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The Diamond Complex (A Complex of Complexes)

I first mentioned The Diamond Complex (TDC) several years ago, when I first started to write about the idea. But as happens with many of the things I begin to write, I thought it would be best if I didn’t publish what I had intended on writing. I had several concerns at the time, the most significant being – how could could I write about such a delicate subject, without causing trouble to myself or the people I care about ?  So, for several years I’ve been contemplating how to write about this subject in such a way as to avoid creating such trouble and in such a way as to provide people with just enough information to make them think and begin to investigate things for themselves. Today I will be doing just that.

So what is TDC ? TDC is the global power and control system that has enmeshed itself in the lives of almost every single human being on the planet.

I first began thinking about this structure when my ex wife Rachel Bree began telling me in 1994 about what she had learned about the nature of covert power, through her work in a covert group associated with the British government. I had a lot of trouble believing her at the time and it took me a good decade to really understand what she was talking about. Through our discussions and later through my discussions with Dude, I learned about what I would come to call The Architecture (TA) ( / / ). TA is the global power and control structure created by the ETs to monitor the development of human power and control systems on Earth. The lower arms were created by humans and are the human element. They are associated with the suppression of Extraterrestrial contact, knowledge and technology and the manipulation of Extraterrestrial knowledge and technology for profit and control. But they are are also much more than that. I called this structure The Architecture because A. I didn’t want to use it’s real name and B. Because I was looking for a metaphor that really captures the nature of this structure. The word architecture seemed to capture what I felt was true. There is a specific structure that holds up this power and control system. Google says that Architecture is “the complex or carefully designed structure of something”. So this structure is a kind of architecture – it is a kind of complex and it has been carefully designed. It uses silos to compartmentalize information, action and power and it uses law, power, control, intimidation and murder to keep the structure strong. As a structure TA is much more than all the usual rubbish that people belt around – The Powers That Be, The Cabal, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergs, The Military-Industrial Complex etc.. It is much more than that and so much more complicated. And yet it is also very simple. Things are hidden in plain sight where no one thinks to go looking.

I had previously considered naming groups and individuals within TA (at least what I knew of them) but decided for similar reasons, that it was too dangerous. (I did however name one individual and you’ll have to dig through the archive to find him !). Instead I have given you some suggestions on how to unearth TA ( For those who are interested in learning about TDC, I suggest you use the same approach that I outlined for TA.

So, before I tell you about TDC I want you to remember then that originally TA was created by the ETs, so that they could help us in our development. This approach is not needed among many other races on other planets but because of how we are the ETs needed to create a structure that would allow them to monitor everything we do from the inside, not just from within people’s minds. This has provided them (people like Dude) with the opportunity to keep tabs on what we’re up to and to influence us where necessary. After Abe Lincoln was assassinated, a different kind of secrecy or secret group arose and right at the outset it was infiltrated by the ETs. That group grew in size becoming multinational, infiltrating major governments and developed a new form of secrecy that was protected by law.

To understand the development of TA and the TDC, you have to understand that the two groups grew hand in hand. But both of them arose from the same miasma of human greed. It has never been such that one individual or one group became greedy for power or greedy for control. No, it has always been about the co-development of the greed for power and control among many individuals and many groups. And in order to make sense of that, you have to go back into history, at least unto the signing of the Magna Carta.

Picture then if you will in around the 13th/14th century the ongoing development of the empires of Britain, China, India, Russia, Spain, Portugal and the Holy Roman Empire (among others). These empires were driven by ambitious individuals who were kings, queens, government heads of states and business men. Each of them developed in their own unique way but they followed similar patterns in their development. Now critical to this ongoing process was the growth of the British Empire and the development of the 13 Colonies (later the US). The expansion of the British Empire to the point of becoming the largest empire in human history was absolutely critical to the development of TA and TDC. If Britain had remained a small self enclosed set of islands with no interest in conquering other lands, chances are that neither TA or TDC would exist ! And it is only because Britain has been able to exploit her dominance of other countries that these structures exist at all. It may have turned out that other structures would have arisen from the other empires but it didn’t turn out that way.

So, imagine then that business minded individuals in the various empires gained dominance as the driving force in expanding each empire. They may not have held direct power but they held influence over the decision makers of the empires and that has made all the difference to the world today. A person could write books on how the modern world developed out of past empires and I’m sure people have but that isn’t what I wish to do. Instead, I just want to plant a seed of curiosity in you to think about how one thing leads to another and how the early empires of the East and West laid the foundation for the modern world as we know it.

This urge towards power and control and the insatiable greed of profiteers has driven and continues to drive the development of geopolitics and keeps the nature of relationships between nations fixated on self interest rather than true cooperation.

We live in a world where what appears to be one thing is often something else. And the same is true for power. Power creates mechanisms to conceal itself because when power is exposed to transparency, it arouses dissent and dissent has the potential to dethrone power. The best way today to maintain power is to give people what they think they need or want and to feed the illusion of free will. And no where is this done more effectively, then through the global power structure that has arisen from the worlds empires. Think of it then as a global empire, a kind of chimera – one with countless heads and bodies, all connected to the one body. Sometimes you can see individual bodies but each body has a shadow body that always remains hidden. And you never see the one body.

What has developed then today is a kind of global beast who has found a way to function with complete transparency, while revealing only what it wants you to see. That then is The Diamond Complex. Many of you have heard of Eisenhower’s reference to The Military Industrial Complex. It’s a good metaphor from someone who came face to face with the reality but it’s only a fraction of the true picture. The Diamond Complex is a more accurate picture of how things really are. Instead of just a Military Industrial Complex, there are a full range of other complexes. TDC is effectively a complex of complexes ! defines a complex in the following way ( :

– composed of many interconnected parts; compound; composite:
a complex highway system.
– characterized by a very complicated or involved arrangement of parts, units, etc.:
complex machinery.

– an intricate or complicated association or assemblage of related things, parts, units, etc.:
the entire complex of our educational system; an apartment complex.

Latin complexus, past participle of complectī, complectere to embrace, encompass, include, equivalent to complect- (see complect) + -tus past participle suffix; (noun) < Late Latin complexus totality, complex ( Latin: inclusion, grasping, embrace), equivalent to complect(ere ) + -tus suffix of v. action; reanalysis of the Latin v. as “to intertwine (completely)” has influenced sense of the adj.

If you think of a complex as “an intricate or complicated association or assemblage of related things”, “characterized by a very complicated or involved arrangement of parts” and “an intricate or complicated association or assemblage of related things”; then it’s not hard to imagine that the modern world with all of it’s interconnections has many different complexes. The question is, is this merely a symptom of our interconnectedness and these are naturally evolving patterns representing large systems or are these actually self serving, self perpetuating, self preserving power hungry and dare I say it – conscious complexes, that are actively engaged in influencing people’s perceptions, thinking, behaviour, actions, values and beliefs ? I would say that both things are true. And it is because both things are true that such a system of power and control remains largely unrecognized, unknown and invisible.

So why would I call this structure The Diamond Complex ? I chose diamond because a polished diamond is a thing of beauty (side note : Who is to say that a diamond is more beautiful than a butterfly ?), that is transparent, with multiple facets. When you look through one facet, you see the other facets reflected back and sometimes like in a hall of mirrors, you see multiple reflections reflecting back on each other. The same thing is true for TDC. When you look into one complex you see other complexes reflected back. And the reason for this is two fold. First everything is connected. And second, many of the parts of each complex (particularly the individuals and corporations) are multinational in nature – that is to say they have connections and operations that span multiple countries. If you look very carefully into one complex, you can find connections that lead you back to other complexes.

So the following diagram is my effort to explain what I have learned about TDC. I struggled to identify all the complexes from the empirical information / data that I had. There maybe others but I think I have covered most of them. I also struggled with a way to present this information visually. I call it The Diamond Complex and ideally each complex would be a different facet but I can’t make that kind of diagram. I don’t have that kind of ability with graphics software. So perhaps you might also think of this diagram as a set of smaller diamonds that make up one big diamond. You may also notice that it looks like a big I. The I, is also my way of pointing out that the way that TDC functions is by controlling the development of an individual’s perception of their own I and another’s I. But that’s just me being facetious ! Although it is in my opinion, entirely true !


If you think carefully about this diagram you maybe able to see how each complex is connected to every other complex. Just as a small game, see if you can logically see how the Drug Trade complex connects to the Prison complex and then keep going all the way back up to the Political complex. It’s not that hard to see the connections. What I did for myself was to find the empirical evidence behind this structure. And as I said at the beginning of this post, I’m not going to share that with you because that may come with considerable risk. Instead, let me offer you a series of questions to help you begin to think about the nature of these complexes and to see how they function.

  1. How many of you have a cat ? Do you buy kitty litter ? Did you ever think about who produces your kitty litter and what else they do ? Did you ever think about the health risks of kitty litter to your cat and you and what the implications of this might be ?
  2. Do you ever get dirty ears and clean your ears with cotton buds ? I wonder who makes your cotton buds and what else they do ?
  3. Have you ever looked into Edward Snowden’s former multinational employer and noticed how many investors they have from other countries ? What could this mean about the value of your personal information, in the name of US security ?
  4. Have you ever wondered what happens to the data from your electronic purchases in department stores and super markets and service stations ? And who does what with your data ?
  5. Have you ever wondered how elections are really won ? How different social media groups are infiltrated or bought out to influence voters ?
  6. Do you like cakes ? Have you ever thought about who makes your cake mixes and what else they do ?
  7. Have you ever wondered how the tea bag in your delicious cup of tea maybe related to a giant car company, renewable energy, luxuries hotels in Africa and the British Empire ?
  8. Do you wipe your bum when you do a poo ? Do you know who makes your toilet paper and where it comes from and if they have an environmental accreditation, how they got that accreditation ?
  9. I bet like me you love baked beans ? Did you ever think about your baked beans and who makes them or what else this company does ?
  10. Do you love chocolate and do you involuntarily sing a television jingle, like one for a chocolate company ? Did you ever think about what else this company does ?
  11. Have you ever wondered who really sets up national and international think tanks and what other activities these people are involved in ?
  12. Do you love your mobile phone but think that your social security number is more confidential than your online activities, your private photos or conversations; which is why you keep it hidden in your purse or wallet ?
  13. Have you ever considered the nature of your addiction to technology – mobile phones, computers, hand held devices ? Have you thought about how these devices have altered your behavior over the course of your life time ? Have you ever considered having regular time off all devices ? And most importantly, have you ever considered who benefits from your addiction to technology ?
  14. Are you aware that the global addiction and your addiction to mobile phones is changing the climate ? The need for Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in mobile phones is changing the face of China, adding stress to it’s environmental crisis, adding pollution to it’s cities and creating mega clouds of pollution that are disrupting natural air flow currents. In whose best interest is the addiction to REE’s ?
  15. Do you believe that you control your own thoughts or emotions or bodies and that you can have a stable mind and a healthy body without drugs ? There are some who believe that you need pharmaceutical help and they like to remind you with the most adorable and sentimental TV adds. Have you ever thought about who created the insecurity that you may have that you have to be something more or that you have something wrong with your head that only drugs can fix ?
  16. Have you ever wondered who decides what should be on a national school curriculum. Have you ever considered that there are educational specialists who work as consultants and who work for education companies and these people influence the development of curriculum ? Why do you think that might be ?
  17. Have you ever looked at the worlds biggest publishers and examined their history and looked into what else they do ?
  18. If you were to spill coffee on your business machine and you needed a piece of cotton wool to clean it up, how many insidious groups do you feel would be involved in the entire activity of cleaning up your mess ?
  19. Have you ever looked at the boards of multinational companies and noticed how many board members are associated with other companies and groups – some of which represent a completely different value system ? Why might that be and what influence might they have on culture, consumers and geopolitics ? You’ve all heard the old adage, “Birds of a feather flock together” ! See here :, and here :,, etc..

I think that’s more than enough to get you thinking about how power works and about the nature of TDC.



The more you explore each of the complexes that I have identified above, the more you will see how they are connected at national, domestic and local levels and how they infiltrate every aspect of modern life from the large scale to the small scale and how they influence individuals, groups and entire nations.

So you might be wondering, “Well how the hell does The Architecture fit into all this?” and that my friends would be an excellent question ! Picture then that TA is like a smaller diamond that fits inside the larger diamond. There are components of all the complexes inside of TA. TA fits TDC like a hand in a glove. And because so much of TDC is visible, so much of TA is also visible and that is why so much can be hidden in plain sight. It’s also worth noting that TDC contains almost all of the complete lower arms (the human element) of TA. There maybe small components that are entirely separate from the larger structure but there would be very few of them.

So both the lower arms of TA and TDC are structures that have evolved over time. The development of the British Empire and the Industrial Revolution had the greatest impact on the development of both structures but we are now witnessing the rise of China and India as major drivers of change. China in particular is returning to the world stage as THE SUPERPOWER ! But despite whatever happens in terms of national dominance, there will always be a much larger structure controlling the development of human civilization. Right now, it’s been driven by TDC and the corporatocracy at it’s heart. And within the heart of corporatocracy it is being driven by basic human ignorance and greed. You cannot eradicate this structure without first eradicating ignorance and greed in every single human being ! It’s never going to be as simple as get rid of the elites or the cabal or the Bilderbergs or whoever. That’s just stupid and naive ! Because when you dispose of one person there are hundreds or millions of others who will happily take their place. The thirst for power and control is insatiable. Greed is insatiable. Ignorance is universal.

While ever the I reigns supreme, humanity will fall prey to the lure of greed.

So, welcome to the modern era ! Where you are given what you think you need or want and the desire for what you think you need or want. Learn to see the division between being and becoming, self and others and you will see and understand how to live well. Choose to ignore the driving forces that create these things and you will live enslaved by a system that you don’t even know exists. Perhaps it is true then, that ignorance is bliss !

But always remember you have the power of choice ! You can choose how to perceive and how to react and most importantly how to think and what matters most to you !

Diamonds are forever ! Or are they ?

TSM120 : A Rough Sketch of The Architecture & The Diamond Complex – Power Structures that Rule the World

Today’s monolgue is dedicated to Sandor and Frederic for your ongoing financial support and encouragement. And to Oliver and Astrid for your ongoing friendship and openeness. I wish you all well !

I’ve spoken on my blog many times about a the global power structure that I call The Architecture. A structure that has both ET and human elements. In today’s monologue I give you a rough sketch of The Architecture (the same basic information has been discussed on the blog previously) and a more pervasive structure I call The Diamond Complex (which I have referenced on the blog only in passing). Consider this an introduction to both. It is my wish to soon describe The Diamond Complex in greater detail on the blog. These structures represent how things really are and bypass such simple explanations as The Powers That Be, The Illumanati, The Elites, The Cabal, Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commision etc. In future blog posts, rather than naming names, I will try to map out how you too can discover certain elements of both structures.

Sorry I didn’t get to talk about how surveillance and monitoring connect with all this ! I was freezing !

Enjoy !

Julian Assange Interview

Hey folks, here’s an interview with Julian Assange at the Bendigo Writers Festival (Victoria, Australia) last night. It’s a good interview but it was just starting to get going when it had to be reined in. Julian was obviously very tired with the time difference but I think he handled the interview well. I think this interview brought out his humanity and I found him to be a much more appealing character than I had seen in other interviews. Turn up the volume because there was a lot of ambient noise in the venue during the televised interview.

The interview was done by Professor Robert Manne, who also wrote “Cypherpunk Revolutionary : On Julian Assange”. ( /

Enjoy !

I had posted 2 questions but they ran out of time for questions. It would have been interesting to hear Julian’s response. My questions were  :

  1. Julian, others like Glen Greenwald and Ed Snowden have referenced the Global Panopticon that seems to be rising from within The Architecture that constitutes the backbone of the worlds hidden power structure. You’ve done a lot to reveal how this Architecture works and what such an all seeing, all knowing structure might look like. And people Steven Greer have drawn attention to this structure through the ET disclosure movement. You’ve acknowledged that you were lured subversively into meeting Eric Schmidt and he and his off siders garnered all they could from you – unknowingly to you ! What role do you think Google is playing in the control of privacy and freedom and reshaping geopolitics ? Do you see Google attempting to create an artificial intelligence that gathers all, knows all and sells all to the highest bidder ? And do you think Google’s intentions include rebuilding The Architecture as it wishes and reshaping the destiny of the human race or are their intentions less dramatic ?
  2. Julian what do you miss after years of incarceration ?


Defanging the war plan and the Nobel Peace Prize

I want to take up some points that Steven Greer made in his recent talk that I posted earlier. He used a phrase I like “defanging the war plan”. What he was referring to, was the idea that if we do our homework, look carefully at who’s who in the world and what they have been doing; we can see that the world is driven by this military industrial complex (that I call the lower arms of The Architecture) and with the right knowledge and understanding, we can reveal how this machine really works and begin to take it apart. The war plan that Steven was referring to is the idea that Wernher von Braun (the dirty, treacherous bastard – supposedly put forward that those in power will manufacture 4 artificial threats (Russia, terrorists, asteroids and aliens) that the military will need to be prepared for. Steven went on to say that the 4th level of this plan involves an alien invasion and here’s where he said something different, that I agree with. The perceived alien invasion has already taken place and will continue to take place. As Steven suggested, the whole alien abduction phenomenon, is an artificial construct that was manufactured to fulfill the purpose of creating perpetual employment and profit for the war machine, weaponizing space and integrating several widespread, long term psychological programs among the masses. Listen to what he has to say between 2’40 hrs -3’00 hrs. I’ve said before that if we did have a staged alien invasion en masse, the ETs wouldn’t let it happen. I still think that’s largely true but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they would let it happen, as part of our long term growth and development. So that eventually we sort out our shit, rather than them throwing us a life buoy !

So for anyone who believes that alien abduction is real, I suggest you do the following :

  • Develop self awareness and learn to understand how your mind and body work.
  • Look at where in time the word abduction and the idea of hostile alien interactions first entered the human vocabuarly.
  • Learn to deal with your fear (see my post on the subject here :
  • Learn to relax and chill out.
  • Be careful how you learn and how you consume information.

Let me take up that last point because it’s another good point that Steven emphasized. Most people in this day and age, acquire information very quickly through the consumption of all forms of digital information. They then take information in and it connects to other pieces of information and becomes a kind of knowledge. But it’s only theoretical knowledge. What it lacks is experiential knowledge. And the only way to gain that, is to go out and have experiences. That’s where the abduction phenomenon has so many problems. The knowledge gained about this phenomenon comes from one group of people sharing their interpretations of an experience, another group of people speculating about it and creating new theoretical information and a final group of people who consume both forms of information. What is lacking is direct experience for the consumers of this kind of information and the direct experience of what they’ve heard or read about. The same is true for all experience. But what’s different in the abduction phenomenon is that at each of these levels, it’s possible to create distortions that colour the flavour of how people think about experiential knowledge and theoretical knowledge.

This is where psychological strategies come in. Most people have a soft spot – a thing that frightens them the most and a weakness in their psyhcological and emotional functioning. And it doesn’t take very long to find the soft spot in most people. I can do it literally in less than 10 seconds because I know how to read people, read their language and their stories. But this is a subject area that those in power have studied for a very long time. As a result all the major militaries and intelligence agencies of the world have developed their own psychological strategies and plans, in which they describe methods for targeting peoples soft spots and influencing the opinions of individuals and groups. These techniques have been in action in most western countries, since at least the 1940’s. What most people don’t realize, is that in order to do this kind of work, those in power have had to do all kinds of psychological profiling to figure out how individuals and groups work. As such, they know how to create all kinds of illusions and to influence people to believe anything. And sometimes to achieve a particular goal, they introduce characters and situations that gain everyone’s trust, while at the same time, playing the other end of the spectrum.  But not only they target individuals and groups of interest, they target their own people, so that they have people who will play by the game.

I agree with Steven, that the alien abduction game has been with us for a very long time. When it was realized that it was possible to create a structure that would provide for long term security, power, control and wealth; a very detailed plan was set in place that was almost impossible to penetrate or deconstruct. As I have said before, the ETs set up The Architecture and the idea of secrecy and compartmentalization. They did so to protect us from ourselves. Because we can’t handle the truth. We see difference and division everywhere and judge anything that is different to us. Take any human issue and you will see what I mean. They could see that if they disclosed their presence it would cause immense division and there would be further us and them. ET supporters vs ET haters, this religion vs that religion, government vs people, etc. They could see that our already dualistic way of functioning would be exacerbated and that we would have further discord and conflict. So they chose to keep their presence secret for 5,500 years. But in the 1860’s Abraham Lincoln became aware of their presence and began working with the ETs. Certain wealthy industrialists also learned about the ETs and didn’t like the idea that Lincoln wanted to work so closely with the ETs. Lincoln even wanted to bring the ETs out in the open, despite the ETs objections. I mean white folks hated black folks and the country was killing itself ! So that would have been impossible ! Anyway, others saw fit to put an end to that idea. And so was born the lower arms of The Architecture. The ETs did not like these people but they had to work with them. And since that time the ETs have tolerated how this aspect of the structure they set up functions, all the while keeping a parental eye on it, for the long term benefit of Earth and humanity. We might not see any benefit right now but it’s developing. So, this bastardized version of secrecy that we hear about, it’s real and it’s all pervasive. It’s in every aspect of modern life and we don’t even know it. The alien abduction phenomenon is just one small activity in the control of the lower arms of TA.

You might wonder “well who’s behind alien abductions ?”. I can tell you from my conversations with Dude that there are several different groups involved and that they monitor and spy on each other. They use potent drugs, hypnosis, alien body suits, Programmed Life Forms (androids and robots that look biological but they are purely artificial) and an extensive array of theatrical devices, scenarios and choreographies; that give the impression that a person is having a real ET contact experience. Think Derren Brown ! But they are entirely manufactured. Complete with hostile, cold feeling interactions, experiments, dark scripts and hypnotic suggestions that press on the person’s soft spot. So you might wonder, what happens when enough of the people who have been having an alien abduction experience seek help from one individual ? You guessed it ! That person becomes convinced that all ETs are hostile and have a sinister agenda. Hence the plethora of researchers and professionals who are convinced that alien abduction is real. Without having to do any real extra work, those behind these programs have set up a cultural meme that is self sustaining. But of course they do do extra work to help propagate the meme and that’s where the internet (a former military application) is playing such a critical role !

So, those in power have a long history of finding people to do their dirty work. My ex wife was one of them. Some of you might recall me posting an audio extract/summary on my old blog, of something Rachel said to me many years ago about her work tracking down, saving and killing ETs and humans and profiling people who had had abduction and contact experiences, using her psychic abilities. It took me years to convince Rachel to come out speak publicly about her work and then shortly after I posted the information, I was told in no uncertain terms by someone who cares “Take it down”, so I did. What Rachel shared was a scratch of the iceberg, compared to what she knows but I didn’t want to take any chances with her safety. After all, this was the mother of my son and the person I once loved. As far as I know, Rachel never breached her security oath but she walked a very fine line. And to this day, 99 % of what she did remains hidden from my awareness. But the little she did tell me and the information that Anamika and Dude later shared with me, led me to believe that the world worked very differently to how I believed it did.

One of the things I saw first hand was the impact that carrying secrets has on a person. And to be honest it caused immense conflict in our relationship. But it also caused me to see her totally differently. She is in my views, one of the great unsung heroes of the modern era and nobody will ever know who she is or what she did. She’ll carry her secrets to the grave, because :

  • A. She doesn’t want to see people she cares about hurt (family and those she worked with),
  • B. She wants to get on and live a normal life,
  • C. She knows that things will eventually turn out the way that the ETs want them to,
  • D. Because her morals won’t allow her to give in,
  • E. Because she doesn’t believe that there is any betterment for humanity in revealing the truth.

It was really hard for me accepting her stance towards the work of her past. I mean, this is a person who can’t put her skills on a resume, she can’t claim a military pension or military superannuation, she can’t get counselling for what she experienced, she can’t sort out the wrongs she witnessed and participated in, she can’t get compensation for her psychological trauma and she can’t even talk about this huge burden that she carries. This is how a country and the group that employed her, treats human beings. And she was not the only one.

You maybe surprised to know that despite this, Rachel doesn’t fear her former employers and the other groups who fear what she might say. She’s like a balloon that everyone wants to pop but they don’t dare because of what she’s connected to. Sometimes it bothers me that she’s not bothered but then I remind myself, that none of these people with perceived control know anything about their true nature ! And they all fear death ! They also fear LOSS OF INCOME ! All of them have families and lifestyles and egos. I the money stops, their world stops !

You might wonder why the ETs bother to work with the lower arms of TA. I mean I did. It didn’t make sense. I think mostly, they do it because they are focused on where things will take us over a very long course of time. It’s not true that there are bad ETs working with corrupt people in power. All the ETs have our best interests at heart. And as Dude suggested in one of his interview responses – every time the ETs choose to interact with us, they look into our future and see what impact their interaction will have on us. But Dude once told me that many of the ETs have two regrets. The first regret is that they taught us all about Tungsten ( and the second is that they taught us all about Silicon and Silica (  Both of these elements/materials have a significant role to play in the human future and the ETs knew that. But when they looked at how we would explore these things, they thought we would mostly focus on the good aspects but we haven’t. We’ve focused on things that are very dangerous. But of course you and I don’t know about most of that because it’s still a secret. However, in the fullness of time, much good will come from our understanding of these elements/materials and how we apply our knowledge of them.

Every person has choices to make and many of those in the lower arms of TA have made bad individual choices, that are working against humanity. They placed ego and greed above the greater good.

Have you ever wondered why 3 of the big players in the world – the Americans, the British and the Russians are interested in a particular hot spot at this time ? Is there something they all seek to control ?

In the 1860’s Alfred Nobel took the invention of another man Ascanio Sobrero – who discovered Nitroglycerin ( in 1847 and turned it into an explosive (something that Ascanio had warned against). Nitroglycerin laid the foundation for the development of military propellants, military explosives and for military engineering in Germany in ww1/ww11. And through it all, Alfred Nobel enjoyed great success with the Dynamit Nobel AG company ( Dynamit Nobel also provided Nitroglycerin to help clear the way to build the Central Pacific Railroad (  and the First Transcontinental Railroad ( in America. Can you imagine how many wealthy industrialists were involved in supporting that project ? Dynamit Nobel also provided propellants to the German rocket program. And if you do your homework, you can see how it provided a major leg up for what would become NASA.

Alfred Nobel could have done an Abe Lincoln but he didn’t. Instead he turned the other way towards greed and power.

So here we have a small example of how one group in the lower arms of TA came into being and how one small piece of knowledge can be used for bad, rather than good. So despite the settling of America, leading to the genocide of the first people, destruction of pristine wilderness, the wiping out of the Buffalo and countless other species; a new nation was born. From an explosive material created by a man, who’s name we dedicate a peace prize, both good and bad have been born. And the ETs have seen this in the fullness of time. What we lack is the eyes to see as they see. That is why we must choose well and choose carefully. For every good choice, hides a dark side.

ETs in The Architecture – Part 1 : Politics & Doorways

Some of you will have read what I have said about The Architecture – the real power structure on the planet. You’ll recall me saying that it has two tiers – the ETs at the top and the humans below and perhaps what you might consider as a tier in the middle, which is composed of ETs and humans.

What I am about to tell you comes from Dude’s race the Muajra and the Tealhia. I can’t provide you with any proof of it, like everything else I talk about here. But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Currently at this time, The Architecture has about 40 ETs who work in governments around the planet and 40 ETs who are doorway keepers. That number varies slightly from time to time.

In recent times, the ETs began by working within the government of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln had contact with the ET I call Number 1 and was aware of some of the ETs who moved through his government. He shared their concerns for the human race. Lincolns removal was connected to his knowledge of the ETs, by certain groups that felt threatened by their presence. Ancestors groups of these groups, still attempt to hold power today.

So there are now 40’ish ETs who are involved in key governments. They are all humanoid and most actually look human. But some, like Dude have the capacity to change their form. They live like everyone else in normal houses in normal neighborhoods. But behind closed doors, they live a very different life.

I know of several well-known figures from the 70’s and 80’s who were ETs working in government. They often took on strange but believable names. A few of them, even became well-known political characters.

So why are they in government ? Well, it has very little to do with control and a great deal to do with knowing what’s happening behind the scenes. The ETs in government know everything that is happening in government, military and corporate sources. They are aware of absolutely everything ! They share a small amount of information with these groups and influence critical people in government to make certain decisions. Sometimes these decisions seem strange and unkind but they are always focused on a long-term benefit (creating a healthier time line for the planet).

The 40 odd doorway keepers are attached to doorways on our planet, which allow movement from one place to other places in the cosmos. The doorways are used by a variety of ET races and who are all known to the highest collectives. They can access the doorways using small craft or small devices or by walking through them. The doorways are not located on any kind of equidistant grid or grids like Bruce Cathie’s World Energy Grid ( / The doorways do not work like that. And the term Star Gate is a bad metaphor. Doorway is a better description. They are more like the way doors work in Monsters Incorporated, than they are Star Gates.



The doorway keepers serve several vital roles. First they monitor the functioning and use of the doorways and provide support to all the entities which use them. Imagine for example a being of an Insectoid race is bitten by what to us is a deadly brown snake, upon arrival – how do they deal with that ? Well the doorway keeper has that knowledge and the skills necessary to provide support to that problem. They are well adapted to the region in which the doorway is located. The doorway keepers also monitor a wide range of Earth based activities and the general well being of local populations. They might, for example, monitor a disease and study the vectors, vulnerabilities, risks and the general health of humans in relation to this disease. They also monitor celestial events in our local neighbourhood – in particular, the activity of our sun.

In this region I know of a single doorway keeper who monitors 3 doorways. He blends in perfectly with the local towns folk. He looks like a normal 30-35 year old, who loves take away !  (That one stumped me for a long time !). He lives in a normal house in a normal street. People who know him think he is a normal guy with a normal job. But in the privacy of his own home, he is far from a normal human. When he is out on the street, he can use what look like our e devices to monitor any aspect of the human population or the local environment. He’s been here on Earth for a very long time. He is very compassionate and feels suffering wherever he goes. He does his job and he does it well. He is here by his own choice because he cares.

Very few people in the lower tier of The Architecture know about the existence of the ETs in politics or the ones who tend the doorways. And although some in certain covert projects know of their existence, it’s unlikely that anyone in the 5 Eyes Alliance or any other intelligence agency or collective, knows who they are. The fewer people who know of their existence, the more chance they have of being left alone and continuing to do their work without interference.

The ETs are in constant contact with each other and in constant contact with the 9 ETs who look after the planet. And of course they are in regular contact with various collectives.

Dude is also in regular contact with all of them, as that’s one of his roles.

So when you think about it, it’s the perfect way to keep tabs on what humans are up to and to monitor the well-being of our planet. Those in politics and the doorway keepers, come and go as they like and mix with humans, as freely as you and I. They are answerable only to the 9.

If you were interested in the well being of a planet and it’s species, wouldn’t you do something similar and embed yourself in the population ?

Number 1 : The Man in charge of everything

Like most things I talk about here, I don’t expect anyone to believe what I am about to tell you. But it is the truth that I know.

I have mentioned the alien I call Number 1, a few times but I have never said much about him. And I’m not about to say much now either but I’d like to tell you a little more about him.

I was told about Number 1 by my ex-wife, who worked with a covert project with Earth based ETs. Later the Teal’hia confirmed what she had told me and then later again Dude confirmed what she told me.

You’ll recall, there is a power structure I call The Architecture. It’s name is known by a very small group of humans – most of whom are in positions of money and power but not all. The Architecture has what I think of as two tiers – the upper part is aliens and the lower part is humans. But perhaps you could say that there is also a middle tier, that contains both aliens and humans. The Architecture was created about 5,500 years ago and has changed structure according to what was needed. It was created by the ETs because we had problems living with the reality of their existence. Current humans, are the ones who transformed the lower section into an abusive power structure. Not the aliens. But the aliens are the one’s ultimately in control. They will be here well after ALL the humans in the lower sections have died and those that replace them have died.

Number 1 is a human alien and he has a role among the 9 aliens who oversee the welfare of this planet. Dude is part of that group, as are two Teal’hia. Below them are the 40-50 alien door keepers and the 40-50 aliens who work in governments. The middle tier is a group of 16 very good humans who are led by Number 1. Below them are 90 individuals from 45 countries, who represent the vested interests of humans on Earth. Some have good intentions and some do not. The 16 have been chosen by the ETs to represent our best interests.

So back to Number 1. Number 1 is human. He has a name that was given to him by his people long ago. I think of him as alien because he’s very old, very wise and every compassionate and because he spends a great deal of time assisting other worlds. Number 1 was born on Earth a long time ago and came from a race that over a long period of time, became space faring and left Earth. Number 1 has been elected by those in one of the very large collectives to oversee specific activities which cover an immense region of space, which includes our solar system. Think of him a bit like the Secretary General of the UN. He’s been in this role for a few hundred years and has thousands of years experience in all types of diplomacy and first contact, among other things.

I wanted to meet Number 1 in person because I wanted to see what kind of man he was. What kind of man could take on such a huge role ? So when Dude came back for his second visit on September 20th last year, that was one of the things he arranged for me to do. Now you have to understand, I am no one special but the ETs  don’t think in terms of specialness or power. Everyone is equal in their eyes. and for whatever reason Dude passed on my wish and Number 1 consented. I knew that previously Dude had flown his craft over our town, with Number 1 on board, because my friend had seen it covering the whole sky and because he told us he was passing by. So I knew that Number 1 knew I existed but I never actually expected to meet him.

So shortly after I arrived on Dude’s craft that night, he took me into a large bubble shaped room – a kind of gathering room of sorts. There were several other beings from different races talking to one another. He then lead me over to a very elegant looking man about 35-40 years old, who was sitting on a red velvet kind of chair by the large windows. Dude introduced me and then he just abruptly walked off. That’s how he is. He has things to do. So we shook hands and I sat and talked to him. And I was really shocked to discover that he was a very humble man. He was striking in appearance, in that he was radiating vitality but he didn’t act like anyone special. He wore elegant clothes, he carried himself elegantly and he spoke gently and caringly. I spoke to him for maybe 45 minutes and he was very candid and very honest. And I really liked him. If you saw him walking down the street, you would notice him because of how elegant he is and how he holds himself with certainty but you wouldn’t think “There goes an alien”. I guess technically he’s not an alien but his people are about as alien to us, as we are to some of the beings they know. They have evolved so much, that, most of us would struggle to sit comfortably in their presence. They radiate a deep sense of compassion and can see everything that’s inside of us. Now don’t get me wrong, they are like us. They look a lot like us. But they don’t have our ignorance or the special abilities or the perceptions of a race like the Muajra or the Teal’hia. Number 1 can’t go through time like Dude can. But his people have earned the respect of a vast number of beings on other worlds and have been accepted into the largest collective.

So Number 1 is above all a decision maker. He makes things happen. But he is also a compassionate diplomat. He is more tolerant on Earth than Dude is.

Number 1 is also the man who meets every new American President, whether they know who he is or not. The secret book that the President of the USA is given, is a book that was created by the ETs and it explains the ETs role and some of our history. Number 1 also meets other key leaders, whether they know who he is or not. But you have to understand Earth is just one small responsibility for him and for Dude. It just happens to be one of the places they spend much of their time NOW. At other times, it might be another world, that is on the cusp of some major transition.

So Number 1 is here because he is the best man to guide this very slow transition, that will occur over many life times. He is also here because he loves Earth. It is his home and he does not wish to see it suffer the ultimate catastrophe – the extinction of most of its life forms.

When I met Number 1, I saw a man who could hold the suffering of a whole world in his heart and look back at it with love and compassion. I didn’t see a man who craves power or a man who had insidious plans for the fate of our world. I just saw a very simple man, who took his job of caring very, very seriously.

I don’t know if I will ever meet him again while I am alive. But I am so happy I met him just once. No matter how bad things get on our planet, I will always know that there is a human who has returned home, after his people left this world long ago, because he cares so deeply for Earth and it’s creatures.

You’ve heard of the so called Allies of Humanity. A bunch of hog wash by a man who truly lacks self awareness ! Well, Number 1, is our greatest ally. Here to protect us and our world, from ourselves.

The Something Monologues No.2 – Power, Ants & Aliens & the Necessary Ingredients for ET Contact

Hi Ya’ll, I’m about to have a little break from the net, so I thought I’d knock up (;-) hey Windsong) another monologue this morning on my walk. I thought it was worth talking a little about POWER and about those who think they have power; about how to connect with ETs by learning to connect with ants; and the natural world and the core ingredients necessary for having ET contact. I also reflect a little on the natural world around me, including some vomit I put my hand in (traditional rights of passage) and a male kangaroo with very big testicles.

More woffle some time next week.

Lord of woffle, Brighticus. 😉

PS. I love pissing people off with smilies.

PPS. I actually like smilies. People in power really hate that. I used to enjoy tormenting CEOs and senior management with them.

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