The Boyd Bushman interview ???

Update : This is a repost of the post that dissapeared earlier. Thanks to my good friend A for helping out.

I was about to try and debunk the Boyd Bushman interview (see previous post) and then I watched it again and noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. Boyd had said the beings from Quintonia (which is 68 light years away by our standards) lived to as old as 230 years old and it took them 45 years to get here. Well I thought that’s bunkum. Spending 90 years there and back – 40 % of your life on a trip to Earth, just doesn’t add up. But then when I watched the video again I noticed a correction over the video, which said it took the beings 45 minutes to get here – now that’s more like it. Old people often make mistakes. I’m a lot younger and make mistakes all the time !

So back to scratch. Boyd was an old man, close to dying. I don’t think he set out to deceive anyone. People just don’t feel that way as they approach death (assuming he was really dying). If anything they have a compulsion for telling the truth and confession – hence the reason I think he came out to speak his truth. Boyd seems to be everything he says he is ( ) and he has been the subject of several other videos on antigravity.

What seems unclear to me is how much time Boyd had in face to face contact with these beings and how much was fed to him from his source higher up. If Boyd had face to face contact with them, I think he’s speaking from his own experience and that has good credibility in my eyes. If however, he did not have face to face contact with these beings and only had the information he was fed, I think there is the potential for Boyd to have unwittingly played a part for those who wished to create a deception. Why a deception that involved telling people we have had contact with ETs and we are trying to build craft like theirs ? I’m not sure but such a deception might be a way to introduce the subject in a way that is palatable to the masses.

A couple fo other things stand out as a little odd in this interview. In Boyd’s photos the individual doesn’t look alive. Why it would not simply pose, rather than have someone handle it, I’m not sure. Most ETs I know are not like that. And if it is a dead ET from Quintonia, why the hell were they shot down and why did Boyd not say anything about that. But maybe it’s just the way it looks. Someone was helping a living the individual to look right for the camera. We do that with each other all the time.


But here’s where it gets confusing for me. I wondered if the ET might be a doll of some sort – whether Boyd knew that or not. So I did a quick search and came across this link from Charles Toepfer (who according to his Facebook page worked at The Walt Disney Company) on the Art Bell show ( These images show a doll that apparently looks almost identical to Boyds ET. So, it seems to me that there are a number of possibilities here. Someone is trying to discredit Boyd, by suggesting that these images were dolls made by Kmart or some other retailer. Or Someone fed Boyd photos of a doll and told him they were photos of a being from Quintonia. Or Boyd took the photos of the doll himself, in an effort to pull a last-ditch deception on the masses.

alienkmar2alienkmart.jpg Boyd Bushman video

I went looking for such a doll and was unable to find it but I did find references to this possibility on reddit (a sight I normally shy away from)(t

dvs007 suggested :

“This “doll” shown is not a mainstream toy. I have spent a solid hour scouring every place I could think you would be able to buy one of these. If it truly was sold at Kmart there would be a few of them floating around on EBay. If it were still being sold I would have found it. Of the thousands of mass produced items I have searched for to purchase over the last 15 years I have not failed once in my search. I cannot find a single “alien reproduction” like the one in the photo standing on the chair. In addition, it is certainly not out of the question that this “doll” was reproduced by someone to replicate the appearance of the actual subject for the purpose of debunking Mr Bushman and those like him. I am not saying this with certainty but rather throwing the possibility out there for further discussion. This much I can say with certainty.. This doll was never marketed and sold by “Kmart” or any other mainstream retailer and if there are others, they are not for sale ANYWHERE, including the gift shops near Area 51.”

and afterwards

Objectreport went on to suggest :

“The photos Boyd shows of the “dead alien” toward the end were photos that originated from John Hutchison, a well known crackpot and hoaxer, so I would take all of this at face value. I honestly think that ‘alien’ exists as a latex prop in an alien-themed museum somewhere in the world, we just haven’t found the original uncropped photos yet.


All very curious indeed ! One could then ask, what if either one of these people were attempting to perpetrate a deception of their own. And so you could spend forever chasing your tail with the question of who is trying to deceive who ?

I remain uncertain. I don’t feel that Boyd was trying to deceive anyone. I could ask Dude or Anamika and know once and for all. But I will leave that for now. I’ll leave it to you to make your own decisions.

Finally, one last reflection on Boyd’s interview. Boyd suggested that he was encouraged to see the ET in terms of a ranch metaphor, in which there is two groups of ETs – wranglers who handle your cattle (with whom you have better relationships) and wrestlers who steal your cattle (with whom presumably you don’t have better relationships). I think in some sense this reflects the reality of our ET friends. But this metaphor is at the same time a dangerous one. Some might interpret that to mean that there are good aliens and bad aliens visiting Earth. Perhaps the best way to understand this metaphor is to see that there are ETs who are very tolerant of us and others who are not so tolerant of us. Those who do everything to nurture us and those who find us irritating. This is a much bigger issue and I can’t do it any justice by referring to a single metaphor. I previously said a little on this subject in the following video (Video Response to Twilight of The Old Boys Network – you may have to find the video somewhere down the list) :

Boyd may well of pulled off a great deception. But he might well have come forth with a great revelation, for which we owe him a debt of gratitude. In either case, his testimony isn’t the first and it won’t be the last. And there will never be a picture or a video or a living ET that will provide everybody with the proof that beings from other worlds are visiting our planet. There will always be skeptics and believers – no matter how convincing the proof. Ahhh, the burden of proof !

So, Boyd Bushman. A very interesting man, who has now left the body and left humanity with a curious riddle. Isn’t that just what most humans like – a mystery who dunnit ?

Further update : I found these videos later in the day.


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  1. Just an observation….the background looks like an unprofessional movie/play set. Where were the pics/video taken? This would not be a setting that I would expect pictures to be taken, I’d find it more believable in someone’s kitchen or outside somewhere. Cute little thing. Hope it’s real, but not holding my breath. Why people would hoax something like this is beyond me. I *know* they exist. Just wish there wasn’t all this secrecy. I don’t understand that either…

  2. My guess is Boyd was fed the pictures without himself confirming them. I believe he was tricked into thinking he had pictures of a real ET.

  3. Good observations & assessments Bright!
    He seems to trust his source 100%.
    The photos were taken with his camera, by somebody else.
    Photos of the ET was given to him, he never said that he have met this ET or took pictures himself….or did I miss something?
    The only thing he admits to bee doing himself, is to weight the UFO anti gravity pieces, reading reports & hearing story’s.
    IMHO My gut feeling is that he’s honest & telling the truth based on his acquired information…but allot of that is 2:nd hand information….some could have been feed to him…some not???
    Peace 🙂

  4. noticed something that was different between the interview “doll” and the actual doll. The doll in the interview must have been either a lot bigger or the person holding the head must have been really small. If you compare hand / head size to the last clip shown here, the difference is bigger.

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