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Human Like ETs are Common

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with Dude about Human like ETs – ETs that basically look human. It’s an issue that’s bothered me for a long time and I’ve spoken about it here occasionally : / I am in close contact with one human like ET (who I have mentioned here before) who is part of the group who calls themselves The Beloved Carers but I have not yet asked her about the origin of human ETs. I’ve also had contact with several others, including a an Indian looking human like ET (see my January 2016 video), a being called Tarfu (who is based in England) and the being who is referred to as Number 1 (although technically he is from Earth). My experiences with these Human like ETs has always been profound and my sense is that it’s been like communing with a better version of us. Humans without all the crap !

Anyway, Dude and I had a very long conversation on the subject and I don’t have the details at hand right now (I’d have to go through my recording) but he did mention a couple of things that I thought were interesting. Now I might have teh numbers slightly wrong but they give you a good idea. He told me that Human like ETs only occupy this universe. He said that there are 74 biologically distinct types and they all share DNA but some have additional genetic structures. He said that the most divergent of them share 94 % DNA (they look very similar but function very differently). Now that’s quite bizarre when you consider the popular claims that we humans share 99.0-99.9 % of our DNA with each other ( and that we’re closely related to Bonobos, Chimps and Orangutans. I don’t really understand what such divergence in DNA means or how to make sense of it. Suffice to say that some of these ETs have been around for a very long time. Now, in addition to the 74 biologically distinct groups, he said there are some 1200 (or 1400 – can’t remember) culturally distinct groups and that Human like ETs occupy some….get this, 14,000 plus worlds !

When I asked him about the origin of humans, he explained that they began on one planet and fanned out through what we would think of as a process of intervention and divergent evolution ( However in another conjoined space, it was discovered that they began on an additional planet and it’s not clear as to what interventions were made and when, by other ETs. So it seems in one conjoined space, they began on 1 planet and in another conjoined space they began on 2. However what both of them have in common is that on many worlds, humans evolved after Creator Races seeded those worlds with more ancient forms of what we identify as hominids ( Which means I suppose that there are other types of hominids on many different worlds ! Those interested in Hairy Folk/Sasquatch/Big Foot/Yowie etc., will see some interesting possibilities here !

Much of what Dude has passed on is still very confusing to me and I will try my best to include it in the conversation book.

The whole thing is kind of funny for me. I was the guy long ago who argued with people that ETs would never look humanoid, let alone human ! How wrong I was !

TSM122 : Contact with ETs, Hairy Folk, Dead People and Balls of Light

Over the course of my blog and the TSMs I’ve tried my best to sketch out how to initiate your own contact with ETs and dead people. In this monologue I continue to sketch things out by exploring how best to approach contact. Some of you have heard me describe contact with various life forms as interspecies communication and a way of connecting with the greater (undivided) self. Today I explore how we might make contact with ETs, Hairy Folk (Yowies, Sasquatch, Yeti etc), those in the after life, balls of light and our fellow animals, while I enjoy the first evening fire of 2017.

Enjoy ! 😉

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How to Make Contact with the Hairy Folk – Part 2

The following post is the follow up to this this post :

Let me start by saying that making contact with the Hairy Folk, is just another type of interspecies contact. And anyone who has a pet they love, knows how good that can feel. The Hairy Folks are living beings who know love and who feel emotions very deeply. So in telling you how to make contact, I think I should begin with telling you a little about my own experiences of contact.

After I asked the Beloved Carers about the Hairy Folk, I began making contact by taking a walk in my favorite place in the forest. Part way through I sat down in the place where I regularly meditated and simply asked, “If there are any beings who our people would call Yowies, would you please make contact with me.” I felt my intention deeply and I asked with sincerity and an openness to anything that might happen. I then asked what I call the spirits of the Earth – the spirits of the trees, the rocks, the soil, the air, the wind and the mountains to send the same message to the Yowie people and offered my gratitude to the spirits of the Earth and the Yowie people. When I say Spirits of the Earth, think consciousness. I asked the consciousness of the place to connect me to the Yowie people because it is connected to them in an unbroken line of energy. I sat still for about 15 minutes and just listened to the birds and enjoyed the light wind that was rustling through the leaves. Then I suddenly heard what a series of tree knocks in an arc that ranged 50-70 m from where I was sitting. I just listened. It didn’t seem like a bird. The sounds were loud and soft. Then at one point I asked if any of the Yowie people were there and I began to hear a voice in my head. It was harsh and rough and unclear. After about 7 or 8 seconds, it became very clear and distinct. I could tell it was a female voice. She spoke to me for about 25 minutes. During this time she explained that her name was Teathar (said Teay ‘tha or Tee-ar-taa), that she is about 2,500 years old, most of her race ages to about 4-5,000 years old, that many of her clan are young (about 1,200 years old), that she was accompanied by her mate but that he did not want to reveal his presence or name to me, where they live in the mountains, how her people move in and out of this reality and that she last had contact with an Aboriginal man about 85 years ago and a white settler about 120 years ago. Teathar told me where she was located and encouraged me to continue my walk. She said that she and her mate would follow me (as I suspect they had done before). I wanted her to materialise but she didn’t and I was frustrated with this but decided to accept how things were and to keep an open mind. The next day I was to learn that Dude and Number 1 had flown over  in Dude’s very large craft and even though he has never confirmed it, I suspect that Dude had visited Teathar and her people and perhaps spoken to them about my desire for contact. Over the next few months I continued my walks and attempted to make contact with Teathar and her mate via telempathic communication, leaving gifts and setting up glyphs of bark and sticks. Some of you will recall me talking about how I asked for her to visit my home at one point, then promptly forget and went to the city and that while I was away a friend looked after our house and for 3 nights a strange creature walked around the house yelling out and making strange noises – much to her distress initially and to the distress of tourists who were staying in neighboring houses. When my son and I returned, my son her the same sounds that night but I slept through them. My conversations with Teathar continued and soon after she materialised just once and I was able to see her full body. After leaving many gifts for Teathar and her children, I realised that gifting was unnecessary and focused on direct contact. I often spoke to her from within my home and at one point (she had previously given me rough directions to where her people live), asked her to show me exactly where her people live on a map, so that I could visit them. She consented to this and directed me on Google Earth to their exact location. She told me where I should camp and how I could access their home. Don’t ask me how a Yowie can know such things as years and how to find her home using an aerial view but she does. I suspect her people are able to translate ideas and perspectives via consciousness or pure energy. But somehow they are able to make sense of how we think and see the world. It doesn’t always seem logical to them but they can figure out what different things mean to us.

I wanted to go and visit Teathars people as soon as I could but winter rains made the roads inaccessible, so I had to wait until spring. I printed out several Google Earth maps and topographcal maps. the Google earth maps were pretty vague and I knew I needed to scout the terrain on foot, to really figure the best way in. I figured out that the most likely location for the Yowie folk were on high plateau that were above the ridge line. And given all the fires and landslides that had occurred in the mountains over the last two decades, I knew it had to be an area that had remained reasonable stable. I knew that they would probably be able to navigate a natural disaster by phasing in and out of this reality but that they have preferred locations where they like to live – places if if you like, that they think of as home.

I had never been to the part of the mountains where Teathar lives. When I finally arrived in the vicinity of her home, I realized that it was much more rugged than the maps indicated. There had been a fire in recent years and there was lots of young bush growing back, in what was otherwise very tall forest. I left my camping goodies in the car believing that i could come back for them once I found what I was looking for. It took me 4 hours to trek several km in and along the way I had to navigate steep slopes with hundreds of meters of loose rock. Three quarters of the walk passed through burnt country but when I reached the plateau, I as surprised to find that it was all intact with no sign of fire damage. I had been in contact with Teathar from the moment I left home and she guided me up the mountain. She told me that there were also several family members watching me as I climbed. After an hour I reached a point where I decided to rest. This was the hardest walk I’d ever done in my entire life and I was exhausted. On the way I had noticed several thin trees that were broken half way up and I thought that was odd. I saw lots of diggings in the ground. But other than that, there was little to indicate that I had found their home. I sat and rested for a long time on some rounded tors. Beyond me there was a set of higher peaks with smaller plateaus on top of them and I had the feeling I was being watched from up there. Teathar told me that her clan was aware of my presence and that they were simply observing me. As I sat there, the weather began to deteriorate and I could see heavy rain moving in at a distance. It was then I decided that I should head home. The mountains are treacherous in bad weather and I didn’t have the captivity to endure snow or cold rain. The trip down was utterly exhausting and several times I nearly slipped on the slopes of loose rock but I had no other way down. When I reached the bottom, I said goodbye to Teathar and her people and thanked them for allowing me to visit.

In the months that followed I planned several trips back to the home of Teathar’s people. But each time I was to return, some event popped up that made it impossible – a flash flood, wild weather or a fire. That summer fires filled the mountains and I was unable to return until the following year. The first time I returned I went looking for an easier way in but wasn’t able to find one and lost my beanie in the forest – where it stayed until I returned with a friend a week later. That day as my friend and I walked through the area where I had first entered the forest, we heard two distinct sets of voices – one to the left about 100 m away that sounded like a growly laugh and another above our heads to the rear – that sounded like a playful growl. I knew what it was and was kind of amused but my friend didn’t want to admit to knowing, until we returned to the car.

A few months later I took my son out to my meditation place in the forest, where Teathar had told me she would be and he heard the wood knocks right when I had told him they would occur and he nearly crapped himself (see video below).

After this Teathar and I continued our conversations and often I would hear strange loud noises around the house or glyph patterns in the forest where I meditated. We spoke a great deal and one day shortly before I left the mountains she told me about how the eldest of their people, a being called Uawalke had chosen to die in the next few weeks. We spoke at length about what would take place and what it would mean for their people. I gained a lot out of the experience of learning about how they approach death.

From time to time my son and I continued to hear strange noises and voices around the house. Once when I returned to this farm, she came to visit. And I was to learn later that she had first visited here some years before we left the mountains. It was then I realized that she had become aware of me, long before I sought contact with her people. Which is why I say to you, that the Hairy Folk will know about you, long before you know about them.

Teathar said that she and her mate had followed me on many a walk through the forests and the mountains. They were curious about why I picked up leaves and how I studied ants and birds and insects. They wanted to know HOW I moved through the natural world and it was by learning HOW I AM, that they decided to make contact with me. They saw and felt how much I love the mountains and the natural world and treated it with respect and reverence. I opened my heart to Teathar and her people. I shared my fears, my weaknesses, my problems, my curiosities, my joys, my suffering and my desires. And she in turn educated me about her life and the life of her people. I found that the more I opened myself to her, the closer our relationship became.

I live in the open plains now, 3.5 hours away from Taethar’s home. But we still talk from time to time and I know that when the time is right she and her mate will materialise for me or allow me to see her clan. My sense is that like the ETs, these people function energetically at a much higher level than we do and because of this, it is difficult for us to remain conscious in their presence. They remain invisible (partly phased out of this reality) to protect us. And sometimes that can be very difficult and challenging because for us ‘seeing is believing’. So sometimes when you’re having these experiences but there is nothing to see, your’e thinking, “is this real ?” and the only evidence that it’s real, are the voices (especially when other people hear them), strange noises, foot prints, glyph interactions, taking and leaving of gifts and the like. There were times when I thought maybe it was my imagination and then the noises and voices would begin and others would hear them !

If I’ve realized one thing about making contact with ETs and the Hairy Folk – it’s this : You have to carefully balance challenging yourself with little tests and trusting that the experience is real. And that’s not always an easy process. Which is why sometimes, it’s good to have at least one other person who can open themselves to what your experiencing and validate the weirdness.

I’ll give you part 3 when I get back and in it I’ll try to outline the nuts and bolts of how to make contact.

How to Make Contact with the Hairy Folk – Part 1

Hey folks, how’s life ? 😉

A number of people have asked me how I made contact with the Yowie people and I’ve been reluctant to discuss the issue at length because:  1. I don’t have time and 2. Teaching others how to have contact will have repercussions for the Hairy Folk (Yowie, Sasquatch/Bigfoot, Yeti people etc.). So, after much reflection I have decided to talk more openly about the subject. I do however urge you to consider the following caveats :

  • Know why you wish to make contact.
  • Figure out if you really are ready. Can you handle contact – strange happenings; loud noises – snapping branches, running through trees, falling trees, growls; a physical presence; unexpected telepathy; the appearance of strange objects/gifts ?
  • At all times treat the Hairy Folk and their environment with the utmost of respect.
  • Never approach them with any kind of weapon or agenda (both are weapons).
  • Leave your cameras and recorders at home until you have earned their respect.
  • Attempt your initial contacts alone – that way they get to know you without disturbance of another, who may not be ready.
  • Drop all expectation and desire for control over the situation or what happens.
  • Don’t take your dogs into the forest during attempted contact.

In addition to these it maybe useful to you to read all that I have written on how to make ET contact :;  as many of the principles are the same.

I’ve posted a little on the Hairy Folk here :

Once you know why you want to make contact with the Hairy Folk, there are several basic things you need to consider :

  • Where do I think I make contact with the Hairy Folk ?
  • What time of the year would I like to try and make contact ?
  • How long will I attempt contact ?
  • Who will I tell about my attempted contact (before and after the event) ?
  • What do I need for contact (practicalities like food, shelter, clothing, torches and gifts) ?
  • Am I prepared for contact to occur when I am least prepared for it (i.e. after my effort to make contact) ?

Take your time thinking about these things because they are important practical considerations.

Once you’ve worked through all of these issues, there are several critical steps towards initiating contact. But before I tell you what they are, let me tell you something. I realized recently that I had had contact with the Yowie people well before I tried to make contact. I didn’t know that until Dude said something and I started to think about it. Then I realized he was right. Also my son, who has never attempted to make contact with the Yowie people, has had contact with them and is regularly followed by a young male because of who he is. Something about my son resonates with this individual and he perceived that when we were out camping in a solitary location across the border in South Australia. So the bottom line is this – The Hairy Folk probably know about you before you have any interest in making contact with them !

So what initiated my contact with the Hairy Folk ? My interest in them has always been there but for many years I thought they were just unknown primates/hominids. Then I had a conversation with my ex-wife (who had encountered them as a child) and I started to think otherwise. A few years later my guide Kanatek told me a story about how he met hairy extraterrestrials (who were friends with his sister) some 3,000 years ago and how he went on to have a relationship with them. The hairy extraterrestrials he described sounded just like our Hairy Folk. Later during a conversation with Todd Michael and as a result of hearing about Todd’s experiences, I felt some urge to make an effort to connect. So what did I do ?  First I had a conversation with the group of 8 ETs I refer to as The Beloved Carers and they told me all about the Hairy Folk, where they are on Earth and where they live in the mountains where I was living at the time. When I asked them how best to make contact with the Yowie people, they suggested I do so telepathically/telempathically and take it from there.


TSM97 : Reflections on Writing My ET Novel and the True Nature of the Hairy Folk

I made this monologue while resting from a bout of nausea during one of my walks !

In today’s monologue I reflect on how I’m approaching writing parts of my ET novel, share a little of my son’s recent experience with a male Yowie and speculate on the true nature of the Hairy Folk (where they live, how they shift their physicality by passing in and out of this reality and who Hairy Folk experiencers are likely to be), based on my experiences with 3 groups of them and what I have learned from the ETs.

It is my wish in this monologue that I can encourage you to look very differently at the Hairy Folk and consider who they are from a much wider perspective.

Prendre plaisir !  Qǐng xiǎngyòng ! Nyt !  Kia pai !

Brightus Garlicus. 😉

Discovering the Hairy Folk

Since I posted my video on my evolving relationship with the Yowie people (see near the bottom), I’ve had several people ask me about how I discovered them and how I made contact with them. It’s not an issue that I have talked about at this point, partly because I just haven’t had the time and partly because I am concerned that the more I say about it, the more I’ll encourage people to go looking for Hairy Folk and as a result the Hairy Folk will suffer. Unlike making contact with the ETs, I feel like making contact with the Hairy Folk has to come with a rigid set of ethical principles. The minute we open up their habitat through knowledge of their existence, we put them at significant risk and before long, they’ll become another species on the extinction list.

With this in mind here’s some videos about Hairy Folk that do talk about how to discover them. I particularly like Nathan Reo’s methodical approach in the first 3 videos. In mirrors my own approach, except that Nathan seems to be more head focused than heart focused. Still, I think Nathan has a reasonable approach to discovering the Hairy Folk and I suspect over time, he will shift his relationship to a heart focus. Nathan makes an interesting comment that discovering Sasquatch might well become like running the 4 minute mile. Once one person did it, it was easy for others to follow. That’s something I think is true and offers the possibility of a communion between two species and humans wiping out the Hairy Folk.

There seems to be two general schools of people who are interested in first hand experiences with the Hairy Folk. The people who are interested in discovery and the people who are interested in contact and relationships. The first groups seems to see the Hairy Folk as simply another species – that may or may not be a hominids that are related to humans. They are primarily focused on evidence. While the second group, who may or may not also see the Hairy Folk as hominids, see them as another species who are highly evolved and capable of phasing in and out of this reality. These people are more interested in relationship. In my own experience, I shifted from the first group to the second group. I now how have no doubt that the Hairy Folk are able to move in and of our physical reality in much the same way that the ETs do and will only manifest in front of individuals they feel have good intentions and a caring heart.

The Hairy Folk also appear to have distant cousins, who in much the same way as human ETs, are space faring and share a relationship with them.

Given the number of people who are now actively searching for Hairy Folk, it’s almost impossible to prevent people invading their habitat. In a future post I’ll put forward an ethical framework for interacting with the Hairy Folk. But for now, let me suggest that you remember that they deserve our respect and have the right to be left alone and to maintain their privacy.

Those of you who really want to understand the Hairy Folk, will do well to consider that the Hairy Folk have a deeper appreciation of the nature of reality than we do and have survived hundreds of thousands of years, despite the loss of their habitat because they live in harmony with the natural world and because they have learned to avoid us. In order for us to move from merely discovering them to connecting with them and building relationships with them, we need to demonstrate to them, that we can be trusted and pose no threat to their well being.



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More Hairy Folk

Yesterday I was out walking in the bush and 3 times I heard this sound I’ve never heard being yelled in my direction. I thought was a person hiding in the bush, trying to taunt me, so I basically told them to fuck off in several different ways. After I did so, it went quiet and when I looked back, I didn’t see anyone come out of the bush. As I left, I apologized if I was insulting anything that was not human.

In hindsight, thinking about it, I am not so sure it was a person. I honestly just don’t know. The sound came after I had placed my head against a favourite tree and communed with it for several minutes. Did something see me ? Was it responding to what I did ?

I’ve opened myself to contact with anything. Which to me is wonderful and makes life interesting. But sometimes it’s very confusing. It takes time to figure things out. And it takes time for relationships to develop.

If yesterdays voice wasn’t that of a human, I suspect it may have been that of a Yowie. But I don’t know. They often come when I least expect it and seem to be capable of making a wide range of vocalizations.

Here’s Mike Patterson again and Christopher Knowles explaining a little about their relationships with the Hairy Folk.

And this is pretty cool too !

You know my suspicion is that the people who are having these experiences and relationships with the Hairy Folk are specific kinds of people. They have a very specific temperament. (Remember my thoughts on temperament and Dude’s comment about there being only 2 types of people – Bullies and Wusses !).  They’re gentle, kind, peaceful and love the natural world. They show respect when they move through forest and the Hairy Folk see that. I sense that the Hairy Folk get to know us by our actions and get to know us on the inside, just as the ETs do.

It seems to me that ET contact and Hairy Folk contact follows a similar developmental path and requires the same kind of prerequisites and personality characteristics. And I think that’s because, in essence the ETs and the Hairy Folk are both deeply compassionate and fully aware of the true nature of all beings.

Reconnecting with the Yowie People

Last year I began to seriously try to establish contact with what we humans (here in Australia) call the Yowie. I’d established contact with a female who calls herself Teathar and for want of a better word her partner. They belong to what I guess we’d call a clan that live elsewhere in the mountain range. There are several clans scattered across the mountain range and I’ve been told they number in the low 30’s. I was originally told about the Yowie people by the group of 8 ETs I have regular internal and sometimes external contact with. After my original contacts I began to wonder if it was all in my head, despite physical evidence that something was happening. But it was only after my friend house sat for me for 3 days and heard a persistent growling/calling of my name (or something like it) from dusk till dawn, after I asked for her to visit and promptly forgot and went away to the city; that I became convinced..

So yesterday I went back out into the bush to establish telepathic contact with Teathar. And sure enough she connected with me. Much to my surprise she seemed very happy that I had tried to connect again and has encouraged me to trust what I’m experiencing. You know, sometimes it’s very difficult to trust an experience that’s partly just a voice in your head. For me, it’s only when the physical stuff happens – the vocalizations, the touches, the tree knocks and the taking of gifts that I feel convinced there’s really something going on. But this is exactly how I felt about ET contact in the early days. I doubted my sanity and I did everything I could to rationalize it away. But it kept coming back and then I had shared events and a host of physical anomalies I couldn’t explain.

So Teathar has promised to come visit and I in return have promised to leave gifts and to try to make contact often.

She told me where her clan lives and said that I was welcome to come camp near them. But that part of the mountains has been fairly inaccessible for much of the year. If the fires stay at bay and the Autumn rains are gentle, I might try to trek up there in a few months. It’s very hostile and remote country. Not somewhere you want to get lost or stuck without food or water. But I’m excited about going.

So, I know I don’t need to go anywhere to have contact with the Yowie people. They can come and go as they like anywhere they please. I’ve invited them into my house but I’m not sure if they can fit, as they are extremely tall and wide. I’ve also invited them to visit around my house, as Teathar apparently did last year.

One of the people who has done a good job of documenting his experiences with the Sasquatch is Mike Patterson of Sasquatch Ontario Mike seems to be having legitimate encounters and seems to have developed a relationship with a being called Nefertia. I like Mike but he has plenty of skeptics and debunkers, who are keen to see his entire contact story exposed as a fraud. Chris from Speaking of Sasquatch recently spent time with Mike and documented his experiences. Whilst visiting Mike, Chris also had his own experiences.

Mike’s relationship (and the owner of the property he visits) with the Sasquatch, seems to confirm their interdimensional identity. In other words, the Sasquatch appear to know their true nature and the nature of reality and see all time space as one indivisible whole. Because of this they appear to be able to move through time space with ease.

At some point, it is my wish to learn what the Yowie people call themselves and about their relationship to the ETs. The ETs have explained something of their relationships to the other Hairy Folk inhabiting our planet and their relationship to other Hairy ETs but I’m curious to hear it from the Yowies themselves. It might interest you to know that one of my ET friends told me where most of the Hairy Folk are located on our planet. According to her, there are approximately :

  • 1,800 in the US
  • 3,000 in Canada
  • 1,465 in Australia
  • 3,500 in the Ural Mountains/forest in Russia
  • 1,200 in China
  • 450 in the African continent
  • 250 scattered elsewhere on the Earth.

In total, there are somewhere around 11,000 + individuals and they are extremely long lived. There are slightly more females than males. Previously there were about 2.5 million of them but their numbers have dramatically declined since the evolution of homo sapiens. Significant losses occurred in the 14th-15th centuries, due to the rapid expansion of the human population and subsequent loss of habitat. That seems ironic to me, given that Europe was also ravaged by the plague around the same time. But that’s what I was told.

Even though the Hairy Folk live in specific locations, they appear (like the ETs) to be able to materialize (or phase in and out) of our reality.

Some of the people who have heard about my ET contact experiences, have told me that they couldn’t believe it when I mentioned Yowies. Why I wonder ? I mean really, isn’t it just as likely that there are beings on this planet that remain unknown to us ? So called cryptids abound. Sure, some of them are myths and symbols but surely some of them represent real living beings ? To the people who doubt Yowies and Saquatches and Yetis and the ability to make contact with them but who are interested in ET contact, I say “You are willing to make contact with the unknown “out there” but not “here” ?”. All it takes is an open heart and an open mind. And the same approaches to making contact with ETs seem to work in making contact with the Hairy Folk.

So anyway, yesterday I re-established contact with Teathar. Then just before dawn I woke up and went to the toilet and when I came back to bed, I had an unusual experience. I began to hear a drone through my pillow. I put my head under the pillow and lifted it off the pillow and realized that it seemed to be coming from the ground. The drone than began modulating and pulsing. I sat up several times to see if the motor in my fridge was making a sound but it was making a different sound. I felt like I should go outside and look around but I didn’t because I was tired and I wanted some more sleep. So I lay there listening to it. Trying to determine what it might be. There are few tourists here at the moment and none at all around us, so it couldn’t be a spa or something at 5:30 am. And besides, I know all the sounds of our local area. This I couldn’t recognize. Then after I listened to it for maybe 15 minutes, it suddenly turned off and when it did I could hear my fridge humming in the background.

So that was odd ! I don’t think it had anything to do with Teathar but it may have been ET related. In 2009 just prior to the Sawronde arriving in my back yard, I heard a persistent drone that I couldn’t make sense of. Then when the Teal’hia (and later Sawronde) came in 2011, they created 2 tones (one of them seemed to be was coming from the Earth and one seemed to be coming from the sky) that merged into one unique tone, that I believe they created so that I could remain fully conscious when they took me on board their craft (and later to merge with the light). As of this moment, I have no idea what this mornings sound was but I am open to the possibility that it was ET or maybe Yowie related.

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Climate change is primarily a natural phenomenon!


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A Magazine About Love


Words helping us unwind!

Gowers's Weblog

Mathematics related discussions

my word in your ear

words for dissemination ... poetry commentary and selected poems ... Richard Scutter

Peace Hacks

life, faith, adultimatums, resources for life-changers

Life After Life

with Cristen Rodgers


Conscious Thought: Driven by Intelligent Awareness

The Colossus

With just enough learning to misquote


The fictional diary of an utterly fictional John Banville in his fictional universe.

Fatiesta's Rants

Life of A Partial Psychopath

What's new

Updates on my research and expository papers, discussion of open problems, and other maths-related topics. By Terence Tao

Publishing Insights

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose / The more things change, the more they stay the same

Kelly McGonigal, PhD

Where science and compassion meet.

Storytime with John

Pull up and listen...I've got a funny one for ya...

Paradise Preoccupied

Views of the world from a tiny island

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Animals, peace, war, civil liberties, science, social justice, women's issues, arts, more


Cultural Theory and Society

Social Health

Insights on the Power of Social Bonds

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