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Flying Cars

Flying cars – I can’t imagine anything worse for safety or for sky pollution but heck, what a fun idea ! Who the hell wouldn’t want to fly in a car ? 😉 I first saw a supposed flying car in a car collection in 1981 (4 years before Back to the Future showed what was possible) from the 1950’s and I thought it was so cool. I don’t know if it ever flew but when I sat in it I could easily imagine it. I guess the definition of a flying car has to refer to something that can be flown and driven on a road. But who knows, maybe one day we’ll have flying car subs that go anywhere. Or space vehicles that go absolutely anywhere. While ever we have human imagination, money and plenty of stupidity, anything is possible !



The Having of Wisdom and ET Contact

I recently posted this and this Two people responded with such profound comments that I thought I should post them here because they basically sum up everything I have tried to convey about ET contact and the desire for contact.

Thanks Darci and thanks Ethan for making ET and I feel worthwhile for me and for really understanding the essence of what I have been trying to convey for the last decade. Your wisdom provides a beacon for others who also yearn to have contact but know that something is missing in their understanding.

It’s comments like these that make me feel like, “Holy shit someone gets it ! I have done something good after all !”.

For both Darci and Ethan face to face contact is merely a matter of time and patience. You already have all the qualities that you need.


What would I ask an ET if I had the chance? I have pondered that question for hours and everything seems ridiculous and shallow compared to the presence of an ET revealing itself to me. I have tried to really zero in on what my most important need to know is. I do have many questions but my biggest need is to experience a true ET encounter. I think once I have had that experience, (that I can remember), I will not need to know anything else. What that would symbolize to me is wide open possibilities, the true experience of “something more” and the complete and absolute destruction of any residual subconscious ties to religiosity, which in turn will free me of fear. I have imagined so many times turning around and seeing an ET standing there. I have tried to feel what that would be like. I feel soooo ready. I can remain calm, I can manage the threat and fear response, I can be myself…. so I think. Obviously that is not true or I would have had it already. I’m working on me. Trying to be honest. Trying to be real. Trying to prepare myself by allowing myself to feel. But knowing is NOT knowing. Contact is the only true knowing. That is ALL that I need. Everything else, all questions, are secondary.
Love as always,
This is so perfectly articulated and encapsulates exactly what I myself have been feeling for months about this subject. I am fortunate enough that I am given the privilege by our cosmic friends of being visited fairly routinely in all manner of subtle ways through the manifestation of energy forms, sonic frequencies, and rarely, physically manifested craft. However like you, I have never had a direct interactive experience with another ET being (at least none that I remember). And I am aware as you so aptly explained, that all of these brilliant experiences would still utterly pale in comparison to a direct interaction with such a being. But what struck me so deeply, was how you were able to perfectly capture the quintessential dilemma of our experience as it relates to direct contact. Which is that feeling of desperately wanting to have a direct contact experience, thinking you are ready for direct contact, thinking that you can manage the threat and fear responses, that you can resist the impulse to fall back upon all of the foolish and embarrassing stereotypes and prejudices that inform our daily human experience in the world, and then realizing that you are the farthest thing from that and that if you were actually able to manage those things, you would have probably already had such an experience. Then I consider Dude’s maxims and how fear is really just a product of expectation and a desire for control. And that because of the uncertainty and fragility of human existence, it is so challenging to actually let go of those expectations, and that desire for control of our life circumstances. I know that I would feel so ashamed of myself if I were ever to have such a contact experience and I were to allow myself to focus on something superfluous like the physiology or appearance of the being, or the way that they might present themselves to me. But precisely for that reason among many others, I know I am not ready and I have to assume they know this too. As you also articulated so well, such an experience would put every other human experience, and indeed every other human conception into perspective. And it would open wide the human world of experience to the true breadth of possibility that exists in all that there is. And finally just as you have, I always seem to arrive at the same conclusion that I must continue to work on me, to find ways to engage with both the natural world and all human beings in a way that is respectful, compassionate, sensitive, and open. And hopefully one day I will be able to reach a level of spiritual and emotional maturity that makes me worthy of such an interaction. But even if that day will never arrive, I resolve to not lose faith in the process of self betterment and outward love and connection with the world and all of the incredible beings and creatures within it. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak about your personal experience regarding this subject. It was very touching and helped me greatly to better understand and relate my own experiences.
P.S. Sorry for commandeering your post to speak to someone else Bright, as always you and your writing are a beacon of hope and encouragement to all of us that the world is not as absurd or indifferent as it so often seems and that magic is real if you know where to look 🙂
With fondness,








Ships Ahoy !

Take a guess at the environmental and climactic impact of the worlds ocean traffic. Images from ( Wanna guess what’s happening to the natural flow of the world’s ocean currents and gyres and what impact that is having on global climate ?

MAN MADE CLIMATE EFFECTS, NOT CO2 DRIVEN CLIMATE CHANGE. More to follow in the next few months. 😉


Ships Ahoy ! 2Ships Ahoy !


For those of you who like me were there at the beginning with monochrome green and later with the first social media tool – Open Diary. Blog On !


A Teal’hia’s Reflections on Purpose

Last night I was listening to an old recording I made of  conversation with my Teal’hia friend Anamika, whose race is probably often mistaken for the mythological grey. In this particular conversation we were talking about how she saw the purpose of her existence and I asked her what brings her greatest joy. She said that her greatest joy comes from experiencing the diversity of life through the cosmos and awakening individual beings to their own divine nature. You may remember that when I asked the Teal’hia who they are during my January 19th, 2011 encounter, they responded “We are God incarnate.” Over the years I have had many conversations with them about what this means and how they see reality and I have come to understand that this means that they know that they are both an individual entity experiencing physical and non physical life and they are also the totality of everything and the light from which everything arises. And I think when Anamika made her comments about awakening individual beings to their own divine nature, this is what she was suggesting. When she nurtures a being for it’s entire existence from the creation of that soul to it’s returning to the light, she experiences so many wonderful moments of witnessing the growth of that individual and seeing it come to understand what it really is – as both an individual entity, the totality and the light – God incarnate.

Sometimes I have some sense of what that must feel like. For years I’ve been planting trees and when I plant a tree I often see barren ground transform into a place that is teeming with life – insects, birds, reptiles, echidnas etc. One tree can bring so much life and a forest utterly transforms a place. I get very attached to the life I have helped create and there is no greater joy for me than watching new life enjoy it’s existence in a place that was once barren. Imagine how it must feel to create a soul and watch it grow through life and life after life !

Every caring mother and father knows how it feels to participate in their child’s life and what it’s like to see them grow up and go out into the world. Nothing else in life arouses so much emotion from all ends of the spectrum and nothing else arouses so much love and joy. Every person who has ever raised a plant or a pet knows what it feels like to see them grow up and come in contact with the world. There is so much joy in seeing a young animal encounter things for the first time. And how we both love and detest our pets and grieve when they die !

I have this sense that when Anamika and the other Teal’hia go about interacting with life, it’s as if they are encountering life for the very first time. And yet they have encountered countless life forms. But they do so with so much reverence for life, that each life becomes precious. In one way, the way that they are is like a fully mature God encountering something in which the germ of God has just been born and is barely discernible. They see all that is and all that will be – both, the divine in action; God, in all stages of being.

Sometimes I feel it is a great loss and a great tragedy that when we look at each other and when we look at other life forms we see difference and feel judgement, when beings like the Teal’hia see the infinite expressions of God and feel boundless unconditional love.

Anamika once said to me that there is no greater work for her people than to bring love into the universe. And I can think of no argument against this. For in the face of unconditional love, all resistance melts away. Imagine how we could be as a people if we aspired to the same thing !


Another Brick in the Wall

Back in 1980 (yes I am that old !), I used to sing Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall on a school bus going to and from King George IV High School in Hong Kong. Imagine if you will a whole school bus of ex-patriot kids from all around the world, being led by one very thrusty, blonde haired attitude surfing English boy – who knew then the meaning of stick it to the man ! Man we sung that song over and over until we were stuffed or our Chinese bus driver threatened to stop the bus and make us all walk home ! Another Brick in the Wall inspired rebellion and descent but ironically when we arrived at school or at home, we all turned to pussies. Later that song would help me to get through boarding school and encourage me to sing my own song in the face of relentless bullying and dominance by Marist brothers and other authority figures.

Pink Floyd were pretty tame really and even an eye brow shaven Bob Geldoff in the movie of The Wall was a pussy in real life. I’m often amused at how we write and talk about rebellion like it really matters and like we can all stick it to the man. But what a load of horse crap ! Most people when faced with an opportunity to rebel quickly quieten down and comply with the status quo or go off on some wayward bandwagon.

Sometimes I think the biggest problem is that we really don’t understand who or what the hell we’re pissed off with. Take the Occupy Movement of a few years ago – a dog turd of mass confusion if ever there was. I mean really ? What the hell was that aimless drivel all about and what the hell was it supposed to change ? In order to change a problem, we have to understand the nature of the problem, to know it’s origin and it’s development, who is responsible for perpetuating it and have a multi pronged approach that tackles it at many different levels. You don’t just stop a corporation by protesting outside of it’s head office, when the dozens of international big wigs who invest in the company are busy dining on oysters and caviar in cities all around the world and sucking the toes of pretty ladies. Scaring the people that work in the building changes sweet fuck all ! People need to use their hearts and brains to figure our clever strategies to change how the world functions. Get rid of one greedy mother fucker and a million more are ready to take his place. Kill one corporation and a hundred more are ready to take it’s place.

All around the world I see that it is young men who lead protests against tyrannical governments. It isn’t older men, young women or older women. It’s young men who have no idea how to control their hormones and who find conformity a comfortable bed fellow. And yet it is also these same young men who terrify older men who are tyrants and these same young men who bring about revolutions. It is also young men who go to war and young men who are killed in war. But revolution and war per se doesn’t change anything and that’s one reason why history continues to repeat itself. Ideologies driven by feeling change things. Feeling changes things. Feeling driven by wisdom, wisdom driven by feeling.

Rebellion is rarely something that arises from women and yet it is women who have suffered more in the history of mankind. Rebellion is rarely something that arises from old men and old women but who the hell asks them “what should we do?”. We humans have this knack for dividing and conquering – not just the perceived enemy but ourselves and all those closest to us. And until we stop dividing, we will never understand real rebellion, real revolution, real dissent. We will only ever skirt around the edges bringing about superficial changes. But perhaps that’s how it is with us. We change little by little – 2 steps forward, 3 steps backwards. We have so much going on in this world that is unjust and inequitable and we ought to overthrow every fucking government ! But what then ? Replace it with another group of paradise promising hypocrites who are seduced by power and wealth ? Replace it with another ideological system that promises to address the needs of all mankind, only to enslave them with a new form of tyranny ?  This is the world we now live in, where people think we can just replace, replace, replace ad infinitum and every replacement we make things better. Donald Trump won’t be the last of his kind and nor will Barak Obama or JFK or Adolf Hitler.

I agree with Julian Assange that we ought to strangle the flow of information between power structures but I also feel that we should strangle all stranglers – the known and the hidden. But controlling the flow of information that creates power and power structures will never be enough. And that is where I believe that Assange is naive. We have to go beyond that and no single strategy will ever be enough. Education is the critical key and the foundation for change, from birth until death – especially in childhood. But as Aldous Huxley has so well illustrated in his novels, every approach to education depends on the system into which the educated assume their place as working human beings. And as yet, we human beings have failed to find the perfect system for raising human beings and creating a just and equitable society.

The real rebellion, the real revolution, the real dissent must begin with ourselves – as all the great heroes of human history have shown – from M Gandhi to Martin L King to Einstein to Fred Hollows to Mother Theresa to Joan of Arc to Boudica to Jesus and Buddha and countless others. Sure, it’s useful sometimes to stick it to the man and say “fuck you arsehole !” But at the end of the day it all means sweet fucklings if there is no inner transformation. Because it’s inner transformation that changes the outer man and what changes the outer man changes governments and changes society.

Right now we’re embarking on a long period of technological dependence in which millions of people are becoming dependent on technology and forgetting about the real world and how to live in the real world free of influence, free of the conditioning that flows through technology. According to my friend Dude we have 160 years of enslavement before large numbers of people wake up and say “enough !” Until then it’s mass conformity on a scale never seen before. Dopamine galore with every Facebook or Instagram hit or like or text. Paving the way for certain groups – corporations and governments and think tanks, and individuals, to change the way that we function. So what will we do about that ? Organize a mass protest against Facebook ? Pen another popular song about sticking it to the man ? Start another Wikleaks ? Boycott Monsanto products ? Petition Donald Trump to forget about the wall ? Assassinate Putin ? I mean, sure those may all be worthy things – depending on where you are and how you see the world. But what will they really achieve ? The world had Michael Gorbachev and we really thought Russia and the US could be best friends and all those nukes might be able to be put to sleep for good in a few years but then after some shit hit the fan, along came a drunken wanker called Boris and much of what was gained was lost again.

If we the people must dissent, it must come from the heart and it must come from inner transformation. When we change we change everything around us. Our families, our communities, our work places, our governments and our societies. I’m all for saying “fuck the system !”. In many ways it is a necessary evil. But it ain’t worth dog poo, unless we actively choose not to conform. Not to conform to how we usually function if it keeps leading to suffering. Not to conform to what other people believe, how other people act, what other people think is meaningful, what others tell us we ought to do, to others belief that we should fear god and fear karma, to the idea that we are all the things others say we are, to our mistaken identities – our roles, religious affiliations, dogmas etc., to the idea that we are worthless and unworthy of love unless we become something greater than we already are.

I used to love angry music. Fucking angry music ! But now I only listen to it occasionally. And mostly when I listen to it I enjoy the feel of it. I find most lyrics amusing and the attitude of angry and aggressive metal heads and musicians totally hilarious. So stuck on the outer – the little performances that are like pissing in the wind or wanking in the dark ! They don’t mean anything, except as a personal expression of frustration, anger and “hey look at me I’m so angry !”. Some of the angriest people who created real revolution enjoyed classical music, jazz and traditional musics. Metal is just electrified guitar gone ape shit ! And almost all metal heads mellow with age because anger is hard work !

We humans spend so much energy trying to fight against the world that we’ve created, unaware that it is we who are adding another brick in the wall. The wall of ignorance and apathy. If we want a better world, we have to start with looking at the world that all of us have created. Not just those that we perceive with power. We all have power and no one with perceived power has that power without others. You wanna fuck the system ? Do it by feeling your own power and letting it ignite a revolution in your heart that will never end ! No system can contain a human being who has discovered their own power. Those in control may think it can. But who can see into the depths of the spirit and understand how the spirit carries the flame of insight and wisdom throughout it’s existence ?

The true rebels of this world, the true warriors of this world, are the one’s who say “you don’t have to be this way” and demonstrate by personal example, lighting the path for all those who follow and all those who are yet to come.



For One Day

I often wonder this simple question – “Who would I like to spend a day with ?”.

For me there are many ways to answer this question. I would love to spend a day with my Project Kingdom friends. I would love to spend a day with my mother’s mother – who died 7 years before I was born. I would love to spend a day with my mother’s father who died 2 years after I was born. I would love to spend a day with great grandmother who died in 1996, aged 100. I would love to spend a day with Albert Einstein. I would love a day with my ET friend Anamika. I would love to spend a day with Mark Twain. I would love to spend a day with Carl Jung. I would love to spend a day with the Wurrungurra – an Aboriginal man who lived here long ago. I would love to spend a day with Karol Wotjyla (John Paul 11). I would love to spend a day with any of my guides. I would love to spend a day with my sister who died last year. I would love to spend  day with any of the 8 ETs who I have regular internal contact with. I would love to spend a day with Abraham Lincoln. I would love to spend a day with each for different reasons. And I could go on seemingly without end. I do not know if I could pick one person I would most want to spend a day with. Probably if I could, it would be one of my relatives.

Who would you love to spend a day with and why ?


Questions for ETs

Some of you will have noticed my little post a few weeks ago, in which I asked “What would you ask an ET if you could ?”.

I have long been fascinated with how humans see reality and the way that we approach learning about reality. Ever since I started talking about ETs with my school friends in the mid 1980s, I’ve heard people speculate about what they would like to ask or learn from an ET. Of course back then I had no idea that I would actually have that opportunity. And since I began sharing my contact experiences I have been inundated with people asking me questions about the ETs or giving me questions to ask the ETs. This has been irritating, annoying, entertaining, fascinating and at times very touching. I fully understand the human desire to know more and to look for answers outside of ourselves. I myself am like this but I also know when to find the answers inside of myself. That said, I also find it really, really interesting to look at the questions that we ask. I mean, we don’t know if other creatures on Earth ask questions. They may but we just don’t know. The human capacity for asking questions is both amazing and stupefying – sometimes at the same time. And no where do you see both aspects reflected more fully, than in the questions we wish we could ask ETs.

So recently when I began setting up my BG website/blog, I thought long and hard about this and decided I’d set up a separate blog devoted to the subject of Questions for An ET. Dude has advised me not to make this blog because it would be a distraction but I’ve made it anyway. I have however agreed to what he has asked me and will have little to do with it, so that I use my time wisely.

So, what is it ? Questions for an ET is a place where people can ask questions for an ET. I may or may not be able to have some of those questions answered. Every month, I’ll pick a Question of the Month and it will be these questions that I’ll consider asking my ET friends. So we’re half way through this month and at the end of this month I’ll pick the Question of the Month. If you’ve already posted something here recently, feel free to copy and paste it on the new blog. In terms of your questions, I’ve divided it into 4 sections – questions related to humanity, Earth, ETs and the cosmos. So please post your question in the appropriate section. There’s also a section on Other People’s Questions and later this week I’ll post links to a whole bunch of questions that people have asked me in the past – including some of the questions that were asked here for the first Dude book. They certainly make interesting, unusual and amusing reading ! And fantastic source material for psychology or sociology students !

Sometimes I try a new idea here on the blog or in my life and it fails completely. Sometimes my ideas just disappear into the void. And I’m OK with that. I know now that if something is worth pursuing, the universe will give me what I need to keep that thing going and if it doesn’t, it may not have been such a good idea or perhaps now is the wrong time to pursue it.

I am a person who is fundamentally interested in an fascinated by human beings. I am after all, a human being with the same fears, concerns, loves, joys and struggles as every one else ! And as I push on slowly sharing what I have learned about my ET friends, I am simultaneously holding a mirror looking back at myself and the human race. I want to know what makes people tick and I want to know what makes you tick. There is no better way to discover what is inside another human being than to look at the questions that he or she asks. And I have been given no finer gift than this – the opportunity to ask others, “What would you ask an ET if you could ?”.

Feel free to respond !

The world is like a jewel in your eyes ! And you are a jewel in the eye of the cosmos !


Dude the Diplomat and the European Union

“A day will come when all nations on our continent will form a European brotherhood … A day will come when we shall see … the United States of America and the United States of Europe face to face, reaching out for each other across the seas.”
Victor Hugo, International Peace Congress, 1849.

Some of you may recall that my friend Dude (of the Muajra), is primarily a diplomat at this time. He works anywhere that he is needed to bring diplomacy to help create peace and help different groups to reach a place of tolerance and harmony. And no where is this role more significant, than in his work on Earth.

I was recently having a conversation with Dude who was in the US preparing for a meeting with some prominent business leaders. Now of course, when he’s in that kind of situation, he isn’t going to appear as he really is – a 4 foot green ET. Instead he takes on a human form and when he’s in his human form, he’s indistinguishable from us. So he’s able to blend in and do whatever he needs to do without any kind of hassle. He often has an assistant with him and frequently that assistant is one of the human like ETs. His assistant helps with the mundane task of collating information from meetings, organizing follow up etc. and also acts as a kind of minder. Dude doesn’t need help to look after himself. He can turn anyone’s perception of reality on it’s head in an instant but as far as I can tell, many of the other ETs he works with, would rather that he has someone around to make sure there are no potential mishaps. What that means, I’m not really sure.

So when I asked Dude what this particular meeting was about, he promptly said to me “To help keep the EU intact”. When I asked him to explain what he meant, he suggested that after BREXIT, there was significant concern among the ETs that the EU might collapse. And so Dude is working hard with business leaders (who seem to be the key), to keep the EU intact and prevent other countries following on from the UK. Dude suggested that it was still possible that the EU would collapse but he was confident that it would remain intact.

I maybe an Australian but I’m not naive about the wider perceptions of the EU among Europeans. I understand that for many people in Europe the whole EU thing just isn’t working out. It seems  to me that the current model of the EU and the current way that it’s working, isn’t satisfying people’s needs or expectations. When I asked Dude about this he agreed with me. So when I pushed him on the point of why the EU is so important – important enough for the ETs to be concerned about it, he explained that the EU would prevent further conflict and then he hinted that without the EU the situation in Europe will deteriorate significantly. I just had this feeling from the way that he said it, that without the EU, Europe will find itself on the bring of war in the not too distant future. So we spoke a little more about the subject and the way that Dude spoke I had a sense that he’s been involved in trying to unify Europe for the last 60 odd years and he’ll be involved for a long time yet. Dude’s real love is the natural world. Business and the take take take model of the business world means nothing to him. But as a seasoned diplomat who has dealt with much worse situations than the one’s we have on Earth, he understands that money talks and that the way to make humans see eye to eye is to promote trade. So on the one hand he’s trying to prevent Europe from self destructing so they don’t destroy each other and the natural world. While on the other hand he is trying to increase business interest in a unified Europe rather than a divided Europe and it seems that right now, American investment and trade is what’s required.

You may remember Dude saying that whenever the ETs intervene, it’s sometimes for an immediate benefit but it’s often for a long term benefit. Something that we have no idea about and cannot see coming. Some of the ETs (like Dude’s race) are aware of much of what is to come and so take steps to create the best possible outcome for the long term future. So right now the EU may look like this ugly unworkable beast that’s taking jobs away from locals, reducing the price of domestic goods and fostering a rise of nationalism and right wing politicians. But it seems that without it, Europe is in serious trouble in the future. Perhaps, as Dude has hinted, the EU will become a more representative union and one that provides for the needs of all Europeans. But these are are it’s first steps and early days yet.

Try if you can to imagine four things :

  • First, that humans are always forming groups and groups go through stages in their development, no matter what scale group it is – be it a soccer team or a European Union. Picture the EU taking it’s first baby steps towards what will one day be a mature, caring and wise union that addresses the needs of all of it’s people.
  • Second, the formation of groups is a universal phenomenon. And everywhere that groups develop, there is another group of ETs watching that group develop. Now sometimes they leave the group alone to develop on their own and sometimes they nudge them along in a healthier direction. Sometimes what seemed like a good intervention, goes ape shit or pear shaped and things fall apart. But the ETs know that this can happen and continue to support the same group or other groups in their development.
  • Third, the ETs and the Creator Races in particular have billions of years of experience in nurturing the development of different races. They know from experience what works and what does not. There are some ETs who work on behalf of the largest collectives (such as Dude) to bring about the best possible outcome for the development of a particular race and a particular planet. They know that sometimes it’s 3 steps forward and that at other times it’s 1 step forward and 3 steps backwards but to keep on going.
  • Fourth, the only way we humans will ever become space faring is if we overcome our differences. That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Far from it. It means that we accept our differences and find common ground. When we find common ground, we then work together for our selves and for the greater good. It is only by working together that we move past the division that has always led to conflict and destruction for ourselves and all the other beings who share our Earth. The path to our becoming space faring will be littered with debris and it’s history will be full of setbacks, catastrophe and failure. But that is the only way forward. By making mistakes and learning. We will one day move among the stars and think of ourselves as Earthlings and humans from Earth. Not Americans, not Swiss, not English, not Russian, not Chinese, not Australian, not Jew, Not Muslim, Not Christian, not Hindu, not Buddhist, not gay, not transgender, not black, not white or whatever division defines us now. Yes, at a local level, we may still hold these things to be true. But when we’re out there meeting other beings from elsewhere in the cosmos, we will think of ourselves first as people of Earth. We are all people of Earth.

The EU may not be a pretty beast right now. In fact in many ways she’s an ugly Medusa that threatens to turn on us and devour us. But she is the beginning of something far greater and represents the first step towards a unified People of Earth. I believe that it’s better that we think about our descendants and the kind of world we want to give them and try to find ways to make things work. For 5,000 years Europe has been divided by war and national borders have waxed and waned. Isn’t it time we grew up ?

Dude has this phrase that I like and of course some people will interpret it the wrong way. The phrase is “Forced Diplomacy” and what that means as far as I can tell, is that Dude tries to make things work using whatever means he can. Dude can make a person change their mind about something in an instant. Whether it’s through direct mental intervention or by changing bodies in rapid succession (like he did to intimidate the US senator I once told you about). But and this is an interesting but, he has a policy of letting people make their own choices as often as possible. He will only use Forced Diplomacy as a last resort and then only reluctantly. I have been wondering why he doesn’t use Forced Diplomacy with this whole EU thing. But he isn’t. Instead he’s letting us make our own mistakes. I think, so that we can learn. Is there a point at which he will use Forced Diplomacy ? I don’t honestly know. I do know that he would prefer Europe to avoid turning on itself again. But he must get annoyed sometimes at how stupid we are and how pathetic this whole sorry state of affairs is – not just with the EU but with human civilization in general.

If I have learnt one thing about Dude it’s this – He’s incredibly patient and very caring.

Dude works very closely with the one I have referred to as Number 1 and the 40 or so ETs who are hidden in governments. Number 1 makes the final decision about all significant matters in terms of ET intervention. Sometimes I wonder how it is that Dude and Number 1 can continue to do so much for us when we continue to fuck things up so badly. But that’s what they do. Dude, Number 1 and the other ETs who care for Earth. And in the same way Dude, Number 1 and many of the other ETs watch out for countless other non space faring races, who like us are constantly poised on the edge of self destruction.

Dude has been here since the 12th century BC and has no doubt played a diplomatic role in the development of many different groups and unions, working to nudge us along ever so slooooowwwwwwllllllllllllyyyyy. But he’s still here, still caring about us and he’ll be here for the long run, long after every one who reads this page is dead, gone and forgotten.

More reading here :


An Update and a Sneak Peak at BG Land

Hey folks, just to let you know that I am still alive ! I have been very busy looking after the land here (vegy gardening, planting trees, weeding the paddocks etc) and working on numerous projects. We’re now in what is beginning to look like a drought in the middle of winter and much of the the normal work I’d be doing has been postponed until it rains. The 2 Dude books are currently at 360 pages and 310 pages each and Dude and I are slowly working through the last question in the interview book (thank God !). Every question has got longer and longer as we have moved towards Dude’s favourite questions – the one’s about life ! We’re currently working on a diversion about ants that is up to 10 pages and really it’s quiet fascinating ! Ant fanatics in Venezuela watch out ! We’re covered so many subjects in this first book and gone way beyond the 19 questions that you gave me for Dude (I’ve probably elaborated on them with more than a 100 questions !). The conversation book is also turning out very interesting and we’re covering a wide range of subjects from Dude’s leaf collection, to life in the solar system, galaxy and universe at large, as well as the origin and distribution of human like ETs, ET music and a shit load of other subjects. The more we talk, the more I think of other things I’d like to explore. But I only have 1 life in this reality, so I have to set some kind of limit !

I’m also trying, ironically, to have less time on any computer – which you may have noticed with my lack of Real posts.

I am however working on pulling everything I have been doing together into a website/blog with a couple of small subsidiary blogs. So here’s a sneak peak of my personal website/blog : So far I have only created a framework for the content. It needs a header and some more structure. The hard work is still ahead of me in terms of content, so I’ll let you know when it’s ready for launch proper ! You can blame my son for the idea. He’s been nagging me for years to do something a bit more serious, where I can put everything in one place.

Yesterday my laptop (my primary pc) shit itself for the second time. The first time it was a hardware problem and yesterday god knows what it was. After spending all day and a couple of hours today on reformatting my computer and running all kinds of security software, I think I finally have it behaving. Sort of. My son also purchased a new modem yesterday and we’re now flying along at 10-25 mb/s, which is fantastic for me !  So hopefully I can enjoy our new e-speed and write a post or two later this week !

I’ve been thinking a lot about my continuing healing and I’m not in a hurry to do anything. I am optimistic that putting all of my work in a small number of places, will streamline my use of time and have me spending more time doing what’s good for me.

In the last few weeks I’ve been spending a lot more time in the nearby hills (Scorpion Hill in particular) and I hope to be spending a day a week trekking through the local ranges (Scorpion Hill, Hollow Lightning Mountain and Burra Burra), exploring both Aboriginal history and Colonial history as well as enjoying the landscape, the animals and the plants.

I have a number of TSMs to edit from the last few weeks and I may have them up by the end of the week. Today I made a TSM while I trekked through Scorpion Hill – in Gold rush country.

A big thanks to Sandor and Marcel for your recent donations and Frédéric for your spell of European Graphic Novel’s and rocks I can touch ! It means a great deal my friends ! And a big thank you to Darci for the real life connection and your granddaughter’s sweet smile ! Life begins with the love we show our nearest and dearest ! Thanks for living your life full to the brim !

I wish you all a splendid and glorious day of human life. Benedictus Dominus Deus, in whatever way some notion of God floats your boat !

Brighty. 😉


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