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Comparison of ET Models

Hey folks, I have been busy with making fire breaks around the house, cutting out trees under power line and dealing with severe hypoglycemia. I’m heading back to my oncologist tomorrow to map out the next year of treatment.

I have been working every now and then on some tables and diagrams for one of my ET related books. Here’s a table which shows a comparison between my model about ETs and popular models (which of course doesn’t mean every other one – just what’s popular). This is a work in progress and copyright – so if you wish to share it, please share a link to this page. The final table will probably be much more detailed.

Much of what I’ve said is at odds with what many people believe, including so called abductees and experiencers. But I stand by everything I’ve said !

A big thanks to my friend Sandor for your ongoing support ! Your kindness is immeasurable ! 😉

Wishing you all well !

Brighticus !


Inside an ET craft – Part One

Hey folks, here’s wishing you well, wherever you are on this beautiful blue Earth of ours ! I am writing this article in the nude, in my birthday suit, starkers, free as a bird and without my fur on; because it’s so damned hot ! I hope that puts a smile on some of your faces but please don’t let it detract from what I want to share with you. Sure, picture me naked if you have too (go easy on the fantasies/there are websites for that !) but try to put that image aside when you read the rest of the article.

As a small side note, you know how the intelligence agencies and the military can do all kinds of things; well they can’t do that ! They can’t do that in the NSA headquarters or in Pine Gap. Work in the raw ! How would they know who was in charge, when everyone looks equal ? 😉 Picture the war machine reviewing its next moves in their birthday suits, without a hint of power or control ! Crackin myself up here ! Tragic hey !

Today I want to tell you a little bit about what it is like inside an extraterrestrial craft, in particular what it is like inside the craft of 4 specific races. The races I’ll be talking about include the Insectoid race I’ve mentioned before, the Teal’hia, the Sawronde and Dude’s race the Muajra. The information I am going to share with you, comes directly from my conscious recollections of the on board encounters of the last 21 years. So none of what I will share, comes from what others have said before. It’s all from my direct experience. The one race I know least about, is the entities I have referred to as the Insectoids. I’ll say more about them in time and tell you what they call themselves, when it s the right time to do so.  Most of my experiences with these entities have occurred either when I was unconscious or in a kind of stupor, in which it was difficult to clearly recall what happened. I’ve been slowly going back over these experiences and I’m confident that in the fullness of time, I’ll put together a much clearer picture of who they are.

The experiences that I will draw from with the Teal’hia, will mostly go back to 2012/13; with the Sawronde back to 2009; and the Muajra from last year. My experiences with all of these races go back to my early childhood but my memories of my time on board their craft, are clearest in the time since 2009.

In these descriptions of the ET craft, I will mostly focus on the inside appearance of the craft. I’ll talk more about the outside appearance of ET craft some other time. In addition, it’s not as easy to talk about the outside of an ET craft, given the craft’s ability to transform its basic morphology. None of the craft I will be talking about are mechanical in any way. They are all sentient craft/living entities. Something which is common among many ET races.

You can learn more about sentient craft here :, the Teal’hia here :, the Sawronde here :  and the Muajra here :

My memory of the Insectoid craft goes back to late 1994. From my vantage point laying on a table, I didn’t really have a good clear vision of all there was to see. And I can only tell you about one room. As a race, the Insectoid aliens are so alien, so unfamiliar to anything that we know; that it’s almost impossible to describe them (but I’ll try one day). Suffice to say that they are very, very caring and gentle and almost every race that is like that has a sentient craft. I think it’s because the more sentient (is there such a thing ?), more caring, more aware an individual race is; the more they are connected with the creation of life and almost all of the races who create life, have created sentient intelligences, that represent what we would think of as artificial life. It’s still a form of life but it has been created using different ingredients to the normal ingredients that go into making life. So anyway, the Insectoid craft is sentient and I noticed that they were frequently interacting with the craft with their hands.

The walls of the craft were a smooth dark grey and the tables were similar but had more of a silvery colour to them. The air was very comfortable to breath and the temperature felt similar to what was outside (it was night-time in mid summer) but the atmosphere was fresher than we had been experiencing. It was dark inside like someone had dimmed the light but there was light emanating from the walls and the ceiling and it was not obvious where it was coming from. In front of us there was a door but we didn’t know that until other entities came into the room. When that occurred, a point seemed to open and radiate outwards in a circular manner, until it was about 8-9 feet in diameter. It seemed like the door was made of some sort of membrane. When the entities came in or went out, the door closed and you couldn’t tell where it was. I have the sense now, that the craft could create a door wherever it was required, so there was technically, no fixed door.

There were three tables in the room that I could see. We were on two tables end to end. There was another in front of the table on the left. The tables were all about 4 feet high and rectangular in shape with rounded edges. They were also very thin. There were also some wild rabbits on the other table. They looked pretty calm just sitting on the table. Normally wild rabbits would do anything to get away. But these one’s looked very settled.

The entities did not have a single implement in the room and nothing was pushed onto our bodies or implanted into our bodies. They did everything with their hands and their heads (more about that another time). Another time I was given an experience of mentally entering a doorway in the mountains where we lived and of seeing the Insectoid home world. The Insectoids appear to live very sparsely and this was also reflected in what I saw in their craft. They did not wear clothing or carry any kind of implement. I have seen them on other occasions wearing something like a cape.

To someone who has never had an experience like this – waking up on a table in a dark room with nothing else in it but your partner, some wild rabbits and a number of 7-8 feet tall entities that look really weird, hovering above your head; it could all be very intimidating. But I was OK with it. I was just unprepared.

I’d like to tell you about a couple of different Teal’hia craft. You may remember me telling you that when I met them on January 19th, 2011; I was taken on board a cigar-shaped craft, that I had seen floating above me, when a large number of Teal’hia came down and surrounded me. I won’t tell you about that craft. Instead I’ll tell you about a number of other craft, that I was taken on board in July 2012 and October 2013. To look at these craft you would think that from one angle they look ovoid shaped and from another angle, they look cigar-shaped. One of them was probably a smaller seed craft that had been created by a much larger craft – what we would think of as a mother ship. The other was a mother ship. I have reason to believe that the smaller one was independent of a mother ship. But I’m not sure.  The Teal’hia have other smaller craft that look like two ovoid shapes merged on top of one another, with the top one, merged with only the last 3rd of its body. I’m not sure what, if anything the different shaped craft are used for.

There are a few things that you should understand about the Teal’hia craft and this is almost identical to the Sawronde and Muajra craft :

  • Mother craft are grown as living entities, in an environment that is rich in biological sustenance and rich in connections. Craft are given a long-term education by specific Teal’hia and in conjunction with many races.
  • Different mother craft are created with specific purposes (short or long-term travel/work) but seem to be able to move readily from one role to another.
  • The Teal’hia have created hundreds of thousands of craft for their own people and other races throughout the cosmos.
  • Craft are taught about the idiosyncracies and biological needs of ALL known life forms and principles of communication and travel, such that they can go anywhere, at any time and as required.
  • Mother craft create seed craft as required. They in turn can create other craft as required. Mother craft have no fixed numbers of seed craft. It varies according to need.
  • All craft may take on whatever external/internal shape or appearance it desires or is required.
  • All craft can modify themselves to suit the situation.
  • No craft has fixed rooms. Rooms are created as required.
  • Rooms can be created for ANY purpose.
  • Some craft (and perhaps all craft) can create internal spaces of any dimension/size/scale, in which new consciousness/life forms/cosmic bodies can be created. These internal spaces can then be used as a kind of nursery to raise what has been created, before seeding it outside of the craft. Or, these internal spaces can be given their own existence. Picture a bubble inside a bubble that is allowed to go free and grow into its own bubble.
  • Light inside the craft is created from the void. It appears to emanate from the ceiling or walls but has no obvious locus of origin. Light is diffused, as if it is coming out of nothing.
  • The craft has an intelligence. It knows you and will learn about you, depending on what it is ALLOWED to learn about you. It knows your every preference and the preferences of your specific race and culture.
  • Craft may speak to you out loud or in your mind. They know ALL known languages throughout the cosmos and will speak to you in the most appropriate language, when you are ready for communication and not before.
  • You may communicate with the craft through touch or telepathy.
  • Some craft appear to have pilots, who share a mental symbiosis with the craft.

Let me tell you about the craft from my July 2012 encounter. One in which I met an Australian woman from NSW on board and an unconscious boy from Brazil. This appeared to be a much larger craft than the one I went on in October 2013. I was told it was what we call a mother ship. When I arrived I found myself in a small curved area and I was led down a curved corridor with very smooth gray-silvery walls. The ceiling was about 10 feet high. I was taken into a room with a softer, whitish colour. The room contained a rectangular curved table on the left at the back and a curved console that was built into the wall on the right at the back. The table had a curved keel like base that rose up into the flat part of the table. The table was able to morph into the upright position and when I stood against it, small, a small area wrapped around my legs and my torso. The table didn’t have any joints and appeared to be a fluid body that could take on the shape that was required. It had a soft feel to it that was warm to touch. While several of the Teal’hia were connecting with my body and mind, the table appeared to be perceiving information that they were unable to perceive or information they wanted it to know, so the craft could show me what had been discovered. The console at the back and those I saw later, did not appear to have any buttons, switches or lights but did have an effervescent sort of purple-blue-silver glowing plasma like light. I don’t know if that was actually what it was like or if that was a product of my perception. During this time I was also given a small crystalline stone and don’t know if it was artificial or natural. I don’t know if it was created by the craft or created on the Teal’hia’s home world or on another world.

Afterwards I was escorted into another room, that was dark at first and then the light automatically came on.This room was darker than the other room. The walls were curved and the back had a very subtle curve. On the right there was a C-shaped structure coming out of the wall, with arm rests on either end, which later created an arm rest in the middle. This structure was the equivalent of a lounge. The craft modified the “lounge”as a response to my thoughts. The lounge had a soft feel to it and a natural warmth, that seemed to be created to suit my needs. When I was comfortable, the Teal’hia showed me a projection of what was going on in my body. The projection was very clear, just as it would look, if we were looking at something real on our world. It looked as real as it gets, without any distortion at all. The projection was showing my body, one layer after another, in seamless transitions. After I placed my finger on an extension that the craft created and it seemed to take a scan of the smallest regions of my finger, which it then showed me with another projection.

Some time later I was taken out of the room and to the left and around the corridor to the right. I felt like I was almost on the other side of the craft. It was here that I was taken into a room on the left, where I met a number of crew. The crew was mostly seated in pairs, at a series of boomerang shaped consoles. If I remember correctly there were 7 crew in that room. Those in pairs were facing one another and there were projections in mid-air between them. The consoles were white and very wide. They did not have anything else on them but I could see that there were areas where they placed there hands on them. When they were doing this, it was like they were in direct communion with the craft. They didn’t press any buttons; they just sat holding their hands in place and lifted them from time to time, talked to one another or looked at one another. The projections were very realistic and very fluid, although some of them appeared to be modelling certain aspects of celestial bodies. This particular room also had a subtle curve at the back and there was a console built into the back on the right hand side. There was no door entrance into this room when we arrived but when we were about 3 feet away, a door opened from a central point, forming a curved rectangular shape that I could fit through. The same sort of structure seem to occur throughout the craft. Although I suspect it changed shape and size according to who needed to use it.

After meeting the crew and talking to them, I was taken to another room, almost opposite the crew room. In this room were two tables and on one of them was a young human male. The table was similar in structure to the table I was taken to lay upon. The room was white and about 6 meters long, with subtle curving walls and ceiling. Later I would be taken to a room on the left of here that was wider and in this room was another table and more open space. This is the room where I met the Australian lady who was conscious.

In the time between meeting these two humans, I was taken to the other end of the craft, where I was given a rectangular room to stay. The room had been created according to my own preferences – that is, the sorts of things I like on Earth. The Teal’hia know that I love large windows, so on the opposite side of the room, the craft had created a large ovoid window about 30 m long, in which I could see outside the craft. The window looked like thin transparent glass but without any internal texture like glass would have. In front of the window, to the left of the window, it had created a very sleek-looking double bed, complete with sheets and a very modern looking textured blanket. On the left of the room was a curved sitting area, like the area where I sat during the projections. To the right of the room at the back was another curved sitting area. And in front of that sitting area was a bathroom area. The bathroom contained a toilet straight ahead and a wash basin to the left of the room. To the left of the toilet was a small toilet roll holder, made of the same material. The toilet was silvery grey and very smooth in appearance but it didn’t look like a harsh stainless steel. It looked comfortable. I was told that there were many configurations I could choose from if it didn’t suit my needs. The basin had a single fountain and what appeared to be a pipe underneath, which gave the appearance and sounded like it was taking water back into the craft. But it only looked that way. The Teal’hia told me that this was to make me feel comfortable. On the wall on the right of the bathroom, was a small area, where I could place my hand to communicate with the craft. Although it wasn’t necessary to communicate with it that way, I felt very comfortable doing it that way. At the back of the room, a small table was created which curved up from the floor, on which my food arrived on plates after I asked the craft for food, when I needed to eat. When I was finished, I put it back on the small table and it would dissapear, reabsorbed by the craft. The Teal’hia had shown me how to interact with the craft using my thoughts or by touching the craft.

Later after I had met the Australian lady, I came out of the room and walked right, as if I was going back to the room they had given me and I suddenly noticed all this space with no doors and I had a strong sense that there were spaces they were working with. That’s when they explained to me that the craft had created spaces for all manner of purposes. Some of them to create and trial life, some of them to sustain life and some of them to create celestial bodies (as large as galaxies). I was totally blown away at this point but I could feel that what they were saying was true. I could see this long curved corridor and I just knew that the craft was working with space. At one point Anamika placed her hand on my chest and I could see what was happening. And it was like I wasn’t even on board any more.

She then led me to an area down the corridor, where we walked into a small curved enclosure. When we stood still, everything changed and we were suddenly on another part of the craft. I suppose this was a kind of transporter. The craft could potentially transport you from anywhere to anywhere on the craft but I think sometimes they use designated spaces, so that the entities know exactly where they are travelling. I don’t really understand this. Perhaps it was for my convenience and not theirs. I knew we were upstairs but I can’t tell you how far up stairs. When we stepped out, a very large high room opened on the left. There were numerous entities in this room and some of them were other races I did not recognize. One race was very tall, somewhere around 12-13 feet. At the front of the room was a kind of curved projection that looked like a window. In front of it were several consoles and entities and one of them was one of the tall entities. The tall one stood at a console that was well above my head. This room seemed to be partitioned into two halves that were facing away from one another, with consoles facing in opposite directions. I had the sense as I walked into the room, that this was like a control room, where all the crafts travel related information was being monitored. It was and is hard for me to understand. The craft knows everything and the Teal’hia know everything they need to know but there is a lot of working with information and sharing with other races, who are constantly coming and going. And yet when you are in their craft and in a room like this, it is very quiet. No music (of course !), no sound from the craft, occasional talking, no sound from the consoles or projections (unless sound is required). As far as I could tell, I made more sound on board than anyone else. Especially with my flushing toilet !




In part two I’ll tell you about the other Teal’hia craft and the Sawronde Craft and in part three, I’ll tell you about Dude’s craft.

Thanks for getting this far !

How ET Craft are Created

One of the things the Teal’hia have spoken to me about, is how their craft are created. It’s a detailed process which is largely beyond my understanding but it essentially involves growing them in specific environments and having them interact with different biological entities so that they receive the appropriate education. Remember their craft are sentient beings, so they create/grow a living being and in doing so nurture them to maturation. Anyway, this is just a quick introduction to the subject. I’ll write a longer post on the subject down the track. In the meantime, here’s Steven Greers take on what happens.

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