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The Genomics of Experiencers

I hear about a lot of people who claim to have ET contact and every now and then I listen to a new story and I make a decision about whether I feel the person is legitimate or not. I’ve said before that  lot of people who are well known in the field, are full of shit and many of them have had no contact at all. Take a couple of well known celebs in this field, throw some darts at a bunch of them and I guarantee a couple who were hit, were False Claimers, Liars, Bullshitters etc. For me there are certain indicators of real contact. These include but are not limited to :

  • No talk of hostile ETs, Reptilians, Hybrids, Archons etc.
  • A sense of movement along the contact developmental spectrum.
  • A coherent story about what felt like an incoherent experience – in other words, they tried as best as they can to make sense of what defies logic.
  • There is a feeling about the person regarding what is real and what is not.
  • Some discussion in their story about how contact with the ETs made them sick or unconscious.
  • Some discussion in their story of the sense of overpowering unconditional acceptance or love emanating from the ETs.
  • Interactions with living craft.
  • A yearning to reconnect with the ETs.

Of course, there is never any way to prove anything regarding another human being’s experience. We can prove something from one perspective but not from all perspectives.

I often wonder how people in covert projects in The Architecture figure out who are the real experiencers (or whatever you want to call them). There have been occasions during my own life when I was aware that people from certain projects had come out to assess sites where I had my experiences. One such occasion related to my experience of January 19th, 2011 in Halls Gap; when employees of SAIC were sent out to assess the site where I had contact with the Teal’hia and Sar’Won’Dee. So it seems to me that sometimes they weed out real experiencers by following up on apparent claims of contact. I’m also aware that a small number of covert projects have been given the names of expereincers from the ETs themselves and I know that there are certain people who knew about me that way, from when I was very young. But apart from looking for physical proof of contact and having a list of names, there must be other ways that covert groups do this sort of thing.

Perhaps it’s worth asking why experiencers are of interest to such groups. My suspicion is that experiencers challenge people in these projects for many reasons. It might perhaps be because :

  • They know about the ET reality and that threatens the sense of power that authority figures in government, corporations and the lower arms of The Architecture have.
  • They are perceived as having certain abilities that pose a threat to people in positions of power. (Think of the threat posed by supposed psychic spies).
  • They are perceived as knowing about particular classified covert projects.
  • They’re apparent abilities and genetic anomalies may have corporate and military applications.
  • They are perceived as knowing about the activities and supposed agendas of various ET races.

My feelings are that legitimate experiencers are of most interest to these groups because of how their apparent abilities and genetic anomalies may have corporate and military applications. Whether or not experiencers really do have any ‘unusual abilities’ or ‘genetic anomalies’, is a matter of conjecture. And such things maybe very difficult to prove. But that may not be enough to deter people with a lot of funding and resources at their disposal.

So what are the assumptions here ? I think the first assumption is that people who have had ET contact have developed unusual physic and/or physical abilities across a wide ranging spectrum. Think of Xmen. Things may not be that extreme but that gives you a sense of the potential range of abilities. So the next assumption is that these abilities reflect anomalies in the individual human genome. And the final assumption is that if you can build a profile of the psychic and physical abilities and their corresponding genetic anomalies, you can then mimic these in cloned genetic material or in a living entity or in AI and create something with the same sorts of abilities. These anomalies can then be weaponized through corporate or military applications.

Previous efforts by Russians and Americans who explored ESP through blood typing, genetics, family trees etc., often failed to reveal positive correlations between ability and genetics and anything of real biological significance. In addition the people with ESP abilities who were put through these tests, often failed under artificial conditions to mimic what normally came naturally to them. This suggestions several things to me.  First, that people don’t perform well under duress. Second, that psychic abilities may not be reflected clearly in the genotype or phenotype. And finally, that clear correlations between psychic abilities and genomics do not exist because there are many accumulated and converging genetic differences and many epigenetic variables that cause psychic abilities.

Similarly the belief by certain people that it is possible build a profile of the psychic and physical abilities and their corresponding genetic anomalies, maybe ill informed. I believe that it’s more than likely that outstanding psychic and physical abilities may have so many causes, that it’s almost impossible to identify specific genetic anomalies that say, ‘Yes Jim, this will make a Psychic Superman !’. If ET contact has altered the structure of a persons genome from anytime between conception and now, it’s possible that they could have done it in a myriad of genetic and epigenetic ways and it may not be recognisable at all. One U, A, G, C, or T out of place might be all that it takes to create someone with extraordinary abilities. In addition I think that there is too much focus in genomics on structure. What if ETs change the way that things function or the processes that are involved in the genome or at a higher level in cell function ? Those things might be impossible to detect !

Genomics is a science of that is concerned with structure, function, evolution, mapping, and editing of genomes. And all of that is based on what we know about genes and the fundamental structures we call DNA and RNA. What if there are genetic structures and mechanisms that as we yet know nothing about. It took Crick and Watson a long time to unravel something whose existence was suspected for 50 years. What if there are things about the cell that we have overlooked or have not yet discovered ? Some tiny organelle perhaps ? Or some universal structure perhaps ? Who knows !

So my feeling is that you could do all this profiling and still not have a clue about how things work. No amount of genotype profiling or biometrics will give you a definitive correlation !

So let me put my doubts aside for a minute. I do think this kind of work is being done to some extent with certain people. There is a set of man made alien abduction projects that do interfere with people and cause confusion about the nature of ETs. And they probably do extract physical samples from people for this kind of work. But abducting people is hard work for humans. You have to build a profile of the person’s behaviour, you have to know when and where you can abduct them and you have to ensure that there are no witnesses or that witnesses can be dealt with. So there must be easier, more subtle more subversive ways to get access to experiencers blood, plasma, skin, ova and sperm. And there is. Some of these groups have so much reach and power that they could if they wanted :

  • Intercept standard pathology tests – getting access to phenotype or genotype results.
  • Gain access to blood, plasma, skin, ova and sperm.
  • Intercept personal genomics test results.
  • Gain access to blood or skin samples that have been collected for personal genomic testing.

It’s more than likely that these kinds of things are being done, so that certain groups have access to expereincers pathology results and raw samples.

They probably have built a Universal Profiling System for experiencers and people who do not claim to be experiencers but who have extraordinary psychic and physical abilities (as part of a system that will be built to cover all of humanity). In which case people are being profiled all the time and they are trying to figure out the correlations between abilities and the genome to build corporate and military applications – be they for other living things or AI.

But does any of this matter ? I don’t think it does because the ETs know everything that we humans do. Nothing sneaks past them. If people in covert projects develop living beings or AI with extraordinary psychic or psychical abilities and they become such an existential threat to humanity or Earth, the ETs will  simply turn their abilities off. They will intervene in some way as to alter the way the genome functions and the ability will cease to be and the threat will subside. Those in power forget that the ETs can render all threats null and void. But they will only intervene when it begins to pose a significant enough threat. We must also play our role in removing such threats.

What then of the truth of the matter ? Do experiencers have extraordinary psychic and or physical abilities and is it reflected in their genomes ? My feeling is that some do and some don’t. My ex wife was taught how to bi/multi locate her body anywhere, anytime – by our friend Dude. She also has unusual self replicating immune cells that seem to enhance her psychic abilities. They were studied at a particular university during her covert work. I know myself well but I can’t say that the things that are part of my psychic repertoire are anything extraordinary or have anything to do with ET contact. I was told by certain ETs that some changes were made to parts of my frontal cortex but I know nothing about any genetic changes. I have rare tumours that effect 1 in every 130 million people. But maybe they came about from epigenetic causes and had nothing to do with ET contact. (I know someone else with this disease who does not feel they had ET contact). Or maybe they were triggered by the ETs to help in my spiritual development ? I really don’t know. I have heard of lots of supposed experiencers with outstanding psychic abilities but I have seen little if anything that demonstrates that they have what they claim or that such abilities have anything to do with ET contact. I’ve heard of all these psychic kids being born around the world and star children and indigo children and how they were all created by ETs or were once ETs themselves. And it’s all just bullshit ! How can you know what convergence of genetic and epigenetic factors creates someone with psychic abilities or a resurgence of a population of people with such abilities ? You cannot. Nor can you attribute their existence to ET contact or ETs. And then you have all this crap about DNA activation and 12 stranded DNA etc. and how certain experiencers have had their DNA activated and their Junk DNA turned on. What utter nonsense ! Junk DNA is merely DNA whose function has yet to be identified. More like their brains have turned into junk ! My feeling is that so much of these popular phenomena is merely contagion. A contagion of unaware ego.

If ET contact has created anything, it isn’t extraordinary psychic and physical abilities. It is the uniqueness of each individual person. The ETs try to encourage our human development, through the development of our character, our intellect, our emotions, our interests, our values, our beliefs, our ability to feel and relate, our ability to love and our ability to understand and care.

My contact with extraterrestrials has helped me to value all life and this wonderful planet we call Earth. It has helped me to value being alive every moment of the day and to care about how I live and how others live. It has helped me to be me. I have no doubt that my genome reflects all of these things but there isn’t a human alive who knows what that looks like !

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How to Unearth The Architecture

My regular readers will know that I’ve talked a lot about the power structure I call The Architecture (TA) (and have referred to a larger structure I call The Diamond Complex (TDC)). You may recall that I became aware of these structures through my contact with several ETs (including a Teal’hia I refer to as Anamika and a Muajra I refer to as Dude) and my ex wife (who worked inside a covert project that worked with Earth based ETs and did not break her security oath). After picking upon the initial hints from Dude, I initially began paying more attention to who was doing what in the world and later began paying attention to who was monitoring my blogs and electronic communications. Over time I’ve developed a much clearer picture about who’s who in TA and the all pervasiveness of TDC (which I will talk more about in the fullness of time). I’ve often seen lists of so called Powers that Be and it was obvious that these people haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. The best lists that I’ve seen released are list of defense contractors put out by the more public version of Anonymous (not the individual who pre-dates the movement) and certain lists put out by Wikileaks. I’ve been conscious for a long time that there is a fine line which you can come very close to but if you cross it, there are serious consequences. I’ve come close to that line before and been warned by people who care about me to be careful. So I no longer have any desire to walk that line. But that doesn’t mean I won’t go close.

So rather than tell you what I’ve learned about who’s who in TA/TDC (through a lot of hard work, effort and critical thinking) and put myself or those I care about, at risk, I’m going to teach you how to do it. There are those of you who maybe genuinely interested in this subject (that number is minuscule), who will have the energy and the time to work against the forces of ignorance that shape the lower bodies of corruption power on this planet. But I do not. You will be coming at it from a very different perspective – ie. not having the same contact experiences I’ve had (if any at all), having had a very different life and not having been married to someone who carries a great secret. It is for these people I write about what I have learned. In time there will be people from within TA/TDC, who will seek out sympathetic allies and such people will need to have a real sense of how things work. It is my wish to plant a small seed for a small group of sympathetic allies.

Rather than writing a complex manual outlining all the ins and outs of what you can do, I’ll keep this simple.

So let’s go !

There are many different ways to approach the subject of unearthing information. Perhaps we could begin by thinking about the types of information or targets worth pursuing. These might include military, corporate, government and non government entities. Within these are a range of sectors (I have previously referred to as complexes) including : the peace, construction, military, political, health, utilities, information, media, chemical, food, financial, legal, entertainment, intelligence, technology, education, mining and drug trade sectors, among others. Depending on your interest and your background, it is best to approach the subject of unearthing from one sector or another. In time, one sector will lead to another and you will see a very clear web of interconnections.

From a practical perspective there are many different ways to approach your investigations. The following represent a range of approaches that you can apply in any order you wish :

  • Look at the main stream media for a week and develop a sense of news media priorities (what seems to matter to those who orchestrate the news).

  • Learn about the history of the great Industrial Empires of the 17th, 18th and 19th century (Wiki is good because despite inaccuracies, it links many stories and details). Look at how they are connected. Especially how the rise and fall of industrial empires are connected to significant battles and political struggles. Look at what has happened to these great empires today. What have they become ? What companies are the visible in ? And who are these companies connected to ?

  • Follow the chain of events surrounding specific inventions that changed the world (read my story about Ascanio Sobrero and Nitroglycerine for an indication of how causality links many things together ( /

  • Create a blog on a controversial subject such as ETs, UFOs, Intelligence, Covert Control etc. Attach simple audience tracking widgets to your blog, such as the one I use – Clustrmaps. Monitor your widget details whenever you feel like it. Every now and then post provocative posts that you think will attract specific attention. Make sure to include appropriate ‘hot tags’ that will get picked up by intelligence software. Keep a list of places known and unknown in different countries. As your list grows, begin investigating potential targets (who are monitoring your blog) starting with Wikpedia. If you look up the site of the target, you can then use Wiki to find out more about Economy. Government and Education, to develop some sense of which entities maybe interested in what you’re sharing. This can be a hit and miss approach but it can also be very accurate. You can also become fixated on the wrong things. This approach requires careful discernment ! With time, you can build a list of potential entities, who are interested in monitoring what ever you’re sharing.

  • Look up the following subjects on Wiki and build a list of potential tarets :

    • Government procurements (in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, India, China, Japan etc).

    • Top 100 government contractors (in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, India, China, Japan etc.).

    • Defense contractors

    • Security contractors

    • Intelligence outsourcing

    • Defence agencies

    • Intelligence agencies

    • Counter-intelligence

    • Counter-insurgency and the Three Pillars of Counterinsurgency

    • Key government defense and intelligence agencies (in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, India, China, Japan etc.).

  • Learn about surveillance. Read Wikileaks, read Julian Assange’s books on the subject, read and listen to Barrett Lancaster Brown, listen to Ed Snowden, read Cryptome and the Cryptome Archive, read Glen Greenwald’s No Place to Hide (based on Ed Snowden’s revelations) and subscribe to his website The Intercept. There are many people who have been writing for a long time on this subject.

  • Read Noam Chomsky’s works and Edward Bernay’s book Propaganda. (see

  • Read about :

    • Surveillance

    • Intelligence collection management

    • Human Intelligence (HUMINT) & Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

    • Perception management

    • Psyops

    • Defense contractors/security contractors/intelligence outsourcing

    • The history of the space race

    • Operation Paperclip (and the equivalent projects that pilfered Japanese scientists)

    • The history of groups such as the UN, WHO and The Millennium Project

    • The future of warfare through government and corporate initiated documents such as this one :

  • Learn about Surveillance Craft and study how intelligence agencies build profiles on people e.g., &

  • Study the structure of military bodies in the US, Russia, China, the UK and countries in Europe. Learn how they are connected and get a sense of their histories.

  • Study the operational and strategic plans of key defense and intelligence agencies in the US, Australia and UK before those of any other country.

  • Investigate your top targets via Wiki and directly through their own websites. Read corporate strategic plans and identify key histories, personnel, projects & investors. The key details here are projects and investors.

  • Imagine a fictional company. Lets call it Sombre Tell. Sombre Tell is a major government contractor, who provides government contracts to a number of nations, in the areas of intelligence, counter insurgency, and electronic hardware. Begin by following the previous step. Then build a list of subjects that interest you and use their public search engine to find documents related to these subjects.

  • Imagine a fictional defense and intelligence agency. Lets call it USUKCA. Build a list of subjects that interest you and use their public search engine to find documents related to these subjects. Investigate their key personnel, key projects, key investors and key contractors. Follow the links.

  • Look at who’s who in government and corporate and NGO bodies. Investigate organisational boards of directors. Look at how certain individuals are connected to different groups with similar or dissimilar interests. Do some research on persons of interest via Linked In, Facebook, Google ( and People Seeking search engines. When you use a tool like Linked In, don’t use your real identity and look very carefully at an individuals affiliations and connections.

  • When looking for documents, remember that most corporate or government agencies use the same document types. So always use common document formats – .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx, .xlsx, .ppt etc. (

  • Make your work easy by using the biggest source of covert information on the planet – Google. Let the Google Panopticon do the work for you by using all of it’s shortcuts ( and all of it’s tools (books, scholar, blogs, news, alerts etc.).

  • Last but most importantly and I mean most importantly, make sure that all your searches are done using Boolean Operators AND, OR, XOR, NOR, NOT ( / / My son is an IT geek and I’m often amazed that his generation don’t know how to search the internet properly and really have no idea how to find stuff ! Don’t forget also to always use “talking points” to specify what you’re after and to target domains by country where relevant e.g.

If you really want to know how to unearth TA, it’s going o take a lot of time and effort. And as I hinted at earlier – there are very few people who really have the desire to do this. So next time you hear some dickhead talking about the Trilateral Commission or The Bilderberg’s or some other wank fest controlling the world, take a moment to think about how much time they put into reaching this conclusion !

If you are one of those rare individuals, who are truly interested in TA and human power systems, I encourage you to take your time, read widely and enjoy life fully. There are people within this hierarchy who look forward to finding others who care about equality and justice for all. I guarantee it ! But they wouldn’t want you to take any unnecessary risks. So be careful !

Just as the Ets helped early man to discover the fish hook and the spear tip (the barb in particular) and that changed his destiny and the entire history of the planet, what is required is people who can educate others on how to think about the nature of the self and about the nature of the systems that humans have created.

Most of you will be familiar with this old adage from some unknown source…

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Long may you fish and long may you feed, my fellow human beings. Long may you feed !


Some more Dude interview

I managed to continue the interview with Dude yesterday but we still have a ways to go. Between the two of us being busy, it’s been hard to find the time to get this completed.

I’ve been editing and reviewing his answers and have found some things here and there that don’t make sense to me. He says one thing and then another that appears contradictory. I know it’s not because he’s a hypocrite or playing mind games with me but because I lack the understanding to get his different points of view. It’s frustrating sometimes talking to him and now reviewing this, because he is not always easy to understand. I really do get a sense that he’s dumbing things down and that makes me feel stupid. He doesn’t do that deliberately ! It’s just that I feel I know so little in his presence and here he is trying to build a bridge of understanding, not just with me but with others who will read his words. I can tell when I am with him, that he really tries hard to help me to understand. But there have been so many times when he’s had a chat with me and then dissapeared and I’m left scratching my head thinking “What the hell does that mean ?”.

So here’s his answer to question 9 : What criteria is used to select which humans with whom to interact? This one is pretty straight forward except near the end. Let me know how it resonates with you !

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