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Holy Fuck Dude !

Yesterday I had a very unusual experience with Dude. I had lost a pair of cheap Chinese black fake leather gloves when I went to visit my oncologist about 6 weeks ago. I had no idea where I had lost them but assumed that I lost them somewhere in the hotel or hotel car park. 2 days ago I asked Dude if he could help me to figure out where they were. I just wanted to know because it was agitating me. I had previously turned the car inside out on several occasions looking for them because even though they were cheap and tacky, they were incredibly warm and I could afford to be rough on them and I was very fond of them. Dude said he would look into it and I promptly forgot about it. Then yesterday I went to get the mail and lo and behold the gloves were sitting in the back window right next to where I usually put my son’s L plates when he goes driving. What struck me as incredible was not just that they had re-appeared (because I’ve had things reappear before, thanks to the interventions of my guides) but that they appeared exactly as they did when I lost them. I had only worn them once and so they had that new look and just out of the packet smell about them. Given that they are made out of some sort of cheap vinyl-acrylic, they ought to have aged a little and probably begun to crack on the outer surface.

So anyway, I asked Dude about it and here’s what he explained. My gloves dropped out of my car as I was loading up some goodies into the backseat in the Peter Mac Cancer Hospital car park, just before I was about to leave. They fell down to the right and I didn’t hear or see them. I then drove off and later that day someone else found them and claimed ownership of them. So knowing how I felt about the gloves and that I probably wouldn’t want them if I’d known that someone else had been wearing them every day, Dude went back to the time just before I returned to the car park, took the gloves (though he wasn’t physically there) and then willed them into matter here. I had a lot of issues with this when he first explained it to me, thinking it must have created confusion for the other person or caused some sort of division in the time line (a new conjoined space) and so I threw a barrage of questions at him until I understood what he meant. I initially thought that he meant, he went back and grabbed the gloves from the car and created a new space (conjoined space), in which I could have my gloves and the other person could have their gloves. But that wasn’t what he did. And nor did he do anything that would cause any other type of divergence (conjoined space). What he literally did was went back to a time when the gloves existed in the back of the car, dematerialized them and rematerialized them here, exactly as they were; whilst simultaneously allowing them to exist with their new owner. Both sets of gloves exist in this same space.

I’m afraid I cannot explain it any better than that and nor do I understand it any better than that, suffice to say that all of reality arises in the mind. So in Dude’s mind there is 2 sets of gloves from the original set. And now in my mind I have the original set of gloves. But if I were to find the owner of the other pair, I would discover that those gloves also exist – however they would now appear to have aged and worn.

So what this implies is that Dude can go backwards or forwards through space (in what we think of as time), take anything and bring it to any other space (time) and simultaneously leave that thing (if that’s what he wishes to do) in the original space (time) it existed. In so doing he duplicates the object without actually making a copy of it because it is the same object.

The way that Dude did this (and the way that his people function), is that there is no temporal paradox (, grandfather paradox (, or causal loop ( And in this case, neither did he create a new conjoined space or kill off another conjoined space (parallel world). What he actually did is still really beyond my comprehension.

Space Marbles, Bigger on the Inside & Little People

I’ve just returned a few hours ago from having minor toe surgery (my right ingrown toe nail incised at the back – much easier than the last surgery – having the whole nail removed), so what follows might be a little delirious due to my exhaustion (before surgery I was working on the roof in the hot sun) and feeling a little out of it (I’ve had a couple of pain killers so the pain doesn’t prevent me from sleeping tonight). Anyway, here goes.

I always found the Men in Black films to be highly entertaining and insightful. There are several lines in all 3 movies (particularly number 1) that are very close to the truth of how things are – like someone in the know influenced the writers of the film. But one of my favourite things is how they play around with scale – like when the little furry guys are living in the railway station locker or the aliens are playing marbles with galaxies, at the end of the film.



Perhaps the hardest thing that I have had trouble with in relation to the entire ET subject is the sense of scale and the relationships of scale to dimensionality, perception, perspective and reality.

I posted these videos on scalarity and dimensionality 6 years ago (check out the baggy eyes after a long night with little sleep) and much of what I said still holds true but…



There are some things that I still find difficult to understand, let alone discuss with other people. These include how ETs rearrange the structure and size of space and how they change the way that the life force manifests and how they effect how others perceive reality.

One of the things that I discovered a long time ago was that if you change how your senses work, you change perception; if you change your conditioning, you change perception; if you change your food, energy, light and sound, you change perception; and that there are cycles throughout the day when perception and awareness change without any effort. In addition I discovered that if you change perspective – how you look at an object, the angle you look at an object and the distance away that you look at an object; your perception changes. I also became aware that there are internal perceptions (mental constructs like thinking, somatic and emotional feeling and visualisation) and external perceptions (biological constructs like what comes through the 5 senses or the neurological structures of the brain) and that all of these perceptions can be altered by internal and external factors. With these insights and realisations it became apparent to me that reality is a construct of experience and mind.

As I have grown older I have been confronted by more and more unusual experiences with ETs and other life forms that were difficult to understand. They could only be understood when I realised that reality is a construct of experience and mind. Sometimes however the understanding that I have is still inadequate to fully comprehend what is going on.

So let me give you some examples, which I will say more about in time, as I gain greater understanding of them.

Most of you have heard the infamous Doctor Who comment regarding the Tardis, that it’s bigger on the inside !



Well the same is true for many ET craft. However, this is not entirely true. In fact, to say that an ET craft is bigger on the inside, is way too much of a generalisation. It isn’t that black and white. In my experience there are several anomalous features here that need to be unpacked.

In regards to space :

  • There are some ET craft that are exactly the same size inside as outside.
  • There are some ET craft where there is a uniform spatial dilation inside (in other words it is uniformally bigger on the inside).
  • There are some ET craft where certain regions of the craft are bigger on the inside.
  • There are some ET craft where there the entire craft is bigger on the inside but some regions are significantly bigger on the inside (e.g. on a specific Teal’hia craft I was on, there was a region that contained rooms where there were spaces that were larger than several galaxies – Greg Bear’s book Eon touches on a similar theme
  • There are some ET craft where at one time it is bigger on the inside and at other times the inside is proportionate to the outside.

While in regard to time :

  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time is identical on the inside.
  • There are some ET craft where the sense of time on the inside matches specific races on board.
  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time is compressed or dilated.
  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time corresponds with the specific space (or space dilation).

Remember that there is only space and time is a product of the mind. When you alter space it is possible to alter time. But both space and time can also be altered by altering perception. This is one reason why many people have a hard time making sense of what they see and experience and remember on board an ET craft.

Another example that I’d like to talk about is interacting with small ETs. In terms of the concept of scalarity (see video above), there are ETs of many different sizes on many different relative scales. There are more than one group of very small ETs (under 12 inches). I mentioned previously about having encounters with the Chenntrame, who are between 3-6 inches in height and that Preston Dennett has interviewed people who have also had encounters with small beings. Preston says that these people claim to have been shrunk down to the same size as the ETs. That is not true. It doesn’t ever happen. So let me try to explain why, bearing in mind that this is not easy to convey.

I have seen these beings here on my farm near other much taller beings and they looked tiny. I have seen them on other ETs craft and they looked tiny. But I have also been on their craft and they looked my size. I once had a dream about seeing a ball of light that changed size  (see Dream 5 here : Through this dream I began to understand that the life force can manifest itself on whatever scale it wishes to and yet it is still fundamentally the same. Similarly when you interact with the Chenntrame or other small ETs, they alter your perception and hence alter your perception of reality such that you experience reality differently. I have also heard it said by ETs that different beings may see each other the size that they need to.

Some of you will realise that in making internal ET contact (which I’ve spoken about extensively here), the same thing happens. You meet each other in a shared world, taking on the form that you wish and that you perceive others how they wish you to perceive them. From an absolute perspective there really is no inner and outer – just one reality. So the same thing happens during external contact as internal contact. Others consciously effect your perception and their energy inadvertently effects your energy and your perception. Our perception is literally altered by contact with ‘the other’. And as a result what and how we experience reality are also altered.

I don’t know if that makes any sense at all ! It’s very difficult to put into words !

ETs don’t shrink us with some sort of shrinkydink gun or put us in some kind of mind altering Holodeck. They alter how we experience reality ! That is why so much ET contact feels dream like. It’s something that is largely foreign to our conscious way of experiencing reality.

The Chenntrame are very comfortable on their world. Plants and animals or their equivalent are in proportion to the Chenntrame in a similar way that they are for us. They are not tiny creatures on their own world. That is not to say that there are not space faring ETs who are not tiny on their own worlds. But somehow they consciously and/or inadvertently alter the perception and experience of other beings who come in contact with them (in certain circumstances) or who visit their world. I don’t have a better understanding of what takes place than this.

So let me leave you with a kind of koan, a kind of conundrum, that reflects what I have learned to be true.

Space can occupy any space that it wishes. The life force can occupy any space that it wishes and remain completely unchanged. 

“Personal Experiences with the Multiverse” Book

Some of you will know that in January 2016 I had set of unusual experiences that I could not explain by any other means, other than to conclude they represented parallel lives. My first experiences of this nature occurred in 1995-1996 but I was unable at that time to come to a conclusion. Since the events of January I have (thanks to the help my ET friend Dude) come to the conclusion that these events represent examples of Conjoined Space (parallel lives/multiverse lives). I am as yet unable to discuss the experiences of January in any great detail, due to their intensely personal nature. I can however say something about the earlier events.

After debating the issue for nearly 8 months, I am now looking to see if there are others who have experienced what they believe represent parallel lives and/or the multiverse, for publication in a book on the subject. My feeling is that what I experienced represents something of a greater reality that remains hidden from ordinary awareness. And I’m keen to discover whether others have experiences that may provide additional evidence for it’s existence. Not so much for myself (though that will add support to my belief that Conjoined Space is real) but because I feel that it maybe useful for others to know that there really is a greater reality and that we occupy this greater reality in many different ways.

This is a 3-5 year project because my health is my number one priority, my son needs my attention and because I am engaged in numerous other writing projects. If I can complete this project earlier, I will !

I cannot afford to pay you for your contribution but will be happy to send all contributors a copy of the ebook.

All contributions will be read and where possible I will get back to you within 6 months (or sooner) to let you know if your contribution will be included in the book. I consider myself the initiator of this project and the editor and as such reserve the right to edit all submissions.

Examples of the sorts of things that may be experiences of Conjoined Space / parallel lives / the multiverse are – experiences with people or animals who have come back from the dead, the appearance of people or places who were not there before, changes in personal or collective history, unexplained movement from one place to another (that doesn’t appear ET related), to name but a few. I am not really sure what other kinds of experiences people may have had with Conjoined Space. I have some general categories in my head and will be using numerous categories to structure the book.

If you wish to contribute a story or stories of your own, you can send it to . Please write CS Book in the subject line.

I’ll be looking to post this invite on numerous forums (not a preferred option but perhaps necessary) to try and find people who maybe interested. Feel free to let others know about the project.

Wishing you all a wonderful day of human life,

BG. 😉


Time Alteration Laws

The following are some laws related to the altering of time, that I hastily came up with some years ago, as part of a long prose poem about and indigenous time traveller who turned into an eagle. Although fictional, they may relate well to the post I am going to write soon about the Chrononaut Movement of the 23rd century. When I conceived them, I had no knowledge about Conjoined Space and even though I had my suspicions that time is a product of mind, I didn’t know that there is only space – as per Dude’s Maxim 4. So, perhaps a better title might be Laws Governing the Creation of Conjoined Spaces.

At some point I plan on talking to my ex about what she understood about our notions of time alteration, based on her covert work profiling the future. I know that she has always strongly argued against the possibility of altering the past and Dude has confirmed that humans cannot do this, despite claims to the contrary (John Titor etc).

The 1st Law of Time Alteration : Always respect the grandfather paradox.
The 2nd Law of Time Alteration : Your presence in any other time will create ripples that span outwards in time and space. Tread lightly and cautiously.
The 3rd Law of Time Alteration : Any ripple in time creates new time lines. Some time lines continue, others merge with the time lines that created them, while others extinguish themselves.
The 4th Law of Time Alteration : Always expect the unexpected.
The 5th Law of Time Alteration : Drop all expectations.

Myrias the 4th, Master of Chronos, 2712 AD.


The Chrononaut Movement

I’ve become aware over the last decade and spoken a little about the coming Chrononaut Movement. What would you like to know and perhaps I can sketch you a picture ! Please give me a few days to respond, as I’m still a bit exhausted after my recent hospital visit. 😉 Brighty.

Physicists With Good Hair

Some of you may (or may not) have heard of Marshall Barnes – an American inventor, physicist (of sorts), creative icon and instrumentalist/music producer. I love eccentrics and think that Marshal ranks with the best of them. He is admittedly hard to listen to at first but he gets easier if you’re patient. I think he’s is actually very intelligent and a man worth listening to. Far more interesting than the likes of Nassim Haramein. What the two of them appear to have in common is a theoretical and experimental interest in micro-worm holes/micro-black holes. Marshall is also attempting to pursue the Warp Drive and to involve him self in space exploration. I think he’s wrong about physical time travel but I like his willingness to say ‘fuck what everyone else thinks !’. Marshall has an extensive bio and an extensive ego but hey, why let that get in the way of enjoying an interesting mind, who couldn’t give a hoot about what the mainstream thinks of him !

You can learn more about Marshall here :

Life Swapping Through Conjoined Space

Some of you will have noticed that I’ve recently started talking about parallel lives/parallel worlds and Dude’s concept of Conjoined Space (which I’ll go into in more detail at a later time). I’ve started talking about this subject because I’ve been having experiences that seem to demonstrate (at least to me) that we all have parallel lives and that I (and perhaps others) are able to generate an awareness of some of those other lives.

There seems to be some evidence that some people are able to experience the life of another person, by literally exchanging consciousness with them. I think of this as a kind of Life Swapping, in which consciousness resides somewhere else for a brief time. My ex wife, in her work with a covert group and privately, was able to multi-locate (create multiple bodies) anywhere in time and space. This kind of bi-location was critical to the work that the group she worked for did in looking into the past and future. She was also able to inhabit the consciousness of another person with their agreement. Some of you may remember me talking about my experiments in connecting with several individuals in the future – including a descendent I refer to as V in the years 2318-2360. In these experiments I am actually able to share her consciousness and she mine. We are both able to experience what the other experiences. During my work with V, she referred to the chrononaut movement in her time and the various different orthodox and unorthodox schools within that movement – some of which led to conflict and crisis and some of which were dismissed as ‘poorly informed and misled’ by pioneers in the movement.

I recently became aware of Paul Dienach, a man who claimed to have fallen into a coma in 1921 and woke up in the year 3906. Paul apparently kept diaries while he lived in another man’s body in the future and passed them onto a younger man in his original time, who he entrusted to dispose of them. I don’t really know anything about this story but find it it intriguing. It’s also interesting to note that the 1920’s were abuzz with stories of distant and future worlds and speculation about the future of human civilisation. Perhaps this story is credible !

You can read more about the story here : & here : .

Those interested in the subject might see parallels in the subject of Future Life Regressions and Remote Viewing.

Update :

I thought the following comments from Kevin on Good Reads were interesting  (  :

“This book claims to follow a Swiss teacher named Paul Amadeus Dienach in his 360 days in the future. In his diary, he took over the body of one Andrew Northam, a resident of the year 3906. This is actually the claim made by Georgio Papachatzis. Of the two, Georgio was an actual person, although Dienach I am not so certain.

Papachatzis makes the claim that, as a student of Dienach’s tutelage teaching the German language in Greece, circa 1920. According to Papachatzis, Dienach left his diary to Papachatzis before his death, explaining only to the student should read them to improve on his understanding of German. When Papachatzkis read the diary, he discovered the amazing story of Dienach’s experiences in the future, while the latter resided in the body of Andrew Northam. Papachatzis purportedly translated the diary, which was actually released in 1922 in as “Valley of the Roses”.

Reading this book, I found the story to feel very much more of a work of prose than a diary. As for its validity as a presentation of an actual journey to the future, I cannot bring myself to agree that this is likely. It may be that there was a man called Paul Amadeus Dienach who went comatose for an extended period, and that he left his diaries to Papachatzis exactly as described, yet there is little here to suggest Dienach actually visited the future. Most of the predictions are largely unsurprising to a science fiction writer of the era, containing a feel not too dissimilar to Bellamy’s “Looking Backward” written in the late 19th century.

As a piece of relatively engaging Radium Age Speculative Fiction, I would recommend it as a good read. As a factual account of the future, I would not recommend it at all. Without a confirmation from Dienach that the diary entries were anything more than a fiction, it’s impossible to corroborate. Even with that, it’s possible Dienach only dreamed he visited the future while in his comatose state, believing the events as having occurred.”


John Titor 11 – Time Traveler ?

I’ll let you decide and hold my judgments till I get back.

3 Cheers for Trump

Some of you will be aware that I predicted more than 2 years ago that Hillary Clinton would be the next president. Well, clearly I was wrong. Just plain wrong ! What I didn’t tell you is that what I saw years ago, was also seen by one of the people I mentioned who was involved in profiling the future for a certain government. We had several discussions about it at the time I saw it because I didn’t think it could possibly happen, given that she wasn’t even in the running at that stage. So, I was as shocked as anyone that The Don kicked ass yesterday !

This morning I decided to ask Dude about it and why Hillary didn’t win if it was all pre-ordained by those in the lower arms of The Architecture with real power. Dude was a little tight lipped about the subject, given that he knew I wanted to share what he said here. So what follows is a summary of what he said :

So what the fuck does all that mean ? Well, I don’t know for sure but here’s how I understand it. A decision was made at some level to allow the peoples vote to have greater influence. Whether that came from the greedy humans in the lower arms or the ETs in the upper arms of The Architecture – I am not sure. If it came from the ETs, it must have been because something in this time line (this parallel reality) changed the future(s) and by allowing Trump to win, it creates a better long term future(s). It may have been the Julian Assange/Wikleaks decision to flush out the dirt on Hillary or the FBIs investigation of Hillary or something that none of us are aware of. If it was humans, it may have been that certain individuals knew that any future FBI investigation of Hillary might unravel a very big ball of secrets and cause a great deal of harm to those with vested interests. Allowing Trump to win might remove the full blown effects of any potential investigation.

In the other parallel realities, there were 3 victors as a result of deviations in this time line at earlier points in the time line. Does this mean that those realities are significantly different now than this one ? Yes and no. Some may merge back into this one. Some will remain independent and divergent. If you think about the later, you will realize that Dude’s model of parallel realities leads to infinite possibilities. While it’s logical, I just don’t know if it’s the truth of how things are. It’s too hard for me to get my head around !

So as things are in this reality, with President Donald Trump – I had the distinct impression from Dude, that the next 4 years will see both good and bad for America. And that Trump will create so much conflict that it will dramatically shift this time line, such that the human future is significantly better than it would have been, had Clinton won the election.

You might think I’m trying to justify making a bad prediction. The truth is that I was just plain wrong and have nothing to offer for making a mistake. I know what I saw and I trusted that. But I needed an answer for my own sake because I was really shocked. Why did I see what I saw ? I also had this nagging feeling after Wikileaks released the Podesta emails that something had changed. Now I don’t know if that relates to some part of me knowing there was a divergence in this time line or whether it was something else. Sometimes a feeling is hard to understand. I have enough trouble trying to understand the feelings and weird things that happen in my life, without trying to explain them to other people !

So you might be wondering, “If people make mistakes, could it simply be that they saw a different time line (parallel reality) ?”. Let me start by telling you that I have wondered that many times myself. And sometimes when I have asked Dude why something I saw or I gained through the Alapo aspect, didn’t happen in my own life, he has reminded me of the “other me’s” experiencing a different reality. So the truth is, I think sometimes when we learn about the future and it turns out differently, it is because the time line diverges or because we connected with a parallel reality. I know that the people who were employed in the project to profile the future, sometimes had the experience of bilocating to the same time and things were different. But sometimes I think we just get it wrong !  Be it because we misunderstand or misinterpret what we see or learn or whether we just stuff up !

As I have said many times before, everything is uncertain and the future always hinges on an infinite number of possibilities. One small change, can change everything. We humans cannot gaze into the future and see a fixed definitive future – at least not for large scale events. We just can’t do it. We can see highly probable futures but not futures where everything is 100 % guaranteed to turn out that way. Some of the ETs seem to be able to do that but even they know that the future is malleable and parallel realities can emerge in which a completely different future is unfolding.

So, 3 cheers for Trump and to a better human future ! Eventually !



TSM86 : Hows ETs can time travel and enter the afterlife

In this brief monologue, I explore how some ETs seem to be able to time travel and enter the afterlife. I offer a metaphor that I think might help you to make some sense of how they do this, using my own experiences with my ET friends as examples.;-)


B. 😉

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