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Chemtrail Stupidity !

Some of you will have noticed that I have been very quiet about so called chemtrails. I’ve been observing this so called physical phenomenon and the human phenomenon around it, since it first became a popular idea more than a decade ago.

My interest in the weird atmospheric affects created by aircraft, began in 1982 when my dad was in his third year flying for Cathay Pacific around Asia, Europe and N America. I would watch these strange effects and the clouds that they would sometimes create and wonder what they were. When I asked my dad what they were, he explained that AvGas exhaust was hot and when it met cold air, the water vapour crystallised. It wasn’t until about 1986 that dad’s explanation made any sense to me, while I was studying chemistry and aviation (as preparation for attempting to get into the RAAF a few years later).

I remember one day in 1987 standing with my uncle, watching and photographing a huge cloud that formed behind a 747. I was dumb struck as it widened, then spanned the entire sky and moved ever so slowly from south to north ! That was the first time I’d ever heard someone suggest that they might be something weird. My uncle’s friend Wheels made a joke that, “Maybe it’s spraying something !”. We all laughed and I promptly forgot about Wheels’s ridiculous comment ! Little did I know what was coming !

So let me get to the point. I don’t believe in the chemtrail phenomenon ! I will acknowledge that there are some chemtrails that reflect covert and public atmospheric engineering projects. Some of these have been documented and various whistle blowers have talked about these projects. However it is clear in my mind (after watching thousands of planes over the last 25 years, watching a number of videos on the subject and reading the opinions of meteorologists, aeronautical engineers, flight crew, chemical engineers etc.) that most of what passes as chemtrails, is in fact, contrails. The phenomenon is in my mind and example of social hysteria, based on very few facts. A meme that has way too much attention. And think about this for a minute. If you add up all the power used by all the people who have watched and researched chemtrails, humans have done more damage to the environment by believing in stupidity, than any deliberate spraying.  Youtube has done infinitely more damage to the environment than any covert project !

But here’s the elephant in the room that reflects the absolute stupidity of the human race ! The same elephant in the room that is related to so called CO2 induced climate change. POPULATION ! 2.5 billion people have been added to the planet, since I saw that surreal contrail in 1987. Back then it was a rare event to see something like that. And now as you know, it’s very common.

I first moved out here onto the plains in 1994 and I have been watching aircraft fly over head and either side of us night and day. Back then the air traffic was reasonably light and we hardly ever saw contrails or lingering contrails. Now we have days when there are dozens of lingering contrails. And it isn’t because we’re being sprayed, it’s because the air traffic has multiplied. I have no idea how many aircraft fly over here on a daily basis but it might be as many as 100 aircraft some days. So why has the air traffic multiplied ? Because there are more people living in Australia and more peoople travelling to and from Australia ! Ipso Facto !

Sometimes when I watch the sky, I’ll see a aircraft 2 minutes apart. The first contrail has no time to dissolve before subsequent contrails begin layering on top. Or as typically happens, the first contrail moves away and another one forms roughly where the first one formed and eventually you end up with roughly equidistant contrails, taking up much of the sky.

There are various reasons why contrails form and why they don’t and why they create different effects. I’m not a chemist or an atmospheric meteorologist, so I can’t explain to you what’s happening chemically (you’ll have to research that yourself). But I can tell you that I have noticed very clear and distinctive patterns in contrail formation and non formation, in relation to weather conditions and the volume of air traffic. I’m sure that if there were large scale studies into the contrails and the effects of weather, topology and the volume of air traffic, you would find clear relationships between them. Instead, people are more interested in believing something they have never proved for themselves !

I can’t think of a single reason to disprove the idea that increased population, has increased the volume of air traffic and the number of contrails and changed their behaviour ! And I can’t for the life of me figure out why people aren’t talking about it ! My suspicion is that people are absolutely terrified of talking about population issues because it always results in someone thinking about population control and ideas of genocide. Which as I’ve suggested before, is absurd and myopic ! Genocide is at the extreme end of potential solutions. There are a whole spectrum of possibilities for controlling the human population, that have nothing to do with hurting people ! Perhaps this fear and hysteria is why those who believe in CO2 induced climate change, avoid mentioning the rising population.

I remember visiting China in 1981 and seeing almost everyone riding bicycles and very few cars. The skies in many places were reasonably free of pollution ! Where as in Hong Kong (where I lived with my family in the holidays) there were very few bicycles relative to cars, wide ranging industry and 7 million people crammed into a tiny space. Much of Hong Kong was covered in smog ! Hong Kong was what China is today.  And the only reason that things have changed in China is because there are more people, there is more industry and there are more cars. If we can see and accept that more people driving cars causes pollution and smog in much of Asia, India and N America, how can we remain so ignorant of the link between population, air traffic and contrails ?


The real concern for me isn’t that we the people are being sprayed (along with those responsible for the spraying ;-)) but that the increased human population and subsequent increased air traffic is having significant unforeseen effects on the natural world. This includes but is not limited to :

  • The formation of large volumes of contrails, which potentially :
    • Interrupt normal atmospheric patterns (winds, cloud formation and rainfall).
    • Interrupt normal radiance of the planet’s surface, which effects photosynthesis in plants and natural rays which are beneficial to plants, animals and humans.
    • Create short, medium and long term turbulence (more extreme weather events e.g. Hurricanes, droughts etc.).
  • An increase in sound pollution (imagine every aircraft creates a moving cone of sound) that has the potential to :
    • Decrease biodiversity.
    • Interrupt bird migrations.
    • Increase predator advantage.
    • Interrupt the activities of nocturnal animals.
    • Effect the mental, emotional and physical health of animals.
    • Reduce available habitat for animals.
    • Interrupt the trophic pyramids associated with specific habitats.

To say nothing of what increased air traffic has done and is doing to human beings.

You can begin your journey of discovery about contrails vs chemtrails here :

But I suggest you use this as a stepping stone and really dig in and look as deeply as possible at both sides !

Take a good look at these air traffic videos below and tell me that the human population has nothing to do with what’s filling our skies !

What will really change people’s attitudes to the human population crisis, is not what it’s doing to the natural world (including the Sixth Mass Extinction) but what it will do to our quality of life. People will come to despise things like congestion, air traffic, continuous noise, pollution, problems with access to medical staff and hospitals, the cost of health care and the loss of the way of life that they once enjoyed. My prediction is that the first people to make this change, will be the baby boomers. People who remember what the world was like with fewer people. And as time goes by, all the generations that have followed, will begin to experience the same kind of loss of the way of life they once enjoyed and sense that their quality of life has deteriorated. I guarantee it !  Come back and tell me I’m wrong in 30 years time !

PS. Not one ET has ever suggested that I/we should be concerned about chemtrails ! And yet every one of them I raised the issue of population with, confirmed that it was a critical issue facing our species !



And just in case you were wondering about other modes of transport.


Population Policy in Oz

From the Sustainable Australia FB group ( :

“DICK POLLS THE PUBLIC | Parties need a population plan
An overwhelming majority of Australian adults believe major political parties should have a population plan, according to a Galaxy poll commissioned by ­entrepreneur Dick Smith.

The survey of 1005 adults was carried out this month and reported 83 per cent of respondents ­believed major parties should have a population policy and 82 per cent agreed population growth was an issue on which politicians needed to act.
Most respondents believed insufficient infrastructure, crowded cities, housing affordability and rising unemployment were the main consequences of Australia’s growing population.

He said a cap of 70,000 ­migrants a year would allow for family reunions and skilled workers as well as jobs for the current population’s children and grandchildren who face reducing work opportunities due to automation and robotics.
“There’s absolutely no discussion with Labor, Liberal or Greens, it’s verboten,” he said. “It’s most important … it’s more important than gay marriage.”
“The last thing in the world we need is more people,” he said.

SA: Only #Sustainable has a population plan – lower immigration from a record 200,0000pa back to a cap of 70,000pa – to level off our population well under 30 million.
Sick of politicians? ” 

Why are our politicians too afraid to discuss the issue of having a population plan and yet they openly flaunt plans to develop northern Australia and increase Australia’s population without any real consultation with the voters ( ?

Dick Smith Humanitarian

I’ve talked several times about the Australian Dick Smith becoming a significant player in the population reduction movement nationally and globally. Since the airing of his Fair Go TV add, Dick has come under attack by legions of people who do not understand his message. Poor Dick has chosen one of the hardest things a human being can do, in this day and age. But he is in my view a hero ! One of those rare human beings who cares immensely for people and the planet, who is willing to put his neck on the line and his money where his mouth is, to try to make things better for future generations. The mainstream media remains ignorant and uncaring and unwilling to go against their multinational bosses (e.g. Fairfax media in Australia is now owned by Americans) and the vox populi ! In order for the human population and the Australian population to reach reasonable levels post 2070, Dick will need to buckle in for the long haul because he is soon to become the most hated man in Australia !

I can only imagine how Australians will become divided when the WA/NT state governments and our federal government announces that it will develop Northern Australia and Australia starts to fill up like America !

The doors are open, Australia is empty, plenty of room for another 50 million people ! Nothing else matters but human beings ! 😉


Hero Dick Smith

I’ve said before that Dick Smith is going to change the future of Australia’s population and have a significant effect on the human population globally. I was shown and told that he would be Australia’s key player. And here he goes now with a new add he personally funded, targeting Australia’s uncontrolled immigration rates – which are completely changing the face of Australia – both it’s urban face and it’s natural face. The people that seem to hate Dick are migrants who benefited from coming here in recent decades and refugee advocates but those who get his message are the one’s who sense that not all change has been healthy for the country.


I take my hat off to Dick for having the balls to confront the issue head on, despite being accused of as being a racist – which he isn’t. He just cares about the impact that uncontrolled population growth is having on the people and the environment of this once beautiful country.

I don’t understand how people can be so ignorant of the problems that arise from uncontrolled human population growth ? Just because a person says no to unlimited immigration, doesn’t make them a racist ! Every country must deal with it’s own problems. And collectively we must address the same basic human rights and learn to control our populations. Otherwise we’re fucked !

More here :

The human population crisis

I’ve been talking to my friends about he human population crisis since I was in high school in about 1986. And these days whenever I mention in, people think I’m advocating culling humans. I still think a solar catastrophe is the only way that will happen ! Let nature take care of us !  But until then, I believe that this is the most significant issue facing our planet, equal to the loss of biodiversity – which of course is linked to us. I know this issue is unpopular with some of my readers but it’s an issue I will always care immensely about. There are too many of us and we are destroying this biosphere. Period. All attempts to dismiss the population crisis as a myth are simply naive and myopic !

For those people who are silly enough to believe in the idea of green house gas climate change – what happens to emissions when population goes up ? Der !

Here’s a Playlist of population related videos that I will continue to update :

It isn’t pretty material but it ain’t nothing, compared to what we will have to live with in the not too distant future. There’s plenty we can do about the situation before it’s too late for all of us. A few quick suggestions include :

  • Use logic and think about it. Then get educated.
  • Travel around the world and see the impact for yourself, as I have done.
  • Start a global or national petition, asking your government to investigate the situation and long term impacts.
  • Start a movement.
  • Start a FB group, website or podcast dedicated to the issue..
  • Write to national and state newspapers about the issue.
  • Talk to people you know about the issue.
  • Make a documentary on the issue.
  • Educate a significant public personality on the issue.
  • Make suggestions to your government to investigate policy options regarding population.
  • Talk to young people about the issue and educate them where you can (or get educated by them !).
  • Study what happens when populations rise in the natural world.

A Tale of Two Types of Time Lines and the Future of Earth

Some of you will recall me talking previously about metaphors for time. You will also recall that Dude says that there is no such thing as time and that there is only space. Please bear this in mind as you read on.

What follows may or may or not be a fictional tale about two  types of timelines. Those interested in moving past slippery geese will know what I am talking about. And if you’ve ever wondered if I use certain hints to alert certain people of certain things, you’d be right.

I am inspired to write this short tale, from my experiences with several ETs (including those I call Dude and Anamika), my concerns about the human population and it’s impact on ecosystem diversity and biodiversity, a set of dreams I had about the subject, from my own experiences of peering into the past and future. But mostly I am inspired to write this small tale by thinking about the critical issues that any civilization must deal with if it is to become a mature civilization that is ready to take it’s place in the cosmic family.

I should tell you that this story touches on the sensitive subject of population control and is not an effort to put forward a particular point of view. It is merely a story. It is up to you to decide what it means. I will however tell you that I have no fixed opinion about how we should or could implement population control but I do believe it is necessary, in some way. I love this Earth dearly, more than humanity. And I believe that the growth of the human population is the MOST SIGNIFICANT ISSUE FACING EARTH AND ITS SPECIES.

Imagine then, if you will, a small group of people with immense power, who have heard stories from certain ETs about civilizations elsewhere in the cosmos that collapsed and others that have prospered. They have also read widely about the collapse of certain human civilizations who no longer exist. Certain members of this small group realize that there are certain boundaries through which humanity must pass if it is to survive. As this group has developed, it began exploring the idea of non locality and using consciousness to explore the future. Certain ETs helped them to find humans who had exceptional psychic skills, who were able to peer into the future. The best of these psychics could not only peer into the future but they could go to the future and bring back tangible evidence of their having connected with the future. Very quickly certain individuals in this small group of people began to understand that it was possible to create a profile of the future. A profile that was not fixed but varied, depending on the individual and collective choices that were made in the present.

Within this small group, a project was established with the sole intention of creating a profile of the human future based upon numerous choices. Imagine then, that those in charge of the project chose certain base line conditions – that is, how things are at a given point of time. From this base line they use their most gifted psychics to explore what we might call TIME LINE 1 – how things will be if things continue as they are. They have also been told by certain ETs how things will turn out if things remain as they are. But they want to know for themselves. They could use their best psychics to see the future but they want evidence of how the future will turn out, so they choose their most gifted psychics – those who can literally bilocate and interact with the world of the future.

When they have developed a clear set of protocols, those in charge send out their best psychics to connect with the future at various intervals 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 100 years, 200 years, 500 years, 1,000 years, 2,000 years, 5,000 years, 10,000 years and so on. They set very clear and discrete periods in the future that they wish to explore. Sometimes they use small increments and sometimes larger increments. They develop very clear protocols about how to interact with the future and how to find the information that is required. As their gifted psychics go through this process they discover several things. There are major problems, catastrophes, break throughs, turning points and patterns in the future and humanity remains ignorant and plagues with the same kinds of psychological and social problems. And, there are people in the future expecting their visitations and people in the future profiling the past and their own potential futures.

The project works in such a way as to create layers of possibility. Those in charge send out one psychic at a time and each psychic brings back new layers of information. Mostly the information adds to previous information of confirms previous information but sometimes it differs or adds new elements. Every time one of these gifted individuals goes to the future, the entire process is recorded through video and electrophysiology. This gives those in charge the opportunity to examine the process thoroughly, to refine the process and to explore what was learned and what worked best, with finer attention. As the psychics go through the future, they learn things that they do not always convey to those in charge. Things which they feel those in charge do not need to know. But for the most part they report back accurately what they have seen and learned and return with actual evidence of what they have seen and learned. This evidence is kept safe and used in conjunction with what the psychics have shared, to compile a profile of the future spanning many thousands of years.

During the profiling of TIME LINE 1, several things were discovered early on that caused significant distress to the psychics involved and alarmed those in charge of the project and the small group of people with immense power.  It was discovered that in about 150-200 years the human population has swelled from about 5 billion people to somewhere in the order of 150-200 billion people. In that time many ETs had revealed themselves and told humanity that it would not be allowed to move into space, until it matured and resolved its population problem. Early on many humans argued that it was their right to colonize other worlds but they were quickly put in their place and told that this is not how it works.

The psychics brought back some very startling revelations about life in the year 2187. First they discovered that only about 10 % of the current vegetation remained. That equated to about 1 % of the original vegetation pre 1500 AD. The Earth was covered in human structures. And many people had never seen a natural landscape. In addition many of the worlds oceans were severely polluted and the worlds aquatic biodiversity had been wiped out to about 5 % of current levels. On land most of the worlds ecosystems had been wiped out and 95 % of all terrestrial biodiversity currently alive, had also been wiped out. There were large no go zones that were so heavily polluted that they seemed to remain that way for thousands of years. Poverty was widespread in some places, while affluence was wide-spread in other places. Government controlled agriculture, education, electronic communications and transport. Health care was available to some people where it was commercially controlled and to all people where it was government controlled. There was voluntarily and mandatory euthanasia. Plant food was produced by hydroponics in tall buildings. Cereals such as wheat, rye and oats no longer exist because there is no space to grow them and because they do not thrive indoors. The primary meat that people eat is beef and chicken. Cows and chickens are grown in tall agricultural buildings, one level on top of another, separated by floors and ceilings. Sheep no longer exist because they couldn’t survive in tall buildings and there is no space to grow them outdoors. Milk comes from cows kept in tall buildings. Pigs no longer exist, as most of the worlds religious people are Islamic. The animals that are grown for people to eat, seem to live in stressful and uncomfortable conditions. People can no longer eat fish because most fish have been wiped out. Nor are people allowed to fish in the sea or swim in many parts of the ocean due to high levels of toxicity. No one is buried any more, as there is not enough room. People are groomed towards certain occupations and do not have the liberty to pick and choose as they do now. People spend most of their free time engaged or fully interfaced with electronic devices. Suicide is common and there are extremely high rates of so-called mental illness. A much larger proportion of the global population is medicated to help control emotional and physical problems. Crime rates are much higher than they have been in any part of the western world and there are many ongoing conflicts. Many conflicts involve highly developed weaponry and robotics. It almost appears as if conflict is perpetual. Suppression of individual conflicts always results in new conflicts.

The people who live in this world are happy sometimes but mostly their lives are very hard. There is no longer retirement or government sponsored welfare and it is mandatory for all able-bodied people to contribute in some way to the society. The gap between rich and poor is far greater than it has ever been and yet there are some parts of this world that have returned to political systems which resemble socialism and communism. In both types of political systems, government has far greater control of individual people’s lives than they do at the current time. People are not free to make the choices they can currently make.

Despite certain cataclysmic events, the human population continued to increase, until such a time as the human race threatened its own existence. For the sake of keeping this tale brief, we shall say nothing of how that story unfolds.

TIME LINE 1 so disturbed every body involved in the project but especially the psychics that did the face to face work, that those in power felt compelled to do something about it. So collectively they created a number of possible interventions, through which they could slow down the growth of the human population and effectively reduce the human population that was represented by TIME LINE 1.

Those in charge of the project then sent their psychics into a number of different time lines, which they called TIME LINE 2, TIME LINE 3 AND TIME LINE 4. Each of these timelines represented a different set or type of intervention. TIME LINE 2 represented the slow, gradual and soft approach to slowing down and reducing the human population. TIME LINE 3 represented the fast, sudden and hard approach to slowing down and reducing the human population. And TIME LINE 4 represented the sporadic and regular approach to reducing the human population. From each time line, those in charge of the project created a clear profile of the future, should they choose to implement that type of intervention. The profiles that developed, demonstrated that reducing the human population in any way had a dramatic impact on the health and well-being of the human population, on the planets biodiversity and the health and well being of Earth.

For several years, those in charge, played around with tweaking certain variables in each possible type of intervention and were as a result able to develop a clearer picture of which interventions had the greatest potential impact on the health well being of humanity and Earth in the long run. They discovered that certain interventions, while incredibly harsh in the short-term and to individual humans, were most beneficial in the long run. They discovered that other interventions, while gentler in the short-term and to individual humans, were harmful in the long run in ways they had not anticipated. And finally, they discovered that interventions that were woven around and between specific natural cataclysmic events such as major solar storms, asteroid impacts, epidemics and pandemics, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes; had the most beneficial impact overall. In addition they realized that it was better not to prepare for certain cataclysmic events, so that nature could help reduce the human population, without attracting too much attention to what they were doing and without having to devote additional resources.

With the help of certain ETs, who were able to further advise them, those in charge then decided on a specific set of interventions to slow down and reduce the human population, that correlated with TIME LINE 4. Minor variations in the interventions have created alternate versions of TIME LINE 4, which are referred to as TL4A, TL4B, TL4C and so on. Each of these variations has core periods of time that are identical and others that have minor variations that do not cause major disturbances in TL4. The project ended for the psychics involved but has continued for those in power. Since the first future profiles were created, those in charge have used other highly gifted psychics to connect with the future. They have been implementing the choices that led to TL4 and using their psychics to monitor and assess the impact of their interventions on the time line. From time to time, they discover some or other minor disturbance and use the psychics to help discover the cause of this disturbance and where necessary tweak their interventions to offset any disturbances. The new time line they have created has brought about dramatic changes to future Earth and enhanced the health and well-being of the entire planet and its species. In that future humanity has eventually been allowed to take its place in the cosmic family and has moved out into the cosmos and is exploring and inhabiting new worlds. Profiles of individual futures also helped those in power to learn things about technology, dynamic systems and social systems that they did not know. At specific times they were able to learn new things which enabled them to refine the time line. There were however some in power who wishes to gain benefit from the new things they learned, in such a way as it would have dramatically altered TL4 and created new time lines that were not favourable to the health and well being of future Earth.

From time to time, someone from the future returns to visit the psychics who profiled their future and shares some story of what could have been or will be. And in return the psychics tell those from the future, what it feels like to be alive now and how those in power have altered the future. And very occasionally the psychics are visited by some future self and get to learn about how the greater self experiences itself elsewhere. But mostly, those who profiled the future, just watch those in power from the sidelines, remembering that those who really have the power, are always there in the background, watching everything unfold with more patience and compassion than any human will ever have.

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