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TSM137 : Entanglement, Human Identity, Aspects of Self, Channeling and Spiritual Development

How do we know what we know ? Part of how we know is by knowing what we are. In today’s walk and wonder, I explore the idea that we can know things beyond ourselves because we are more than we think we are. Not everything appears to follow causality (cause and effect), as entanglement and spooky action at a distance would suggest. Or is causality always present – visible from many different perpectives ? When we embrace a wider perspective about what we are (through such ideas as Aspects of Self and Channeling and by deepening the well of experience), we can know much more than we would normally think is possible. What is in the way of such knowledge and experience, is our ignorance and our desire to remain comfortable in our identities.

Enjoy ! ūüėČ

When Shit Hits the Fan…Kaboom !

When I posted my retelling of my January 19th, 2011 encounter with the Teal’hia and the Sar’Won’Dee, I mentioned being shown a series of global events that will happen in our collective future. At the time I didn’t fully understand the context of what I was shown and I was never actually told, “this will happen on this date”. I was merely shown trigger events to watch for. I watched global events very carefully from that point onwards and at a certain point I thought events were falling into place and what I was shown was just around the corner. ¬†The whole thing made me very uncomfortable and so I reluctantly posted the following video.



A few months later I took the video down because I realised that I was wrong and I felt like an idiot scaring people needlessly and putting my neck on the line for nothing. I was also ravaged by malicious people who seemed to take delight in criticising me. Several encounters later I gained more insight into what I was shown and have had my ass kicked gently by Dude, who encourage me to lighten up. I’m not as yet prepared to discuss what I learned and how what I learned changed how I understand events and what I was shown but what I can say is the following. It seems that in one paralell life (reality) (or part of conjoined pace) these events may yet have happened (as has my distant viewing of the election of Hillary Clinton, followed by a black female president). But in this paralell life (part of conjoined space) they have not yet happened.

I’m posting the video now, only for a limited time, so that you can take note of what I was shown, just in case things continue to unfold in the direction I was shown. I’m only concerned now because of the way that things are currently heating up in the middle east and between the US-North Korea.

Now, at the time I remembered what I was shown, I spoke to my ex Rachel (who you will recall was involved in profiling the human future using poly-location (think bi-location) for a covert group in the UK) and Rachel felt that I was wrong. We’ve talked about it many times and I have come to the conclusion that either I remembered wrongly (which seems unlikely to me but not impossible given the intensity of the experience I had with them) or that she visited a different set of timelines, in which these events did not occur. Rachel had told me on numerous occasions that in her own work she often went back to the same time period and encountered different sets of events and different histories. Which seems to indicate to me that she was visiting subtly different paralell lives/timelines/conjoined spaces.

So, despite cautions from two people I greatly respect, I can’t let this go. Whenever I have spoken to the Teal’hia they have confirmed that these events are still in our collective future. But just what that means, I’m not sure. Perhaps I’ll discuss what else was explained to me at a later date but I’m not comfortable with that now. Maybe my fixation with this reflects more of my own apocryphal disposition, as I’ve suggested previously here :¬†(ignore the improper address on this post), than a realistic unfolding of our current time line. But I’m going to take a risk and leave the video up for a little while because I am concerned.

Listen to it at your own peril ! In the mean time, I suggest you put whatever I have to say behind you and go back to enjoying life ! I may well be wrong !

Simeon Hein

Simeon Hein has had some interesting things to say about Crop Circles and consciousness. I don’t agree with everything he’s said but I think he’s worth listening to.



Russel Targ & Charles Tart

Yeah, I know I have a bunch of unfinished posts to complete (part 2’s and 3’s etc) but I¬†have¬†way too many responsibilities that need me and feeling crap with bronchitis !

So ,in the mean time, consider tantalizing your brain with some Russel Targ & Charles Tart videos ! ¬†ūüėČ


TSM74 : Probabilistic Topologies

In this rather long monologue, I explore the idea of looking into the future through the lens of Probabilistic Topology/Topologies. This is a concept that actually exists. I’m not overly familiar with the mathematical interpretation of this, so I’ve used my own interpretation instead. The basic premise is that events in the future depend on certain probabilities, which create a certain shape for the future. These events can be known by the energetic signatures that they create, signatures whose probabilities in time, also have a particular shape. I could have used the term Topography but I think Topology is a better descriptor.

I give several examples of looking into the future, including certain things that were shared with me by deceased humans and ETs.

I ramble on a bit in this monologue (as if that’s never happened before !) and have a few lapses of memory – including saying Genpo instead of Roshi (old teacher/old master), when talking about attachment to roles, in reference to Ed Dames. There’s a bit of wind here and there but you can hear most of the monologue clearly. The morning became colder with the approach of a rain front and my brain and body started to seize up a bit towards the end of the monologue. But I think this monologue will provide you with enough stimulus to make you consider seeing the future a little differently.

Enjoy !

Brighticus Coldicus ūüėČ

Spiritual Books 1

Here’s an old video I made on spiritual books. I post it because I am currently uploading a new video on the same theme.

Enjoy !

A Tale of Two Types of Time Lines and the Future of Earth

Some of you will recall me talking previously about metaphors for time. You will also recall that Dude says that there is no such thing as time and that there is only space. Please bear this in mind as you read on.

What follows may or may or not be a fictional tale about two ¬†types of timelines. Those interested in moving past slippery geese will know what I am talking about. And if you’ve ever wondered if I use certain hints to alert certain people of certain things, you’d be right.

I am inspired to write this short tale, from my experiences with several ETs (including those I call Dude and Anamika), my concerns about the human population and it’s impact on ecosystem diversity and biodiversity, a set of dreams I had about the subject, from my own experiences of peering into the past and future. But mostly I am inspired to write this small tale by thinking about the critical issues that any civilization must deal with if it is to become a mature civilization that is ready to take it’s place in the cosmic family.

I should tell you that this story touches on the sensitive subject of population control and is not an effort to put forward a particular point of view. It is merely a story. It is up to you to decide what it means. I will however tell you that I have no fixed opinion about how we should or could implement population control but I do believe it is necessary, in some way. I love this Earth dearly, more than humanity. And I believe that the growth of the human population is the MOST SIGNIFICANT ISSUE FACING EARTH AND ITS SPECIES.

Imagine then, if you will, a small group of people with immense power, who have heard stories from certain ETs about civilizations elsewhere in the cosmos that collapsed and others that have prospered. They have also read widely about the collapse of certain human civilizations who no longer exist. Certain members of this small group realize that there are certain boundaries through which humanity must pass if it is to survive. As this group has developed, it began exploring the idea of non locality and using consciousness to explore the future. Certain ETs helped them to find humans who had exceptional psychic skills, who were able to peer into the future. The best of these psychics could not only peer into the future but they could go to the future and bring back tangible evidence of their having connected with the future. Very quickly certain individuals in this small group of people began to understand that it was possible to create a profile of the future. A profile that was not fixed but varied, depending on the individual and collective choices that were made in the present.

Within this small group, a project was established with the sole intention of creating a profile of the human future based upon numerous choices. Imagine then, that those in charge of the project chose certain base line conditions – that is, how things are at a given point of time. From this base line they use their most gifted psychics to explore what we might call TIME LINE 1 – how things will be if things continue as they are. They have also been told by certain ETs how things will turn out if things remain as they are. But they want to know for themselves. They could use their best psychics to see the future but they want evidence of how the future will turn out, so they choose their most gifted psychics – those who can literally bilocate and interact with the world of the future.

When they have developed a clear set of protocols, those in charge send out their best psychics to connect with the future at various intervals 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 100 years, 200 years, 500 years, 1,000 years, 2,000 years, 5,000 years, 10,000 years and so on. They set very clear and discrete periods in the future that they wish to explore. Sometimes they use small increments and sometimes larger increments. They develop very clear protocols about how to interact with the future and how to find the information that is required. As their gifted psychics go through this process they discover several things. There are major problems, catastrophes, break throughs, turning points and patterns in the future and humanity remains ignorant and plagues with the same kinds of psychological and social problems. And, there are people in the future expecting their visitations and people in the future profiling the past and their own potential futures.

The project works in such a way as to create layers of possibility. Those in charge send out one psychic at a time and each psychic brings back new layers of information. Mostly the information adds to previous information of confirms previous information but sometimes it differs or adds new elements. Every time one of these gifted individuals goes to the future, the entire process is recorded through video and electrophysiology. This gives those in charge the opportunity to examine the process thoroughly, to refine the process and to explore what was learned and what worked best, with finer attention. As the psychics go through the future, they learn things that they do not always convey to those in charge. Things which they feel those in charge do not need to know. But for the most part they report back accurately what they have seen and learned and return with actual evidence of what they have seen and learned. This evidence is kept safe and used in conjunction with what the psychics have shared, to compile a profile of the future spanning many thousands of years.

During the profiling of TIME LINE 1, several things were discovered early on that caused significant distress to the psychics involved and alarmed those in charge of the project and the small group of people with immense power.  It was discovered that in about 150-200 years the human population has swelled from about 5 billion people to somewhere in the order of 150-200 billion people. In that time many ETs had revealed themselves and told humanity that it would not be allowed to move into space, until it matured and resolved its population problem. Early on many humans argued that it was their right to colonize other worlds but they were quickly put in their place and told that this is not how it works.

The psychics brought back some very startling revelations about life in the year 2187. First they discovered that only about 10 % of the current vegetation remained. That equated to about 1 % of the original vegetation pre 1500 AD. The Earth was covered in human structures. And many people had never seen a natural landscape. In addition many of the worlds oceans were severely polluted and the worlds aquatic biodiversity had been wiped out to about 5 % of current levels. On land most of the worlds ecosystems had been wiped out and 95 % of all terrestrial biodiversity currently alive, had also been wiped out. There were large no go zones that were so heavily polluted that they seemed to remain that way for thousands of years. Poverty was widespread in some places, while affluence was wide-spread in other places. Government controlled agriculture, education, electronic communications and transport. Health care was available to some people where it was commercially controlled and to all people where it was government controlled. There was voluntarily and mandatory euthanasia. Plant food was produced by hydroponics in tall buildings. Cereals such as wheat, rye and oats no longer exist because there is no space to grow them and because they do not thrive indoors. The primary meat that people eat is beef and chicken. Cows and chickens are grown in tall agricultural buildings, one level on top of another, separated by floors and ceilings. Sheep no longer exist because they couldn’t survive in tall buildings and there is no space to grow them outdoors. Milk comes from cows kept in tall buildings. Pigs no longer exist, as most of the worlds religious people are Islamic. The animals that are grown for people to eat, seem to live in stressful and uncomfortable conditions. People can no longer eat fish because most fish have been wiped out. Nor are people allowed to fish in the sea or swim in many parts of the ocean due to high levels of toxicity. No one is buried any more, as there is not enough room. People are groomed towards certain occupations and do not have the liberty to pick and choose as they do now. People spend most of their free time engaged or fully interfaced with electronic devices. Suicide is common and there are extremely high rates of so-called mental illness. A much larger proportion of the global population is medicated to help control emotional and physical problems. Crime rates are much higher than they have been in any part of the western world and there are many ongoing conflicts. Many conflicts involve highly developed weaponry and robotics. It almost appears as if conflict is perpetual. Suppression of individual conflicts always results in new conflicts.

The people who live in this world are happy sometimes but mostly their lives are very hard. There is no longer retirement or government sponsored welfare and it is mandatory for all able-bodied people to contribute in some way to the society. The gap between rich and poor is far greater than it has ever been and yet there are some parts of this world that have returned to political systems which resemble socialism and communism. In both types of political systems, government has far greater control of individual people’s lives than they do at the current time. People are not free to make the choices they can currently make.

Despite certain cataclysmic events, the human population continued to increase, until such a time as the human race threatened its own existence. For the sake of keeping this tale brief, we shall say nothing of how that story unfolds.

TIME LINE 1 so disturbed every body involved in the project but especially the psychics that did the face to face work, that those in power felt compelled to do something about it. So collectively they created a number of possible interventions, through which they could slow down the growth of the human population and effectively reduce the human population that was represented by TIME LINE 1.

Those in charge of the project then sent their psychics into a number of different time lines, which they called TIME LINE 2, TIME LINE 3 AND TIME LINE 4. Each of these timelines represented a different set or type of intervention. TIME LINE 2 represented the slow, gradual and soft approach to slowing down and reducing the human population. TIME LINE 3 represented the fast, sudden and hard approach to slowing down and reducing the human population. And TIME LINE 4 represented the sporadic and regular approach to reducing the human population. From each time line, those in charge of the project created a clear profile of the future, should they choose to implement that type of intervention. The profiles that developed, demonstrated that reducing the human population in any way had a dramatic impact on the health and well-being of the human population, on the planets biodiversity and the health and well being of Earth.

For several years, those in charge, played around with tweaking certain variables in each possible type of intervention and were as a result able to develop a clearer picture of which interventions had the greatest potential impact on the health well being of humanity and Earth in the long run. They discovered that certain interventions, while incredibly harsh in the short-term and to individual humans, were most beneficial in the long run. They discovered that other interventions, while gentler in the short-term and to individual humans, were harmful in the long run in ways they had not anticipated. And finally, they discovered that interventions that were woven around and between specific natural cataclysmic events such as major solar storms, asteroid impacts, epidemics and pandemics, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes; had the most beneficial impact overall. In addition they realized that it was better not to prepare for certain cataclysmic events, so that nature could help reduce the human population, without attracting too much attention to what they were doing and without having to devote additional resources.

With the help of certain ETs, who were able to further advise them, those in charge then decided on a specific set of interventions to slow down and reduce the human population, that correlated with TIME LINE 4. Minor variations in the interventions have created alternate versions of TIME LINE 4, which are referred to as TL4A, TL4B, TL4C and so on. Each of these variations has core periods of time that are identical and others that have minor variations that do not cause major disturbances in TL4. The project ended for the psychics involved but has continued for those in power. Since the first future profiles were created, those in charge have used other highly gifted psychics to connect with the future. They have been implementing the choices that led to TL4 and using their psychics to monitor and assess the impact of their interventions on the time line. From time to time, they discover some or other minor disturbance and use the psychics to help discover the cause of this disturbance and where necessary tweak their interventions to offset any disturbances. The new time line they have created has brought about dramatic changes to future Earth and enhanced the health and well-being of the entire planet and its species. In that future humanity has eventually been allowed to take its place in the cosmic family and has moved out into the cosmos and is exploring and inhabiting new worlds. Profiles of individual futures also helped those in power to learn things about technology, dynamic systems and social systems that they did not know. At specific times they were able to learn new things which enabled them to refine the time line. There were however some in power who wishes to gain benefit from the new things they learned, in such a way as it would have dramatically altered TL4 and created new time lines that were not favourable to the health and well being of future Earth.

From time to time, someone from the future returns to visit the psychics who profiled their future and shares some story of what could have been or will be. And in return the psychics tell those from the future, what it feels like to be alive now and how those in power have altered the future. And very occasionally the psychics are visited by some future self and get to learn about how the greater self experiences itself elsewhere. But mostly, those who profiled the future, just watch those in power from the sidelines, remembering that those who really have the power, are always there in the background, watching everything unfold with more patience and compassion than any human will ever have.

A viewing of an undersea anomaly and 2 lucid dreams about plane crashes

Yesterday I totally forgot that last week I had 2 lucid dreams about plane crashes. Two to three times a year I have plane crash dreams and sometimes they seem to be precognitive. But at other times they are clearly symbolic. I think I have plane crash dreams because my Dad was a flight engineer and I spent so much time as a child/adolescent around aircraft. Planes and plane crashes seem to resonate with some kind of archetype and provide me with unconscious knowledge that I seem to need. But I am not sure why I actually see plane crashes sometimes before they happen.

I had the first dream on Monday the 22nd December and it followed a viewing session, in which I was looking at an undersea anomaly. So let me tell you about that first. This was the second time I’d looked at this particular anomaly. The first session was almost a year ago.

I was looking at how this particular anomaly came to be in its current position. My intention was to go back prior to its arrival but I didn’t get around to doing that fully because I was still tired and sick with the Flu. So I was looking at its current locale and examining the surrounding features of the landscape. 2 remarkable features where that this object appeared to bisect an undersea mountain range before coming to rest. Where it impacted, was a large semi circular gauge at the rear. In front of the mountain it gouged out a huge scar before coming to rest. Looking at the surface of the structure, I noticed it had 2 primary grooves. One near the center and a smaller one to the right. There was another smaller groove on the left. After looking at the exterior surface of the object, I looked inside the object. I noticed that several areas of the object (a craft) had been breached and were full of water. But there were other areas of the craft that were still water tight and relatively intact. I looked through the craft and found several sites where their were the remains of entities. One of these appeared to be a kind of control room, where the entities were apparently thrust against one side of the room, ¬†by the impact of the crash.

After looking inside the craft, I went back and tracked it coming down. It appeared to have lost control just after it entered our atmosphere but it may have been having problems before then. At this point I was too tired and had to wind things up.

I’m keen to go back and explore this anomaly in more depth. I was merely curious and wanted to follow up on my initial viewing.

I had previously been shown 2 apparent undersea colonies (bases ?) belonging to two different races. But prior to the first viewing session, I had¬†never looked at these kinds of anomalies. I’m not sure about the accuracy of what I saw. And there are details I haven’t mentioned here. So, I’ll just be keeping an eye out for what comes into our collective attention.

So after this viewing session, ¬†as I lay on the bed resting, I suddenly felt overwhelmed and tired and was unexpectedly¬†overcome by sleep. It was then I had teh first lucid dream. So I’ll quote now directly from my dream journal :

¬†I was watching the clouds with Toa and taking photos with my iPod or something like that. After a while, something appeared in the clouds. It came out and it was huge – a large shiny metallic, purple, ovoid structure (bug like), that then developed vibrant green eyes (like a green-fly). It began moving downwards and then there were two of them and one developed a cat’s face.

Then suddenly I was flying up into the sky. I could see a small cloud and then a UFO came out. A purple craft with swept back wings. It flew out and then hovered and I could see (or I knew) that 2 planes had exploded and bodies began falling from the sky. I couldn’t see wreckage, only bodies. I looked and several km away I saw a dozen or so white bodies falling downwards into the sea. Then suddenly my eyes notice someone falling in a plane seat and my vision rapidly moves closer to about 500 m away and I see them helpless and unmoving, falling towards the sea. The dream ends abruptly.¬†

I remember that the dream had quite an impact on me. Despite the¬†symbolic comical¬†elements early on, it felt very profound. At first I thought maybe it was a plane crash and then I thought that maybe it was related to what I had been viewing and then I changed my mind back again. I’m still unclear about which elements of the dream are symbolic and which maybe something else. Typically when I have a precognitive dream, it has a powerful feeling associated with it and it leaves me troubled. This was one of those dreams.¬†

Then on the 23rd of December I had another lucid dream. From my dream journal :

I’m inside a jet plane with lots of Asian passengers and the passengers are all trying to look out of the windows on the left. There is a small twin engine plane flying up wards towards them. It’s right engine is on fire. Have the blades been bent back or twisted ? Then suddenly the pilot, tries to turn right but the small plane hits it and both planes explode. Then the scene shifts and I am watching the small plane – something happens – something hits it and it has a fire in the right engine. Now I am inside the plane. There are 4 passengers on the right hand side (2 +2) and 2 passengers on the left hand side (1+1). ¬†The pilot is having trouble controlling the plane. He yells out something and the guy sitting at the front on the left comes up and takes the pilot’s seat, while the pilot goes back to look at the engine. He looks very distressed. He then goes back to the front and the other guy sits on his right. He puts on his headset and the two of them are talking frantically. It seems like he’s lost control of the plane and it’s heading upwards – maybe on a slight angle. Then suddenly I see the jet out the right window. The passengers see it and scream. But it’s too late it hits the undercarriage and both planes explode. Now I am outside about 50-100 m just below the jet. It is climbing upwards. Suddenly the twin-engine plane appears and rises uncontrollably. The jet turns sharp to the right and the small plane collides with its underbelly. Both planes explode. Bodies are falling into the sea. I am looking down and see lots of white. Clothing ? Wreckage ? The dream ends suddenly.¬†

I remember being quite shaken by this dream. The feeling was strong once again. It was early in the morning and images from it kept lingering in my mind throughout the day. 

So what do I make of these dreams ? I don’t honestly know. They both had the quality of being precognitive but their were symbolic elements in them too. In both cases something happened to a plane (two planes) over the ocean and bodies fell into the sea. In both cases I saw white/white bodies. I wonder if they were Islamic women ?

Was I seeing Air Asia flight QZ8501 ? I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything about a second small plane being involved and surely it would have showed up on radar ? So I post this here just as a record, in case something correlates with my dream at some future time.

I was also sick at this time with the Flu, so perhaps it was all about my own inner state. My body was the landscape in which the symbolic planes exploded. But who really knows ?

TSM17 : Aspects of Self (A Revolutionary Technique for Developing Self Awareness ?)

WARNING :¬†Don’t listen to this podcast without first hearing the warning at the beginning.¬†

What follows in TSM17 is a discussion about how I developed a process for exploring the self and in particular an idea I call Aspects of Self. It’s still an idea in progress but it’s one I think has great merit and potential for helping people to transform their lives and their understanding of the nature of reality.

I think it was Carl Jung who said something like “where the mystic is swimming, the schizophrenic is drowning”. And it’s in this spirit that I offer you this deeply personal monologue about my¬†perception of self.

Please let me know if this monologue meant anything to you. And a brief warning, I do use the F word at some tourists ! Sorry , no long haired peace nick here ! I’m all out of patience with annoying tourists ! I also had to edit out some comments I made about a particular book I own and perhaps I ought to have edited out more.

You can find a list of links relevant to this post here :

Enjoy !

Brighticus. ūüėČ

PS. The very special Dadaji : & .

The Perfect Apocalypse

Everybody loves a good apocalypse. It keeps us on the edge of our seat, just as it’s done since the dawn of mankind !

My own feelings about the end of the world, started when I was ten living in Hong Kong and my mother left us and went back to live in Australia. But it wasn’t the end of the world and I survived. Later when I was a teenager I was terrified that we were all going to be destroyed by a nuclear war.

When I was 17, I was¬†so terrified that I presented my Religious Education ¬†class (I was a good Catholic boy)¬†with a grim scenario about what a nuclear war might look like and what the effects would be like if it happened and how we could try to stop it happening. My whole class was mortified and just stared at me. They obviously had¬†not¬†read any of the books I’d read ( and etc) or watched any of the movies I’d watched or been mesmerized by Mad Max.

Unless you lived through it, it’s hard to understand how real the threat of nuclear war felt if you were a sensitive teenager like I was. I don’t know if the adults felt that way but I sure as hell did.

My next fling with a potential¬†apocalypse came when I discovered the Book of Revelations. It happened to coincide with a period of my life in which I had very little sleep (which brought me close to a full on¬†breakdown) and deep soul-searching after 5 year period of what today would be called depression but to my way of thinking was a search for meaning .During this time, I was stupid enough to believe that I was personally¬†connected with the coming apocalypse, that I thought was mapped out¬†by the Book of Revelations. Later studies into the subject, seemed to indicate that the so-called battle of¬†Armageddon¬†( (the site of Megiddo –¬†,_Israel ) seemed to refer to historical events rather than future events and they had nothing to do with me¬†! These days I have no interest in that subject and am perpetually amused at young and older folks who are enmeshed in the subject like I was for one very turbulent month of my life ! More than anything a felt connection to a looming apocalypse had more to do with my own inability to no longer suppress how angry I was feeling, about my discomfort with life and the seemingly unfair things that had happened to me ! I wanted to kill the world because it was killing me. So I thought !

Then in 1994 I met the woman I would fall in love with and she told me about the year 2011. She is the same person who worked with covert groups on ET related projects as a gifted psychic. I didn’t know what she was talking about but I became very curious about the subject. There’s a whole other angle to this subject, that I will never talk about publicly but what I can tell you is that I started trying to figure out what 2011 might be about. Then about the time my son was born in 1999, I heard about 2012 and all the doomsday predictions etc that went with it, after the millennium. Oh and we had the millennium bug and I thought that was so funny ! So I started to research 2012 and could find nothing that made any real sense and to this day, think that no one has really figured it out or understood the Mayan or Aztec calendars. But around 2000, I was talking with Rachel about the climate and she had always argued that it was changing because of the sun and I was big into the global warming thing (I later realized she was right) and then suddenly I realized that the sun was affecting everything. I’d spent years playing with bubbles whenever I had a bath and I did this kind of bubble bath cosmology, where I’d watch all these patterns form¬†and¬†I’d play with them and I had been¬†big into catastrophe theory (, chaos theory and complexity theory ( & (and later point theory and I loved how simple things led to complex things. So I studied all these things and then tested them in the real world – in the bath tub and in the sand in our dry creek and in lots of other natural and artificial environments. And so I knew from playing around with dynamic systems (later I looked at family systems) that the sun was the key player in regulating planetary dynamics. My guide Kanatek later said to me that the sun and the Earth are like two knights jousting and that is the way it’s always been.

Then in 2008 I read this report Space Weather Events РUnderstanding Societal and Economic Impacts / . It seemed to confirm my concerns that our power grids were at risk of breaking down, as a result of major solar storms.

In 1997, I had several ET encounters that left me with strange feelings and strange thoughts. I couldn’t remember everything that had happened but I felt this niggling sense that I knew certain things. One of the things that kept bugging me was the idea that the sun is going to effect Earth somehow. I eventually put those thoughts aside and I never thought about them again until my discussion with Rachel. I wonder now, looking back, if I had already been shown a future event during one of my encounters but my knowledge of what it meant would take years to come back to me.

Since 2008, I have read many reports that emphasized the same risks to our power grid. In 2011 I set up an international petition to have governments come clean about the state of the worlds power grids. But at that stage I was also re-diagnosed with cancer and I didn’t have the energy to push the issue. As you all know, in the last few years, the issue has become mainstream news.

I was so bothered by the issue, that when I had my experience with the Teal’hia and the¬†Sawronde on January 19th, 2011, I asked them if there really would be a solar event that would wipe out our power grids. I mean, honestly, I had come to think of 2011 as a transition period,rather than having to do with a major “civilization changing event”. But this solar thing kept bugging me. I am still not sure if certain global events, such as the Fukishima disaster represent a turning point in 2011.

So the Teal’hia¬†and the Sawtonde confirmed that such an event is coming. The Teal’hia showed me “what is to come”” and it was very uncomfortable for me to watch. They showed me a major solar event that included two¬†high X Class Solar Flares/Coronal Mass Ejections and two major conflicts (N Korea-US and Israel-Iran). Since then I have asked them about it 3 times and they have continued to confirm the solar event. I also spoke to two of my guides who have confirmed it and I’ve tried to look at the event several times and I have seen it in different time periods – which I have found very confusing. Whenever I ask Dude about it he says in a solemn kind of way “Everything is uncertain”. So, as I understand it, an event like a series of major solar storms is a set of probabilities that depend on an almost infinite number of other probabilities. In May 2012, I was told by several ETs that a major collective decision had been made to intervene and lessen the blow of the coming solar event. I was told that such an intervention has occurred in an incredibly small number of times in Earth’s history. I was told that other interventions that were considered may have seen most of humanity wiped out, or most of the animal world wiped out but that the overall consensus was to intervene in a way that was most beneficial to all species. Earth needs this event. It is part of its natural cycles. Strong CME’s from the sun help rejuvenate Earth’s core, so to speak ! Think of it as an ongoing process, where the sun gives out energy that strengthens the energy of each planet.

I was so concerned in 2012 that I posted a video telling people that¬†I thought the event was coming in March or April 2013. I took the video down because it bothered me that so many people were upset by what I said and because clearly (at least in this time stream) I was wrong. I could never quite figure out when it would occur from what I was shown or what I’d seen (given it occurred at different times with each viewing). When I pushed my guides on the issue of time, one suggested that it looked most likely to occur in Winter (southern hemisphere) 2014 or a little after and the other suggested Winter 2015. They gave me probable dates, which I have and am watching carefully. I also asked Anamika about the issue and she has given me several dates which coincide with this time period. Finally, in 2009 I began an out bounder kind of exercise of connecting with people in the future, using a combination of techniques that Rachel had taught me (as she used in her work) and that I had created myself. In this particular instance I connected with a woman called V, a descendent in the year 2328-29. I am not only able to speak with V but to experience what she experiences. I spoke several times with her about a possible solar event and she confirmed it in the same time period. However, just like when I looked into the future, she gave me different time periods during different conversations. Almost as if I was connecting with her on different time streams.

So you might wonder what I do with all this concern. Well, I don’t think I am concerned per se, just aware. I wrote a lot about it and encouraged people to prepare as best as they could. But I have urged people to do so in a way that is reasonable. To walk the middle path and avoid extremes. To get on with life and stop worrying ! Anyone who has watched Doomsday Preppers ( will know just how extreme some people can be. And to be honest, if you act like half of these crazy people and you have kids and you put them through that kind of hell, you’re really going to fuck with their heads and that’s not fair. So I encourage people to get educated, have a basic plan and get on with life. You can download the stuff I put together for my old blog here :¬† .

So, one of the things that one of my guides mentioned was that just prior to the main event, the sun would cool down its activity for an extended period and then heat up its’activity quite suddenly. So I have been watching the sun carefully and recently the sun seemed to have follwoed just such a pattern.¬†I don’t pay super attention to the sun and I’m not a heliophycisist, so I don’t know for sure that that’s what it’s done. But superficially it looks that way. In the last few days sunspot 2192 has released 6 X Class Flares all in a row. I’m not sure but I imagine that might be a bit of a recent record. What is strange however is that not one of these flares produced a subsequent CME. Which is fortunate for us because it was Earth facing for a number of these events. Not that any of them were sizeable enough to do us any harm. At least that’s the assumption. But sunspot 2192 is now turning around and it will be very interesting to see whether it decays or continues to develop or if any other sizeable sunspots develop. Next week could be quite the show ! Lots of people think that because solar cycle 24 is apparently a very weak cycle (and that the sun appears to be acting more subdued in the last century – hence the possibility of a Maunder Minimum style cooling event/mini ice age – that a major solar event won’t happen. But they overlook the fact that the infamous Carrington Event took place during the very weak solar cycle 10 ( Given the differences in how we measure sunspots now and then and the difference in technology, it’s possible that cycle 10 was stronger than we think but they were pretty vigilant back then, without the distractions we have. It almost seems to me that when the sun has little sunspot activity, it builds up energy which is then released in a major solar storm. And as far as I can tell sunspot 24 appears to be following a similar pattern.

So here’s where it gets really interesting. If you were one of the groups in power and you wanted to wipe out a large number of human beings, in an effort to reduce the population, what would you do ? First, I think, you’d try to find out about the likelihood of such solar events. Stepping sideways into the realm of possibility, you might accept that those in power have done just such a thing using gifted psychics to look into the future or by talking to ETs who are working on Earth. Yes such “future profiling” has been done. You might also think about, the possibility of creating converging events that would take out very specific populations. One such possibility is a global pandemic ( and right now Ebola fits that possibility real well (so did Legionaires Disease –¬†’_disease, HIV/AIDS –, Marburg Virus Disease –¬†, Anthrax –¬†¬†and a whole bunch of other infectious diseases).

Imagine then, this really grim scenario. The sun goes kaboom, cripples many of the worlds power grids and Ebola is unable to be contained. The potential for catastrophe on a scale never seen before is absolutely monumental. Goodbye 1/2-2/3rd’s of the human population. Could that happen next week if the sun does its thing ? Who knows ???

I should tell that I am not worried, merely curious. I don’t know anything at all about the link that pandemics might have to a possible apocalypse. But here’s a funny story. At least it’s funny to me. When I was doing my Honours year in Microbiology in 1993, I was teaching a third year student how to make a culture of the particular organism we were extracting out of waste water. While I was peering down a microscope into a drop of sewage, getting ready to transfer some bacteria into a petri dish, she turned to me and in a very forlorn voice said to me “You don’t think that handling these bacteria could be dangerous for our health do you ?”. I looked¬†up and thought for a couple of seconds and said “I suppose it’s possible.” With that, she promptly sat down and began to look very worried. I did all that I could to console her but she was never the same after that. It’s my wish that you are not feeling the way that she was. Because I don’t know everything. But what I can tell you, is that back in the early 90’s at universities in rural Australia, there was very little in the way of Bio Safe Guards. We could have grown all kinds of nasty bugs and spread them into the environment. In fact, as part of my course we cultivated many highly lethal gut bacteria that could have wiped out huge populations of people if dispensed in the right way. I became a bit of an expert on Legionella and could have cultivated it and released it wherever I wanted. But I didn’t because I am not that kind of person – but the potential was there for anyone and I mean anyone with basic microbiology skills, ¬†to become a bioterrorist.¬†I’m just saying, anything was possible. We did one experiment where we were given about a dozen petri dishes with different media and asked to take samples from everywhere in our bedrooms. Well, I was shocked at all the nasty organism that were growing in my sanctuary. My bed, as clean as it looked, was a cesspool of filth and danger. But fortunately I like you, have a reasonable healthy immune system and these potential threats were insignificant.

But elsewhere in the world, certain other experiments have been allowed to be taken to the extreme and the human body has no defence at all against them. At a time when some diseases, like Smallpox (, were supposed to have been eradicated, certain groups were doing their best to¬†resist destroying¬†their samples. And I think it’s obvious that while some have been kept for legitimate vaccine research, others have been kept for, shall say, future use ( I don’t honestly know if the current outbreak of Ebola is natural or man made. But nothing would surprise me. It’s certainly curious that there are so many patents on infectious¬†microorganisms ( /¬† What would be curious is to scan a whole range of known lethal microbes for their patents and see what kind of patents are in place. Perhaps the alleged CIA sponsored Project Coast ( is not such a far fetched idea. Whether a particular group is aiming to reduce the population or provide the disease and the solution (Big Pharma etc) is unclear. But it seems to me that something dirty is going on. And if not Ebola, then some other agent elsewhere.

I can’t help wonder what¬†certain intelligence groups know about all this. A cup of ISIS anybody ?

Maybe I’m just deluded and I just have a penchant for drama. You’ve already seen that I have a history of being drawn to doomsday scenarios. I like to think however, that I have grown up a little since I was a young man and that my interest in the subject now comes from a place of legitimate possibility, rather than just pure fantasy. But who knows for sure ? Or maybe this is just the end of the¬†Kali¬†Yuga ( /¬† and it will go out (or has already) with a whimper rather than a bang ! Perhaps¬†TS Eliot was right after all…

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom

Between the conception
And the creation
Between the emotion
And the response
Falls the Shadow
Life is very long

Between the desire
And the spasm
Between the potency
And the existence
Between the essence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom

For Thine is
Life is
For Thine is the

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

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