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How to Unearth The Architecture

My regular readers will know that I’ve talked a lot about the power structure I call The Architecture (TA) (and have referred to a larger structure I call The Diamond Complex (TDC)). You may recall that I became aware of these structures through my contact with several ETs (including a Teal’hia I refer to as Anamika and a Muajra I refer to as Dude) and my ex wife (who worked inside a covert project that worked with Earth based ETs and did not break her security oath). After picking upon the initial hints from Dude, I initially began paying more attention to who was doing what in the world and later began paying attention to who was monitoring my blogs and electronic communications. Over time I’ve developed a much clearer picture about who’s who in TA and the all pervasiveness of TDC (which I will talk more about in the fullness of time). I’ve often seen lists of so called Powers that Be and it was obvious that these people haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. The best lists that I’ve seen released are list of defense contractors put out by the more public version of Anonymous (not the individual who pre-dates the movement) and certain lists put out by Wikileaks. I’ve been conscious for a long time that there is a fine line which you can come very close to but if you cross it, there are serious consequences. I’ve come close to that line before and been warned by people who care about me to be careful. So I no longer have any desire to walk that line. But that doesn’t mean I won’t go close.

So rather than tell you what I’ve learned about who’s who in TA/TDC (through a lot of hard work, effort and critical thinking) and put myself or those I care about, at risk, I’m going to teach you how to do it. There are those of you who maybe genuinely interested in this subject (that number is minuscule), who will have the energy and the time to work against the forces of ignorance that shape the lower bodies of corruption power on this planet. But I do not. You will be coming at it from a very different perspective – ie. not having the same contact experiences I’ve had (if any at all), having had a very different life and not having been married to someone who carries a great secret. It is for these people I write about what I have learned. In time there will be people from within TA/TDC, who will seek out sympathetic allies and such people will need to have a real sense of how things work. It is my wish to plant a small seed for a small group of sympathetic allies.

Rather than writing a complex manual outlining all the ins and outs of what you can do, I’ll keep this simple.

So let’s go !

There are many different ways to approach the subject of unearthing information. Perhaps we could begin by thinking about the types of information or targets worth pursuing. These might include military, corporate, government and non government entities. Within these are a range of sectors (I have previously referred to as complexes) including : the peace, construction, military, political, health, utilities, information, media, chemical, food, financial, legal, entertainment, intelligence, technology, education, mining and drug trade sectors, among others. Depending on your interest and your background, it is best to approach the subject of unearthing from one sector or another. In time, one sector will lead to another and you will see a very clear web of interconnections.

From a practical perspective there are many different ways to approach your investigations. The following represent a range of approaches that you can apply in any order you wish :

  • Look at the main stream media for a week and develop a sense of news media priorities (what seems to matter to those who orchestrate the news).

  • Learn about the history of the great Industrial Empires of the 17th, 18th and 19th century (Wiki is good because despite inaccuracies, it links many stories and details). Look at how they are connected. Especially how the rise and fall of industrial empires are connected to significant battles and political struggles. Look at what has happened to these great empires today. What have they become ? What companies are the visible in ? And who are these companies connected to ?

  • Follow the chain of events surrounding specific inventions that changed the world (read my story about Ascanio Sobrero and Nitroglycerine for an indication of how causality links many things together ( /

  • Create a blog on a controversial subject such as ETs, UFOs, Intelligence, Covert Control etc. Attach simple audience tracking widgets to your blog, such as the one I use – Clustrmaps. Monitor your widget details whenever you feel like it. Every now and then post provocative posts that you think will attract specific attention. Make sure to include appropriate ‘hot tags’ that will get picked up by intelligence software. Keep a list of places known and unknown in different countries. As your list grows, begin investigating potential targets (who are monitoring your blog) starting with Wikpedia. If you look up the site of the target, you can then use Wiki to find out more about Economy. Government and Education, to develop some sense of which entities maybe interested in what you’re sharing. This can be a hit and miss approach but it can also be very accurate. You can also become fixated on the wrong things. This approach requires careful discernment ! With time, you can build a list of potential entities, who are interested in monitoring what ever you’re sharing.

  • Look up the following subjects on Wiki and build a list of potential tarets :

    • Government procurements (in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, India, China, Japan etc).

    • Top 100 government contractors (in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, India, China, Japan etc.).

    • Defense contractors

    • Security contractors

    • Intelligence outsourcing

    • Defence agencies

    • Intelligence agencies

    • Counter-intelligence

    • Counter-insurgency and the Three Pillars of Counterinsurgency

    • Key government defense and intelligence agencies (in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, India, China, Japan etc.).

  • Learn about surveillance. Read Wikileaks, read Julian Assange’s books on the subject, read and listen to Barrett Lancaster Brown, listen to Ed Snowden, read Cryptome and the Cryptome Archive, read Glen Greenwald’s No Place to Hide (based on Ed Snowden’s revelations) and subscribe to his website The Intercept. There are many people who have been writing for a long time on this subject.

  • Read Noam Chomsky’s works and Edward Bernay’s book Propaganda. (see

  • Read about :

    • Surveillance

    • Intelligence collection management

    • Human Intelligence (HUMINT) & Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

    • Perception management

    • Psyops

    • Defense contractors/security contractors/intelligence outsourcing

    • The history of the space race

    • Operation Paperclip (and the equivalent projects that pilfered Japanese scientists)

    • The history of groups such as the UN, WHO and The Millennium Project

    • The future of warfare through government and corporate initiated documents such as this one :

  • Learn about Surveillance Craft and study how intelligence agencies build profiles on people e.g., &

  • Study the structure of military bodies in the US, Russia, China, the UK and countries in Europe. Learn how they are connected and get a sense of their histories.

  • Study the operational and strategic plans of key defense and intelligence agencies in the US, Australia and UK before those of any other country.

  • Investigate your top targets via Wiki and directly through their own websites. Read corporate strategic plans and identify key histories, personnel, projects & investors. The key details here are projects and investors.

  • Imagine a fictional company. Lets call it Sombre Tell. Sombre Tell is a major government contractor, who provides government contracts to a number of nations, in the areas of intelligence, counter insurgency, and electronic hardware. Begin by following the previous step. Then build a list of subjects that interest you and use their public search engine to find documents related to these subjects.

  • Imagine a fictional defense and intelligence agency. Lets call it USUKCA. Build a list of subjects that interest you and use their public search engine to find documents related to these subjects. Investigate their key personnel, key projects, key investors and key contractors. Follow the links.

  • Look at who’s who in government and corporate and NGO bodies. Investigate organisational boards of directors. Look at how certain individuals are connected to different groups with similar or dissimilar interests. Do some research on persons of interest via Linked In, Facebook, Google ( and People Seeking search engines. When you use a tool like Linked In, don’t use your real identity and look very carefully at an individuals affiliations and connections.

  • When looking for documents, remember that most corporate or government agencies use the same document types. So always use common document formats – .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx, .xlsx, .ppt etc. (

  • Make your work easy by using the biggest source of covert information on the planet – Google. Let the Google Panopticon do the work for you by using all of it’s shortcuts ( and all of it’s tools (books, scholar, blogs, news, alerts etc.).

  • Last but most importantly and I mean most importantly, make sure that all your searches are done using Boolean Operators AND, OR, XOR, NOR, NOT ( / / My son is an IT geek and I’m often amazed that his generation don’t know how to search the internet properly and really have no idea how to find stuff ! Don’t forget also to always use “talking points” to specify what you’re after and to target domains by country where relevant e.g.

If you really want to know how to unearth TA, it’s going o take a lot of time and effort. And as I hinted at earlier – there are very few people who really have the desire to do this. So next time you hear some dickhead talking about the Trilateral Commission or The Bilderberg’s or some other wank fest controlling the world, take a moment to think about how much time they put into reaching this conclusion !

If you are one of those rare individuals, who are truly interested in TA and human power systems, I encourage you to take your time, read widely and enjoy life fully. There are people within this hierarchy who look forward to finding others who care about equality and justice for all. I guarantee it ! But they wouldn’t want you to take any unnecessary risks. So be careful !

Just as the Ets helped early man to discover the fish hook and the spear tip (the barb in particular) and that changed his destiny and the entire history of the planet, what is required is people who can educate others on how to think about the nature of the self and about the nature of the systems that humans have created.

Most of you will be familiar with this old adage from some unknown source…

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Long may you fish and long may you feed, my fellow human beings. Long may you feed !



Number 1 : The Man in charge of everything

Like most things I talk about here, I don’t expect anyone to believe what I am about to tell you. But it is the truth that I know.

I have mentioned the alien I call Number 1, a few times but I have never said much about him. And I’m not about to say much now either but I’d like to tell you a little more about him.

I was told about Number 1 by my ex-wife, who worked with a covert project with Earth based ETs. Later the Teal’hia confirmed what she had told me and then later again Dude confirmed what she told me.

You’ll recall, there is a power structure I call The Architecture. It’s name is known by a very small group of humans – most of whom are in positions of money and power but not all. The Architecture has what I think of as two tiers – the upper part is aliens and the lower part is humans. But perhaps you could say that there is also a middle tier, that contains both aliens and humans. The Architecture was created about 5,500 years ago and has changed structure according to what was needed. It was created by the ETs because we had problems living with the reality of their existence. Current humans, are the ones who transformed the lower section into an abusive power structure. Not the aliens. But the aliens are the one’s ultimately in control. They will be here well after ALL the humans in the lower sections have died and those that replace them have died.

Number 1 is a human alien and he has a role among the 9 aliens who oversee the welfare of this planet. Dude is part of that group, as are two Teal’hia. Below them are the 40-50 alien door keepers and the 40-50 aliens who work in governments. The middle tier is a group of 16 very good humans who are led by Number 1. Below them are 90 individuals from 45 countries, who represent the vested interests of humans on Earth. Some have good intentions and some do not. The 16 have been chosen by the ETs to represent our best interests.

So back to Number 1. Number 1 is human. He has a name that was given to him by his people long ago. I think of him as alien because he’s very old, very wise and every compassionate and because he spends a great deal of time assisting other worlds. Number 1 was born on Earth a long time ago and came from a race that over a long period of time, became space faring and left Earth. Number 1 has been elected by those in one of the very large collectives to oversee specific activities which cover an immense region of space, which includes our solar system. Think of him a bit like the Secretary General of the UN. He’s been in this role for a few hundred years and has thousands of years experience in all types of diplomacy and first contact, among other things.

I wanted to meet Number 1 in person because I wanted to see what kind of man he was. What kind of man could take on such a huge role ? So when Dude came back for his second visit on September 20th last year, that was one of the things he arranged for me to do. Now you have to understand, I am no one special but the ETs  don’t think in terms of specialness or power. Everyone is equal in their eyes. and for whatever reason Dude passed on my wish and Number 1 consented. I knew that previously Dude had flown his craft over our town, with Number 1 on board, because my friend had seen it covering the whole sky and because he told us he was passing by. So I knew that Number 1 knew I existed but I never actually expected to meet him.

So shortly after I arrived on Dude’s craft that night, he took me into a large bubble shaped room – a kind of gathering room of sorts. There were several other beings from different races talking to one another. He then lead me over to a very elegant looking man about 35-40 years old, who was sitting on a red velvet kind of chair by the large windows. Dude introduced me and then he just abruptly walked off. That’s how he is. He has things to do. So we shook hands and I sat and talked to him. And I was really shocked to discover that he was a very humble man. He was striking in appearance, in that he was radiating vitality but he didn’t act like anyone special. He wore elegant clothes, he carried himself elegantly and he spoke gently and caringly. I spoke to him for maybe 45 minutes and he was very candid and very honest. And I really liked him. If you saw him walking down the street, you would notice him because of how elegant he is and how he holds himself with certainty but you wouldn’t think “There goes an alien”. I guess technically he’s not an alien but his people are about as alien to us, as we are to some of the beings they know. They have evolved so much, that, most of us would struggle to sit comfortably in their presence. They radiate a deep sense of compassion and can see everything that’s inside of us. Now don’t get me wrong, they are like us. They look a lot like us. But they don’t have our ignorance or the special abilities or the perceptions of a race like the Muajra or the Teal’hia. Number 1 can’t go through time like Dude can. But his people have earned the respect of a vast number of beings on other worlds and have been accepted into the largest collective.

So Number 1 is above all a decision maker. He makes things happen. But he is also a compassionate diplomat. He is more tolerant on Earth than Dude is.

Number 1 is also the man who meets every new American President, whether they know who he is or not. The secret book that the President of the USA is given, is a book that was created by the ETs and it explains the ETs role and some of our history. Number 1 also meets other key leaders, whether they know who he is or not. But you have to understand Earth is just one small responsibility for him and for Dude. It just happens to be one of the places they spend much of their time NOW. At other times, it might be another world, that is on the cusp of some major transition.

So Number 1 is here because he is the best man to guide this very slow transition, that will occur over many life times. He is also here because he loves Earth. It is his home and he does not wish to see it suffer the ultimate catastrophe – the extinction of most of its life forms.

When I met Number 1, I saw a man who could hold the suffering of a whole world in his heart and look back at it with love and compassion. I didn’t see a man who craves power or a man who had insidious plans for the fate of our world. I just saw a very simple man, who took his job of caring very, very seriously.

I don’t know if I will ever meet him again while I am alive. But I am so happy I met him just once. No matter how bad things get on our planet, I will always know that there is a human who has returned home, after his people left this world long ago, because he cares so deeply for Earth and it’s creatures.

You’ve heard of the so called Allies of Humanity. A bunch of hog wash by a man who truly lacks self awareness ! Well, Number 1, is our greatest ally. Here to protect us and our world, from ourselves.

A Tale of Two Types of Time Lines and the Future of Earth

Some of you will recall me talking previously about metaphors for time. You will also recall that Dude says that there is no such thing as time and that there is only space. Please bear this in mind as you read on.

What follows may or may or not be a fictional tale about two  types of timelines. Those interested in moving past slippery geese will know what I am talking about. And if you’ve ever wondered if I use certain hints to alert certain people of certain things, you’d be right.

I am inspired to write this short tale, from my experiences with several ETs (including those I call Dude and Anamika), my concerns about the human population and it’s impact on ecosystem diversity and biodiversity, a set of dreams I had about the subject, from my own experiences of peering into the past and future. But mostly I am inspired to write this small tale by thinking about the critical issues that any civilization must deal with if it is to become a mature civilization that is ready to take it’s place in the cosmic family.

I should tell you that this story touches on the sensitive subject of population control and is not an effort to put forward a particular point of view. It is merely a story. It is up to you to decide what it means. I will however tell you that I have no fixed opinion about how we should or could implement population control but I do believe it is necessary, in some way. I love this Earth dearly, more than humanity. And I believe that the growth of the human population is the MOST SIGNIFICANT ISSUE FACING EARTH AND ITS SPECIES.

Imagine then, if you will, a small group of people with immense power, who have heard stories from certain ETs about civilizations elsewhere in the cosmos that collapsed and others that have prospered. They have also read widely about the collapse of certain human civilizations who no longer exist. Certain members of this small group realize that there are certain boundaries through which humanity must pass if it is to survive. As this group has developed, it began exploring the idea of non locality and using consciousness to explore the future. Certain ETs helped them to find humans who had exceptional psychic skills, who were able to peer into the future. The best of these psychics could not only peer into the future but they could go to the future and bring back tangible evidence of their having connected with the future. Very quickly certain individuals in this small group of people began to understand that it was possible to create a profile of the future. A profile that was not fixed but varied, depending on the individual and collective choices that were made in the present.

Within this small group, a project was established with the sole intention of creating a profile of the human future based upon numerous choices. Imagine then, that those in charge of the project chose certain base line conditions – that is, how things are at a given point of time. From this base line they use their most gifted psychics to explore what we might call TIME LINE 1 – how things will be if things continue as they are. They have also been told by certain ETs how things will turn out if things remain as they are. But they want to know for themselves. They could use their best psychics to see the future but they want evidence of how the future will turn out, so they choose their most gifted psychics – those who can literally bilocate and interact with the world of the future.

When they have developed a clear set of protocols, those in charge send out their best psychics to connect with the future at various intervals 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 100 years, 200 years, 500 years, 1,000 years, 2,000 years, 5,000 years, 10,000 years and so on. They set very clear and discrete periods in the future that they wish to explore. Sometimes they use small increments and sometimes larger increments. They develop very clear protocols about how to interact with the future and how to find the information that is required. As their gifted psychics go through this process they discover several things. There are major problems, catastrophes, break throughs, turning points and patterns in the future and humanity remains ignorant and plagues with the same kinds of psychological and social problems. And, there are people in the future expecting their visitations and people in the future profiling the past and their own potential futures.

The project works in such a way as to create layers of possibility. Those in charge send out one psychic at a time and each psychic brings back new layers of information. Mostly the information adds to previous information of confirms previous information but sometimes it differs or adds new elements. Every time one of these gifted individuals goes to the future, the entire process is recorded through video and electrophysiology. This gives those in charge the opportunity to examine the process thoroughly, to refine the process and to explore what was learned and what worked best, with finer attention. As the psychics go through the future, they learn things that they do not always convey to those in charge. Things which they feel those in charge do not need to know. But for the most part they report back accurately what they have seen and learned and return with actual evidence of what they have seen and learned. This evidence is kept safe and used in conjunction with what the psychics have shared, to compile a profile of the future spanning many thousands of years.

During the profiling of TIME LINE 1, several things were discovered early on that caused significant distress to the psychics involved and alarmed those in charge of the project and the small group of people with immense power.  It was discovered that in about 150-200 years the human population has swelled from about 5 billion people to somewhere in the order of 150-200 billion people. In that time many ETs had revealed themselves and told humanity that it would not be allowed to move into space, until it matured and resolved its population problem. Early on many humans argued that it was their right to colonize other worlds but they were quickly put in their place and told that this is not how it works.

The psychics brought back some very startling revelations about life in the year 2187. First they discovered that only about 10 % of the current vegetation remained. That equated to about 1 % of the original vegetation pre 1500 AD. The Earth was covered in human structures. And many people had never seen a natural landscape. In addition many of the worlds oceans were severely polluted and the worlds aquatic biodiversity had been wiped out to about 5 % of current levels. On land most of the worlds ecosystems had been wiped out and 95 % of all terrestrial biodiversity currently alive, had also been wiped out. There were large no go zones that were so heavily polluted that they seemed to remain that way for thousands of years. Poverty was widespread in some places, while affluence was wide-spread in other places. Government controlled agriculture, education, electronic communications and transport. Health care was available to some people where it was commercially controlled and to all people where it was government controlled. There was voluntarily and mandatory euthanasia. Plant food was produced by hydroponics in tall buildings. Cereals such as wheat, rye and oats no longer exist because there is no space to grow them and because they do not thrive indoors. The primary meat that people eat is beef and chicken. Cows and chickens are grown in tall agricultural buildings, one level on top of another, separated by floors and ceilings. Sheep no longer exist because they couldn’t survive in tall buildings and there is no space to grow them outdoors. Milk comes from cows kept in tall buildings. Pigs no longer exist, as most of the worlds religious people are Islamic. The animals that are grown for people to eat, seem to live in stressful and uncomfortable conditions. People can no longer eat fish because most fish have been wiped out. Nor are people allowed to fish in the sea or swim in many parts of the ocean due to high levels of toxicity. No one is buried any more, as there is not enough room. People are groomed towards certain occupations and do not have the liberty to pick and choose as they do now. People spend most of their free time engaged or fully interfaced with electronic devices. Suicide is common and there are extremely high rates of so-called mental illness. A much larger proportion of the global population is medicated to help control emotional and physical problems. Crime rates are much higher than they have been in any part of the western world and there are many ongoing conflicts. Many conflicts involve highly developed weaponry and robotics. It almost appears as if conflict is perpetual. Suppression of individual conflicts always results in new conflicts.

The people who live in this world are happy sometimes but mostly their lives are very hard. There is no longer retirement or government sponsored welfare and it is mandatory for all able-bodied people to contribute in some way to the society. The gap between rich and poor is far greater than it has ever been and yet there are some parts of this world that have returned to political systems which resemble socialism and communism. In both types of political systems, government has far greater control of individual people’s lives than they do at the current time. People are not free to make the choices they can currently make.

Despite certain cataclysmic events, the human population continued to increase, until such a time as the human race threatened its own existence. For the sake of keeping this tale brief, we shall say nothing of how that story unfolds.

TIME LINE 1 so disturbed every body involved in the project but especially the psychics that did the face to face work, that those in power felt compelled to do something about it. So collectively they created a number of possible interventions, through which they could slow down the growth of the human population and effectively reduce the human population that was represented by TIME LINE 1.

Those in charge of the project then sent their psychics into a number of different time lines, which they called TIME LINE 2, TIME LINE 3 AND TIME LINE 4. Each of these timelines represented a different set or type of intervention. TIME LINE 2 represented the slow, gradual and soft approach to slowing down and reducing the human population. TIME LINE 3 represented the fast, sudden and hard approach to slowing down and reducing the human population. And TIME LINE 4 represented the sporadic and regular approach to reducing the human population. From each time line, those in charge of the project created a clear profile of the future, should they choose to implement that type of intervention. The profiles that developed, demonstrated that reducing the human population in any way had a dramatic impact on the health and well-being of the human population, on the planets biodiversity and the health and well being of Earth.

For several years, those in charge, played around with tweaking certain variables in each possible type of intervention and were as a result able to develop a clearer picture of which interventions had the greatest potential impact on the health well being of humanity and Earth in the long run. They discovered that certain interventions, while incredibly harsh in the short-term and to individual humans, were most beneficial in the long run. They discovered that other interventions, while gentler in the short-term and to individual humans, were harmful in the long run in ways they had not anticipated. And finally, they discovered that interventions that were woven around and between specific natural cataclysmic events such as major solar storms, asteroid impacts, epidemics and pandemics, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes; had the most beneficial impact overall. In addition they realized that it was better not to prepare for certain cataclysmic events, so that nature could help reduce the human population, without attracting too much attention to what they were doing and without having to devote additional resources.

With the help of certain ETs, who were able to further advise them, those in charge then decided on a specific set of interventions to slow down and reduce the human population, that correlated with TIME LINE 4. Minor variations in the interventions have created alternate versions of TIME LINE 4, which are referred to as TL4A, TL4B, TL4C and so on. Each of these variations has core periods of time that are identical and others that have minor variations that do not cause major disturbances in TL4. The project ended for the psychics involved but has continued for those in power. Since the first future profiles were created, those in charge have used other highly gifted psychics to connect with the future. They have been implementing the choices that led to TL4 and using their psychics to monitor and assess the impact of their interventions on the time line. From time to time, they discover some or other minor disturbance and use the psychics to help discover the cause of this disturbance and where necessary tweak their interventions to offset any disturbances. The new time line they have created has brought about dramatic changes to future Earth and enhanced the health and well-being of the entire planet and its species. In that future humanity has eventually been allowed to take its place in the cosmic family and has moved out into the cosmos and is exploring and inhabiting new worlds. Profiles of individual futures also helped those in power to learn things about technology, dynamic systems and social systems that they did not know. At specific times they were able to learn new things which enabled them to refine the time line. There were however some in power who wishes to gain benefit from the new things they learned, in such a way as it would have dramatically altered TL4 and created new time lines that were not favourable to the health and well being of future Earth.

From time to time, someone from the future returns to visit the psychics who profiled their future and shares some story of what could have been or will be. And in return the psychics tell those from the future, what it feels like to be alive now and how those in power have altered the future. And very occasionally the psychics are visited by some future self and get to learn about how the greater self experiences itself elsewhere. But mostly, those who profiled the future, just watch those in power from the sidelines, remembering that those who really have the power, are always there in the background, watching everything unfold with more patience and compassion than any human will ever have.

The Something Monologues No.2 – Power, Ants & Aliens & the Necessary Ingredients for ET Contact

Hi Ya’ll, I’m about to have a little break from the net, so I thought I’d knock up (;-) hey Windsong) another monologue this morning on my walk. I thought it was worth talking a little about POWER and about those who think they have power; about how to connect with ETs by learning to connect with ants; and the natural world and the core ingredients necessary for having ET contact. I also reflect a little on the natural world around me, including some vomit I put my hand in (traditional rights of passage) and a male kangaroo with very big testicles.

More woffle some time next week.

Lord of woffle, Brighticus. 😉

PS. I love pissing people off with smilies.

PPS. I actually like smilies. People in power really hate that. I used to enjoy tormenting CEOs and senior management with them.

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