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Lady Moses and the Sunshine

I recently wrote : “Moses and Exodus. A plan for survival post global catastrophe with fewer people and new systems. What  does this mean ?”. What follows is Darci’s profound and insightful response. Thanks for getting it Darci and for making a home run for Texas !
Post global catastrophe huh? With fewer people, well that’s to be expected. And the new systems are already in place for the privileged families that are already chosen to partake. It’s funny how the doomsday references just keep coming through what the media releases so carefully and strategically. Not just the media though. There are many doomsday preppers and conspiracy therorists on YouTube, and other venues, spitting out their venom of fear.
This is how I see it…Moses led his people out of bondage and they roamed around for forty years before entering the promised land. They were very close to the promised land and had no reason to roam. They could have been there in a matter of months, but NO, they took forty years! Why is that? Because they didn’t believe! They still had part of their heart in Egypt.They were dualistic, and it was sabotaging their journey.
That’s how we are concerning our obsession with the end of the world. We aimlessly try and prepare, we try to predict how, when and where. We all know our government has secret power systems beyond anyone’s knowledge or control, and we are helpless. So we roam and roam in our pathetic helplessness like mice in the desert looking for a drop of water to quench our thirst for control even if only for a second. Drop to drop we go thinking we are getting closer to the truth and wiser as we go. We can only comprehend the physical, the familiar, the programmed ways. We all drank the cool-aid and sold our birthright. We cannot see that we have been going the wrong way all along.
So, are we are helpless? NO!!!! We are so NOT helpless. But unfortunately most of us do not even vaguely comprehend the power that we have. We only need to cultivate our own individual power of connection with creator without and creator within. Is that enough? Yes! Imagine that times a billion individual human beings who knew themselves as precious eternal beings and knew the creative collective as family. Imagine all of us as ONE creative energy. There would not be a destructive force that could take hold with that kind of creative, loving force prevailing. We are responsible only for one thing. To become what we were created to become. A loving, creative force. Can we start working on that? Will it take us forty years to reach the promised land or can we be wise enough to get there in a fraction of that time? We have to tackle destructive influences, energies and consequences with the exact opposite force. Can we win any other way? No, we are completely powerless in any other efforts to stop evil men. The battle is not physical it never has been. It is an energetic battle, an unseen battle. Common sense should tell you this is so. Where else could the battle be? We obviously have no physical power against the force. Why would we be placed here just to be wiped out? Why would any creative force create a powerless creation? We are just not seeing the truth from the correct perspective. This “perspective” is what THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW! So, the only difference between what I am saying and religious faith is this…. religion cries for protection outside of itself to an unseen powerful god. Religious people pray “ save me, help me, protect me, do this and that for me, oh most powerful God.” Self awareness says, I don’t need protection because I am already everything that has been, already is and what will be.
So where can fear live in that awareness? It can’t. That is what they don’t want you to rest in. That understanding brings immense power for yourself and the world. I’m working toward becoming that understanding everyday. But my battle for that ground is internal. Not external. It is spiritual, (in my thought-life), not in my actions or deeds. I don’t need to get a boxcar, bury it in the ground and create a bunker for survival. Bring it on. None of that crazy bullshit matters anyway. The only thing with any value to me is the right now! Fortunately, the “right now” continues indefinitely, (with or without my body), so I have a lot to value!
Love you Bright. I probably over thought your question. Forgive me if I did.

The Having of Wisdom and ET Contact

I recently posted this and this Two people responded with such profound comments that I thought I should post them here because they basically sum up everything I have tried to convey about ET contact and the desire for contact.

Thanks Darci and thanks Ethan for making ET and I feel worthwhile for me and for really understanding the essence of what I have been trying to convey for the last decade. Your wisdom provides a beacon for others who also yearn to have contact but know that something is missing in their understanding.

It’s comments like these that make me feel like, “Holy shit someone gets it ! I have done something good after all !”.

For both Darci and Ethan face to face contact is merely a matter of time and patience. You already have all the qualities that you need.


What would I ask an ET if I had the chance? I have pondered that question for hours and everything seems ridiculous and shallow compared to the presence of an ET revealing itself to me. I have tried to really zero in on what my most important need to know is. I do have many questions but my biggest need is to experience a true ET encounter. I think once I have had that experience, (that I can remember), I will not need to know anything else. What that would symbolize to me is wide open possibilities, the true experience of “something more” and the complete and absolute destruction of any residual subconscious ties to religiosity, which in turn will free me of fear. I have imagined so many times turning around and seeing an ET standing there. I have tried to feel what that would be like. I feel soooo ready. I can remain calm, I can manage the threat and fear response, I can be myself…. so I think. Obviously that is not true or I would have had it already. I’m working on me. Trying to be honest. Trying to be real. Trying to prepare myself by allowing myself to feel. But knowing is NOT knowing. Contact is the only true knowing. That is ALL that I need. Everything else, all questions, are secondary.
Love as always,
This is so perfectly articulated and encapsulates exactly what I myself have been feeling for months about this subject. I am fortunate enough that I am given the privilege by our cosmic friends of being visited fairly routinely in all manner of subtle ways through the manifestation of energy forms, sonic frequencies, and rarely, physically manifested craft. However like you, I have never had a direct interactive experience with another ET being (at least none that I remember). And I am aware as you so aptly explained, that all of these brilliant experiences would still utterly pale in comparison to a direct interaction with such a being. But what struck me so deeply, was how you were able to perfectly capture the quintessential dilemma of our experience as it relates to direct contact. Which is that feeling of desperately wanting to have a direct contact experience, thinking you are ready for direct contact, thinking that you can manage the threat and fear responses, that you can resist the impulse to fall back upon all of the foolish and embarrassing stereotypes and prejudices that inform our daily human experience in the world, and then realizing that you are the farthest thing from that and that if you were actually able to manage those things, you would have probably already had such an experience. Then I consider Dude’s maxims and how fear is really just a product of expectation and a desire for control. And that because of the uncertainty and fragility of human existence, it is so challenging to actually let go of those expectations, and that desire for control of our life circumstances. I know that I would feel so ashamed of myself if I were ever to have such a contact experience and I were to allow myself to focus on something superfluous like the physiology or appearance of the being, or the way that they might present themselves to me. But precisely for that reason among many others, I know I am not ready and I have to assume they know this too. As you also articulated so well, such an experience would put every other human experience, and indeed every other human conception into perspective. And it would open wide the human world of experience to the true breadth of possibility that exists in all that there is. And finally just as you have, I always seem to arrive at the same conclusion that I must continue to work on me, to find ways to engage with both the natural world and all human beings in a way that is respectful, compassionate, sensitive, and open. And hopefully one day I will be able to reach a level of spiritual and emotional maturity that makes me worthy of such an interaction. But even if that day will never arrive, I resolve to not lose faith in the process of self betterment and outward love and connection with the world and all of the incredible beings and creatures within it. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak about your personal experience regarding this subject. It was very touching and helped me greatly to better understand and relate my own experiences.
P.S. Sorry for commandeering your post to speak to someone else Bright, as always you and your writing are a beacon of hope and encouragement to all of us that the world is not as absurd or indifferent as it so often seems and that magic is real if you know where to look 🙂
With fondness,



Dear Dave… A Question of the Writer’s Desire and the Reader’s Need

Hey folks, how’s life ?

Some of you have read my comments about the difficulties of sharing ET contact a little while ago ( and some of my long-term readers will have heard me complain about these things on several occasions.

On September 6th, 2017 I received a series of comments from one Dave Gross, who seems to feel that I am a fraud and that ET contact is impossible. I did not publish Dave’s initial comments and then published a few of them and some of you were kind enough to leap to my defence. I then marked the last few comments from Dave as spam and they and any comments since have automatically been deleted, such that I can’t see them even if I want to.

I’d like say something about Dave’s comments because I think they are worth addressing but perhaps not in the way that you might think. Dave is not the first person to express such comments to me and he won’t be the last. I am now at the point in my life (and I should have been a decade ago !) where I must choose carefully whether it’s worth my effort to respond to any given person. I know instantly if connecting to a certain person is bad for my well-being and yet, as stubborn and as stupid as I am, I have chosen on occasion to engage with such people. But it isn’t always the Dave’s of the world who are a problem. It’s often the people who express high levels of dependence. So please read carefully what I am about to say and think over my words, if you are one of these people. Most of my readers are not but a small number are.

Here are most of Dave’s messages but not all of them (I have edited the paragraphs into neat lines but not changed the content) :

I’m willing to give you $5000 in cash. The catch is that 1 of your ET friends has to come & take the cash from my house or any other location desired by the ET, and bring it to you. Of course I don’t have to see the ET & there will be no cameras or any other recording devices. This is strictly for my confirmation of ET’s existence. Should be very simple IF the ET’s exist. Are you up for the challenge Sir?
Greetings Dave

My real e-mail is xxx if you want to keep this between us.

I’m offering you $5000. One of your ET friends have to come & fetch it for you. I don’t need to see him. No recording, video or similar. I can even leave them outside somewhere. Without any proof that ET’s exist, I can’t just send them to you. If you don’t want to do it then we both know you’re either lying or imagining everything. You’ve got my mail.

I don’t want you to show me contact with ET’s, because u can’t. Not even Mr Bright can, because there is none here who had contact! If I’m saying I have contact with giants & trolls on earth, but I won’t show you any proof, just my words, will you believe me?
You’re literately begging people for money without providing any proof of ET existence! I gave you an opportunity & you didn’t take it because you know it’s impossible. You’re telling ferry-tales, It’s really that simple. You None of your readers have made ET contact. And they are all here to find comfort from the harsh reality that they can’t handle, the reality of every day life. They fall for your words, but they are words only & nothing else. What you see is what you get, not what you believe! You can’t proof shit!

For all I know Dave is a stooge who is employed to discredit me but I think he’s an ordinary guy with nothing better to do than spend his life criticising people. I’ve met plenty of people like him and they’re a burden on everyone around them – constantly whingeing and escaping into criticism.

I am not going to defend myself against Dave’s criticism anymore. I already done a little of that over the course of a week when I was really sick with tumour pain, hypoclyemia and struggling to sleep. I just wasn’t in the mood and I regret letting Dave bother me as he did for those few days while I was sick.

There will always be critics for whom seeing is believing. And nothing that any of us say or do can change that. And besides, do we need to bother justifying and prooving our experiences ? Neither I nor my ET friends need Dave’s money or to prove anything to him.

But Dave is right about a couple of things. We should all be sceptical about extraordinary claims because there are many people who are deluded and there are many charlatans. I can tell you that I am not a charlatan and that I am not deluded but I can never prove either one to you. You must determine that for yourself ! I cannot prove anything to anyone and nor do I want to. All I can do is tell you about my experiences and teach you what I’ve learned, so that when you’re ready, you can have your own experiences. AND THEN YOU WILL KNOW AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE DOUBT ABOUT WHETHER ETS EXIST BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE YOUR OWN PROOF. As to anything that I share with you regarding my experiences with any phenomenon, you must be your own judge. Take or leave anything that I say. Test what you can, if you need to ! I’m not here to deceive anyone. That would be a complete waste of my life !

In one of Dave’s comments he said : You None of your readers have made ET contact. And they are all here to find comfort from the harsh reality that they can’t handle, the reality of every day life. They fall for your words, but they are words only & nothing else. What you see is what you get, not what you believe! None of us can know if another person has made or had ET contact. It may have happened without your knowledge or you may have initiated contact. We weren’t there. How can we know what you experienced, let alone if how you interpret it is correct ? Contact is both an objective and a subjective experience. I would never say that a person who seemed of sound mind did not have contact but I may question their understanding of the experience.

It is also true what you see is what you get AND what you believe. Belief shapes physical and psychological perception. It’s a kind of filter that influences how we see things. And just because leprechaun’s or trolls or giants may not exist, doesn’t mean that ETs don’t ! Belief is all-powerful and we have to hold it with respect and with caution. Belief causes war but belief also heals the planet ! I believe ETs exist but that doesn’t mean I believe that Reptilians exist ! In a reductionist materialist world what you see is what you get (and here Dave is implying we see nothing) and seeing is believing. There is nothing that can be said to a reductionist materialist because in their view everything can be reduced to logical phenomenon and everything can be known. Well, I don’t always function that way. I remain open to mystery and the unknowable that exists as part of a greater reality. I think openness in the heart and in the head, is a sign of maturity and an acceptance of reality. Of how things really are ! Why close your heart and your mind, if you only experience a small part of the greater reality ?

Now to what I feel is Dave’s one redeeming comment : And they are all here to find comfort from the harsh reality that they can’t handle, the reality of every day life. They fall for your words, but they are words only & nothing else. Yes Dave, they are here to find comfort from the harsh reality that they can’t handle, the reality of everyday life. Because life is hard and life is struggle and life is uncertain and all life ends in the death of our bodies ! Why shouldn’t a person find or seek comfort ? Isn’t that what we’re here for Dave – to share, to learn, to love, to make life a little easier for  others – be they our loved ones or strangers ? Why do you live Dave ? I live to enjoy my life and to experience everything fully. And part of my experience involves caring and sharing my time, my energy and the things I’ve learned – so that at the end of my days I can look back and KNOW, I left the world a little better than when I came in and I gave of the things that were given to me. I don’t want to go out a miser Dave ! How about you ? I want to live fully ! So if others come here looking for something I have to offer, so be it. I’d like to think they’ll find some small kernel of truth that they can apply to their own lives or something of interest that sparks a curiosity about the greater reality that connects us all.

Yes Dave, maybe some people fall for my words. Whatever that means ! But words build civilisations, words change lives, words reshape the planet, words heal the biosphere, words set a path for our collective future, words bring suffering and freedom, sadness and joy. Words are everything to the small self !  This post would not exist if words did not have greater power than the sword !

So perhaps Dave, in your view my words are shallow, are empty. I tell fairy tales and nothing else. Nothing I can do will educate people like you to open you heart and your mind ! So perhaps I ought to tell sweet fairy tales that liberate us all from the suffering created by the harsh words that hurt all of humanity !

People have always looked for answers. We as a species have always been seekers. And some of my readers will know that I have spoken about the need for us to move beyond seeking. That seeking is in itself an obstacle to true freedom. Seeking is just part of our game, part of our adventure, part of our discovery of the self, part of our growth as human beings. So what if some people seek something through my words or if some people seek connection with ETs ? Fuck I read heaps. Many of my heroes are poets and song writers and great teachers in whom I found some small thing that turned my life around. We’re all riding on the backs of turtles riding on turtles (yes I bastardised that old adage !) going God knows where ! Sometimes, it’s difficult to trust ourselves, so we trust the turtle underneath us or the one 222 turtles down !

It is my wish that some of my readers begin to trust themselves and stop seeking answers from me or from anyone else. There are a couple of you who really need to think about this and feel that it’s true ! In this sense Dave is spot on ! There is a kind of dependence or co-dependence that has developed between you and I. And it’s critical to your own development that you START TRUSTING YOURSELF and PUT ASIDE YOUR FEARS ! There is nothing and no one in control of the choices made by your mind, your heart or your soul. YOU ARE IN FULL CONTROL OF YOUR CHOICES, WHETHER YOU CHOOSE TO SEE IT OR NOT ! So please, by all means enjoy reading this blog and interacting with us but GET A LIFE and start living fearlessly ! ARISE AND LIVE BECAUSE YOU ARE ALREADY FREE !

So, in a sense Dave has done a real service to myself and to this blog. He’s thickened my skin a little more and honed in on something very important ! It’s important that all of us connect with other human beings. But we must use our own discernment to figure out what we truly believe for ourselves. No one can do that for us !

When it comes to our place on this Earth, all we have is our bodies, our words and our actions. I trust that my words mean something of value to some of you and that my words and my actions bring a little good into the world. You must do the same. Use your words and your actions and your time wisely ! So that you too can look back from death’s door and say ‘I lived well and left this world a little better than when I came in !’.

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