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Paid TSMs

Hey folks, just to let you know that I’m playing around with the idea of making some paid TSMs, that will be available on an episode by episode basis. They will be an occasional feature of the TSMs. This will be unrelated to the ET contact audio series, although some of the subjects covered will compliment it. Instead it will be related to other subjects I’ve been thinking about talking about for some time. Things like :

  • How to enhance Remote Viewing skills (remember I don’t use remote viewing per se, I use a method called Journeying – which involves materialising another body but there are exercises related to that practice that would help anyone practising RV).
  • Enhancing your ability to recall ET contact experiences (this won’t be about the actual practice of retrieval but how to enhance that practice – as you know I’m highly critical of regression therapy, so this will offer an alternative).
  • Strengthening memory exercises.
  • Enhancing perception (this will follow up on the material I have previously shared here).
  • Curing addiction (how to cure any addiction through cognition, perception and somatic exploration).
  • Elemental movement (which is a new kind of Qi Gong I developed but I guess it’s not strictly speaking Qi Gong).
  • Sharing energy and memories with trees (which will explore the practice I outlined in TSM3 in greater detail).

That’s just a few that come to mind. I’ll probably offer a lot more. Most of the material will build on other things that I’ve previously discussed in the TSMs or on the blog. So in a sense it will be complimentary but it will also take some subjects much further.

Any one who has made a donation of $50 or more will have full access to these episodes. As will anyone who makes a donation of $50 or more any time in the future. I figured that after making a 150 plus free episodes, I might chuck in the odd paid one. The cost will probably be $10 an episode and unlike the other TSMs they’ll be made inside without the wind, clicks and other annoying sounds that often accompany my other TSMs. Most of them will be at least an hour long.

What are your thoughts on some paid TSMs ?

My son keeps bugging me about making my own website, so after many years I’m finally toying seriously with that idea. It still seems a little ‘me-centric’ for my like but it maybe something I end up doing as a way of bringing together all the things I’d like to express. Naturally the paid TSMs would also be available there. As would the video courses I am looking to create.

Thanks to Frédéric for encouraging me to revisit the idea of paid TSMs! It’s something I thought about doing long ago but it just fell off the radar !

Change is a natural part of life and I figure it’s time I injected a little fresh blood into what I’m doing !

Adios amigos,

Brighty. 😉


TSM158: The Sword of Damocles and True Power

Today I use the myth of the Sword of Damocles to explore the nature of power and the true power that we all carry inside of us.  It’s been a long while since I read about this myth, so I might have skewed a few details. But you’ll understand what I’m suggesting.

I dedicate today’s walky talky to Julia ! Thanks Julia for your seemingly endless support ! It seems like you’ve been there right from the beginning ! Love to you my friend ! ❤

Enjoy folks,

Brightus Garlicus the Younger, Philosopher. 😉

Fire at Scorpion Hill

Today’s close call :

TSM156 : Enriching Your Life With Guided Learning

I made TSM156 last month and was going to trash it because of excessive wind and clicks. You can thank my friend Frédéric for encouraging me to post it anyway ! Thanks Frédéric ! There is a fair bit of wind in a few places and some clicks but you can still hear me talking. So I leave it to you to decide if it’s worth listening to.

This monologue begins with a few extra sounds from the days prior to making it. In this walky talky I give you an update on the Dude book and an update on my health before I explore the idea of enriching your life by guiding your own learning. I talk a little about my own learning and introduce you to a model of learning that I created, that is based on thinking about learning through head, heart, hands and body. I also speculate that there maybe other ways to approach this and talk a little about Howard Gardner’s ( work on Multiple Intelligences (

Enjoy or not !

Bright. 😉

You can read more about Howard and his work here :

PS. I’ve been avoiding making TSMs because it’s been too windy. Somehow I need to figure out a way to record with my iPod during my walks without the wind stuffing things up ! It’s bloody frustrating !


TSM155 : Creating and Exploring Life with Causal Trees

Well I lied. I couldn’t help making one more TSM before I head off for a month. Today I’m housebound, resting up after toe surgery.

In this windless monologue 😉 I push further into the idea of causality (without going into the various definitions and philosophical interpretations), by looking at how causes and effects create causal chains and eventually causal trees and how we can create and explore life using this principle !

For those of you interested in the idea of karma (V pay attention here !), Causal Trees offer us the opportunity to choose the best possible karma, while accepting how things are and making healthier choices.

I think of the use of Causal Trees as a much better alternative to goal setting, using The Law of Attraction or any of the other waffle over emphasised by this or that channeler, The Secret or What the Bleep and their ilk.

I’ve tried to keep this discussion simple and I’ve used examples from my own life to illustrate how a Causal Tree can unfold within the possible future. I haven’t however discussed the impact of Causal Trees on the development of Conjoined Spaces. I’ll save that for another monologue.

Your thoughts are as usual, always welcome !

Enjoy ! 😉

Relevant Links :


TSM154 : Remembering Susy

Today’s second monologue is a bit different because it’s intensely personal.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday and to honour her memory I offer this reading of a few of her letters, so that you might know a little of who she was.




TSM153 : A View of Two ET Worlds, Too Many Too Many and The Meaning of Peace

Be warned, the wind has ravaged me yet again on today’s walk and I tell you what, it’s really pissing me off ! I couldn’t tell how the wind was with this recording until I returned home. I was tempted to scrap it but given how long it took, I decided to keep it. I’m afraid you’ll just have to cope with the wind when it flares up, if you wish to listen to today’s monologue.

In today’s rambleathon I talk a little about the two ET worlds I’ve been taken to visit, the problem of what to do when there is too many living beings of one type type or another and the meaning of peace in our lives. I don’t offer any solutions to the issues of species numbers and peace but urge you to consider how we actually are with these things and how each one of us may come to a place of finding solutions to these things.

TSM152 : Friends From Far Away

This TSM is very short by my normal standards and really speaks for itself. This TSM is a kind of intro for the next one about friendship.

The Haunted Sheep Shed

Last Saturday I went for a 20 km mountain bike ride through the bush and on my way out, I popped in to visit a local farmer/friend. While there John let me visit the old sheep shed and record the following audio as I walked through. The power ran out on my iPod, so what you get is what you get ! I thought of posting this as a TSM but it was pretty windy inside the shed and so parts of this turned out pretty dodgy ! I have a whole bunch of audio from my travels and TSMs that I’ve scraped, that would otherwise end up in my shit heap, never to be heard. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this was worthy of hearing or better off in the shit heap !

PS. I have been thinking that next year I might begin a small podcast called The Something Dialogues 😉 . As part of the podcast, I’d like to include a series of interviews with Aboriginal people I’ve worked with in various communities across the state. The aim of the podcast would be to meet with and interview cutting edge thinkers and people with fascinating personal stories. For now it’s just an idea. Gotta see how I can juggle  my time.

TSM150 : Shamanism in Ordinary Life

Hey folks, this is the monologue I stuffed up a while back. Sorry for the delay.

In this walky talky, I explore the concept of shamanism in ordinary life, as opposed to shamanism in traditional indigenous life or plastic shamanism. This view of shamanism might differ from others that you’re familiar with but I think you see that it overlaps with some of the ideas inherent in traditional shamanism, except that I’ve given them a modern twist – without the need for entheogens, pain, music, ritual or rights of passage experiences. I do however talk a little about some initiatory experiences (including a few of my own) and the purpose behind some of these. I also explore the relationship of dreams to shamanism and dream symbolism and describe a simple method for interpreting dream symbols and for interacting with the external world through symbols that we can see in our minds.

Don’t listen to this if you’re after a comprehensive overview of shamanism. The purpose of this monologue is merely to highlight that it is possible to integrate a shamanic world view and shamanic type methods into the experiences of ordinary life. This is really just a very basic primer in working with mind and body as an interface between inner and outer worlds, to demonstrate that there really only is one indivisible whole. Kosmos.

Enjoy ! 😉

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