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Some Predictions 1

Here are some small predictions without time frames (most will events will unfold within the next 100 years) :

  • Some one well known in the crop circle community will die soon.
  • The US will have a female African American president in the next decade.
  • NASA will develop stellar craft that are launched from orbiting circular platforms.
  • Solar gels will be created. Solar gels will contain solar charging materials in a flexible form. They will be span small to very large scales.
  • New forms of energy systems will be created based on Kinetic Energy Systems (KESs) – including systems that draw from kinetic energy of vehicles on roads and humans walking on paths, roads, streets and in houses.
  • Governments in the west will introduce paid Euthanasia to help reduce the population (see the video about what was shared with my ex and I by the Teal’hia).
  • There is a looming Chrononaut Movement (see my posts on this) which will also include rogue Chrononat elements, who will be engaged in religious wars to attempt to change the human future (I don’t believe they can do it).
  • Scientists will discover several non carbon life forms on Earth.
  • Scientists will first speculate about non carbon life forms (beyond current speculations) and find non carbon life forms in our own solar system.
  • There is a global movement to set up a new control system that will span 160 years. It is based on certain catalytic R & D groups (who draw upon venture capital) that have recently been established and soon to be established in many countries. The leading groups will be in the US, UK, Australia, Russia, Germany, India & China. If you explore this now, you will find several such groups. The development of this new control system will be based on creating technology dependence. Running parallel to this will be the development of tools to create transparency. Eventually the push towards transparency and the tools to create transparency will overcome this control system.
  • All humans will have access to Biological Nanobot Technologies  (BNTs) – some of which monitor health and others which perform maintenance and repair.
  • We will be a threat to the development of mature Artificial Intelligence, driven by the fear of what AI can do and the supposed Technological Singularity.
  • AI will offer many solutions to the problems of isolation & loneliness.
  • AI humanoids will be used for exploration of the solar system.
  • Spacecraft with AI Humanoids will be launched into the atmospheres of the Sun and many of our planets.
  • In 2070 Australia’s human population will peak at 55 million.
  • Earth’s human population will stabilise in 2120 to about 2320 at about 6 billion (unless there is a solar catastrophe prior to this time period).
  • Earth will have 3 billion human beings for at least 1,000 years, starting after the 24th century.
  • All humans will have access to Family Archives and Collective Archives by 2100. Each archive will have different levels of security and authority, depending on who you are and your relationship with relevant people.
  • Different forms of computing will be developed and run simultaneously – including Biocomputers (which use natural microbes, altered microbes and artificial microbes), Optical Computers based on room temperature semiconductors, optical computers based on Germanium and Micro Magnetic Computers – which will use microscopic magnets (Nano Magnetic Particles (NMPs)) to transmit pulses and data. Some computers will be grown, not made.
  • Universal access to Matter Creation Technologies (MCTs) will transform everything about human civilisation and eliminate the need for money and all poverty and social inequality.
  • A universal Humanoid/Android rights bill will be drafted between 2100-2125, recognising the rights of all Humanoid/Android AIs.

PS. This is a kind of entertainment for me ! 😉 Acronyms are fun !

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