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Names of Some ETs I’m in Contact With

I’ve spoken before about how ET races are named and how we identify and name different ETs ( / but I don’t think I’ve mentioned much about the actual names of some of the ETs I’m in contact with. As I’ve said before, whenever I meet an ET (whether face to face or at a distance) I ask them how they say their name (until I fully understand it) and an approximate spelling. It’s not always possible for them to translate their name and some ETs, such as those of Dude’s race, don’t readily pass on their names because the sharing of a name is an experience that has particular effects on the body/life force/spirit – so it’s a kind of sacred experience that is only shared among friends. Most ETs I/others meet will usually be able to translate or approximate their name in some way.

Please remember, I’m not a linguist and I’m not bi/polylingual, so I don’t know the specifics of translating words or names. Most space faring ETs seem to be able to understand human languages – either by some form of direct mental translation or technological translation. I don’t know if they have any comprehension of our grammar, semantics and the nuances of our languages but they usually have little trouble understanding or communicating with us. So I never have trouble talking to an ET or asking their name. It’s obviously a common practice for two beings from different worlds to exchange some sort of greeting, which includes some sort of reference to the self. However, when you interact with an ET, you soon realise that names are merely reference points. You can know a another being by its essence without knowing its name. But a name certainly does help us to anchor relationships in our memories.

I thought today, just briefly, I’d share some names of some of the ETs I’ve had contact with. I mention the names of some of my ET contacts/friends because I want to personalise them and make them real for you. I don’t like it when people think of nasty impersonal greys and bizarre mantids and that kind of crap. That’s just not real. That’s our fear and ignorance projected all over another living being, turning it into nameless and unfeeling things. I want to share some of their names with you, so that you can know that these beings are unique individuals just like you and I. You may have heard me mention some of them before but I think there are others that I’ve never mentioned. What follows then is a list of names as they would sound spoken in Australian English. The names of the race is given first, as it would be said, followed by the name of the individual as it would be said and their gender (yes there are genderless races as well). There are many races I’ve met, whose names I either didn’t learn or I forgot or their names are buried somewhere in one of my journals. So these are the names that were easy to find in my records or my memories.

In no particular order,

Tealhealria :

  • Tamoosh (M)
  • Laheel (M)
  • Puk’da (M)
  • Pal’den (M)

Sar’Won’Dee :

  • Gay’rah (M)
  • Tee’heesh (M)

Sarlen :

  • Shum’pa (M)
  • Quay’lend (F)
  • Tar’ham (F)

Kimajio :

  • El’are (F)
  • Renar (F)

Hudtja :

  • Chapined (?)
  • Tuchja (?)
  • Cidor (?)

Targy :

  • Sont’war (F)

Urrsha :

  • Tarfu (M)

Tryaltar :

  • Kaifoosh

Shalarian :

  • Elwah (F)
  • Meeno (F)
  • Toowas (M)
  • Toopee (M)
  • Ulkar (M)
  • Asoo (F)
  • Pootam (M)
  • Huhlar (M).

You might think these names are fictional because lets face it, there are plenty of fictional names on the internet and in science fiction. But these are real names as I know them. My rendering of how these names sound might be a little inaccurate but I transcribed them as best as I could.


TSM151 : Life Force ET Contact and An Introduction to the Trialtar People

I’m putting TSM151 in front of the TSM150, as I accidentally deleted something from the final render of TSM151 and have to edit it again.


Those of you who are familiar with my blog or the TSMs will know that I rarely give you a direct and full explanation of how to make ET contact. Instead I sketch out the many different aspects of self awareness that will help you make contact. (I’ll give full descriptions in future contact audio and in the contact book).

In today’s night time monologue (which was made during a light contact session – that is, one at the end of a long tiring day), I give you a simple overview of another way of making contact using the life force. Some people will get this and some people won’t !

In addition I share a little about what I learned about a new race via a telempathic contact session I had the night before (which also included seeing a series of blinkers).

Perhaps in a later TSM I can detail exactly how I came to develop this method of interacting and the steps I went through to prove to myself that it was real.

It’s my wish to continue interacting with this race and at some point perhaps I’ll be fortunate enough to have face to face contact with them. I’ll keep you posted regarding anything else I learn about them !

This particular race, apparently come from a world that orbits a blue star – which I assume is what we call a Blue Giant ( Blue Giants are some of the hottest stars that we know and are thought by most people to have lifeless planets. Perhaps however, we are wrong about this and habitable planets may exist in a region that is a long way out from the star. I don’t know. All I know is that I was very surprised by what I was told ! I guess it’s a question for Dude ! 😉

The key for me, to all of these interactions, is not to judge whether they are definitively real or not but to write everything down and to compile my experiences for myself. So that over time I can check information against information and come to a final conclusion if and when I have a face to face contact with them, or others meet them and make similar comments about who they are. Sometimes these experiences are very powerful emotionally and continue after seeing lights in the sky !

Enjoy ! 😉

Shape shifting ETs on Earth

I’ve had several conversations with Dude and Anamika over the years about the different ETs that have spent time on Earth. One of the things that really grabbed my attention, is the presence of at least one shape shifting race. Dude suggested that one particular race, is Silicon based (like himself) and has been a resident on Earth for millions of years. It currently exists as a large Gastropod in certain locations. Because it looks terrestrial, no one is any the wiser and safely goes about living it’s life as it wishes. These creatures apparently live very, very long lives and can simply move from one place to anywhere in the cosmos at will. The way Dude described it, they literally fold in on themselves and poof – they disappear !

These creatures have progeny that are very sensitive to human emotions and disturbances in the physical world. They have to go through a long period of teaching and acclimatization, to get used to life on Earth. Because of their sensitivity, they also have the capacity, to inadvertently cause harm to humans by disturbing our body’s energetic system and subsequently our mental and emotional states. For this reason, this group is in regular contact with certain humans.These beings are also very difficult to hurt and they have the capacity to render any weapon or individual useless and can permanently turn it off or relocate it any where in the cosmos.

These beings appear to be aware of their, for want of a better word – multidimensional existence and can access a deeper reality than the one we are aware of. They don’t appear to experience the normal boundaries of perceived time, that shape our physical existence.

This particular race of beings has been working with humans in several covert projects (particularly those based in England) and was one of those races that my ex wife worked with during her time in several projects.

I am not sure if these entities are the same race as the one’s some people refer to as Black Goo (an idea which was also referenced in the X-Files some years ago as Black Oil ( /,_Volume_2_%E2%80%93_Black_Oil ) . But if that is the case, I can assure you, there has been a great deal of deception and disinformation about how these beings are. They are in fact very peaceful and curious. They prefer, for the most part to be left alone, to live their life as they wish.

Dude regularly works with these beings at many different levels. Because they can travel so widely and are residents of many different worlds (without their presence being known on many worlds), they have acquired a great deal of experience and wisdom – that is both useful to the worlds where they reside and to the many different collectives. Naturally, they also have great capacity for stealth and learning about individual races that may not yet have become space faring.

They pose no threat to humans or Earth and care immensely about how we have changed the face of our planet and reduced Earth’s natural biodiversity. Of course some of those in covert projects, seek to use these beings to their own advantage. But that is never going to happen because they know everything that humans think and feel.

At this stage, I do not yet know what this race calls it’s self or where they originate from but I will let you know, if I ever find out.

Some more Dude’s Maxims

Here are a 5 more Dude’s Maxims from an earlier conversation I had with Dude. Some of you might recognize it !


Maxim 29 : For a person of my race, you (humans) seem at best very peculiar and at worst terrible and ruthless and utterly careless.

For a person of my race, you (humans) seem at best very peculiar and at worst terrible and ruthless and utterly careless.


Maxim 30 : There is no waking up en masse, only the repetition of the same mistakes.

There is no waking up en masse, only the repetition of the same mistakes.So we are here to ensure that your world is safe from you and to help some of you to take greater responsibility for your own spiritual development and for caring for your Earth.


Maxim 31 : We do not support any activity that supports war or the destruction of the Earth or it’s species – including people.

We do not support any activity that supports war or the destruction of the Earth or it’s species – including people. These activities are undertaken despite our objections and intentions for humans to do otherwise. None the less it is human actions and not the actions of those of us from other worlds, that are driving this activity and this senseless, crazy behaviour. We do not condone it or support it but we do work with many of the same individuals, to try to bring about a long term transformation of human consciousness, that sees you become somewhat more responsible to the Earth you have inherited.


Maxim 32 : We understand how humans are. We accept this but we also recognize the needs of other species on your world.

We understand how humans are. We accept this but we also recognize the needs of other species on your world. And so we work as well on behalf of helping to address their needs. And so that is what we mean by becoming more mature. You are what you are but if we can nudge you towards being a little more mature, than that is a good for the rest of your world. Ultimately it’s up to you all to make your own choices but you must recognize that you sometimes make choices that effect other species and cause their detriment and destruction. We’re here in part, to ensure that human behaviour is modified, so that some of these other species have the opportunity to survive and to flourish.


Maxim 33 : You are given opportunities to grow and if you do not embrace them, you have no right to think you deserve to become space faring and go and transform another world and destroy it. 

You are given opportunities to grow and if you do not embrace them, you have no right to think you deserve to become space faring and go and transform another world and destroy it. You have to get you shit together here first before you will be allowed to occupy any other planet anywhere ! Period ! It isn’t going to happen until you can demonstrate that you can do it here first ! Make sure people know that. They hear it loud and clear. You fuck up one planet and you can’t fuck up a second one !


Maxim 34 : You fuck up one planet and you can’t fuck up a second one !  

See Maxim 33.


Maxim music…



The One Thing You Need to Know About ETs – The Eyes Have It : Part 2

I dedicate this post to Sandor ! Thanks for all your ongoing support – it means so much ! 😉

This is a really difficult post to write and I’m not sure how well you will understand what I am trying to convey to you. But Dude insisted that this was the one post I need to write, to help you understand what ETs are really like. Ultimately that’s why I share anything about my experiences with the ETs. Because people need to penetrate the lies and deception, myths and lack of knowledge and hear first hand from someone who KNOWS, so that they can make up their own minds, free of distorted perspectives.

In Part 1 ( I focused on human eyes, so that you would have some sense of what we can all potentially see in the eyes of our own kind. But I also wanted to give you something, by way of contrast – so that you would truly understand the difference between our eyes and the ET eyes.

First I’ll speak generally about the eyes of beings from other worlds and then I’ll give you two examples from people who are my friends.

While we hold our eyes in a way that may reflect underlying anxieties and discomfort, often moving them around very quickly, ETs hold their eyes with much greater stability. It’s as if they can take in much more without having to move their eyes as much. As well as that, they are more stable emotionally.

Many (but not all ETs) do not have the peripheral features of the eye that we have – such as Lacrimal Glands in the corners of the eye, eyelashes, or residue in the eyes. Their eyes appear vibrant and fresh.

Many ETs do not have whites in their eyes or visible blood vessels. Their eyes do not exhibit any of the aspects of poor health that are often conveyed through the whites of our eyes.

All ETs I know of,  have an Iris of sorts. But I’m not sure whether we can say that their Iris’s contains a Stroma and Pigmented Epithelial Cells, as our eyes do. Their Irisis often appear to stretch around the entire eye and I have no idea how that works functionally. Perhaps the front and back of the eye have different functions. They do have great variation in colour between races and between individuals. Although some races have similar colours between individuals. ET Irises are exceedingly vibrant in colour and radiate an incredible sense of life. They do not exhibit any of the signs of ill health that affect our Irises. Of course different races have different shaped Irises. For example, the Muajra and Sar’won’dee appear to have circular Irises but the Sarpalxn appear to have an vertical ovoid cat like Iris.

The Pupil of ETs eyes have great variability. Some appear to contract and expand rapidly, while others contract and expand slowly. What they all seem to have in common is a strong sense of the life force. In many races it is completely and utterly engaging, like a magnet that sucks you in. It truly is a window to the soul ! And often, it is as if there is literally light radiating back at you. Not a reflection of light but actual light.

When you look into the eyes of most ETs, you have a powerful sense of BEING and that what you see is TRUTH.

So let me give you the examples I promised.

Some of you know about Dude of the Muajra. Dude’s Irises are a pale but vibrant green, with orange/gold flecks distributed equally through them – that are very reflective. The Iris goes all the way around the eye. When you look closer, it looks like a water colour that has different qualities/colours to it. There are no visible blood vessels or tear ducts (although he can cry). His eyes seem to change, depending on how you look at them. His Irises change with his emotions. Somehow emanating different subtle qualities. I’ve even noticed that his Pupils can contract to a point of almost dissapearing and it’s as if his Irises are taking in the light. When you look into Dude’s eyes, you are automatically engaged with him and depending on what he wants you to feel, you can feel the most intense emotions – more than sometimes you can handle. Dude uses this to his advantage when he is working with humans. People that piss him off are literally terrified by his eyes. But he can also be more loving than any human you could ever meet and make you feel as if you are one with God.

The Sar’won’dee (said Sawronde) have the most beautiful large eyes. My friend Taehelrs (said Tee-heesh) is one of the 8 ETs who I call the Beloved Carers, who visited me earlier this year and whom I have regular internal world contact. Taehelrs has very large eyes but they look proportional to the size of the head. He, like the rest of his people, have the most exotic blue Lapis Lazuli like blue Irises, with flecks of gold colour through them and well defined long Pupils. Every time I look into his eyes or the eyes of any of his people, I feel completely vulnerable and like I am HOME. By that I now mean (after my January 19th, 2011 encounter), that I am one with The Light that is all things. I have never known he or any of his people to show any kind of irritation or anger; unlike Dude, who uses it to ‘make things happen’. My ex wife jokes that they are the ‘happy happy aliens’ because they never show any negative emotion. Often when you look into any of the Sar’won’dee’s eyes you are flooded with moving images of whatever they wish you to know and you feel what they feel about what they are sharing. One look into Taehelrs or any of the Sar’won’dee’s eyes and you feel complete unconditional love and acceptance.

Looking into many of the ET’s eyes can be a truly humbling experience. Often when you look into their eyes you are overwhelmed emotionally and you become physically sick because it’s all too much. I can’t think of a single human who has the same capacity to transform us !

The eyes of an ET do not harbor hatred or hostility, emotional instability or ill health. They are honest and genuine, conveying truth and love. Those who say otherwise, are either unable to remain conscious with the ETs, are overwhelmed by fear and/or their own projections or have been deceived by those who perpetrate the abduction meme.

You can read more on the Muajra here : (or on the Who the Hell is Dude page) & the Sar’won’dee here :

The Naming of ET Races – Part 1

Over the years I have spoken a lot about ET races and said that much of what passes as legitimate extraterrestrials is myth. I think however it’s only fair to add that many of the names that are used to describe ETs have been given to them by us. And as such they are merely a reference point (like all names). The names that we use, arise from many sources and points of origin and among them these include :

  • The lower arms of The Architecture
  • People who do not genuinely know the names of ETs
  • Ancient and modern mythologies
  • Memes which are easily transmitted via the internet
  • People who suffer delusions
  • Religious figures
  • Cultural and religious archetypes.

When I talk about ET races, I am referring generally to specific ET groups, in much the same way I might refer to humans – in more of a general biological race sense ( I do not use this word to mean race in the sense that we use it to describe individual human races ( . However I do at the same time mean it in the sense that  I am referring to beings “who share similar and distinct physical characteristics” but not to the degree that would we would think when referring to individual human races. There are, for example, there are many different types of Sarpalxn, however I don’t know the exact details of their individual differences, so I refer to the entire group as a race called Sarpalxn. There are also different creatures on their home world and other worlds they inhabit, and I don’t know what to call them.

If we were to more accurately name our ET friends we would refer to them in a taxononomically accurate way, starting with the idea of Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species and Sub Species. But we have one fundamental problem. We do not know enough about the biology of our ET friends, to impose the same taxonomic classification system upon them. So, for example, it would not be appropriate to call the Teal’hia a species, as we would call Man – Homo Sapiens (or more accurately his sub species Homo sapiens sapiens) ( /  . We simply don’t know enough about them to give them any kind of accurate taxonomic label.

Having met some 30 plus ET races and learned about many more while on board ET craft, I can confidently say that many of the so called races we hear about simply do not exist. They are either non existent or the name given to them is not their real name. I can tell you that the following races do not exist :

Greys, Reptilians, Amphibians, Anromedans, Booteans, Arcturians, Sirians, Mantids, Nordics, Draconians (alpha or beta), Altairians, Antarians, Aldebarians, Anunnaki, Bernarians, Cetians, Dinosauroids, Dracos, Draco-Borgs, Nephilim, Pleiadians, Zeta Reticulans, Hyadeans, Iguanoids, Jawas, Leviathans, Martians, Orions, Vegans, Lyrians, Shining Ones, Lunarians, Terrans, Procyonians, Ashtarians, Insectoids, Tall Whites, Blue Beings and Aryans.

Some of these races may however be real but we refer to them using a human label. So the race that we know them by is a fiction. ETs do not name themselves after constellations (Orions/Dracos) or solar systems or suns (Booteans/Altairians/Zeta Reticulans) or galaxies (Andromedans). To do so would eliminate 99.99 % of all the other beings that could rightly be called the same thing and be too much of a generalization to be meaningful. We also like to refer to beings by skin colour. There are, for example, more than a dozen races that might be called Greys and these could include the Muajra and the Teal’hia. They are distinct races that are as diverse as a bee to an elephant. And yet we humans see a 3.5-4.5 being with 2 arms and 2 legs and a humanoid shape and we say GREY ! We seem to be drawn to basic morphology (phenotypes – external appearances), when it comes to naming. I myself have done that when referring to the Teal’hia as The Brownies, after my first fully conscious encounter with them but I realized I was referring to them in the wrong way. So I sought to learn what they call themselves, as soon as I could.

What we are essentially doing is using our lack of knowledge, to label something because of our desire to put things into easy to manage categories. Humans don’t like chaos or a lack of control !

In reality, ETs are named in a different way. When I have been with ETs, they have referred to each other by one of two names – the name of their planet e.g. Dude comes from MuajraH36 and his people are called the Muajra; or by the name that the individual race gives to themselves. However, here’s where it gets confusing. Where possible different races try to use the actual name used by an individual race themselves. But not every space faring race speaks a diversity of languages. So there is often the problem of translation. The 36 in MuajraH36 does not refer to a number but refers to the next best approximation, from the translation of their alphabet. While we humans would refer to them as the Muajra, another race who cannot speak English may refer to them as something else – which is an accurate translation of Muajra in the Muajran language into their own language.

One thing I noticed among the ETs, when in a communal setting (which is quite frequent), is that they have a great deal of respect for one another. They don’t call each other’s race by colloquial names. They use accurate names that the race itself would use. Nothing like Greys or Tall Whites or Nordics. But the ETs know that we are at an early phase in our development and are not overly bothered by how we refer to them. But if you ask them what they call themselves, they will usually tell you. There are some names though, that because of differences in physical elements of the body, are almost impossible for us to understand, translate or speak. Dude has shared his real name with me and I have heard others speak it but there is no way that I can put it into any kind of approximation that makes sense to our ears. And similarily, some of the names that have been given to me for individuals, have been a simplification, so that I could understand them.

I have also been told that the humans who work with ETs in highly covert projects, are also expected (by their superiors and the ETs) to refer to them appropriately and with respect. Once when I joked with Dude about the subject, he reminded me that his race don’t go around calling us “Pinkies or Whities or Brownies”. But he did refer to himself as a “Greeny” !

Unfortunately during ET contact experiences, most people are frightened and black out or fade in and out of consciousness. As a result, there are few opportunities for people to ACTUALLY learn the names of ET races and individual ETs. It is my belief though that this will change gradually over the next century.

Of course it’s impossible for you to know whether I am really having ET contact or whether I’m delusional or an egomaniac. And that’s why I urge you to use what I share about making contact to have your own contact experiences. That way, in time you too may learn about the Teal’hia, Sarpalxn, Muajra, and so on.

Some of the races I am aware of include the :

Muajra, Sar’Won’Dee, Teal’hia, Sarpalxn (Tarheen subgroup), Quimajgaieo, Nalpnto, Harlcha, Ajun, Arooh, Chenntrame, Haenty, Warbell, Talrgy and Asha; to name but a few.

I am uncertain why these races are not discussed by others. But Rachel assures me from her work with a covert project in England, that most of these races are known to those in lower arms of The Architecture. Out of a list of 63 known races in the mid 80’s, she herself was allocated a list of 15 races with whom she became intimately familiar. Each race had a very specific name.

In time I will talk a great deal more about the races I know by name and those I know by colloquial names. I don’t know everything and I still have contact experiences that are very unusual to me and for which I have very little awareness.

I’d like to imagine that when we eventually publish our book of artwork on the ET races I’ve met, with all of their accurate names; that other people will come forth and share their experiences with the same races.

It’s time for people to start talking with a new language and to drop stupid names like Greys and Nordics and to learn what these races call themselves. We are such silly and easily misled Pinkies, Whities and Brownies ! I look forward to a time when more people look past the stupid ET/alien mythologies that have been spawned in the last 4 decades and start sifting the truth for themselves.

Conversations with ETs 1

It just occurred to me that now and then I might post some snippets of conversations that I have had with my ET friends during face to face contact, internal worlds contact or tel-empathic contact. Let me know if this idea has any value to you.

Here’s one that I had during an internal worlds contact session, on the 3rd April, 2015, with a male ET of the Sawronde race called Taehelrs :
“It is better to choose healthy desires. But if you make a bad choice, it is not a bad thing. All choices, all desires; will create consequences and from each consequence you will learn something that will help your life.

Without making mistakes, you do not understand what it is you have done wrong. If you have the wrong desires, you will learn from this experience.
The full experience of life is to have desires that are healthy and unhealthy. Each type of desire will create its own consequence. Some good, some bad but each an opportunity for learning.

When you are experiencing your life and you have the opportunity to choose one desire or another, it is not necessary for you to always make the best decision. Sometimes you will make a decision that has bad consequences. These consequences will cause you suffering. But in suffering, you will grow and learn how to choose well. And sometimes you will make a good decision that has limited gain or benefit. You will not learn anything substantial from this decision – it will not contribute to the long term well being of your life. In such situations, it is sometimes better to make a bad decision. To have given into the unhealthy desire.”


“The small self must exist, in order for you to experience anything else. You cannot experience the greater self without first of all experiencing the small self. The entirety of your existence, is anchored in your experience as a separate identity. Without this experience, you are everything, without an experience of separateness.

If it wasn’t for all these desires, all of these attachments; you would have no conception of what it is to be a separate identity. You would be all and that would be the entirety of your existence.”


In reference to great spiritual masters :

“We wish to reassure you, in every possible way, these people did have separate identities. Outwardly they may have spoken as if they did not have separate identities but inwardly they did have. It may have been interpreted by each of them, that they had transcended their separateness but that was merely a projection. Because they had individual bodies, they were still very much driven by desires and attachments. No human being can be free of these things. All living entities require them because they sustain life. It is not possible to exist in this life without them.”


Perhaps next time I’ll give you a little more context for the conversation.

Adios friends, Bright.  😉

Dude’s discovery of a world like no other – Update 1

Some of you will recall me telling you about the planet that Dude discovered last year ( Two days ago, while I was operating on an ingrown toe nail and wincing like a baby, Dude paid me a visit and had a giggle at the sounds I was making. He thought it was really entertaining. He just kept egging me on, “Pull out the dead bit of your toe nail. Get it over and done with !” But it was hurting too much and I couldn’t do it. Anyway, I turned it around on Dude and asked him “So any updates on your new planet ?” And much to my surprise, he answered in the affirmative and told me the following.

His people, who you will recall have a small party of people visiting the planet incognito, are learning more about these strange aliens every day. In Dude’s words, their knowledge is “evolving” at a rapid rate. They recently discovered something that has really surprised them. They have discovered that there is a small percentage of their people, who in the presence of others of their kind (and even the Muajra in disguise) involuntarily transform into mirror images of their bodies – complete with the same genetic composition. In other words, they accidentally shape shift and they can’t control it. They maintain the same personality and memories but their genetic makeup now mimics someone near by. At this point, the Muajra seem quite confused by this and they see the aliens as dangerous. Dude didn’t elaborate on why they see them as dangerous but I had a sense that it’s because these transformations are uncontrollable. Perhaps that adds a certain volatility to their social stability or maybe it’s because if they ever reach space faring maturity, they’ll pose a danger to other races. Dude also didn’t elaborate on whether these “mutants” replicate the real appearance of his people, when they’ve transformed into one of them or if they’ve replicated the incognito appearance or if they’ve discovered that these particular mutants have a very peculiar genetic structure (one that must mimic the silicon structures of the Muajra).

At this point, the whole thing is a bit of a detective story, with nothing for Dude’s race to compare to. The likes of these aliens has never been discovered anywhere before. Yet Dude is sure, that somewhere in the vast records of the great collective, there must be a record of the ancient race that created this world and its people.

I wish I could tell you more but unfortunately Dude only gives me tid bits of information and I’m limited by how I perceive what he explains to me.

I see a lot of contradictions for which I have no explanation and I’m as dumbfounded as you are, by what Dude has shared with me. But if Dude says that these aliens are weird, they must be really damned weird ! But in addition to being weird and beyond comprehension, he and I both find them equally fascinating !

Human ETs

As I was growing up, I had a strong conviction that if ETs exist, they must look alien. I was sure that the morphology of every ET had to reflect its own unique adaptation to it’s own planet and the local celestial environment. And for that reason alone, I didn’t believe that an ET could look anything but non-human. Then one night in 1989 I was at a pub with an acquaintance and we were talking about science fiction ideas and the possible nature of ETs. Quinny turned to me and said “Larry Niven’s Ring World series is pretty good – his ETs are well adapted to their planet !” I had a number of Larry Niven’s novels on my book shelf but I’d read none of them. Although I had a half decent Sci Fi collection, I wasn’t really a big Sci Fi fan. I’d enjoyed Robert Heinlin but found most science fiction writers dull and boring. So I sat there listening to Quinny babble on about all these weird aliens, when suddenly he said “I think one day we’ll meet other humans in space.”. I suddenly took notice of what he was saying. I considered what he said for a minute and then went on to suggest why it would never happen. But Quinny was determined and he presented some interesting arguments. One of them being the idea that Earth was just one planet that humans had evolved on. We talked and drank long into the night and in the morning my hang over reminded me not to go out late with Quinny and drink and talk bullshit into the wee small hours. Quinny was a pot head and a bullshit artist and because of this I rarely took much notice of what he said. He had a great intellect but only ever thought about himself. He constantly lied through his teeth and ripped people off left right and centre. I promptly cast aside Quinny’s belief that we would meet other human ETs in space. Then one day, many years later, his idea bubbled up into my consciousness. I was talking to my then partner about her earlier contact experiences, when she mentioned that she had had contact with human ETs. I asked her a few questions about them but she refused to entertain me. And that was how it was with her. She’d drop a few hints, tell me a few things and then tighten her lips. Mostly she shut shop because I asked too many questions and I pushed too hard. It was a lesson I learned the hard way and something I’ve learned to suppress.

As I was growing up I had this sense that there were “people” who were my friends but I could never see them. But I heard their voices, always on the fringe of sleep or when I was tired. I’d have fleeting images that I felt were memories of faces and bodies and kind words from else where. Later I wondered if these experiences were real. Maybe they were related to ghosts but there was always this feeling that they were related to something else.

Then sometimes after 2000, I began to remember contact experiences in which I saw humans who were not human. I then became aware of the human ET that I now refer to as Number One. You may recall, that Number One is the man who leads the structure I have called The Architecture. You can read more about him in the post I wrote about him. The Architecture is the structure that the ETs set up with certain Earth based humans, to care for the welfare of the planet. The upper arms of TA are benevolent in nature and the lower arms of TA are primarily self centred. TA has been established here for a long time – at least 5,500 years and has taken on different structures and functions to suit the needs of any given time period. So Number One works with this very large structure and the small number of ETs who care about the welfare of our planet – in particular the 9 ETs who represent key races associated with the welfare of Earth and our solar system. Dude is one of those 9 and might be thought of as Number Two. Incidentally many have suggested that Dude take on Number One’s role when he is ready to step down but Dude has stated that he has no interest at all in filling Number One’s shoes.

Now, Number One’s role is far reaching. Earth’s welfare is just one of many of his responsibilities. If I told you how far his responsibilities extend, you would not believe me. But suffice to say that he is respected EVERYWHERE. The extent of his role and the extent of the assemblage of the great collective he leads, was one of the GREATEST surprises of my life !

You may recall me telling you that Number One, left Earth long, long ago. His people were born here and many of them went out into space over a vast period of time. They appear to have spread from our planet into the Milky Way and beyond. And they now seem to inhabit multiple worlds in multiple galaxies.

One thing that was explained to me was that Number One and his people, while spiritually and physically advanced compared to our species, are not able to create reality as the Creator Races are and do the things that beings such as Dude can do. In fact, from my experience with Number One, he is very much like us and bears none of the surreal and otherworldly qualities of Dude or his people the Muajra. He is however deeply caring, very wise, very old and able to do things that we cannot do.

You might recall that Dude and Number One also work with about 40 ETs who work covertly in various governments and about 40 ETs who work with Earth doorways (the Doorway Keepers), which connect Earth to many places in the cosmos. Most of these ETs are Human ETs and come from several different star systems – both in our galaxy and beyond. It seems to me, that their relatively human like appearance, makes it easy for them to blend into the population. Most of them are superficially different to us in the most subtle of ways – things like slightly different bone/cartilage structures, which are more pronounced in the face and head; different eye structure and colour; different length digits etc.

In addition to the official ETs on Earth, who are part of The Architecture, there are about 1,500 ETs living on the planet at any one time (some of you might recal this figure from the movie Men In Black !). It is my suspicion that a good proportion of these are Human ETs.

Some of you will recall me talking about one of the Internal Worlds contact methods that I use. During these experiences I met several human ETs, some of which I was also to meet during my face to face contacts. One of these human ETs is a being called Kaolon. Kaolon and her people come from one of our local star systems. Kaolon is a very tall, beautiful woman, with yellow fiery hair. She usually wears a white one piece body suit and moves very gently and graciously. Kaolon has been a wonderfully wise and encouraging teacher and when I am in her presence, it’s as if I have done this with her before – in other lives. When she is among the non human ETs, she is equal to their presence and yet she responds to my needs and questions, only when she is the most appropriate person to guide me.

I don’t like inaccurate labels and I know I’m being deliberately vague here (there’s a legitimate reason for that) but there are some labels that others have used that might superficially describe Kaolon. One of these is the Nordic label. But Kaolon is not Nordic. She has nothing to do with the so called Nordics (or Scandinavia for that matter) but she has a similar appearance to some who are described as Nordics. I am uncertain because I have never asked the question but I do not know if Kaolon’s people are the ancestors or descendants of those humans who left Earth long ago or ancestors or descendants of humans from elsewhere.

Over the last 15 years, I discovered that there are human ETs who superficially resemble all the races that we are familiar with on Earth. In general terms, there are human ETs who are dark skinned, light skinned, yellow skinned & red skinned. ETs who look Mongoloid, Caucasian, Australasian, etc. These human ETs may look like many of the races we have on Earth but they do not have the localised differences that reflect the subtle differences that are reflected in our own nationalities. Differences such as language, cultural idiosyncrasies, dietary preferences etc. They don’t represent differences such as Taiwanese and Chinese, Australian Aboriginal and Tiwi Islander, Papaun and Micronesian, Bolivian and Chilean, Siberian and Mongolian. But superficially they look like all the people of Earth that we know.

Herein is where I would like to present you with some ideas worth considering about human ETs. I have learned that there are human ETs who did not originate from Earth and I am not so sure that humans of Earth (past and present) originated here. So, here are some possibilities to explain how things seem to be :

  • Humans originated on Earth, spread out into space, inhabited other planets and became their own unique species and races.
  • Humans were seeded and modified by the Creator Races on Earth and then spread out into space, inhabited other planets and became their their own unique species and races.
  • Humans originated from a common ancestor somewhere in space and spread out and colonised new worlds, including Earth.
  • Humans originated from a common ancestor somewhere in space and were seeded onto new world, including Earth.
  • Humans originated from a common ancestor somewhere in another universe and spread out and colonised new worlds, including Earth.
  • Humans originated from a common ancestor somewhere in another universe and were seeded onto new worlds, including Earth.
  • The human form has arisen throughout the cosmos as a result of a kind of convergent evolution (, in which similar environments trigger the development of similar genotypes and phenotypes/morphology – in what one would assume to be Carbon only life forms.

It has occurred to me over the years, that these are the most obvious choices likely to explain how things seem to be.

But one day when I was talking to my former partner (who had worked with Dude in England) she said something very peculiar to me. I was talking to her about this subject when she said to me “You know that might seem like the most likely reason why they look like us but it’s not. Many of them choose to look that way.” When I heard that I was blown away ! I realised that it was a mistake to assume that these people are what I think they are and that they’re origin follows a logical taxonomic pathway !

So now when I consider the issue of human ETs throughout the cosmos, I am not so sure what it means. I am pretty sure that they are not non human ETs taking on a human form but I am not sure why human ETs would take on different human forms. I suppose, it’s ultimately a matter of choice. Perhaps they feel comfortable in certain bodies with certain appearances. Most of them have a highly developed understanding of the nature of reality and physical reality, so perhaps they have the ability to alter their bodies at will. I know Dude can do that completely, transforming into any body he likes. I was told that the humans can’t do that. But perhaps they can modify their human body to appear however they wish, using an awareness of reality or through some kind of gene or tissue engineering. You may recall me talking about light templates previously. Maybe some of these human ETs can use light templates to create new bodies or modify old bodies. Whatever the case, I remain uncertain how and why they take on the appearances that they do. I also think that its possible that many of them can be explained by the logical taxonomic explanations I explained above. But maybe in addition to this, they choose to modify their appearances.

Two things however are very clear to me. The idea of a human is a current Earth human idea. Maybe these human ETs are not human at all but we all share some form of ancient lineage. And what we take to be human, is an ancient form that likely pre-dates the origin of life on our planet. For all we know Earth humans are the new kids on the block and just another version in an almost endless lineage of human like entities that span the entire cosmos.

Perhaps its possible that there are many species on Earth that have been recreated again, in an almost endless lineage of similar organisms that span the cosmos.

I used to think that every single species on Earth is unique to Earth but now I am not so sure. What I have called Light Templates, provide the Creator Races with the opportunity to replicate the specific life forms or variations on specific life forms, wherever they please. I know that some of the Creator Races feel a special connection between specific planets and their life forms and see those particular planets as a kind of sacred space, in which the life forms on that planet, will only be allowed to exist on that planet. But perhaps other Creator Races approach the creation of life differently. Perhaps there are also rules dictating what can and cannot happen.

I sometimes wonder if perhaps, humans are a wonderful creation for seeding developing worlds and for bringing sentience to the cosmos.

Dude’s Perspective on What Distinguishes Humans from ETs

I know I have touched on the subject of what distinguishes humans from ETs but I thought it would be good to revisit the subject.

Some of you will recall me saying that Dude once told me that in all of our galaxy, we are the only beings who see faces in objects, where there are no faces. In other words we see what is not there. Et’s on the other hand do not see faces in rocks, trees, clouds and other objects. They see the thing itself. Now this might sound like a small point of no significance but actually it speaks volumes about how we are as sentient beings and how ETs are as sentient beings. We seek familiar patterns in order to entertain ourselves and/or to find meaning. But ETs don’t seek patterns like this. In a way we are projecting one form of reality onto another. And that seems to me like an awfully strange thing to do but we all do it. In a way what we are doing is avoiding the present moment.

Some of you will also recall me saying that the really big problem for our species is that we see separation. We can talk till the cows come home about oneness but we don’t really act like oneness is real. Last week Dude said something very interesting to me in relation to this. He told me that unlike humans, aliens are not compassionate. They don’t need to be. Everything is the same despite its individuality. Aliens don’t see differences. Because they don’t see differences, they don’t need to be compassionate. They are naturally caring because they know that everything is the same. That everything feels. He made the point, a point he wants everyone to know, that from the moment we’re taught to read and write, we’re taught to see things in descriptive terms. Such as the black man, the black and white cow, the drunk, the rapist, the hobo with schizophrenia, the pest, the dirty cockroach, the lazy pig, the Goth, the EMO, the Moslem, the Born Again Christian, the fat hippo, the black cat, the corporation,  the mangy dog, the stuck up rich man, the yuppy, the scraggly tree, the lying politician, Once we start to think in descriptive terms, it taints our entire conditioning. And we’re only a few steps away from ignorance and brutality. Think for example about how advertising lures people into buying what they don’t need – things that are ultimately unsatisfying and impermanent. Think also about how nationalism prepares people for war. Or how our labels – rapist, murderer, schizophrenic, politician, thief, drug addict, nymphomaniac, alcoholic, gambling addict, mental illness, bankruptcy etc., taints people for life and distorts peoples perceptions of them as human beings with the same value and human rights. Dude suggested that this whole approach to our education and our conditioning – teaching children and adults to think in descriptive terms, is holding humanity back.If you really think about it and analyze our language – you’ll see that what he is saying is true. Try thumbing through a newspaper or a novel or a magazine or listen to a song or watch a movie or listen to the news and you’ll see that description (and implicit judgment) is everywhere in human expression.

Let me be clear about one thing. ETs like Dude, do recognize individuality and different ways of functioning. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this post. But fundamentally, they see life and that all life has equal value. You might recall Dude’s comment about materializing in front of me and treading on an ant. It was a joke. He wouldn’t do that. He was irritated with peoples blindness and projections. But in reality Dude and most other ETs would see an ant exactly the same as they would see you. They would see an ant as having the same value as a human being. To give you an example, last year I had a rather strange and lengthy encounter on my farm with 4 ET races. I’ve written just a little about that experience. What I didn’t tell you is that the beings who came to visit me, as a result of my request, spent more time connecting with the spiders and ants and birds that live on our land than they did with me. They recognized that the land held life and that I was only one life form on it. One race, the Chenntrame – who are particularly small relative to us (there’s description again), were smaller than some of the birds on our farm. They are on a different body scale to humans but they didn’t say “You’re much bigger than me and therefor I want nothing to do with you. Or you’re feathered or have 8 legs and I’m only interested in talking to that 2 legged pink skin creature in that big box above the ground.” They saw all life equally, without differences which would cause bias.

For humanity to get to that point when we are truly ready to become space faring, we need to overcome our innate desire to see differences and re-engineer the way we think and perceive. Such that the other, becomes me, despite her individuality.

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