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TSM160 : The Inner Self

In today’s bloated (O man I feel full !) walkalogue, I explore the idea of the inner self / the inner life / the inner world or the internal self / internal life / internal world. I speculate on the nature of this strange separation between inner and outer, how inner and outer influence one another and some possible distinctions between the inner world of the body and the inner world of the mind. I ask how the conscious and unconscious aspects of our mind might exist and interact with one another and what the changing nature of the inner self means for our identity and our overall sense of self in life and death.

Enjoy ! 😉



TSM157 : Generating an Awareness of Stillness

Be warned – there is a lunatic at large in this monologue !

Today’s slightly psychotic talky, is an experiential exploration of the speed of thought and how to generate an awareness of stillness and its symptom – silence. This monologue was made at night outside, just before bed. Unfortunately my lunacy had to be contained because it was a perfectly still quiet night and I didn’t want to upset any animals or my son. So what you will hear is a muffled version, which was not nearly as fun to record as a full throated cookie monster yodel may have been ! But despite this, I think you’ll get my point.

For those of you who seek a calmer mind, this monologue may provide a little help.

Long live Cookie Monster !


Psychosis or Awareness ?

The idea of psychosis vs some sort of awakening of awareness, is as subject that has fascinated me for decades – first as a scientist and then as a therapist. After many of my own ET contact experiences, I felt that my experience of reality had been completely shattered. It’s taken years to make sense of some of these experiences and to integrate them into a broader view of reality and the self.

Many of you know I am not a fan of the concept of mental illness and I side with Thomas Szasz on that subject. I do however believe that many people are pretty fucked up and I do not believe that all so called mental illnesses translate to some form of awakening. I remember one guy I knew who was an Aboriginal fellow that everyone was terrified of. He was out of jail and he watched dark porn (crowbars up the arse/staged Necrophilia etc), smoked pot all day, stole constantly, injected anything (crushed bricks, Vegemite, crushed beetles), attacked people with axes and knives. He was a fucked up nutcase, who was never going to get better and belonged in a prison, so that others could be safe. Not everyone who is crazy is wise or insightful or has had some profound transformative experience. But some people with so called mental illness or who experience psychosis have had some sort of experience of a greater awareness and transformation. And its time that we as a society tackled the DSM model of mind and explored alternatives.


TSM127 : An Introduction to the Buddha’s Teachings and Why They Are No Longer as Important to Me

In today’s walk in the big paddock, I introduce the core ideas behind the mystical Buddha’s teachings and talk a little about how my ET friend Dude changed my view of Buddhism and my own efforts to eliminate desire from my life.

Don’t be offended if you are a Buddhist. This monologue is an effort to simply Buddhism and make it easy to understand. It isn’t a critical treatise on significant doctrines but a gentle overview of what the Buddha may have been trying to get at.

Happy trails ! 😉

Unvenerable Bright Garlick.

More on Buddhism here :

TSM126 : Stream of Consciousness

Listen to this only if you are bored of your own stream of consciousness !

In this wafflathon I hint at how stream of consciousness works and how we might use it for creativity, exploring current or future issues in our life or in the life of the world.

Think of this as a primer in cultivating a lack of awareness !

TSM124 : Is Mathematics Real ?

Today I ask the question Is Mathematics Real ? and read some notes I made on the subject from my Mathopedia note book. The book I reference in this monologue is The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics, edited by Timothy Ferris and the chapter I refer to is John D. Barrow’s What is Mathematics ? (

Enjoy ! 😉

More reading here :

 PS. Love to hear your own thought on this subject !

Oliver Sacks

Here are some wonderful documentaries/talks/interviews related to the work of Oliver Sacks, who now departed for greener pastures, has left us with an inspirational legacy that will last a long, long time.

Enjoy !


Beautiful Shadows

I often find myself bemused and irritated by people (especially those in the new age movement and religious devotees) who see evil as a living entity or who see good people vs bad people. Most of these folks remain ignorant of the things they disown about themselves. Such people see everything about the NAZIs as bad, see ARCHONS and REPTILIANS, see literal interpretations as the only valid interpretation of ancient doctrines or the EVIL POWERS THAT BE etc.

We humans are blessed that people like Carl Jung talked so openly about the different aspects of the human being – especially the shadow aspect ( – those aspects that we disown – both positive and negative.

If we open to the idea of a shadow aspect, we can see clearly that the shadow exists in individuals, groups and entire collectives (me, you, we, us.) . I’m not sure if I can say that the shadow is any more than an idea but in my own life, it has provided me with great value for understanding how the psyche functions and how the human world at large functions.

Having experienced all kinds of weird and scary things, I am much more comfortable with accepting that the source of darkness (the negative aspects of the shadow and the conscious I) is within all of us, rather than from beyond.

Here’s a nice talk from Alan Watts on Carl Jung and his work on the Shadow.


Thinking Allowed

I dedicate this post to Sandor for all his ongoing support and kindness. Thank you my friend ! 😉

I’ve always admired Jeffrey Mishlove for his extensive work on parapsychology, consciousness and related subjects. He’s been in this game far longer than most people and he continues to do interesting work, interviewing people from all walks of life – who have unique perspectives that have something to offer all of us. One of his great achievements is his book The Roots of Consciousness, which you can read here : I can’t recommend it enough ! I’ve been following Jeffrey’s work for a long time and I think his interviews and books are one of the most interesting things on the internet.

You can find more related to Jeffrey and his work here :

Jeffrey has two You Tube channels – Thinking Allowed ( and New Thinking Allowed ( The following is a selection of some of Jefferey’s recent and older interviews. The one’s I find most interesting are related to sub personalities (see video 2 and 14 / TSM 17 is also related to the subject :

Sit back with some yummiees, a cuppa and enjoy ! 😉


TSM95 : True Freedom, Relative Freedom and The Illusion of Freedom

Lots of people talk about freedom and the fight for freedom but just what the hell do they mean ? In today’s monologue I explore 3 different aspects of freedom  – true freedom, relative freedom and the illusion of freedom. Don’t expect to find any Ascension up any one’s arse into the 5th dimension !

In today’s rambleathon I explore the concept of relative freedom, true freedom (which is freedom of choice), how labels (including religious labels, atheism, agnosticism, materialism/reductionism) and how our ideas, beliefs, roles and conditioning (family, race, education and religion) restrict our freedom and create further bondage.

Enjoy !

Bright Face. 😉

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