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A Dare that Most Remote Viewers Will Fail !

We’ve seen and heard a lot about the power of remote viewers to see and experience the past, present and future. But my feeling is that many remote viewers become so analytical that A. They miss what’s right in front of them and B. They exclude their own ability to know with the life force (that is they depend solely on the secondary energies that arise from the life force).

My own remote viewing abilities are good with some things and lousy with others. I’m more interested in Journeying (manifesting a body elsewhere and experiencing with that body).

So here is a simple dare for remote viewers. Your task is this. Working with a support person, you are to explore 10 things closest to you. Your targets include :

  • Whatever is behind you on 3 different days in 3 different places.
    • Look at it as if you are facing it head on.
  • The back and front of your left or right hand.
    • Look at them as if you are looking down at your hands.
    • You will need to scale the image up and map it on some sort of grid like structure to identify key features.
  • The bottom of your left or right foot.
    • Look at them as if you are looking down at your feet.
    • Similarly you will need to scale and map the image.
  • Your own back.
    • Look at it as if you are facing it head on.
    • Similarly you will need to scale and map the image.
  • Your left or right Iris
    • Look at it as if you are facing it head on.
    • Similarly you will need to scale and map the image.
  • A page that your support person has marked in any book you own.
    • You will need to repeat this 3 times with 3 separate books.
    • You may focus on the entire page or have your support person underline a single line on the page.
  • All the objects in your own wallet or purse.
    • Map them in perfect order as they appear in your wallet or purse.
  • Your top or bottom teeth.
    • As seen from above their cutting/grinding surface.
    • If you can, map their constellation exactly as it is.
  • A roof above you in any building you are unfamiliar with.
    • Take a walk into any building you are unfamiliar with, keeping your eyes cast down towards the floor (you may need your support person to escort you).
    • Map everything that you see above your head whilst keeping your eyes cast downwards.
  • A cup of coffee or tea.
    • Drink a cup or coffee that leaves granules or a cup of tea that leaves tea leaves.
    • Before you start your drink, map the image you see at the bottom of the cup when your drink is finished.

You can add to the difficulty of these tasks by doing them for a partner or a friend.

The initial 10 targets may prove to be a very difficult set of targets. So then, might it then be reasonable to ask, if a person can’t even see the things closest to them accurately, is it possible to see things at a distance in time or space accurately ? 

TSM149 : Working with Energy

Unfortunately I had to scrap the last 4 TSMs due to the wind rendering them almost unlistenable. I may post some of them as scraps, in the next few weeks.

* * *

In today’s walky talky I introduce you to a couple of very simple ways to work with energy. Before this monologue really gets going I have the pleasure of observing an Eastern Brown Snake (one of 20 or so resident brown snakes on the property/creek line), who made an unexpected appearance as I sat on a log talking.

In the intro to this discussion I talk a little about my own historical interest in the subject of energy. You maybe surprised to learn that I do not think much of any popular ways of understanding energy (Indian, Chinese and Robert Bruce models to name a few but I do believe that aspects are correct). I once asked the Teal’hia to explain how energy works in the human body and they presented me with a model that was very different to any ancient or modern system that I’d heard of. This only re-enforced my scepticism of these systems.

After saying a little about my own interest in the subject, I give you some examples of internal and external methods for working with energy. This is a very simple overview but I think it will give you some insight into other ways of viewing energy work.

Enjoy ! 😉

Eastern Brown Snakes :

PS. Hopefully I can get some video of my little snake friend soon ! Till then, here’s another !



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