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The Hardest Things About Sharing ET Contact

When I made a decision in 2000 to first start sharing my ET contact experiences, I did so reluctantly, with little sense of just how much hostile criticism I’d receive. At the time, I was going through an incredibly hard time after the birth of my son the year before. He was born with congenital heart disease and we were paranoid that we would lose him. I had also gone back to study social work and on my off days I was working at a piggery (where I reluctantly injected 5,000 pigs a day with growth hormonen – a job I hated !), just to keep my car on the road. Life was fucking hard and I was struggling to cope ! To top it off I was having otherworldly experiences that left me feeling very alone. There was no one apart from Rachel, who I could turn to to make sense of things. So I turned to the internet. But in the end all I found was hostility and judgement and so I turned my back on sharing until I started my last blog Otherworldly Encounters in 2009.

From 1991 – when I had my first conscious encounter, onwards, I had but one other person in my life to help make sense of what was happening when I/we experienced these encounters. I found little if any help on the internet ! The only real help of any value that I found, was the work of Dr John Mack – which highlighted that other experiencers were having similar struggles integrating their experiences. Later, conversations with Preston Dennett confirmed my suspicions about the types of people that ETs were in contact with. Overall I found that most of the material about ET contact on the internet, was a repetition of the same old garbage and cultural memes and it just didn’t resonate with what I was experiencing. Even to this day, that is still the case. It was only by talking to people like Preston, that it became clear to me that much of what passes as contact on the internet, isn’t what people are experiencing in actuality.

When I began sharing, I turned to the internet looking for help but after turning my back on the internet for 8 years, I returned, not to seek help but to share a different perspective on the phenomenon. I was still active on the internet from 2001-2008, I just didn’t share anything. Instead I did what I did in the early 90’s with the ARRNet (when monochrome green was hot and waiting a day for a reply was fast) – I read as much as I could online and tried to figure out just what it was that people believed they were experiencing. Over the course of that time, I came to see my own experiences completely differently to most people and to see the wider phenomenon in a completely different light. One which included an all pervasive psychological perspective that remained largely hidden from popular discourse. I also came to see that the general perceptions of ET contact were shaped by what I came to think of as Americanism (Whiteyitis or Californicated Thinking) – something to this day I detest and which most people appear to remain completely unaware of.

I thought sharing would be easier because the subject had been out in the public domain for almost another decade and I thought people were more open. But sharing wasn’t any easier ! In the first few months that I began sharing I received regular hate mail and nasty messages. I also received a couple of death threats (one of which came from a supposed serial killer who I challenged online, independent of the ET subject). When I posted my first videos, the hate mail and nasty messages intensified and it became very personal. One person, Robbert van den Broeke (a fraud if ever there was ! – even went so far as to wish that I would die of cancer, at a time when my tumours had returned with a vengeance and I was very sick (he claimed of course that someone had hijacked his email !). I had been a member of several forums and eventually I left Project Avalon Forum because the hostility was making me sicker. I was a fool to have ever joined that group but I did meet some very good people there !



In 2012 a small time Hollywood actor sent me a small HD video camera and encouraged me to make a How to Make Contact video series. Something I had already considered but wanted to do when I was ready and up to it. I mean my tumours had returned the year before and I still felt pretty shit ! As kind as this person’s gesture was, I wasn’t willing to be controlled by someone else. This person planned on scripting the project and I suspect editing the series and when I said ‘No, I’m not ready !’, he became very aggressive and nasty and demanded I send the camera back. I did so and he claimed he never received the camera back. I didn’t pay for tracking because I didn’t care to pay, I just wanted the camera and the controlling ego out of my life ! Fortunately that was the end of it and I haven’t heard from him since !

A few years ago a well known person in this field wrote to me under a pseudonym and offered to help my son and I financially and to visit, at a time when I was very sick and had my first fundraiser. Rachel and Dude had warned me what he was about to do, so I promptly ignored his emails. I appreciated the offer but I didn’t appreciate him pretending to be someone else. I felt like he wanted to know what I know. Now unlike a lot of people, I don’t hate this person. There are a lot of things he has said and done I don’t like but I also acknowledge that he has done a lot of good and created a lot of healthy dialogue about this subject. I would just have preferred that he was transparent. And I know he isn’t the only person or agency to have written to me under a pseudonym.

Since those first videos many people have attacked me for mumbling. Little do they know I’ve been critiqued for that since I was at university. Sometimes I do talk quietly and here’s why. In the late 80’s and early 90’s I listened to a lot of heavy metal and noise at high volume and I did some significant damage to my ear drums – so much so that today I can’t hear certain frequencies. When I speak, things seem louder than they actually are. I’ve done a lot of group work and public speaking and I actually have a very loud voice when I choose to project it (I always thought I’d like to have a go at one of those heavy metal growling world records). But out here, I live a very quiet life with my son and the trees and the birds. I have no reason to speak loud. So when I make a recording I often forget to speak louder because it sounds loud enough to my ears. It’s just one of those petty little things that pisses me off and prevents me from wanting to share more. These days I have a thicker skin but it’s still annoying !



In early 1994 I was a no one, invisible to everyone – except a covert group that was in contact with Dude (but I didn’t know that then). Then when I met Rachel in late 1994, I came under the scrutiny of the same group in England (via a well known tech company in Australia). They did their normal surveillance and screened my family. They discovered I had an uncle who was a former con, a paedophile and a drug addict and that my mother had OCD and had suffered post natal depression. I was deemed a weak link but of no significant threat. I never made a splash at school or university. I worked hard and remained out of sight. And yet I felt very much like the Julian Assanges of the world. But no one in 1994 knew that because I’d never done anything subversive. Then after I started my blog in 2009 I became aware of the online monitoring of all our electronic communications. Rachel had warned me about the extent of global surveillance (details of which go further than you’ve heard from Snowden so far) in late 94 but back then I was dubious about her claims. Since then, nearly everything she disclosed to me (the general outlines – she was careful not to breach her security oath) has come to light in the public domain. Dude further clarified many of the things she’d hinted at and the workings of The Architecture.

Up until 2012 I did little to protect my privacy. The only thing I did do from about 2005, is that when I wanted to research something potentially delicate, I did it in a public library (under a pseudonym if I had to) and in internet cafe’s, so that I wouldn’t leave any kind of personal trace. And it’s something I still do today to protect my privacy. I only ever research things from home, that I’m totally comfortable with others knowing. Everything else is done off site. I never talk about important things over the phone !

In 2007 I stopped using a mobile phone on a frequent basis and stopped carrying one around in 2012. Partly for health reasons and partly for privacy. I only ever use my son’s phone or an old phone, if I have to. I don’t carry one, travel with one, store anything of value or upload any information of importance on a mobile phone. I often travel a long way from home without a phone. Just like the good ole days, when we survived without them !

After I shared my first videos in 2012, I became aware of physical monitoring – when a number of individuals with connections to SAIC ( came to investigate my January 19th 2011 experience in Halls Gap, Grampians. I was told they were coming before they arrived and saw evidence of their visit. One day I actually watched them assessing the sight. The monitoring continued after 2012 (but it may have been a different group) and I realised that the more I give out, the more they’re going to keep tabs on what I claim to experience. It was obvious that they want to know what is real and what is not. I knew from Rachel’s previous work that this is what certain agencies do. They investigate and monitor significant claims of ET contact. Some turn out to be bogus and others turn out to be real. The difference between the work done by the group that investigated my contacts and Rachel’s group was that her group used gifted psychics to bilocate back to potential events to confirm if they were real and the SAIC related group simply collected residual site data. Both groups were involved in surveillance and monitoring targeted individuals.

Later when we moved back to our farm, the surveillance and monitoring continued and as a result I set up a series of trail cameras around the property to collect evidence of subversive activity. I know they watch our home from time to time and have photos of our home and probably have satellite imagery but I don’t really care. Dude or one of the other ETs will always tell me when they’re coming.

I’ve come to accept that surveillance and monitoring are apart of life. What these groups don’t seem to realise is that it’s helped me to build a profile on them and to learn who they are – both electronically and psychically !

I’ve come to detest the surveillance and monitoring but I know that these people are only doing their job. It’s their controllers I hate. And I mean hate. I don’t back away from feeling that emotion. No love and light here ! I know the kinds of activities these people orchestrate and I utterly loath what they represent !

The thing I really dislike however are the crazies. The nutcases who pose a real threat to my life and the lives of people I care about. These people are often religious fundamentalists but not always. The fact that I suggest that space faring ETs are benevolent in nature and want to teach people how to make contact, seems to attract the worst kinds of human beings. The one’s who relish division and separation and who seem to see me as some kind of devil who needs to be eliminated. I’ve had run ins with a few of these kinds of people (even worked with a few) and I feel that the world is better off without them ! They pose a threat to anyone who comes in contact with them. And I have no time for them. That’s why I will never disclose where I live (at the time) and why begrudgingly, I must remain totally quiet about my experiences in my local community.

Before my sister died, I had told her a number of things about my ET contact experiences and I even asked Dude to visit her on her death bed – which he did. Two of my other sisters know a little about what I have experienced and my mother knows a little. But as yet I have been unable to approach the issue with my father. And that is incredibly difficult to sit with because it means that my father will never really know who I am. My experiences are such an integral part of my experience of life and it really hurts me that I have to partition myself around my father. My father maybe open to the subject. I don’t know. I know he saw UFOs on radar when he was flying in the RAAF and he has at times expressed an openness to the subject (while at other times expressed ridicule of the subject). But it is for example, a big leap from UFOs on radar to Dude and Anamika or to disclosing that the ETs showed me his daughters looming death years before it happened ! I’ve come close to opening up a few times but have been cautioned that now is not the time and in hindsight I think it would have been a mistake. But I would like to imagine that I can share some of my experiences with my father before one of us dies !

After 2012 when I began sharing my experiences on video, I decided I would try and tell the story of several of my encounters in full. But I quickly realised that it took more effort than I realised and it was exhausting. Add the dumb comments and the hostility and it just didn’t seem worth it. Which is why I have’t done much since. When my tumours returned in 2011, I thought I should share what I could – just in case I didn’t make it. Then as my health grew worse I realised that I was making things worse by sharing, so I pulled back. Now it’s all about harmony. I have to harmonise between giving and receiving. I can’t afford to share unless it’s worth it. I don’t have the energy to share when it makes me sicker. Staying alive is my number one priority. My son is my number two priority. Sharing my ET contact experiences, just doesn’t rate on a list of my priorities. So I share when I can. When I’m up to it and when I feel it’s worth it. I can’t share when it compromises my health or my life ! It isn’t that important ! But I’ve made lots of mistakes and been a fool for making myself so sick ! I have no one to blame but myself !



At different times, so many people have tried to gain something from me for nothing. What do I mean by that ? I mean they want something that I have, in return for nothing. For a long time I did that. I answered every email, every message, every comment and I responded to every attack- no matter how much it drained me or made me feel sick. I was a complete dickhead ! So these days I have to ask myself, ‘What’s in it for me ?’. Now that might seem awfully selfish but my life depends on it ! I have to figure out if every single interaction is worth it ! I have to determine what impact giving my energy away will have, what impact the things I share will have, what impact interacting with every person will have ! Which is why I no longer allow comments on my experience videos and I don’t allow every comment on the blog. And it’s also why from time to time I ignore people or I tell them to fuck off ! You wouldn’t believe the things people ask of me or how needy or dependent some people are ! And the worst people of all, are people with money ! I know there are a lot of good people with money who are regulars and I’m not talking about you. I’m taking about the people who write to me begging for help, who never offer anything in return – not even a thanks ! I just want to send those people an arsehole bomb !

I’ve said before that my time sharing my ET contact experiences is time limited. I can’t wait to disappear, to grow more trees and to publish my novels ! I like helping people and I really appreciate when other people understand what I’m trying to convey and learn to think about things for themselves. But sadly, that isn’t the majority. The majority want to be spoon fed and want something for nothing and want to take, take, take and never think for themselves. So all the work I do in relation to this subject, is for the very small minority who get it and who are open minded and open hearted enough to look beyond what’s popular. But it’s also for those who are yet unborn and for generations in the future who will look back and try to understand the small numbers of people who were in contact with ETs, who understood what it’s all about.



If I had my time again, I would remain invisible and keep everything out of the pubic domain. And that’s what I’d recommend to others in a similar position – stay invisible, cherish this as your own personal experience and share your experience only with people you trust in real life. Because at the end of the day, I’m not sure that it’s worth it overall. It isn’t worth the drama and the suffering ! But it is worth it in a host of small ways. The friendships and acquaintances are worth it ! Knowing that others are catching on to what I’m sharing makes it worth it ! Knowing that I’m helping a small number of people to understand themselves and the true nature of the self makes it worth it ! Knowing that I offer an antidote to the mass ignorance and stupidity makes it worth it ! Knowing that I can educate a small number of people about who the ETs are and what they’re like, is worth it !

I am however just one small man with a very small voice, that has something to say that is drowned out by the voice of the masses and the squeaky wheels. The only way that anything I do has any impact, is if others take what I have learned (or at least some of it) and apply it to their own lives and initiate their own ET contact and have their own relationships with beings from elsewhere. Then and only then, will anything I have ever had to say on the subject of ET contact, have any real and lasting value, to the betterment of humanity. Otherwise all this, is no more than dust in the wind.

Opening up about ET contact, is really a form of disclosure that forces bigotry to reveal itself. But it’s also about acknowledging our interconnectedness with all things. I for one have little patience for bigotry and all the time in the world for authentic connection !




10 Easy Steps to Losing Weight, Curing Anxiety and Making ET Contact

OK I lied ! It’s a bullshit title ! I just thought I’d try one of those self help style prescriptions, for fun ! Instead, here’s 10 psychological steps to help you make ET Contact.

  1. Let go of all preconceptions about how ETs are supposed to be.
  2. Let go of all ideas about the nature of your own self.
  3. Drop all fear and Nike it (just do it).
  4. Drop all expectations.
  5. Keep and open mind and an open heart.
  6. Believe.
  7. Want it for the right reasons.
  8. Know what the right reasons are.
  9. Let go of all your addictions for at least 1 day – including all electronics, cameras, smoking etc.
  10. Be prepared to face the unknown in you and in them.

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TSM122 : Contact with ETs, Hairy Folk, Dead People and Balls of Light

Over the course of my blog and the TSMs I’ve tried my best to sketch out how to initiate your own contact with ETs and dead people. In this monologue I continue to sketch things out by exploring how best to approach contact. Some of you have heard me describe contact with various life forms as interspecies communication and a way of connecting with the greater (undivided) self. Today I explore how we might make contact with ETs, Hairy Folk (Yowies, Sasquatch, Yeti etc), those in the after life, balls of light and our fellow animals, while I enjoy the first evening fire of 2017.

Enjoy ! 😉

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The Agony of the Human Condition, Feeling and ET Contact

PS. WordPress dumped text everywhere with this post and I couldn’t fix it. It’s my wish it’s readable !

This post is dedicated Victor, Janine and Frederic. Thank you very much for your recent donations and a very special thanks to Victor and Frederic for your ongoing support ! Thanks to your donations, my A Tumour Called Freedom fundraiser is kicking along nicely ! I have’t tallied it up for a while, so I can’t give you an update just yet. I want to acknowledge that all the people who donate regularly to help ease the financial pressure of living with tumours and having treatment etc., make an incredible personal sacrifice that means a great deal to me ! There are so many people who reach out to me and stretch themselves beyond what is reasonable, because for some reason or another, they care. And I find that deeply touching and immensely uplifting, especially when I’ve been physically unwell ! It’s nice to know that there are humans doing whatever they can to ease another person’s burden ! Which leads me onto today’s post…

How to Make ET Contact

Hey folks, here’s the 1 minute version of how to make ET contact. It’s simple because it is simple. All the long winded things I have said about ET contact and will say about ET contact, are necessary to help people to understand the process.

Whenever you choose  :

  • Stay inside or go outside.
  • Ditch all fear or concerns.
  • Know why you want contact.
  • Ask generally or for specific groups (e.g. the Teal’hia) , if they will come and connect with you.
  • Tell them why you want contact (the real reasons not the bullshit reasons – they will know).
  • Feel it in your heart (it should feel like strong emotion – imagine saying farewell to a loved one or greeting them after a long absence ).
  • Ask them if they will make contact with you in any way that suits them.
  • Drop all expectations for contact or contact in any particular way (expectation can be very subtle, so make sure to look deeply at how you are functioning).
  • Offer a heart felt thanks for being heard and for any possible contact.
  • Be patient for as long as it takes.
  • Go outside and look up if you need to.
  • If contact occurs, give thanks (really feel it).
  • If contact occurs, you may initiate telepathic contact by merely asking for those who contacted you to speak to you.
  • It maybe useful to ask for validation of what you are hearing, in the form of some sort of physical proof.
  • Be patient, be patient, be patient.
  • Be open to contact happening outside of any formal contact process and be open to anything that might happen.

I called this blog ET and I because contact is always about ET and YOU (or ME). It’s a two way street. A dynamic. A tango, a dance, a relationship. So look at you and not them. They know their part. You are trying to initiate and build a relationship. So do whatever it takes to build a relationship, just as you would with any other living thing on on Earth. The more know thyself, the more you open yourselves up and the more you give, the more you receive.

Before I finish I’d like to emphasise one issue. The issue of fear. Fear is the number one thing that prevents contact. Fear can be very subtle and insidious, so it’s paramount that you examine everything you believe about other living things – especially in relation to ETs. If you believe in the old bad alien vs good alien thing, then you should forget ET contact entirely (hear TSM 110 and others on the subject) because you will be driven by false projections about how things are and oblivious to how things ACTUALLY ARE !

You have all heard the line, “You have nothing to fear, only fear itself.” (a quote that FDR paraphrased in his famous quote). It’s so true. Fear is the great paralyzer ! In the words of the great humanist and Psyhcosynthesis pioneer Roberto Assagioli, “Fear has no boundaries or limits : it is possible to be afraid of anything ! Fear is like Proteus – assuming a thousand different forms. There are many ills that cause mankind to suffer, but far more in number are the misfortunes, accidents and catastrophes that never actually materialise! They produce as much, if not more, fear in people than would if they were real, because in the fear-gripped imagination they are lived through and suffered over and over again.”

And closely allied to fear is doubt. Put aside your doubt and simply use discernment. Be patient and you will have no reason to ever doubt again.

Happy contact in 2017 ! Wishing you all a wonderful new year !

Bright. 😉


TSM73 : Contact with the Shalarian

In this monologue, I take you through an overview of contact I had just had with a race called the Shalarian, who are from the Aldebaran star system.

Enjoy !

PS. The Shalarian are Human ETs and you can read more about them here :

The Contact Movement Network

James Iandoli has been working hard to establish the Contact Movement Network. James has been doing his best to encourage people to learn how to have contact and network with others who are also attempting to have contact. James strikes me as a sincere person with a good heart and a strong desire to help the greater good. I admire what he is doing !

James has a FB page here : and his YT channel is here : If you are new to contact, touch base with James and if you’re not new to contact, send him your support or let others know about his network.

Earth needs as many humans as possible with sincere good intentions, to reach out to our cosmic family and say “I think I’m ready to connect with you !”.

Good on ya James for doing a great job !

PS. So cool to hear James’s baby in the background ! 😉 Contact and the early stages of fatherhood is a tough gig !


Articles on making ET contact

Hey folks, how’s life ? This blog seems to be getting lots of new visitors, some of whom want to know the best way to have ET contact. My regulars will know I’ve posted articles on that subject every now and then but my new visitors may not know that. So if you are new to my blog (Mark Hollamby and others, I didn’t delete your comments on YT and I couldn’t respond to them !), you might not know where to find this stuff. I tend to write whatever I feel like and I write sporadically, so I have tried to organize things as best as I can with Tags and Categories. So if you want to know how to make contact, check out the ET Contact Methods Category here : and the How to Make ET Contact Tag here : .

Alternatively, the following list contains all the key articles that I have written on the subject :

I strongly urge you to think about contact and to try to understand it before you try to make contact. And if you can, try to explore both internal and external methods of making contact. The internal contact method is that is most accessible to anyone, any where, any time and the one that has the greatest potential for both ET contact and contact with those in the afterlife.

Finally, you’ll develop a good sense of what contact is really all about by reading about my recent epiphany here :

Happy contact friends !


Brightus Brighticus Garlicus ! (Light Stinky) 😉

Intention in ET Contact

Recently when I asked you “What should I write about ?”, one of my readers – My Name, asked me what I thought was a very interesting question, “How would you Bright Garlick, in the best manner that you feel you can, explain “expressing intention from the heart?””.

I’ve talked several times about how I make contact and I’ve talked regularly about using intention but I’ve never really discussed what intention is and how to apply it to contact. My Name was right – many people do talk about intention, without really elaborating on what it means. I suppose the critic in me would go so far as to say that intention is one of these new fangled words, like paradigm (I prefer para digem), which has been bastardised to mean whatever people want it to mean. So this post, will be an honest effort to address the subject of intention in general and how it applies to contact. This post will focus more on intention than expression but I think through this, you’ll understand what My name was looking for.

So how might we define intention ? Normally I’d give you a dictionary definition to start with but I am currently in my near empty farm house and don’t have a a dictionary on hand. Perhaps intention could be defined as :

  • The desire for something to be a certain way or the desire for something to happen.
  • The will to bring something to fruition.
  • The expectation to control a specific outcome.
  • The expectation to control the unfolding of an idea.

Normally we use intention as a precursor to actually doing something. My intention to get up in the morning, usually helps me to get up in the morning. My intention to fix this old farm house, will help me to be able to live here. My intention to see an old friend, will help me to overcome and anxiety I might have about reconnecting with them and help rekindle our relationship. My intention to teach others how to make ET contact, will give you the skills to enable you to have your own contact. My intention to look after my body, will help me to live a healthy, long life. Your intention to get out of the rat race, will help you to make choices about your work-life balance, that will help you to reshape your life. Our collective intention to bring justice and equality to various different situations on our world, will drive a shift in attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and actions.

Intention is ultimately the driving force behind all creative endeavours. Sometimes we are aware (conscious) of our intention/intentions and sometimes we are unaware (unconscious) of our intention/intentions. When we are unconscious of our intention, we can be driven by forces that remain beyond the scope of our mental awareness, beyond our control and beyond who we think we are. Only by bringing what is unconscious into consciousness, can we see what really drives us.

Intention can be used for one’s self or regarding others. Usually in day to day life, we don’t think about having intention to do things but it’s there, even if we don’t actively recognise its presence in our thoughts. We use it to do what we need to do for ourselves and for others and we use it to reshape the behaviour of people around us – be they family, work colleagues, or ordinary citizens. An architect conceives of a beautiful building in her imagination and then driven by intention, creates a sketch and then a blue print and then a computer model and 3D model of the building. They sell their idea and realised conception to others and then others create the building. The image from their imagination becomes a tangible, physical object, through the power of intention. My intention to fully heal through my tumours, causes me to address the root causes of my tumours and to make subsequent adjustments in my thoughts, feelings, behaviours, beliefs and lifestyle. At some point my intention to heal fully heal will come to fruition, when I allow myself to feel what I wish to feel. Without the power of intention, I might cruise along indefinitely, ignoring the signals of my body, until my tumours eventually kill me. The War Machine has a very clear intention for self preservation, so that it can continue to create profit and employ millions of people and give power and control to those who seek power and control. Without clear intention, which is frequently defined in vision statements and lengthy strategic plans and secret memos and correspondences, the War Machine would dissolve into oblivion or fracture into many different competing and non competing forms. The Gulf War veteran who has lost the use of his legs may have a very clear intention to walk again. He imagines what it is like to walk again and all the things he can do with his new found legs. He imagines all the steps necessary to rehabilitate himself and then designs a recovery program that suits his personality and lifestyle. Slowly, through the power of intention, he embarks on his journey of recovery, until he eventually he reaches a point of satisfaction. Along the way he will encounter anticipated and unanticipated challenges and it is only his intention to continue his efforts, which will see him succeed. Hardcore devotees to the revegetation/conservation/biodiversity movement (myself among them), imagine a landscape returned to it’s former glory and using the power of intention, set about to systematically plant trees, shrubs and grasses, eliminate weeds and feral pests, democratise ecological knowledge and plant Earth-centric thinking in the minds of anyone who will listen. Without a clear intention which stirs up a strong emotional response, little would be achieved and landscapes would remain barren and continue to degrade and biodiversity would continue to decline. As it is only a strong intention to heal the Earth’s biosphere, will be enough to turn around the greatest extinction of all time.

So, how might we apply intention to ET contact ? I suppose we apply intention the same way we apply it to anything else. The critical thing about intention is that desire, will and expectation can only function when connected with emotion. Without emotion, there is no desire, will or expectation. And emotion is intimately linked with the feelings of the body, in particular feelings in the brain and the heart.

You’ll notice that as I have talked about intention, I have frequently referred to expectation. Our intentions are often fuelled by the expectation that what we wish to achieve will come to fruition. Many people set goals and have plans in order to achieve something. But goals and plans can change and are frequently met with disappointment and the realisation that much of reality cannot be controlled. Things often unfold in their own way and no amount of expectation and apparent management of time, will force them to happen the way that we wish them to happen. When I was a young man I was very driven to succeed. I had very clear short term and long term goals. But ultimately very few of them were realised. Not because I was lazy but because I couldn’t control many of the variables associated with them and because my goals were out of touch with reality and with my deeper needs. Such needs were the fuel behind my unconscious intentions. In my working life, I set out to be a scientist and instead wound up a hobby farmer and then a social worker and then a therapist and a project manager and an environmental manager and along the way worked for myself and was unemployed several times. Now I think of myself as a writer – albeit an unpaid one. I stopped thinking about goals and expectations and tried to attend to the desires of my heart and the needs of my spirit. I abandoned all sense of expectation and have come to recognise what I can control and what I cannot. My intention now, is to do many things in my life and writing is just one of them. When I am ready I will begin publishing my books. But its only the power of my intention to write that has kept me writing since 1987. Despite all the people half my age who are well established writers, I continue to write because I have a clear intention to write and a clear set of intentions associated with my writing. At the same time, I work carefully to control my own expectations.

Expectation shouldn’t be a dirty word. If I break my leg, it’s reasonable to expect that if I go to a hospital, that my leg will be assessed and treated and that with proper treatment it will heal. But there are other things in life, where expectation of an outcome, gets in the way of an outcome. Expecting your girlfriend to have sex with you when she’s having a really hard time emotionally, is only going to make her resent you and push her away from you. And ET contact is no different. When we try to make contact, it’s useful to have the intention to make contact without expectation of a specific outcome. We can ask for it but we shouldn’t expect it. Why shouldn’t we expect it ? Because just like your girlfriend (or boy friend or husband or wife), ETs have their own lives, with their own activities to attend to, their own needs, their own roles, their own capacities to respond and an understanding of how giving you what you want whenever you want it, will have a positive or negative impact on your own life/time line.

So, here’s how I recommend you apply intention to ET contact :

1. Create a clear intention for ET contact – that crystallises as a thought like “I wish to make contact with beings from other worlds”.
2. Ensure that you intention is driven by pure motivations and is not tainted with selfish motivations – such as “I’m going to study their technology and reverse engineer something to get rich” or “If I can only get them to come down low, I can film them and make heaps of money off Youtube”. A pure motivation might be something like “I wish to make contact with beings from other worlds, so that I can commune with them and learn about the nature of God” or “I wish to make contact with ETs, so that I can learn how to heal animals and children” or “I wish to make contact with ETs, so that I can learn about people from elsewhere and the nature of the cosmos”. Pure motivations advance spiritual development and impure selfish motivations hinder spiritual development. You have to know why you want contact ! You have to know because contact will utterly transform your life and because contact involves sentient beings, who have feelings and who make choices. You have to present them with reasons that make it worth their time and effort to connect with you. There’s a reason they don’t connect with many of the worlds leaders and many of the worlds scientists and politicians. They don’t bother with people driven by ego !
3. Your intention should be free of all expectation, which means that it should be free of “it must happen”, “it must happen this way or not at all” and all imagined (visualised) scenarios which suggest how you’d like it to happen.
4. A clear intention will always evoke a strong emotional feeling, which may span many different types of emotions but at it’s core it will evoke love. As a result, these emotions will evoke strong feelings in the body – typically in the heart. Sometimes with a clear intention, you will feel strong love and a range of physical sensations in the heart – including warmth, tingling, prickles, contractions, palpitations, stabbing etc.. Sometimes when my intention has been matched with strong feelings of love, I’ve felt almost overwhelmed with emotion and when the ETs have arrived, I have instantly sensed it with my heart as a very strong physical sensation that is almost unbearable. If you cultivate a clear intention and it evokes strong emotional and physical feelings, you should never in any way try to fake it till you make it. Let it be authentic. What arises is what arises ! And if no feelings arises, that maybe the experience. So long as your intention was clear and pure, a connection of some sort will be created with the ETs.
5. Whilst suggesting that intention should be free of expectation, you have to remember that intention does reflect desire and will. And you really want to have ET contact, you need to use that desire and will to good effect. If you practice patience, with a strong desire and a strong will, eventually you’ll create contact. Just because nothing appears to happen for a whole month, doesn’t mean that nothing happened or isn’t continuing to happen. Perhaps it’s just that you expect contact to look a certain way. You may well have made contact but you just can’t recognise it. It you maintain a resilient attitude, your efforts will eventually be rewarded. You may be rewarded with contact, as you thought/expected it might happen or you may feel the desire to change how you perceive contact and subsequently recognise that it’s happening in a different form. Your ability to enjoy the experience of trying to make contact – no matter what happens; is what will actually bring your intentions to full realisation.
6. Create a clear intention for contact but also create a clear set of intentions for contact. For example, without expectation about how contact should look, set an intention to make contact from within your home and an intention to make contact outside of your home; set an intention to make contact in your back yard and an intention to make contact in a remote location; set an intention to make contact using an external contact method (see my posts on the subject) and an intention to make contact using an internal contact method (see my posts on the subject; and finally set an intention to make contact all alone and another to make contact with at least one other person. Feel free to set your own set of intentions. Your intentions are really variables/variations over which you do have control. You can control location, the method you use and whether you make contact alone or in company. So experiment. Have a pure intention for contact, no matter what variations you add and then create some variations. And see which variations feel most comfortable and which variations produce the most regular contact. Once again, don’t forget desire, will, patience and a resilient attitude !

A few parting thoughts about applying intention to ET contact. Always reflect on your processes and reflect on your intention/intentions. Try to discover what is conscious within your intention and what is unconscious within your intention. If you are honest with yourself, you’ll find that you’ll create an honest and pure intention for contact that will be recognised instantly by the ETs. Your ability to self reflect will, help you to understand what it is that you are truly seeking through ET contact and in the other relationships in your life. Remember that ET contact is really just another way of saying creating a relationship with a being from somewhere else. What works in creating good human relationships, is equally true for what works in creating good ET relationships. But the first step in honest self reflection. Know who you are and what drives you to seek contact. And finally, the ETs are you and you are they. We are connected as the one great being of the ALL. The most pure intention arises from a recognition that we all expressions of the one great being, without separation.

My intention for this post has been to demystify the meaning of intention in ET contact. Let me know if I hit the mark or if the issue is still a little hazy. I wish you all clear and pure intentions for ET contact ! Thanks My Name for throwing another spanner in the works !

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