Inner Contact Methods vs Outer Contact Methods – Part 1

Hello folks ! I wanted to say a little about inner contact methods vs outer contact methods. I’ve talked a little about both types of methods before and I think if you read what I’ve said about both ( & & & ), you’ll recognize that I’ve given you a foundation for developing different ways in which you can initiate ET contact, that go beyond the well known CE-5 protocols of Steven Greer. I’m not trying to boast here, I’m just suggesting that the CE-5 protocols come at contact from one point of view and that there are many other potential points of view, for approaching contact. You’ll also recall that I’ve talked a little about how aspects of self awareness and things such as personality type and temperament, contribute to your ability to successfully make contact. So let me start by exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each of the types of methods. Strengths of Internal Contact Methods :

  • Gives you a sense of full control. You may loosen up your sense of control at your own pace in your own way.
  • May create opportunity for further spiritual development and development of skills and knowledge in any field of interest.
  • Strengthens trust in the ETs who participate in the relationship.
  • Allows you to develop face to face, heart to heart relationships with a wide range of ETs.
  • Helps to develop a deeper understanding of the oneness of all creation.
  • Can be incredibly fun, enjoyable, profound and liberating.
  • Works well for individuals.
  • Can be done anywhere at any time.
  • Can be done where you are most comfortable.
  • Allows you to be fully conscious during face to face contact.
  • With well developed self awareness, this method can be used with 2 or more individuals sharing the experience.
  • Allows you to co-create a comfortable internal environment in which you feel safe.
  • Can be life changing.
  • Helps you to develop understanding of how ET contact can continue after the end of life.
  • Can be easily documented as the process is unfolding.
  • No need for any artificial substance or entheogen to loosen up your sense of self or reality.

Weaknesses of Internal Contact Methods :

  • Requires a quiet and stable environment.
  • May follow an unpredictable unfolding of events.
  • Requires patience and discipline.
  • Can be tiring, as it requires prolonged stillness and high levels of concentration and attention.
  • Requires well developed self awareness.
  • Can be difficult for some people to learn.
  • Requires great trust in the process, in your own abilities and in the ETs that respond.
  • Can result in self doubt and doubt in the process,
  • Requires that you have good energy leading up to the event.
  • Harder to do with groups.

Strengths of Outer Contact Methods :

  • Does not require well developed self awareness.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Works well with people who need to see things to believe them.
  • Works well for individuals and groups.
  • Can be done anywhere but specific methods require access to the outdoors.
  • Allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the place or the company of other people.
  • Can be done during night or day.
  • Can be life changing.
  • Usually follows a predictable unfolding of events.

Weaknesses of Outer Contact Methods :

  • May require you to relinquish your sense of control.
  • Requires patience.
  • Requires that you have good energy leading up to the event.
  • May require a high degree of comfort in being alone or outdoors at night.
  • Can come with internal experiences (such as telepathic contact) and external experiences that may be hard to believe.
  • Internal experiences may be hard to validate or to understand.
  • Will usually only result in the sighting of craft. Few people will have face to face encounters with ET’s.
  • Can be exhausting.
  • Can be undermined by distractions such as monitoring devices, mobile phones and group members who are afraid or restless.
  • Requires good understanding of the process for the vast majority of specific external methods.
  • Can be easily documented as the process is unfolding but this can become a major distraction and weaken the process.

If you’re familiar with some of the internal and external contact methods I’ve talked about and the prerequisites for contact, I think you’ll understand what I’m saying about the strengths and weaknesses of internal and external contact methods. You may also recognize that different personality types and temperaments probably resonate with either internal or external contact methods and specific methods within each group. To give you an example – I use all kinds of methods but because I am very comfortable with my inner world, the inner contact method I have talked about here, suits me very well. It allows me to connect with my ET friends when they can’t come to meet me in the physical world and it also allows me regular access to them in a way that can’t happen in the outer world. Every contact with them in this way provides me with an opportunity to learn something new – which is often very profound. And that’s different to when they come to visit because often they are very busy with health assessments and teaching me other things and answering my questions.  So for someone like me, the inner method I describe is a kind of adjunct method that deepens my physical encounters and provides me with regular, ongoing access to many different beings – some of whom I might only meet physically once in a life time.

What should be remembered above all, is that inner and outer methods provide us with a unique way to shift perception  – to “in here” or “out there”. But ultimately inner and outer are the same and not separate. They are part of the one continuous reality. Ken Wilbur has said “The original meaning of Kosmos was the patterned nature or process of all domains of existence, from matter to mind to God, and not merely the physical universe.” So from this point of view, we can say that when we attempt to make ET contact using an internal or external methods, we are attempting to access the Kosmos from a specific entry point – which while seemingly separate to the rest of the Cosmos, is inside of us and we are inside of it. We access the Kosmos within and the Kosmos without but they are the same singular Kosmos – without division or separation, only the appearance of division of separation. 

When Dude moves through what we see as time or space, he is simply opening up the Kosmos within. When Dadaji appeared on the other side of the world or his Fragrance was detected on another continent, he was also simply opening the Kosmos within. Both realize that there is a relative self and an absolute self. The relative self – the one that seems separate and in relationship to other objects and the absolute self that is everything.

So being able to play around and experiment with both types of methods of contact, gives us the opportunity to experiment with our identity as a separate individual and as God. When we go out there, we can feel that we are separate and everything. And when we go in here, we can feel that we are separate and everything. Both methods give us the opportunity to feel both perspectives and both realities. To give you an example – when I go within and make contact, I am usually just the normal me – but I can also assume any body I want or a point of awareness. I can also be the Kosmos and experience all that transpires in all of the beings that manifest in that co-created world. There is no limit to what one can experience, only the limitations we place on our small self, which has expectation and likes control.

It is my wish, that in addition to you playing around with different outer contact methods, more people will begin to experiment with internal contact methods. Because ultimately, what is within is carried with us at the end of our life, long after your ability to go sit under the stars has been extinguished. And if we can learn to have contact within, we will remain connected with our cosmic family, well beyond the boundaries of this life. And by making contact within, we set our selves on a path of discovery about who we really are and the nature of reality. A path of discovery, that never ends.


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  1. Hi Bright,
    I’ve been trying both methods for some time now, but haven’t been successful. I don’t know if I’m trying too hard or If I’m trying to little. Anyway I’ll keep on trying 🙂
    How’s your son doing?

  2. Stick to it it and it will slowly happen for you. The inner ones take more self discipline and the outer ones are just a matter of time and right conditions. Relaxing a little is a good idea. Have fun with it all and enjoy if you go outside under the stars ! It’s all about feeling. Let the feeling come naturally !

    My son is still unwell – had to keep him home from school because I thought he was going to have more seizures. I have to try really hard to get him to look after himself. Off to a neurologist next week but Dude assures me there’s nothing neurological wrong with him. Thanks for asking ! 😉

  3. I wish Toa all the health & good to hear Dude’s assurance 🙂
    Thanx for the advice Bright, I will follow it!

    Peace 🙂

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