A discussion and assessment of ET contact methods

During my last blog I wrote a draft post in which I assessed other peoples ET contact methods. But a while later I decided to drop the whole thing, as I thought it was likely to provoke some unnecessary hostility. So in this post I’ll be revisiting the subject. I had thought that perhaps I should just introduce you to these other methods but I now think it’s better if I give you some kind of basic assessment of each of them. It won’t be a hard core critique but I will make some kind of experiential based assessment. I won’t be assessing my own contact methods (the one’s I have introduced to you). Instead I’ll leave it to each of you to determine the value of what I have offered.

How is it possible that I can asses other peoples contact methods ? Well, I’ll be assessing each method from a purely intellectual point of view, looking at the logic of the method and by drawing upon my own experience of what works and what doesn’t. I’ll also draw on my own knowledge of people and ETs.

The reason I am writing this post is because many people want to know how to make ET contact. It’s a difficult subject in which there are no experts. But there are people like myself, who can act as guides. So, in this post I’ll try to guide you through some of the methods that others have taught and help you to make sense of them.

Methods for initiating ET contact have been around for a very long time. The oldest method I know of was used by the Aboriginal people of the mountain I have referred to as Burra Burra. I was told by these people, how they used ceremonial songs, interactions with circular glyphs they had made in the granite rocks and specific sounds created by a Bull Roarer and by voice, to make contact with the ancestral beings. Beings who arrived through openings in the air, from craft and via balls of light. Some of these were beings who left impressions in the landscape that today are referred to as simple crop circles. I was told that such sites often became important ceremonial areas and were marked by Scar Trees and Bora Rings.

The modern fascination with ET contact, probably stems from the Contactee movement/period of the 1950’s but really gained the interest of large numbers of people in the mid to late 1960’s, with the age of free love and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius (yeah right !). We now have a network of ET contact groups, which span the entire globe. And an equal number of anti ET contact groups, which also span the entire globe. Most of these groups (for and against), are American in origin and I suspect that the Americanisation of the perception of ETs has had a dramatic influence on how human beings see our cosmic family (there in lay another post in waiting). Some groups such as Kosta Makreas’s ET Lets Talk, have key members who believe in the whole good ET vs bad ET thing, which I strongly disagree with and think is distorting the perception of the reality of the ETs. There exists a great polarity between those like myself, who advocate open ET contact and the nut cases of the world, who advocate against open ET contact and who suggest that people like myself are dangerous to humanity. This polarity reflects the underlying divisions in perception that have always existed in the human race and is likely to expand and become more extreme, rather than contract and mellow.

In this post I’d like to focus on a small number of ET contact methods, particularity those associated with “PK Man” Ted Owens – who regular called the Space Intelligences and predicted catastrophic events, Steven Greer – with his CE- Initiative/CE5 contact protocols, Robert Bingham – the so called UFO Summoner, Todd Michel – the former UFO/Skywatch Guide, Kosta Makreas – with his ET lets Talk group and methods which centre on group connectivity, Jeff Becker – editor of Paths to Contact, the method of the Universal Heart – as practised by some in Japan, the use of Light Visualisations and Mantras.

First, I’d like to say something about individual contact vs group contact. I personally prefer individual contact. It suits my personality. People in general, irritate me and I can imagine nothing more annoying than sitting in a circle with a group of people trying to make contact. But group contact suits some people. I would how ever suggest that anyone interested in initiating ET contact, do so first by themselves. Making contact alone provides the opportunity to understand and work through your fear. It also creates the opportunity for you to see how your mind works and to develop your felt senses. When you attempt to make contact in a group, you’ll be dealing with the dynamics of the group and the individual attitudes, beliefs and fears of each member of the group. If you have a particular member who is not really ready for contact, it will delay or dampen any effort to make contact. In addition, when you make contact as a group, people create distractions like talking and using all manner of electronic devices for personal communication and in an attempt to make ET contact and assess whether the visitors are present. Such distractions can undermine your own ability to make contact and your own development through the process. I suppose however, that for some people, being surrounded by people with latent fears and being distracted, may help them to develop mindfulness and discipline. But most people are not like that and their minds are easily agitated.

Humans have a wide variety of temperaments and at any one time there are more than 7 billion unique personalities on the planet. Because of this, there is no limit to the number of creative ways in which we can initiate ET contact. (I used the word initiate lightly. It’s really an illusion. 9/10 people have had contact but most do not have any awareness of it.) Different methods seem to suit different temperaments. But ultimately I agree with Dude, who suggested that there are only two temperaments – aggressive and non aggressive. Non aggressive people can, with the right guidance, initiate ET contact. Aggressive people cannot, unless SOMEONE has some sort of transformation planned for them.

Steven Greer has been active in this field for a long time. He pioneered the CE-5 Contact Protocols, which are now used by many groups around the world. Most of these groups appear to be English speaking. It’s unclear to me how other cultures perceive his methods. The essence of Steven’s approach involves 3 steps :

  1. Coherent Thought Sequencing – in which people gradually still the mind.
  2. Remote Viewing – in which people see (visualise ?) deep space and look for ETs or ET craft.
  3. Remote Vectoring – in which people show the ETs where they live and how to reach them.

The essence of this approach depends on two things – having a loving intention for contact and entering a state of Samadhi which opens one up to Cosmic Consciousness, in which one becomes pure awareness and is omnipresent. The problem I have with this method is that done in the context of a group, in which the leader talks and guides at different stages. But the major problem I see is that it introduces concepts that are misunderstood. Modern Hinduism has it’s roots in the 4 Vedas (scriptures) the Rig-veda, the Yajur-veda, the Sama-veda and the Atharva-vada. The 4 Vedas lay the original foundation for both Hinduism and Buddhism. But despite having a common point of influence, Hinduism and Buddhism have diverged in their interpretations. The 4 Vedas teach that every individual has a true self (Atman) and a true self that is the creator (Brahman) and that they are essentially the same. The concept of Samadhi has it’s roots in Indian Yoga School of Philosophy (which is 1 of 6 schools of Indian philosophy which evolved from the 4 Vedas). Within the Yoga School, there is the Vedanta School of Philosophy – which includes the 4 Vedas, the Brahmanas, the Upanishads and other Vedantic literature such as the Vedanta Sutras and the Itihasas. In addition to the core scriptures that inform Vedanta, there are many books of commentaries by ancient and modern teachers and because of this there are many different interpretations of individual concepts. From a Vedantic point of view, Samadhi is one of the 8 stages of Yoga, where the mind is clear and empty (spacious like space) and exists with pure awareness. But there are also many different interpretations. Some Advaita/NeoAdvaita teachers also say that Samadhi is a state in which one has a direct experience of the self. The many different schools of Buddhism also have many different interpretations. Vedantic teachings see Atman and Brahman, the soul and God; Buddhism sees the 5 Aggregates that constitute self (thus self is an illusion) and the Ground Luminosity of pure awareness (although it also recognises a subtle consciousness, which we could say is a kind of self).

Coming back to Steven’s teachings. If we enter Samadhi, we supposedly experience Cosmic Consciousness. So which Samadhi is Steven referring to and what does he mean by Cosmic Consciousness ? Is it awareness of everything ? Is it an experience of Brahman ? Is it an experience of the self (what I have called the Greater Self) ? Is it momentary or is it permanent ? I believe that a genuine experience of Cosmic Consciousness in humans is a rare experience, in which one loses all sense of experience of individuality and experiences everything. There is no individual thought, because one is aware of all thought. One is aware of emptiness and all that every was, is or will be. No need to contact ETs remotely because you are ET. You can’t experience that if you’re leading a group, listening to a guide, talking, having any form of mental activity or attempting to go out into space. So this is a very confused idea. Perhaps what Steven is trying to cultivate and teach is temporary form of mental stillness, which is not the same as Samadhi.

I also think that the idea of remote viewing he teaches, is more like visualising. It takes time and practice for people to learn RV. And when people attempt to vector craft in, they are doing so with their own limited knowledge of Earth’s location. I suspect that most people (not all) are visualising what they imagine our location in space to look like. In addition, there is no need to tell the ETs where you are, because once a felt connection is established (if it wasn’t already), they will know where you are.

Finally Steven teaches people to use lasers (an idea that Preston Dennett introduced to him), take photos and videos and use different tools – such as magnetometers and specific tones which are played on an audio device. Look, this might be fun and it allows people to document their experience but it’s also a major distraction. You cannot enter Samadhi or stay in Samadhi while your distracted. And if you’re distracted, you can’t use your own innate abilities to discern the presence of ETs. Personally, I don’t think a person should engage in any of these things when they’re out attempting to make contact.

So why do these Stevens’ contact groups work ? I think there are several reasons, that vary from group to group. First, most of them have a clear intention for contact and pure motivations for contact. Second the ETs know they want contact. Third, some people who have contact are life long contactees, who have an ongoing relationship with the ETs. Forth, the ETs recognise that there are certain individuals and groups that wish to have contact and that these groups are important to the development of human consciousness and they respond to that.

Pros :

  • Comforting for people who like to work with groups.
  • Encourages people to cultivate goodwill and love and transcend interpersonal differences.
  • Encourages people to believe that space faring ETs are benevolent in nature.
  • Provides opportunities for the development of ongoing friendships with those with a common interest and opportunities for networking.

Cons :

  • Introduces confused concepts.
  • Teaches people a light weight introduction to concepts like meditation, Samadhi and Remote Viewing.
  • Creates the false idea that humans can readily experience Samadhi and Cosmic Consciousness.
  • Creates the false idea that humans can readily navigate their way through space and that ETs need to be shown where we are.
  • Creates distractions with the use of lasers and other tools.
  • Discourages people from developing their own innate psychophysical abilities.
  • Courses are expensive.

One of the Et contact groups that utilise Steven Greer’s protocols is Kosta Makreas’s ET Lets Talk group. This is a collective that brings together contact groups from all around the world for a once a month contact event. The last contact event, a few days ago, involved people from 241 ET contact sites in 15 countries. Kosta sends an email out to all members of the group, reminding them of upcoming events, then waits for their confirmation and finally compiles statistics on who participated and some of their experiences. In addition to the basic CE-5 protocols taught by Steven Greer, Kosta encourages participants to :

“Bring your goodwill, love, joy and openness to the experience. The ETs will “pick up” on your noble positive vibrations.”

“Link heart-to-heart with members in your group. Circulate the love energy.”

“Imagine a sphere of love at the centre of your circle with each of your hearts connected to it. Project this column of love energy high up into the sky as a vibrant beacon to our Star Friends.”

“When you go into meditation, in your imagination link up heart-to-heart with all of the other Global ET Contact groups who are joining in all over the planet. Then with love also include our Star Friends as you invite them to your location.”

“Mentally and with your heart, ASK our ET friends what you and we can do in cooperation with them to bring about healing for our planet Earth.”

“Remember ET Contact can come in many forms. It maybe a sighting of a Star Craft, a lucid dream, a telepathic message, a touch on the shoulder or knee, weird electrical phenomenon with communication devices, and so much more. The ETs are very creative and will only communicate when it is safe for them and you.”

Three key things seem to be at the core of Kosta’s approach. First, bringing goodwill and love to contact. Which is absolutely critical to creating the right kind of connection with our ET friends. And second, using imagination to visualise and feel a connection to other group members and to the ETs This kind of approach creates warm and fuzzy feelings in participants. I think it’s good to bring goodwill and love to contact but we have to be careful about how we use our imagination to convey that. Imagination can create a focus for our awareness and consciousness that can create non local connections, but it can also create delusionary experiences. Finally Kosta encourages people to consider the other ways in which contact can occur. And this is the critical thing about contact. When we go out into the field expecting it to look a certain way, we’re more likely to miss how it might really unfold. Contact can take many forms and so it’s important to move past wanting to see lights in the sky and have face to face contact.

Finally Kosta has spoken openly about his belief that there are also unfriendly/hostile groups of ETs. As I said earlier, this is dangerous because it distorts peoples perceptions about the reality of how ETs are and it also creates confusion. Kosta has a large network and the potential to influence a lot of people with what to me, is a false idea. And with such a belief, how are people to make contact with the right ETs ?

Pros :

  • See CE-5 related issues above.
  • Linking like minded people together locally and globally.
  • The potential for the same ETs to react to different contact groups around the planet.
  • The cultivation of good will and love towards other group members and the ETs
  • The cultivation of awareness that ET contact can come in many forms.

Cons :

  • See CE-5 related issues above.
  • The potential for people to create delusions on the back of visualisations that they take to be an expression of something real.
  • Encouraging people to consider false ideas about the nature of space faring ETs
  • With a large network with many people, network and group leaders can become very influential, in ways that are not always useful to individuals.

Moving on from Kosta’s ideas about using visualisation, other people have encouraged the use of visualisation in other ways. Some people visualise light moving from different parts of the body (the head, heart or hands) out into certain desired locations. They may visualise this individually or collectively, or as a networked group. Sometimes as part of the visualisation, they imbue feelings of love, desire, empathy and other forms of emotion that are felt through the sense of connection. They may visualise focusing this light into a particular shape or as a beam, which is then sent out into space, to ET craft or to specific destinations in space – such as the Sirius star system. The idea here is that light acts as a kind of carrier wave, transmitting feeling. Such methods have great potential, provided the right felt experience is cultivated. But as I said earlier, they also have the potential to create delusionary experiences. If the experience is taught or practised as merely a mental exercise or an intellectual exercise in imagination, it’s more likely to create delusionary experiences, than if it is taught or practised as a mental exercise that arises from feeling. This approach should ideally strengthen feeling and it is the feeling that will create contact, not the mental experience.

Pros :

  • Can strengthen mental agility, imagination and the ability to feel.
  • Can create the opportunity to connect with all living things.
  • Easy to practice.

Cons :

  • Can created delusionary experiences and a false impression of contact.
  • Requires genuine felt experience before visualisation is created.
  • Requires a teacher with high levels of self awareness.

Some people have also used mantras to make ET contact. Mantras mean different things to different people. A mantra is as I understand it a set of syllables, derived from any language, that create a particular acoustic vibration in the body and subsequently a specific energy, felt sense and emotion. Certain mantras are supposed to have sacred meanings. Mantras such as the OM syllable, which is supposed to be the primordial sound of nothingness. Most ancient scriptures in Buddhism and Hinduism talk about specific mantras, some of which supposed to be associated with certain Chakras. It is my feeling that many of these idea have their roots in the New Age movement and little to do with the genuine teachings that are found in Hindu or Buddhist scriptures. But mantras can also be made up and such mantras also have the potential to have similar effects. Here’s a method I learned from Lawrence LeShan (father of the modern Mind Body Medicine movement in the US and a significant contributor to the field of paranormal studies and meditation). Take a telephone book and turn to a random page. Choose any word and take the first two letters. Turn to another page and choose another word and take the middle two syllables. Then turn to a final page and take the final two syllables. Putt the syllables together into a mantra and speak slowly and then fast. You can create any kind of variation you want. I used to use this method with my own variations when I taught self awareness classes and they had a profound impact on participants.

Some people speak or sing or chant specific mantras within themselves or out loud with eyes closed or looking up at the sky and claim it creates ET contact. I don’t think it does this at all. I think what it does do is that it anchors the mind on a sound, creates a good feeling and provides stability for a person to focus their intention for ET contact. Similarly I don’t think mantras do much at all to help in meditation or the practice of cultivating self awareness. They are another trap. A kind of mental gymnastics that make people feel warm and fuzzy. And a trap for the ego.

Pros :

  • Fun and enjoyable to practice.
  • Anchors the mind to allow focused intention.

Cons :

  • In themselves, they are useless for creating ET contact.
  • Waste of time.
  • Create further delusion and distraction.

The editor of Paths to Contact, Jeff Becker, has a remarkably simple method for making and/or facilitating contact. Jeff “thinks at the sky” and asks for conformation from our ET friends, in the form of directed light responses. He may ask beings on board a craft to direct a light in a particular direction in response to a specific question or to blink so many times. This is a novel and creative idea that takes ET contact to a place of direct interaction. There are so many creative ways in which you could interact with the ETs when they are in their craft. You could start by thinking of a craft as an on/off switch, a 0/1, a yes/no – in which the ETs make a conscious choice to interact with you. You could potentially use all kinds of simple codes to create to communicate with the ETs (assuming you hadn’t established telepathic/telempathic contact). The one critical thing to be aware of here, is that the ETs have their own will and their own desire. They will react if they choose to, so don’t expect them to do what you want. Ask them and see what happens. That’s what Jeff did and as a result of positive affirmations, he was able to develop a simple system of communicating, that seems to work. You could potentially take this idea a step further and ask the ETs to interact with you in all manner of ways.

Pros :

  • Can create direct communication between humans and ETs
  • Easy to practice.
  • Responses are easy to recognise.
  • Easy to implement.

Cons :

  • Mis-perceptions can occur.
  • Requires ET cooperation and so one must be careful of expectations.
  • Communications are not as revealing as face to face contact.

My friend Kiyoshi Amamiya, told my Project Pleroma FB group of simple method practised by some people in Japan. It translates into something like the Universal Heart Method. This method involves feeling deep love for humanity and for all beings and sending out a heart felt request for contact and simply letting go and trusting that contact will occur when it occurs. As I understand it, this method has at it’s foundation Buddhist compassion. Perhaps what’s different about this method is that has arisen over a long period of time in Japanese culture, which unlike many western cultures, values respect. It’s unsaid assumption is that all beings deserve our respect and that we are all connected by suffering and by love. I think the Japanese have a lot to teach others about ET contact, based on these principles.

Pros :

  • Love takes no effort at all.
  • Feeling love for other beings transforms the heart, thoughts and actions.
  • Love and compassion lay the foundation for easy contact.
  • There is really nothing to do but to send out a felt request.

Cons :

  • Lots of people are good at faking love and compassion – faking love and compassion, won’t create contact.

My friend Todd Michael was a UFO guide/Sky Watch tour guide at Ye Old UFO Store in Sedona, Arizona. Todd was a former NSA/USAF employee, who turned his back on a conventional life and began to cultivate an interest in interspecies contact, such as contact with ETs and Big Foot. Todd began inviting ETs into his home and developing different ways of making contact with them. During his Sky Watch Tours, Todd took out small parties out to see UFOs and to make ET contact. He took many people to the famous Bradshaw Ranch, where they frequently encountered unusual phenomenon. Todd used poetry as away of transforming his old ways of functioning and receiving ET messages. As a result of his Sky Watch tours, Todd realised that successful contact is related to a persons belief, attitude and fear. And he realised that not everyone is ready for contact, even though they often think they are. During contact, Todd taught participants to use up to 8 different senses to perceive the ETs presence and encouraged people to be prepared for contact during and after the contact event. Whilst there are some similarities between Todd’s approach and the CE-5 Contact Protocols, the cornerstone of Todd’s approach, as I understand it, is a clear intention for contact. Todd encourages people to ask for contact and to be prepared to recognize signs of some kind of response. Todd is one of those people who also recognises that contact can come in any form and at any time and the importance of subduing expectations.

Pros :

  • Developing the senses beyond the 5 physical senses is critical to the perception of the ET presence.
  • Poetry can be a useful method to loosening up rigid thinking and other aspects of self.
  • Clear intent helps to focus the desire for contact.
  • Other sentient beings can communicate to us through different messages if we are willing to perceive them but in our desperation for contact, we can imagine what doesn’t exist.

Cons :

  • It’s easy to turn something ordinary into a message and make something out of nothing. Careful discernment and self awareness are required when looking out for messages.

Robert Bingham calls himself The UFO Summoner and I don’t know if he means that as a joke or if he means it literally. If he means it literally, that’s a pretty arrogant thing to call yourself. As I understand it, to summon, is to command. And no human being can command an ET to do anything.

Robert’s approach to ET contact is very public. He announces a contact event at a specific location, people come for the show, he makes contact at the event and people watch as strange morphing UFOs that look very much like different shaped balloons materialise in the sky, with strange string or ribbon like tethers attached to them. Robert films the whole event and uploads his videos with an analysis of each of the contact events. These days I’m very sceptical of Robert’s claims but perhaps in his own free time (away from public attention), Robert is having contact.

The method Robert teaches works something like this. He suggests people keep very still, focus on a very specific part of the sky and send out a loving intention for contact to that part of the sky. Robert believes that thoughts travel out through the eyes into the sky and are picked up by the ETs

Fundamentally I see no problem with this approach. But some of Roberts assumptions, including the belief that thought travels through the eyes, are a little peculiar.

Pros :

  • Loving intention is the glue that builds a bridge for ET contact.
  • This method is relatively easy.

Cons :

  • This is a method which is built on some strange assumptions.
  • This method doesn’t teach people how to perceive the presence of ETs
  • ET contact should never be a public spectacle.

I’ve saved the most complex and unusual ET contact method for last. The method taught by Ted Owens, the so called PK Man (PsychoKinesis Man). Ted was a very complex and flamboyant character and if you’re interested in him, I suggest you read Jeffrey Mishlove’s book about him called The PK Man and Ted’s own book How to Contact The Space People.

I think the best way to introduce you to Ted’s contact method is to provide you with an extract from his book that I found here http://ufos.50webs.com/10_en.htm. Let me preface this extract by saying that I think Ted’s description is difficult to follow. It’s vague and confusing and lacks lots of key intermediate steps that would make it easier to understand. I don’t know or sure if Ted did have the experiences he claims to have had but his description of how to make contact is worth trying to understand.



Well, dear readers, enough of all this. I hope you are convinced by now that I have, and can, communicate at will with flying saucers. If there are any among you who can predict UFO appearances in a certain area, and it does occur there within a few days, or even a couple of weeks, then I will believe you.

So we will now pass on to the actual means of communication – what you bought the book for – so that perhaps you, too, can communicate with the Si’s. But I have to teach you a certain way. The best way to begin is to tell you how I started.

In water-witching, a forked twig is held in the hands, and experts find water with it. In my rain-making, and causing lighting to strike, a certain technique is used. I extend my fingers at the skies, and visualise in my mind’s eye lightning reaching from my fingers up into the sky. On the sky itself I superimpose, in my mind’s eye, the words, “Rain, storm, thunder, lightning”. I sense that the lightning from my fingers will cause storm conditions, and crystallise them for the finished product. In my mind’s eye I see silent, motionless trees being bent almost double by powerful wind, and I again see, superimposed over the sunny landscape, black sheets of rain beating down.

After doing this for 10 to 20 minutes, I cease. That’s it. I know that within hours, or a few days, the storm will come. That’s the way I made the powerful Phoenix storms. Later on I discovered that the Si’s had given me, without my knowing it, a long, long vocabulary of symbols to use – sent into my mind’s eye, and then picked up and acted upon by them. How do they talk to me? It comes to me like a streak of lightning. In an instant, I receive a complete, complicated answer to write of my contacts, composed of perhaps three or four predictions, with details. If you have ever had an idea, or any inspirational thought come to you, that’s how it is. One moment you are working at something mundane – the next moment you have received all the Si’s information, the message. In the beginning, of course, I had to test it to make sure it was not just imagination. After 180 major predictions had come to pass, concerning earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., – I knew for sure that it was not imagination.


People ask, “How do you tell the difference between Si messages and your own thoughts, or imagination?”

Well, I know just as surely as I can look through my eyes and tell whether it is light or dark – or if what I am feeling with my fingers is soft or hard. I can easily tell the difference. And of course, after you have experienced the action and the feeling several times, it becomes familiar to you.

Now, in 1965, after I discovered it was actually UFOs that I was dealing with, and not Nature, the UFOs gave me a system to use to call upon them, just as if I’d pick up a phone and talk. They showed me, in my mind’s eye, a small chamber. Inside the chamber were two small creatures, resembling grasshoppers, and insect like, but standing on two legs. These creatures looked down into a large, round oval machine. In it they could see me. If I talked, they heard the sound, but the machine quickly turned the sound into symbols, then the symbols into very high-frequency sound which they could understand.

Thus, I would talk to them in English, which would jump around into odd symbols on the screen, then result in a high whistling sound, which they understood. After talking with them for months in this manner, they suddenly, one day, pointed to a wall, upon which was a screen. They made me know that their “boss”, or Higher Intelligence, would appear on this screen, and for very important communications I was to appear on the round screen and ask for “Control”, and their Higher Intelligence would appear and listen to me.

And this is what happened. It wasn’t a face that appeared in the screen on the wall, but a shadow which had the form of a face. The only thing to be seen clearly were two green eyes, shining from the screen. They made me know that their Higher Intelligence is made up of what we call light. No form at all. But it had made a “face” out of shadow on the screen to converse with me, because that’s what I am used to talking to – a human face.


To sum up: No matter where I am or what I am doing, I can reach the Si’s instantly by calling up this mental picture of the craft or chamber with the two beings in it, and seeing my face appear on the round machine, then mentally see myself telling the Si’s what is needed, or what is going on. They have made a signal for me. When I request something to happen, they flash a bright light inside the chamber once for “yes” and twice for “no”. “Yes” means that they will bring it about. Two flashes, or “no”, means either that they cannot do it, or will not. And as their intelligence is based upon an infinite source, rather than our limited source, I humbly bow to their decisions.

They can see ahead in time, for instance. They contacted me one day and told me to warn the U.S. that the North Vietnamese would attack our carriers in Viet Nam within a few days. I called the CIA immediately and reported it. Two days later the North Vietnamese struck in a sneak attack with torpedo boats against our carriers, which were waiting for them and blew them out of the water. This is one of my 180 cases.

Their time is different from ours, and this is the main thing that presents the Si’s with difficulty. They operate through what they call “time windows”, producing physical effects upon our world, from their world. Their world, they tell me, is another dimension. They can produce effects from their dimension which take action and produce physical effects in our dimension.

When they simply vanish from a radar screen, instead of moving off the screen, as they have often done, they have switched to their own dimension, just like you would switch on a light. When they are ready to visit us again, they switch back to our dimension, and appear again on the radar screen, as they have also done.

But let’s get back to communications. In the beginning they gave me a “vocabulary” of mental symbols to use. For instance, I would see in my mind’s eye a white box labeled “Fire PK”, observe the box open, see the fireballs come out of it, and see these strange symbols float across the map of the U.S. to the West Coast – and in the papers, within a few days, or a few weeks, there would come strange-looking things which would float across the map in my mind past Florida and out into the water, where I understood they were planted, like seeds. Then the seeds grew, and the hurricanes came forth. From 1963 to 1965, that’s how it was – different mental symbols producing different effects.


Then in 1965 it changed. When I discovered the “chamber” method all I had to do to get results was to draw a “PK map” filled with symbols and show it on the oval machine. Then I learned to talk on the machine, and skipped the PK maps. Then they had me show them news clippings on the oval machine, from my eyes to my mind to their machine. Funny thing was – it almost always worked. That is, things happened later as a result of it, 88% of the time. The other 12% of the time it didn’t, the Si’s blamed on their “time-windows”.

So, you say, dear readers, “Well that’s fine… but how do I go about communicating with flying saucers?”

Reading how I have done it, you can imitate the method. That puts you way ahead of the game.

The Si’s have told me that they put me up to this: giving out my secrets, which up to this time have been disclosed to no other human. For they wish to try to communicate with other humans besides myself. They have even constructed, in their own way, a sort of ESP channel or frequency by which this can be done by persons using my “chamber” method, with Tweeter and Twitter (my nicknames for the two strange insect-like creatures inside) in the chamber looking into the oval machine.

One thing to beware of: make sure you are willing to pay the price for contacting Si’s. For instance, if I suddenly gave you a million dollars, you would probably destroy yourself in one way or another in jig time. Buy an expensive car, and crash it. Drink yourself to death, etc. Money is power, and you’d have too much power. It is the same with this. If you succeed in contacting the Si’s, and some of you will (since that is the Si’s wish), then they will contact you. Since this communication is all done through the medium of whatever it is, is going to have to be handled by the power of your own mind. They have told me I am the first human since the days of Moses to be able to withstand the reception of their mental sending power, or whatever it is. They have found other humans who were peculiarly adapted toward Si reception, through the years, but when they beamed or projected or whatever it is they do, the humans either cracked up completely or had strokes or cerebral hemorrhages that destroyed them.


The scientist, Zakow, mentioned earlier in this book, told me that he could understand why I had managed to withstand the awesome power-intelligence of the Si’s, when they loaded my brain with it, and why others through the long years had failed to receive it and survive:


For years I studied Roth’s memory system. You can get the book yourself at a book store. And I practiced memorizing lists of things, using mental associations, or pictures in my mind that, in an hour, I could memorize an entire magazine. I actually gave night club and stage performances, doing this. But what it was doing was making a mental muscle – that that when Si’s finally got through to me, I could handle their type of mental power, because of my years of practicing these unusual mental gymnastics.


I am a master of auto-hypnosis. As a matter of fact, I used to teach this technique to other people. I specialized in it. And throughout the years, as I taught others how to hypnotize themselves, I was also deepening my own state of auto-hypnosis, so that it got so deep on my part that the Si’s could tune in to me. Zakow said he did not believe the Si’s could have reached me mentally without my deep experience and knowledge of self-hypnosis.

Therefore: Learn the Roth system of memory, if you can – even 20 code words, and practice them until you are automatic with them. Then get the book, “Autoconditioning”, by Dr. Hornell Hart, and see what you can do about learning a bit of self-hypnosis. It is very easy to learn. Almost everyone can learn it. Thus the memory training and auto-hypnosis will increase your chance of success in reaching and working with the Si’s.

This is the right way to see a flying saucer, and perhaps meet one. Do what I have told you, practicing the simple memory stunts, and learning self-hypnosis. Then, with your eyes closed, visualize a room, or chamber, with the two insect-like creatures standing over a round instrument like a kettle drum, but with a glass lens on top. Next visualize your own face peering up out of that glass lens (in effect, you are looking over the shoulders of the creatures); or looking from the side of them. Then think the words you want to tell them, and while you think the words see your mouth on the lens shaping the words you are thinking. That is as far as I can take you. That is what the Si’s have told me to tell you.

If you want to try to meet their craft, go through the above and tell them you will go out into the country the next day, or in two days, etc. Then go out into the country, preferably after dark, to an area where there are no people and where you definitely won’t be interrupted. Switch on a strong flashlight, set it down upon the ground, with its beam up into the air, and sit down in the dark.

If a UFO ever does come to you, force yourself to sit still. Put your hands out, palms outward, on the ground by your side, or in your lap. As it comes close, or as the intelligences get close, you may want to scream, and a sort of force or pressure may make you want to run run run. But if you can stick it out, you’ll meet the Si’s. I went through that ordeal one time, and will never forget it as long as I live. My hair stood up on my head; I could hardly get my breath; It was ghastly!


But wouldn’t it be worth it – to meet a Si ?

This is what I think Ted’s method is all about. Fundamentally I think he is using focussed intention to create what he wishes to experience – such as the formation of specific weather conditions. This requires a felt experience of what one desires. It’s a method that has been practised for thousands of years in all ancient cultures. In modern times, such ideas as The Law of Attraction and The Secret teach something similar and both have their origins in the New Thought Movement of the 1900’s. What I think such ideas lack is an ethical framework. Especially the way that Ted practised them. Do we have the right to change environmental conditions and cause harm to other living beings ? I don’t think we do. When I was taught about such things, I was told to use them wisely and with consideration for the well being of others.

There seems to be 4 steps critical to how Ted changed the weather :

  1. See what you want.
  2. Use symbols to create what you want.
  3. Feel the experience of what you want.
  4. Know that it will happen and feel that certainty.

This is an over simplification but I think it suggests a basic framework for how such methods work. Consciousness and felt intention are the key.

Ted’s approach to contacting ETs is similar but a little more complex. From what I can understand, it depends on creating a shared system of communication. One in which symbols are used to communicate or to create different effects. The symbols were created in a chamber that Ted visualised. In this chamber Ted saw the ETs he called Tweeter and Twitter. And they used a simple binary system of flashes of bright light to confirm whether they would or would not respond to Ted’s requests. When Ted spoke to the beings, his voice or thoughts were transformed into symbols. And the ETs gave Ted a ““vocabulary” of symbols”, for him to communicate with them about what he wanted – which we might think of as a kind of dictionary or encyclopaedia.

Assuming Ted’s contacts were real and not just in his imagination, I think this suggests a number of possibilities. First that Ted did actually communicate with ETs and they found a common set of symbols (language) to communicate. Second that Ted was actually using focussed intention to create an Internal World to communicate with ETs via a symbol system that was comfortable for him (see my posts on the Internal Worlds Contact Method I created). Third, both possibilities were happening at once. It’s interesting that he says “When I discovered the “chamber” method all I had to do to get results was to draw a “PK map” filled with symbols and show it on the oval machine. Then I learned to talk on the machine, and skipped the PK maps.” It’s as if Ted developed a different set of skills over time. Starting with a PK Map (a cluster of symbols- think of words on a page in the same way) and then bypassed the symbols as he learned how to interpret the incoming messages and found a more direct way to transmit his thoughts. But he doesn’t seem to elaborate on just how he did this. Interestingly though he acknowledges that Tweeter and Twitter had constructed “a sort of ESP channel or frequency” through the system they gave him to use. So perhaps it’s plausible that the ETs helped Ted to develop his own Internal World in which to communicate with them.

I find it interesting as well that Ted suggests that “their intelligence is based upon an infinite source, rather than our limited source,”. But what is that infinite source ? Perhaps it is the Higher Intelligence that Ted suggested “is made up of what we call light. No form at all.”. That sounds a lot like the Light that I encountered in the experience I had of being taken to merge with The Light. But it’s unusual that these beings seemed to have responded to the being in a hierarchical kind of manner, rather than recognising what is within them.

Ted makes it very clear that he has gratitude to these beings when he says “I humbly bow to their decisions.” And I think it’s important to note that gratitude should be at the core of all ET contact. I think it’s interesting that he acknowledges “Since this communication is all done through the medium of whatever it is, is going to have to be handled by the power of your own mind.” and how difficult this can be. But to be honest, from my own experience, the ETs only give you what you can handle. It’s our reactions that are the problem and recognising the fear that arises when we interact with the unknown. Ted’s spot on when he suggests “If a UFO ever does come to you, force yourself to sit still.” I don’t think any level of auto hypnosis is necessary but I think the key element in hypnosis that helps ET contact is deep relaxation. Nor do I think it is necessary to master any specific memory techniques. This may have been an advantage to Ted, who wanted to create strange events but it’s not necessary for ordinary ET contact.

I think what isn’t said in Ted’s narrative, is that visualisation plus felt intention builds a bridge to ET contact. The more you visualise and allow yourself to feel emotions and physical sensations as a response to what you’re seeing, the more the experience becomes real. And if you have a strong heart felt intention for contact and you allow yourself to create or see an internal world, you create the possibility for making contact in a shared space that is subjectively real and real in some objective way.

I don’t fully understand what Ted Owens was all about or what he exactly did to establish ET contact. But it’s clear to me that he was very frustrated with people ignoring him. It’s a shame he didn’t act out of compassion and let his ego get the better of him. I also find it peculiar that he never learned any more about the identity of the Space Intelligences or met any other ETs, other than Tweeter and Twitter. But he left a profound legacy and its worth taking the time to really understand what it is that he practised. I’ve only scraped the surface of what he did and I think it deserves a more thorough analysis. But hopefully this introduction will help you to consider the role of consciousness and perception in making ET contact.

Pros :

  • Draws upon heart felt intention.
  • Encourages trust.
  • Teaches one to connect imagination and visualisation to feeling.
  • Pushes consciousness outside of perceptions of ordinary reality.

Cons :

  • Demands a disciplined mind.
  • May encourage delusionary states of mind.
  • Fosters the development of unaware ego.
  • Complex and difficult to understand.
  • Requires practice.
  • Requires the creation of novel symbol systems.
  • Restricted to contact with only 1 race of ETs (if you go by Ted’s narrative).
  • Requires a good moral compass and ethical framework.

ET contact is a creative endevour that varies with personality and temperament and where you’re at in life and in your spiritual development. There are an unlimited number of ways to make contact.

But the methods that I think are most effective are those that link a heart felt focussed intention, with gratitude and a lack of expectation. They link the individual with the all and help the individual to recognise the interconnection of all of existence. A person should know why they want to have contact and that should become the foundation for any method.

It wasn’t my intention to be overly critical of any of the individuals mentioned in this post or of the methods they use. It was simply my wish to introduce you to some of the common methods that people use. Ultimately you need to figure out what works for you and what you think of the people and the methods I’ve spoken about.

You can read more here :

Steven Greer – http://www.disclosureproject.org & http://www.cseti.org/ce5.htm

CE5 Contact Protocols – http://www.beyondweird.com/ufos/CSETI_Investigation_Protocols.html

Kosta Makreas – http://etletstalk.com/

Jeff Becker – http://pathstocontact.org/ & http://www.amazon.com/Paths-Contact-True-Stories-Underground/dp/1481016059

Kiyoshi Amamiya – https://www.facebook.com/kiyoshi.amamiya?fref=tl_fr_box

Todd Michael – https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ToddMichael & http://sasquatchpeople.com/tag/todd-michael/

Robert Bingham – http://robertbingham.org/site/

PK Man (Ted Owns) – http://www.amazon.com/The-PK-Man-Story-Matter/dp/1571741836 &



About brightgarlick

Ecclectic kinda guy, who loves life and saviours each day as it is.

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  1. Thanx for the insights of other contact methods Bright !
    I didn’t know about those other people (beside S. Greer), it was very informative. That’s the kind of things I never have time to really research, but here I get it on a silver plate 😉

    Good luck with the relocation Bright 😉

  2. Am a Space Intelligences contact.

    Under $urveillance by $CIA$KGB$ $FBI$FSB$ $NSA$NKVD$ the past 45 years for

    Pro Peace Anti War
    Pro Environment Anti Nuclear

    sentiments and activities.

    Can vouch for existence of SI’s and constant $urveillance harassment intimidation suffered by Ted Ownens, Ted Owens family and many many other authentic UFO contactees.

    • Hello Intelligences. Thanks for your comment ! Yes I can imagine that Ted and his family had it hard ! They don’t like individuals and situations they can’t control. And by all accounts Ted was very uncontrollable !

      I can understand your own frustrations too with surveillance. It is difficult but that’s where I guess we have to decide where we draw the line in our own activities and how to maintain our own integrity !

      Great to see that you have Ted’s work online ! He was an enigmatic man who deserves to be understood !

      Keep up the great work !

      Bright. 😉

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