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A Teal’hia’s Reflections on Purpose

Last night I was listening to an old recording I made of  conversation with my Teal’hia friend Anamika, whose race is probably often mistaken for the mythological grey. In this particular conversation we were talking about how she saw the purpose of her existence and I asked her what brings her greatest joy. She said that her greatest joy comes from experiencing the diversity of life through the cosmos and awakening individual beings to their own divine nature. You may remember that when I asked the Teal’hia who they are during my January 19th, 2011 encounter, they responded “We are God incarnate.” Over the years I have had many conversations with them about what this means and how they see reality and I have come to understand that this means that they know that they are both an individual entity experiencing physical and non physical life and they are also the totality of everything and the light from which everything arises. And I think when Anamika made her comments about awakening individual beings to their own divine nature, this is what she was suggesting. When she nurtures a being for it’s entire existence from the creation of that soul to it’s returning to the light, she experiences so many wonderful moments of witnessing the growth of that individual and seeing it come to understand what it really is – as both an individual entity, the totality and the light – God incarnate.

Sometimes I have some sense of what that must feel like. For years I’ve been planting trees and when I plant a tree I often see barren ground transform into a place that is teeming with life – insects, birds, reptiles, echidnas etc. One tree can bring so much life and a forest utterly transforms a place. I get very attached to the life I have helped create and there is no greater joy for me than watching new life enjoy it’s existence in a place that was once barren. Imagine how it must feel to create a soul and watch it grow through life and life after life !

Every caring mother and father knows how it feels to participate in their child’s life and what it’s like to see them grow up and go out into the world. Nothing else in life arouses so much emotion from all ends of the spectrum and nothing else arouses so much love and joy. Every person who has ever raised a plant or a pet knows what it feels like to see them grow up and come in contact with the world. There is so much joy in seeing a young animal encounter things for the first time. And how we both love and detest our pets and grieve when they die !

I have this sense that when Anamika and the other Teal’hia go about interacting with life, it’s as if they are encountering life for the very first time. And yet they have encountered countless life forms. But they do so with so much reverence for life, that each life becomes precious. In one way, the way that they are is like a fully mature God encountering something in which the germ of God has just been born and is barely discernible. They see all that is and all that will be – both, the divine in action; God, in all stages of being.

Sometimes I feel it is a great loss and a great tragedy that when we look at each other and when we look at other life forms we see difference and feel judgement, when beings like the Teal’hia see the infinite expressions of God and feel boundless unconditional love.

Anamika once said to me that there is no greater work for her people than to bring love into the universe. And I can think of no argument against this. For in the face of unconditional love, all resistance melts away. Imagine how we could be as a people if we aspired to the same thing !



Steven Greer on the Atacama Coverup

As many of you know I have mixed feelings about Steven Greer’s disclosure efforts but I admire his perseverance and dedication to the cause (especially in view of his wife been sick with tumours at one point). He is one of the few people who has accurately identified how the lower arms of The Architecture directs how the ET subject is handled. And he is one of a handful of people who see right through the To The Stars Academy group. His early articles on the subject of manipulation and deception are an excellent introduction to the subject

I don’t know whether the so called Atacama alien (or Aleshenka / Kyshtym beings) are extraterrestrial or not but I can see how certain groups have been involved in the manipulation of the scientific data that Steven and his team have produced on the being found in Chile. As some of you will recall, I have had contact with a very small humanoid ET small race who call themselves Chenntrame (who are called the Shentriaem by The Architecture – who incidentally have a file on them). They range from about 3-6 inches in height and do look similar to the beings that have been found deceased and seen alive in many places around the world.

Preston Dennett has interviewed a number of people, who like myself, have also claimed to have had contact with very small beings.

In time I hope to say more about the Chenntrame and my interactions with them. The last of which took place in 2014. These beings are incidentally, highly developed technologically and spiritually.

I have no idea how this will all play out with Steven’s group but no doubt it will continue to be steam rolled by the well manipulated media and scientists.


My ET Friends

Here are a few very raw sketches that my ex wife Rachel or I have done of ETs I have encountered. As I have said before, they are very rough but I think they capture the essence of these each of these beings. We’re currently working on the ET Art Project, with the aim of producing a book of the entities we or I have encountered. In the book, there will be portrait style sketches and some sketches of experiences that I had – like having the Teal’hia standing around me in a circle during my encounter on January 19th, 2011; talking with the a group of Sarpalxn in a cottage hotel room in late 2009; sitting with three Tearhom while I spoke to them, during our joint encounter with them in December 2017 etc. I’m hoping that sketches of our interactions will add depth to what the experiences felt like. The biggest issue at this point regarding the project, is staying in Rachel’s good books and getting her motivated enough to keep going ! Luckily Dude is also encouraging her to pursue the project !

All images below are copyrighted to myself or Rachel.

A page replicating this post and with any updated images will be kept here :



Dude Prep 2016 © Rachel Bree 2016.











An Update on the Dude Book

Hey folks, here’s an update on the Dude book.

Yesterday I translated the book from A4 format into a standard book format (23 * 15 cm) and was surprised that it came in at 378 pages ! I had thought I would have the book finished by last month but it just keeps getting away on me ! It might take another 3-4 months ! Most of what I have to do is transcribe some of the conversations that we’ve had. Sometimes I have written down conversations by hand or taken hand written transcripts when I needed to give my body a break from the computer, so I still have a lot of pages to type up. I also want to ask Dude 25 more questions about Conjoined Space because it turned out to be such a complex and unusual subject. And I am currently talking to him about large scale structures of the cosmos and this particular universe. At this rate, the book is likely to come in between 500-600 pages, which is way bigger than I had originally envisaged ! I’m still uncertain if perhaps I should split it into 2 books. One based on the interview and one based on the conversations/maxims. I just don’t know. I like the idea of it all being in one book but I understand that a book that size might be a bit daunting to some people. I will probably offer it both as a hard copy and an ebook. I’d be happy to hear any of your advice on publishing !

Unfortunately many of the conversations we had were never recorded and I just have notes of those conversations, so they’ll go in under the title of partial notes and conversations.

You can see a sketch of the contents page here : and what I’ve shared of the book so far here :

The front cover will have the drawing that Rachel has done of Dude and there will be a couple of drawings of him in the book. There will also be diagrams of some of the concepts he has explained.

There is also an explanation in the book of why he’s called Dude and some comments about his real name but I am afrid I can’t disclose his real name ever !

I think as a book, this crosses many boundaries. It’s part cosmology, part spirituality, part personal development and part story telling – in a way that only Dude can do. I don’t know if it’s a good book but it’s an honest book and a book that has already changed my life in many unforeseen ways !

Some of the subjects that Dude talks about are so confronting, that even I am still trying to make sense of them. The subject of Conjoined Space has turned out to be so complex and unusual that I felt I needed to explore it as far as I can. It’s an insight that makes the Multiverse/parallel lives concept look like learning the ABC ! In addition to that, as I’ve been writing the book I’ve been having my own experiences with Conjoined Space that have been deeply troubling and have helped to confirm the reality of what Dude has been conveying.

I’m quite sure that once the book is published there will be a critics who dismiss the whole thing as my delusion or nit pick it to pieces. But it is my wish that there will be other people who believe that it is what it claims to be and for whom reading the book will be a life changing experience ! The truth is that Dude didn’t have to participate in creating this book with me and in fact, he initially declined my request. But for some reason he changed his mind.

Writing the book has bought Dude and I closer together and given me a great deal more respect for him. In one sense the book is a display of his love and compassion towards the human race and a real show of faith in who we are and who we might become ! Even though he claims that ETs don’t feel compassion because they see things how they are and act accordingly.

I am still planning on doing a similar book with Anamika. The two ET books will provide people with two dramatic contrasts between two very different ancient ET races. But I swear by all the fluffy fuck asses (Dude’s name for cats) in the world, that after that I will never do this again ! It has been the most exhausting writing that I have ever done ! I truly pity the stenographers of the world ! Such courageous souls !

I don’t yet know how to price the book but I’ll try and make the ebook as accessible as possible.

Apart from finishing the bloody thing, my only real wish at this point is that I could have the book translated it into some other languages – Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Russian and Indian (Hindi), to start with. But that might be a bit hard since I’ll be self publishing ! Maybe it’s something to aim for down the track !

So that’s where it’s at ! I’ll let you know when it’s ready to be published !

If you’d like to support the work I’m doing or help me get through life with tumours, you can donate via the button at the top of the right hand side of this page ! Anyone who donates more than $50 will have access to all materials I produce.



“God is a constraining idea. This divine force if you will, or whatever you wish to call it, is not limited by my conception or the conception of any other living being in this reality or in any other reality. It exists because it exists and does not have any need to express itself in any particular way. It expresses itself as it will, wherever expression is needed. It includes and consumes everything. Everything that you will know in your existence arises from this force and it will eventually give birth to all things that will ever exist in your reality and other realities.” 

“This thing that you have felt to be God, that you have experienced as God and I am talking about you personally Bright. This thing that you have taken to be God is an entity, a force, a void, a light – whatever that you wish to call it, that permeates every reality in every possible way. You may experience it as one thing but that doesn’t mean to say that is all that it is. You experience it in a way that is most meaningful to you. In a way that strikes a chord of truth and resonates through the depths of your soul. If you were raised somewhere else in the universe with different ideas and experiences and different ideas about the nature of love and being; you would experience this presence, this entity in a completely different way…Something that would have manifested what you needed for the deepest possible experience of being. Instead, in this reality, you experienced light. But you knew that this thing, this God that you experienced, that you became, was more than just light…In other places, in other lives, in different circumstances and within different cultures, you would have experienced this completely differently. “

“So when we say that we facilitate the growth and development of complex life forms, we are saying that we foster the development of sentience. The development of this higher sentience, provides the possibility for us to further accelerate the development of the species and to develop the responsibilities of that particular species. When highly developed life forms develop high levels of sentience, they also develop greater levels of responsibility and when they become more responsible, they help in the development of diversity and in the development of well being for the entire planet. Highly developed organisms – complex organisms with highly developed sentience, have responsibilities to other species on their planet. They become like custodians. They develop an awareness of the needs of others and of the whole and they work towards these ends.” 

Dude, Interview with an ET.








Oh No ! No Pooper, How Does He Crap ?

I just thought I’d leave you with something amusing and provocative about Dude that I don’t think I’ve mentioned before. Dude once told me, after I asked the question, that he does not have an anus, or any kind of digestive exit for waste products from his body.

Holy crap you say ! No poop hole ! How does he crap ?  😉

Nah, that isn’t how I’d like you to react ! Instead, think about this. What does it mean that Dude and his people, lack an anus and don’t crap. Just think about that for a minute. They’re a Silicon based life form, with a creamy green foam like skin and they don’t crap. What does that mean and what does that imply ? Think about it and see where it takes you !

Happy ruminating !

Names of Some ETs I’m in Contact With

I’ve spoken before about how ET races are named and how we identify and name different ETs ( / but I don’t think I’ve mentioned much about the actual names of some of the ETs I’m in contact with. As I’ve said before, whenever I meet an ET (whether face to face or at a distance) I ask them how they say their name (until I fully understand it) and an approximate spelling. It’s not always possible for them to translate their name and some ETs, such as those of Dude’s race, don’t readily pass on their names because the sharing of a name is an experience that has particular effects on the body/life force/spirit – so it’s a kind of sacred experience that is only shared among friends. Most ETs I/others meet will usually be able to translate or approximate their name in some way.

Please remember, I’m not a linguist and I’m not bi/polylingual, so I don’t know the specifics of translating words or names. Most space faring ETs seem to be able to understand human languages – either by some form of direct mental translation or technological translation. I don’t know if they have any comprehension of our grammar, semantics and the nuances of our languages but they usually have little trouble understanding or communicating with us. So I never have trouble talking to an ET or asking their name. It’s obviously a common practice for two beings from different worlds to exchange some sort of greeting, which includes some sort of reference to the self. However, when you interact with an ET, you soon realise that names are merely reference points. You can know a another being by its essence without knowing its name. But a name certainly does help us to anchor relationships in our memories.

I thought today, just briefly, I’d share some names of some of the ETs I’ve had contact with. I mention the names of some of my ET contacts/friends because I want to personalise them and make them real for you. I don’t like it when people think of nasty impersonal greys and bizarre mantids and that kind of crap. That’s just not real. That’s our fear and ignorance projected all over another living being, turning it into nameless and unfeeling things. I want to share some of their names with you, so that you can know that these beings are unique individuals just like you and I. You may have heard me mention some of them before but I think there are others that I’ve never mentioned. What follows then is a list of names as they would sound spoken in Australian English. The names of the race is given first, as it would be said, followed by the name of the individual as it would be said and their gender (yes there are genderless races as well). There are many races I’ve met, whose names I either didn’t learn or I forgot or their names are buried somewhere in one of my journals. So these are the names that were easy to find in my records or my memories.

In no particular order,

Tealhealria :

  • Tamoosh (M)
  • Laheel (M)
  • Puk’da (M)
  • Pal’den (M)

Sar’Won’Dee :

  • Gay’rah (M)
  • Tee’heesh (M)

Sarlen :

  • Shum’pa (M)
  • Quay’lend (F)
  • Tar’ham (F)

Kimajio :

  • El’are (F)
  • Renar (F)

Hudtja :

  • Chapined (?)
  • Tuchja (?)
  • Cidor (?)

Targy :

  • Sont’war (F)

Urrsha :

  • Tarfu (M)

Tryaltar :

  • Kaifoosh

Shalarian :

  • Elwah (F)
  • Meeno (F)
  • Toowas (M)
  • Toopee (M)
  • Ulkar (M)
  • Asoo (F)
  • Pootam (M)
  • Huhlar (M).

You might think these names are fictional because lets face it, there are plenty of fictional names on the internet and in science fiction. But these are real names as I know them. My rendering of how these names sound might be a little inaccurate but I transcribed them as best as I could.

TSM151 : Life Force ET Contact and An Introduction to the Trialtar People

I’m putting TSM151 in front of the TSM150, as I accidentally deleted something from the final render of TSM151 and have to edit it again.


Those of you who are familiar with my blog or the TSMs will know that I rarely give you a direct and full explanation of how to make ET contact. Instead I sketch out the many different aspects of self awareness that will help you make contact. (I’ll give full descriptions in future contact audio and in the contact book).

In today’s night time monologue (which was made during a light contact session – that is, one at the end of a long tiring day), I give you a simple overview of another way of making contact using the life force. Some people will get this and some people won’t !

In addition I share a little about what I learned about a new race via a telempathic contact session I had the night before (which also included seeing a series of blinkers).

Perhaps in a later TSM I can detail exactly how I came to develop this method of interacting and the steps I went through to prove to myself that it was real.

It’s my wish to continue interacting with this race and at some point perhaps I’ll be fortunate enough to have face to face contact with them. I’ll keep you posted regarding anything else I learn about them !

This particular race, apparently come from a world that orbits a blue star – which I assume is what we call a Blue Giant ( Blue Giants are some of the hottest stars that we know and are thought by most people to have lifeless planets. Perhaps however, we are wrong about this and habitable planets may exist in a region that is a long way out from the star. I don’t know. All I know is that I was very surprised by what I was told ! I guess it’s a question for Dude ! 😉

The key for me, to all of these interactions, is not to judge whether they are definitively real or not but to write everything down and to compile my experiences for myself. So that over time I can check information against information and come to a final conclusion if and when I have a face to face contact with them, or others meet them and make similar comments about who they are. Sometimes these experiences are very powerful emotionally and continue after seeing lights in the sky !

Enjoy ! 😉

Shape shifting ETs on Earth

I’ve had several conversations with Dude and Anamika over the years about the different ETs that have spent time on Earth. One of the things that really grabbed my attention, is the presence of at least one shape shifting race. Dude suggested that one particular race, is Silicon based (like himself) and has been a resident on Earth for millions of years. It currently exists as a large Gastropod in certain locations. Because it looks terrestrial, no one is any the wiser and safely goes about living it’s life as it wishes. These creatures apparently live very, very long lives and can simply move from one place to anywhere in the cosmos at will. The way Dude described it, they literally fold in on themselves and poof – they disappear !

These creatures have progeny that are very sensitive to human emotions and disturbances in the physical world. They have to go through a long period of teaching and acclimatization, to get used to life on Earth. Because of their sensitivity, they also have the capacity, to inadvertently cause harm to humans by disturbing our body’s energetic system and subsequently our mental and emotional states. For this reason, this group is in regular contact with certain humans.These beings are also very difficult to hurt and they have the capacity to render any weapon or individual useless and can permanently turn it off or relocate it any where in the cosmos.

These beings appear to be aware of their, for want of a better word – multidimensional existence and can access a deeper reality than the one we are aware of. They don’t appear to experience the normal boundaries of perceived time, that shape our physical existence.

This particular race of beings has been working with humans in several covert projects (particularly those based in England) and was one of those races that my ex wife worked with during her time in several projects.

I am not sure if these entities are the same race as the one’s some people refer to as Black Goo (an idea which was also referenced in the X-Files some years ago as Black Oil ( /,_Volume_2_%E2%80%93_Black_Oil ) . But if that is the case, I can assure you, there has been a great deal of deception and disinformation about how these beings are. They are in fact very peaceful and curious. They prefer, for the most part to be left alone, to live their life as they wish.

Dude regularly works with these beings at many different levels. Because they can travel so widely and are residents of many different worlds (without their presence being known on many worlds), they have acquired a great deal of experience and wisdom – that is both useful to the worlds where they reside and to the many different collectives. Naturally, they also have great capacity for stealth and learning about individual races that may not yet have become space faring.

They pose no threat to humans or Earth and care immensely about how we have changed the face of our planet and reduced Earth’s natural biodiversity. Of course some of those in covert projects, seek to use these beings to their own advantage. But that is never going to happen because they know everything that humans think and feel.

At this stage, I do not yet know what this race calls it’s self or where they originate from but I will let you know, if I ever find out.

Some more Dude’s Maxims

Here are a 5 more Dude’s Maxims from an earlier conversation I had with Dude. Some of you might recognize it !


Maxim 29 : For a person of my race, you (humans) seem at best very peculiar and at worst terrible and ruthless and utterly careless.

For a person of my race, you (humans) seem at best very peculiar and at worst terrible and ruthless and utterly careless.


Maxim 30 : There is no waking up en masse, only the repetition of the same mistakes.

There is no waking up en masse, only the repetition of the same mistakes.So we are here to ensure that your world is safe from you and to help some of you to take greater responsibility for your own spiritual development and for caring for your Earth.


Maxim 31 : We do not support any activity that supports war or the destruction of the Earth or it’s species – including people.

We do not support any activity that supports war or the destruction of the Earth or it’s species – including people. These activities are undertaken despite our objections and intentions for humans to do otherwise. None the less it is human actions and not the actions of those of us from other worlds, that are driving this activity and this senseless, crazy behaviour. We do not condone it or support it but we do work with many of the same individuals, to try to bring about a long term transformation of human consciousness, that sees you become somewhat more responsible to the Earth you have inherited.


Maxim 32 : We understand how humans are. We accept this but we also recognize the needs of other species on your world.

We understand how humans are. We accept this but we also recognize the needs of other species on your world. And so we work as well on behalf of helping to address their needs. And so that is what we mean by becoming more mature. You are what you are but if we can nudge you towards being a little more mature, than that is a good for the rest of your world. Ultimately it’s up to you all to make your own choices but you must recognize that you sometimes make choices that effect other species and cause their detriment and destruction. We’re here in part, to ensure that human behaviour is modified, so that some of these other species have the opportunity to survive and to flourish.


Maxim 33 : You are given opportunities to grow and if you do not embrace them, you have no right to think you deserve to become space faring and go and transform another world and destroy it. 

You are given opportunities to grow and if you do not embrace them, you have no right to think you deserve to become space faring and go and transform another world and destroy it. You have to get you shit together here first before you will be allowed to occupy any other planet anywhere ! Period ! It isn’t going to happen until you can demonstrate that you can do it here first ! Make sure people know that. They hear it loud and clear. You fuck up one planet and you can’t fuck up a second one !


Maxim 34 : You fuck up one planet and you can’t fuck up a second one !  

See Maxim 33.


Maxim music…



The One Thing You Need to Know About ETs – The Eyes Have It : Part 2

I dedicate this post to Sandor ! Thanks for all your ongoing support – it means so much ! 😉

This is a really difficult post to write and I’m not sure how well you will understand what I am trying to convey to you. But Dude insisted that this was the one post I need to write, to help you understand what ETs are really like. Ultimately that’s why I share anything about my experiences with the ETs. Because people need to penetrate the lies and deception, myths and lack of knowledge and hear first hand from someone who KNOWS, so that they can make up their own minds, free of distorted perspectives.

In Part 1 ( I focused on human eyes, so that you would have some sense of what we can all potentially see in the eyes of our own kind. But I also wanted to give you something, by way of contrast – so that you would truly understand the difference between our eyes and the ET eyes.

First I’ll speak generally about the eyes of beings from other worlds and then I’ll give you two examples from people who are my friends.

While we hold our eyes in a way that may reflect underlying anxieties and discomfort, often moving them around very quickly, ETs hold their eyes with much greater stability. It’s as if they can take in much more without having to move their eyes as much. As well as that, they are more stable emotionally.

Many (but not all ETs) do not have the peripheral features of the eye that we have – such as Lacrimal Glands in the corners of the eye, eyelashes, or residue in the eyes. Their eyes appear vibrant and fresh.

Many ETs do not have whites in their eyes or visible blood vessels. Their eyes do not exhibit any of the aspects of poor health that are often conveyed through the whites of our eyes.

All ETs I know of,  have an Iris of sorts. But I’m not sure whether we can say that their Iris’s contains a Stroma and Pigmented Epithelial Cells, as our eyes do. Their Irisis often appear to stretch around the entire eye and I have no idea how that works functionally. Perhaps the front and back of the eye have different functions. They do have great variation in colour between races and between individuals. Although some races have similar colours between individuals. ET Irises are exceedingly vibrant in colour and radiate an incredible sense of life. They do not exhibit any of the signs of ill health that affect our Irises. Of course different races have different shaped Irises. For example, the Muajra and Sar’won’dee appear to have circular Irises but the Sarpalxn appear to have an vertical ovoid cat like Iris.

The Pupil of ETs eyes have great variability. Some appear to contract and expand rapidly, while others contract and expand slowly. What they all seem to have in common is a strong sense of the life force. In many races it is completely and utterly engaging, like a magnet that sucks you in. It truly is a window to the soul ! And often, it is as if there is literally light radiating back at you. Not a reflection of light but actual light.

When you look into the eyes of most ETs, you have a powerful sense of BEING and that what you see is TRUTH.

So let me give you the examples I promised.

Some of you know about Dude of the Muajra. Dude’s Irises are a pale but vibrant green, with orange/gold flecks distributed equally through them – that are very reflective. The Iris goes all the way around the eye. When you look closer, it looks like a water colour that has different qualities/colours to it. There are no visible blood vessels or tear ducts (although he can cry). His eyes seem to change, depending on how you look at them. His Irises change with his emotions. Somehow emanating different subtle qualities. I’ve even noticed that his Pupils can contract to a point of almost dissapearing and it’s as if his Irises are taking in the light. When you look into Dude’s eyes, you are automatically engaged with him and depending on what he wants you to feel, you can feel the most intense emotions – more than sometimes you can handle. Dude uses this to his advantage when he is working with humans. People that piss him off are literally terrified by his eyes. But he can also be more loving than any human you could ever meet and make you feel as if you are one with God.

The Sar’won’dee (said Sawronde) have the most beautiful large eyes. My friend Taehelrs (said Tee-heesh) is one of the 8 ETs who I call the Beloved Carers, who visited me earlier this year and whom I have regular internal world contact. Taehelrs has very large eyes but they look proportional to the size of the head. He, like the rest of his people, have the most exotic blue Lapis Lazuli like blue Irises, with flecks of gold colour through them and well defined long Pupils. Every time I look into his eyes or the eyes of any of his people, I feel completely vulnerable and like I am HOME. By that I now mean (after my January 19th, 2011 encounter), that I am one with The Light that is all things. I have never known he or any of his people to show any kind of irritation or anger; unlike Dude, who uses it to ‘make things happen’. My ex wife jokes that they are the ‘happy happy aliens’ because they never show any negative emotion. Often when you look into any of the Sar’won’dee’s eyes you are flooded with moving images of whatever they wish you to know and you feel what they feel about what they are sharing. One look into Taehelrs or any of the Sar’won’dee’s eyes and you feel complete unconditional love and acceptance.

Looking into many of the ET’s eyes can be a truly humbling experience. Often when you look into their eyes you are overwhelmed emotionally and you become physically sick because it’s all too much. I can’t think of a single human who has the same capacity to transform us !

The eyes of an ET do not harbor hatred or hostility, emotional instability or ill health. They are honest and genuine, conveying truth and love. Those who say otherwise, are either unable to remain conscious with the ETs, are overwhelmed by fear and/or their own projections or have been deceived by those who perpetrate the abduction meme.

You can read more on the Muajra here : (or on the Who the Hell is Dude page) & the Sar’won’dee here :

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words for dissemination ... poetry commentary and selected poems ... Richard Scutter

Peace Hacks

A Commentary on Faith, Life Change, Culture, and Politics

Journeys in Spirit

with Cristen Rodgers


Conscious Thought: Driven by Intelligent Awareness

The Colossus

With just enough learning to misquote


The fictional diary of an utterly fictional John Banville in his fictional universe.

Fatiesta's Rants

Life of A Partial Psychopath

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Updates on my research and expository papers, discussion of open problems, and other maths-related topics. By Terence Tao

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Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose / The more things change, the more they stay the same

Kelly McGonigal, PhD

Where science and compassion meet.

Storytime with John

Pull up and listen...I've got a funny one for ya...

Paradise Preoccupied

Views of the world from a tiny island

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Animals, peace, war, civil liberties, science, social justice, women's issues, arts, much more


Cultural Theory and Society

Social Health

Insights on the Power of Social Bonds

Adventures in Juggling

living this circus life, what else would I be doing but juggling?

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