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The Great Dreamer and His Net of Jewels


Net of Indra :


TSM137 : Entanglement, Human Identity, Aspects of Self, Channeling and Spiritual Development

How do we know what we know ? Part of how we know is by knowing what we are. In today’s walk and wonder, I explore the idea that we can know things beyond ourselves because we are more than we think we are. Not everything appears to follow causality (cause and effect), as entanglement and spooky action at a distance would suggest. Or is causality always present – visible from many different perpectives ? When we embrace a wider perspective about what we are (through such ideas as Aspects of Self and Channeling and by deepening the well of experience), we can know much more than we would normally think is possible. What is in the way of such knowledge and experience, is our ignorance and our desire to remain comfortable in our identities.

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You are salvation and already free

I don’t feel like writing but I sense that there are those of you who need this…

For those who may be wondering, I think Dude is more like Mooji and U.G. Khrishnamurti.


Self Awareness ?

Some time ago someone asked me “What is self awareness ?” (I think it was JD) and at the time I thought “How do I answer that ?”. So that question has sat in my head for months and today I thought I’d offer a simple explanation of self awareness.

First start by asking “What is self ?”. Make it personal by asking “What am I ?”. This is an ancient question, and using the so called Neti Neti (not this, not this) approach, we can penetrate an intellectual and felt experience of the answer. But then using Ramana Maharshi’s approach, ask “What is it that asks “What am I ?” ?”” (Ramana used who in place of what) – . When you penetrate this from a felt persepective, you quickly know that you are something far beyond all you think you are. Maybe we could say a primordial consciousness experiencing the body. But words are hopelessly inadequate. It is the perception that you are something beyond the body and even the witness of all taking place in the body.

So explore this. Understand what it feels like. Know the perception. Go beyond just an intellectual understanding. This is the most important step to discovering what the self is.

Then, using the mind, learn about how your mind functions and how your body functions. Notice your thoughts, the silence between thoughts, the witnesseser of your thoughts, the emotions that arise in your mind and heart, the feelings in the body. Notice how these change according to your posture – sitting, standing, lying down and moving. Notice how certain activities and certain foods and thoughts change your emotions and the experiences in the body. Discover what feeds what Ramana calls the “I THOUGHT” and use Ramana’s first question to discover how it develops and functions.

The mind is located in both the body and is beyond the body. Because of this, the mind has different aspects, which can be experienced through dialogue and felt character. But most people only recognize one aspect – one voice within. Go beyond this, see the character of the other aspects within. We might say there are two selves in one. The small self – which resides in the body and sees itself as separate and impermanent and the greater self – which resides in all and is not separate but is one and is eternal. Ramana is effectively encouraging us to shift our perception from the small self to the greater self.

A human being is both the small self and greater self. True self awareness is recognizing both our dual and non dual nature and how each functions. It is not getting stuck in either.

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