Remembering THE LIGHT

I kind of felt encouraged by the kind words of one Little Sun, who left a comment for me yesterday, to say a little about the Light. Little Sun was diagnosed in September with Stage 4 Cancer at the tender age of 26. I know from experience how terrifying that is. So I wanted to offer a little insight into what I have learned about our true nature.

Our true nature is the light. The mind arises from the light and with it the sense of separation and individuality.. The nature of the mind is to move in and out of stillness and activity. The Light. It is pure awareness of the real SELF. It is the Greater SELF. It is GOD. It is the real SELF. It is within everything. Everything arises out of it. Everything returns to it.

Is it really light ? I don’t know. I’ve experienced it and I still don’t know. I think light is how we experience it but that is not what it is. In Buddhism it is called the ground luminosity. Ramana Maharshi refers to it as the one in whom the “I thought” arises and as THE SELF. “What is it that asks the question “What am I ?”?”

To heal, all we have to do is to remember our true nature and let go of all of the afflictions of the mind. Easier said than done when we forget our real nature. It’s one thing to believe it and it’s another thing to know it and to live that way. I’m still working on that one !

Here’s a collection of videos below, some my own, all about THE LIGHT. You can also find reference to the light in many of the great spiritual teachings – including those of the Bhagavad Gita, Dzogchen Buddhism, Ramana Maharshi, Dadaji, Mother Meera and Chinese Zen.

At the time I interviewed Anita Moorjani, it was a year after I had my merging with the light experience and I was obsessed with learning about NDE’s. I didn’t really want to mention it to her, although I did talk about my experience. Just because someone has had an NDE, doesn’t mean they are willing to believe in ET conntact. So I held back and tried my best to understand Anita’s story.

Since that day on January 19th, 2011 when I was taken to merge with the light, I was desperate to try to find others who had experienced something similar. The only person I found was Betty Andreasson. I remembered being told that others had been given this experience throughout human history and I was eager to see if there were people in our own time having this experience. I don’t know if there are but there will be. And at some point the NDE experience is going to cross over in a more profound way with the ET contact experience. And when that happens, that is, when more people begin to talk about experiences like my own, people need to be prepared to consider the NDE and the ET contact experience from completely different perspectives. They are connected in the deepest possible way and not just superficially, in that they resemble one another in a physical way – that misses the point entirely. When we start to explore the cross over (I wish I had a name for it – Lightology ?) – we will learn so much about ourselves, our ET friends and the nature of reality.

One day it is my wish to talk more about the light but I am still trying to REMEMBER what it is myself. But when I am ready that will be part of the path I take. Because once you’ve remembered the light, you don’t want to keep it for yourself, you want to use what you’ve learned to heal everything that’s hurting.

Betty’s story :


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  1. After hearing all these profound experiences I can’t help but feel uplifted and excited to experience what lies beyond life as I currently know it. Wonderful commentary Bright, and Thanks for all these fantastic videos! 🙂

  2. Hi Bright,
    There was something pretty magical about that post above.
    I read it a few times and really made my heart jump. Will have to read it a few times more. It feels like very precious writing. I have been an NDE vacuum for a few years know and am excited to see these videos again.
    I guess uncovering these amazing fantastic spiritual things is what makes life exciting. There is something inside us that i belive on some level knows all thse things. When we really see them turn into realty its fantastic. If they dont its a pain.
    Also wanted to say that the images of the alien are the cutest I have ever seen.
    That guy I would truely like to meet. Hope he is real.
    Thanks for all the inspiring stuff!
    P.S.i will be on a telephone conference with Sherri Wilde this weekend. She is cool.

    • Thanks Marcel for the kind words (and the donation ;-)). I’m just a message stick or a domino playing my part.

      I’m not really saying much at all and I just blurghh it all out it – nothing very well written ! But nuts and bolts whatever I feel.

      Have a great conversation with Sherri – she seems like a lovely person ! Say hi to her for me please and let her know about my research network if you can !

      Have a great day ! Bright.

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