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An Extract From the Dude Interview and Conversation Book

Hey folks, how are y’all ? I’ve been a little out of sorts since having my 7th tumour treatment injection earlier in the week. Lots of hypoglycemia (glucose down as low as 2 some days !), severe stomach cramps, twitches, palpitations and diarrhoea. But I am otherwise well ! Things are usually worse around injection time but as the drug dissolves through the month, the side effects lighten up a little ! Here’s the needle that gets jabbed in my arse every month (below) ! Apparenty it’s worth $2,500 a shot ! Thank God most of it is subsidised ! Tell me that isn’t Big Pharma pulling a conjob ! I now have 7, 3 cm nodules from my jabs, that don’t seem to be going away ! One more year to see if it makes any real difference to my tumours ! Till then, you can call me Mr Lumpy Bum !


I’ve been working feverishly on trying to complete the Dude book. I’ve just about completed my 400 page poetry book – 1 poem to rewrite and then I can put all my energy into the Dude book ! You might recall that I decided to add some conversations to the original interview. I have had so many with Dude, that I didn’t know where to start. So for now I’ve narrowed it down to a small group of conversations. I may add more later. The problem with the conversations is that I have to transcribe them from my recordings and then type them up. So it takes a long time. I have 1 more question to complete the interview and then it’s complete. I’ve also added a section on Dude’s Maxims, Dude’s discovery of a strange world where perception influences reality in a very strange way, Dude’s leaf collection and lessons on the nature of the self . You can see the  draft contents page here : This will probably be re-arranged a little but it’s mostly how the book will look.

You can read the section on How ETs Interact Through Internal Spaces here : and see a basic diagram that goes with this section here : There maybe some errors in dates and so on. I have to check a bunch of stuff against my journals. I’ve also found some typos I haven’t had the chance to fix. This is just a draft, so please don’t post it anywhere else. It may change a little but this is the raw first draft.

For each of the conversations, I’ve included a small section on the context of each conversation. The context of this particular conversation may come across a little ‘me-ish’, a little ‘self centered’ and that was not my intention. But I don’t think the conversation would make much sense unless I explained the history of how I came to be interested in this subject and working with internal spaces and internal contact.

The conversations are literally the conversations I had with Dude. They follow a simple conversational style, much like a Platonic/Socratic Dialogue style in simple form ( / When ever I talk with Dude I often ask things I think I understand, just so that I am completely sure of what Dude is saying. Conversely Dude often checks in to make sure I understand him.

If you read the final book, you may notice that some of the things that Dude says in later conversations are slightly different to what he has said in earlier conversations. And that’s because he constantly adjusts his language and ideas to where I’m at. We also tend to mirror each others language, as happens with many people in conversations. You’ll remember from the interview that Dude modifies his language to every person he speaks with. There are times when I’ve seen him speak very formally and politely to other people and then he acts like a complete scallywag when he speaks with me ! That’s just how he is. He’s a master of adaptation ! Which is one of the reasons he’s considered a great diplomat among his people and why he has the role he has working with humans on Earth !

When I started with this idea of interviewing Dude, I never envisioned a book. But then I quickly I realised it’s significance. It was only after I had finished 3/4 of the interview, that it occurred to me that some of the conversations that we’d had might make a useful addition. For a while I thought maybe I should put them in a separate book but I then realised that they actually complement many of the things that were raised in the interview.

I think the book will be about 200 pages in size 11 font. I’ll be using a similar format when I write-up the Anamika (Teal’hia) book.

This particular extract will go well with the things I’ve said about internal world contact and conjoined space. If you haven’t read or heard any of this information, this conversation may not make much sense.

I’m curious to see what you make of it !

I’ve yet to decide on how to publish the book. Whether I go solo or try to find a publisher. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. But if you know of any good publishing houses that cover this subject, feel free to let me know. I’m going to be very fastidious about who I publish it with, if I go down that path. No one that’s published anything on abduction or archons – that kind of crap !

PS. I have been wondering if I should change Dude’s public name. I have reasons I don’t want to use his real name that I can’t reveal (in too much detail). I’ve stuck with Dude because it was the first thing to pop into my head and because it’s convenient. It seems that perhaps some people think that the whole thing is a deliberate joke. Which of course it’s not ! I don’t know if anyone will take a book about an ET called Dude seriously. So what are your thoughts ? Dude or someone else ? In the novel I’m writing Dude assumes the name of Frank. As many of you know, I also use the name Anamika for my Teal’hia friend, as a cover name for her real name. But in writing about all the other ETs, I have and will in future, be using their real names. I have a soft spot for these two people and want to keep a little privacy for myself !



The Great Dreamer and His Net of Jewels


Net of Indra :

An Introduction to Conjoined Space – An ETs Radical Perspective on Reality

I dedicate this post to Sandor and Frédéric for your continued support of an ordinary man, on the other side of the world ! Your kindness means worlds to me ! Thank you ! 😉


I’ve mentioned the concept of Conjoined Space a number of times now but haven’t actually had the time to explain what it is. So this post is a basic introduction to the concept.

Conjoined Space is a term that was introduced to me by the ET I publicly refer to as Dude. My discussion with Dude about this subject came about as a result of several conversations that we had about the human idea of parallel universes and parallel lives. A more detailed exploration of this subject happened after January 19th this year, when I experienced a set of events that brought about the darkest period of my life (While my sister was dying of brain tumours. These events overshadowed her death the following month). Dude and I have now had about 20 hours of conversation about this subject and I have found every single conversation to be both exhilarating and deeply confronting. This will be the first time I’ve spoken in any detail about the subject and I am unsure if have the capacity to translate and summarise all that I’ve learned. You may find the subject very confusing and equally confronting. But you may not. Particularly if I can convey the essence of what I have been taught. Be warned, this concept is completely at odds with anything you or I are probably familiar with and contradicts many spiritual traditions. It is also far more complex than anything man has created. (Though of course mathematicians would disagree with this !)

Before I begin let me suggest that after you read this post, you listen this TSM (, this TSM (

and read this post (, for a more detailed understanding of the nature of the self and the nature of space. It’s also important that you understand that while I’ll be talking about what I think of as a concept – a set of ideas; this is reality as Dude and his people the Muajra have come to understand it. Such an understanding of reality is shared by many other Creator Races (with their own individual variations) but may not be something that is completely accessible – in terms of understanding and applications, by other races that are less developed. Many of the human like ETs may understand this concept but have little ability to apply it, as the Creator Races do.

I’m going to keep this as simple as I can.

Conjoined Space…Conjoined Space (CS) is the space that is connected to an original space. In the case of a human being, one life creates other lives – what we ordinarily think of as parallel lives existing in parallel universes. A new life is created by strong emotion and may emerge as a new life having just been conceived in utero, or more often as an older life at the same age. In the case where a new life is created that splits off at the exact same age, everything in that conjoined space is an exact copy, except for a small number of variations. For each copy of a copy, there is greater variation from the original, such that the later copies bear little resemblance to the original life. It might seem logical that there is an infinite number of CS’s and new lives but they are actually finite. Dude tells me that on average a person might experience about 1200 other lives. Now please note, I am not talking about new incarnations (as in reincarnations), I am talking about 1200 other lives splitting off an original life. There may be many incarnations, each with 1200 other lives splitting off. One implication of this is that when an original life dies, some other lives die. Or when other lives dies, some lives still continue. Such that the greater you of that single incarnation, can be both living and dead at the same time.

Let me give introduce a few metaphors to help you understand. Primarily because the way that this actually is, may be impossible for us to comprehend. Dude taught me through metaphors and it’s the only way I can get my head around it. So it seems natural that I should convey things in the same way.

Take a circle which represents the original life which exists in space. Now add a circle slightly off centre, which represents a new life. Now add another circle slightly off centre, which represents another new life and so on. The total space of all the circles is the total of all of the lives added together. Each life shares a CS but only a portion of it – lets call that CSX1, CSX2, CSX3 etc. Alternatively imagine all of the circles in 3D as a vertical spring, where each section of the spring represents a new life. If you look at them from above, now matter how distorted, they are all connected to the section at the bottom. Now a final metaphor. My son plays the game Minecraft, in which he is able to use pixel bricks to build a world. Minecraft has seed worlds that generate random worlds. A player can enter a basic seed world and then create what they want and collect chickens and pigs, be hunted by bad guys and play with fellow players. If the player wants, he can clone a seed world and everything in that world is copied, except for what he has gained since it was created. Imagine then that a seed world is an original life. That life can be cloned at any point after it has begun developing, copying everything. In this instance it also copies what was gained by game play. When the player enters that new world, he enters it as it is but does not experience it’s history. In other words he experiences that world as it is, complete with his perception of it’s history but it’s history did not actually exist – it did not take place for that player. The world simply formed from what was. It was cloned from something previously that experienced it’s own history. So, in this metaphor each new world builds on the conjoined space of the previous world. Follow ?

The idea then that there are parallel universes and parallel lives, is a misnomer. Because that implies that that universe has some overlapping history that goes all the way back to the beginning. Dude is suggesting that it isn’t like that. Reality begins at a point when the new space copied is almost but not quite, similar to the old space but without any direct history.

What I am still confused about is what happens when a new life/conjoined space begins that represents a younger age. I’ll have to leave explaining that aspect till a later date.

Remember Dude’s Fourth Maxim : Time does not exist. There is only space. So it appears that space replicates itself endlessly. Slices of space are all connected, in what we perceive of as time. CS represents a kind of variation in how space ordinarily replicates and as a result, how we perceive time.

So at this point, you might be wondering a number of things. Am I experiencing my original life or a conjoined life ? How do each of my incarnations connect to one another and to each other’s Conjoined Spaces ? Can I consciously create another life or another CS in which I can create something ? Can I be aware of the other lives that are connected to this one ? Among other questions. Dude has told me that it is almost impossible for humans to be aware of these other lives because of the limitations of our perceptions. But he’s been teaching me how to experience some degree of awareness. Total awareness of all our other lives is impossible. I sense that if we were aware of these other lives, it maybe almost impossible to function because of the direct interruption to our almost seamless, linear sense of reality. Remember my comments about how CS may not be completely accessible to lesser developed ETs. It’s an understanding of reality, that I sense represents the highest levels of development and the fact that these highly developed races are able to create all manner of spaces, souls and life forms (see my videos/posts about my encounters with the Teal’hia); may reflect their deep understanding of Conjoined Spaces.

You may remember Dude’s earlier comment :

“If as you believe when you die you create things with your mind, what is this mind that creates ? Does it occupy it’s own space or does it occupy another space – a larger space or a smaller space and where does that space reside ?”

In this comment I think Dude was prodding me to remember that mind is ultimately unconstrained. In view of our conversations about CS, I think he was suggesting that mind is the creator of space (but I suspect his definition of mind is different to ours) and that mind creates endless space in life and in death. For example, the afterlife doesn’t exist as a space that is separate from the space we experience in life, it is just another form or experience of space. The apparent separation is merely an illusion. I believe then that Dude is in agreement with the mythical Buddha – that the mind creates the world. Which of course goes against modern physics and all a priori / causation philosophies, which suggest the world has to exist first for mind to arise.

I believe that CS presents us with a way of understanding all manner of so called metaphysical phenomenon – including : parallel lives, some parallel worlds, Déjà vu (, Jamais vu, Presque vu, Déjà entendu, Déjà vécu, some experiences of bi and multilocation and many forms of intuition. And a way of ultimately understanding the cosmos and life itself.

The hardest thing for Dude and many of the ETs is to translate what they know into something that makes sense to us. As I’ve often said before, it’s almost as if Dude has to dumb things down for me (and the other humans he interacts with), so that things are accessible. Sometimes that means he has to shave details off an insight, so that I get the essence of what he’s talking about. It may well be that the entirety of a thing is beyond my comprehension. So he has to understand what I am able to understand and the implications of sharing things with me. I suspect he shared the concept of CS with me for at least three reasons. First, he wanted to give me a way of understanding this unfathomable event that happened on January 19th. Second, he wanted me to share some of what I learn, so that others could begin thinking about reality in a completely different way. In time I will try to write more extensively about the subject and plan on including it in the first ET interview book. Third, he wanted me to heal my tumours and create a long healthy life, whether it’s the same life or another one.

My understanding of CS is as yet very poor. I see a lot of connections between this view of reality, concepts like Holodynamics, Process Philosophy and Process Psychology and the teachings of Jane Robert’s Seth.

Dude is trying to teach me through theory and experience about the nature of reality and how live fully immersed in a greater experience of reality.

Today is the 10th anniversery of my diagnosis with a Renal Carcinoid Tumour. It’s been a long, exhausting and life affirming journey with tumours. But I’m still here. I believe that Dude is trying to help me to stay alive and to see beyond the limitations I have imposed on myself and the limitations that human belief systems have imposed on all of us.

TSM131 : Memory, Uncertainty & Doubt in the ET Contact Experience

The things in this monologue were probably the hardest things I’ve ever spoken about publicly.

Today, I open up and share my thoughts about memory, uncertainty and doubt in the ET contact experience, looking at two of my own experiences 23 years apart. I explore how contact with beings from elsewhere shatters your experience of reality and talk about why I think most people who have contact, avoid talking about uncertainty and doubt and why these things are really critical to making sense of the experience. I post this monologue with some hesitation but do so because I belive that we need to be as honest and transparent as we can be, if we are to truly understand the experience of human-ET contact.

There is some repetitive noise in the early part of the recording due to my shoes squeaking and the squeaking on my iPod cover.

Enjoy ! 😉

A Wise Young Man on Human Duality – Conflict, Idealism, Separation and Perpetual Economic Growth

For those who haven’t heard of him, xkcdHatGuy has remained invisible for 3 years, after leaving an interesting set of very wise videos.


You are Reality

Donald Hoffman and Alva Noe have a better take on reality than most intelligent people.


More here :

Manufacturing a public image and going against the grain

This may mark my return to writing.

Back in the early days of the internet, it was very popular for online diarists to write a FAQ post about themselves or to answer a set of real or imagined questions. It was in essence, another way of  writing a public biography. Of course people continue to do this in all manner of ways. For the most part, I have resisted such an idea and only recently created a Read Here First tab, after encountering a great deal of annoying commentary and criticism. Writing any kind of public biography, is really another way of saying, I think, a number of things :

  1. What you want the public to know about you;
  2. What pisses you off;
  3. What matters most to you.

I became very conscious after my first uncomfortable expedition into the world of online journals, that it was necessary to create a public image that I felt comfortable with. So as part of my journey with Youtube and WordPress and Facebook, I chose deliberately to express certain aspects of myself and downplay other aspects of myself. I also chose very deliberately to protect the people who matter most to me and to protect my privacy. Right from the beginning I decided that there were certain things I would share about my life and other things that I would keep private. I have chosen to share certain things about myself and my life, that others would not (especially my own own relatives and other people I know) because I know my true nature. I have drawn a line at a certain point, before which public knowledge of my outer life is largely insignificant. What matters most to me,  is those I love and my inner world. Having said that, I don’t go about broadcasting where I live or the name of my oncologist or my location on any given day. There are reasonable limits to what we should and should not share. And each of us have to discover what they are for ourselves.

After my first online journal, I learnt very quickly about the full extent of online surveillance and how the lower arms of The Architecture function in collecting and sharing information. I have no concern about any agency that watches what I do, knows who I am or where I live. I can do little to avoid their scrutiny without experiencing some kind of paranoia – which I refuse to do. I do however maintain a certain style of dead man’s trigger, should it ever be required. I am more concerned about the ordinary crazy Joes, who would like to invade my privacy or hurt those I care about. Most of them are religious nutcases and some of them, really are very dangerous people. Having worked as a therapist with many very disturbed people, I know first hand, just how unpredictable and dangerous they can be. So, I don’t live in fear of those who do surveillance or the crazy Joes but I take certain precautions to ensure that my privacy remains intact. Sometimes I stuff up and have to deal with the consequences but I’m getting better at drawing boundaries.

I think of the internet as a great big personality gallery, in which individuals have the opportunity to express themselves in any way they wish. For some people it’s through pornography, for some people it’s through art or music, for some people it’s through blogging, etc. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Every human being has a public life and a private life. There are things that every human being likes to keep to themselves. And we each have our own unique set of boundaries that shift by degrees, depending on how close people are to us. Usually our partners know more about us than our parents and our best friends know more about us than our colleagues. I share more about certain aspects of my life, with people I will never meet, than I do with my own relatives. And similarly, there are things I share with them, that you will never know about. The fluid boundaries that we maintain serve many purposes and suit different degrees of comfort that we experience with different people in different situations.  Just because we share some things with one group of people and some things with another group of people, doesn’t necessarily make us deceptive ! I try hard to be a deeply honest person but that doesn’t mean I am going to share my sexual fantasies with you (yes I am a sexual being !), the pin numbers to my bank cards or my deepest fears or concerns. And so from this perspective, I have chosen to manufacture a public image, in preference to sharing anything and everything (although sometimes it may look that way !). You may see me as a peace lover but I have an angry side, you may see me as a long haired hippy but I detest most hippies, you may see me as a person who has everything sorted out but I still have lots of challenges in my life (as I think you may have gathered recently) and you might think because I have 4 guitars and long hair I can play guitar when truthfully, I suck !

For a while, I thought very seriously about only conveying myself as a person who had transcended ordinary problems. I wondered long and hard about the implications of that. It began when I wrote a journal book a few years back (as yet unpublished). At the beginning of the book I spent a great deal of time reflecting on the nature of the mind and the experiences I was having with exploring the nature of the self. But a few months later I found myself venting my frustrations about my son and my work colleagues. I then realized that this was going to be a very different book to the one I initially envisaged. I learned to drop my expectations of producing a particular style of book (outcome) and to just go with the flow. When I spoke to several ETs about my online presence, they suggested I focus on being real. So that’s what I have tried to do. I haven’t shared with you, every one of my darkest moments but neither have I held back on sharing some of my dramas with the world and giving you a sense of my imperfections. Some years ago Dude spoke to me about how every single great human spiritual teacher, who has ever existed; had flaws and weaknesses. My guide Kanatek told me about how Confucius used to fake certain things to give the impression of being wiser than he really was. And today, many people hold Confucius in high esteem, oblivious of his outright deceptions. And one of my other guides Jaoshan, told me about how people thought he was enlightened and even though he knew he wasn’t he refused to correct them for fear of retribution.

What you find here and on YT is largely how I really am. I care immensely about people and Earth, I am imperfect, honest, curious, weak, strong, caring, pissed off, sick of the human race and always try to be as kind as I can be. I hold opinions just like anyone else but I try to hold them lightly, knowing that I may change my mind or discover that I am wrong and because I know that everything is impermanent. I was once a hard core Buddhist and I aspired to free myself of all desire and attachment and aversion but I realized after several swift kicks in the head from illness, my guides and my ET friends; that I didn’t need to free myself of desire, attachment or aversion. I only need to see how I function and to experience everything fully. So when I get pissed off, I get pissed off properly; when I get upset, I get upset properly; when I laugh, I laugh till I’m sick; when I feel sorrow, I feel it deeply; when I feel doubt, I let it rise fully; and when I feel compassion, I feel it without discrimination. I feel everything fully and then I let it go, trying my best to see what I have experienced and to learn from it.

It would be easier for the online world and perhaps for me to say and act in a certain way; to tow the line; to believe what almost everyone in the field of ETs and UFOs believes; to promote a belief in bad vs good ETs; to follow what others believe about reality, the Secret, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Love, Climate Change, ET Disclosure, Gun Control, Biotechnology, Veganism, Good Music, Bad Government etc. But I don’t and I can’t ! There are some things which I think are true and many that I disagree with. And I’ve been that way all my life. And because of that it has been a difficult and solitary road. I’ve never felt alone but I have been alone and gone against the grain. Whether it was at school, university, in my work life, among friends or family. Even among those I loved the most. I found that my greatest teachers were outcasts and people who were largely unpopular. People who really didn’t care what others thought of them. But there were also others who were loved by many.

When I look back over the other lives I am aware of having lived, I see the same patterns repeating. And two things stand out about that. I have always been stubborn, hard headed and thick skinned and I care immensely about certain things and will do anything to stand up for them. In other lives, it has cost me everything, even life itself. But in this life I realize that life itself is more precious than the opinions we hold dearest and the things we think are worth standing up for. Of course it isn’t black and white, which is why I still struggle with what to care about and where to put my energy. But that is part of my path and mine alone. Something I need to understand and integrate into my life.

I started my working life as a scientist because I was fascinated by nature and cared about understanding how things work and doing good with my knowledge; and then side stepped into social work and psychotherapy because I wanted to help people to heal; before going into environmental work because I cared about the planet; and then finally left work to concentrate on healing, living and writing because I want to heal from my tumours and devote my life to writing about things that I feel matter. I continue to help people because I care about healing my fellow human beings and I continue to plant trees because I love the natural world and care immensely about reversing biodiversity loss.

I’m actually not very good at anything. But I think I might be OK at observation. I have always been an observer of life and perhaps because of this I feel more than many people feel and have the capacity to write about things that make others feel. As an angry young man, I used to write about my own darkness and terrible things that revolted people but now as mature and balanced middle aged man, I try to write about things that I feel will create some good in the world. I look at all the books I see on shelves everywhere and books that fill the internet and I’m conscious that I don’t to contribute to the crap we’ve created, unless my crap has the capacity to bring a little light into the world. Trees die for our words. And insects die and other life forms die for our words, so it had better be worth it ! We’re all meaning seeking, idea making creatures, who find value in living and stories. We have choices to make about the meaning we seek, the ideas we make and how we live our lives and the stories we create and the stories we’re drawn to. But not many humans see that we have active choices before us, each and every day. Sure, I can tell you about the novel biosphere destroying bioterrorist ideas I have conceived but I had better be sure that I can live with the consequences. So, if I am smart, stupid ideas stay in my head and good ideas come out, guided by the heart. Sometimes I get that right and sometimes I get that wrong. Life is what it is and it is up to each of us to decide whether to seek any meaning or not and just what that meaning should be. And similarly, Eckhart Tolle is right when he said,”You are not your story” and Matt Smith as Dr Who is also right when he said, “We’re all just stories in the end, just make it a good one, eh ?”. We have a choice to both sit with what is and to create stories that help us make sense of life and to find meaning. And we have a choice about how we participate in the stories of this species and planet Earth. But it all begins with self awareness. Learning to know the true nature of the self. So I guess, if anything, that’s what really matters to me. When we know the nature of the self, we understand all of humanity and we can act in a way that creates greatest possible benefit for all beings. At least sometimes because no one is perfect !


* * *


What follows is my effort at a sort of FAQ. I’ll try and keep it simple and they’ll be plenty of overlap with the Read Here First tab.

I believe :

  • That life is to be lived fully – meaning that we should use our time wisely and feel everything.
  • In the value of wonder and humility in the face of the great mystery of existence.
  • That we are all controlled by Thought Forms – ideas we believe in.
  • In personal responsibility.
  • In the power of love to transform all of us.
  • In the power of anger to create good.
  • In the power of forgiveness.
  • In understanding, tolerance and compassion – within reasonable limits.
  • In connecting with the Earth, plants and animals, every single day.
  • That we are not separate from Earth.
  • That everything is impermanent and that the only thing that is permanent is The Light Within.
  • That mind is the foreground of all things.
  • We are all obliged to cultivate an awareness of the basic functioning of mind and the nature of Self.
  • We are all obliged to cultivate an awareness of basic identity and subsequent us and them ideologies and their impact on humanity and Earth.
  • That the power of the “I” and the “I Am” is a dangerous thing but it can be a good thing, if understood correctly.
  • That knowledge of perception and identity are critical to understanding the nature of reality and our place on Earth.
  • We should all be educated on how to breath correctly and how to live with stress.
  • We must be taught about the dangers of if-then happiness and how our desire for stuff, drives the consumption chain and has a dramatic impact on the health of Earth and all his species.
  • We should be wise about the rapid transmission of dangerous ideas (just because we can create them, doesn’t mean we should share them !).
  • We must all find our own motivation to live fully, to see what is and to create change where necessary.
  • That we should think about the consequences of major technological, financial, social and military actions, on several generations (as suggested by certain First Nations peoples) before we go ahead and act.
  • That most human beings are disconnected from the natural world and need to be reconnected.
  • That we should slow down technological developments. The iPhone 6 and XBox One are apparently fine as they are !
  • That we can and should find new ways to tell good stories about our lives, humanity, life, other species, Earth, our place in the cosmos, ETs and the Cosmos.
  • That certain obsessions are having a massive impact on human health and the health of the biosphere. These include mobile phones, hand held electronics, the internet and gaming.
  • That the entire gaming industry and its users has a responsibility to grow up, stop escaping and care about the Earth.
  • In an eclectic approach to education that integrates such unique ideas as Choice Theory, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, ethics, Buddhist theories of Mind and Mindfulness, indigenous theories of interconnection, the latest theory from child psychology, and neuroscience (ideas such as neuroplasticity), play theory, comparative religion, family systems theory and rights of passage experiences.
  • In an ethical framework for living and for all disciplines of study, human endevour and life.
  • We must act swiftly to halt the decline of biodiversity and ecosystems and plant billions of trees, shrubs and grasses, as part of an effort to restore ecosystems.
  • We have an obligation to Earth and future generations of all species to unearth the lower arms of The Architecture and The Diamond Complex and do everything to promote an awareness of how it pervades every aspect of modern life. And subsequently create healthier solutions to how we function as a species.
  • We should find reasonable means to slow down and reduce the human population.
  • We should eradicate or relocate all feral animals in every country.
  • We should do our best to educate the masses about the dangers of feral animals and introduced plants/weeds and make every effort to control their spread and numbers.
  • In responsible cat ownership and that all domestic cats should be kept indoors or micro chipped, tag and monitored. Domestic cats are having a dramatic impact on reducing global biodiversity !
  • In some some form of global collective that has that has at it’s core the welfare of all living beings on Earth.
  • That our dependence on fossil fuels and the over dependence on green energies such as solar and wind, ignores their potential environmental impact and ignores many of the other truly green energy technologies that we could potentially conceive and create.
  • That money can be used to do good.
  • That we can all practice being a little kinder every single day, through small acts of kindness towards every person we meet.
  • That all mistakes have positive outcomes at some point.
  • That mistakes help us learn.
  • Good leaders are self aware leaders who see the forest and the trees.
  • All leaders must live and act in congruence with what they claim to value.
  • That life and death are indivisible but appear divided.
  • That oneness is bullshit. There is only ONE but we act as if there is difference. How many people love a serial killer or the Syphilis bacteria ? We have lots of nice ideas but they mean nothing in practice !
  • There is a place for incarceration and institutionalization.
  • That The Something Monologues are a big waffleathon that sometimes have very little value but that I enjoy making them.
  • That bullet points suck but they save time !
  • In changing my mind whenever I feel like it.
  • That the Creator Race ETs made our planet, seeded all life here and continue to intervene in the development of life on Earth.
  • In our connection to a cosmic family.
  • I have an obligation to speak truthfully about the nature of the ETs and  my experiences with them.
  • In nothing.
  • In letting everything go.


I don’t believe :

  • In evil, the Devil (I don’t believe in the Devil but he believes in Me !), bad space faring ETs, the Greys (although I have referred to them once as a reference point people could understand), the Mantids, the Nordics, the Reptilians, the Zetas, the Alien Agenda, the Archons, Hybrids/Hybrid Children, Indigo/Crystal Children, Star Seeds, Ascension, the council of 8 or 5 or whatever number, The Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, Ascended Masters, the Light Fellowship, the Great White Brotherhood, the Bilderbergs/Elite/Trilateral Commission/White Hats/Black Hats/, Outer Body Experiences (I think the term is a misnomer – these experiences merely represent a shift in perception to what we might call the Greater Self), Densities (3rd density, 5th density, 9th density etc.), 3 dimensional self vs 5 dimensional self, a literal hell, other than the one we create on Earth or the Matrix.
  • In the solutions offered by the DSM model of mental health, Big Pharma, Big Ag or Big Finance.
  • That money is a particularly useful system.
  • In making statement art for Facebook.
  • That eradicating the so called elite or worlds power structures will solve our problems. We are the fundamental problem and unless each an everyone of us makes an effort to cultivate self awareness, nothing will ever improve.
  • That any political system offers humans the perfect solution for living peacefully together or caring for our world.
  • In incarceration for many of the things that we have incarcerated people for – such as drug possession and drug use. I believe in life transforming and radical rehabilitation.
  • In Man Made Climate Change. I did from 1989-2004 but changed my mind n 2005, when I was finally convinced that climate is driven by the sun and other celestial dynamics.
  • In the value or right of certain groups in the lower arms of The Architecture and Google to carry out all pervasive surveillance and collection of data (which goes way beyond meta data).
  • In any justification for war.
  • The escalation of religious wars, sectarianism, religious extremism, patriotism and nationalist fervor.
  • In the right to own and carry a gun.
  • That science has a clue about the nature of reality.
  • That light has a fixed speed or is composed of photons.
  • That there is a fundamental particle.
  • That time is anything more than a subjective phenomenon.
  • That science should be leading human development.
  • That it’s fair to criticize many of the great pioneers of human study – such as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung etc.
  • That we have a right to go into space, explore space and colonize other plants. We ought to sort our shit out here first, before fucking up the rest of the galaxy !
  • That artificial intelligence offers any kind of threat to humanity. AI is only as good as it’s algorithms. The real threat is from those who write the programs that will run AI and those that create the technology.
  • In any kind of singularity, associated with the rise of AI.
  • In the red pill or the blue pill or that another person’s ideas represent reality.
  • In gurus other than the Self. Every human is fallible.
  • In holding fast to opinions for ever.
  • That man is the pinnacle of life.
  • In a salvationist god, as in the God of orthodox Islam, Christianity or Judaism.
  • That any one person, doctrine or teaching has all the answers.

And so ends another waffleathon. I will not pass this way again ! 😉

More words from the good Doctor :


ET knowledge of Earth, humans and re-creating reality

I woke up this morning with some strange thoughts about a particular aspect of ET behaviour. But I didn’t know if it was implanted information or something that I’d deduced from logical reasoning. I have a book in which I am compiling implanted information, so that I can write about it one day (Dude’s suggestion). Interesting this information is, it might not be true. So I need to check it with one of my ET friends before I share it with you. But as I was thinking about this issue, another one came to mind, which is true. Rachel was here this morning drawing for the ET Art Project and so I spoke with her about both subjects and she gave me some personal experiences that support my understanding of the later subject. She didn’t think the first subject was true.




Forgive the long windedness.

So today I am going to share some thoughts with you about the second subject. I’m afraid this will be a long winded post because this is not an easy issue to explain. The subject I want to speak about is ET knowledge of Earth and humans and the way they can re-create reality.

So consider this an introduction. Many people speculate that ETs have all these insidious agenda’s for our planet and I’ve always argued that they don’t have agendas. They are doing what they do. The idea of agenda is our projection onto them.

Many of the ETs visiting or residing on our world have been here for a very long time. A few of them have been here right from the beginning. So what can they know about our world ?

Let me use Dude’s race the Muajra and Anamika’s race the Teal’hia as examples, because I know both of these races well.




OK, so the Teal’hia were one of the races that created this universe and our world. As far as I know, Dude’s race didn’t but they have done similar things elsewhere. The Teal’hia have monitored and intervened in the development of our world from it’s conception. But the Muajra came later. Because both races are very old and part of the largest collectives, they share a great deal of information and sometimes make joint decisions with the races that I have called the Creator Races.

Perhaps the best way for me to introduce this subject to you more fully is to use some examples. This post really needs to go all over the place for me to illustrate what I am trying to convey. And I hope it makes sense to you.

Whenever I want to contact Anamika and Dude, all I have to do is to think of them and ask for contact and they will either respond through the mind or appear or come in a craft and if appropriate, come down and visit. There’s no hard and fast rule about what will happen. And although I do have a Teal’hia implant, it isn’t necessary for them to use that to find me or reach me. The implant serves other purposes. Specific Teal’hia and Muajra are so merged with my being that they can instantly know anything about me. Dude recently said to me that he knows everything about me at both the molecular level and the spiritual level. Since I met him, I’d always known that but it still came as a shock to hear him say that. And time and time again, he’s demonstrated how he’s known my most intimate thoughts and fears – so there is no denying that he’s being honest with me when he says he knows everything about me. The more I think about it, the more I feel completely naked and vulnerable to such omniscience. All of my secrets, fears, aspirations, desires, fantasies, thoughts, feelings, pains, sufferings are laid bare to his being. And even though I feel very vulnerable, it’s always immensely liberating. To know that I can just be me and I don’t have to hide anything – not a single thought, from Dude, is something beyond words. Now, it isn’t just Dude who has this ability. The Teal’hia and Sar’won’dee also have it. And if you’ve heard me talking about my Merging with the Light experience, you’ll know that in the presence of 2 Teal’hia and 1 Sar’won’dee, I experienced pure being without separation and what we could call God in it’s purest form. These 3 entities were able to give me an experience of pure awareness without a body and knew everything about me. And, as the Teal’hia explained during that experience, they have known me for lifetimes.

Knowing that there are beings who know me so intimately is both terrifying ans strangely comforting. I know that everything is perfect as it is and that I will one day go HOME when I am absolutely ready. And it isn’t because they told me but because I experienced it.

So the way that the Sar’won’dee, the Teal’hia and the Muajra can know us, is different. They each have their own unique perceptions and abilities. But the sense that I have is that they all know their own true nature and the true nature of all physical and energetic manifestations. As such they know how reality s created, how it functions and how to create reality. However, it’s interesting to note that the Human ETs, do not seem to have these advanced levels of understanding or the same abilities. Number 1 cannot create a new reality. But Dude can. Perhaps it’s simply because Humans are much younger than these other races or perhaps its’ because their are innate limitations to how we can function, that we or the other Humans, can’t do anything about. I’m not sure.

So there are 10 ETs that I am really close to and about another dozen I have good relationships with, representing 6 races. My sense is that they can share what they like with one another and what Dude knows about me, might in part (note I said in part), be shared with other Muajra or other races. And the same goes for Anamika or Palden etc. I’m not in their head, so I don’t know just how much they share. But I do know that f they wanted, they could share everything with their own kind and perhaps with other races.

So the Teal’hia and Sar’won’dee have been here from the beginning. They have watched, monitored and recorded everything – every earth tremor, every cloud movement, every thought, every blade of grass, every battle, every invention, every fear, every disease, every virus and bacteria etc. It is all within their knowledge and awareness. Now Dude, he’s just a little kid by comparison – 8,000 years old. But his people are ancient and they too have ancient records. So Dude can know things in one of two ways. he can access his people’s records or he can connect with a place or a thing and know whatever he wishes. Here’s a few examples. Dude likes plants, so last he told me, he had collected over 98 % of all the leaves of all of Earth’s plants. He’s also very fond of ants and sand. So he has met countless ant species and individuals and learned about them – their lives, their history and how they function. He’s gone places and sat in the sand and by doing so, he can connect with the entire history of every grain of sand and know such things as – what has happened to the area in it’s life time, who walked in the sane, what leaves fell in the sand, what plants grew in the sand, how the atmospheric conditions/gases/liquids changed over time etc. He can know whatever he wishes to know about the sand’s experience. Imagine then, if he wants to know about a person, or an event or a piece of furniture, a photo, a pierce of architecture ! Everything is within his understanding. And if he doesn’t understand something from what we would understand as the present, he goes to whichever point in time he needs to to understand it. ((Remember Maxim 4 : Time does not exist, there is only space ( Because time is a creation of mind. A few weeks ago he put it this way : “I see myself all the time.”. By which Dude meant that he is aware of all of the Dude’s that span space (or what we think of as time) – young Dude, middle aged Dude, old Dude, dead Dude. Unlike humans, who only seem to be aware of the me now.




This ability to span the reality of his entire life, means that he can access information about what those other selves (the same self we think of as in different times) are experiencing or know. But not only that, he can access any point in space (which for him includes what we think of as time). Think of time as slices of space. Each second is a new slice of space. Space is sliced or replicated in whatever arbitrary unit of time you wish to use. So when Dude took me backwards and forwards in what I thought of as time, in September 2014, he was taking me through slices of space – all of which was within the reality that he knows he can create. A reality which is all within the body of his self.

Changing direction slightly.

Now Dude and Anamika can not only goes anywhere in what we think of as time/space but recreate any thing in time space – bodies, events, situations etc.

A couple of examples. Lets say that Dude wanted to give yo a day in which you could experience the assassination of Abe Lincoln. First he would say “I’m going to re-create the assassination of Abe Lincoln for you.” To do so he would have several options. He could draw on the records of his people or of the collective. He could go there and capture everything he needs to know. Or he could feel that space and bring it back. I don’t exactly know what he does and I have no idea how he does what he does. So he takes your hand and as if magically you appear standing next to Abe, as he sits in his chair in the theater. Everything you see – from the part in Abe’s hair, to the smell of his feet, to the top hats being worn by the men at the door, to the clothes on the people in the audience and on stage, is a perfect reproduction of what was actually present at that time. And depending on what Dude allows, you may interact with that environment to varying degrees and that environment maybe aware of you to varying degrees. It is a perfect simulacra of what was, as if it is real. Nothing and I mean nothing is out of place or inaccurate.

So Dude can recreate anything for whatever reason he wants. If you’re mother dies, like in the film AI and he wants you to have a day with her, he’ll recreate her just the way she was and you will not know that it is not your mother.

By now hopefully you’re wondering, “How do I know whether what I am experiencing is real or a recreation ?”. And that is a fine question indeed ! So here’s what I have learned. We can be shown projections of future events, that may or may not unfold and I think the not unfolding results when a space line (think time line) has an unforeseen perturbation and shift subtly, resulting in a shift that changes the event. We can also be shown things that are not real for various different reasons. We can be taken back or forwards through a space line (time line) and experience what things actually were or actually will be. We can be taken to a place or see an event anywhere. We can be taken to a place or an event that has been entirely recreated. So how do we know what’s real ? I think it’s this simple. In all of my experiences, the two things are indistinguishable from one another. But one thing distinguishes the two of them. The ETs will tell you what they are doing. Dude, for example, will say, “I’m going to take you 15 years  ahead to see yourself”, or, “I’m going to recreate this situation for you” or “We’re going back to see when this thing was born”. And you know, without a shadow of a doubt when he tells you, that he’s speaking the truth. The ETs will not lie when they profess to tell you something. They may omit to tell you everything but that’s a different kettle of fish.

At the end of the day, we have no other way of knowing the truth.

So let me ask you some things that helps us all to challenge the myths that many people are peddling about ETs :

  • Do you think ETs need an agenda when they can create reality or get help to create reality or get help with any problem they have, from other beings in the higher collectives ?
  • Do you think ETs are really trying to steal our souls ?
  • Do you think ETs really need gold or ever needed gold ?
  • Do you think ETs need our genetic material to save their so called ‘dying race’, when they can get help from the higher collectives ?
  • Do you really think reality is as simple as a Matrix ?
  • Do you really think an ET is going to be frightened of exclamations like “In the name of Jesus Christ, stay away from me demon !” (They might stay away cause you’re frightened or a nut case !)
  • Do you really think anyone can profess to be an Alien Hunter ?
  • Do you really think anyone in the lower arms of The Architecture poses a threat to the ETs ?
  • Do you really think nuclear weapons pose a threat to ETs/space ?
  • Do you really believe that humans shoot down ET craft because our weapons are so powerful ? Think about it !
  • Do you really think there are space faring evil ETs, when there are such powerful benevolent beings who are merged with everything ?

See where that takes you !

Cowabunga friends, Bright. 😉


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