ET and UFO Dreams

From Project Pleroma. Curious to hear your own ET or UFO dreams and what they mean to you.

I post this here because I think our dreams say a great deal about us as individuals and a race and what we think of ourselves and each other. I also think that ET and UFO dreams are worth discussing because they both represent symbolic relationships and dramas that exist in our individual and collective worlds and because at some level our ET friends seem to be interacting with us in A. the waking state, B. The dream state and C. the deep sleep state. But just because we have a dream about an ET or a UFO, doesn’t mean that we have had a real encounter. Carl Jung wrote extensively on the subject ( and his thoughts are well worth reading. Whether ETs or UFOs in our dreams are psychic projections into our inner landscapes (as some of them may well be in waking life) or actual physical entities, is almost irrelevant. In some way they have become a dynamic symbol for our own conscious and unconscious minds. Helping us to engage with the world within and the world without in new and exciting ways, which help us to grow and move past our sense of separation from the cosmos.


“Hey Gang. I don’t know why but I seem to have 1-2 ET/UFO related dreams per month. Most I interpret as symbolic but some seem to be related to something that actually happened during sleep and others related to things that happen in the future.
Here’s a small hand full from either end of the last 8 years. Where I can I’ll just quote them from my dream journals. They’re written in a rough kind of way that made sense to me as the one who wanted to record them. I wrote what I needed to write – nothing fancy, no special elegant language. I also included lots of diagrams to help me remember them years later.

I have had many other dreams related to this subject and some were very personal and intimate. These are some I feel comfortable sharing.

See what you make of them if if you relate to any of them.

In my dream journals, I use a simple format :
Date/Title/Dream Number
Dream itself in present or past tense.
Influences : A description of possible influences for the dream.
Learnings : Any thoughts, reflections or learnings related to the dream.

I often leave dreams unexplored but when I do choose to explore them I use a number of methods to explore them – including a kind of symbol analysis (I keep a record of all my personal symbols) and a process by which I bring the dream to life and speak to all of the dreams characters (which includes the primary characters and subtle characters like elements of the environment).


Number 1 : Dreams related to David and ET’s.

“In 2006, I met a man David, who I felt I had known well in another life. He felt the same way. It was instant recognition. My friend had himself had many UFO/ET experiences, including seeing a small UFO rise out of a river as he and his father were getting into a small boat and bumping into a group of tall ETs who were gathered around a fire doing some sort of ceremony, wearing white gowns/hoods. My friend is a Christian and is a former world champion Sand Sculptor. He’s a very interesting guy with a heart of gold. David stayed with us for a night and after he left we stayed in contact for a few months. On the night he stayed with us, David said that he dreamt he was looking through the end of a telescope and saw my giant eye looking at him. It was a telling dream indeed !

One night a few weeks later, I had a bizarre dream in which a large female ET came up to me and stroked my head and my face. She was very loving and I felt an almost maternal connection to her. I called up David and asked him if he had any strange dreams. He told me yes. So I told him my dream and then he told me his. In David’s dream, a similar looking female ET came into his bedroom and made love to him. He said he felt deeply loved, more deeply than any human had ever loved him. He also said that afterwards, he shed his skin and became a light body. A few nights later, I dreamt that David had discovered a strange set of alien petroglyph’s on top of an unknown mountain (perhaps in Western Australia – I can’t remember). David knew that this was a sacred site for ancient Aboriginal people but it had long been forgotten. I knew in the dream that it was a site that was used by them to make ET contact/contact with the ancestral beings. ”


Number 2 : April 11th, 2007. UFO WAR DREAM.

“I begin watching the dark sky and see streaks of red/orange lights, like rod shaped bacilli bacteria crossing the sky…singly at first and then in doubles and groups, followed lastly by a few that move at incredible speed. As I watch I notice they fly towards a region that is dark. Then I see something sketchy/opaque and see the underbelly of a huge UFO. The light strengthens and then I see both halves of the craft – it is huge, perhaps several km long. I sense communication devices (aerials ? radars ?) underside. I can’t tell if it is split in two or another is next to it but it seems the rod bacteria shaped UFOs are either attacking it and going past (strange since they came first)or being attracted by it, or there are two large UFOs attacking each other or the rod UFOs. Perhaps some rods are going into one of the craft. It is so hard to tell, given the lack of light/cloaking of the UFOs. What I am aware of is that I’ve got some good photos/videos of the rod shaped UFOs and then I get a video of the larger UFO as it uncloaks. The dream sequence leaves me with an eerie feeling of having just seen something real, something beyond human control.”

Influences : Have returned from the farm, where I have photographed many light phenomenon – including dandelion like lights and lumenescent, amorphous balls of light and spent considerable time watching the sky.

Learnings : We’re not alone ? (27/7/07 – My tumour), (22/10/07 – Earthfiles report on fighting UFOs).


Number 3 : August 17th, 2007. DR CAND THE CODE DREAM.

“Dr C (Dr who took out my kidney/tumour), myself and Ross Owens (bully from boarding school) are walking through hospital corridors at night, looking at lights moving in the sky. We are all interested. We watch them and then move on to the right, down the corridor. On the left there is a library with lights on. A male nurse smiles at us but the library looks almost empty. We head down into the small library on the right. We go in and then begin pouring over books at the table and on the shelves.

We are looking for THE GREAT CODE – the fundamental code underlying all codes, which lays as yet undiscovered. I know that once we discover it, cancer can be cured (along with all illness).

The dreams ends and after I wake up, I am stunned by a feeling of being moments away from a great, great discovery but I can’t go back to sleep and so I try to think it through. In waking life, my mind fills with ideas about code (types of code (language, in/off systems, numbers), functions of code, simple vs complex code, information storing and so on). I’m tormented by feeling that I am so close to a great discovery.”

Influences : Reading Dr C’s CV/interest in tumour-genesis. Thinking about mini-cells idea for curing cancer. Thinking about my own ideas for curing cancer. Thinking about whether the brownies have been behind my cancer/a cure all along.

Learnings : Learn about code from the beginning, come up with my own ideas – stay open to whatever happens. Stay open to learning about cancer – learn all I can, think of new ideas. Share my ideas with Engeneic people if they take me into the trails. Let go – trust in my doctor and in the universe. Let dreams guide me.


Number 4 : September 4th, 2007. ALIENS IN THE BACKYARD DREAM.

“I am in our home on the farm with a male friend. He heads off to get some food and as he does I see A in the lounge room pretending to be asleep, playing XBOX under his blankets. I don’t say anything but wait for my friend to come back. When he does he stops in the middle of the lounge room, looking out the back window, dumbfounded, saying “what’s that ?”. He starts walking and then we both head out the back. I open the back door and am suddenly confronted by 2 strange creatures standing there. They are aliens – about 6 feet tall, wearing jeans and leather jackets, with what could be alien clothing/body textures running through it. In front of us, between the gum tree and A’s sand pit area, there is a white jeep with a square trailer camper (5 feet * 5 feet high) – with an American flag (civil war flag ?) on the front of the Jeep. I look at them and know that they want us to come with them. I start turning and mentally say “just wait, I’ll grab my video”. But I hear them say “we’d rather you didn’t”. I must have gone back through the door because I open it again and go back out on the verandah. There in the area at the back are the 30 or so aliens (or alien types) that have visited me over the years. They are a diverse range of beings and all look at me – no malevolence, just looking – some with kindness, others just looking. The aliens who greeted me at the door have large bulbous heads and distinctive wide eyes with small flat noses.

Next I find I am in the back of a car (a sedan) with the original two aliens. They are talking to me, telling me about their species, who they are, what they do, where they come from. They are talking about hospitals and I say to them “but I thought you didn’t get sick” and they tell me “yes but we need repair and maintenance”. The whole idea of aliens getting sick on an alien world, just seems bizarre. They then start talking about what they have been doing with me – how they have been generating new cell growth in parts of my brain (mostly in the frontal cortex). They then mention that they need to take part of my finger on my right hand. For some reason I offer my whole second finger, from the joint forward . I ask if they can help with the pain. The alien I am talking to, turns to the other, who says “there will be no pain”. They talk some more about what they do for humanity the dream ends abruptly.”

Influences : Talking to R about the lump on the knuckle of my right index finger yesterday (yesterday it was soft, today it is harder), which I noticed since I had surgery. Wondering if the brownies gave me cancer. Praying to them that they visit and tell me one way or another. Concern about a secondary tumour, especially after finding a small lump in my right arm pit.

Learnings : Is this real or symbolic ? Perhaps they did come and this exaggeration is a way of masking the real experience or making it comfortable. If real, what about brain changes and the need to take a part of my finger on my right hand ? Very unusual, very strange – be it symbolic or real. What if the lump on my finger is another tumour and strange still – what if it is a different type of tumour ?


Number 5 : September 9th, 2007. PULSING BALL OF LIGHT DREAM.

“I am standing out the back of our house in Nevis, somewhere between the end of the white gravel and just before where the tractor used to be, at night time. It is very dark and I can hear the sound of helicopters approaching from the left – perhaps two of them but they are still in the distance. Suddenly I see a bright light approach from the left about where the gum tree is. The light is quite far in the distance and quite high. It’s getting brighter and larger very quick. Next thing I see this huge white ball of light – maybe 10 feet across. It comes down slowly towards me (it seems as if the helicopters have been chasing it). It moves slowly in front of me and I feel an enormous energy – it is luminous but not overly bright and more white than any other colour. It moves past me and then slowly in front, as if heading away. At that instant I say “no please don’t go yet” and it instantly returns. As it does it changes dramatically. It is suddenly golf ball size but I know it is the same ball of light. It then comes very close to me – at some level we talk and then it moves back and as it does it’s pulsing, getting larger, then getting smaller, then larger again – showing me in some way that it’s core self is the same. It just draws more energy, as it needs it. As I watch I feel great understanding. It then returns to a middle sized ball of light and leaves swiftly up, over the gum trees to my right. As it does, the dream ends and I feel this immense understanding. I realise that it/they can be any size they want and that their apparent energy, is only relative to how much they draw from the Source – so that even the smallest, are as powerful as the largest. They can manifest however necessary.”

Influences : Last night, just before sleep, I asked several entities (including my Aboriginal friends, beings of light and my otherworldly friends) to guide my dreams, to gain understanding of how I might turn my life around and where I might live to do so. I also took some photos in the backyard just before bed and photographed a ball of light to the right of the apple tree.

Learnings : Did this really happen ? Was I there in some other form ? Were helicopters really chasing it ? Was it real or symbolic ? Did I experience this event in some other way ? Perhaps if I were to consider that there were answers being given here, I could conclude – Go to Nevis, study the lights, study the self (we need only go to the Source to gain all we need), crop circle study ? , remain open to prayer and guidance. I remain uncertain about this dream but delighted by the experience of it. The ball consciously came to me and stayed with me, interacting at some deeper level.



Location : Sacred hollow rock, Burra Burra.
In this location I had many visions over a period of about a decade. It was inside a rock that had been hollowed out by Aboriginal people millennia ago, which was used for sacred visions, leaving the body and other Shamanic practices. I was encouraged by dead Aboriginals who lived on the mountain, to go there to see what I needed to see. On this particular day I saw many things related to a major catastrophe. At the time I thought the catastrophe would be in 2011.

“The vision shifts and I am shown events in relation to 2011. The first thing I see are UFOs landing and tall aliens (wearing black skin like clothing) placing small ”energy harnessing” devices in shapes (such as dyads and triangulations) in specific places around the world (which I believe correspond with intersecting energy nexus), including deserts, mountains and oceans. I believe that they are helping to harness energy to shift the energy level of the planet. In some of those places, doorways will open. I see the 7 come together when the time is right. The 7 help open some of the doorways. Some of us travel through some of them. All in all regarding the doorways, some beings will travel from Earth through them, while others will come through to Earth. Some of these doorways are higher dimensional, others are similar to Earth’s dimension.


Number 7 : November 20th, 2007. AMERICAN UFO DREAM.

“I see a large UFO in the sky at home. I get up close and it nearly crashes. I notice that the UFO has many of the alien symbols I have been seeing on the net recently. But in addition, there are English symbols – both on the underbelly of the craft. I don’t know why but I know that it’s an American UFO.”

Influences : Earthfiles ?

Learnings : Americans testing craft or one has crashed recently ?


Number 8 : May 9th, 2013. GIANT ALIENS DREAM

“I see myself with a group of people in a very light rectangular room and we’re in their tuning our voices to some kind of harmony with one another,. I don’t quite feel like I belong But I stay anyway, trying. Suddenly I see a huge disc craft fly down and begin to hover above the trees at the back. It is a very large craft and it floats maybe 50-100 feet above the area near the tree.

I walk outside to the back of the building, totally oblivious to the group. I walk out to look at the craft as it’s moving and slowly head towards the tree. As I move to the edge of the tree, 2 huge beings suddenly appear in front of me. I automatically put my hands together and bow to them. They instantly bow there heads in return. As I look at them, they appear to be wearing some kind of uniform – which reminds me of the maroon vest worn in Star Trek. These creatures are absolutely huge – perhaps as big or bigger than the tree – maybe 30-40 feet tall.

They look scary – kind of like the creatures from WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, with large threatening teeth – but they are gentle and respectful and kind and loving. Not what they look like.

I feel a connection/an affinity to them and instantly trust them. They move towards me and I know they want me to come with them. Suddenly another creature appears. It has come down to help me on board. It is an amorphous looking creature, made of what looks like rubbery blue gel – but it is alive of course ! Part of it’s body folds over in such a way that I am able to take hold of it with my hands and feet and secure myself into it. I kind of mesh/meld with the creature. Instantly I am high in the air, moving away from the crowd towards the craft. I have control of the creature and yet it has me.

I am inside the craft and it is absolutely huge. The ceiling is maybe 6 or 7 stories high. I am taken around a room and shown things but I can’t remember my host – I sense it is a being of light with an ordinary body. I don’t know where the giants are any more. I am moving around the room looking at things against the wall – things that are waiting to be processed. Behind me there are other rooms and many creatures working.

I begin to walk from right to left in a rectangular part of one area of the craft. I begin walking and start to see all these objects against a white wall – natural and artificial objects – all waiting to be processed. 3 objects grab my attention – a green motocross motorcycle, a piece of broken plastic (I can’t remember the colour) and a fresh water plant starting with the letter D ? I notice that behind me is some sort of rectangular structure with storage facilities – perhaps objects in transit. I realise that they are collecting natural objects and artificial objects. They keep samples of every living thing and every artificial thing/substance ever created. I am not sure why but I sense that this is just what they do. There is no intended use but they want to record everything.

I notice that there some different aliens on board the craft, talking to the resident aliens about specific objects and the resident aliens are organising a kind of trade with them. They create whatever is required in return – sometimes precious metals, forms of currency etc. Since they can easily make anything, are kind and have no interest in power – they readily give whatever is required. I assume there are rules or boundaries.

I suddenly feel very lucid and am looking into a huge space next door and then at the ceiling above me. It is a strange teal blue-green colour and strangely textured like this subtle ribbing. I see that the ceiling has some kind unique biological or electromagnetic properties. It is similar but not the same as the flesh of the creature who interfaced with me. I look again at the ceiling and then at the trade and abruptly wake up.”

Influences : Thinking of maybe writing my own book on the subject of contact and thinking of spending more time under the stars. Last night I asked for a sign. I have also asked my friends the last 2 nights, to interact with me. Also the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure is currently still on.

Learnings : Was this just a dream ? It looked a little like the Tall Aliens craft. Is it a masked encounter ? Are there really such large beings ? Is it possible to create some kind of harmonised sound to connect with them ? I really felt as if they do collect all the natural/artificial objects for some purpose of recording. Trading I am not sure about. The gentle giants were so kind. Why this dream ? What was I being given ? The dream felt more than symbolic.


Number 9 : July 29th, 2013. MEETING MINI MICHELIN MAN DREAM
I am in the house with R and A (a house – not sure which one). I go to the door on the left and I see a reflection on the roof from the window above and in the reflection is a UFO and several aliens on the ground. I turn to see R and say to her “they’re here now, so I might be a while”. I open the door and rush out, saying to them you’re here – it’s so good to see you.” As I walk out, I see several aliens walking towards the house/me. They are all very small and seem to be emitting a green light. There are 4, including a smaller Teal’hia like alien being (coming from behind left) and at least 2 (one oat the front) aliens that look like a miniature Michelin man. His whole body has a Michelin Man shape/texture – maybe it’s his body, maybe it’s a suit of some sort. I am so excited. I put my hands together and bow to the Michelin Man alien at the front. He is a little shocked at how I have responded. I look at all the beings behind him and they seem happy to see me – but he seems a little shocked. I lean over, about to give him a big hug and wake up.

Influences : Last night before bed I saw a single light blink twice above and then a confirmation false meteor streak from East to West. Strangely one of my plastic desk draws was also moved – like when the Hoofy Foots came in 2007. Was someone looking for something ?

Learnings : ?

Postscript. Met the Michelin Men ETs again at Nevis on 31st May, 2014. Called themselves Chenntrame (R says that there is a record of them as the Shentriaem).


Number 10 : March 31st, 2014. THE 5 OWLS DREAM

“I am walking towards a very large tree. To the right is a house and I sense activity – movement – beings walking around the house. When I look up into the tree I see a spotty brown owl staring at me. I look around and as I do, that one disappears and I see another one. Then the same thing happens and another one. By now 3. And I say to myself in the dream “Remember how many, so you can tell Mike”. Then something peculiar happens. Two very large beautiful white owls are looking at me in the front of the tree. They are huge – at least 5- 6 feet. They have very pronounced eyes and a very powerful hypnotic stare. I am looking back at them and say to myself “Remember 5 owls”. As I am looking at them I continue to sense the activity in the periphery of my vision around the house. Then as I am looking at the owls their lower half changes. Suddenly they have legs that are covered in blue coveralls and are wearing light brown soft boots. They look like half their bodies are human. I keep looking at them but they seem to overpower my ability to focus on them and I wake up.”

Influences : This dream came after I saw a real owl over the bridge to the kangaroo area and had contact with the Sarpalxn/Teal’hia and possible Batsquatch last night. Old dreams from early 90’s about owls. Twin Peaks “The owls are not what they seem”. Whiley Streiber’s books ? Mike Clelland’s owl-alien connection ? Colin Andrews comment about remembering being on a craft as a child with people wearing blue coveralls.

Learnings : What had an impact on me was not what I saw but how I felt. I felt as if this was not some dumb curious owl dream I could just dismiss as a symbolic drama. I felt like I had experienced something that was beyond the reach of my full awareness. These days I am fully conscious in at least half of my face to face encounters but sometimes they happen when I least expect it. I cannot say whether this was an unconscious encounter or not. I have seen people in that state – they look asleep or like drugged zombies. Mostly they black out due to the energetic states of our visitors or the overwhelming emotions that arise in them. I could easily say that all of what I have heard about owls and aliens distilled into my dream. But something felt like it was drawing my attention back to this phenomenon.

Did my friends come back ? I don’t know. What human aliens have to do with them I do not know. many ET’s have communities of many races on their craft. I once heard Colin Andrews talk about remembering blue coveralls in an encounter he had when he was 5. Was I regurgitating that – I don’t know ?

A curious follow up. 2 days ago I took A up to watch sunset at the lookout. As we were walking on a track we heard a bird making a sound I have never heard and it felt for all the world like something else trying to make a bird sound. I told my A that sometimes entities imitate birds to get our attention, This certainly felt like that. Later he claimed to have seen a large thing walking in the bush in the direction of the sound. He was very frightened and angry with me that I wanted to stay and interact with it.”


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  1. Hi, i have had a “dream” about having Greys in my room.. but it felt so extremely real. maybe it was a lucid dream or it might have been something like an out of body projection… anyhow those grey were sort of in a semi-circle around me and as i woke up and saw them, i got up from my bed and went to them saying “why are you doing this? leave me alone, go away” etc.. i was so upset and angry somehow.. Also because they seemed so cold and unfriendly like i was just a guinnea pig that had no value or something.. but they didn’t answer back they just looked at each other as if they didn’t understand any of my words, or as if they couldn’t hear me… and then i can’t really remember what happened.

    Another time, i was somehow partly awake and sleeping in the same bed as my mother. I “dreamt” (again it felt so very real) that our room just took off (flew off) and i held her hand and said “don’t worry we’ll be ok” i felt somehow fearful but at the same time i didn’t.. and then for the rest of the night i was in a half sleep state most of the time, and i felt we where like in a moving engine. i remember hearing some kind of “motorish noise” and feeling movement, as if i was in a car riding and then stopping, turning etc…..

    i wonder what that was?

    have you had any encounter with Greys?


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