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Robbie Graham – A Breath of Fresh Air !

There are very few people I believe have something of great value to contribute to the whole discourse of UFOs and ETs ! Robbie Graham is one of them ! In the following talks Robbie uses his voice of reason to lift the discourse on UFOs and ETs to a more mature and realistic level. In his talks and books, Robbie tackles the vast plethora of disinformation that has been engineered into the UFO/ET field, takes a shot at the recent preoccupation with Alien Disclosure and counters many of the cultural misunderstandings and delusions that people have about the subject. Robbie seems like a genuinely nice guy, with plenty of balls and common sense !

Good on ya Robbie !



Is WannaCrypt a Symptom of the Russian-US Intelligence Cyberwar ?

Anyone interested in the subject of cyberwarfare, knows that there is a major cyberwar taking place in the World Wide Web ( and in paritcular the Dark Web ( Web ( The cyberwar mirrors the cold war but this time the major players include world powers such as the US, Russia, China, the UK, Germany, Australia and India (among others), small nation states such as North Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia etc. and individual hackers/hacktivists and collective hackers/hacktivists.

A few days ago the WannaCry(pt) Ransomware ( hit the world stage and in the space of 4 days has demonstrated it’s capacity to lock up/encapsulate/encrypt data on across a range of computer networks, cripling everything from personal computers to computer networks in hospitals, government departments, automobile/electronics manufacturers, schools and a host of business entities of all sizes. When I see this kind of event unfold, I can’t help wondering, what kind of selfish irresponsible fucking moron(s) would do something that could damage the lives of innocent people ? But hey, that’s the world we live in, where certain kinds of hackers/groups ruin the lives of people they will never know because they have no idea how it feels to be on the recieving end and have your life re-arranged !

I had heard that this particular nasty had it’s origins with the NSA and a quick bit of research tentatively confirms that WannaCrypt uses the EternalBlue exploit and DoublePulsar backdoor that the NSA had likely developed via the Equation Group ( to attack computers/computer networks that were poorly protected. It has been speculated (with good reason) by several individuals, that the Equation Group has ties to the NSA or is a small group within the NSA. Supposedly Eternal Blue was stolen by a group called the Shadow Brokers (, from the Equation Group. Ed Snowden has gone so far as to suggest that The Shadow Brokers is a Russian intelligence group So what it looks like is that one of the NSA’s favourite tools for exploting a simple Window’s vulnerability has been stolen by opposing team and is now being used in a kind of one upmanship to say ‘You can’t touch us and anything you can do, we can do better !’. Of course it’s equally plausible that WannaCrypt is an NSA invention entirely, made to look like it came from somewhere else.

Whatever the case, what seems to be happening is that some intel group is testing these tools in a kind of trial run. The Ransomeware aspect, in which it looks like they are attempting to round up millions of dollars, maywell be a farce or a means of financing their operation or funelling funds into something else. If this isn’t an intel job, the individuals are very clever and very selfish ! If it is an intel job, it suggests that one side or the other has something big and catastrophic planned for the future. Naturally the US will blame North Korea or Russia and Russia will blame the US or the UK. It’s interesting to note as well that all this has happened in the same week that Donald Trump has fired the head of the FBI ! You can’t help wondering if there is a connection !

So why does WannaCrypt matter ? In and of itself, it doesn’t. It’s just a nasty piece of software which is having a significant impact on a small number of people. But as a test run, it has demonstrated to it’s creators what it is capable of (much like Stuxnet, Flame and Duqu did fr their creators. Now that they know that WannaCrypt works, what’s to stop them doing something similar to critical infrastructure ( like power grids, telecommunication networks, transport networks, dams, satellite networks and so on ? That sort of potential could weild alot of power to an individual, hacking collective, corporation or nation, wanting to control the flow of information and power. It could bring any nation to it’s knees and potentially result in the death of millions of people.

Perhaps ultimately WannaCrypt is just a distraction from the main event (or paralell events) !

I suggest that beyond whatever WannaCrypt is, we see it as a sign or a symptom of a well hidden international cyberwar.

More reading here :

TSM120 : A Rough Sketch of The Architecture & The Diamond Complex – Power Structures that Rule the World

Today’s monolgue is dedicated to Sandor and Frederic for your ongoing financial support and encouragement. And to Oliver and Astrid for your ongoing friendship and openeness. I wish you all well !

I’ve spoken on my blog many times about a the global power structure that I call The Architecture. A structure that has both ET and human elements. In today’s monologue I give you a rough sketch of The Architecture (the same basic information has been discussed on the blog previously) and a more pervasive structure I call The Diamond Complex (which I have referenced on the blog only in passing). Consider this an introduction to both. It is my wish to soon describe The Diamond Complex in greater detail on the blog. These structures represent how things really are and bypass such simple explanations as The Powers That Be, The Illumanati, The Elites, The Cabal, Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commision etc. In future blog posts, rather than naming names, I will try to map out how you too can discover certain elements of both structures.

Sorry I didn’t get to talk about how surveillance and monitoring connect with all this ! I was freezing !

Enjoy !

The wonderful world of surveillance – Vault 7

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Other relevant posts :

More related posts to eventually follow on the Google Panopticon and The Diamond Complex.

I am currently recovering from my initial treatment and feeling a bit volatile. Will be back soon.

Adios, Bright. 😉

More of What’s Coming

Here’s John Pilger reflecting a few years back on the role of media in facilitating war (some one else has added video to this talk). In this talk, he highlights recent US presidential roles in facilitating the bloodiest wars of the last 50 years and the potential for the infringement of domestic human rights. Mark my words, we can expect more of the same under Hillary, only more subversive in nature. Forget hope and freedom, because hope and freedom are tools of propaganda. Instead, we should see how things are and take action, considering the impact of our actions for generations to come. And we should forget wankathons like the Occupy movement and the large scale misled Anonymous movement and develop strategic multi pronged approaches that attack the systems of control at all levels, offering not just criticism but real world solutions.


Steven Greer on Secrecy

Here’s Steven Greer’s latest talk on government/corporate secrecy. I don’t agree with everything he has to say but much of it has merit. Keep in mind what I have been saying about the lower arms of The Architecture.

Note Steven’s reference to “sort of an architecture”. I don’t believe he’s used that term before.

Anyway, I commend Steven for having the balls to speak freely.

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