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TSM138 : The Shadow of My Ancestors

We all have ancestors alive and dead, who loom over us like long dark shadows that arouse something unfathomable deep inside of us. In this trek down the dirt road, I introduce you to 4 of my dead ancestors and share a little of who they were and what they meant to me.

We are all experts in one thing and one thing only – ourselves. It’s my wish that by sharing intimate things about my own life, I strike a chord that resonates in you. And in so doing we remember our common humanity and that we are all dealing with the same fundamental issues in life.

😉 Bright Someone

Grand child of a Steel Worker, Great grand child of a 100 year old Roman Catholic.




My sister has lapsed into unconsciousness and now it is most likely just a matter of days until she goes HOME. I’m using some of my Tumour Called Freedom fundraiser money to book a ticket for my son and I to see her. But I don’t know if I will be saying a final goodbye to her living body or reading her eulogy. I might be away from here for a while. Thank you for all your ongoing support. My own treatment starts at the end of February.

(Susy and I a month before I was diagnosed with Renal Carcinoid Cancer in May 2007).



As a therapist/group work facilitator and just an ordinary human being, I worked with a lot of people who had very, very sad lives and I saw a lot of very sad things. But wherever I could I tried to bring light into people’s lives, to alleviate their sadness – if not permanently, then just for a little while.

I’m going to bed soon, so some other time I’ll share some stories of sadness with you but until then I wonder if you might share your own or someone else’s story of sadness with the rest of us !

Rather than fixing everything, sometimes we just need to sit with how things are. There is nothing more powerful than just being present for another living creature. No doing, just being. So let the sadness come…


TSM37 : Tom’s Death

In this TSM I reflect on the death of my friend Tom

I could have talked about the Buddhist perspective of seeing visions close to death but instead I talked a little about visions as archetypal projections. It would be nice to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences of witnessing or being part of these with a dying person.

Enjoy, Bright.

The Man in the Mirror

While I’ve been waiting for Dude to finish attending to the critical situation he mentioned, I’ve been working on my plays and a book of fictional letters.

Today I had a break and went to visit my friend Tom who is dying of cancer in hospital. I won’t say too much about that experience because I’ve recorded a couple of TSM’s about my visits.

So I’ve been sitting by Tom’s bedside and trying to connect with him, heart to heart. Tom probably won’t make Christmas and so I am trying to be there for him as a friend, who has no judgment, who is open to anything and everything that might arise. I’ve also organised for Tom to have a visit from 2 ETs but more of that in the upcoming TSM. As I sat by Tom’s withering body he shared stories of his life with me – his early days growing up on a farm and climbing windmills, his experience in the Army Reserve and working at the petrol station and his experience raising a large family – including children he adopted and provided foster care to. I detected throughout Tom’s life, a dark painful thread, that seemed to begin somewhere in the end of his childhood. And as I listened to him, I recognized my own suffering and the suffering of so many people I’ve known. You might think that my having tumours, might make the idea of spending time with Tom scary and unappealing. But nothing could be further from the truth. Spending time with any dying person is a privilege and an honour. And as I sit with Tom I learn as much about myself as I do him.

As I’ve been sitting there with him, I’ve been trying to see him how the Teal’hia or any one of the other ET races see him – as a human being who has known love and suffering, expectation, the desire for control, fear and every other possible emotion. I try to see his desires and his dreams, the burdens he has carried and the freedom and peace that he so desperately seeks. And in this I see all of us. The Teal’hia look at us with love and I try to look at Tom with love. As he was telling me about his hallucinations – the flowers turning into a menagerie of characters, I encouraged him to communicate with them and tried to comfort him by telling him that no matter how real they seem, they can never hurt him. Today as I watched him writhe in pain, entranced by his hallucinations, I saw his sense of self slowly dissolving and all that was repressed rise slowly to the surface of his being – taking the form of archetypal characters, that sought only to express HIS feelings and to reach out to HIM. The aspects of self danced with one another and I felt a deep reverence for the human condition and the life of this man.

When I have thought about my own death and when I’ve seen it in the future, I have often wondered what will happen in my heart and mind as I reach those last few hours and those last few breaths of life. And although everyone is different and Tom and I are worlds apart, he is teaching me how to prepare for that final moment and in some small way perhaps I am guiding him to that final departure. As I watch his suffering I am reminded of my own and our own and I see in him God experiencing HIS uniqueness, Tom’s uniqueness and in this experience there is an exquisite beauty that is impossible to put into words.

People celebrate when we enter the world but they rarely celebrate when we leave. Soon another human being will leave this human life and only a handful of humans will ever know. Tom is no one but to those who love him. But to me Tom is YOU and Tom is Me and Tom is Us and Tom is HIM/SHE/IT and the very life force itself.

I dedicate all that I do in teaching people about how to make contact with our Cosmic Family,  to people like Tom – who all their life yearn to know that we are not alone in this universe. Tom, your friends are coming…




TSM15 : The Gaps We Leave Behind

In this brief dialogue (yes it really is brief !), I talk a little about the gaps we leave behind. Let me know your opinion on this subject !

Happy listening ! 😉

Death Bed Visions

Lots of people are interested in the subject of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) and After Death Communications (ADC’s) but few people are familiar with Death Bed Visions, in which people who are dying experience the presence of those who have gone before them. I find the topic fascinating and the likelihood of it being true, immensely comforting. David Kessler (who was present at the death of Elizabeth Kubler Ross) has done some interesting research into the subject : , & Here’s a couple of videos that discuss the issue. Anyone who has spent time in palliative care or spoken to staff who work in palliative care, will know that it’s common for the dying to talk about seeing people that others can’t see. It seems to me, that it’s unlikely to be a byproduct of changes in the brain nearing death (although it seems likely the brain is changing and that is what allows people to see the dead). I think it’s what really happens – the dead return to comfort us and to let us know they are waiting. Why should death be any different to birth ?

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