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For my wonderful friend in Zanzibar ! I am in Zanzibar as you are in central Victoria. Worlds away and yet so close ! May you know that your inner and your outer are one ! Hakuna Matata ! 😉


Space Marbles, Bigger on the Inside & Little People

I’ve just returned a few hours ago from having minor toe surgery (my right ingrown toe nail incised at the back – much easier than the last surgery – having the whole nail removed), so what follows might be a little delirious due to my exhaustion (before surgery I was working on the roof in the hot sun) and feeling a little out of it (I’ve had a couple of pain killers so the pain doesn’t prevent me from sleeping tonight). Anyway, here goes.

I always found the Men in Black films to be highly entertaining and insightful. There are several lines in all 3 movies (particularly number 1) that are very close to the truth of how things are – like someone in the know influenced the writers of the film. But one of my favourite things is how they play around with scale – like when the little furry guys are living in the railway station locker or the aliens are playing marbles with galaxies, at the end of the film.



Perhaps the hardest thing that I have had trouble with in relation to the entire ET subject is the sense of scale and the relationships of scale to dimensionality, perception, perspective and reality.

I posted these videos on scalarity and dimensionality 6 years ago (check out the baggy eyes after a long night with little sleep) and much of what I said still holds true but…



There are some things that I still find difficult to understand, let alone discuss with other people. These include how ETs rearrange the structure and size of space and how they change the way that the life force manifests and how they effect how others perceive reality.

One of the things that I discovered a long time ago was that if you change how your senses work, you change perception; if you change your conditioning, you change perception; if you change your food, energy, light and sound, you change perception; and that there are cycles throughout the day when perception and awareness change without any effort. In addition I discovered that if you change perspective – how you look at an object, the angle you look at an object and the distance away that you look at an object; your perception changes. I also became aware that there are internal perceptions (mental constructs like thinking, somatic and emotional feeling and visualisation) and external perceptions (biological constructs like what comes through the 5 senses or the neurological structures of the brain) and that all of these perceptions can be altered by internal and external factors. With these insights and realisations it became apparent to me that reality is a construct of experience and mind.

As I have grown older I have been confronted by more and more unusual experiences with ETs and other life forms that were difficult to understand. They could only be understood when I realised that reality is a construct of experience and mind. Sometimes however the understanding that I have is still inadequate to fully comprehend what is going on.

So let me give you some examples, which I will say more about in time, as I gain greater understanding of them.

Most of you have heard the infamous Doctor Who comment regarding the Tardis, that it’s bigger on the inside !



Well the same is true for many ET craft. However, this is not entirely true. In fact, to say that an ET craft is bigger on the inside, is way too much of a generalisation. It isn’t that black and white. In my experience there are several anomalous features here that need to be unpacked.

In regards to space :

  • There are some ET craft that are exactly the same size inside as outside.
  • There are some ET craft where there is a uniform spatial dilation inside (in other words it is uniformally bigger on the inside).
  • There are some ET craft where certain regions of the craft are bigger on the inside.
  • There are some ET craft where there the entire craft is bigger on the inside but some regions are significantly bigger on the inside (e.g. on a specific Teal’hia craft I was on, there was a region that contained rooms where there were spaces that were larger than several galaxies – Greg Bear’s book Eon touches on a similar theme
  • There are some ET craft where at one time it is bigger on the inside and at other times the inside is proportionate to the outside.

While in regard to time :

  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time is identical on the inside.
  • There are some ET craft where the sense of time on the inside matches specific races on board.
  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time is compressed or dilated.
  • There are some ET craft in which the sense of time corresponds with the specific space (or space dilation).

Remember that there is only space and time is a product of the mind. When you alter space it is possible to alter time. But both space and time can also be altered by altering perception. This is one reason why many people have a hard time making sense of what they see and experience and remember on board an ET craft.

Another example that I’d like to talk about is interacting with small ETs. In terms of the concept of scalarity (see video above), there are ETs of many different sizes on many different relative scales. There are more than one group of very small ETs (under 12 inches). I mentioned previously about having encounters with the Chenntrame, who are between 3-6 inches in height and that Preston Dennett has interviewed people who have also had encounters with small beings. Preston says that these people claim to have been shrunk down to the same size as the ETs. That is not true. It doesn’t ever happen. So let me try to explain why, bearing in mind that this is not easy to convey.

I have seen these beings here on my farm near other much taller beings and they looked tiny. I have seen them on other ETs craft and they looked tiny. But I have also been on their craft and they looked my size. I once had a dream about seeing a ball of light that changed size  (see Dream 5 here : Through this dream I began to understand that the life force can manifest itself on whatever scale it wishes to and yet it is still fundamentally the same. Similarly when you interact with the Chenntrame or other small ETs, they alter your perception and hence alter your perception of reality such that you experience reality differently. I have also heard it said by ETs that different beings may see each other the size that they need to.

Some of you will realise that in making internal ET contact (which I’ve spoken about extensively here), the same thing happens. You meet each other in a shared world, taking on the form that you wish and that you perceive others how they wish you to perceive them. From an absolute perspective there really is no inner and outer – just one reality. So the same thing happens during external contact as internal contact. Others consciously effect your perception and their energy inadvertently effects your energy and your perception. Our perception is literally altered by contact with ‘the other’. And as a result what and how we experience reality are also altered.

I don’t know if that makes any sense at all ! It’s very difficult to put into words !

ETs don’t shrink us with some sort of shrinkydink gun or put us in some kind of mind altering Holodeck. They alter how we experience reality ! That is why so much ET contact feels dream like. It’s something that is largely foreign to our conscious way of experiencing reality.

The Chenntrame are very comfortable on their world. Plants and animals or their equivalent are in proportion to the Chenntrame in a similar way that they are for us. They are not tiny creatures on their own world. That is not to say that there are not space faring ETs who are not tiny on their own worlds. But somehow they consciously and/or inadvertently alter the perception and experience of other beings who come in contact with them (in certain circumstances) or who visit their world. I don’t have a better understanding of what takes place than this.

So let me leave you with a kind of koan, a kind of conundrum, that reflects what I have learned to be true.

Space can occupy any space that it wishes. The life force can occupy any space that it wishes and remain completely unchanged. 

TSM82 : Ruminations on the nature of light

In this monologue (which I recorded before my going into hospital) I ruminate on the nature of light – what it might be, how it works and what it does to us.I don’t know anything about physics but I have a sense that our scientists have it all wrong.

Enjoy !

Brightus Coldus Garlicus. 😉

Dude’s Discovery of a World Like No Other

yyOn the 24th May, 2014 Dude came to my house really excited and told my son and I that he had discovered a new planet and a new humanoid race like no other that was known to exist. I shared a few details of Dude’s initial discovery with my friends on Facebook but wasn’t ready to share what Dude told me, with a wider audience. So now, after learning a great deal more about Dude’s discovery, I feel it’s the right time for me to share a little of what Dude has shared with us.

Some of you might recall that Dude is one of 9 ETs who over see the welfare of this planet, behind the human alien I call Number 1. In some ways, you might that Dude is like Number 2. Dude’s race – the Muajra, are ancient and live in what we would consider to be multiple universes. They are a people who travel extensively and can move through what we think of as time, as easily as we breath. Dude is one of those individuals who has an incredible love of live. He is endlessly fascinated with the cosmos and as such spends a great deal of his time looking for new worlds and new life forms.

As far as has been explained to me, the many different Creator Races share most of what they learn about the cosmos with their own people and each other. Dude explained to me that they know of places so far distant in our universe, that our perception of what constitutes the edge (which is a fiction anyway), is like a baby’s perception of the world. We seem to be looking at the breaking waves of the ocean and mistaking that for the whole of the worlds oceans. I am not really sure that any metaphor or allegory accurately describes how little we know in comparison to the Creator Races. So when Dude told me about his new discovery, he did it in a gentle way, that made it easy for me to understand, given my limited perceptions, without making me feel like he was being condescending.

The Creator Races know of life forms that would make our minds boggle and they have created the vast majority of them. But occasionally they make discoveries that even they cannot fully explain. What I am about to tell you about Dude’s discovery, was conveyed to me in the first day after it was made and continued over another 3 sessions which spanned about a month. I haven’t spoken to Dude about his discovery since then, so I have no idea how much more he and his people have learned or come to understand.

So, to his discovery ! Dude found a planet that was not previously known to exist in a particular region of space. A region that is way beyond even the region captured in the Hubble Deep Field Images of distant galaxies in the darkest region of Earth seen space ( / / After Dude made the discovery, the Muajra observed the planet for a couple of days and then a small party of them went down with he and Number 1, to visit the planet incognito, disguised like the local people. The initial observations suggested that the planet was so interesting, that Number 1 cast aside his responsibilities to the collective, so he could be one of the first ET people to set eyes on the place. I don’t think he was disappointed !

Those who were aware of Dude’s discovery, were very concerned about having any impact on the planets resident humanoids. This is a common issue that the Creator Races deal with and so there are strict protocols about how interactions should or should not proceed. But in this case, it seemed that the people of this planet had never had any interactions with beings from other worlds and might be especially susceptible to them, even incognito. So Dude’s people were especially concerned about getting it right !

Initially they went down for a day and then for several weeks. This planet yyzrepresents a significant discovery to the collective, because for the first time ever, a people have been found, who are affected by the perceptions that others have of them. To give you a simple example. If you were walking down the street opposite someone walking the other way and you thought they were an aggressive looking person, they would suddenly become aggressive – even if that was not their natural tendency. They would have no recollection of being otherwise and nor would anyone else. No one would have any recollection of how a person was before they changed. It didn’t seem to matter if they had no eye contact but they did seem to need to be in some kind of close contact. When something bad happened, they thought that God meant it to happen and that it was supposed to happen. They accepted everything that happened, good or bad. No praying to God for things to be otherwise, as humans do. As far as the largest collective knows, there is no sentient race like this anywhere in the Cosmos. The entire planet is also covered by vegetation that is ONLY GREEN. It is a vibrant green with many different shades – that were new even to the Muajra. The collective has never seen such a planet. Unlike Earth, the vegetation does not have any other colours – no browns, no whites, no blues, no pinks, nothing else. The Muajra quickly discovered that their own people had no effect on the local peoples reactions. Which seemed to suggest that their strange reaction to others perceptions of them, has something to do with their own consciousness. When they investigated the peoples history, they discovered that they had never had a war because even though they seemed to have moved towards war, the minute someone thought about how frightened they were or considered surrendering or running away, everyone else reacted the same way. So they developed a kind of diffused stalemate, where major conflicts sort of dissolved away before they turned into anything. The Muajra were not sure if this strange relationship between perception and thoughts, feelings and behaviour, arises from the individual consciousness or a kind of collective consciousness. They also discovered that the peoples perceptions had no impact on the planets animals. So it’s something that seems to be particular to them.

Strangely the people of this planet have difficulty making decisions and often have other people make decisions for them. When they were asked questions, they often went into a timid withdrawn state, which was also seen when their own people asked questions. Yet somehow, these people had developed an advanced peaceful civilisation, with manufacturing and industry. They also had electronics for manufacturing. But they had no equivalent to television, computers or the internet. No kind of electronics for personal use or communication. Their civilisation seems to my mind, to be brimming with contradictions.

The Muajra discovered that the planet, it’s moon and sun (which only has one planet) are artificial (mechanical). It is a solar system without a galaxy and not even remotely close to one. So they suspect that the entire solar system and it’s life forms were created by an ancient race that is known to the collective but may now be extinct or no longer exists in form. They cannot however figure out how the solar system has appeared, where once there was nothing.

Dude has suggested that the planet will probably be named according to what the humanoids who live there call it. But as far as his people can tell, it is only referred to as Our Place (his interpretation).

The last I heard about this planet was ten months ago. I know that Dude has had many more excursions there and there has been an ongoing interaction with the people and the planet in a very sensitive kind of way. I can only imagine what else they have discovered ! Dude was so excited when he first told me. He was like a little kid in a toy store – totally gobsmacked with the entire discovery ! But he has a very busy life and is making discoveries all the time. I was really fascinated when he first told us and I’m really keen myself to understand more about his discovery. I suppose my sense is that the collective sees this solar system and it’s inhabitants, kind of like how we would see an endangered species and are doing everything possible to ensure their survival, without getting in the way of their existence.

I spent 2-3 months thinking about everything Dude told me – especially the bizarre way that the perception of others affects the people and the strange vegetation. I wondered about possible links between the energy/consciousness of the people and the energy/consciousness of the vegetation and even how the planet may have been engineered to effect their consciousness in this way.

It seems to me that for all its strangeness, this is a civilisation that lives in harmony with itself and it’s planet. Almost, in a similar way, how (I believe) Aboriginal people in Australia once lived by THE LAW – a set of rigorous rules that dictated everything in society and was controlled with brutal punishments. Something which I believe was given to them by certain ETs. Somehow both groups of people found a way of sustaining their civilisation for vast lengths of time. Albeit that the people at the centre of Dude’s discovery, function in a way that is almost beyond our imagination.

A Day with Dude – Part 1 : Visiting the Future

On September 20th, 2014 Dude gave me an encounter, like nothing else I have experienced.

It all begin in July, when I asked Dude if I could have a longer visit with him, rather than the quick flick in flick out visit. He literally said this “Not now but the second time you go back to the farm.” I go back to our piece of land every few months and I had no idea when I was going next time, let alone the 2nd time. So I waited patiently and then on Thursday the 18th September, I decided we would go on Friday afternoon, at the start of the school holidays. During the two months I wrote a long set of questions from which I might choose some questions to ask Dude. I knew it was a risky thing to do but I started formulating questions about 6 months ago, should I ever get the chance to talk at length with him. So I stuck this list of questions in my back pocket on Friday when we arrived at the farm. The instant I did it I heard a voice say “You won’t be needing that.”.

I didn’t know what to expect or when the visit would happen. I tried to drop all expectation or control but little fantasies did pop into my head from time time. But I tried to my best to let them go. Friday I was exhausted from the drive, so I thought maybe Saturday it might happen, as I had to do plumbing on an old pump all Sunday and would be exhausted.

Prior to coming up, I had asked Dude if I could go somewhere and spend quality time with him but he remained silent on the issue.

At 4:30 pm on Saturday afternoon, I sat by our outdoor fire and began to speak to Dude. We spoke for about 30 minutes during which he asked me what kind of encounter I wanted. That really surprised me but it was obvious he was giving me a choice. I asked if it would be possible to spend 24 hours with him, in which I spend several hours asking him questions and talking and perhaps we could go somewhere and perhaps we could go into space and visit another world and very possibly I could meet number 1 (The human ET who sits at the top of the Architecture). Dude said he would try to fulfill as much as he could but that he would have to speak to others about what would be possible.

Then late Saturday night I was sitting out by the fire when Rachel arrived, to spend the night with our son. I mentioned what was happening and she apparently knew all about it – given that Dude is her close friend. I asked her if she would ask Dude if he was still coming and she began to feel very uncomfortable. She reminded me “If Dude said he was coming he’s coming.” She turned to me and said “Maybe he’s already been” and in that instant it felt like something slid up my spine and opened my skull. I Instantly remembered being on board a craft and looking into space with Dude by my side. Suddenly Rachel heard his voice and he was angry with me and said “Tell Bright to remember and stop doubting.” I began feeling a very intense warmth wrapping around my skull and it was like I was being opened from the inside. I began to see other images but I was still unsure. Rachel and Dude were both angry with me and insisted I trust what I was remembering. Rachel left next day after spending time with our son and I did the plumbing and then we came home on the Monday. I lay down on the Tuesday morning and began to go back over what I remembered from Saturday.

On the Friday and Saturday night I had also had encounters with 4 other groups of entities but it was the encounter with Dude that I was most interested in.

As I I began to unravel my experience, it seems that Dude came twice on Saturday. Once around 1 pm and then later at 7:40 pm. During the first encounter he took me and brought me back the instant I disappeared – so that it appeared seamless. To an outsider, I had just been walking through the house. Then in the second visit, he came and sat next to me and then we talked and then he took me away and when I came back, maybe 15 minutes had disappeared and during that time my son had gone out to look for me but was unable to find me anywhere. I’d warned him it could happen, so he seemed prepared and nonplussed about the whole thing. .

Here’s what seems to have happened in the afternoon. I was sitting outside on a chair in the sun watching the sky and the birds and just relaxing. It was quite warm, so I went in to get a drink of lemonade. My son had been watching Big Bang Theory and the lemonade was next to him on a table. When I opened the door, Dude was standing there in the kitchen facing me. He said “Bright don’t be scared, it’s Dude.” He came over to me and said he was going to take me away to test if my body was OK for going away later and I would be able to ask some questions. He asked me to hold his hand, so I grabbed it and then instantly everything turned white. The world I knew completely disappeared. Then very gradually a green appeared underneath me and a world began to unfold. I could see that we were standing in thigh high green grass in an Earth like landscape. I asked Dude where we were and he said “Africa”. He asked me to follow him and we began walking through the grass. He then asked me “What country do you think we are in ?”. I looked around and thought and said “”Somewhere in central or south Africa – Maybe Kenya ?” and he said “Yes we are in western Kenya”. I had the feeling we were in very remote country. It didn’t look like any humans lived anywhere near here. Nor could I see any animals. I said to Dude “Are there any snakes here ?”, because although I like snakes I was a bit worried we might walk on one – maybe a Cobra. And Dude jokingly came back with “Yes but they won’t bother you when you’re with me.” Dude then led me over to a very large Boab Tree and said “This is what I wanted to show you.” I couldn’t believe it. He’d been in my head again. Last Thursday I was with a friend at a nursery and I saw this little Boab Tree and I thought to myself “What a beautiful tree. How I’d like to see one in it’s natural habitat.” Just as he had done many times before, Dude had heard my thoughts and responded.

So here’s where I’ll abbreviate my story. Because during this first visit I spent almost 3 hours with Dude and then in the next visit 20 something hours. And a great deal of what took place, is immensely personal. So over we go to this huge Boab Tree. I look at it and Dude encourages me to explore the tree. I walk all around it, look up at it, touch it’s bark and sit next to it. Then I measure it with my feet and measure it as 78 foot steps around the circumference. It’s a big tree. And then I ask Dude how old it is and he turns it back on me and I say “Maybe 500 years old, maybe 700 years old ?” and Dude says “It was born before Christ”. He then asks me “Do you want to see when it began ?” Naturally,  I say “”Yes”. He asks me to hold his hand and suddenly everything goes white again and we then appear in a different landscape – which has much more forest and very little grass. He leans over next to our feet and says “Look !”. I kneel down and see this tiny little single blade shoot coming out of the ground. He then tells me that this tree is one of the oldest trees in Africa and there is no longer any of it’s kind around from this time where it lives. All the Boab Trees around the area are in some way its descendants. We stay a little while and then he grabs my hand and we go back.

Then Dude asks me to think about the questions I wanted to ask him and to feel which one’s were most important. All day I had been carrying the questions I wrote in the back of my pocket, just in case I forgot. I then went to pull them out and Dude said “No, feel what’s most important.” Dude then went for a walk in the grass and I sat against the tree and thought and felt the questions I most needed to ask. I decided I would ask a question about my sister, my son, Rachel (given her brain tumour), the solar catastrophe, my healing and my own future and whether I should continue writing.

Dude came back and then asked me the first question. With each question bar the ones about the solar catastrophe and my health, Dude took me on a journey in which we left the reality of the Boab Tree and went somewhere else in time and space. After each question was answered Dude brought me back. It was as if the Boab Tree was an anchor in time and space. Every time we went somewhere, we were apparently invisible. I was even able to see an older me. I saw all of the things I asked about in ways that provided me with very powerful answers. I asked Dude about some of what we were seeing and he challenged me, until I “got it” and my doubt and questions disappeared. It was as if he knew exactly what to take me to to answer my questions. In total, Dude took me on 7 journeys to the future and back – as far as 20 years into my own future. One of the things he showed me was a great tragedy in my family and I was very upset by it. When we got back Dude explained to me that he would take away my immediate memory of this visit, so that I could experience the next visit without being upset. He explained that I would remember everything in a few days, when I was ready and relaxed. Now that I know about this tragedy, it does upset me but I know I have to live with it and I know that when it happens, everything will turn out OK in the end for some of the people involved. All of the other experiences were surprisingly positive and have provided me with a real sense of “Everything is OK as it is, no matter how hard they appear to be at times.”

The final journey Dude gave me, was an opportunity to see myself as an older man, sitting at my desk (the one I own now) writing. I saw the books I had published on a shelf behind me and was even able to read the titles of the books. After that journey and the return journey to the Boab Tree, Dude brought me back to the house. I remember everything turning white and then this sudden jolt – like a physical jolt inside my head and spine and then I am walking through the door. I go into the lounge room, say hello to my son who is still watching Big Bang Theory and I get my lemonade and go outside.

That was the first experience. The second experience is much more complex and will be very difficult and long to describe. I’m not sure if I am willing yet to do so.

You might wonder what I think of all this ? Well, it has been very confronting. Some of our ET friends are clearly not just entities that live on other planets but beings who understand the very nature of reality and can move through reality at will. Dude once said to me that there is no time, only space. Perhaps they see time as slices of space – like separate realities. Rachel once told me that when she first met Dude when she was 5 years old, he took her on a journey to another country to see some animals she adored. Then when she was about 8 he took her back to a lolly shop in Victorian times to buy some lollies, which she brought home. Her mum asked her where she got them and when she told her she got in trouble for lying. And then a little later he took her to the Easter Show in Melbourne when no one else was there except work men, who could not see them on any of the rides. When she told me, I was amazed but I didn’t know whether to believe her story. She’s told me before that Dude can go anywhere but I never fully appreciated what that meant. The Teal’hia have told me that they create realities and they have shown me “other times” as if they were opening cookies and looking at individual crumbs.

If what I experienced was real in every sense of the word, it challenges everything I know about reality, about time, about space and about consciousness. Dude is a little over 8,000 years old by human standards but he can go anywhere in time and space and create what appears to be loops or arms in time that connect the same moment in time or later moments in time. For all I know he could live out a million years in a fraction of a second !

When you disappear for 3 hours and come back at the same moment you disappeared, it is as if to an outside observer, nothing happened at all. But to you, it’s every bit as real as if you went and did something physical in this world. I mean, I was looking at everything around me. I touched the grass and the tree and the soil and inhaled the air and looked at the sky and the clouds and all the vegetation and went up to the people we visited and felt what other people were feeling (especially during the tragedy). Everything was as real as it is here – if not more real, more lucid. The only difference was that when we went to the places that answered my questions I was unable (or unwilling) to interact with what I was seeing. Thinking about the seamless quality of the experience; perhaps a reasonable parallel can be found in the movie Contact. You might recall the part where she goes away and they film it and there static for a short time and they tell Jodie Foster’s character nothing happened. It is literally SOMETIMES like that. And then of course there are the occasions when you come back after or before you disappeared.

Some people might argue that Dude created some kind of virtual reality, some kind of hologram, or some kind of dream but it was none of those things. It was as real as what you are experiencing now.

I don’t think it was necessary to hold Dude’s hand. I think he asked me to do that because he knew I would find it comforting – which I did. But somehow he was able to create some kind of field that transformed reality. What I don’t know is if that field was internal or external. I think it was both.

As I understand it this first visit was done to check if my body/consciousness could handle shifting across reality. I don’t know what Dude did to me or did to assess how I was handling things but he obviously thought I handled it well enough to have the second visit/trip. One curious thing was that when we spoke in the afternoon he told me that he would energize me when I was away and I would come home feeling more awake and more rested and on both occasions that was what happened. The second time I went away for 20 something hours and when I came back I stayed up for another 4 hours and had contact with two other races, who had also come the night before. I wasn’t tired. I have no idea how Dude changed my energy levels but its almost as if he can hit an internal button in your head and you’re instantly awake.

So, that’s the story so far. I don’t expect anyone to accept it or believe it but I offer it to you anyway for you to consider the possibility that our visitors are much more than just extraterrestrial beings from other planets.

A small side note I forgot to mention. On Saturday night about 11 pm, Rachel watched two large lights travel parallel above the tree line about 100 m from where I stood by the fire. I hadn’t seen them at all. And over the course the weekend I had several experiences of strong tones in one ear and losing hearing in the same ear. Rachel also experienced having her hearing disappear twice that night. I think our visitors arrived early and were observing us well before Dude arrived.

So that’s all I’m prepared to share for now. I’ll think about whether I feel comfortable to share some of the next encounter in the meantime.

And for anyone who wants to know or who has been thinking it – Dude is one of the 9 ET’s who play a role in looking after our planet. He plays a significant role in the structure I call The Architecture. As far as I can tell he is the youngest in the 9. A group which also includes the human alien I publicly call Number 1 and 2 Teal’hia. But he by far and away, the most unusual and charismatic of the 9 ! I don’t think he would mind me saying that !

Happy trails friends,


An Introduction to the Sarpalxn

photo (2)

I had my first conscious encounter with beings who call themselves Sarpalxn (said Sarlen) in a hotel room in country Victoria, Australia, in November 2009, after I and my friend asked for contact with my ET friends – particularly beings who already knew me (interestingly the next day on returning home, I had a visit from the Tall Aliens). My friend was also in the room when they appeared and the two of us discussed what we saw as the event unfolded. The Sarpalxn created a kind of projection into our reality and did not appear to be physically in the room but I could interact with them. There were at least 12 of them (9 most of the time) and they were visible for about 25 minutes and answered many questions I asked them and moved around at my request, so that I could see their bodies. They appeared to be in a large room (much bigger than the room we were in), which had a glass like material at the rear, through which I could see a red sandy looking landscape. The room had several large wing like ovoid consoles (think of a boomerang on a boomerang in a vertical double wing shape) in it and some of them were interacting with the consoles.  I took photos of the room after but nothing appeared in the photos.

This particular encounter marked a turning point for me in my relationship with them. After this I became aware of their presence on a regular basis and began to develop a relationship with 3 Sarpalxn who were part of a group of 8 beings (5 races) that have been teaching me for the last few years. They also explained that they had regular contact with me, since I was very young and would continue to have contact with me, whenever I required it.

Physically the Sarpalxn are very distinctive. They have very wide triangular heads, with an extendable kind of neck (a little like ET the extraterrestrial). They have large wide eyes – a red left eye and a blue-green right eye (I’ll explain the purpose of that another time). Their eyes have a vertical slit, which is a little cat like. They have a small mouth, 2 nasal holes and 2 larger holes at the sides of the head (in line with the base of the eyes). I don’t know what the holes at the side of the head are for. They have 3 fingers and each finger has a striated soft pad at the end of it. They have 4 toes which have an arch in them and splayed feet, a lot like a frogs. They are between 5-6 feet tall, have a very thin torso and very sturdy looking legs. They have what we would consider elbows and knees, which have considerable flexibility. Their flesh is a soft mottled texture and their skin colour has a high degree of individual variation and is a yellow-pink. They mostly do not wear clothes but I have seen them wearing a dark blue body suit which covers from ankle to neck. I am not sure why they sometimes wear a body suit.

When they first spoke to me I heard a lot off high pitched chirps and vocalizations with lots of modulation. I asked if someone could translate and the language slowly became very clear unaccented English. Often when they communicated with one another, they came together and appeared to touch heads. I’m not sure why they did that. I have seen them speak telepathically at other times.

They told me that they do not inhabit our universe and come from another universe. They explained that they are close by but it might be difficult for me to understand, if they tried to explain it to me. Later I was to learn that they inhabit 3 star systems in their universe, including a binary star system. They inhabit  some 77 worlds, many of which they cohabit with what we would consider other intelligent species. And while they inhabit one universe, they frequently travel to others.

During that first conscious encounter, the Sarpalxn explained that the youngest of their kind live to the equivalent of 300-400 years of age. The one’s who were visiting me, their kind lives to about 3,000-4,000 years of age. They have elders who are 20,000-30,000 years of age and the eldest of their kind is about 58,000 years of age.

The Sarpalxn are also known as Tarheen. I am not sure why the two different names. I think the Tarheen is a subgroup of the Sarpalxn, like the way that Americans are a subgroup of humans or Negroids are a subgroup of human race.

As I said, I have since developed a relationship with 3 individuals (all Tarheen) – a male called Shampar (said Shum-pa), a female called  Qualend (said Quay-lend) and a female called Tar’ham (said Tah-ham).

My 3 Sarpalxn friends have been teaching me a number of different things. They present me with situations in particular place, then take me through a series of unfolding experiences, in which they ask me many questions – which aim to extend my perception and understanding. Sometimes they ask me to go away and contemplate their questions. Think of it as homework. They have mostly been focused on helping me to understand the Greater Self (that aspect of us which is God). They know that I have a fondness for sand and so, where they can they use sand as a metaphor for understanding particular ideas. The Sarpalxn are very peaceful and curious about us. You might say that in addition to being cosmic explorers, they are explorers of the inner landscapes of God. I have found them to be very gentle and very patient, loving and insightful teachers. They appear to possess many amazing technologies but it is their understanding of reality and their spiritual development that impresses me most. I think of them as very wise souls, who are trying to teach me how to discover my true nature and move past the limitations of the perception of the self as a singular separate entity.

They seem to have good relationships with many of the other beings in our universe, including the Teal’hia, the Sawronde (Tall Aliens), beings from the Vega star system and other Lyra constellation star systems  and orange/blond haired human like aliens from our own galaxy. I suspect that many of our visitors know them personally or know of them.

The image above is the doodle I did on the night I had the 2009 encounter .

I have never looked for any evidence of the Sarpalxn on the internet but Edward Muller of the Facebook group ET Life  , sent me an image that someone else had done of beings they encountered. The image looks remarkably similar.  I’d love to hear from anyone else who has had experiences with the Sarpalxn or heard of others who have had experiences with them. They have told me that they are interacting with other humans and I would love to connect with some of them.

May you all be well, Bright. 😉

Artwork : Bright Garlick © Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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