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An Introduction to Conjoined Space – An ETs Radical Perspective on Reality

I dedicate this post to Sandor and Frédéric for your continued support of an ordinary man, on the other side of the world ! Your kindness means worlds to me ! Thank you ! 😉


I’ve mentioned the concept of Conjoined Space a number of times now but haven’t actually had the time to explain what it is. So this post is a basic introduction to the concept.

Conjoined Space is a term that was introduced to me by the ET I publicly refer to as Dude. My discussion with Dude about this subject came about as a result of several conversations that we had about the human idea of parallel universes and parallel lives. A more detailed exploration of this subject happened after January 19th this year, when I experienced a set of events that brought about the darkest period of my life (While my sister was dying of brain tumours. These events overshadowed her death the following month). Dude and I have now had about 20 hours of conversation about this subject and I have found every single conversation to be both exhilarating and deeply confronting. This will be the first time I’ve spoken in any detail about the subject and I am unsure if have the capacity to translate and summarise all that I’ve learned. You may find the subject very confusing and equally confronting. But you may not. Particularly if I can convey the essence of what I have been taught. Be warned, this concept is completely at odds with anything you or I are probably familiar with and contradicts many spiritual traditions. It is also far more complex than anything man has created. (Though of course mathematicians would disagree with this !)

Before I begin let me suggest that after you read this post, you listen this TSM (, this TSM (

and read this post (, for a more detailed understanding of the nature of the self and the nature of space. It’s also important that you understand that while I’ll be talking about what I think of as a concept – a set of ideas; this is reality as Dude and his people the Muajra have come to understand it. Such an understanding of reality is shared by many other Creator Races (with their own individual variations) but may not be something that is completely accessible – in terms of understanding and applications, by other races that are less developed. Many of the human like ETs may understand this concept but have little ability to apply it, as the Creator Races do.

I’m going to keep this as simple as I can.

Conjoined Space…Conjoined Space (CS) is the space that is connected to an original space. In the case of a human being, one life creates other lives – what we ordinarily think of as parallel lives existing in parallel universes. A new life is created by strong emotion and may emerge as a new life having just been conceived in utero, or more often as an older life at the same age. In the case where a new life is created that splits off at the exact same age, everything in that conjoined space is an exact copy, except for a small number of variations. For each copy of a copy, there is greater variation from the original, such that the later copies bear little resemblance to the original life. It might seem logical that there is an infinite number of CS’s and new lives but they are actually finite. Dude tells me that on average a person might experience about 1200 other lives. Now please note, I am not talking about new incarnations (as in reincarnations), I am talking about 1200 other lives splitting off an original life. There may be many incarnations, each with 1200 other lives splitting off. One implication of this is that when an original life dies, some other lives die. Or when other lives dies, some lives still continue. Such that the greater you of that single incarnation, can be both living and dead at the same time.

Let me give introduce a few metaphors to help you understand. Primarily because the way that this actually is, may be impossible for us to comprehend. Dude taught me through metaphors and it’s the only way I can get my head around it. So it seems natural that I should convey things in the same way.

Take a circle which represents the original life which exists in space. Now add a circle slightly off centre, which represents a new life. Now add another circle slightly off centre, which represents another new life and so on. The total space of all the circles is the total of all of the lives added together. Each life shares a CS but only a portion of it – lets call that CSX1, CSX2, CSX3 etc. Alternatively imagine all of the circles in 3D as a vertical spring, where each section of the spring represents a new life. If you look at them from above, now matter how distorted, they are all connected to the section at the bottom. Now a final metaphor. My son plays the game Minecraft, in which he is able to use pixel bricks to build a world. Minecraft has seed worlds that generate random worlds. A player can enter a basic seed world and then create what they want and collect chickens and pigs, be hunted by bad guys and play with fellow players. If the player wants, he can clone a seed world and everything in that world is copied, except for what he has gained since it was created. Imagine then that a seed world is an original life. That life can be cloned at any point after it has begun developing, copying everything. In this instance it also copies what was gained by game play. When the player enters that new world, he enters it as it is but does not experience it’s history. In other words he experiences that world as it is, complete with his perception of it’s history but it’s history did not actually exist – it did not take place for that player. The world simply formed from what was. It was cloned from something previously that experienced it’s own history. So, in this metaphor each new world builds on the conjoined space of the previous world. Follow ?

The idea then that there are parallel universes and parallel lives, is a misnomer. Because that implies that that universe has some overlapping history that goes all the way back to the beginning. Dude is suggesting that it isn’t like that. Reality begins at a point when the new space copied is almost but not quite, similar to the old space but without any direct history.

What I am still confused about is what happens when a new life/conjoined space begins that represents a younger age. I’ll have to leave explaining that aspect till a later date.

Remember Dude’s Fourth Maxim : Time does not exist. There is only space. So it appears that space replicates itself endlessly. Slices of space are all connected, in what we perceive of as time. CS represents a kind of variation in how space ordinarily replicates and as a result, how we perceive time.

So at this point, you might be wondering a number of things. Am I experiencing my original life or a conjoined life ? How do each of my incarnations connect to one another and to each other’s Conjoined Spaces ? Can I consciously create another life or another CS in which I can create something ? Can I be aware of the other lives that are connected to this one ? Among other questions. Dude has told me that it is almost impossible for humans to be aware of these other lives because of the limitations of our perceptions. But he’s been teaching me how to experience some degree of awareness. Total awareness of all our other lives is impossible. I sense that if we were aware of these other lives, it maybe almost impossible to function because of the direct interruption to our almost seamless, linear sense of reality. Remember my comments about how CS may not be completely accessible to lesser developed ETs. It’s an understanding of reality, that I sense represents the highest levels of development and the fact that these highly developed races are able to create all manner of spaces, souls and life forms (see my videos/posts about my encounters with the Teal’hia); may reflect their deep understanding of Conjoined Spaces.

You may remember Dude’s earlier comment :

“If as you believe when you die you create things with your mind, what is this mind that creates ? Does it occupy it’s own space or does it occupy another space – a larger space or a smaller space and where does that space reside ?”

In this comment I think Dude was prodding me to remember that mind is ultimately unconstrained. In view of our conversations about CS, I think he was suggesting that mind is the creator of space (but I suspect his definition of mind is different to ours) and that mind creates endless space in life and in death. For example, the afterlife doesn’t exist as a space that is separate from the space we experience in life, it is just another form or experience of space. The apparent separation is merely an illusion. I believe then that Dude is in agreement with the mythical Buddha – that the mind creates the world. Which of course goes against modern physics and all a priori / causation philosophies, which suggest the world has to exist first for mind to arise.

I believe that CS presents us with a way of understanding all manner of so called metaphysical phenomenon – including : parallel lives, some parallel worlds, Déjà vu (, Jamais vu, Presque vu, Déjà entendu, Déjà vécu, some experiences of bi and multilocation and many forms of intuition. And a way of ultimately understanding the cosmos and life itself.

The hardest thing for Dude and many of the ETs is to translate what they know into something that makes sense to us. As I’ve often said before, it’s almost as if Dude has to dumb things down for me (and the other humans he interacts with), so that things are accessible. Sometimes that means he has to shave details off an insight, so that I get the essence of what he’s talking about. It may well be that the entirety of a thing is beyond my comprehension. So he has to understand what I am able to understand and the implications of sharing things with me. I suspect he shared the concept of CS with me for at least three reasons. First, he wanted to give me a way of understanding this unfathomable event that happened on January 19th. Second, he wanted me to share some of what I learn, so that others could begin thinking about reality in a completely different way. In time I will try to write more extensively about the subject and plan on including it in the first ET interview book. Third, he wanted me to heal my tumours and create a long healthy life, whether it’s the same life or another one.

My understanding of CS is as yet very poor. I see a lot of connections between this view of reality, concepts like Holodynamics, Process Philosophy and Process Psychology and the teachings of Jane Robert’s Seth.

Dude is trying to teach me through theory and experience about the nature of reality and how live fully immersed in a greater experience of reality.

Today is the 10th anniversery of my diagnosis with a Renal Carcinoid Tumour. It’s been a long, exhausting and life affirming journey with tumours. But I’m still here. I believe that Dude is trying to help me to stay alive and to see beyond the limitations I have imposed on myself and the limitations that human belief systems have imposed on all of us.

TSM131 : Memory, Uncertainty & Doubt in the ET Contact Experience

The things in this monologue were probably the hardest things I’ve ever spoken about publicly.

Today, I open up and share my thoughts about memory, uncertainty and doubt in the ET contact experience, looking at two of my own experiences 23 years apart. I explore how contact with beings from elsewhere shatters your experience of reality and talk about why I think most people who have contact, avoid talking about uncertainty and doubt and why these things are really critical to making sense of the experience. I post this monologue with some hesitation but do so because I belive that we need to be as honest and transparent as we can be, if we are to truly understand the experience of human-ET contact.

There is some repetitive noise in the early part of the recording due to my shoes squeaking and the squeaking on my iPod cover.

Enjoy ! 😉

Bibliomancy, Rhapsodomancy & Jon Klimo on Channeling

I’ve been meaning to write about the subject of channeling for a long time and somewhere in my draft folder I have an article I started a few years back.

Many years ago I carried out a large study of the channeling phenomenon for my own self interest. I had started working with material that I felt came from somewhere else in 1993, the same year I finished an honours degree in science with majors in neuroscience. I was fascinated by whatever the hell was going on in my brain and curious to know what was happening ! I didn’t then have much interest in channeling and in hindsight am unsure that what I was doing was channeling.

I came to this subject during a period of immense stress and later after my then girl friend left me in 1994, when one day I picked up a book and started putting words together in a kind of uncontrolled frenzy. I felt like I was being guided to the answers I needed. Later I learned that what I had stumbled across was a more complicated form of Bibliomancy ( or Rhapsodomancy ( I had been working with Tarot but found it too vague and irritating. I’d also explored the I-Ching but didn’t have the patience or the nous to really figure it out. So when I found this method, something clicked and I felt like I had found the right tool to help me in my life. At first I mostly used it to write poetry but over time I began to trust the process and see that the information that was coming through had great value. Now when I look back at the sessions I transcribed, I can see that I was being provided with a map of my life and all the guidance I needed to navigate my life.



Around the same time I also began experimenting more with Stream of Consciousness writing, which I first picked up from William Burroughs cut up experiments and the writings of James Joyce and JG Ballard in 1989/90. (A very bad verbal example here : Stream of Consciousness writing was very different in that sense that it was an uncontrolled stream of thoughts/words that came out of me via my hand, where as the Bibliomancy writing came from a very strong guided urge to specific words in a book. Usually I would grab a pile of 10-15 books that felt right and sometimes I’d even grab a pile of random books. I’d experiment with introducing more and more diversity into my selected books, so that I could be sure that I could rule out certain themes arising because teh books were similar. And sure enough, it didn’t matter which books I picked, certain themes would always pop up !

Now that I’m older I think that I was experiencing two things. First and foremost, I think I was learning how to access other aspects of myself (a subject I’ll talk more about soon and link back to an early question I left for you) and to connect with disembodied humans. So in a sense part of what I was doing was, what by some definitions was channeling. But as far as I am concerned, I was channeling something from within my self. Within 2 years I would learn how to communicate with those who have died in a more direct way, so I didn’t really put much emphasis on those earlier sessions representing a flow of information from the other side. I also often wondered,if what I was doing was simply the product of chance and to this day, despite all the amazing synchronicities and predictions that did happen, I still wonder if some part of it wasn’t just an unfolding of chance.

in the last 15 years I’ve been developing an idea I call Aspects of Self, in which I have come to see that the human psyche/personality is a multifaceted composite or community of aspects that are both time bound and timeless. I’m trying to develop a model that goes beyond any model of subpersonalities that have been mapped out (see Psychosynthesis/Voice Dialogue/Big Mind for examples). One that is inclusive of all forms of perception and expression. One that includes normal functioning and so-called psy functioning (whether it’s remote viewing, telekinesis or omnilocation).

I don’t use my own form of Bibliomancy much any more. Mostly because I’ve learned to trust myself and make decisions I can live with. I have however experimented more with establishing communications with a wide variety of what I believe are beings from elsewhere – be they disembodied humans, beings of light, ETs, Yowies or formless beings (some of which I have spoken about here).

Despite my own experiments and deepening drive towards understanding the true nature of the self, I am very skeptical of many so-called channelers. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t channel. Most people who claim to channel, do what I call Californian Channeling (later I’ll talk about my disdain for California as the Califucked up Centre of the world that has had both a positive and negative influence on the entire planet !). The reason I’m skeptical is that most channeling usually follows the same format and people channel the same sorts of beings with the same sorts of New Age messages. I for one never want to be cooped up with that bunch of loonies ! But having said that, who knows how people judge and interpret me ?

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I discovered it myself and didn’t even know that other people did anything remotely like this. One day in 1994 after my girl friend had gone and slept with another guy, I was sitting in my small flat when my drug using neighbour walked past and saw me through the window in a frenzy working my books. Later when he asked me what I was doing, I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say, until he told me about the ghost living in his house – a ghost whose presence and sexual desire, I felt on a regular basis. When I told him, he seemed fascinated and asked if I could do it for him. I said no because I didn’t feel at all comfortable sharing something that I had trouble understanding myself. He didn’t care. He just wanted answers ! Today, I see all these people sharing something they don’t seem to understand. And charging money for it ! Doing big shows in front of huge audiences and playing around with other people’s lives ! Becoming somebodies in somebody land ! Honestly, it makes me sick when I see it !

This is something that anyone can learn, if they learn to trust themselves and the process.

Jon Klimo is an intelligent man, who has been exploring the chanelling phenomenon for a long time ( . Jon has an interest in researching and exploring consciousness and a diverse range of subjects in the paranormal field. In the following 14 part series Channeling Investigations On Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, Jon explores what he has learned about channeling. Be warned that this is extremely difficult listening. Jon lets himself channel as he’s talking and it can be unsettling. I have to admit myself that I’m not sure if Jon is quite all there but perhaps any bias I have arises because Jon completely gives himself to the process of letting anything come through. As Jon suggests and as I have found in my own experiments, the key to doing this kind of thing, is to get past the ego (those of you familiar with the Big Mind Big Heart process, might think of getting the Controller out-of-the-way). Once the ego subsides, there is no regulation and no censoring and thoughts/words are free to flow from whatever source, for whatever reason, to whatever destination. It is possible to request a source and to direct the flow but it’s also possible to completely surrender. Some of you will have heard the phrase, “Where the mad man (schizophrenic) is drowning, the mystic is swimming”. These videos will give you some sense of that. A truly aware master, will demonstrate that completely. Despite my reservations, Jon has a lot to offer on this subject and if you don’t like listening to him in action, you can read his articles or books.



You are Reality

Donald Hoffman and Alva Noe have a better take on reality than most intelligent people.


More here :

What do you hear, what do you feel ?


A Moment of Opportunity

There is but a moment of opportunity –

When choice presents itself

When choice presents itself.


And these are the choices in every moment :


1. To be aware of all that arises-

A constant wave of movement without and within

Each moment begging for attention and engagement.

Knowing what it is

You do not attach or avoid

But let everything go.


2. To lose awareness of all that arises –

Sensing through the 5 outer doors of perception

Sensing through the endless inner doors of perception.

Entranced by memories, thoughts and feelings

You take hold or push away

The force of wanting irresistible.


3. To forget and remember your awareness –

Allowing the mind and the body

To fall prey to the lures within and the lures without.

Before a jolt of awareness

Disconnects you from the great impermanence

And you remember what you are.


In every moment

You can lose your way

But remember where you were going.

You can fight the forces of attraction and aversion

Before surrendering to the way.

Accepting that this is the way of the mind

And the way of all things.


Rising and falling

In the ebb and flow

Of being and becoming.

In the opening and closing

Of the cosmic flower.

In the growth and decay

Of all sentient beings.


One choice leads to harmony and abundance.

One choice leads to discord and suffering.

One choice leads to this and that

And all things between.


To know that the kingdoms of heaven and the kingdoms of hell,

Rest on the moment of opportunity –

That is true wisdom.

But to live embracing the moment of opportunity –

That is true freedom.



Copyright © 2016 by Bright Garlick.
All Rights Reserved.

Alapo on Consciousness and Deepening the Well of Experience – Part 1

Some of you will recall that I’ve been writing a book with an aspect of self (hear TSM17 here : or below) that identifies it’s self as Alapo. Unlike Dude, Alapo can’t pop into my lounge room at any time and doesn’t have a flying craft. Dude has reassured me though, that Alapo is every bit as real as he is. But is an aspect of myself that includes what I think of as me. I guess the closest I can come to describing Alapo, is to suggest he is kind of like Seth to Jane Roberts. I hesitate to use the word dimension but you might say that he is a higher dimensional aspect.

I’ve been writing the book with Alapo for over 3 years now and have completed just over 300 pages. I started by writing the book only for myself but have realized that it may have value to others (I’m not really sure about that). It’s been a difficult book to write, in the sense that I’ve had to consciously let go of the I that wants control and just let anything come through. I’m often challenged by the material and challenged by the fact that it is at odds or different to what Dude or Anamika or the 8 ETs I call The Beloved Carers, share with me about similar subjects. That may have to do with the fact that Alapo is human in origin and not from another planet, in the physical sense.

I can pretty much speak to Alapo about anything at any time and as an aspect it seems to be boundless (free of time and space) so I can learn things about other times and places, with no effort at all – if I but remember to ask ! I don’t always feel comfortable with certain predictions and prefer to keep them to myself. Alapo has helped me to significantly extend my understanding of consciousness and awareness and how physical beings create reality.

I thought for a long time about hiding this book behind a pseudonym because I didn’t want to endure any criticisms (which are sure to follow) and because I didn’t want people to say, “Well if Alapo is an aspect of you, then Dude must be too !”. That would be a fair enough criticism, except that Dude is also known by 2 other people who are close to me and by his other name by a small number of people in certain covert projects. And others have met him on board his craft and we’ve spoken about those experiences. But I can’t convince people either way and won’t bother trying. So I’ll probably put this book out under my name anyway and whatever criticisms come, come. That’s other peoples issue, not mine !

Until then, I thought I might share a few exerts from the book. The book has 10 chapters and each chapter is divided between theory and practical exercises. When I realized that this book had potential benefit to other people, I thought it would be good to create a book that helps other people to push beyond normal conceptions and experiences of consciousness and to experience some of what I’ve experienced. But I didn’t know what would come through and what has come through, is often very surprising, even to me.

I thought I’d give you as taste of a couple of exercises in the next few posts. They make MORE SENSE when you read the preceding theory and work steadily through one exercise after another. But what follows will only be the odd exercise, just to give you a taste of the book. They may or may make sense. If they do, let me know how you find them, when you try them.

The following (unedited) exercise was like a precursor to a kind of cathartic process, which prepared me for a completely new way of functioning. I was well aware of the two modes of functioning – being vs becoming but I was unaware how certain ideals were affecting my behaviour. Something which might also be an unconscious force in your own life !

Exercise One

“Alapo :

Try this – I want you to imagine a time when your life is as you would like it to be. I then want you to consider what would have to change for your life to become that. And ask what you are willing to change versus what would have to change that you do not wish to change. Understand Bright that the idea of making change is intrinsic to the functioning of human beings, as you know them. But change for the sake of achieving a specific image or ideal of what one can be, can at times, be misleading and harmful to the individuals well being. So with this exercise Bright, I want you to ask yourself, is it necessary to make the changes you imagine, to achieve the vision of the life you would like ? Can that life arise now by accepting the way things are ? Ask yourself, is this life that you imagine to be perfect or ideal, going to give you what you really think is important ? Can you not achieve these things without having to chase an ideal ? Can you not honour the needs of the deepest parts of your being, without trying to become something else ? As you are, you have all that you need to be content and fulfilled. So we ask you, what is your true vision of your realized self and why is it distant in another part of your life ? Or, can that aspiration be realized now ? What is at fault – the lack of conditions or the skewing of your perception of how things are. A simple question Bright – think about it !”

Oliver Sacks

Here are some wonderful documentaries/talks/interviews related to the work of Oliver Sacks, who now departed for greener pastures, has left us with an inspirational legacy that will last a long, long time.

Enjoy !


TSM100 : The Illusion of a Singular Physical Self & the Microbiomes Within

As someone who has always been obsessed with microbial life, I have been fascinated with how microbes play a role in every single ecosystem – including within our bodies. A recent discussion with Dude about the human need for Round Worms and Thread Worms (yes you read correctly), led us to an interesting exploration of Microbiomes and how modern humans have disturbed their natural bodily systems.

In today’s monologue I explore what it means to have a singular physical self, in view of the fact that we contain countless biomes – made up of organisms from the 5 kingdoms (Monera, Fungi, Protista, Plantae, Animalia) and the potential implications that these microbiomes have for our mental/emotional and physical health and ability to communicate with the other parts of us.

Enjoy ! B. 😉

Those who want to really understand this idea in depth, should read the works of Lynn Margulis :

Relevant links :

Here are some cool videos related to this monologue.


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