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Piloting an ET Craft – Part One

I dedicate this post to Frédéric and Sandor for your significant regular donations these past couple of years. It’s not every day that someone donates $100 or $200 to you but these two people donate this much on a regular basis, helping me to both survive financially and to continue ET and I and the The Something Monologues. Thank you my friends for caring enough to show your appreciation in such a meaningful way ! It is very much appreciated.

I also dedicate this post to my good friend Astrid, who has remained a great friend, despite our differences and throughout both of our life altering illnesses. Despite great adversity and significant physical suffering, she has continued to be an inspiration to all those who know her ! Astrid has also made significant donations to me at critical periods over the last few years and that has made a world of difference ! Thank you my friend for being exactly who you are ! May the eyes of companionship continue to lead you and your good friend to worlds beyond !

I began the following post about a year ago and forgot to finish it. I’ll try my best to pick up from where I left off…


* * *


In the following post, I use the word Pilot lightly, in the sense that it means to direct but not in the sense of being a qualified person who can operate and control a craft. No human can ever be qualified to operate and control an ET craft because most craft are living sentient beings and because the craft and/or ETs have complete control over every aspect of its operation.

Thus said, now let me tell you about one experience of piloting ET craft. The following posts will also be relevant to this post : &

Over the years I have had several experiences of piloting an ET craft (off world and on Earth) and most of these have taken place on Teal’hia craft. I think the reasons that the Teal’hia allow me and sometimes other humans to pilot their craft are pretty simple. First they trust us and want to establish trust with us and what better way to do it, than to hand over the direction of the craft. They also know that some things have the potential to be special to us, so they give us things that feel special. Is trust special (think of the first time you had a toffee apple or when you secured your driver’s licence. In a way, piloting a craft is kind of like a rights of passage experience, in which you bond completely with a craft.

In some Teal’hia craft, the pilot sits back in a kind of long seat with their hands connected to an area next to their legs, while on other craft, the pilot sits in a normal seat with their hands touching the console in front of them. The pilot doesn’t have a special ‘bridge’ or ‘window’ in the craft and the craft do not need pilots. I believe that some craft have pilots because the pilot and the craft merge their consciousness/life force in a way that allows for complete merging of all that the they wish to share with one another. For example, the craft may know where it is going but may not know the intimate details associated with particular individuals on a planet and the pilot may know about the work that needs to be done but not the exact nature of the space that needs to be traversed. It seems that the presence of a pilot allows a complete sharing of all information. The pilot also acts as an intermediary between the craft and the crew. However, all crew are capable of interacting with the craft in the same way. But because they all have work to do and sometimes have specific roles, they do not all merge with the craft the way that the pilot does. And then there are craft that have no pilots. They may have a similar number of crew but for whatever reason they do not require a pilot. I think that pilots are necessary only for certain occasions. (It’s interesting to note that Dude’s craft never needs a pilot but it can be piloted if he wishes it to be.)

On July 29th 2012, I had an encounter with my Teal’hia friends, who came to check on my health, introduce me to some other humans, show me aspects of my own and the human future. They also gave me a tour of their craft and let me pilot the craft. (I had a similar encounter on the 20th October 2013 on a smaller craft).

At a particular point in the encounter I was asked if I would like to pilot the craft. Naturally I said ‘Yes’ and was taken to a small room where numerous crew were at work. I was led to the side of room, where I was encouraged to sit down and place my hands on the side of the craft. At that point I felt a surge of energy rise up through my arms and into my body. I instantly felt connected to the craft and it asked me where I wanted to go. The Teal’hia who was with me, instructed me to visualize where I wanted to go and to feel what it would be like to be there. There were two places that I imagined. Both of them were well known places in Australia. The reason I chose the second place, was because I’d recently seen a documentary on this general area and had always wanted to go there. Within a few seconds I felt the energy in my body change and I could see the landscape below, not from within the craft but from within my mind. I understood that the craft was sharing it’s experience with me. We moved very quickly to the first location (which I’ll talk about on another occasion) and from here to the second location. As we approached the second location a small window formed in the body of the craft in front of where I was sitting. We were now moving slowly above Kakadu National Park and I could see that we were approaching the mouth of a large river, which I later learned was the South Alligator River  From within my mind I could see the craft approaching the mouth of the river and I could see it through the window.

(Late night, must get to bed, will finish soon).


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