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An Assumption of Non-Hostility

Here’s a nice extract I received in my emails today from one of Steven Greer’s books on maintaining a purity in our consciousness and an assumption of non hostility :


The Having of Wisdom and ET Contact

I recently posted this and this Two people responded with such profound comments that I thought I should post them here because they basically sum up everything I have tried to convey about ET contact and the desire for contact.

Thanks Darci and thanks Ethan for making ET and I feel worthwhile for me and for really understanding the essence of what I have been trying to convey for the last decade. Your wisdom provides a beacon for others who also yearn to have contact but know that something is missing in their understanding.

It’s comments like these that make me feel like, “Holy shit someone gets it ! I have done something good after all !”.

For both Darci and Ethan face to face contact is merely a matter of time and patience. You already have all the qualities that you need.


What would I ask an ET if I had the chance? I have pondered that question for hours and everything seems ridiculous and shallow compared to the presence of an ET revealing itself to me. I have tried to really zero in on what my most important need to know is. I do have many questions but my biggest need is to experience a true ET encounter. I think once I have had that experience, (that I can remember), I will not need to know anything else. What that would symbolize to me is wide open possibilities, the true experience of “something more” and the complete and absolute destruction of any residual subconscious ties to religiosity, which in turn will free me of fear. I have imagined so many times turning around and seeing an ET standing there. I have tried to feel what that would be like. I feel soooo ready. I can remain calm, I can manage the threat and fear response, I can be myself…. so I think. Obviously that is not true or I would have had it already. I’m working on me. Trying to be honest. Trying to be real. Trying to prepare myself by allowing myself to feel. But knowing is NOT knowing. Contact is the only true knowing. That is ALL that I need. Everything else, all questions, are secondary.
Love as always,
This is so perfectly articulated and encapsulates exactly what I myself have been feeling for months about this subject. I am fortunate enough that I am given the privilege by our cosmic friends of being visited fairly routinely in all manner of subtle ways through the manifestation of energy forms, sonic frequencies, and rarely, physically manifested craft. However like you, I have never had a direct interactive experience with another ET being (at least none that I remember). And I am aware as you so aptly explained, that all of these brilliant experiences would still utterly pale in comparison to a direct interaction with such a being. But what struck me so deeply, was how you were able to perfectly capture the quintessential dilemma of our experience as it relates to direct contact. Which is that feeling of desperately wanting to have a direct contact experience, thinking you are ready for direct contact, thinking that you can manage the threat and fear responses, that you can resist the impulse to fall back upon all of the foolish and embarrassing stereotypes and prejudices that inform our daily human experience in the world, and then realizing that you are the farthest thing from that and that if you were actually able to manage those things, you would have probably already had such an experience. Then I consider Dude’s maxims and how fear is really just a product of expectation and a desire for control. And that because of the uncertainty and fragility of human existence, it is so challenging to actually let go of those expectations, and that desire for control of our life circumstances. I know that I would feel so ashamed of myself if I were ever to have such a contact experience and I were to allow myself to focus on something superfluous like the physiology or appearance of the being, or the way that they might present themselves to me. But precisely for that reason among many others, I know I am not ready and I have to assume they know this too. As you also articulated so well, such an experience would put every other human experience, and indeed every other human conception into perspective. And it would open wide the human world of experience to the true breadth of possibility that exists in all that there is. And finally just as you have, I always seem to arrive at the same conclusion that I must continue to work on me, to find ways to engage with both the natural world and all human beings in a way that is respectful, compassionate, sensitive, and open. And hopefully one day I will be able to reach a level of spiritual and emotional maturity that makes me worthy of such an interaction. But even if that day will never arrive, I resolve to not lose faith in the process of self betterment and outward love and connection with the world and all of the incredible beings and creatures within it. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak about your personal experience regarding this subject. It was very touching and helped me greatly to better understand and relate my own experiences.
P.S. Sorry for commandeering your post to speak to someone else Bright, as always you and your writing are a beacon of hope and encouragement to all of us that the world is not as absurd or indifferent as it so often seems and that magic is real if you know where to look 🙂
With fondness,



How to Make ET Contact Audio Course Outline

Hey folks, just to let you know that I have finished designing the How to Make ET Contact audio course and that you can download the course outline here on the other blog : or here on BOX : I decided to cull much of what I had planned for the course and will include everything (about twice as much) in the How to Make ET Contact book that I intend on writing.

Thus far the course is likely to be in 7 parts and will include about 10-12 audio tracks.

I’d be curious to hear your feedback.

Happy trails,

Brightus Garlicus. 😉


ET Conversations 5 – The ET Push Towards Greater Complexity & Greater Sentience

What follows is an extract from the interview with Dude. This was a part of his response to question 7 (Could you please talk a little more about the relationship that ET races have with human kind ?). You can read the entire answer to that question here : and find links to the parts of the Interview with an ET (Dude) book that I have shared here : And for those who are wondering, I still have one question to ask Dude to complete the interview book but I’ve been so busy with life, my health issues, doing farm stuff and supporting my son; that I haven’t had time to get back to it ! It will happen eventually ! Until the book is published, you can download all the extracts. I haven’t corrected the book proofs yet, so there may still be some typos in this extract.

The subject of ET intervention on Earth was an interesting subject for me to discuss with Dude and since the interview we have had several additional conversations on the subject. I always wondered why life on Earth diversified so much and why there are so many complex life forms. In this extract Dude talks a little about that subject and the importance of sentience. It maybe interesting to note that after my bedroom interaction with the Teal’hia in 1997, I wrote a short story about the event called Sentience, Why Doest Thou Gaze ?. After this conversation with Dude, I fully understood that particular mystery !

Wikipedia defines Sentience as “the capacity to feel, perceive or experience subjectively”. and I think Dude was referring to it in a similar way.

Enjoy ! 😉



Bright : Doesn’t all life matter anyway ? I am not sure I understand the emphasis on greater sentience !

Dude : OK let me explain it to you this way. All life matters and is considered significant by us and most space faring races. All those in the higher collectives value life per se for what it is, not how intelligent or how sentient it is. But there is a natural tendency throughout the cosmos for certain life forms to continue development in certain ways. Sentience allows or provides the opportunity for the development of further sentience. Consciousness facilitates consciousness. So when we say that we facilitate the growth and development of complex life forms, we are saying that we foster the development of sentience. The development of this higher sentience, provides the possibility for us to further accelerate the development of the species and to develop the responsibilities of that particular species. When highly developed life forms develop high levels of sentience, they also develop greater levels of responsibility and when they become more responsible, they help in the development of diversity and in the development of well being for the entire planet. Highly developed organisms – complex organisms with highly developed sentience, have responsibilities to the other species on their planet. They become like custodians. They develop an awareness of the needs of others and of the whole and they work towards these ends.

B : So Dude, why not just keep simple life forms and not have to deal with the hassle that arises with complex life forms ?

D : OK, so that’s a good question. You must understand, that it isn’t black and white. Sometimes a planet will remain developed at a certain level and as far as anyone can tell, it always remains at that level. These kinds of planets or life sustaining structures are rare. But they exist. Mostly however, planets are developed in such a way, that there is a gradual increase in the complexity of the life forms and an increase in the development of sentience. It is done because the benefits of developing complexity in this way provide far great opportunities for life to express itself. Sure, there are places where it’s kept simple. And usually these places are very beautiful and serene but there is very little happening there on a macroscopic level and these planets in general, cannot be involved in greater responsibility, as would other planets and their species. They remain a kind of way point for people to visit – for other species to enjoy and to investigate but they do not develop any greater involvement in the larger collective of life. And that’s OK but that is, as I said, a rarer kind of thing. Mostly, so far as the planets that I understand have been seeded, what happens is that there is a clear plan about how life will be gradually developed, so that it facilitates the development of beings who can be responsible and partake in the larger collectives. These races, when they develop successfully, are then able to become life makers themselves and participate in the responsibility of raising life and monitoring it’s evolution and growth.

So that is our race. That was our primary focus early on. We are still involved in helping you to evolve emotionally and spiritually. We are educating those in power about the nature of the cosmos that they wish to inherit. But we are doing so slowly and as we see fit. They don’t get to know anything we do not want them to know. Things happen slowly as they are required….

Ya wanna keep going or next question ?

B : Anything else you want to add here ? I’m pretty tired now.

D : I’ll give you one more thing about our relationship. I’ll keep it brief ! There are lots of us right – lots of different races. And most of us are doing similar work in one way or another but some of us are doing something a little bit different. Each race has their own interest in you or your planet. But most of us work in a similar way. We’re here to help the planet and to help humanity to slowly, emphasise slowly, evolve ! We’re patient ! Even though sometimes, I might not be !

So along the way, we have these experiences with you. These individual experiences. Like the ones I told you about. We meet people we like and we feel some attachment to them and we stay involved in their lives as long as we can. We’re there for them. Sometimes we help and sometimes we just observe. But we consider them beings we care about. Sometimes friends and sometimes they don’t know we exist. We’re just there in the background.

As you grow as a species, each one of you has the opportunity to interact with us personally. But very few humans ever take that opportunity serious. Only a handful of humans are ever doing that at any given time. So these humans have the opportunity to develop a relationship with us. And through this relationship we both grow, we both learn and we both have something else which brings us joy and sometimes sadness. Consider this : These humans, like you and like Rachel, who have developed personal relationships with us, you have opened yourselves up to a level of development and a level of interaction with something that is way beyond what most people know in their day to day existence. And because you have done this, you have given yourself something, which will help you to grow and to mature spiritually, to prepare you for the many different challenges which will enter your life and the life of your species and your planet. This in itself is helping in the development of your species. It is helping to enhance the sentience of WHO YOU ARE – both individually and collectively. All be it that it is happening slowly at the collective level – it is none the less, still happening.

That’s all for now. Do you get it, what I am telling you ?

B : Yes Dude !

D : OK then, how about we continue tomorrow ?

B : Good idea. I’m buggered !…


How to Make ET Contact blog

Hey folks, just to let you know I have been working on a new blog “How to Make ET Contact” – which is where you’ll be able to find the How to Make ET Contact audio course.

The surveillance dudes and dudettes have been watching it since day one – which is really very funny !

I still have some work to do on the site and of course audio content to finish creating. As some of you will recall, I’ve been pretty lousy on sticking to a deadline on getting the course completed. So all I can say for now is that I am working towards having it done soon. Life is pretty busy at the moment and I have some other very important priorities taking up much of my time, so I am doing my best.

Please remember that those of you who have supported me with $50 or more donations will have free access to all the content.

Now because I don’t visit any of my blogs the way that you do, I forget that WordPress puts advertising on each blog, so if it would be useful to me if you could tell me how much advertising and what type of advertising appears on each of my blogs. The How to Make ET Contact blog will probably be a business blog that will have no advertising but for now it’s a free blog and likely to have advertising on it. I hate advertising but I guess that’s how we creators get things for free !

If you have any feedback on the blog please consider sharing it here on this page and I’ll take it into account in the final remake.

Be well People of Earth !

Over and out,

Brighticus. 😉

PS. The new blog is dedicated to :

Sandor N, Nick M, Mr Anonymous of Melbourne, Frédéric H, Catharine C, Darci A, Gabriele S, Janet G, Oliver L, Marcel H, Radek W, Maria R and Derek R for all your encouragement and financial support.

Frédéric H, Sandor N and Nick M for the friendship and for allowing me the privilege of Project Kingdom !

Sandor N and Jacqui B for travelling to the other side of the world to say hi and thank you !

Rachel Bree for our beautiful son Toa, for putting up with countless hours of ET talk, for showing me the way and introducing me to our ET friend Dude. And for giving up years of your life working in secrecy with ETs in covert projects, for the well being of Earth.

Toa Garlick for putting up with countless hours of ET talk and losing your dad to endless days and nights of ET contact. And for putting up with not having a normal dad.

All the wonderful people who believe in what I am doing and who have found value in what I have to share.


How to Make ET Contact…Again

Here’s another set of hints regarding how to make ET contact. First go right, in order to go left. Keep going right as often as you need to and eventually you’ll go left !

So how the hell can you make contact with beings from far far away ? In no particular order :

  1. Show as much love as you can to your partner and your children. Do things for them without any expectation of anything in return.
  2. Value your friends.
  3. Show kindness to strangers because it matters.
  4. Take an avid interest in the world around you. The human world and the natural world.
  5. Get to know the natural world intimately. Take an interest in connecting with the plants, birds, mammals or insects in your neck of the woods. Get to know at least one alien on Earth. For me, it’s ants and birds. For you, it maybe something right in front of you that you’ve spent a lifetime ignoring or taking for granted.
  6. Moderate your fear, hostility and desire for control. Try to understand them.
  7. See your sense of separation and see how connected you are to every thing.
  8. Notice how much you react to things. Do you really have any free will ? Try to create a sense of space inside you as often as possible, so that your reactivity subsides. It ain’t easy to be free of reactivity but all of us can do better.
  9. Learn to love and enjoy novelty. It’s easy to become entrenched in old habits and a comfort zone. See what happens when you stay open to the new.
  10. Pay attention to what makes your heart feel good and what makes your heart feel bad. What kinds of sensations do you experience ?
  11. Pay attention to how your body reacts to different people, relationships and experiences. What sensations do you experience when something is good and something is bad ?
  12. Find joy in the simple things – like breathing, listening to bird song, enjoying the sun’s rays, listening to powerful music, spending time with people who matter, eating good food, walking, moving your body, touching and being touched.
  13. See if you can get through an entire day without judging others. Whether on television, online or in real life. And then see if you can work with that in ordinary life.

Each of these hints has some quality within them, which will change how you function and make you more appealing to ETs. No one like’s an arrogant SOB, an ego maniac or a perpetually wounded birdy. When you are like this, there is less reason to form a relationship with you. Separation breeds hostility ! But when you unction in a healthy way and feel your connection to all life, you literally radiate “Pick me, pick me !”, your whole being acts like a beacon and contact comes naturally as a consequence of who you are.

ET contact came naturally to me because I am naturally kind and caring. I have an interest in the world around me and the wider world – both the human and the natural world. I take responsibility for who I am and how I function. Even when I’m an arsehole ! I am able to understand many different perspectives, even though I may not agree with them. And I am open to novelty and my heart and my mind are open to new experiences. I do try hard to live without fear, expectation or a desire for control but these are ongoing challenges, as I think they are for all human beings. Who I am is who I am. The ETs recognise my weaknesses and I radiate out human frailty but in another way I radiate strength, love and integrity. When I approach ET contact I do so without any bullshit ! I need absolute honesty or they will see right through me and I will lose all possibility of connecting with them. So in a sense, deep and honest self reflection is absolutely critical. As I keep saying, know thyself ! Know thyself and you will know the cosmos ! It ain’t rocket science ! And you don’t need a set of special protocols ! Just you, as fully aware as you can be.


What’s Under My Kilt !

The last two months have been pretty tough for this old body. I’ve been having some very uncomfortable reactions to my tumour medication and the abdominal swelling in particular has been causing a lot of pain in my tumours. So today I trundled off to have an abdominal ultrasound (to check in part that my gall bladder was not swelling up) and a back X-ray (because I have a back problem I’ve been attending to for 20 years). After I had my ultrasound I was taken in by the radiographer to change for my  X-ray and when the young Scottish gentleman asked me to leave on my jocks and socks, I explained to him that I don’t wear underwear because it hurts my tumours and I prefer to be a free snaker anyway. He then came back with, “You have no idea what’s under my kilt !”. We both had a good chuckle at that and for the next 30 minutes talked about Billy Connolly, the history of the British Isles, the Beaker people, the joy of trees and Aboriginal history. Midway through our rambling conversation after taking a couple of images, he turned to me and asked, “You don’t have any metal objects in your arm do you ? Some people have bits of metal from surgery.” I explained that I had some metal clips from a Hernia repair but that was all. We went back to talking and I didn’t think anymore of what he said. I didn’t really know what he meant by his comment, partly because I’d been fasting and was out of it and partly because he just slipped it in the rest of our conversation. But when I arrived home I had a look at my X-rays and was surprised to see an odd looking shape on the X-ray that seems to indicate an object in my right arm. There is some movement in the X-ray but there is this odd twisted object about a cm long in my right arm just below the shoulder joint. I was holding my arm up and you can see it just above the joint.

I really don’t know what to make of it. Maybe I’m not reading the scan properly but it does look peculiar to me. I wouldn’t have thought much of it except for the strange question that the radiographer asked me. Could it be an implant ? I don’t know. I know of several implants that I have and almost all of those are biological or biometallic. In the past I have had many CTs, PET scans and an MRI scan and occasionally when I have looked at them I’ve noticed what look like odd looking anomalies but untrained as I am in looking at these things, I really have no idea what they are. Maybe this particular anomaly is nothing but perhaps it is something. Maybe it’s a mutant lymph node or maybe it’s an implant ! Unlike a lot of people who believe they have ET implants, I have no desire at all to have my implants removed because they serve an important function. I would however like to look a little closer at them and perhaps the only way to do that is with an X-ray, PET, CT or MRI scan.

If anyone has any experience in reading these images, please let me know what you think.

Plenty of people with an interest in ETs have made mistakes and I’m not immune to making mistakes either !

Enjoy looking inside me !

Brighty.  😉


It Never Happened

One of the things I plan on writing much more about is memory and the ET contact experience. In writing about this subject, some people will begin to question the experiences I claim to have had and I’m OK with that because I have scrutinised my own experiences more than anyone else ever will and I don’t care about what others believe about me. Personally, I have many doubts about so called contactees, experiencers and abductees. Especially those who rely on Regression Hypnosis for all their answers. I’ve talked a little about this before so I won’t go into that subject in any great depth now. But I just want to make the comment that this is a very ugly subject that nearly everyone in this field is avoiding talking about. And we need to ask, why are they avoiding talking about it ? I won’t answer that question for now but I encourage you to consider why that might be. Until this subject is discussed openly and more research is done on the subject of memory in relation to supposed ET contact, we need to be very careful about what we believe is true.

Here’s a nice little talk by Professor Elizabeth Loftus on The Fiction of Memory, which highlights some of the same problems we see in relation to supposed ET contact.

Related material here :

The Genomics of Experiencers

I hear about a lot of people who claim to have ET contact and every now and then I listen to a new story and I make a decision about whether I feel the person is legitimate or not. I’ve said before that  lot of people who are well known in the field, are full of shit and many of them have had no contact at all. Take a couple of well known celebs in this field, throw some darts at a bunch of them and I guarantee a couple who were hit, were False Claimers, Liars, Bullshitters etc. For me there are certain indicators of real contact. These include but are not limited to :

  • No talk of hostile ETs, Reptilians, Hybrids, Archons etc.
  • A sense of movement along the contact developmental spectrum.
  • A coherent story about what felt like an incoherent experience – in other words, they tried as best as they can to make sense of what defies logic.
  • There is a feeling about the person regarding what is real and what is not.
  • Some discussion in their story about how contact with the ETs made them sick or unconscious.
  • Some discussion in their story of the sense of overpowering unconditional acceptance or love emanating from the ETs.
  • Interactions with living craft.
  • A yearning to reconnect with the ETs.

Of course, there is never any way to prove anything regarding another human being’s experience. We can prove something from one perspective but not from all perspectives.

I often wonder how people in covert projects in The Architecture figure out who are the real experiencers (or whatever you want to call them). There have been occasions during my own life when I was aware that people from certain projects had come out to assess sites where I had my experiences. One such occasion related to my experience of January 19th, 2011 in Halls Gap; when employees of SAIC were sent out to assess the site where I had contact with the Teal’hia and Sar’Won’Dee. So it seems to me that sometimes they weed out real experiencers by following up on apparent claims of contact. I’m also aware that a small number of covert projects have been given the names of expereincers from the ETs themselves and I know that there are certain people who knew about me that way, from when I was very young. But apart from looking for physical proof of contact and having a list of names, there must be other ways that covert groups do this sort of thing.

Perhaps it’s worth asking why experiencers are of interest to such groups. My suspicion is that experiencers challenge people in these projects for many reasons. It might perhaps be because :

  • They know about the ET reality and that threatens the sense of power that authority figures in government, corporations and the lower arms of The Architecture have.
  • They are perceived as having certain abilities that pose a threat to people in positions of power. (Think of the threat posed by supposed psychic spies).
  • They are perceived as knowing about particular classified covert projects.
  • They’re apparent abilities and genetic anomalies may have corporate and military applications.
  • They are perceived as knowing about the activities and supposed agendas of various ET races.

My feelings are that legitimate experiencers are of most interest to these groups because of how their apparent abilities and genetic anomalies may have corporate and military applications. Whether or not experiencers really do have any ‘unusual abilities’ or ‘genetic anomalies’, is a matter of conjecture. And such things maybe very difficult to prove. But that may not be enough to deter people with a lot of funding and resources at their disposal.

So what are the assumptions here ? I think the first assumption is that people who have had ET contact have developed unusual physic and/or physical abilities across a wide ranging spectrum. Think of Xmen. Things may not be that extreme but that gives you a sense of the potential range of abilities. So the next assumption is that these abilities reflect anomalies in the individual human genome. And the final assumption is that if you can build a profile of the psychic and physical abilities and their corresponding genetic anomalies, you can then mimic these in cloned genetic material or in a living entity or in AI and create something with the same sorts of abilities. These anomalies can then be weaponized through corporate or military applications.

Previous efforts by Russians and Americans who explored ESP through blood typing, genetics, family trees etc., often failed to reveal positive correlations between ability and genetics and anything of real biological significance. In addition the people with ESP abilities who were put through these tests, often failed under artificial conditions to mimic what normally came naturally to them. This suggestions several things to me.  First, that people don’t perform well under duress. Second, that psychic abilities may not be reflected clearly in the genotype or phenotype. And finally, that clear correlations between psychic abilities and genomics do not exist because there are many accumulated and converging genetic differences and many epigenetic variables that cause psychic abilities.

Similarly the belief by certain people that it is possible build a profile of the psychic and physical abilities and their corresponding genetic anomalies, maybe ill informed. I believe that it’s more than likely that outstanding psychic and physical abilities may have so many causes, that it’s almost impossible to identify specific genetic anomalies that say, ‘Yes Jim, this will make a Psychic Superman !’. If ET contact has altered the structure of a persons genome from anytime between conception and now, it’s possible that they could have done it in a myriad of genetic and epigenetic ways and it may not be recognisable at all. One U, A, G, C, or T out of place might be all that it takes to create someone with extraordinary abilities. In addition I think that there is too much focus in genomics on structure. What if ETs change the way that things function or the processes that are involved in the genome or at a higher level in cell function ? Those things might be impossible to detect !

Genomics is a science of that is concerned with structure, function, evolution, mapping, and editing of genomes. And all of that is based on what we know about genes and the fundamental structures we call DNA and RNA. What if there are genetic structures and mechanisms that as we yet know nothing about. It took Crick and Watson a long time to unravel something whose existence was suspected for 50 years. What if there are things about the cell that we have overlooked or have not yet discovered ? Some tiny organelle perhaps ? Or some universal structure perhaps ? Who knows !

So my feeling is that you could do all this profiling and still not have a clue about how things work. No amount of genotype profiling or biometrics will give you a definitive correlation !

So let me put my doubts aside for a minute. I do think this kind of work is being done to some extent with certain people. There is a set of man made alien abduction projects that do interfere with people and cause confusion about the nature of ETs. And they probably do extract physical samples from people for this kind of work. But abducting people is hard work for humans. You have to build a profile of the person’s behaviour, you have to know when and where you can abduct them and you have to ensure that there are no witnesses or that witnesses can be dealt with. So there must be easier, more subtle more subversive ways to get access to experiencers blood, plasma, skin, ova and sperm. And there is. Some of these groups have so much reach and power that they could if they wanted :

  • Intercept standard pathology tests – getting access to phenotype or genotype results.
  • Gain access to blood, plasma, skin, ova and sperm.
  • Intercept personal genomics test results.
  • Gain access to blood or skin samples that have been collected for personal genomic testing.

It’s more than likely that these kinds of things are being done, so that certain groups have access to expereincers pathology results and raw samples.

They probably have built a Universal Profiling System for experiencers and people who do not claim to be experiencers but who have extraordinary psychic and physical abilities (as part of a system that will be built to cover all of humanity). In which case people are being profiled all the time and they are trying to figure out the correlations between abilities and the genome to build corporate and military applications – be they for other living things or AI.

But does any of this matter ? I don’t think it does because the ETs know everything that we humans do. Nothing sneaks past them. If people in covert projects develop living beings or AI with extraordinary psychic or psychical abilities and they become such an existential threat to humanity or Earth, the ETs will  simply turn their abilities off. They will intervene in some way as to alter the way the genome functions and the ability will cease to be and the threat will subside. Those in power forget that the ETs can render all threats null and void. But they will only intervene when it begins to pose a significant enough threat. We must also play our role in removing such threats.

What then of the truth of the matter ? Do experiencers have extraordinary psychic and or physical abilities and is it reflected in their genomes ? My feeling is that some do and some don’t. My ex wife was taught how to bi/multi locate her body anywhere, anytime – by our friend Dude. She also has unusual self replicating immune cells that seem to enhance her psychic abilities. They were studied at a particular university during her covert work. I know myself well but I can’t say that the things that are part of my psychic repertoire are anything extraordinary or have anything to do with ET contact. I was told by certain ETs that some changes were made to parts of my frontal cortex but I know nothing about any genetic changes. I have rare tumours that effect 1 in every 130 million people. But maybe they came about from epigenetic causes and had nothing to do with ET contact. (I know someone else with this disease who does not feel they had ET contact). Or maybe they were triggered by the ETs to help in my spiritual development ? I really don’t know. I have heard of lots of supposed experiencers with outstanding psychic abilities but I have seen little if anything that demonstrates that they have what they claim or that such abilities have anything to do with ET contact. I’ve heard of all these psychic kids being born around the world and star children and indigo children and how they were all created by ETs or were once ETs themselves. And it’s all just bullshit ! How can you know what convergence of genetic and epigenetic factors creates someone with psychic abilities or a resurgence of a population of people with such abilities ? You cannot. Nor can you attribute their existence to ET contact or ETs. And then you have all this crap about DNA activation and 12 stranded DNA etc. and how certain experiencers have had their DNA activated and their Junk DNA turned on. What utter nonsense ! Junk DNA is merely DNA whose function has yet to be identified. More like their brains have turned into junk ! My feeling is that so much of these popular phenomena is merely contagion. A contagion of unaware ego.

If ET contact has created anything, it isn’t extraordinary psychic and physical abilities. It is the uniqueness of each individual person. The ETs try to encourage our human development, through the development of our character, our intellect, our emotions, our interests, our values, our beliefs, our ability to feel and relate, our ability to love and our ability to understand and care.

My contact with extraterrestrials has helped me to value all life and this wonderful planet we call Earth. It has helped me to value being alive every moment of the day and to care about how I live and how others live. It has helped me to be me. I have no doubt that my genome reflects all of these things but there isn’t a human alive who knows what that looks like !

More reading here :


Daniel Sheehan on How to Tackle ET Contact

I wasn’t previously a fan of Daniel Sheehan but I’ve changed some of my thoughts about him after listening to this video. He makes some really good points about how The Architecture (although he uses the well known ‘military industrial complex’ term) will react to the subject of ET contact and so called citizen diplomacy. This talk was done 23 years ago and was a pretty accurate assessment of how things are. Much of what he raises is more relevant today than ever. His story of how he came to be a lawyer, after wanting to make contact with ETs is pretty funny and peculiar and demonstrates how sometimes we have to go in a completely different direction to where we imagined, to gain certain things and be who we really are.


# The Multidimensional-Me

Another Blog of Me in English

Questions for An ET

human questions for extraterrestrials

Bright Garlick

Human Being

The Science Geek

Astronomy, space and space travel for the non scientist


Experimental Music

How to Make ET Contact

DIY ET Contact for All Human Beings

Perfect Chaos

God's Perfect Purpose in a Chaotic World

Candid Quasar

tryst with Life


Polar bear science - past and present

Portals of London

Towards a catalogue of London’s inter-dimensional gateways

All Bricks

Showing the world, the variety of different amazing Building Blocks, including LEGO and it’s Chinese Clones

Silentium et Musicorum

From silence to music and everything in between

Selected Essays and Squibs by Joseph Suglia

The Web log of Dr. Joseph Suglia


Undermining the Patriarchy Every Chance I Get. And I Get a Lot of Chances (Copyright Preserved)

roads bel travelled

Exploring open roads without breaking the bank

Macy Afterlife: The Beacon

Exploring our spiritual heritage, our ancient other-worldly roots, and our paradise destiny

Leonardo Boff

O site recolhe os artigos que escrevo semanalmente e de alguns outros que considero notáveis.Os temas são ética,ecologia,política e espiritualidade.

ventania solar


The Pagan Collective of Victoria

Connect. Share. Celebrate.

Climate Change Sanity

Climate change is primarily a natural phenomenon!


children's author


A Magazine About Love


Words helping us unwind!

Gowers's Weblog

Mathematics related discussions

my word in your ear

words for dissemination ... poetry commentary and selected poems ... Richard Scutter

Peace Hacks

Thoughts on self-improvement, life-change, spirituality, and occasional politics when things get crazy.

Journeys in Spirit

with Cristen Rodgers


Conscious Thought: Driven by Intelligent Awareness

The Colossus

With just enough learning to misquote


The fictional diary of an utterly fictional John Banville in his fictional universe.

Fatiesta's Rants

Life of A Partial Psychopath

What's new

Updates on my research and expository papers, discussion of open problems, and other maths-related topics. By Terence Tao

Publishing Insights

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose / The more things change, the more they stay the same

Kelly McGonigal, PhD

Where science and compassion meet.

Storytime with John

Pull up and listen...I've got a funny one for ya...

Paradise Preoccupied

Views of the world from a tiny island

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Animals, peace, war, civil liberties, science, social justice, women's issues, arts, much more


Cultural Theory and Society

Social Health

Insights on the Power of Social Bonds

Adventures in Juggling

living this circus life, what else would I be doing but juggling?

Vonj Productions

Bringing you love through spirit!