and our spirituality. Growing up is about learning to harmonise all aspects of our humanity. Right now it isn’t dick driven scientists and greedy fucking business men and politicians that make contact with ETs ! It’s people who know how to genuinely feel and who have a heart felt connection to the world around them. For whom separation, comparison and competition are irrelevant !

How would you look at an ET civilisation ? And how would you want them to look at us ?


TSM146 : The Relativity of Our Humanity

In this monologue I introduce the idea that there is a relativity to our humanity.

Many humans like to believe that we are more than human and that’s all, while others argue that we are merely a living organism and nothing more. I argue that we are both transcendent and ordinary ! Some people try so hard to be more than human and forget their humanness – at great cost ! While others revel and suffer in their humanness, ignorant of other aspects of their being.

We humans also believe that we are separate and forget that we are defined by our relationship to each other and the natural world. We are in relationship with all of existence ! We become consumed and preoccupied by our roles and forget that they are created by relationships.

There are many people who didn’t receive what they needed to feel like whole human beings. I ask if it’s possible to reskill people in love and intimacy to create new bonds and attachments in groups of people who are bound by suffering.

TSM144 : Aloneness & Loneliness – Symptoms of the Human Condition

This monologue gets off to a bit of a rambling start with my venting about killer feral cats etc. but 13 mins in, things begin proper.

The issue of aloneness & loneliness is an issue that is close to my heart. In today’s walk and talk I approach the issue of aloneness & loneliness by talking about my son’s life (with his permission) and my own adolescence. I’m often amazed at how sometimes, our children mirror our own lives. What is aloneness & what is loneliness and how does our authentic self relate to the experience of loneliness ? Does loneliness only happen to introverts or are extroverts equally vulnerable, to this most painful symptom of the human condition ?

Loneliness is a universal experience. Today I ponder some potential solutions to loneliness and speculate as to whether whether or not loneliness plays a significant role in our lives.

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