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Why Remote Viewers are Wrong About So Much !

Many of you who have an interest in remote viewing will have heard many remote viewers talk about what they claim to have seen in the past or future. People like Ed Dames (sorry Ed I hate to break the news but you are no longer a Major !) and Courtney Brown and a host of younger remote viewers who are holding onto their coat tails, are in the habit of talking about all the amazing discoveries that they have made through remote viewing. None of these personalities ever actually talk about their personal lives or give you any sense that they’re vulnerable or make mistakes. A couple of things really piss me off about such people. First their egos are out of control. They so lack any basic awareness of the human mind that it befuddles me as to how they do what they do and no one questions them. Second, some of them such as Ed Dames make a considerable amount of money out of scaring the crap out of people with doom and gloom ! I too believe a major solar catastrophe is on the cards (or has happened else where and else when) but if I was in their position and had their level of notoriety, I’d be sharing what I know for free instead of capitalizing on it. That is abominable Dr Doom ! Third, they never acknowledge the influence their own conditioning has on what they experience and what they perceive and how they interpret what they experience and perceive. And fourth, they fail to understand the basic nature of reality. One of the things that they constantly do is to talk about non local perception. Non local perception is a misnomer ! You have to have an aspect of a being that is local – i.e. the body, in order to perceive what is beyond the body. And in addition to this, if you limit yourself to believing that the body you see is the only body or the total body, you misunderstand what a body is and the meaning of local-non local. The other thing they constantly fuck up is their understanding of time and space. So let me say something more significant about that because this is the greatest flaw in how remote viewers function.

Let me start by re-iterating what my ET friend Dude has said – Time does not exist, there is only space. And let me remind you of Dude’s understanding that reality consists of Conjoined Space. Conjoined Spaces are connected to every life. Every life has the capacity to create new Conjoined Spaces. This is primarily caused by strong emotion and is entirely involuntary. On average, most people have 400-500 Conjoined Spaces (other lives) occurring simultaneously. That is to say that there are 400-500 other yous out there in their own version of space, living a life that maybe very similar or very different to your own.

So what are the implications for remote viewing ? There are many implications for remote viewing but let me give you just two.

First, when a remote viewer leaves his destination, every time he leaves his destination, he is potentially in a different Conjoined Space. Say for example over the course of a year I go ahead and look at my granddaughter when she is aged 12 three times. Each time I leave, I maybe leaving from a different Conjoined Space. Let’s call them CS1, CS2 and CS3. The spaces I follow CS1, CS2 and CS3 will lead to different spaces (Destinations – D1, D2, D3) and as a result the space that my grandaughter lives in will appear different each time. The differences maybe subtle or they maybe significant. So when a remote viewer arrives at a destination, having left at different times (CSs), she is potentially in a different space. Here’s another example – say  I go to see a volcano that explodes on 4th April 2053 in Chile. Leaving from CS1 takes me to D1, leaving from CS2 takes me to D2 and leaving from CS3 takes me to D3. In D1 the volcano explodes destroying the city near it. In D2 the volcano fizzles a little and settles down. In D3 the volcano has been dormant for three centuries and shows no sign of activity.

Second, the closer the departure time e.g. CS1 and CS2, looking at the same event, the more likely that D1 and D2 will be the same or similar. The further apart the departure time e.g. CS4 and CS11, looking at a similar event, the more likely that D4 and D11 will be different. In other words, close departure times lead to similar events (similar spaces) and distance departure times lead to different events (different spaces). So when Ed Dames or Courtney Brown say that after repeated viewings, it looked like the solar catastrophe/global flood was going to be in 2011, then 2012, then 2016; they really have no idea because each time they or their team look, they are departing from a different Conjoined Space. In fact they or their team are more likely departing from a different life altogether. My own concerns about a major solar catastrophe and nuclear events (as the Teal’hia showed me in 2011) appear to be valid to other me’s in other Conjoined Spaces but so far, not so valid in this one. I didn’t understand that at the time and it bothered the hell out of me ! Whether or not these events are still on the cards for this me in this reality, I am unsure. Sometimes it appears to be and sometimes it doesn’t. Dude has told me that Conjoined Spaces can also merge and disappear entirely. In other words, other me’s can come and go and with them, everything that they would have experienced.

So the bottom line is this. You are more than your body. Your body is more than it appears to be. You have many physical bodies and each of them are more than they appear to be. Some of you is already dead and enjoying the afterlife, some of you is dying, some of you has just been born and some of you like this you is now living and wondering what the hell Bright is going on about ! Every time a remote viewer attempts to perceive something else where in space or time, she does so from a particular life (CS). Depending on how far ahead or behind she wishes to look, she will see something similar or different each time she attempts to look. That is why remote viewers ought to have protocols that have them revisit the very same target multiple times over a long period of time. Things change and new CSs are created. Remote viewing has limited accurately because of the discrepancies that occur between different departure points and arrival points over any given period of time. Or another way of saying it is might be, that each time a remote viewer looks at something, it is likely that she is a different self looking at what could possible be a different target. The person thinks they are the same person looking at the same target but if there has been a significant interval (which will vary from person to person), chances are that they will not be the same person looking at the same target. 

One way to test this is to have a remote viewer see if they can see other selves looking at the same event. It has been said to me that such experiences can be dangerous but I’m not entirely sure why. I can think of no other way to see other selves (CSs) so readily.

By now the implications of CS as an understanding of reality may have led you to wonder such things as, “How can I contact my other lives ?”, “Who am I ?”, “Can I experience my other lives ?”, “What do you mean I’m already dead ?” etc.. I don’t have any answers for you. But Dude and I have explored such issues in the second book, which as you know is still being written. Let me leave you with one final thought. Who creates your body and who creates your dreams ? Or put slightly differently, which part of you creates your body and which part of you creates your dreams ? 

PS. This post probably would have been better with diagrams. See how you go !


The Afterlife and Conjoined Space

I’ve talked a little here about Conjoined Space ( – Dude’s metaphor for describing the nature of space and reality. And I regularly refer to it, although I know I haven’t gone into any detail about it. So far Dude has given me 60 + pages of material for the Conversation book on the subject and I’m now slowly working back through about 50 odd questions I had about what he explained. Every time I ask him a question, his explanation elicits several more questions. As far as subjects go, it’s incredibly complex and I’ve really had trouble getting my own head around it, let alone explaining it to anyone else. When he first told me about it, it completely turned my life on it’s head ! I hope when the book is ready, that what I’ve written and the diagrams that I’ve included, make sense and make the subject more accessible. The reason that I came to believe Conjoined Space is true, was that I had previously had and then continued to have experiences I couldn’t explain any other way. Like dead animals coming back to life and seeing people in vehicles that shouldn’t have been there.



Whenever Dude starts talking to me about the nature of reality, I have to throw out every human idea I know because they’re all fundamentally limited. And that includes everything I learned through Buddhism, Daoism, Advaita and Shamanism about reality. All of what I thought I knew is irrelevant and has the capacity to get in the way of learning something that is completely new. Believe me when I say that disregarding my former learning (conditioning) is not an easy thing to do. But the only way that I have been able to learn from Dude is by letting go of what I think I know. Suffice to say that I don’t let go of absolutely everything because, for example the  beginners mind / don’t know mind of Zen Buddhism is a useful practice and it’s what I’m trying to do when I engage with Dude as a teacher. The less I know the more I come to know.

Sometimes when I talk with Dude, he introduces me to something that is way beyond my comprehension. He simplifies things as much as possible but because I have a certain way of thinking – you might say a certain kind of human logic; it can be very difficult to understand exactly what he means. This often happens when we talk about Conjoined Space. Think of Conjoined Space as a parallel life. Parallel lives create an incredibly rich and complex universe – more complex than perhaps the so called Multiverse. Each life creates a new space. New lives / spaces come off former lives / spaces. Some lives and their corresponding spaces merge with others, some continue and some disappear all together, by themselves or with a complete line of other lives. You might think that lives / spaces become infinite or at least very large but they don’t and I don’t yet fully understand why that is.

Perhaps the most critical thing to note is that the earlier in a life, a new life / space comes off, the more it will diverge from a recent life and the later a new life / space comes off, the less it will diverge from a recent life. In other words, the lives that came off earlier in your life are less similar than those that came off a life more recently. Or, any group of lives that came off in a shorter time span are more similar than those that came off in a longer time span.



So what happens when a life dies ? And then what happens when other lives die ? Here’s the cruncher and the thing that threw me for a spin when Dude first told me. When each life, each experience of a Conjoined Space dies; it has it’s own experience of the afterlife. And during the experience of an afterlife, new Conjoined Spaces can be created but fewer of them are created than when one has a body. And the reason for that is that emotion is experienced completely differently without a body.

In human ideas we have the belief that when we die that’s it for the body. It’s off to some grand vista of a paradise or some prison of a hell. Or we recycle on, stuck in Samsara – churning through the wheel of life or death, until we find a way out – liberation of nirvana. Or we return to the Dao, moving on through the physical reality or some sort of mental reality. What Dude is suggesting is that some of these ideas and beliefs are true – that is, that we create other forms of existence from the spirit. But here’s where he is suggesting something completely different. He’s suggesting that when you die, only one of your lives dies – that’s to say nothing about other so called past or future lives – just what we perceive as lives that exist in the present. And when this one single life dies, the differentiated spirit that is within it, has the capacity to create voluntarily and involuntarily new after lives and spaces.

You might be wondering, what happens when all the lives attached to this one life die ? What then for our afterlife ? Well, this is where it gets complicated and too hard for me to comprehend. But, as far as I can understand it, each differentiated spirit (differentiated mind) has the opportunity in the afterlife to merge completely with the one spirit (one mind). And sometimes that happens, while another differentiated spirit is still experiencing it’s after life. A person completely dies (completely goes HOME – my term not Dude’s), when all of the differentiated spirits (same spirit that inhabited each Conjoined Space) merge back into the light, one mind, the void, oblivion, God – whatever you want to call it. Because it’s essence is perceived differently by different types of beings. What that means is that parts of us (what we really are) are continually merging with the light.



To give you an example, Dude recently told me about a life of my own, in which rather than being shuffled off to boarding school at aged 11, in that life I stayed in Hong Kong, completed year 13, returned to Adelaide where my mother was living and went to Flinders University in South Australia, then went on to become an Archaeologist with an interest in Aboriginal and Colonial history – particularly in the coastal regions of southern Australia. I am married and have 4 children and no tumours. If that me was to die tomorrow, I would feel some very powerful sense of loss and change. But that me would go on to experience it’s own afterlife. And when it is finished with other different kinds of existence and it is ready, it merges back into the one mind. Meanwhile the me of this life / space, may still be here or I may have died and be enjoying my own afterlife with no desire at all to relinquish that form of existence and differentiation. There may also still be a dozen other lives, almost identical to the Archaeologist life, who are continuing on their merry way, enjoying life or enjoying the afterlife.

Some of you may recall one of my other little projects – The Life After Life Project, in which I am having conversations with humans who have died and I hope at some point to document some of the experiences I have with them (see The Scole Experiment for a similar example). In none of my conversations with people who have died, have any of them talked about Conjoined Space. Only once did one of my guides – Kanatek, mention that he is aware of Conjoined Space and his other lives. Kanatek is a pretty smart guy and I think as far as he goes in regard to human teachers of spirituality, he’s way up there with the wisest of them. I haven’t actually asked any one else about the subject but nor has anyone actually mentioned it, or that way of perceiving reality. And I think the reason for that is pretty simple. As far as people who have died are aware, that is their existence. They are not aware of other Conjoined Spaces. Not because they don’t exist but because they are simple not aware of them. We are human, even in spirit form and we have certain limitations in our awareness. Some ETs apparently do not. At least not the kinds of limitations that we have.

Perhaps another way of understanding this is via Anamika’s explanation of reality as A Space Reticulum ( Reality is space in many different forms. some spaces are within spaces and some spaces are parallel to other spaces. Perhaps then we could say that each Conjoined Space / life has it’s own experience of a different copy or part of the Reticulum. I don’t know if that makes sense. I used to be very fond of the concept of fractals because of my interest in Chaos and Complexity Theories. So it maybe useful to say that each life is like a different part of a fractal. Thanks to Dude I now see the limitations of Fractal thinking and so that may not be the best metaphor. But it maybe a way for you to understand what I’m trying to say. Each life is perhaps like a portion of the overall fractal. Imagine say that each life is like a broccoli flower. And each branch of the flower is like a single life, off which branch many lives and spaces and after lives. The main stem is the spirit in it’s undifferentiated form. Each branch off the main stem is the spirit in it’s differentiated form. Each broccoli and each main stem is also the spirit and the individual mind. All of the broccoli plant is the one mind. Argh, I don’t think that metaphor works.



Anyway, hopefully what I’ve written today is enough to give you something completely new to consider about the nature of reality, the self and the afterlife. It’s unlikely that you’ll believe any of it, unless you can understand it. But it’s what I’ve been taught about how things actually are. If any of what I have said has given you a headache, welcome to the club ! I no longer have any solid beliefs about the nature of reality. Dude fucked all that up for me when he introduced me to Conjoined Space. But then it’s my own fault ! I wanted to meet an alien and I wanted him to tell me the truth about the nature of reality !

All I can say is, be careful what you wish for !

How wonderful it would be to have a primitive belief like heaven !

Paul Davies and his Ultimate Explanation

I think mathematics is a man made construct but I find it interesting and amusing how mathematicians and physicists think. Paul Davies was one of those people who made me want to explore ideas. Here he gives an interesting overview of contemporary mathematical and philosophical ideas of reality.


“Personal Experiences with the Multiverse” Book

Some of you will know that in January 2016 I had set of unusual experiences that I could not explain by any other means, other than to conclude they represented parallel lives. My first experiences of this nature occurred in 1995-1996 but I was unable at that time to come to a conclusion. Since the events of January I have (thanks to the help my ET friend Dude) come to the conclusion that these events represent examples of Conjoined Space (parallel lives/multiverse lives). I am as yet unable to discuss the experiences of January in any great detail, due to their intensely personal nature. I can however say something about the earlier events.

After debating the issue for nearly 8 months, I am now looking to see if there are others who have experienced what they believe represent parallel lives and/or the multiverse, for publication in a book on the subject. My feeling is that what I experienced represents something of a greater reality that remains hidden from ordinary awareness. And I’m keen to discover whether others have experiences that may provide additional evidence for it’s existence. Not so much for myself (though that will add support to my belief that Conjoined Space is real) but because I feel that it maybe useful for others to know that there really is a greater reality and that we occupy this greater reality in many different ways.

This is a 3-5 year project because my health is my number one priority, my son needs my attention and because I am engaged in numerous other writing projects. If I can complete this project earlier, I will !

I cannot afford to pay you for your contribution but will be happy to send all contributors a copy of the ebook.

All contributions will be read and where possible I will get back to you within 6 months (or sooner) to let you know if your contribution will be included in the book. I consider myself the initiator of this project and the editor and as such reserve the right to edit all submissions.

Examples of the sorts of things that may be experiences of Conjoined Space / parallel lives / the multiverse are – experiences with people or animals who have come back from the dead, the appearance of people or places who were not there before, changes in personal or collective history, unexplained movement from one place to another (that doesn’t appear ET related), to name but a few. I am not really sure what other kinds of experiences people may have had with Conjoined Space. I have some general categories in my head and will be using numerous categories to structure the book.

If you wish to contribute a story or stories of your own, you can send it to . Please write CS Book in the subject line.

I’ll be looking to post this invite on numerous forums (not a preferred option but perhaps necessary) to try and find people who maybe interested. Feel free to let others know about the project.

Wishing you all a wonderful day of human life,

BG. 😉


TSM99 : An Extraterrestrial Explanation of Past Lives, Future Lives & Parallel Lives

I’ve had many talks with my ET friend Dude about the nature of reality and the self. In today’s monologue I reflect on a recent talk, in which Dude put forward a metaphorical explanation for understanding all of a person’s lives – their apparent past lives, future lives and parallel lives. I found Dude’s explanation very confronting, especially when I sat down and thought about it’s implications. It is my wish that Dude’s explanation also pushes you way beyond your comfort zone. Dude offered this explanation, as an antidote to Buddhist ideas of a subtle self, reincarnating in and out of time.

And for those who may be wondering, Dude had a significant impact on my decision to abandon many Buddhist teachings and my beginning to question many of it’s core doctrines.

Its is my wish that this monologue makes you deeply uncomfortable with many of our contemporary beliefs and encourages you to explore the potential implications of Dude’s explanation. The implications are far reaching and potentially relate to everything that we know as reality.

This monologue might appeal to people with an interest in time travel, reincarnation, multiverses, the afterlife and the nature of the self.

In the first section of today’s monologue I give you an update on a new treatment option I’m considering for my tumours. So you’ll have to skip to the 19 minute mark to hear about Dude’s ideas.

Enjoy ! 😉 B.


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