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TSM165 : The Relationship Between Perspective & Perception

Have you ever thought about how your perspective effects your perception ? Perspective is THE critical ingredient in changing perception ! In this episode I explore how simple changes in perspective change our perception and how you can create your own conscious shifts in perception.

Enjoy !

KcilraG ThgirB. 😉




TSM164 : The Ultimate Explanation Behind Chemtrails and CO2 Driven Climate Change

Have you ever wondered about the link between so called Chemtrails and CO2 Driven Climate Change ? In today’s monologue I offer you the ultimate explanation for why there are more so called Chemtrails and why CO2 may have risen.

This TSM was made at the end of a long hard day while out walking on the first night of winter ! So if I sound a little worn out, it’s because I was !

Enjoy !

Bright. 😉

PS. I dedicate this TSM to the PK Fellowship – for living life to the fullest and pushing through the ignorance of human stupidity ! Wishing the 3 of you a glorious summers day in America, England and Spain !


TSM163 : Memory, the Story of Me and Sleep

In today’s night time walkalogue, I explore memory, its connection to the story of me (your story) and sleep. I speculate on a constellation approach to understanding how memory works, memory and time and the function of memory. I explore how we construct our personal narratives and how memory relates to the overall story of the self. Finally I look at how we approach sleep, what our expectations of sleep are and what we can do to engage memory and imagination prior to sleep, in order to strengthen memory and live the ignored and un-noticed parts of our day as completely as possible.


Sleepy Bright. 😉

PS. Update. I noticed in my tiredness I referred to the Penrose map instead of the Penfield map.

TSM162 : Inside an ET Craft – Muajra : Part 1B

Dude Prep 2016 © Rachel Bree 2016.In tonight’s at home monologue I continue describing the inside of Dude’s craft, discussing such issues as craft levels, types of rooms, atmospheric variables, windows, onboard map projections, viewing loved ones, other projections, surfaces, visitor well being, opening and closing doors and communicating with the craft. I trust that by the end of this audio, you will understand that Dude’s craft is more than just a smart machine or an advanced form of AI and see that it is a living caring being !

Forgive me for sounding a little tired. I had a long day outside in the sun rebuilding a shed !

Enjoy !

Brighty. 😉

An Invite to Monologue/Walkalogue

Hey folks, I’d like to invite you to contribute a 15 minute monologue/walkalogue to ET and I, to be compiled for publication here and on The Something Monologues. All you have to do is :

  1. Using your iPhone or Android phone or a sound recorder or note taker, make an audio recording in any format (you can use Audacity to save it into mp3 format if you want to – that makes things easier for me but don’t worry if you can’t).
  2. Upload your recording to your own or other cloud storage account and
  3. Send the audio link to me at .

In your audio recording talk about something that interests you and/or go for a walk and give us a tour of what you’re experiencing. I’d love to hear you and how things sound in your part of the world !

The aim of this little project is to make a Global Something Monologue. Maybe no one will contribute and maybe a bunch of you will contribute ! Who knows what will happen !

If I get enough recordings I’ll pull it all together and publish the final GSM or GSMs in the next fortnight.

Wishing you all a splendid day of life !

Brighty. 😉

PS. TSM No.1 :

TSM160 : The Inner Self

In today’s bloated (O man I feel full !) walkalogue, I explore the idea of the inner self / the inner life / the inner world or the internal self / internal life / internal world. I speculate on the nature of this strange separation between inner and outer, how inner and outer influence one another and some possible distinctions between the inner world of the body and the inner world of the mind. I ask how the conscious and unconscious aspects of our mind might exist and interact with one another and what the changing nature of the inner self means for our identity and our overall sense of self in life and death.

Enjoy ! 😉


Why I’m Charging for Some Content and Introducing TSM Plus

Some of you will realise that I’ve been reluctant to make money out of any of the content that I’ve created. ET and I and The Something Monologues take a lot of time and effort. But I loathe the idea of having to market myself and become some sort of commodity. Unfortunately my blog and podcast have a very small audience and I only receive a very small amount from your donations (with 1-2 donations per month). I hate having to run a fund raiser but up to now it’s the only way I’ve been able to raise any money.

My intention has always been to create audio and video courses that provide people with the knowledge and skills to enhance their self awareness and that provide me with some kind of income. Being stuck on disability while I am healing with my tumours sux big time. The financial strain is very very difficult to deal with !

me1My primary focus is living my life fully and writing books. But in order to do the later I need to earn an income that lifts me above the poverty line ! So over the years I have played around with all kinds of options, trying to find the best way to make this work. I think the best way is to charge for some of what I am offering. I’d continue to give everything I know away for free if I could but money is essential to my survival ! In addition, the thought that someone is making money out of what I have given away freely (and I’ve found evidence of that), really pisses me off !

At some point in the life of every person who passes on some of their knowledge and wisdom, there comes a time when they have to decide – do I keep going or do I do things differently ? As many of you know, I have seriously considered withdrawing from the internet entirely. But for now, I have decided to stay engaged. And the only way I can do that is to approach what I’m sharing more strategically.

I went to bed last night feeling yuk because I ignored my body in regard to the whole Podbean patron thing I’d set up. From time to time I ignore what my body is trying to tell me and it’s always to my own detriment. I knew what was agitating me, so today I went back and canned the whole thing. The idea of having patrons felt like a complete suck job and a sell out ! You’ll have to forgive me for my change of heart. Sometimes I am stupid and make bad choices !

I had many issues with the whole patron thing – the drive towards marketing and rewards for starters. I also dislike having to use Stripe as a cloud payment platform but I’m biting the bullet on that one because Podbean doesn’t give you any other option ! As it is Podbean sucks 15 % out of each subscription and Stripe sucks 1.5-2.9 % + 30c per transaction. You might be wondering why I don’t give Podbean the flick. Well for two reasons. First, I did a lot of research on podcast hosts early on and they charge less than most. They also make the whole thing pretty easy. And second, I’d have to republish all my content on another host (and fix all the links on the blog) and that would be several weeks worth of work and I don’t have the time to do that ! Sticking with Podbean is the lesser of two evils !

So as an alternative, I’ve set up TSM Plus, which is a paid subscription for the best of the TSMs from the past and in the future. TSM Plus will also include what I call Special TSMs – which are one off TSMs on some of the fringe subjects that I previously mentioned. These TSMs will be produced indoors and will have better sound quality. TSM Plus will cost $11.50/month and I’m aiming to produce 3-4 episodes per month. The whole pricing thing has been a bit of a challenge. I arrived at that figure after looking at how what I’m offering compares to other podcast subscriptions and by adding enough to offset the fees. Gone are the days of factoring in what your time and product are worth !

At some point I’ll be creating a wider range of audio courses but I’ll host that on some kind of digital audio shop where the fees are smaller.

There are 29 TSMs  that are no longer free but there are still 130 TSMs that are free ! I’ve also moved the paid content into a Box folder that will be accessible to the folks who have made $50+ donations. I have a list of your contacts, so at some point I’ll send you the link to the folder. If you’ve already downloaded any of the TSMs that are now part of TSM plus, bravo – you got them for free !

Thanks for your understanding about my need to make some changes. It isn’t a decision I’ve have undertaken lightly and I’m still teasing out the details of what I’d like to do down the track and how I’ll connect it all to a website.

The TSMs will continue but with free and paid content. It is my wish that TSM Plus offers you something unique and fulfilling, that you wont find anywhere else !

Be well friends,

Brighty.  😉

TSM159 : Using Sound to Anchor Ourselves into the Day and the Present Moment

Into today’s walkalogue I talk about how we can use sound to anchor ourselves into the day, right from the beginning when we wake up and how we can use sound to fully engage with the present moment as we go through our day. This could have been a 1 minute monologue but as usual there are my observations of the world around me – including the sunrise, storm clouds, Boo ants, a snake skin and snake holes and the birdies. It is my intention that the many different sounds in this walkalogue provide you with a full immersion in the world of sound and an opportunity to start cultivating awareness !

Happy trails !

Brighty. 😉

Paid TSMs

Hey folks, just to let you know that I’m playing around with the idea of making some paid TSMs, that will be available on an episode by episode basis. They will be an occasional feature of the TSMs. This will be unrelated to the ET contact audio series, although some of the subjects covered will compliment it. Instead it will be related to other subjects I’ve been thinking about talking about for some time. Things like :

  • How to enhance Remote Viewing skills (remember I don’t use remote viewing per se, I use a method called Journeying – which involves materialising another body but there are exercises related to that practice that would help anyone practising RV).
  • Enhancing your ability to recall ET contact experiences (this won’t be about the actual practice of retrieval but how to enhance that practice – as you know I’m highly critical of regression therapy, so this will offer an alternative).
  • Strengthening memory exercises.
  • Enhancing perception (this will follow up on the material I have previously shared here).
  • Curing addiction (how to cure any addiction through cognition, perception and somatic exploration).
  • Elemental movement (which is a new kind of Qi Gong I developed but I guess it’s not strictly speaking Qi Gong).
  • Sharing energy and memories with trees (which will explore the practice I outlined in TSM3 in greater detail).

That’s just a few that come to mind. I’ll probably offer a lot more. Most of the material will build on other things that I’ve previously discussed in the TSMs or on the blog. So in a sense it will be complimentary but it will also take some subjects much further.

Any one who has made a donation of $50 or more will have full access to these episodes. As will anyone who makes a donation of $50 or more any time in the future. I figured that after making a 150 plus free episodes, I might chuck in the odd paid one. The cost will probably be $10 an episode and unlike the other TSMs they’ll be made inside without the wind, clicks and other annoying sounds that often accompany my other TSMs. Most of them will be at least an hour long.

What are your thoughts on some paid TSMs ?

My son keeps bugging me about making my own website, so after many years I’m finally toying seriously with that idea. It still seems a little ‘me-centric’ for my like but it maybe something I end up doing as a way of bringing together all the things I’d like to express. Naturally the paid TSMs would also be available there. As would the video courses I am looking to create.

Thanks to Frédéric for encouraging me to revisit the idea of paid TSMs! It’s something I thought about doing long ago but it just fell off the radar !

Change is a natural part of life and I figure it’s time I injected a little fresh blood into what I’m doing !

Adios amigos,

Brighty. 😉

TSM158: The Sword of Damocles and True Power

Today I use the myth of the Sword of Damocles to explore the nature of power and the true power that we all carry inside of us.  It’s been a long while since I read about this myth, so I might have skewed a few details. But you’ll understand what I’m suggesting.

I dedicate today’s walky talky to Julia ! Thanks Julia for your seemingly endless support ! It seems like you’ve been there right from the beginning ! Love to you my friend ! ❤

Enjoy folks,

Brightus Garlicus the Younger, Philosopher. 😉

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