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How to Make ET Contact Audio Course Outline

Hey folks, just to let you know that I have finished designing the How to Make ET Contact audio course and that you can download the course outline here on the other blog : or here on BOX : I decided to cull much of what I had planned for the course and will include everything (about twice as much) in the How to Make ET Contact book that I intend on writing.

Thus far the course is likely to be in 7 parts and will include about 10-12 audio tracks.

I’d be curious to hear your feedback.

Happy trails,

Brightus Garlicus. ūüėČ



The People & The Man Who Killed Chomsky’s Universal Grammar & What We Can Learn from Both of Them


Noam Chomsky has been revered as some kind of cultural and intellectual hero by many people and while I have admired some of his work, I see weaknesses in his thinking and plenty of unaware ego on parade. Among others things, Noam is well known for his linguistic theory Universal Grammar, which according to Wikipedia ( :

“The basic postulate of UG is that a certain set of¬†structural rules¬†are¬†innate¬†to humans, independent of¬†sensory experience. With more linguistic stimuli received in the course of¬†psychological development, children then adopt specific¬†syntactic rules¬†that conform to UG.¬†It is sometimes known as “mental grammar”, and stands contrasted with other “grammars”, e.g.¬†prescriptive,¬†descriptive¬†and¬†pedagogical.¬†The advocates of this theory emphasize and partially rely on¬†the poverty of the stimulus¬†(POS) argument and the existence of some universal properties of natural¬†human languages. However, the latter has not been firmly established, as some linguists have argued languages are so diverse that such universality is rare.¬†It is a matter of empirical investigation to determine precisely what properties are universal and what linguistic capacities are innate.”

“The theory of universal grammar proposes that if human beings are brought up under normal conditions (not those of extreme¬†sensory deprivation), then they will always develop language with certain properties (e.g., distinguishing¬†nouns¬†from¬†verbs, or distinguishing¬†function words¬†from¬†content words). The theory proposes that there is an innate, genetically determined language faculty that knows these rules, making it easier and faster for children to learn to speak than it otherwise would be.¬†This faculty does not know the vocabulary of any particular language (so words and their meanings must be learned), and there remain several parameters which can vary freely among languages (such as whether adjectives come before or after nouns) which must also be learned.”

Universal Grammar sounds like a nice idea, a logical idea. But it was soundly disproved by the discovery by former missionary and now linguist Daniel Everett ( of an Amazonian tribe called the Pirahã ( who spoke a language that did not display so called Universal Grammar. Daniel argued that the Pirahã language demonstrated that language is a tool that is determined by culture and necessity and is not genetically or physiologically determined. According to Everett (, the Piraha language has several unusual features, including :

  • One of the smallest¬†phoneme¬†inventories of any known language and a correspondingly high degree of¬†allophonic¬†variation, including two very rare sounds,¬†[…ļÕ°…ļŐľ]¬†and¬†[tÕ° ôŐ•].
  • An extremely limited¬†clause¬†structure, not allowing for nested recursive sentences like “Mary said that John thought that Henry was fired”.
  • No abstract¬†color¬†words other than terms for light and dark (though this is disputed in commentaries by¬†Paul Kay¬†and others on Everett (2005)).
  • The entire set of¬†personal pronouns¬†appears to have been borrowed from¬†Nheengatu, a¬†Tupi-based¬†lingua franca. Although there is no documentation of a prior stage of Pirah√£, the close resemblance of the Pirah√£ pronouns to those of Nheengatu makes this hypothesis plausible.
  • Pirah√£ can be¬†whistled, hummed, or encoded in¬†music. In fact,¬†Keren Everett¬†believes that current research on the language misses much of its meaning by paying little attention to the language’s¬†prosody. Consonants and vowels may be omitted altogether and the meaning conveyed solely through variations in pitch, stress, and rhythm. She says that mothers teach their children the language through constantly singing the same musical patterns.

Everett claims that the absence of recursion, if real, falsifies the basic assumption of modern Chomskyan linguistics. This claim is contested by many linguists, who claim that recursion has been observed in Pirahã by Everett himself, while Everett argues that those utterances that superficially seemed recursive to him at first were misinterpretations caused by his earlier lack of familiarity with the language. Furthermore, some linguists, including Chomsky himself, argue that even if Pirahã lacked recursion, that would have no implications for Chomskyan linguistics.



So in essence, to some extent, Chomsky’s and Everett’s debate is a nature vs nurture debate. I myself think Everett is right. And unlike Tom Wolfe in his The Kingdom of Speech (, I don’t look down on Chomsky. He maybe self opinionated and arrogant but he has contributed much good to intellectual debate. And in addition, he has demonstrated that public intellectuals have something significant to contribute to discourse on many subjects.

The¬†Pirah√£ speak a simple language that is incredibly diverse because of it’s use of different tones in association with the same word and it’s use of whistles, hums and music. The Pirah√£ have no words for colours, numbers, past or future, no written language and no collective memory beyond those who are still alive.

The¬†Pirah√£ teach us about the power of the present moment and how a simpler way of conceiving of reality can lead to a happier and more content life. According to Everett they have a word which means “going in and out of the boundaries of experience”¬†(experiential liminality – the excitement of seeing something going in and out of experience) and I think that is how they live. Imagine then if we could see things happening in the world as going in and out of the boundaries of experience. How might this then change how we function and how we approach the unknown. Most of us no longer like mystery. We want answers. We are driven by seeking and it is the seeking mind that causes us so much angst and existential suffering ! The¬†Pirah√£ seem to be suggesting in how they experience life, that it is possible to live with boundaries of experience. On one side there is a known and on the other side their is an unknown. And they are OK with that. Can we not also be OK with such a view of reality ? They seem to live without being driven by the seeking mind and because of that, I think they suffer much less than we do.

So¬†what can we learn from Daniel Everett ? Unlike Chomsky who spends his hours crunching his intellect in the safety of academia, Everett is a field linguist. A man who has made real discoveries at the coal face, not just from the safety of his mind. I think that Everett has much to teach us about how we can view reality and how we can approach discovery. First of all I think he shows us that we can set out with a set of preconceptions about how things should be (e.g. lost tribes need to be saved by Jesus) and learn that things are perfect as they are (e.g. lost tribes have much to teach us about they are perfect just as they are). Second he shows us how if we step away from what’s known (he was a missionary who didn’t seem to know about Universal Grammar), all kinds of discoveries are possible. He had what I imagine was a don’t know mind – like Buddhism talks about. It was empty of preconceived knowledge about linguistics, rather than full of theories. And finally he shows us that if we are open minded, open hearted, come with trust and good will and a deep curiosity and acceptance of the other; we can learn so much about something that is completely alien to us and we can build life long relationships with our perceived aliens.

How then might we apply all the lessons of the Pirah√£ and Daniel Everett to our interactions with ETs ? I think in much the same way. We can think about ET contact as the¬†going in and out of the boundaries of experience, an¬†experiential liminality that comes complete with the excitement of going in and out of the unknown. We can accept such experiences without judgement.¬†We can approach ET contact and ETs without so much conception but in a way where we sit with the experience and with the other as a form of presence. We are in the moment with whatever is.¬†We can drop our preconceptions about how ETs might be and stop projecting our shit all over them. We can study ET languages and ET culture by approaching them with a don’t know mind. We can approach ET contact and ETs with open mind, open heart, trust, good will and a deep curiosity and acceptance of who they are.¬†

How incredible it seems to me that a former Christian missionary and a remote Amazonian tribe can teach us so much about who we are and about how we might build relationships with beings from other worlds ! Anything is possible with the right attitude !

Happy liminality ! ūüėČ


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How to Make ET Contact…Again

Here’s another set of hints regarding how to make ET contact. First go right, in order to go left. Keep going right as often as you need to and eventually you’ll go left !

So how the hell can you make contact with beings from far far away ? In no particular order :

  1. Show as much love as you can to your partner and your children. Do things for them without any expectation of anything in return.
  2. Value your friends.
  3. Show kindness to strangers because it matters.
  4. Take an avid interest in the world around you. The human world and the natural world.
  5. Get to know the natural world intimately. Take an interest in connecting with the plants, birds, mammals or insects in your neck of the woods. Get to know at least one alien on Earth. For me, it’s ants and birds. For you, it maybe something right in front of you that you’ve spent a lifetime ignoring or taking for granted.
  6. Moderate your fear, hostility and desire for control. Try to understand them.
  7. See your sense of separation and see how connected you are to every thing.
  8. Notice how much you react to things. Do you really have any free will ? Try to create a sense of space inside you as often as possible, so that your reactivity subsides. It ain’t easy to be free of reactivity but all of us can do better.
  9. Learn to love and enjoy novelty. It’s easy to become entrenched in old habits and a comfort zone. See what happens when you stay open to the new.
  10. Pay attention to what makes your heart feel good and what makes your heart feel bad. What kinds of sensations do you experience ?
  11. Pay attention to how your body reacts to different people, relationships and experiences. What sensations do you experience when something is good and something is bad ?
  12. Find joy in the simple things – like breathing, listening to bird song, enjoying the sun’s rays, listening to powerful music, spending time with people who matter, eating good food, walking, moving your body, touching and being touched.
  13. See if you can get through an entire day without judging others. Whether on television, online or in real life. And then see if you can work with that in ordinary life.

Each of these hints has some quality within them, which will change how you function and make you more appealing to ETs. No one like’s an arrogant SOB, an ego maniac or a perpetually wounded birdy. When you are like this, there is less reason to form a relationship with you. Separation breeds hostility ! But when you unction in a healthy way and feel your connection to all life, you literally radiate “Pick me, pick me !”, your whole being acts like a beacon and contact comes naturally as a consequence of who you are.

ET contact came naturally to me because I am naturally kind and caring. I have an interest in the world around me and the wider world – both the human and the natural world. I take responsibility for who I am and how I function. Even when I’m an arsehole ! I am able to understand many different perspectives, even though I may not agree with them. And I am open to novelty and my heart and my mind are open to new experiences. I do try hard to live without fear, expectation or a desire for control but these are ongoing challenges, as I think they are for all human beings. Who I am is who I am. The ETs recognise my weaknesses and I radiate out human frailty but in another way I radiate strength, love and integrity. When I approach ET contact I do so without any bullshit ! I need absolute honesty or they will see right through me and I will lose all possibility of connecting with them. So in a sense, deep and honest self reflection is absolutely critical. As I keep saying, know thyself ! Know thyself and you will know the cosmos ! It ain’t rocket science ! And you don’t need a set of special protocols ! Just you, as fully aware as you can be.


It Never Happened

One of the things I plan on writing much more about is memory and the ET contact experience. In writing about this subject, some people will begin to question the experiences I claim to have had and I’m OK with that because I have scrutinised my own experiences more than anyone else ever will and I don’t care about what others believe about me. Personally, I have many doubts about so called contactees, experiencers and abductees. Especially those who rely on Regression Hypnosis for all their answers. I’ve talked a little about this before so I won’t go into that subject in any great depth now. But I just want to make the comment that this is a very ugly subject that nearly everyone in this field is avoiding talking about. And we need to ask, why are they avoiding talking about it ? I won’t answer that question for now but I encourage you to consider why that might be. Until this subject is discussed openly and more research is done on the subject of memory in relation to supposed ET contact, we need to be very careful about what we believe is true.

Here’s a nice little talk by Professor Elizabeth Loftus on The Fiction of Memory, which highlights some of the same problems we see in relation to supposed ET contact.

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Daniel Sheehan on How to Tackle ET Contact

I wasn’t previously a fan of Daniel Sheehan but I’ve changed some of my thoughts about him after listening to this video. He makes some really good points about how The Architecture (although he uses the well known ‘military industrial complex’ term) will react to the subject of ET contact and so called citizen diplomacy. This talk was done 23 years ago and was a pretty accurate assessment of how things are. Much of what he raises is more relevant today than ever. His story of how he came to be a lawyer, after wanting to make contact with ETs is pretty funny and peculiar and demonstrates how sometimes we have to go in a completely different direction to where we imagined, to gain certain things and be who we really are.


What it’s Like to Talk with Dude, Anamika and The Beloved Carers

Talking to my ET Friends has become so normal for me that I forget that this is a completely foreign thing to other people. So perhaps I can explain what it’s like and then you’ll understand why it feels so normal to me.

Let me begin by telling you that for the last 2 years I have spent more time talking with Dude than with Anamika, simply because I’ve been working on the Book of Dude (parts 1-3) with him. When that series is complete I’ll probably end up speaking more with Anamika.

I didn’t start out with a plan to spend an inordinate amount of time talking to any ET. It happened that way almost by accident. Previously I had spent a long time exploring ideas about the nature of the self, conversing with the many aspects of self (which each have their own voice if we allow that to happen) and doing what I’d been doing for a long time – having conversations with people who have died. I had to work very hard to figure out what was real and what wasn’t. I had worked previously with many people with so called Schizophrenia, Schizo Affective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and the like and I was familiar with the types of ways that the human mind creates hallucinations and delusions. So I worked very hard to explore how mind works and to figure out exactly how my own mind was working. I didn’t fall head first into talking to ETs with my eyes closed. In fact it took a long time for me to believe that those first few conversations with people who have died were real. I was dubious and sceptical and it took along time for me to be convinced. Having said that, this was my journey and it convinced me. I don’t expect anyone else to be convinced of what I claim to be engaged in. I hear a lot of people who claim to channel ETs and people who have died and a host of other living and dead entities and I often think, “What a load of ill informed crap !”. I am not an easy person to convince ! And I don’t expect anyone else who hears what I talk about, to be easily convinced either.

IMG_20160512_0005 (2)

The ability to perceive people who have moved beyond bodily life didn’t come easily to me. In fact I was a complete ignoramus ! I sensed nothing ! It was my ex wife Rachel who was the gifted one, who couldn’t help picking up on the presence of those who have died. With Rachel’s guidance, I slowly learned to notice. But I had a lot of doubt and scepticism. It was only when my guide Kanatek materialised a small set of gifts to prove his existence to me, that I really began to explore what was happening without significant doubt overshadowing my experiences. But I had to work so hard to teach myself and I made lots of mistakes ! So by the time I came to connect with ETs, I knew all about doubt and scepticism and the zig zag nature of the path that developing these kinds of skills might take.

The first time I spoke to an ET, I was lying down on top of a sand dune looking at the stars, all alone on Griffith Island in the coastal town of Port Fairy. I was talking to whoever was listening when a voice suddenly said, “We’re here” and a light began blinking directly above me. I was so taken back, I lept to my feet in case I was seeing things. And the light continued. And then in the weeks that followed , whenever I was out on my walks the same thing happened. In the years since then I discovered that the ETs would respond by signalling me and sometimes they would speak to me. But they were not always able to respond and I had to learn to accept that. Most of the time when they respond they signal me by flaring up (blinkers), sending horizontal streaks between flare ups or streaks (false meteors) by themselves, sending flashes around me or by sending some other kind of light form. Sometimes they will speak to me, whether I am ready for it or not. And sometimes I’ll initiate a dialogue and they’ll respond. On a small number of occasions I’ll have a full telempathic experience of being shown things and feeling the emotion that is associated with what I’m being shown (from the ETs and/or myself). Sometimes ETs will be present in the space around me and even though I can’t see them, I can sense them (see post on Expanding Your Physical and Emotional Senses). And occasionally I’ll have a full face to face contact experience on the ground with them or on a craft.

The way that I began speaking with Dude started in a very ordinary way. After many years of keeping Dude a secret, Rachel finally revealed his existence. We spoke for a few days all about his presence in her life and then one day after I meditated, I sent out a mental request to speak with him. Within about 20 seconds I heard a very distinctive voice say, “Hello Bright, it’s Dude. It’s nice to meet you !”. And from that point onwards he was there whenever I asked to speak with him. Things were a little different with Anamika. I’d had the big encounter of January 19th, 2011 (see my Youtube video) and I knew that there was a female Teal’hia who was very fond of me (I referred to them as The Brownies before then). I had heard this name for several years in my head, even before that experience and I knew that I could never quite articulate it. Then one day after the 2011 encounter I had an experience of going back through another encounter and I remembered her name. A few days later I was out for a walk in the forest. I sat down and meditated for a short while and then when my mind was calm, I asked to speak to her. And within ten seconds she was there, “Hello Bright, I am here.”And from there we began talking.

Whenever I went for a walk in the forest I made an effort to connect with Dude or Anamika. I still had doubt and I was still unsure of exactly what was happening. But I tried to reserve all judgement, to let whatever was going to happen, happen. In the same period of time I was also having other encounters and conversations with ETs and people who have died. Later I began having similar conversations with a Hairy Folk/Yowie/Forest Person called Teathar. For years I’d been scribbling bits and pieces about my ET contact experiences in my my journal but I was very laissez-faire about the whole thing. It was only in 2014 that I began to document every single ET related experience (see my post on Documenting the ET Contact Experience).
My experience of having conversations with ETs was a slow and gradual thing, enmeshed with doubt and scepticism and self exploration. I didn’t get to the point of believing instantly. Like Fox Moulder, I wanted to believe but I didn’t want to deceive myself ! So the experiences that I describe today about talking with Dude or Anamika I don’t take lightly. And I don’t make this stuff up. That would be stupid and a waste of my life ! I worked hard to get to this point ! And I continue to ask hard questions of myself and to look for proof if ever doubt arises.

So what is it like to talk with my ET friends ? To start with, imagine that you have a best friend, who knows you inside out and you get to speak with each other for 3 or 4 hours a week. You don’t always see each other because you live a long way apart. You’re curious about each other, you respect each other, you care about each other and sometimes you like to have a joke and a dig at each other. That’s Dude and I. Mostly I talk to him when I’m out on one of my walks because I find walking very relaxing and it’s easy for me to connect with him when I’m in an open spacious environment. I can connect with him anywhere but I like connecting with him when I’m out walking. Sometimes when we’re talking I’m also connecting with other ETs and they’re signalling me at the same time. Sometimes he’ll even tell me who has arrived and which craft are where. Dude and I joke around a lot and occasionally he reprimands me for being an idiot and making a bad choice ! But mostly he’s very accepting of who I am and my choices. He just doesn’t like to see me get hurt or become unwell. Talking with Anamika is little bit different. She feels very maternal. And also like a big sister. She’s very loving, very caring, very gentle in how she speaks and very happy to speak about anything. Mostly I talk to her when I’m out walking as well. But sometimes we speak when I’m at home and feeling restful. Anamika only offers suggestions when I really push for advice. Both Dude and Anamika love their work and enjoy life immensely. So we often talk about what they’ve been experiencing, which I find enthralling but admittedly I don’t make enough time to explore these things at length. Sometimes when I talk with Dude or Anamika, there are periods when I have a telempathic experience with them and/or other periods when I see what they want me to see.

These days I like to record my conversations. Now because Dude or Anamika are speaking to me through my mind, it’s all heard internally. So in order to record my conversations with them I have to repeat everything that they say to me. So when I play back a recording, it’s like listening to 2 different versions of myself. The conversations with Dude sound very different to the conversations with Anamika. If you were to see me having a conversation, this is what you would see. I’m holding my iPod close to my mouth and talking to it, like I’m talking to someone on a phone. I’m saying my part out loud and repeating what’s said back to me out loud. If you didn’t know better, you’d think I was just having a normal conversation on the phone. When I come home I upload the audio and file them away into specific folders. Sometimes I play them back and take notes or sometimes (like when I’m writing the book) I have the excruciating job of writing or typing up every single word. And I loathe, I hate having to do that !


You might however wonder what it’s like when I have a conversation when I’m having Internal World contact with The Beloved Carers. Well it’s a little different. I’m lying or sitting on my bed. I’ve gone through a process of deep relaxation, which can take up to an hour. I’ve entered my internal world. And in this particular world that has been co-created, there is a pair of large curved stone seats facing each other. I usually stand at the front of them and wait for my 8 ET friends to enter the world, via a kind of light vortex that arises in side of a small Greek style circular temple (I’m afraid I don’t know the name of this style). I wait for them to come towards me and then I greet them one by one with a hug. We take our seats, I welcome them and then one of them begins talking. If I’m recording the conversation I am able to open my eyes and write down what’s been said and re-enter instantly or I am able to speak out loud and make an audio recording. If I’m not recording, I’m fully immersed in the world and I make my notes after. So we have a normal conversation and they usually tell me what today‚Äôs lesson is all about and then we go for a little walk and they might take me somewhere else in that world or to another co-created world or to a physical world elsewhere (this came as a surprise when it first happened). We can travel either by walking, flying or moving instantaneously. These kinds of experiences involve both instruction, education and experiential learning. Sometimes one ET takes on a key role and sometimes everyone takes on a role. There are 8 ETs from 5 races and they all have something unique to offer.

When I talk with Dude or Anamika, our conversations are usually between 1-2 hours. When I talk with The Beloved Carers, our conversations are usually between 1-3 hours. The hardest thing about either kind of experience, is that it’s mentally exhausting and it often leaves me feeling physically tired as well – especially when it’s been a long or a complex conversation.

There are often occasions when I am talking to ETs and other ET related phenomenon are happening around me and there are often occasions after I’ve talked to ETs and so called synchronicities occur – as if to confirm something that was said.
The ETs aim their conversations with me at my level. They don’t for example, talk about higher order mathematics or physics because A. Those are human ideas and B. I suck at mathematics and physics and wouldn’t have a clue what they’re talking about ! I am however deeply interested in cultural evolution, spiritual development and the nature of reality. So those are topics they often talk to me about.

Sometimes when I hear Dude or Anamika or The Beloved Carers (outside of the inner world but still in my head) they sound very distinctive – just like how they sound face to face and sometimes I hear them in my voice. And sometimes it’s like there is a gradual tuning in from my voice to their voice. Most often I suppose, I hear them in their voice.
So how does a conversation with my ET friends sound ? Well I usually start out with something like this : “Hello Dude, are you there ? Can I speak to you please ?” or “Hello Anamika, can I speak to you please ?”. Then I wait and usually within 1-30 seconds I will hear them respond with something like “Hello Bright, I’m here. Do you wish to speak ?” or “Hello Bright !”. I’ll then ask them if they are free to talk and how they are. They are always free to talk and always well but I ask anyway because I think that courtesy is important. I then ask them where they are and what they’ve been doing and they‚Äôll give me a quick overview, unless I ask more and sometimes that can turn into a whole conversation in itself. I’ll then ask a set of questions and we’ll go backwards and forwards like in a normal conversation. Then when I’m worn out or the conversation has come to a natural end, I say a big thank you, wish they and their families well and bid them a fond farewell. And then the voice stops and it’s like a vacuum in my mind. Very still. I often walk away from my conversations with them, in a state of disbelief. It often takes me days to process what was said to me and sometimes its very confronting and challenging. I’ve been forced to let go of so much of what I once believed to be true. I mean, for example, I don’t believe in quantum mechanics, string theory, the matrix, holographic theory, none of that stuff. It’s all crap ! I’ve had to let as much go as I can. Because a full mind is a closed mind. And if I want to truly remain open, I have to put aside what I think I know and make space for what is unknown. Take Dude’s explanation of Conjoined Space and Anamika’s explanation of A Space Reticulum. Fuck, I was so shocked by both of these ideas. More so by the former and less so by the later because I had already heard the former. If I had believed many of our modern conceptions – be they mainstream or alternative ideas, I would not have had mental space to accommodate things that are completely at odds with what I know and turn reality on it’s head ! So my attitude to communion with my ET fiends is, “I know nothing, open me to what’s possible.”. And it takes a lot of vigilance to ensure that I don’t get too attached to human ideas – especially my own ! I try to take everything with a grain of salt. I let it sit comfortable for a while and then re-examine what I think I believe and sometimes I chuck things out entirely. Which is exactly what I did with the whole concept of sacred geometry. Bullshit ! Man made crap ! Touchy feely stuff that makes people feel warm and fuzzy. Nothing more than a product of the human imagination ! Interesting but false. Fun and beautiful but not what people say it is.

I suspect that the only difference between myself and most people is that I care enough to want to know as much as possible about other life forms. Its why I originally studied to become a biologist. But I also make the time and make effort to create relationships with them. While millions of people are stuck in front of their televisions watching murder dramas or watching cat videos on Youtube, I’m outside connecting with the heavens and talking with my ET friends. I want relationships with them and so I devote time to develop relationships. I know that they know everything about me, so I don’t try to hide anything and I fear nothing about them because they pose absolutely no threat to me. And importantly, I am always curious about what I don’t know and I love learning new things.


If I were to die tomorrow, I feel like I have done the best I can at trying to engage with life Both the human world, the natural world and the cosmos at large. I love that I can ask the stars and the space around me, “If there are any beings from other worlds, will you please connect with me in any way, shape or form if it is convenient to do so ?” and sometimes within seconds a craft will signal me from above ! And I love that I can ask Dude or Anamika or any of The Beloved Carers, “Can I speak to you please ?” and they respond, just like a person picking up a phone at the other end ! I’m not saying any of this because I like boasting. I’m saying this because this is what it is like to talk to ETs. You know that wherever you are, they are there too in some way, connected to your very being, always aware of your presence in some way. And if they can, they will respond to you. When I talk to ETs I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I have a greater family who knows that I exist and that my existence is worthy of their attention. And if it’s true for me, then it can also be true for you ! Because we are all equal ! ET contact is unconditional and free. Why wait any longer ?

Superluminal SETI

I can’t stand Kerry Cassidy and her dystopian view of the cosmos but she’s done a worthwhile service in¬†the following interviews with Eamon Ansbro. Like most researchers in the SETI/astronomy field, Eamon is stuck with the whole Quantum Physics ideology as if it’s reality but his work is far more interesting and insightful than most of the work in SETI. I think what he and his team are doing is worthwhile and good work and more likely to yield a positive result. If I could encourage him to drop all his ideas about physics and just go and connect outside I would but he may not be open to my ideas ! Still, this is a positive effort for SETI from a person who is open to UFOs and interested in discovering life and optimistic that he and his team will !

Once you’ve listened to this set of interviews, imagine what could happen if this approach is applied using artificial intelligence with super computing power !

On a small side note. I went to boarding school about 10 km where he did his masters in Astronomy in western Sydney and it was here that I had some of my early ET contacts !


Shazbot : How to Tell A Really Bad ET Story

Some of you will know that I consciously distance myself from 99 % of the people who claim to have ET contact and that I am so over the big names in this field because I think they’re delusional and full of shit – unaware of their own psyche !

So here’s how to tell a really bad ET story – one that is likely delusional, false, inaccurate and complete with all the well known memes of UFOlogy/Alienology (please note that not all these features need to be present). When the story teller :

  • Shows footage of a so called hypnotic regression, in which they are clearly being led by someone who has no idea what they’re doing.
  • Talks about Reptilians and/or human-alien hybrids.
  • Talks about their hybrid children.
  • Talks constantly refer to abduction.
  • Refers to their previous life as an ET or entity from the astral plane.
  • Talks about Earth being under the control of some insidious alien race.
  • Refers incessantly to densities and 4th dimension, 5th dimension etc – as if they have intimate knowledge of these apparent certainties.
  • Talks about the battle between the light and the dark.
  • Believes that the devil is supporting evil aliens to take over Earth and claim the souls of man.
  • Talks about aliens needing gold.
  • Talks about aliens wanting to harvest humans as food.
  • Refers to the Galactic Federation of Light, the Orions, the Nordics, the grays, Annunaki, Ashtar Command, Starseeds, Nephilim, Atlantis and Lemuria, Ascension, Nibiru, Sphere Being Alliance, Pleiadian High Council etc.
  • Confuses ET race names with constellation names eg. Draco/Draconions, Orion/Orions etc.
  • Thrives on popularity, conferences, interviews etc. Unaware ego is a powerful motivator !
  • Talks about communications from specific ETs through crop circles.
  • Lacks significant self awareness.
  • Rehashes other ideas that have been popular since the 1940’s
  • Does not ever seem to look for alternative explanations for their experiences (believe me that’s hard work but you have to do it if you’re honest with your self).

All of this sort of shit is the reason that I intend of withdrawing from this field one day. I’ll try and offer an antidote to the stupidity and then perhaps a few people will understand what’s real and what’s not and learn how to have contact themselves and then I’m out of here ! The human race is crazy ! Absolutely fucking mad !

You should always question everything I say about my own experiences, just as you should question your own experiences. There are no experts ! And mind is the foreground of all phenomenon !

You should use careful discernment in regard to anything to do with the ET/UFO field, just as you should use careful discernment in believing anything else in your life ! Don’t be brainwashed by idiots and charlatans !


Friends from Worlds Far Away

I dedicate this post to Jacqui and Sandor, Nick, Frédéric, Lea and Poe, for your love of our other Earthly friends.


I’ve tried very hard to emphasise that the critical ingredients for ET contact are pure intentions and a lack of expectation. Most nights I go out under the stars just to enjoy them because I love the view and feel so connected to both the light and the darkness. Every now and then I ask for contact. Sometimes it’s very occasionally and sometimes its every night for a week. Occasionally no one shows up, no matter how long I wait and I have to learn to accept that. However, most nights at least one craft comes to visit. Mostly the craft are up high but occasionally they come closer or land and then I have a face to face encounter. Although that can happen without even seeing a craft.

What amazes me every single time I have contact, is that someone made the effort to travel all that way and say hi to a small human who lives in the middle of nowhere on a planet full of hostile aliens.

They don’t have to turn up but they do. No matter how busy the ETs are, no matter how far away, no matter how many beings are on-bored, no matter what the atmospheric conditions are like, no matter what they think of the human race, no matter where I am – someone makes the effort to say hi !



I’ve had a lot of time to think about this and this is why I think they turn up…

When I go for my daily walks, I talk to the birds, I talk to the ants (and sometimes feed them and interact with them), I talk to the spiders and the insects and the trees. When I go to town, I talk to the checkout dudes and dudettes, I say please and thank you and hold doors open whenever I can, I try to be caring and respectful, I take an active interest in other peoples lives, I listen to people’s stories, I drive courteously, I avoid swearing in public (but holy fuck a truck, I let it rip whenever I feel like it at other times !), I offer help when I see that someone needs help, I give money to strangers who need it (even when I’m struggling), I pay attention to the world around me and the world within. I do these things in nature and among people because I care and because I am a human being and human beings belong to the herd and that herd belongs to Earth. There can’t be a better world unless I play my small part and try to be a better human being.

I think the reason the ETs visit as often as they do, is because despite my hostilities and grievances with humanity (and I have plenty of them), I recognise that we are all Earthlings just trying our best to live. Every plant, animals, insect, fungi, bacteria, virus and human being. What right do I have to make another living beings life more difficult ? Sometimes I go out of my way to let arseholes know I think they’re arseholes and that their behaviour is unreasonable (Oi, corporate tyrants reading this !) because people also need to know how others feel. But for the most part, I believe that our behaviours create effects (causal trees) that come back to haunt us and reward us. And I trust that through the eyes of God, everything is as it should be. We can’t talk about peace and ignore practicisng it. We can’t critique the greedy power hungry elite and then practice greed and exploit people on a smaller scale. The world’s power structures are merely a reflection of our own ignorance.



It’s important to me to try to understand other living things. I can never understand another living being completely but I can get inside their skin a little and take a walk in their shoes and try to figure out what makes a them tick and why they are the way they are. Lets face it, among humans there are aggressive and non aggressive people, bullies and wusses (thanks Dude !), ignorant and less ignorant people, arseholes, weasels, fuck faces, cheese dicks, control freaks, power spewers, limp dicks, crazy cunts, dead shits, pricks, racists, mother fuckers and people who fit all the labels we create for them. (People who are thinking what I’ve just written but would never say it because they’re quiet and put up with the shit !) And then there is us, on the receiving end of all that judgement ! No one is just that the quality we perceive them to be. And we see only what we want to see. But that doesn’t mean we should tolerate people who raise themselves above others ! We are all equal !

So I am the kind of person who tries to see things as they really are. I’m not all love and light and watch me love all of humanity because of the beautiful oneness, crap kind of human being ! That’s just a wankathon ! I’m a realist. I understand that humans have different levels of ignorance and awareness and that some people are driven entirely by desire and others can see what’s happening within themselves. I try hard every day to recognise the burden that all human beings carry, of having a mind like our mind, of being torn by desire and attachment and aversion, of being pulled constantly in all directions. I see our suffering and I try to do my part to ease it just a little.

And that’s also how I see the natural world (except for this frog that’s keeping me awake machine gunning outside my bedroom night and day ! ūüėČ ). All creatures toil, all creatures struggle, all creatures suffer and all creatures are just trying their best to live. When I look at them, that’s what I see. Whether it’s the feral cats I have to euthanase, to stop native wildlife being eaten; the obese cat an acquaintance has, that is a reflection of it’s apathetic owner (cats need boundaries too you know !); my own cat struggling with the heat and the cold; the frogs spawning after heavy rains; the thousands of spiders that live on this land; the ants I save during the floods; the thousands of leafhoppers who have made the countless trees I’ve planted home; the thousands of puff balls and fungi growing on this land; the swallow couple raising young above my bedroom widow (who’s left a big pile of poop and crapped all over my white couch on the veranda); the dozens of species of birds that call this land home; the neighbours sheep and cattle that suffer in the cold and heat; the venomous snakes near and far; the Wedge Tail Eagles who ate my chickens last year. All of them are just trying their best to live. And if I can help ease their burden a little, it’s worth it.

When you have taken care of your people’s basic needs and the needs of other living being son your planet, through a deep spirituality and technologies like matter creation, you have far more time for exploration and developing relationships. So when the ETs look out into the cosmos and they see all manner of beings – they see hostile beings and benevolent beings, hateful beings and loving beings, agitated and nervous beings and calm and relaxed beings, ignorant and aware beings and everything in between. Put yourself in their shoes. Are you going to waste time connecting with and developing relationships with beings that are self centred and cause suffering to others or are you going to be drawn to those who have some degree of self awareness and care about the suffering of others ?

I have come to believe that I (and others) have frequent contact because I (we) truly care for other life forms. I don’t just say it, I feel it, I act it. And they see that, they feel that and they know that’s who I am.

Now I’m not saying any of this to hold myself up above anyone else because I dance in the filth and the muck, climb the trees of self righteousness and I-ness with the best of them and have plenty of my own ignorance to boot ! But if you’re one of those people who is desperate for ET contact and it’s not happening, chances are you’re too self centred, too judgemental, too ignorant, too busy, too fearful, too arrogant, too stupid, too anything that gets in the way of you caring for something beyond yourself or caring better for yourself !

The only way people from different worlds get along, is with trust, awareness and respect. And you can’t have that, if you don’t have that with at least some of the living beings on your own world first !

You have to see yourself honestly. Truly, deeply, without any bullshit, the good, the bad, the strange, the beautiful and the fucking ugly. Because when you see yourself honestly, your bullshit doesn’t get in the way of how you see others. Feral cats, frogs, ants, spiders, snakes, arseholes, tyrants, mother fuckers, black people, white people, people with so called disabilities, old people and beings from other worlds.

I’m no one special. I just care. I just notice. I see myself in all of creation.


Children With Parents Who Have ET Contact

I was talking briefly this afternoon with a lovely lady reader in Sweden who has also had ET contact. She had previously made a passing comment about being asked by her children not to talk about aliens because of their friends and family and it prompted more of an awareness of something, which has been gnawing away at my heart for years. So much so, that recently I had thought that I would soon make a TSM with my son and explore the issue.

So if I understood this person correctly, she was implying that her children impose a heavy insistence on her keeping her own contact experiences and interest in aliens under lock and key, out of the public domain ! What she said immediately resonated with me because it’s something that my own son (and his mum) have made very clear to me. Just as a small side note. My son tried very hard (against my suggestion) to gain popularity and pocket money through Youtube gaming videos and the lack of attention only reinforced his sense of loneliness. Dude had suggested that if he spoke about his own ET and Yowie experiences and apparent experiences with people who have died, he would gain the interest that he seeks. But Toa being Toa, he withdrew from Youtube entirely and has been too afraid to speak of his own experiences for fear of ridicule. In all fairness, he’s seen what I’ve had to endure and it bothers the hell out of him that he could be on the receiving end of similar judgement, ridicule and threats.

The incredible irony in this subject is that most of the children of parents having ET contact, are also having ET contact but they are either unaware of it, uncomfortable with talking about it or unwilling to admit to it ! My son fits into all three categories. But mostly I think, children who have parents who are having ET contact and/or who are having contact themselves, are absolutely terrified of how their peers will judge them. Talking about ETs as a child or a teen, is worse than coming out about being gay or admitting that you’re a virgin or that you don’t have a mobile phone or a game console !

I wonder also if the fear of a parent speaking publicly about this subject arises from the child’s perception that the parent is obsessed by the subject and speaks about it with such enthusiasm, that they forget that others don’t share the same enthusiasm ? I’ve always said to my son and his mum that I don’t care what others think of me but they do seem to care what others think of them. And in all fairness my son has had a hard enough time at school (today he finished high school at last !), without having to be the kid with the dad who’s an alien nutcase ! I wonder also if perhaps our children are afraid to be associated with an apparent wacko because they too might be tarred with the same brush ? Judged in the same way ?

I try really hard to protect my sons privacy and don’t talk openly about the ET subject at all with anyone within an hour of here. But no matter what I do or do not do, my son has this terrible fear that his dad will say the wrong thing in the wrong place and nothing I can say or do will lessen his fear. I recently shared the link to this blog with one of his former friends because she is a very intelligent person going through a hard time, who I feel may find something of comfort in something I’ve said. But god knows if my son found out, he’d kill me !

So if our children are so terrified of us speaking about the subject or being associated with the subject, what does that say about us and our society ? What does it say about how judgemental we are as human beings ? What does it say about our readiness for this absurd idea called disclosure ? And what impact is this having on all those authentic people who are having contact, who need to feel 100 % supported and accepted by their families – even when and especially when they speak about the subject publicly ?

I’ve lived with contact for a very long time and I’ve spoken openly to my son about many of my experiences. Have I worn him out or put too much responsibility on his shoulders ? Maybe ! Would he prefer a dad like every one elses ? Maybe ! Have I focused too much on helping him to keep an open heart and an open mind, at the expense of supposed normality ? Maybe ! But I don’t know how else to be !

I don’t place the responsibility for this discord or problem on our children. I place it on the human race. Our children are merely a mirror for what we as a species have allowed ourselves to become. Something that is afraid of ‘the other’. The other in us, elsewhere on Earth and out there ! How do we get past this ? How can we help our children to overcome this ? And what are we as parents doing wrong ?

As I said in my conversation this afternoon with the lady in Sweden, I would love to speak to large numbers of children and to discover just how many of them are having ET contact. Because I suspect, there are many of them who do and don’t know they are having contact. And some of them will become adults who also have children who have ET contact. The ETs know how it will pan out for the children. They know who needs full awareness and who needs to remember and when things should unfold for individual people. But it’s much harder for us individually and as a species. We don’t know when a child needs support or when an adult needs support. We don’t know how children interpret their own experiences and how fear prevents them acknowledging or coming out about their own experiences. Subsequently, I believe that we need more knowledge about these issues, so that as a society we create healthy human beings who feel free to talk openly about their experiences with the other.

Perhaps this subject is up there with genital warts, period pads, vaginal mucous, penile secretions, fellatio, incontinence in younger and older people, euthanasia, addictive behaviours, death, Bill Clinton getting sucked off in the Oval Office and going onto be a worthy good samaritan, mother in-laws (who are processed cheaply at our local butchers !), the joy of ageing, dementia as a valid human experience, the validity of mandatory autopsies (goodbye human rights !), transpersonal experiences and all kinds of other taboo subjects ??? Perhaps it’s just one of those things that is way too confronting or seemingly ridiculous for the majority of human beings ?

I don’t know this for sure, that it will actually happen but it’s my wish that one day my son speaks openly about his experiences and stands up against the stupidity that surrounds this subject, as I have done. I would however understand if he shies away from it completely. Exactly as his mum has done.

I’m curious to hear from you what you make of this whole topic. Whether you are a parent in the same boat as me or someone who hasn’t experienced ETs yet. Am I missing something here ? Have I been so absorbed in this subject for so long, that I’ve lost any sense of what this subject is like from the outside or what the world is like for children ?


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