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Questions for ETs

Some of you will have noticed my little post a few weeks ago, in which I asked “What would you ask an ET if you could ?”.

I have long been fascinated with how humans see reality and the way that we approach learning about reality. Ever since I started talking about ETs with my school friends in the mid 1980s, I’ve heard people speculate about what they would like to ask or learn from an ET. Of course back then I had no idea that I would actually have that opportunity. And since I began sharing my contact experiences I have been inundated with people asking me questions about the ETs or giving me questions to ask the ETs. This has been irritating, annoying, entertaining, fascinating and at times very touching. I fully understand the human desire to know more and to look for answers outside of ourselves. I myself am like this but I also know when to find the answers inside of myself. That said, I also find it really, really interesting to look at the questions that we ask. I mean, we don’t know if other creatures on Earth ask questions. They may but we just don’t know. The human capacity for asking questions is both amazing and stupefying – sometimes at the same time. And no where do you see both aspects reflected more fully, than in the questions we wish we could ask ETs.

So recently when I began setting up my BG website/blog, I thought long and hard about this and decided I’d set up a separate blog devoted to the subject of Questions for An ET. Dude has advised me not to make this blog because it would be a distraction but I’ve made it anyway. I have however agreed to what he has asked me and will have little to do with it, so that I use my time wisely.

So, what is it ? Questions for an ET is a place where people can ask questions for an ET. I may or may not be able to have some of those questions answered. Every month, I’ll pick a Question of the Month and it will be these questions that I’ll consider asking my ET friends. So we’re half way through this month and at the end of this month I’ll pick the Question of the Month. If you’ve already posted something here recently, feel free to copy and paste it on the new blog. In terms of your questions, I’ve divided it into 4 sections – questions related to humanity, Earth, ETs and the cosmos. So please post your question in the appropriate section. There’s also a section on Other People’s Questions and later this week I’ll post links to a whole bunch of questions that people have asked me in the past – including some of the questions that were asked here for the first Dude book. They certainly make interesting, unusual and amusing reading ! And fantastic source material for psychology or sociology students !

Sometimes I try a new idea here on the blog or in my life and it fails completely. Sometimes my ideas just disappear into the void. And I’m OK with that. I know now that if something is worth pursuing, the universe will give me what I need to keep that thing going and if it doesn’t, it may not have been such a good idea or perhaps now is the wrong time to pursue it.

I am a person who is fundamentally interested in an fascinated by human beings. I am after all, a human being with the same fears, concerns, loves, joys and struggles as every one else ! And as I push on slowly sharing what I have learned about my ET friends, I am simultaneously holding a mirror looking back at myself and the human race. I want to know what makes people tick and I want to know what makes you tick. There is no better way to discover what is inside another human being than to look at the questions that he or she asks. And I have been given no finer gift than this – the opportunity to ask others, “What would you ask an ET if you could ?”.

Feel free to respond !

The world is like a jewel in your eyes ! And you are a jewel in the eye of the cosmos !


The Other Alien Interview

I’ve talked before about Canadian film director Aristomenis Tsirbas, his production company Meni Things ( and their Alien Interview films. The series has continued with part 3 and there seems to be at least one more in the pipeline. Stupid people are still arguing about whether it’s real or fake and the threat that aliens pose to us. Bla bla bla ! Aristomenis must be laughing himself stupid that the films have generated so much interest, controversy and debate. In part 3 there is a hint that a greater threat awaits humanity and I wonder if the next film(s) might suggest that hostile ETs are a threat to humanity in the not too distant future. It would suck big time if the whole thing went down that path because then it would just play into the whole To The Stars Academy / weaponizing space mentality – even though it’s a fiction. But things might go in a completely different and unanticipated direction and that would be truly interesting. I really look forward to seeing where Aristomenis and his tea take these films !

I like these films because the interrogator in them is a complete moron (and lots of people in the world are like that – I would hope that someone in the military was a little more intelligent than this) and the alien in them is wise and considerate. I really like what the alien has to say about religious and political dogma and that’s really the crunch of human conflict. Much of what the alien says is on par with what real ETs might feel about us. It really is a great piece of script writing !It’s just a shame that the alien in the film is treated so badly but then that has happened in real life as well.

It would be interesting to see if Meni Things produce any full length feature films about non hostile space faring ETs because they would probably do a very good job ! Very few production companies or directors are game enough to go against the grain and show ETs as they really are. Peaceful and benevolent ETs don’t sell well and make it hard to create an endlessly profitable series ! Personally I reckon Hollywood is missing out ! There are so many more stories to be heard by breaking the mould !



Here’s some of Aristomenis’s other work.


An Update on the Dude Book

Yes, it’s another update.! I’ve been typing away like mad and a little while back the book passed the 600 page mark, with no end in sight ! And so today after much indecision, I cut the book into 3 books – Interview with an Extraterrestrial, Conversations with an Extraterrestrial and Dude’s Maxims. The first two are easy because it’s what I have been working on. But the third one is much harder because I have to read through the first two books and pull out material to tag as maxims and I’m probably going to renumber them, so they maybe different to what I have posted here. I don’t know if it will be harder doing it this way but I figured that not many people would probably want to read a 700 page plus book on this subject.

I am so over this book ! It’s bloody hard work ! 😉

ET Conversations 4 – A Beautiful Fiction : An ET on The Life Force, Fundamental Energy and Forces in the Universe

In recent years I’ve begun asking a number of my ET friends about the fundamental nature/structure of the universe. Most of my discussions have been with Dude, who has progressively turned everything I thought to be true on it’s head.

Some time ago I asked Dude if I could include some of our conversations on the subject in the Interview/Conversation book. So some of you will have noticed that I’ve begun talking about things like the life force and Conjoined Space. What follows is an introductory conversation about what Dude refers to as our beautiful fiction – the model that we have that the universe is composed of particles and particles are composed of strings. Its worth noting that Dude actually took the conversation in a different direction to what I had been looking for (as he often does !) but by doing so he answered a more important question. This conversation marked the beginning of what has become a much longer, more detailed conversation about the nature of the universe. It will probably go in the book as an introduction to the fundamental nature/structure of the universe.

Please be warned, if you’re a physicist or a materialist of any form, you’re likely to reject this outright !

What I like about Dude’s response to my question, is that he basically dispels away with all so called Theories of Everything on the basis that our way of looking at things is fundamentally flawed. I myself have always been suspicious of so called TOES and especially Big TOEs, which I think represent the ravings of unaware and ignorant egos, that think they know everything !

This particular conversation took place on a hot summers evening as I walked 4 km down the dirt/bitumen road, watching out for snakes, while shooing flies off my face. During the conversation (as in many of our conversations), I stopped to eat a muesli bar, connect with the birds and the sheep and to watch the sun going down. This isn’t a physics lecture or a formal dialogue. It’s a conversation between two friends, one of whom is walking down a road at twilight after a stinking hot day, while the other is collecting plants from cold terrain in Iceland. It’s typical of many of our walking conversations.

“Bright : OK, so we’ve talked a lot about the life force. You’ve talked to me about secondary energies. I know that the way that humans see energy is completely wrong. You made a comment about energy in my ear being weak before and in my body. That sort of thing and I’m not sure how that fits in with what you’re talking about. Any comments ?

Dude : Secondary energies Bright. Go back to what I said.

B : OK, so my comment, my question is…we’ve talked about those subjects and so in a way I have this nebulous concept of energy. I don’t mean that disrespectfully. When scientists talk about energy, they talk about electromagnetic energy – energy from the electromagnetic spectrum and they talk about forces – electromagnetic force, magnetic force, the strong and weak nuclear force. You know whatever. I’m not a physicist, so I can’t remember this stuff.

So when I write this stuff up I have a sense that a lot of people will critique it because it isn’t in a language that they understand and there’s no commentary about physics as we know it or forces or energies as we know them. So I wanted to ask you a question. I know that our systems are inaccurate and wrong. Is it possible to describe either the life force or secondary energies in terms of any of the energies that we know or forces, or is it possible to talk about other fundamental forces that are part of the building blocks of reality ? And I know that you’ve turned everything on it’s head, so I might be asking a stupid question. I also realise that it’s a question that could turn into a very long answer – you know hundreds of pages. So, can you kind of give me a bit of summary here ? And this is an area that we need to go into but I might ask you another time and do 30 pages or whatever and put it into the book. So I think it’s sort of a critical area, that sort of offers an antidote to some of those people who would critique it. And maybe clarify some things for them but also maybe for me too. Am I asking you something stupid ?

D : No Bright, it’s not stupid at all. I’ve been asked similar questions before. So let me answer it this way. And this will take a little while – maybe 10 minutes or so. And we could do a lot more. But we’ll do that at another time.

Alright, so, you asked a question that’s important, like questions I’ve been asked before by your scientists and other people. And it’s something that people aren’t comfortable with. So I’ll try to address that discomfort for you.

Let me start by saying this. You have this idea that the universe contains particles and particles are made of smaller things. And some of your scientists talk about String Theory and they think that explains everything. So they have this idea that strings vibrate and some are long and some are short and some are closer to others and others are further away. And the way that the strings vibrate causes certain particles to form and those particles form bigger particles and subatomic particles, all way up to atoms and so on. So this model is nice, for human beings. It’s comfortable. They like it ! It feels good ! It fits a rosy picture ! But it’s no where near the truth. In fact it has nothing to do with the truth. It’s a beautiful fiction and nothing more ! And I wanna give you two reasons why that is the case. The first reason is this. What you appear to believe are particles – lets call them sub atomic particles. What you appear to believe are particles are not what they are. You still haven’t understood the simple theme. The life force is altered by the amount of energy – that is secondary energies, you put into a system and so when you do that you change structure. So when you go looking for sub atomic particles, that’s what you find. Things that fit your expectation and sometimes things that don’t fit your expectation but fit the models that you have. You don’t find what is real. You find what you want to see – a model that fits nicely or a model that interprets or accepts many of the ideas that you’ve created to explain things. So that’s the first problem. The second problem, the second thing is this. You have these ideas that that there are certain forces that exist in themselves throughout the universe, that are discrete entities that act in a certain way, when matter is together. But you don’t understand something simple. Once again, the life force is the key. The life force connects everything and the life force radiates constantly. I said before that it resonates in different ways and those resonations radiate outwards through secondary energies. Secondary energies in all kinds of material objects – whether you can see them or not. The material universe as you know it ! And so Bright, depending on the behaviour of those secondary energies, the life force will behave differently. But it’s not dependent on them; they are dependent on it. Do you understand ? One but not the other. And so depending on the behaviour of these secondary energies, you see all kinds of effects. Everything, from what you consider to be gravity, to electromagnetism, the nuclear force, bonding… all kinds of things. Things that you don’t have good ideas about but you have nice models for. And so when the scientists look at this stuff, sure they can do measurements – things look rosy in their picture, they create nice models that fit together nicely. But they don’t explain the thing ! They don’t explain why that works that way. So this is a fundamental flaw in your thinking. They don’t have any understanding of why these so called forces are what they are. And that’s what I’m trying to say. They in themselves are not forces. What you are seeing are effects. Effects of particular activities associated with secondary energies. In other words, fluctuations in the life force, create these effects. Fluctuations in the life force, create these effects as a result of permutations in the many different secondary energies. There is no single secondary energy that is the same anywhere in the cosmos ! It is constantly in flux ! And because of this, the things that you see, that you believe to be forces, may appear to be similar, may appear to be identical but they’re not. They only appear that way. And why do they appear that way ? Because the thing that is looking at them, has a certain kind of secondary energy. And that is you ! Human beings ! So, because of that you are unable to discern the cosmos as it really is. You are influencing it ! You are shaping it ! Your perception is being altered by your own secondary energies and unless you can overcome that, you cannot see how things really are ! You can only see what you wish to see ! Something that fits the model nicely ! So that’s what I would say to get you going.

So, if you want to know if there are fundamental forces, fundamental particles – any building blocks of the material world, I would say they are none of the things you believe them to be ! Not a single one ! There are no sub atomic particles made of strings. That’s just garbage ! A pure fiction ! Instead there is the life force – pure energy, unadulterated energy, primary energy. Not a secondary energy.

B : Can you describe it ?

D : Yes but not in the terms that you’re familiar with. The simplest way to describe it is to say that it exists in all forms as a precursor to material existence and within material existence. It gives birth to consciousness and unconsciousnes and it gives birth to matter, as you know it and it gives birth to space. Space as we’ve talked about, including conjoined space. All spaces.

So Bright, did that get you going ?

B : Ugh, I’d certainly like to write this up and read it back. I think it does. Because we can’t step outside of our own systems and ideas and conceptions and all of modern physic and mathematics and so on, is created from within these basic systems, ideas and conceptions; it almost sounds to me like it would be impossible for humans to envisage another explanation. And I think what you’re offering me is another explanation but in the simplest kind of way of expressing it because we don’t have a language for it. And I wish you could tell me that particles are made up of this or there is this force or that force. But what you’re telling me is that our conceptions, our ideas, our systems are flawed and that’s going to be very confronting for people – especially if I don’t offer something in it’s place ! I mean I don’t have any obligation ! But especially if I don’t offer something that they can digest. So I’m quite OK with what you say. It fits with what I thought in a way that might be true – that our modern ideas are sort of fundamentally wrong, flawed if you like. But I didn’t have an understanding of why that might be and you’ve just given me that understanding.

D : So are you happy with that explanation ? Would you like to go into it in detail sometime ? Do the 30 or 40 or 50 pages for your book ?

B : I dread having that much writing to do but if it’s something that you think that we ought to do or that would be good, yeah, I think that would be good.

D : I’m not going to tell you what you ought to do Bright. It’s up to you what you’d like to do.

B : I’m OK with that.”

The Little Green Man Exposed !

Before I take the blog down again I thought I’d give you a snap shot of some profiles on Dude that I’m putting into the interview book. One of the profiles is a physical profile. The following details will be included in the profile :

  • Element life form : Silicon based.
  • Skin colour : Creamy lime green.
  • Skin appearance : Spongy rubber.
  • Height : Up to my nipples (I think that’s 135 cm / 4.4 ft – I have to remeasure that).
  • Weight : 18 kg (adult Muajra range from 17-25 kg).
  • Number of digits on hand : 4 (the longest one being the second last one but the fingers are almost the same length / the thumb is longer than ours).
  • Number of hearts : 3 (2 in his chest and one near the base of his neck).
  • Body temperature : Dude’s body operates at 25 degrees C & can be altered to heat up or cool down, depending on external conditions.
  • Reproduction : Internal fertilisation and internal and external gestation.
  • Genitals : Yes but not as big as Brights. ( 😉 Dude’s words not mine !)
  • Gravity tolerance : Dude adjusts his body to differences in gravity.
  • Apparent anomalies : Dude has no anus.
  • Primary energy sources : Food 45-50 %, sunlight 30 % (pigments in skin and eyes transform sunlight into usable energy but the process is not at all like photosynthesis), absorption of surrounding energy 20-25 %.

And here’s some bonus factoids. Dude loves to dance – shaking his arms legs, hands and feet like crazy ! I think Dude influenced the writers of the movie Paul because, as I’ve said before there are so many similarities between he and Paul. He pretends to smoke, loves blowing smoke rings and can even blow smoke out of his arse – even though he lacks an arse hole ! Like Paul, Dude loves Resus Pieces. And he loves Rollo chocolate lollies. He’ll hang out with a humanoid ET I know and eat pizza, whenever he visits that part of Australia (the other ETs favourite food is KFC !). He can quote word for word from any religious book. Dude loves scary movies and alien movies. Dude’s favourite character is Predator and he loves mimicking him (like Paul) and he sometimes dresses as a Predator at Comicon and similar events (see the previous post/pic with my son). He has this weird thing with sugar in his coffee. To work out how many teaspoons of sugar he should have, he adds the day and the month  The least he’ll have is 2 (January 1st – 1 + 1). The most he’ll have is 43 (December 31st – 12 + 31). So today for example January 23rd, he’d have 24 teaspoons of sugar ! I don’t know how much coffee he has ! He loves to collect plants and has now collected over 14 % of all Earth’s plants in his second Earth plant collection. Dude loves taking expeditions to parks, private homes with lovely gardens (whether he knows the owner or not) and areas that are isolated from humans. Dude and 3 of his people recently visited some islands off the coast of Antarctica, where they discovered thousands of new plants, animal, fungi and microbe species (including a land crab that spends most of its time living under a bird and a small bird that abandons is newborn for 10 days returning to care for it, only if it survives – incidentally Antarctica, her islands and waters have some of the richest biodiversity on the planet and is of great interest to many ET races !). Dude often wears a human form because of the work he does with The Architecture and others. It isn’t a suit of some sort. He creates it using the life force to alter his form. Dude often has an ET minder at certain public events, to watch out for him. Dude has an assistant in France, who helps organise his meetings, make notes etc. Dude has multiple residences on Earth (mostly in Europe) that he uses as a kind of home away from home and for convenience. Dude visits his family at home every day. Dude’s galaxy of origin, has not yet been photographed by any human technology and will not be photographed for a further 360 years. Therefor it is not possible to refer to it by any name that makes sense to us. It’s location can however be broadly described in the night sky. Dude can talk with ants. Dude has a potty mouth when he needs to. Dude is infinitely patient and considerate with those he cares about and can terrify those he abhors (as he did with a certain bigoted US senator and Alfred Nobel). Dude sometimes where’s a small grey-silver bracelet on one of his wrists. It has many functions will only operate with his biological signature. And finally, Dude can’t put a flower behind his ear !

See ya’ll in a week or so !

Brighty. 😉


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