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Why ?

I despise most politicians and am not very fond of Christianity.

Donald Trump has cited Trey Gowdy as an ally but don’t hold that against the man. He has great insight and here’s a fine example.

Some of the most interesting politicians and some of the ones with the best morality and values, are Christians. Trey is a Southern Baptist and appears to be one of the few American politicians who puts his balls on the line and speaks his own truth, resonating with the truth in others. He certainly is a great Orator, who would have been just as at home on stage with Homer, Abe Lincoln and Paul Keating.


For Little Sun

Sometimes people who burned brightly dissapear from our lives and we never know what happened to them. One of those bright lights has just reappeared for me ! Little Sun, this is for you. Thank god your still here ! 😉

Here’s to all the people who try so hard to continue to exist !



The Atlas of Beauty

I like departures from where I spend most of my time. Here’s The Atlas of Beauty – an amazing project that is documenting beautiful women from all around the world (

Thanks to Marcel for bringing it to my attention !

Perhaps one day someone will document the worlds beautiful older women for us ?

Enjoy !



Express yourself : Ladybeard and Buckethead

This is how to lose people who are only interested in UFOs and aliens but not life. But who gives a crap !

* * *

If I’ve learnt one thing about life, it’s this – that you better damned well express yourself or all that you suppress will kill you !

Having said that, it’s perfectly obvious that we we can express ourselves in different ways and to varying degrees. We can express ourselves through a persona – a carefully crafted projection of some aspect of ourselves. Or we can express ourselves through the soul – an authentic display of what we really are, warts and all, complete with wisdom and vulnerability.

Both forms of expression are good. But ultimately expression has to come from deep within us and be free of all mental fabrication. At some point we have to peel away the mask and reveal what is really within.

Those of you who are familiar with Dude will recall him saying, “express you, your thoughts, your feelings, your happenings”. After trying so hard to eradicate my desires and attachments and to suppress the ego, I’ve had to come full circle and fully embrace life and express whatever needed to be expressed. Ego is just a dirty word ! But an aware ego has it’s place in who we allow ourselves to be. Dude’s wisdom has given me a critical lesson in how to live but it takes constant awareness to put it into action !

Rick Magarey is a young Aussie from Adelaide who has turned from martial artist to metal head to stunt man to pro wrestler to cross dressing Ladybeard. And somewhere within the Ladybeard persona, Rick has found a way to express himself. Along the way he has discovered the joys of travel, music and relationship. Ladybeard is now part of the band Ladybaby and together they are riding the waves of a new genre called Baby Metal with their own style they call Kawaii Core. Who knows where Ladybeard is heading and how Baby Metal and Ladybaby will influence other artists around the world ? It isn’t my cup of tea but I can appreciate why a person would do this. What is interesting to me, is how a former chubby kid who was bullied, could turn his life around and become a martial artist, a stunt man, a pro wrestler and the new face of cross dressing heavy metal.

Brian Patrick Carroll is an American guitarist about my age, who has established himself as one of the worlds best guitarist (if not the best) and worlds most prolific recording artist, with 445 album projects (including 264 studio albums of his own). No one plays like Buckethead and no one looks or acts like Buckethead. The Buckethead persona has served Brian well and allowed him to express many different aspects of his outer personality and many of the deeper aspects of his soul. There is great depth and feeling in a great deal of his music and lots of showing off and ridiculousness in much of his music. But at the core of Buckethead, is a great love of music and the desire to give something of value to others.


Cutting the ties that bind us

For 6 years I was a member of the Project Avalon forum. My relationship with the forum/its people, had always been a turbulent one. And yet I met several deeply valuable friends there. Two days ago I finally cut my tie to the forum with a post which you can read here : I found the responses to my post very illuminating and I think they say a lot about how we as people see the experience of life. As many of you know, I don’t relate well with my own species, which might be why I relate well with other species. But more than anything I don’t relate well to people who are overly critical and hostile. I’ve endured that all my life and stood up for others who have endured it.

A while back I developed a seemingly antagonistic relationship with the lady I mention in the letter (Tesla), who felt that human beings have every right to expand our population without end and go out and populate the universe. I tried to tell her nicely, that it doesn’t work like that – that the Creator Races have strict rules that regulate how any given species is allowed to grow. But she interpreted that as control and a threat, which was unfortunate because she never really understood what I was trying to say. I also encouraged her to spend more time looking within and less time looking at what’s wrong with the world. My comments were also meant for those on the forum who had a similar approach to life. “What benefit to any man to continually cast stones ?”

I don’t have an opinion on forums in general or what any of you should do. I can only say that, just as in the REAL world, mixing with people in that way, is not for me. And I have learned a great deal from my experience with Project Avalon and other forums in the past. Anyone who has experienced their true nature and the Greater Self embraces solitude because it is an experience without comparison and few are willing to go there. Even when I am in the midst of the crowd there is always solitude within – the great ocean embracing the wave, amid a sea of waves in the outer.

I often create my own problems or put another way, the wave often tries to separate from the Great Ocean. And that’s a great lesson for me. One that has been with me for lifetimes.

Sometimes it is better to cut the ties that bind us and return to the Great ocean within and let the wave settle.

Anyway, I post my farewell letter here in the faith that it will provide you with a little more understanding of my experience as a human being and strike a chord of truth in some of you.

Dear Project Avalon – my fellow human beings.

It is said that after awakening, Siddhārtha Gautama spent the next 45 years of his life teaching what he had learned in his 6 years of wandering and his one night of full awakening. He did so out of love for mankind, because he recognized the true nature of all beings – that all beings are impermanent and that there is no real Self. He recognized that humans suffer because we are constantly craving things that are impermanent and getting attached to them and because we avoid those things we fear. Only to find that what we seek is an illusion, that feeds perpetual desire.

I have spent much of my life as a seeker and the last decade learning to let go of the seeker. I have tried to ground myself in a 24 hour experience of self awareness, in which I was aware of all my thoughts, feelings, moods, actions and words. But I fail every day to maintain full awareness. I accept that my small I (small self) will remain ignorant. But I know that the big I (greater self) is perpetually awake. This small I is the being you know as Bright Garlick and this greater self is everything, the being that some of us call God. I am in you and you are in me. I am all of those people here who like me, those who are in different and those that dislike me.

The real I is boundless and knows no limit in time or space. There is no special ability, no ego, just awareness. I know you in ways you cannot imagine. As you know me. But many of you do not know how to see.

I first joined this forum in December 2010 and found very quickly, much like in the rest of my life, that it was difficult for me (the small I) to connect with people and even more difficult for others to understand anything I had to share. I was never a popular contributor, which was a blessing.

From time to time I would try to find certain people here but to no avail. They obviously had no interest in such a medium.

I was fortunate enough to meet many fine people here, some of whom became my real friends, for which I am immensely grateful to Bill Ryan. Bill alone had the courage to recreate the real world in this format ! Bravo Bill !

I tried to leave this forum previously, as I was feeling very frustrated with the kinds of attitudes and the general tone of nastiness here. I also found myself reacting in ways which I was ashamed of.

When my tumours came back very aggressively and I felt I might not survive, my dear friend Astrid came into bat for me and along with Meeredas and many other kind people, you offered your kind words and sent me money, which helped me to get through the hardest period of my life.

I never cared whether people believe what I have to share. That’s entirely up to you. I cared about how people reacted to myself and others. I allowed myself to be overly sensitive and unfortunately that pressed a raw nerve that has been with me all my life. I suffered needlessly, because of some stupid choices.

I am just an ordinary person. A single Dad with a 16 year old son, just trying to do the best that I can. I am no longer working, as I continue to heal from my tumours. I used to be very active with many different projects, trying to help others less fortunate than myself but now days I devote most of my altruistic desires to helping the natural world.

I was fortunate as a child to have a father who was in the RAAF and then later in the airlines. I saw the world and it completely transformed my entire understanding of human life and our precious Earth.

Later, I became conscious of visits from beings from other worlds and I fell in love with a woman who had spent many years using her unusual psychic gifts working with ETs as part of a covert project based in England. Many years later I urged her to share her truth and to speak about the secrets she knows but after an initial timid interview, she withdrew and swore to never say another word. Partly because if the response from certain people in the public and partly because she felt she had betrayed people she cared about. You go on about all the bad people in power but it’s ordinary mothers and fathers and sons and daughters and grandparents who work in covert projects. Not evil, demon possessed control freaks. Rachel had a higher clearance than Clifford Stone and has seen things that would utterly transform your view of reality. In one of her projects,, she and another gifted person profiled many millennia of the human future and discovered, among other things, that humans do not essentially change that much. There is no great ascension or emancipation. Greed is still greed, stupidity and ignorance are still stupidity and ignorance and the human race is still afflicted with all the same problems that it was in the mid to late 1980s and is today. Buddha complained about it 2,300 years ago, Jesus complained about it 2,000 years ago, we complain about it today and human ignorance will be there in 10,000 years. There is NO GREAT AWAKENING. Just greater delusion. Don’t fool yourself. Look at the patterns of history and you will see the truth. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make the human world a better place. Because we should. But we must start at home, in our own lives.

I lived with Rachel and loved her and I lived with her secrets and it nearly both of us.

Through her and through the ETs that the 3 of us were connecting with, I learned that there are strict rules put in place by what I call the Creator Races, that prevent any civilisation becoming space faring, until it has matured and sorted out it’s own ****. If it wasn’t for this, for the greater good, we would live in a dystopian nightmare of endless proportions. And it isn’t like that. When I hear all this crap about good ETs and bad ETs, I just shake my head. People have no idea of the truth. They are so misled by all the rubbish that passes as truth and so misled by fear and a desire for control, that they cannot SEE. They project their fears over everything. Archetypal Projections rule this planet, not Archons. Those of us who have ET contact, pass through a developmental continuum. With fear and a desire for control at one end and love and acceptance at the other end. Most people who inform the consensus are at the fearful end. They see separation and not unity. And you allow them to inform how you think ? Bill you once used a chicken scenario to describe so called abduction – you were spot on. We are the chickens. But we can choose how to respond !

And when you know the nature of the SELF, you don’t see other. You see different manifestations of the ONE. Tesla, I send you love, you know not who YOU ARE. And to the others who have disliked me, may you awaken to your true nature and discover the path to freedom – a place that is always within. You don’t need to fix the world, only your perception.

In January 2011, 2 races of ETs took me to merge with the light, I came to know as God. So many people judged me and said I was deceived. To them I say, you have never known TRUE LOVE and you have been deceived by what you take to be the self. Some of you will get that, but most of you will not.

I try to live with love and respect and compassion. But the small I wavers and sometimes I have immense anger for the human race. I get so angry with ignorance. And it has been a great source of fuel for the growth of my tumours. But that is my choice and my ignorance. I am slowly learning to let go and dwell in the big I. To dis-identify and re-identify, is the only path that matters.

People will see the ETs how they wish to and use the same filters they use for the rest of their lives, unaware of their conditioning and the wounds that bind them.

I was not always sure why I posted here and infact I think I made some very bad decisions and posted here when I should not have posted anything. I spent a great deal of time before joining and later just observing this forum, trying to understand the human psyche. This is after all a kind of microcosm of the world out there. I did exactly what those you see as having power do. Some of them try to understand.

In 2004 I had an online counselling service and people said things to me they would not even say in a private room. The lack of personal intimacy and audiovisual and tactile cues dis-inhibited them. And I see the same thing here and on Youtube and in every online space. People behave in ways they would not dare in the REAL world. Once we had institutions for the mentally unstable (right or wrong) and now they are free to sprout their damaged perceptions anywhere they want. And those who are well enough to know better, often say things in certain ways, without a care in the world for anyone else.

Everyone suffers and yet we are all trying our best just to survive. No one needs constant criticism or derision. If you don’t like a thread or a video, just don’t respond. If you can’t say something good, why say anything ? What does it gain you ? This is my one regret, that from time to time, I have been a fool and reacted. But there are some people here, who react constantly and deride others in ways they would not dare in the REAL world.

To those people (Tesla and Truman Cash I include you among them), who feel strongly about dismissing others and about the hostilities of this cruel world, I say this :

The human world is a cruel place. When you replace a tyrant with power, a hundred others will try to fill his shoes. Stop chasing all the colours of the rainbow and see the rainbow. You keep looking outwards because you are stuck in separation. Take a good hard look at your own lives, at the ****ups you’ve created and the wounds you have that are festering and unattended. Take responsibility for your own problems and for your own suffering. Spend a little less time in la la land (this fake world) and attend to the real world. Each of you have your own responsibilities to yourself and to people who need you and to EARTH. Look inwards, transform your selves and then you will create the world you seek.

Tesla, you like all people are ignorant of who you are and how much you suffer. I worked with vets a lot like you – wounded mothers and fathers, who looked outwards, rather than inwards. They had a history of betrayal and being hurt. They felt empty, alone and misunderstood. Stop imposing your own isolation and help yourself ! Get help, if you need to. LIVE FULLY and not vicariously ! Embrace life. You are only young and have the world at your feet !

Tesla, someone else on this forum tried to give you some supportive advice and a host of people turned on that person, including you. Perhaps, just once in your life, you will look in the mirror and look honestly at who you are, instead of seeing others as adversaries. LIFE IS NOT A BATTLE FIELD. No matter how much it feels that way. And to those of you who ran to Tesla’s aid and put down the other person, shame on you for seeing only what you wanted to see. He was trying to help her and you took that help away !

This forum as an ideal is wonderful. But as an actual reality is terrible. There are many good things and many unpleasant things. People get hurt, just as I have. People are real, they have feelings and sometimes they are fragile. They feel. Remember your words, even in text form, have an impact, so choose wisely. I say that having singled out 2 people myself. But my presence here will soon be erased. I breach the terms of use with good intention.

So many people here critique the powers that be and criticise everything and yet, look what you have created with your soap opera dramas. You have replicated the same problems out there, in here. How can it be any different ?

Several of the moderators have been very supportive of me over time and especially now. Thank you to all of them, especially Dennis and Murray. Today Dennis said this :

I’m reminded that the 9th (and final) stage of Buddhist development is “returning to the marketplace”, a metaphor for what the enlightened being must face when they meet back up with a cross-section of humanity (good, bad, and ugly – or as the Dude might say, aggressive and non-aggressive.) The metaphor also contains the understanding that when alone on ones mountaintop, it is difficult but possible to achieve enlightenment – but, it is much harder to remain in that state when surrounded by the raucous and chaotic and seductive and unenlightened world.

I have never believed in enlightenment. What is there to enlighten when one knows “What is it that is asking “What am I ?”” and when the doors of perception are eternal ?

But I take Dennis’s point, the enlightened one must return to the market place “with gift bearing arms”. In other words, after we’ve discovered our true nature, we return to the world with love and compassion and wisdom.

I am not enlightened but I enter the market place of life, every day and try to practice loving kindness. When it is necessary I stand up for myself or others. I am angry when I need to be angry. And I am kind when I need to be kind.

I offer you my anger and my kindness. Please, those of you who are seeking, stop seeking. You are the question the answers needs to find. God is within and no where else. All that you seek is within and no where else. Those of you who are angry, understand your anger and let it transform you. Be angry about the right things. Use it as fuel wisely. And those of you who are kind, don’t let people walk over you and remember to show yourself the same kindness.

In the coming years we all have a great deal of hardship to endure and none of us needs any more hardship – especially as we are living this shadow game in the online world. Life is very, very short. Our human lives all have a set clock. They are impermanent and we need to embrace every moment consciously.

Remember to be kind and show a little kindness to those who you perceive as having power. As I have said before, you are the powers that be but you give away your power. Get off the internet more and spend more time in the REAL world, with your children, your gardens, your pets, your neighbours, your books, your trees, anywhere but in a place where you only half live.

My great regret is that I have wasted so much time connecting with the world in this way.

Some of you may remember my post about the 7. I never explained what that was all about. But I will tell you this. The 7 walk among you, living and suffering in this world, giving all they can for a better world for generations to come. Nobodies, that no one ever needs to know. They will come and go and the next 7 will replace them and on and on and on.

Each of us has the opportunity to make this a better world and we can do it by opening our hearts and minds and giving all the love we can to those who need our love.

Great anger comes from great love.

Is this Insula Avallonis / Insula Pomorum (Isle of Fruit Trees) – a safe harbour for the weary ? Or is it a place for the Mordreds and the Mayas of the world to sow the seeds of discord ?

Who among you will be the Pontifex Maximus ?…283#post732283

Sadly, this is not a place for me.

Life is so precious, why waste it on conflict and confusion and an all the trappings of ego ?
You create your own heaven and your own hell. Why make the choice difficult ?

Thank you to everyone.

In anger and in love,

Bright Garlick.

PS. Those of you who wish to stay in contact, know where to find me.

TSM22 : How the Teal’hia Work with Humans & Catastrophe and the Path of Life

In this monologue i take you to the site of where I had my first Yowie contact before trekking up my favourite path. I talk a little about the Creator Races, how the Teal’hia work with individuals from many races and how they work with humans and later look at how catastrophe shapes the path of our life.

Links relevant to this post include :

Enjoy !


TSM14 : Identity

In this monologue I take you on a schizophrenic tour to a discussion about identity and how our identity lay at the foundation of WHO WE THINK WE ARE !

Enjoy !

TSM5 : Stories, Their Value & Meaning & How ET’s & God See Our Stories

From now on I’ll be referring to The Something Monologues as TSM no x, y or z etc. I’ve also created a page where I’ll post the links to all the monologues.

In this monologue I talk a little about my experience of thinking about my own stories, listening to other peoples stories, how stories are just variations on the same themes, what our stories mean to us and to our cosmic family and what they mean to God.

Enjoy !

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