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TSM137 : Entanglement, Human Identity, Aspects of Self, Channeling and Spiritual Development

How do we know what we know ? Part of how we know is by knowing what we are. In today’s walk and wonder, I explore the idea that we can know things beyond ourselves because we are more than we think we are. Not everything appears to follow causality (cause and effect), as entanglement and spooky action at a distance would suggest. Or is causality always present – visible from many different perpectives ? When we embrace a wider perspective about what we are (through such ideas as Aspects of Self and Channeling and by deepening the well of experience), we can know much more than we would normally think is possible. What is in the way of such knowledge and experience, is our ignorance and our desire to remain comfortable in our identities.

Enjoy ! 😉


Bibliomancy, Rhapsodomancy & Jon Klimo on Channeling

I’ve been meaning to write about the subject of channeling for a long time and somewhere in my draft folder I have an article I started a few years back.

Many years ago I carried out a large study of the channeling phenomenon for my own self interest. I had started working with material that I felt came from somewhere else in 1993, the same year I finished an honours degree in science with majors in neuroscience. I was fascinated by whatever the hell was going on in my brain and curious to know what was happening ! I didn’t then have much interest in channeling and in hindsight am unsure that what I was doing was channeling.

I came to this subject during a period of immense stress and later after my then girl friend left me in 1994, when one day I picked up a book and started putting words together in a kind of uncontrolled frenzy. I felt like I was being guided to the answers I needed. Later I learned that what I had stumbled across was a more complicated form of Bibliomancy ( or Rhapsodomancy ( I had been working with Tarot but found it too vague and irritating. I’d also explored the I-Ching but didn’t have the patience or the nous to really figure it out. So when I found this method, something clicked and I felt like I had found the right tool to help me in my life. At first I mostly used it to write poetry but over time I began to trust the process and see that the information that was coming through had great value. Now when I look back at the sessions I transcribed, I can see that I was being provided with a map of my life and all the guidance I needed to navigate my life.



Around the same time I also began experimenting more with Stream of Consciousness writing, which I first picked up from William Burroughs cut up experiments and the writings of James Joyce and JG Ballard in 1989/90. (A very bad verbal example here : Stream of Consciousness writing was very different in that sense that it was an uncontrolled stream of thoughts/words that came out of me via my hand, where as the Bibliomancy writing came from a very strong guided urge to specific words in a book. Usually I would grab a pile of 10-15 books that felt right and sometimes I’d even grab a pile of random books. I’d experiment with introducing more and more diversity into my selected books, so that I could be sure that I could rule out certain themes arising because teh books were similar. And sure enough, it didn’t matter which books I picked, certain themes would always pop up !

Now that I’m older I think that I was experiencing two things. First and foremost, I think I was learning how to access other aspects of myself (a subject I’ll talk more about soon and link back to an early question I left for you) and to connect with disembodied humans. So in a sense part of what I was doing was, what by some definitions was channeling. But as far as I am concerned, I was channeling something from within my self. Within 2 years I would learn how to communicate with those who have died in a more direct way, so I didn’t really put much emphasis on those earlier sessions representing a flow of information from the other side. I also often wondered,if what I was doing was simply the product of chance and to this day, despite all the amazing synchronicities and predictions that did happen, I still wonder if some part of it wasn’t just an unfolding of chance.

in the last 15 years I’ve been developing an idea I call Aspects of Self, in which I have come to see that the human psyche/personality is a multifaceted composite or community of aspects that are both time bound and timeless. I’m trying to develop a model that goes beyond any model of subpersonalities that have been mapped out (see Psychosynthesis/Voice Dialogue/Big Mind for examples). One that is inclusive of all forms of perception and expression. One that includes normal functioning and so-called psy functioning (whether it’s remote viewing, telekinesis or omnilocation).

I don’t use my own form of Bibliomancy much any more. Mostly because I’ve learned to trust myself and make decisions I can live with. I have however experimented more with establishing communications with a wide variety of what I believe are beings from elsewhere – be they disembodied humans, beings of light, ETs, Yowies or formless beings (some of which I have spoken about here).

Despite my own experiments and deepening drive towards understanding the true nature of the self, I am very skeptical of many so-called channelers. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t channel. Most people who claim to channel, do what I call Californian Channeling (later I’ll talk about my disdain for California as the Califucked up Centre of the world that has had both a positive and negative influence on the entire planet !). The reason I’m skeptical is that most channeling usually follows the same format and people channel the same sorts of beings with the same sorts of New Age messages. I for one never want to be cooped up with that bunch of loonies ! But having said that, who knows how people judge and interpret me ?

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I discovered it myself and didn’t even know that other people did anything remotely like this. One day in 1994 after my girl friend had gone and slept with another guy, I was sitting in my small flat when my drug using neighbour walked past and saw me through the window in a frenzy working my books. Later when he asked me what I was doing, I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say, until he told me about the ghost living in his house – a ghost whose presence and sexual desire, I felt on a regular basis. When I told him, he seemed fascinated and asked if I could do it for him. I said no because I didn’t feel at all comfortable sharing something that I had trouble understanding myself. He didn’t care. He just wanted answers ! Today, I see all these people sharing something they don’t seem to understand. And charging money for it ! Doing big shows in front of huge audiences and playing around with other people’s lives ! Becoming somebodies in somebody land ! Honestly, it makes me sick when I see it !

This is something that anyone can learn, if they learn to trust themselves and the process.

Jon Klimo is an intelligent man, who has been exploring the chanelling phenomenon for a long time ( . Jon has an interest in researching and exploring consciousness and a diverse range of subjects in the paranormal field. In the following 14 part series Channeling Investigations On Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, Jon explores what he has learned about channeling. Be warned that this is extremely difficult listening. Jon lets himself channel as he’s talking and it can be unsettling. I have to admit myself that I’m not sure if Jon is quite all there but perhaps any bias I have arises because Jon completely gives himself to the process of letting anything come through. As Jon suggests and as I have found in my own experiments, the key to doing this kind of thing, is to get past the ego (those of you familiar with the Big Mind Big Heart process, might think of getting the Controller out-of-the-way). Once the ego subsides, there is no regulation and no censoring and thoughts/words are free to flow from whatever source, for whatever reason, to whatever destination. It is possible to request a source and to direct the flow but it’s also possible to completely surrender. Some of you will have heard the phrase, “Where the mad man (schizophrenic) is drowning, the mystic is swimming”. These videos will give you some sense of that. A truly aware master, will demonstrate that completely. Despite my reservations, Jon has a lot to offer on this subject and if you don’t like listening to him in action, you can read his articles or books.



Channelling ETs – Bashar

At some point I will write a long post on channelling, so think of this post as just a quick opinion piece.

Channelling is a very interesting subject ! In addition to being taken on face value, it needs to be understood from a psychological point of view. Anyone who publicly claims to channel, should also be able to explain to you, how they distinguish the experience of hearing an inner voice from hearing an outer voice within and how they surrender their body to another entity. If they can’t, they either lack the insight or fail to understand the ‘mechanics’ or ‘processes’ or ‘energies’ at work within their own minds.

I believe that most (but not all) so called channellers are merely connecting with other aspects of themselves.

My own claims about Dude and any of the ETs I claim to talk to or have a relationship with, may also seem to represent something in my own head. And of course I cannot prove anything to you. Except to say this. Two other people in my life have met him and had experiences with him. And I can’t prove that. (Dude has promised to come on a road trip in the near future – perhaps he will allow me to photograph/video him ?). I will share many things that Dude says to me and of course, have done an interview with him (which I’m currently editing). You should read what he has to say with discernment and see if it sounds potentially authentic or like new age dribble ! If you think Dude is just a manifestation of my own mind, chuck him out with the bath water !

I have always thought that any kind of spirituality that comes out of California as suspect. Lets be honest. White California doesn’t hasn’t had thousands of years to test and refine any single spiritual tradition (like China and India). And even native spirituality in California has been watered down. For 150 years California has been a powerful catalyst for the development of global culture, technology, economics and finance. There are powerful human forces at work in California and these include creativity, greed, stupidity and gullibility. Darryl Anka is in touch with many such forces and expresses them through Bashar. What is Bashar ? Darryl claims he is an multidimensional entity from a planet called Essassani in the Orion constellation (

A few years ago I listened to a great deal of Basahar as part of a larger study I did (out of curiosity), on the subject of channelling. I found Bashar interesting and entertaining and I think he has a lot to offer people. I actually like Bashar and find him quite enjoyable to listen to ! But, as I realised early on, he shows no indication of being extraterrestrial in origin. Multidimensional perhaps (in our limited understanding of the concept) but definitely not extraterrestrial.

The wisdom that Bashar imparts is all so very Californian and western. Some of it is very good but it’s also very logical. Bashar has said little if anything, that is on par with the great spiritual teachers. The second video below, basically sums up how I feel about Bashar.



While I was studying channelling and many of the worlds channellers and channelled works, I was also having conversations with ETs and at no point did I see any similarities between the two. Channellers and ETs just don’t converge. Does that mean that ETs don’t talk to humans ? No ! They frequently talk to humans. But do they take over their bodies and control them like automatons ? No. There is no need to do that.

Believe what you want but I can tell you categorically that Bashar is just Darryl Anka connecting with another aspect of himself. Is it a higher aspect ? Higher, lower, it’s all just perspective and opinion. Channell your own wisdom from within !

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