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ET Related Books I’m Reading and an Update on My ET Related Books

This post is dedicated to Lisa R. for her recent donation and her ongoing encouragment, Frédéric H. for his encouragement and wonderful insights, Janet G. for her incredible kindness and loving care and Nick M. for his wonderful friendship and brilliaant outlook on life ! It’s people like you that keep ET and I going and make all my efforts worth while ! 

Hey folks, how’s life ?

I don’t read a lot of ET/UFO/Paranormal related books but in the last 6 months I’ve started reading a small number because I wanted to know what other people are saying about the phenomenon before I start writing my own books on the subject. 5 Books that have grabbed my interest, that I find some value in, include the following :

I don’t agree with some of the content in these books but I think they all have significant enough value to make them worthy additions to any library. I’m not really into reviewing other people’s books because I recognise that writing a book takes a lot of effort and it’s not for me to pass public judgment on a book (unless it’s really shit and I think it’s having way too much negative influence on people’s attitudes!). The only cautionary note I would add is that 3 out of 5 of these books are written by white American’s, so you may end up with a very Americanized version of how things are. That aside, these are all good books for one reason of another ! Most of these books really challenge the preconceptions of how things are and willingly step beyond the typical stories we hear about ETs and UFOs.

My intention with own ET related books is to present a point of view that goes beyond some of these books – not because I’m arrogant who thinks he can do better (I don’t – fiction/poetry is what I’m most comfortable with) but because I feel very strongly about presenting a unique point of view that reflects the ETs and ET contact experience as I have learned about it first hand.

So where am I at ? Well, as many of you know I went through the darkest event of my life earlier in the year and there has been no resolution to that issue. My sister also died a month after that and I’m in the early part of having treatment for my tumours (ten years next month yeah baby !). The plans I had of knocking over 2-3 ET related books in 2017-2018 have been kicked aside, as I put my creative life on hold, trying to deal with this other stuff. Now at last I’m finally back into writing after a 4 month kick in the guts !

My first priority has been to finish a compendium of poetry I’ve been working on for a long time. I have about a month to go on that and have begun work on a second compendium.

The interview with Dude is almost complete and has been put into a book form. Last night I added a second section which will include the Dude Maxims and a range of conversations I have had with Dude on the nature of the self, reality, space, conjoined space/parallel worlds/parallel lives, consciousness and the life force. I was going to add these to a second book but then thought they would make a good addition to ths book. I may yet write a book based on questions I’ve asked Dude. I should have the Dude interview book finished by the end of the year. It take’s so long to sit and transcribe as he and I are talking, then to edit it and then to transcribe the other conversations I recorded on my iPod and edit them. I’m still not sure whether I should include the Jesus question that was asked.

I am also looking at writing a large book of ET related essays (based on many of the articles I’ve posted here). I’m currently compiling articles I’ve written here into a book format – so I can re-write them and add new articles. That book may take 2 years to write (2018-2019 ?).

The ET art book has stalled because it depends on my ex-wife Rachel Bree feeling up to it. She’s had a very hard time this year and is not up to doing the illustrating any time soon. I’m optimistic though, she will be willing to continue working on the project at some point in the next 18 months or so. It’s a really difficult project because I have to sit down and go through all of my experiences, remember as much as I can, sit with her for hours at a time and describe what I’ve seen (ETs and scenarios) and work together on getting the images right. Dude was the one who initially talked her into the project – so he thinks it’s important and she knows that. But she needs to feel up to working on it because it will be a huge endeavour for both of us !  She has however committed to finishing Dude’s image in the next month !

I had wanted to write a book about my ET contact experiences (with 30 plus ET races) later this year but I don’t know if I will have the time. It will be a big book and I need a lot of energy to work on it. Perhaps I’ll be able to start it in 2018.

Once the Dude interview book is completed, I hope to start working on the Anamika interview. I’ll call for more questions before I start and narrow them down to a final selection, as I did with the Dude questions. I’ll try to knock that interview over much quicker if I can. Ill also add a section based on conversations we’ve had.

If I could I’d also like to transcribe some of the monologues and put them into a book form but that’s hard work. I may have to slowly pay someone to do it for me !

Despite all of these intentions, it’s my fiction that is most important to me. I have a book of plays and a musical to type up and edit, a couple of plays to finish, a journal book to typeup and edit and 3 novels I want to complete. My non fiction plays second fiddle to the stuff I really want to write ! And of course everything depends on whether I enroll in the PhD I’ve spoken about next year or the year after and my health stabilizing ! If I’m dead in a year or two, it was all hot air !

So what’s the take away message ! I’m working hard to deliver on the projects I’ve talked about. It’s definetly a good idea to read other people’s books because mine are taking forever and there are some good ET related books out there ! If my health stays good, I’ll be trying to complete the following non fiction projects in the next 5 years :

  • Dude Interview – “An Interview and Conversations with An Extraterrestrial – Part One” (working title).
  • Anamika Interview – “An Interview and Conversations with An Extraterrestrial – Part Two” (working title).
  • “An Interview and Conversations with An Extraterrestrial – Part One & Two” (working title). Both books combined.
  • “Otherworldly Encounters : Contact with Non Human Entities” (working title).
  • The ET Art Project (working title).
  • Essays on Alienology (working title) – need a better word. ETs are not alien when you know who they are !

The ET contact audio will eventually get done ! The thought of doing it annoys the hell out of me ! So think of it as a one day, one day, one day, are we there yet……kinda project. And as promised a million times, it will all be free to those who have supported my work.

Thank you very much for all your ongoing support and encouragement ! If you’d like to support my work, you know how and if you don’t follow the Support the ET and I Project button on the top of the RHS of this page. I need to have a very expensive $1,500 specialist scan soon (to find out if another treatment has any chance of working) that Medicare doesn’t cover, among othere medical and other expenses. So, your donations will make a significant impact on keeping me going !

I’ll post book updates as things progress !

Be well,

Bright. 😉


How the perception of ET contact changes humans

Thanks everyone for your well wishes. And thank you Darci for you know what. You shouldn’t have ! It is much appreciated !!!

I am still crook today but have dragged myself into my study to write this. I’ve been naughty the last few days. I should have stayed away from all electronics but I haven’t. Some of that time I have been reading the Kindle re-release of John Mack’s “Passport to the Cosmos”. I first read some of John Mack’s books in the mid 90s’ and I have a feeling I read some of this book in a local library, but back then I was still coming to grips with my own experiences and some of the things that were explored in his books were outside of my conscious understanding. So now as I read this book, it’s all so easy to digest. I don’t agree with all of the insights of the so-called abductees but I can respect how they see things. I greatly admire the way that John Mack connected with their entire experience and nurtured many of them to a point of acceptance.  I think it is the best book ever written about the ET contact experience. My only wish is that John was able to connect the contact experiences and their subsequent spiritual transformations to the work of Carl Jung and the Transpersonal psychologists and anthropologists.

So every night when I go to bed for the last 3 nights, I’ve been thinking about the contact experience and what it means to me. As a result of this I’ve had some new insights, that I’ll try share over the next few months.

For now I’d like to say something about how the perception of ET contact changes humans.

I’ve talked before about the contact phenomenon following a DEVELOPMENTAL CONTINUUM, where a person grows through the experience and subsequently shifts in their perception of the experience. What I haven’t said before is that everybody is different. Every body changes in their experience of ET contact but not everybody experiences a change in their perceptions of contact. Some people seem to stay fixed in their perceptions of what has been happening to them. And that to me, seems a real shame for the folks who see only bad aliens.

What seems to happen to me, is that the experience itself changes across the life span, depending on how old we are and where we’re at psychologically and spiritually. Initially, it seems like we have no control and we experience an inability to remain conscious. We may discover that strange medical procedures were carried out on our body and strange interactions done with our mind. Gradually we become aware of our experiences and may even be conscious through part of an experience or an entire experience. During this phase we may be shown things or taught things about all manner of subjects. John Mack’s abductees all seemed to be taught about the preciousness of life on this planet and the need for us to change our ways to save Earth from mass extinctions. Later we may be taught about the true nature of reality and who the ETs are and where they come from. During either of these phases we may be given tours around the craft. Later when we have lost all fear, we are given full opportunity to interact with the sentience of craft – through enjoying a room of our own, learning from the craft, enjoying food from the craft, toileting, bathing or showering and piloting the craft. From this point onwards, contact seems evolve into a combination of opportunities and activities – which include visiting other worlds and meeting many different races (although you may meet other races at any stage). Through out all phases, you will receive regular monitoring and assessments of your physical and emotional health.

But not everyone seems to seems to have these opportunities and if they do, they don’t perceive them as opportunities. The diagram below is a rough effort on my part to show the movement or lack of movement in perception and growth that takes place in people who have contact with beings from other worlds. I’ve attached the name of some people who you may know from this field and I’ve also attached the names of some researchers.


To make this diagram, I’ve had to make certain judgements and I could be wrong about my perceptions of these individuals. So what this diagram shows is my perception of the general changes in certain individuals. So take Credo Mutwa, who is well known to David Icke followers. Credo sees the ETs as parasitic aliens, who are using humans for their own benefit. He has continued to perceive contact as traumatic and painful. But while angry with the aliens who control Earth, he perceives that he has gained benefit from the knowledge they have given him. Whitley Strieber seems to be somewhere in the middle. And although he was aware of his contacts before many other people and has explored them in great depth, he still seems to see them with a degree of ambiguity, uncertainty and concern. Mike Clelland of Hidden Experience blog /, has been grappling with contact in a public way, for quite a while now and my sense is that Mike is still very suspicious of those orchestrating his contacts. Mike is open but equally uncertain. Rachel Bree, my ex -wife is at the other end of the continuum. She met Dude when she was 4 years old and has always known what the ETs are really like. Despite some discomfort with unexpected events, she has always trusted and looked up to the ETs and knows they love and care for her. (She doesn’t feel that way about humanity though !). When I spoke to my son Toa, he put himself now about 3/4 of teh way along teh continuum – suggesting he’s still a bit frightened of letting go. I place my self  now at the far end but initially when I started having conscious encounters, although I was always excited, I was admittedly a little scared. In the same group I also place Bernado Peixoto and Sequoyah Trueblood – (abductees who feature prominently in Passport to the Cosmos). And while Passport to the Cosmos contains a number of so called abductees who I would think of as embodying a very strong New Age Mythos, many of them could also be placed in the same group.

You”ll notice that I have also added some researchers. David Jacobs, seems to have maintained the same view of contact – that humanity is dealing with an alien threat, that seeks to use and abuse us. Bud Hopkins, despite a great deal of pioneering work remains an alarmist of sorts who sees aliens as intruders who are doing terrible things to humans. John Mack, came from a place of great uncertainty and in his time, I think came to recognize the ET contact experience in the same way that many contactees do – as a form of encounter with teh divine. It seems to me, that not only do those who have contact experiences pass through some sort of Developmental Continuum (whether their is a radical shift in their perceptions or not) but those who research the subject also pass through a Developmental Continuum – which seems to reflect the same sort of inner features. This in turn seems to be reflected in the populous. And hence now, we can see a multitude of divisions that fit somewhere along the same kind of continuum.

In a lot of the community work I did I noticed that the “squeaky wheel”, the one that most the made noise, got the most attention and sadly, I think the same is true in this field. Those who have the loudest voices are the ones declaring how insidious and bad the aliens are. If only we had another John Mack !

What do these difference in initial and changing perceptions reflect ? I’m not sure. But I think it may reflect several things. First how willing we are to accept challenges to our world view and accept the need for change in our world view. Second, different temperaments, seem to be predisposed to being Victims and others to being Empowered by experience. Third, I suspect that Victim type personalities have a long and probably unknown/suppressed history of trauma and that Empowered type personalities have come in contact with their traumas and integrated them into who they consciously are. Fourth – the innate ability to trust, seems to be lacking in Victims. Fifth – everybody is a product of their conditioning via family systems, education, work, society, religion, ethnicity, nationality, interests etc. Those with rigid conditioning that has entrapped them in certain ways of thinking, may end up developing Victim type personalities who see ET contact as a hostile alien abduction, driven by ulterior motives. Those who can see the impact of their conditioning on their thought processes, may end up developing Empowered personalities who see ET contact as connection with the divine. Sixth – those that perceive the universe to be determined by an internal locus of control are OK with whatever happens, while those who perceive the universe to be determined by an external locus of control

There seems to be to me a kind of feedback loop going on in the psyche of all who have encountered ET contact. If you start off as a Victim type personality, you seem to internalize the idea that you are controlled and life isn’t fair. And unless you get past that idea, you will never get to to become the Empowered type personality that seems to internalize the idea that you control how you react to everything and that life is fair. If you latch on too tightly to those dark ideas of absolutely having to have control over this body, you are going to suffer immensely. And the same is true whether you’re sick with disease and need to trust others to help heal you or care for you or whether you need to trust in what the ETs are doing. There is so much attachment to the body and those that are heavily attached, can talk all they want about spirit but unless they let go of that attachment to controlling the body, they will never understand spirit and the boundlessness of spirit. If a human abducted me and did things to me, despite my knowledge of spirit, I wouldn’t like that because I know what cruelty humans are capable of. Still I would try to relinquish the need for absolute control. But an ET can take me anytime because I trust in their intentions and can move past the challenges which come to the body.

I think perhaps the most important thing about the contact phenomenon, is that it cracks open our perception of reality and in the aftermath of dealing with that, we have a choice about how we integrate what has happened to us and our new perceptions of reality. Do we choose to look favorably on what we have learned or do we recoil in horror ? If we look favorably we begin to see all of life as an opportunity for growth and development and feel deep connection to ALL things. If we look unfavorably we begin to see threats everywhere and life as an exhausting process of frustration and self defense. Ultimately it’s all about whether we embrace separateness or wholeness. If we embrace wholeness, we accept that separateness is am aspect of the whole. If we embrace separateness, we never accept or embrace the whole.

So these are all generalizations. I am not saying they’re strictly true for everyone but I think there are strong correlations between those who see themselves as victims (and if they don’t they act as victims) and those that feel empowered.

In the past and future history of this subject there will always be people like Credo Mutwa and people like me – people who see both ends of the spectrum and who avidly support what they believe to be true. You must decide for yourself what is true for you !

I can’t tell you how you should feel about the experience of contact. All I can do is tell you what I have learned about myself, the ETs and the experience of contact. And if you go out and try to have contact and you’re successful, you may learn for yourself that the ETs mean us no harm and are here to nurture us.

John Mack confirmed this when he in Passport to the Cosmos he said :

“…relate their abduction experiences to a kind of cosmic game in which a lonely Creator learns Itself through a splitting of consciousness – “an explosion into the multiplicity of Self,”…Out of the primordial potential, God spawns beings who separate from Him and then choose to reconnect. But in the case of humankind, the experiment went awry, as many of us have lost connection with the creative principal altogether. The alien beings seem to play a part in reconnecting the experiencers to the Creator or Source.”

In an interview on NBC ( John Mack suggested :

“The purpose of doing this work,” Dr. Mack replied, “is to open us to the idea that the universe may be vastly more interesting, containing entities, energies, beings that we did not know existed. When we open that consciousness, we open to a larger reality. We’re not simply Earth-bound in our consciousness as if we were the top intelligence in the cosmos. We come more modestly to realize we are in connection with energies, beings, whatever it may be that is beyond ourselves. And that would be a very healthy development for this species, it seems to me.”

And that to me is what the ET contact experience is about in a nutshell. Whether we see the ETs as manifestations of the Divine/Source/God is irrelevant. We’re in contact with a larger reality, that is within us and within which we co-exist. When we open up to that, we have no choice but to grow and transform our limited perceptions about reality and the nature of Self.

Some relevant Links :

PS. Did that make any sense. I’m still groggy with this Flu ?

* * *

If you are an ET contactee/experiencer or a researcher or both and you would like to join a network which brings, contactees and researchers together to explore the ET Contact Phenomenon, please consider applying to join our network  – the Global ET Contact Research Network – &

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