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The Hardest Things About Sharing ET Contact

When I made a decision in 2000 to first start sharing my ET contact experiences, I did so reluctantly, with little sense of just how much hostile criticism I’d receive. At the time, I was going through an incredibly hard time after the birth of my son the year before. He was born with congenital heart disease and we were paranoid that we would lose him. I had also gone back to study social work and on my off days I was working at a piggery (where I reluctantly injected 5,000 pigs a day with growth hormonen – a job I hated !), just to keep my car on the road. Life was fucking hard and I was struggling to cope ! To top it off I was having otherworldly experiences that left me feeling very alone. There was no one apart from Rachel, who I could turn to to make sense of things. So I turned to the internet. But in the end all I found was hostility and judgement and so I turned my back on sharing until I started my last blog Otherworldly Encounters in 2009.

From 1991 – when I had my first conscious encounter, onwards, I had but one other person in my life to help make sense of what was happening when I/we experienced these encounters. I found little if any help on the internet ! The only real help of any value that I found, was the work of Dr John Mack – which highlighted that other experiencers were having similar struggles integrating their experiences. Later, conversations with Preston Dennett confirmed my suspicions about the types of people that ETs were in contact with. Overall I found that most of the material about ET contact on the internet, was a repetition of the same old garbage and cultural memes and it just didn’t resonate with what I was experiencing. Even to this day, that is still the case. It was only by talking to people like Preston, that it became clear to me that much of what passes as contact on the internet, isn’t what people are experiencing in actuality.

When I began sharing, I turned to the internet looking for help but after turning my back on the internet for 8 years, I returned, not to seek help but to share a different perspective on the phenomenon. I was still active on the internet from 2001-2008, I just didn’t share anything. Instead I did what I did in the early 90’s with the ARRNet (when monochrome green was hot and waiting a day for a reply was fast) – I read as much as I could online and tried to figure out just what it was that people believed they were experiencing. Over the course of that time, I came to see my own experiences completely differently to most people and to see the wider phenomenon in a completely different light. One which included an all pervasive psychological perspective that remained largely hidden from popular discourse. I also came to see that the general perceptions of ET contact were shaped by what I came to think of as Americanism (Whiteyitis or Californicated Thinking) – something to this day I detest and which most people appear to remain completely unaware of.

I thought sharing would be easier because the subject had been out in the public domain for almost another decade and I thought people were more open. But sharing wasn’t any easier ! In the first few months that I began sharing I received regular hate mail and nasty messages. I also received a couple of death threats (one of which came from a supposed serial killer who I challenged online, independent of the ET subject). When I posted my first videos, the hate mail and nasty messages intensified and it became very personal. One person, Robbert van den Broeke (a fraud if ever there was ! – even went so far as to wish that I would die of cancer, at a time when my tumours had returned with a vengeance and I was very sick (he claimed of course that someone had hijacked his email !). I had been a member of several forums and eventually I left Project Avalon Forum because the hostility was making me sicker. I was a fool to have ever joined that group but I did meet some very good people there !



In 2012 a small time Hollywood actor sent me a small HD video camera and encouraged me to make a How to Make Contact video series. Something I had already considered but wanted to do when I was ready and up to it. I mean my tumours had returned the year before and I still felt pretty shit ! As kind as this person’s gesture was, I wasn’t willing to be controlled by someone else. This person planned on scripting the project and I suspect editing the series and when I said ‘No, I’m not ready !’, he became very aggressive and nasty and demanded I send the camera back. I did so and he claimed he never received the camera back. I didn’t pay for tracking because I didn’t care to pay, I just wanted the camera and the controlling ego out of my life ! Fortunately that was the end of it and I haven’t heard from him since !

A few years ago a well known person in this field wrote to me under a pseudonym and offered to help my son and I financially and to visit, at a time when I was very sick and had my first fundraiser. Rachel and Dude had warned me what he was about to do, so I promptly ignored his emails. I appreciated the offer but I didn’t appreciate him pretending to be someone else. I felt like he wanted to know what I know. Now unlike a lot of people, I don’t hate this person. There are a lot of things he has said and done I don’t like but I also acknowledge that he has done a lot of good and created a lot of healthy dialogue about this subject. I would just have preferred that he was transparent. And I know he isn’t the only person or agency to have written to me under a pseudonym.

Since those first videos many people have attacked me for mumbling. Little do they know I’ve been critiqued for that since I was at university. Sometimes I do talk quietly and here’s why. In the late 80’s and early 90’s I listened to a lot of heavy metal and noise at high volume and I did some significant damage to my ear drums – so much so that today I can’t hear certain frequencies. When I speak, things seem louder than they actually are. I’ve done a lot of group work and public speaking and I actually have a very loud voice when I choose to project it (I always thought I’d like to have a go at one of those heavy metal growling world records). But out here, I live a very quiet life with my son and the trees and the birds. I have no reason to speak loud. So when I make a recording I often forget to speak louder because it sounds loud enough to my ears. It’s just one of those petty little things that pisses me off and prevents me from wanting to share more. These days I have a thicker skin but it’s still annoying !



In early 1994 I was a no one, invisible to everyone – except a covert group that was in contact with Dude (but I didn’t know that then). Then when I met Rachel in late 1994, I came under the scrutiny of the same group in England (via a well known tech company in Australia). They did their normal surveillance and screened my family. They discovered I had an uncle who was a former con, a paedophile and a drug addict and that my mother had OCD and had suffered post natal depression. I was deemed a weak link but of no significant threat. I never made a splash at school or university. I worked hard and remained out of sight. And yet I felt very much like the Julian Assanges of the world. But no one in 1994 knew that because I’d never done anything subversive. Then after I started my blog in 2009 I became aware of the online monitoring of all our electronic communications. Rachel had warned me about the extent of global surveillance (details of which go further than you’ve heard from Snowden so far) in late 94 but back then I was dubious about her claims. Since then, nearly everything she disclosed to me (the general outlines – she was careful not to breach her security oath) has come to light in the public domain. Dude further clarified many of the things she’d hinted at and the workings of The Architecture.

Up until 2012 I did little to protect my privacy. The only thing I did do from about 2005, is that when I wanted to research something potentially delicate, I did it in a public library (under a pseudonym if I had to) and in internet cafe’s, so that I wouldn’t leave any kind of personal trace. And it’s something I still do today to protect my privacy. I only ever research things from home, that I’m totally comfortable with others knowing. Everything else is done off site. I never talk about important things over the phone !

In 2007 I stopped using a mobile phone on a frequent basis and stopped carrying one around in 2012. Partly for health reasons and partly for privacy. I only ever use my son’s phone or an old phone, if I have to. I don’t carry one, travel with one, store anything of value or upload any information of importance on a mobile phone. I often travel a long way from home without a phone. Just like the good ole days, when we survived without them !

After I shared my first videos in 2012, I became aware of physical monitoring – when a number of individuals with connections to SAIC ( came to investigate my January 19th 2011 experience in Halls Gap, Grampians. I was told they were coming before they arrived and saw evidence of their visit. One day I actually watched them assessing the sight. The monitoring continued after 2012 (but it may have been a different group) and I realised that the more I give out, the more they’re going to keep tabs on what I claim to experience. It was obvious that they want to know what is real and what is not. I knew from Rachel’s previous work that this is what certain agencies do. They investigate and monitor significant claims of ET contact. Some turn out to be bogus and others turn out to be real. The difference between the work done by the group that investigated my contacts and Rachel’s group was that her group used gifted psychics to bilocate back to potential events to confirm if they were real and the SAIC related group simply collected residual site data. Both groups were involved in surveillance and monitoring targeted individuals.

Later when we moved back to our farm, the surveillance and monitoring continued and as a result I set up a series of trail cameras around the property to collect evidence of subversive activity. I know they watch our home from time to time and have photos of our home and probably have satellite imagery but I don’t really care. Dude or one of the other ETs will always tell me when they’re coming.

I’ve come to accept that surveillance and monitoring are apart of life. What these groups don’t seem to realise is that it’s helped me to build a profile on them and to learn who they are – both electronically and psychically !

I’ve come to detest the surveillance and monitoring but I know that these people are only doing their job. It’s their controllers I hate. And I mean hate. I don’t back away from feeling that emotion. No love and light here ! I know the kinds of activities these people orchestrate and I utterly loath what they represent !

The thing I really dislike however are the crazies. The nutcases who pose a real threat to my life and the lives of people I care about. These people are often religious fundamentalists but not always. The fact that I suggest that space faring ETs are benevolent in nature and want to teach people how to make contact, seems to attract the worst kinds of human beings. The one’s who relish division and separation and who seem to see me as some kind of devil who needs to be eliminated. I’ve had run ins with a few of these kinds of people (even worked with a few) and I feel that the world is better off without them ! They pose a threat to anyone who comes in contact with them. And I have no time for them. That’s why I will never disclose where I live (at the time) and why begrudgingly, I must remain totally quiet about my experiences in my local community.

Before my sister died, I had told her a number of things about my ET contact experiences and I even asked Dude to visit her on her death bed – which he did. Two of my other sisters know a little about what I have experienced and my mother knows a little. But as yet I have been unable to approach the issue with my father. And that is incredibly difficult to sit with because it means that my father will never really know who I am. My experiences are such an integral part of my experience of life and it really hurts me that I have to partition myself around my father. My father maybe open to the subject. I don’t know. I know he saw UFOs on radar when he was flying in the RAAF and he has at times expressed an openness to the subject (while at other times expressed ridicule of the subject). But it is for example, a big leap from UFOs on radar to Dude and Anamika or to disclosing that the ETs showed me his daughters looming death years before it happened ! I’ve come close to opening up a few times but have been cautioned that now is not the time and in hindsight I think it would have been a mistake. But I would like to imagine that I can share some of my experiences with my father before one of us dies !

After 2012 when I began sharing my experiences on video, I decided I would try and tell the story of several of my encounters in full. But I quickly realised that it took more effort than I realised and it was exhausting. Add the dumb comments and the hostility and it just didn’t seem worth it. Which is why I have’t done much since. When my tumours returned in 2011, I thought I should share what I could – just in case I didn’t make it. Then as my health grew worse I realised that I was making things worse by sharing, so I pulled back. Now it’s all about harmony. I have to harmonise between giving and receiving. I can’t afford to share unless it’s worth it. I don’t have the energy to share when it makes me sicker. Staying alive is my number one priority. My son is my number two priority. Sharing my ET contact experiences, just doesn’t rate on a list of my priorities. So I share when I can. When I’m up to it and when I feel it’s worth it. I can’t share when it compromises my health or my life ! It isn’t that important ! But I’ve made lots of mistakes and been a fool for making myself so sick ! I have no one to blame but myself !



At different times, so many people have tried to gain something from me for nothing. What do I mean by that ? I mean they want something that I have, in return for nothing. For a long time I did that. I answered every email, every message, every comment and I responded to every attack- no matter how much it drained me or made me feel sick. I was a complete dickhead ! So these days I have to ask myself, ‘What’s in it for me ?’. Now that might seem awfully selfish but my life depends on it ! I have to figure out if every single interaction is worth it ! I have to determine what impact giving my energy away will have, what impact the things I share will have, what impact interacting with every person will have ! Which is why I no longer allow comments on my experience videos and I don’t allow every comment on the blog. And it’s also why from time to time I ignore people or I tell them to fuck off ! You wouldn’t believe the things people ask of me or how needy or dependent some people are ! And the worst people of all, are people with money ! I know there are a lot of good people with money who are regulars and I’m not talking about you. I’m taking about the people who write to me begging for help, who never offer anything in return – not even a thanks ! I just want to send those people an arsehole bomb !

I’ve said before that my time sharing my ET contact experiences is time limited. I can’t wait to disappear, to grow more trees and to publish my novels ! I like helping people and I really appreciate when other people understand what I’m trying to convey and learn to think about things for themselves. But sadly, that isn’t the majority. The majority want to be spoon fed and want something for nothing and want to take, take, take and never think for themselves. So all the work I do in relation to this subject, is for the very small minority who get it and who are open minded and open hearted enough to look beyond what’s popular. But it’s also for those who are yet unborn and for generations in the future who will look back and try to understand the small numbers of people who were in contact with ETs, who understood what it’s all about.



If I had my time again, I would remain invisible and keep everything out of the pubic domain. And that’s what I’d recommend to others in a similar position – stay invisible, cherish this as your own personal experience and share your experience only with people you trust in real life. Because at the end of the day, I’m not sure that it’s worth it overall. It isn’t worth the drama and the suffering ! But it is worth it in a host of small ways. The friendships and acquaintances are worth it ! Knowing that others are catching on to what I’m sharing makes it worth it ! Knowing that I’m helping a small number of people to understand themselves and the true nature of the self makes it worth it ! Knowing that I offer an antidote to the mass ignorance and stupidity makes it worth it ! Knowing that I can educate a small number of people about who the ETs are and what they’re like, is worth it !

I am however just one small man with a very small voice, that has something to say that is drowned out by the voice of the masses and the squeaky wheels. The only way that anything I do has any impact, is if others take what I have learned (or at least some of it) and apply it to their own lives and initiate their own ET contact and have their own relationships with beings from elsewhere. Then and only then, will anything I have ever had to say on the subject of ET contact, have any real and lasting value, to the betterment of humanity. Otherwise all this, is no more than dust in the wind.

Opening up about ET contact, is really a form of disclosure that forces bigotry to reveal itself. But it’s also about acknowledging our interconnectedness with all things. I for one have little patience for bigotry and all the time in the world for authentic connection !




The Future of ETology and How I’m Trying to Influence What We Understand

I’ve been observing the world since I was a little boy. I’ve always paid attention to the things that other people didn’t seem to notice or care about and that same trait has stayed with me into adulthood.

I notice certain trends now (as I have for the last 30 years), about where we’re heading as species, that I don’t like but am largely powerless doing anything about. I do however, have some power, to influence human perception and understanding of the ET subject, in some small way, that sends ripples throughout the human perception of time.

I was always impressed by the Iroquois proverb about thinking about the impact of what we do on the next 7 generations – the people, the plants, the animals and the Earth (which supposedly came from The Great Law of Peace of the Longhouse People – upon which the United Nations and US Constitutions were apparently framed What I like about this reasoning is that it forces you to consider that everything is connected. Throughout my life I’ve tried very hard to live with a principle like this in mind. But if I’m honest, I can barely see the impact of how I live on one generation, let alone seven generations.

A few years ago, one particular ET race asked me to consider how the books I will write about my own ET contact and how to make ET contact, will impact on other humans for the next 10, 50 and 500 years. It was a monumental task but I sat down for several days and thought it through. How one thing connects to another. And I realised, that even if one other person fully understands what I have to share, the impact will be significant. What I hadn’t anticipated were the negative impacts. And by generating an awareness of them, I have been able to choose more carefully how to engage with the world. Remember when Dude told me not to post the 1 minute video on how to make contact ? That was an example that would have had profound negative impacts for me, in ways you can’t comprehend.

Everything in life has a positive and negative aspect and everything we do in life, can manifest both positive and negative aspects. So it’s important to choose carefully what we say and what we do. I have some novel ideas about bio-terrorism (remember my initial training was as a biologist) that could cripple any country but just because I can think of it, doesn’t mean that I should talk about it or share my ideas with another living soul. I’m even reluctant to discuss such ideas in fiction. My son and I have joked about one idea and he truly gets it but he also readily acknowledges that it’s a very dangerous idea. So we all make choices and what’s important is that we make healthy choices that consider a wider perspective that goes beyond our own life and our own time. We are after all constantly laying the foundations for the future and for the lives of all those as yet unborn. The history of humanity as a space faring race, is being shaped now by every idea, every conflict and every struggle for a better world. And the future of all life on this planet, is being influenced right now by our willingness to feel connected to Earth and to make choices that respect the needs of other life forms that share our world.

As I’ve said before, I can’t write about the ET subject every day because quite frankly it bores the hell out of me and because I’m interested in everything, in all of life and not just one tiny little aspect ! If you’re here for that reason now, you should fuck off and find a blog about UFOs or abductees because this isn’t the place for you ! But the rest of you will understand that this blog has always been about ET and I – about other life forms from elsewhere, my relationships with them and about my experience of the human condition. And quite frankly, you can’t have one without the other.  I can’t explain to you anything about my relationships with ETs without telling you something about who I am and how I function. And that’s the reality of all relationships. We are defined by each other – we are in relationship to one another, no matter how you label it.

I’m often frustrated when I read about UFOs and ETs and experiencers (more often than not – aliens and abductees) because there’s so much crap ! So much stuff that just isn’t true and so much supposedly about the other and so little about the self. Who are these people having experiences and how does who they are influence their experience and why the fuck is that missing out of the narrative ?  I don’t agree with how Mike Clelland sees the ET phenomenon but I really admire the honesty and candour with which he portrays himself – Here is my human experience and here is how I’m dealing with this other experience. Take it or leave it ! That’s what I like about Mike ( / ! So few people in this entire field have such an openness to reflecting on the human experience. The don’tknowness of what I’m experiencing.

There are a lot of people with a lot of opinions about ET contact and the nature of ETs and it’s always been the case that the squeaky wheel gets the most attention (the same is true in all aspects of human life). And because people like me are largely very quiet, compared to others who profess ET contact, it’s much harder and takes a great deal more effort to reach a wider audience. But as I’ve said before, I’m not interested in popularity. Which is why you won’t find me at a UFO/Contactee conference or any other such wankathon ! I am however interested in creating a positive influence and to do so I must have faith that A. The things I am doing are worth doing (and sometimes I’ve had serious doubts about that) and B. That what I am trying to convey will be noticed in the fullness of time. And that’s what really compels me to come back and blog and to slog away at the books I’m writing (when I’d rather be writing a novel or a play !). Because it isn’t all about me ! It’s about all of us and it’s about us and them as one. I  trust that some core truth that I share will be noticed by someone, somewhere in the future, if not now. And who knows how that person will influence others and how someone in turn may help in the development of human-ET relationships ? If I convey things well, things will be understood well and if I convey them poorly, they will be understood poorly. So I know that I have to think very carefully about what I say, which is why I can say somethings when I feel like saying them and other things must wait. I’ve made many mistakes regarding things I’ve said (for all manner of reasons) and I need to try to make fewer mistakes, so that things I say are truly understood.

There is a great deal of information about the ET subject that is downright wrong. I think we can safely say it’s wrong for the following reasons :

  • It’s poorly informed
  • It’s accidental or engineered disinformation or misinformation
  • It’s based on cultural or psychic artefacts
  • Its created by people with poor self-awareness
  • It’s popular because of somebodyness
  • It’s shaped by cultural memes
  • Any or all of the above.

What bothers me most is that so many things become fact, without any prior examination or understanding. And I guess part of the real difficulty is that you can’t analyse the ET subject the way you can say an ant colony or a supermarket or a murder scene. It’s so otherworldly and confronting to human consciousness, that all we can do is look at the artefacts that it creates. And the most common artefacts are in the domain of human experience. And human experience is of course a subjective experience as much as it is an objective experience. Therein lay a deep conundrum for this entire subject, that will never be resolved.

What I foresee and what troubles me and compels me to speak out, is that what is taken to be fact today and what commands the most attention today, tomorrow is unquestionable and lays the foundation for all that follows. I don’t want to be part of history that is building itself on hollow ground !

I don’t have any real answers about how we can go forward, except to say that you should judge any information about an ET or an ET contact experience, by way of examination of the person conveying the experience. How do they come across ? Do they have any self-awareness or understanding about how their own mental state and ways of perceiving may have influenced the experience or their memories of the experience ? What do they have to gain by what they share and is it reasonable ? Are they being honest about who they are and what ET contact means to them ? Are they driven by fear, unaware ego or a need to be noticed ? What is their modus operandi in sharing the information ? What impact has what they have shared had on them and on others ? Who are the people around this person ? What have tehey sacrificed to open themselves up to the world so publically ?

You can examine a person in any number of ways and I suggest that if someone shares something about this subject that you really want to believe, you examine the person as thoroughly as possible. Just as you ought to when it comes to adapting a spiritual belief (examine everything first !). You can’t always know the truth by simply believing it but you can feel the truth if you truly know how to feel ! There have been many times someone has pointed me to some supposed abductee/experiencer, I’ve listened to them for a minute or looked at their picture and I can feel their lies. You can all learn to do the same thing, if you don’t already. There are honest people in this field but it takes discernment to sense them.

There are very few ideas about ETs that I believe are right and I’m trying to provide an antidote to that, in one of three ways. First, by suggesting to everyone that the only true way to know ET is to know yourself. Know thyself and know life. Second, by sharing my experiences of ET contact with 30 plus races. I’m trying to convey the diversity of that life to open people’s minds and hearts to difference and sameness. And third, by sharing my intimate relationships with several ETs – beings such as Anamika and Dude and at a later time, the group I call The Beloved Carers. Such that people come to know these extraterrestrials, as living beings with their own unique personalities. I’m not going to sensationalize my contact with any ET as something that makes me special or above any one else but I am going to speak out vehemently from time to time about the complete and utter bullshit that passes for truth ! And it will be up to you to decide if what I have to say is worth listening to.

Having lived now for over a decade with tumours since my diagnosis, has pushed me way past giving a shit about what anyone thinks of me and encouraged me to consider very carefully any kind of legacy I wish to leave behind. I certainly do wish to leave a legacy behind, most of which no one else will know about because it’s the stuff that I hold dearest and the stuff I keep to myself. But the subject of ETs and ET contact is something in which I feel a need to leave some kind of legacy that others do know about. And why is that ? I don’t believe it’s for egotistic reasons. I believe it’s because I give a damn and because of the burning need I have for justice and understanding. I’m happy to be the 1 person in a million who says Reptilians and Hybrid Children are bullshit, even if people hate me because of it. I can’t support what I know is false because I know where falsity leads. It leads to ignorance and greater suffering. And that’s why I am consciously trying to transmit certain messages, that go against what the majority of people interested in this field believe. Not because I like disagreeing but because I know otherwise !

So, here are the key things I wish to convey through all my work on this subject (this list may grow in time) :

  • The self is boundless and limited only to our perceptions and desires.
  • The soul exist in form and formlessness and is not a static entity. It is continually changing.
  • All of reality is conjoined space.
  • We exist in 5 types of conjoined space – waking life (think parallel lives), dream life, deep sleep, altered states and life after death. Some conjoined spaces are more subtle than others.
  • There exist all manner of Creator Races – who seed, create and nurture universes, life, souls and matter. The most developed Creator Races understand the true nature of reality and the self and create entire realities.
  • All space faring ETs are benevolent in nature and abide by shared agreements. Hostile (immature) races are planet bound (or solar system bound).
  • Early space faring races are monitored and controlled such that they can do no harm unto other non terrestrial species.
  • Any space faring ET race that needs help, can ask for it and will recieve the help that they require from any one of the collectives. (No race will, for example, face extinction because of their genetic material running dry or be bereft of materials to support themselves).
  • Space faring ETs have no agendas. That is our projection onto them. They are merely doing what they do. The idea of an agenda is a dangerous projection that distorts the truth and will damage human-ET relationships.
  • There is no great battle between good and evil. The greater good is always served because that is the natural direction of growth.
  • There is no grand agenda for the ET presence on this Earth at this time. They are merely continuing work that they have done for a very long time.
  • Space faring ETs have aeons of experience in first contact, nurturing different life forms and the difficulties that face emerging species and the difficulties that arise in relationships between different species. We should trust in their experience and patience.It is in all of our vested interests to do so. (This flies against the comort of most human beings and refelects our insecurity and unwillingness to let go and drop expectations of how things should be).
  • Approximately 5,500 years ago the ETs established a kind of structure on Earth to guide in the development of modern humans. This structure which I call The Architecture, was created with inbuilt secrecy to protect humans from themselves and was bastardised by humans seeking control. It was known that this would happen, right from the beginning and allowed to happen, as this is the only way to guide humanity towards the best possible distant future, in which we would survive and become a space faring race. The upper arms of The Architecture are ET and the lower arms of The Architecture are human. The ETs control the flow of information, in which ever way they wish. The current structure of TA is headed by 9 ETs from different races – 3 of which are Creator Races. An Earth born human from a previous human civilisation who is part of this group, has the final say on the welfare of Earth and all key issues related to her welfare. He is the current representative that leads a much larger collective. The ET I refer to as Dude (of the Muajra people) is in the position of what we would think of as second in charge. He resides on Earth 6 days a week attending to a broad range of issues related to now and Earth in the future.
  • Some ETs can know anything anywhere at any time and materialise as anything anywhere that they wish. Nothing can be hidden from them. Nothing !
  • Anyone can have ET contact. The key ingredients are : self-awareness, pure intention free from self-deception and greed, a deep understanding of why you want contact, a willingness to surrender control and drop all expectation, patience and openness.
  • You can have contact with ETs externally in the outer world or internally in the inner world. There is no separation between inner and outer worlds, only the illusion that it is so. Both forms of contact require that you have self-awareness.
  • The key to understanding ETs and ET contact is not consciousness, it’s the life force. Understand the life force and you will never feel separated from ETs for a moment.
  • Humans can never alter the past. Even though many in the future will believe that they can. (Later I’ll write about the coming Chrononaut Movement and the Religious Chrononauts who believe they can change religious development and re-engineer the human future).



10 Easy Steps to Losing Weight, Curing Anxiety and Making ET Contact

OK I lied ! It’s a bullshit title ! I just thought I’d try one of those self help style prescriptions, for fun ! Instead, here’s 10 psychological steps to help you make ET Contact.

  1. Let go of all preconceptions about how ETs are supposed to be.
  2. Let go of all ideas about the nature of your own self.
  3. Drop all fear and Nike it (just do it).
  4. Drop all expectations.
  5. Keep and open mind and an open heart.
  6. Believe.
  7. Want it for the right reasons.
  8. Know what the right reasons are.
  9. Let go of all your addictions for at least 1 day – including all electronics, cameras, smoking etc.
  10. Be prepared to face the unknown in you and in them.

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TSM132 : An ET View of Human Contact

In this early evening walk n talk, I step back and try and take an ET view of Human Contact. One of my great frustrations with the entire field of UFOology/ET contact is the myopic view that so many people have, in which they create a good ET vs bad ET dichotomy or a dystopian view of the cosmos. In this talk, I try and counter a little of that with common sense (which obviously ain’t so common !).

Enjoy !


TSM131 : Memory, Uncertainty & Doubt in the ET Contact Experience

The things in this monologue were probably the hardest things I’ve ever spoken about publicly.

Today, I open up and share my thoughts about memory, uncertainty and doubt in the ET contact experience, looking at two of my own experiences 23 years apart. I explore how contact with beings from elsewhere shatters your experience of reality and talk about why I think most people who have contact, avoid talking about uncertainty and doubt and why these things are really critical to making sense of the experience. I post this monologue with some hesitation but do so because I belive that we need to be as honest and transparent as we can be, if we are to truly understand the experience of human-ET contact.

There is some repetitive noise in the early part of the recording due to my shoes squeaking and the squeaking on my iPod cover.

Enjoy ! 😉

TSM122 : Contact with ETs, Hairy Folk, Dead People and Balls of Light

Over the course of my blog and the TSMs I’ve tried my best to sketch out how to initiate your own contact with ETs and dead people. In this monologue I continue to sketch things out by exploring how best to approach contact. Some of you have heard me describe contact with various life forms as interspecies communication and a way of connecting with the greater (undivided) self. Today I explore how we might make contact with ETs, Hairy Folk (Yowies, Sasquatch, Yeti etc), those in the after life, balls of light and our fellow animals, while I enjoy the first evening fire of 2017.

Enjoy ! 😉

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A Better SETI

I’m going to bed in the next hour, so this will be a very brief post.

I’ve been thinking about the so called Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (which incidentally I think ought to be called Search for Human Intelligence – do we have any ?) and I wondered why we seem to have limited it to the micro waves, radio waves, x-rays and gamma rays. Why aren’t we putting more effort into scanning for ultraviolet waves or the visible light spectrum for random and regular bursts of energy, brief or sustained bursts of energy ? If plants use visible light (and other forms of energy) and we need visible light to survive, why wouldn’t some ETs consider communicating in the least exotic form of electromagnetic energy ? The one that is most universal and fundamental to life (as we know it).  We may also find that the use of visible light as a transmission mechanism, may have allready been encoded (think about how DNA works) in pigments that are widely distrbuted in plants (and flowers), algae and fungi.

In addition to this I wonder why we aren’t scanning for sound waves in various frequencies and amplitudes, as discrete short sounds or more complex sounds like pulses and melodies. Think about killer whales, dolphins and whales and how they communicate across cast distances and bats and moths and dolphins that use echolocation to build pictures and maps of the world around them.

And of course any search for intelligence elsewhere in the cosmos is limited by our own perception of the nature of reality and our own sense of what exists. Perhaps there are waves at either end of the electromagnetic spectrum that we have not yet discovered or developed technology for, that harbour worlds of communication and conversation.

Finally, we have in recent years become intoxicated with holographic explanations of reality (in which any volume of space can accommodate any volume of matter that we want – think Dr Who’s TARDIS – bigger on the inside and ET craft – also, often bigger on the inside). Why aren’t we looking in some way for ultra-compressed or ultra-expanded forms of energy that may contain huge amounts or small amounts of information, in discrete units of energy or structures like melodies and minimalist like repetitions.  Such information might not simply provide content but actually be able to create and change reality for the recipiant or initiate the transformation of some structure or process. Perhaps such information is already encoded in our own sun and in all suns, or in space itself ? Or at the heart of black holes and white holes ?

At present SETI is primarily focussed on – on off, binary signals. Signals that show something turning on and off. I wonder what SETI would look like if scientists tried to tune into a continuous conversation between minds and hearts in the cosmos. Or if SETI scientists did what I and others like myself do and tried to send messages of their own out into the cosmos using thought, feeling and intention. When you practice SETI in this way you move beyond on off/binary communication and move into relationships. That then, is real intelligence !

More reading here :

ET Contact with Historical Figures

Have you ever wondered which individuals in our history have had contact with ETs? I certainly have and once I actually asked the question. So, how about you suggest which historical figures that we know today you think probably had contact with ETs and then I’ll give you a list of people I was told did have contact ! The list may surprise you !

Weird stuff & ET contact during recent darkness

Well, here I am again, kind of normal, after what feels like two months distracted with other things. Thank you to everyone who continued to reach out to me and to people like Garbriele, Torstein and Darci, for your ongoing support for my fundraiser. It is as always, very much appreciated and helped in many different ways to make life a little easier.

Some of you will be aware that on January 19th this year I became aware of something very strange (it’s interesting to note on January 19th 2011 I had my merging with the light experience with the Teal’hia/Sar’won’dee), that led to making certain discoveries, that pretty much unravelled my life. It has without doubt, been the darkest period of my life and twice I came close to taking my life. Today I feel fantastic but the situation that I uncovered continues to exist and may take another year or more to make sense of and to resolve – in some way. The events that have come to my attention and have continued to occur during this time are very difficult to explain and include such things as a person from my past, the involvement of a covert group, the involvement with someone with an ET created ‘multiple personality disorder like’ personality, the merging of several apparent paralell worlds/lives, the appearance and dissapearance of several living beings (refer to my Lazarus Effect experiences, which i think I mention in the interviews with Erica Goetsch) and a small amount of ET contact/intervention. During this time I have also had guidance from my deceased guide’s Kanatek/Elly and from the ET friend you know as Dude. But at one point I even doubted Dude’s existence. I was so traumatised by what I had learned I began to doubt everything.

I felt so utterly perplexed and alone during this experience, that I was forced to question absolutely everything that I take to be real. I even wondered at one point if I had already died and was reliving my life again. Even though this was at odds with what I felt to be true. Because this experience involved another person and a covert group to some extent, I felt unable to talk about it with another living soul and very uneasy about reaching out to anyone through the internet or telephone because of the short and long term risks to the two of us (and a potential third person who maybe able to help us). I also feel very strongly that was has happened, would be just about impossible for any other person to comprehend, who has not already encountered and lived with a very high degree of strangeness and uncertainty. What I can say for sure, is that once you have been involved with ETs to a high degree or been involved with someone who has been involved with the HIGHEST level covert projects (that involve work with ETs), your life is never the same again and always prone to unexpected events !

At this point I think I should make a digression. One of my readers – Lisa, had previously asked me if I had read Philip K Dick’s Exegesis or any of the books in the series. Admittedly I had not and at the time Lisa mentioned it, I didn’t know much about Philip K Dick’s personal life. Now that I do and now that I know a little more abut Exegesis and the events surrounding it, I think I can safely say that what Dick experienced and what I have experienced have a few things in common – including high strangeness and confusion and some apparent shifts in reality. Suffice to say, I don’t know enough about Exegesis or Dick to make any further comparison but it seems that what Dick went through is similar to what I have been going through – as a process that is indicative of a major transpersonal crisis and transformation.

The truth is that I didn’t think my life could really get any stranger or any more uncomfortable but it has. I’m OK now but it has been very, very hard. This event has been so overpowering, that it overshadowed my own health problems (after almost a decade, I start my tumour treatment next week) and the death of my sister Susy on February 18th this year. It will take a long time to find answers and have some resolution. The hardest part is that it was totally unanticipated and arrived in the middle of two other major crisis. At one point I was so gutted, I nearly decided to give up on healing and walk away from ever having any treatment ! Come what may ! A month of almost no sleep totally screwed with my head and left me totally obsessed with nothing but finding answers to this one thing ! Now I’m sleeping normally, I feel much better ! Life goes on and my desire to live has returned.

For much of the last 6 weeks I spent 12 hours a day trying to dig up circumstantial evidence online and piecing together evidence from the past. Day after day I was confronted with something I hadn’t seen coming. Things that I’d once felt and suspected but pushed away, were verified. But what they mean, I have no idea. The real crisis underscoring this entire set of events, is that they can be interpreted in several possible ways and what seems most likely is that several different causes have been happening at once. the truths that I have discovered have been so painful, that I have been forced to examine and re-evaluate my entire life.

The positive side of that, is that I’m much more aware than I was of the reality surrounding me and much more aware of who I am than I was before. I’ve also realised first hand that the the people and reality that I thought I understood, are much stranger than I ever thought they were. Ultimately I realise now that I know so much less than I thought I knew about the nature of reality.

During the same time that I came close to taking my life, I began to have uninitiated contact with several groups of ETs. It seemed as if they were well aware of my crisis and how close I was to taking my life.

On February 18th this year I went to sleep in the tent with my son (something we’ve done on the hot nights during summer) and saw a craft blink in the sky above my head, just after my head touched the pillow. I felt an immediate sense of ‘they know’. Then in the early hours of February 20th (my sister died 2 days before) something took place, that I was unaware of until later that day, as I drove to my oncology appointments in the city. My left thigh had begun to hurt in a specific location 16-18 cm above the patella and I had images that seemed to be flashing into my awareness. later in the day, in the middle of my appointments, I went to the toilet and had a look at my leg. I noticed a small white circle, much the same as when the Sar’won’dee came to visit me in my backyard in Port Fairy in November 2009 and took a core sample through my knee joint. When I arrived home later that day, I tried to find the mark but it seemed to have dissapeared. I don’t know if it actually dissapeared or could only be seen under fluorescent light. My leg hurt for 3 days and then the pain seemed to go for 2 days and then returned as a lower level pain for another 4 days. It has since subsided but occasionally I can feel where it was. When I returned home on the day of the 20th, I went searching though my house for any object at the same height, that I could have collided with to hurt myself. But the only objects were below knee level. I did everything to try and find a rational explanation for the pain but could come up with nothing. Several times when I lay down to revisit that night, I saw the same images with the Sar’won’dee but I was too worn out and drained from the other crisis to go through the event fully. I still haven’t done that because I’ve been so tired with all the visits to hospital and the ongoing crisis. I think I can safely say however that I had another visit/sample taken/health check the day I was heading to hospital in relation to my tumours. Some of you may recall the visit of the 4th January last year, prior to my having a CT scan of my tumours. On several occasions it seems, my ET friends have visited just prior to my having check ups in relation to my tumours and on several of these given me an update on my health, that was later confirmed with the scans I had taken.

Then on the February the 22nd my son and I went to sleep in the tent. Prior to going to sleep just after midnight, a craft flashed at me twice and again I felt the sense ‘they know’ and instantly went to bed feeling better, after a long day of researching. Not only did I feel better, I felt a great sense of joy and of being understood and cared for. All of my doubts instantly melted away and I had a deep satisfying sleep ! Prior to going to sleep I set up one of our trail cams to see if there were any more feral cats hanging around the house (which is something I do quite often). In the morning when I checked the camera, not only was their evidence of a cat but evidence of something else that appeared to come and visit me. I was sleeping on the left (in the pics) and my son on the right. The first 3 images appear to contain a ball of light at 3:44:44, the second set of images an hour later appear to contain a ball of light at 4:53:36 and the final two images of me going inside at 4:56:54 appear to contain two balls of light close to my chest. I woke up about a minute before (because of noisy possums and kangaroos) and you can see me holding a torch which I have facing the ground, so that I can see where I’m going. I did everything I could to replicate these apparent balls of light. I shone my torch upwards in the tent the next night (which I never do anyway) and I studied the movement of the moon and the light it would cast. I set up the trail cam again to see if the moon could create the same conditions and I couldn’t replicate anything. These images remind me of some of the day and night time images I took many years ago during my experiments photographing (and largely disproving balls of light/orbs).

My feelings regarding these images, are not that I had photographed resident balls of light (Earth spirits or whatever you want to call them – light entities native to the cosmos) but that I had photographed an ET interaction of some sort. ETs can take the form of balls of light (the life force in an amorphous state) but I feel this was some sort of interactive scan that they had created for myself. I think they had left the tent but I can’t be sure. You’ll also notice some sort of mass on the left in the 4th image. I have no idea what it is but it looks tall and like it was standing at about the same distance away as the tent. I don’t know the truth about what I photographed, I just know that I haven’t photographed images like these on my trail cam (other apparent balls of light but not moving like these ones).

Between February 28th and March 7th I had to wear a 24 hour glucose chip/monitor which had been implanted in my belly. The chip/monitor allowed me to measure my adipose glucose levels for a whole week, so that we could determine whether any of the hormones secreted by my tumours are related include or are affecting insulin. On March 1st I went to bed in the tent, after seeing another craft blink in the night sky. I had done another long day of research and was emotionally and physically exhausted. Just as I lay my head down I saw another two blinks from a craft in the southern sky. Seeing the presence of a craft brought about the same sense of joy and of being understood and cared for. I went to sleep around 1:05 am. I woke and checked the time on the monitor and noted that it was exactly 4:00 am. I went outside for a pee (damned 1 kidney !) and turned back but felt strange. When I arrived in the tent, I checked the time on the monitor and it was 4:53 am. I was confused and began to wonder what happened. I then fell quickly back to sleep and woke at 7:42 am. In the morning I stood where I peed and almost instantly remembered seeing 2 Sar’won’dee standing near the tent calling my name and my walking over to them. Later I asked my son if he remembered anything or if he noticed I was there when he woke. he said that when he woke at 7 I was there. I checked the glucose monitor and was shocked to notice 3 periods of missed readings (readings occur every 5 minutes), covering the period from about 4:15 – 5 am, 5:45 – 6:30 am & 7 am – 7:30 am. I read the manual and could find no explanation for it, as it was next to me the whole time. During the whole time I had it implanted in me, it never missed another set of readings when it was near me. The meter itself can read up to 6 m away and while I was in the tent it was always within 1 meter of the chip. I spoke to the clinical nurse who put it in me yesterday and he had no explanation for why it didn’t take readings.

Later that day I went back over the experience and remembered several on ground and on board experiences with the Sar’won’dee and others but at this stage I’m still not clear on several aspects of the experience, so I’d rather not write about it for now. What I can say however, is that they both gave me an account of my health (updates on my tumours and upcoming treatments) and tried to explain the truth behind this dark crisis that has taken over my life.

The next day March 2nd, I again stayed up late researching the issues relating to my dark crisis. I went for a walk up the drive way about midnight and was again made aware of a craft in the night sky (this time just above the constellation of Orion, which was on it’s side). I went to bed in the tent soon after and fell asleep close to 1 am (this time my son slept inside). At a certain point in the middle of the night I felt the urge to urinate but ignored it and then at one point I saw from within my closed eyes a brilliant flash of white light and I thought ‘what the fuck ?’. I woke up immediately, opened my eyes and was completely lucid. Which in itself was very strange. I almost always wake up a little groggy. I noticed I was facing left and not right as I usually do, turned over to check the time on the glucose monitor and noted it was 4:16 am. I got up, went for a pee and had a quick walk around the front of the house, to check if my son had been out with a flash light and shone it in my face. But he was sound a asleep. (Later in the day, he confirmed that he had slept through the night.) I went back to bed and as soon as I put my head down, I notice 3 bright flashes from a craft immediately in front (SE) at about 45 degrees. I then lay awake for about an hour wondering what had happened and then fell back to sleep. Later in the day I went over the events of the night, wondered if it was a by product of a hypnagogic event ( and decided that it was something else. I suspected that it was related to the apparent balls of light I had photographed on January 22nd.

Then, one final event occurred in this series of apparent ET contacts. On March 3rd I was travelling in my car with a friend to the town 60 km away. I had been very tired because of pain in my tumours earlier that day. I closed my eyes to rest but did not go to sleep. Then about 20 km out of town a brilliant white-yellow flash occurred in front of my closed eyes. It was a light, like the previous one that engulfed everything. I opened my eyes, noticed it was 3:48 pm on the car clock and asked my son and my friend, ‘did you see that ?’. My son was asleep and my said she hadn’t seen anything. Once again I considered that it might be a hypnagogic event but it didn’t feel like that. I’ve had those occur in the past (usually they occur as sounds) and this was different.

At this point I am not sure exactly what has been happening. I can say with relative certainty that I had 2 contact experiences on the nights of February 20th and March 2nd and I’ll tell you about those at a later date, when I have greater clarity about the totality of those experiences. But I’m not sure exactly what occurred on the other nights. I can tell you that I was aware of the presence of ET craft on all the nights I’ve mentioned and not once did I initiate contact in that time. Honestly, I haven’t had the energy for f2f ET contact or for sitting outside and making contact. I’ve been so over whelmed with this crisis, that I’ve parked everything else in my life.

What it feels like and what I know in part, is that all through this ‘dark night of the soul’ (is there a darker word than dark ?), I have felt the continuous support, understanding and presence of my ET friends – even when and especially when I doubted my experiences and that they they were even real. When on several occasions I doubted my own sanity, they made it clear ‘we exist and this is real’.

So, that’s where I’m at ! Who knows what the tide will bring, how this crisis will unfold or how my ET friends will continue to intervene. Somehow, all of this has been interwoven with the other strange events that have been taking place. Somehow, through what appears to be merging or shifting parallel lives/realities, the ETs have maintained a presence, as if to keep me from slipping over the edge into the abyss. An abyss from which I might never escape.

I now understand that when the Teal’hia and Sar’won’dee said to me when I was one with the light on January 19th, 2011, ‘This is to help you endure all the suffering that is to come’, exactly what they were hinting at. The death of my sister, the death of the lives and reality I thought I knew and the questioning of everything. Sometimes I feel blessed to have been thrown into the human condition, even when being human takes me to the edge of everything !

Pangloss/Voltaire/Leibniz is right, “we live in the best of all possible worlds” ! What matters most, is how we choose to see what happens and how we choose to respond. No more dancing around the abyss, for this little scorpion !

More information about Philip K Dick’s Exegesis :

More information of reality glitches/parallel worlds here :

PS. WordPress has been dumping text everywhere. Apologies if the text turned out a mess !

How to Make ET Contact

Hey folks, here’s the 1 minute version of how to make ET contact. It’s simple because it is simple. All the long winded things I have said about ET contact and will say about ET contact, are necessary to help people to understand the process.

Whenever you choose  :

  • Stay inside or go outside.
  • Ditch all fear or concerns.
  • Know why you want contact.
  • Ask generally or for specific groups (e.g. the Teal’hia) , if they will come and connect with you.
  • Tell them why you want contact (the real reasons not the bullshit reasons – they will know).
  • Feel it in your heart (it should feel like strong emotion – imagine saying farewell to a loved one or greeting them after a long absence ).
  • Ask them if they will make contact with you in any way that suits them.
  • Drop all expectations for contact or contact in any particular way (expectation can be very subtle, so make sure to look deeply at how you are functioning).
  • Offer a heart felt thanks for being heard and for any possible contact.
  • Be patient for as long as it takes.
  • Go outside and look up if you need to.
  • If contact occurs, give thanks (really feel it).
  • If contact occurs, you may initiate telepathic contact by merely asking for those who contacted you to speak to you.
  • It maybe useful to ask for validation of what you are hearing, in the form of some sort of physical proof.
  • Be patient, be patient, be patient.
  • Be open to contact happening outside of any formal contact process and be open to anything that might happen.

I called this blog ET and I because contact is always about ET and YOU (or ME). It’s a two way street. A dynamic. A tango, a dance, a relationship. So look at you and not them. They know their part. You are trying to initiate and build a relationship. So do whatever it takes to build a relationship, just as you would with any other living thing on on Earth. The more know thyself, the more you open yourselves up and the more you give, the more you receive.

Before I finish I’d like to emphasise one issue. The issue of fear. Fear is the number one thing that prevents contact. Fear can be very subtle and insidious, so it’s paramount that you examine everything you believe about other living things – especially in relation to ETs. If you believe in the old bad alien vs good alien thing, then you should forget ET contact entirely (hear TSM 110 and others on the subject) because you will be driven by false projections about how things are and oblivious to how things ACTUALLY ARE !

You have all heard the line, “You have nothing to fear, only fear itself.” (a quote that FDR paraphrased in his famous quote). It’s so true. Fear is the great paralyzer ! In the words of the great humanist and Psyhcosynthesis pioneer Roberto Assagioli, “Fear has no boundaries or limits : it is possible to be afraid of anything ! Fear is like Proteus – assuming a thousand different forms. There are many ills that cause mankind to suffer, but far more in number are the misfortunes, accidents and catastrophes that never actually materialise! They produce as much, if not more, fear in people than would if they were real, because in the fear-gripped imagination they are lived through and suffered over and over again.”

And closely allied to fear is doubt. Put aside your doubt and simply use discernment. Be patient and you will have no reason to ever doubt again.

Happy contact in 2017 ! Wishing you all a wonderful new year !

Bright. 😉


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